Friday, July 29, 2011

Palestine and the Irresistible Winds of Change.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

The Palestinians are going to declare statehood, or nationhood, in September, regardless of whatever does or doesn’t happen, concerning the international backing being sought. Right on cue, the Ashke-Nazi’s have come up with their own final solution to the problem they created. What this does is make the time frame between now and then a very critical phase; stinking of possible massive false flags, to usurp the timeline in whatever way possible. The one thing of which we are certain is that these genocidal mass murders will stop at nothing to achieve and maintain their ends. There is nothing they will not do and the specter of hidden nukes is a terrifying thought. Given the harm they cause every day, one can reason out that they have dropped nuke equivalents all round the world already. One has only to look at history’s greatest recorded holocaust in Soviet Russia to see the truth of that. They were the architects and perpetrators of that and no denial of responsibility can be made. The historical record is clear.

For the longest time the dark lords and their willing agents here have met with little resistance to their horrible activity on this planet. Since 9/11, which they orchestrated with the help of the CIA and British intelligence and which includes other compromised and rogue players around the international circuit, they’ve had a free and unopposed run to the horrorshow finale they have been intending for all of us. Now, some light is breaking in places around the world and especially in the places where it is needed most. It is a joy to read these things and see the groundswell of push back and revolution coming out of the backwoods of the American bedrock.

People are revolting against the TSA and the behavior of the government and the police have got the place into an unreported uproar across any number of countries. The Canadians are pushing back against Zio-Nazi hate laws and the masses are rumbling under the Zionist controlled, media blackout of public outrage. A storm is brewing and even if the first target is the puppets of these fascist world controllers, there is no way it doesn’t push all the way back up the line to London and whatever holes they are hiding in.

As I have mentioned many a time before, there is a force coming down from the inner planes that is operating off of the clock of the arriving Aquarian Age. This is forcing the powerful astral vampires out of the spider holes in the unseen realms and forcing them into human bodies. The resonance of this forcing out is vibrating in counterpoint with a cosmic urge that is awakening in the heart of humanity to be free of their oppressors, once and for all. It’s the inevitable consequence of centuries of lies and plundering at the hands of an enduring criminal class whose moment has arrived. This is inevitable. It is a sequence in the cosmic process and what is coming cannot arrive while conditions remain as they are so... conditions must change. There is no wiggle room concerning this. It is already a fait accompli in the mind of the cosmos, now it is just a matter of precipitation to fulfillment.

The world is changing because it has to and because it is programmed to. The Earth is shifting itself under the skin of its being. The weather is heralding the approach of a great unknown that cannot be defined or predicted until we see it before us. The political and social world of the status quo is in a state of transformation. The resistant and unwilling are up against irresistible change. The Sun is playing its part and the lid is coming off of all the lies that were engineered for yet further offenses against humanity; whatever the liars and killers attempt, it all turns against them. Rupert Murdoch has not skated away to safety. His fall is in progress. Norway is not returning to business as usual, with all of the usual subterfuges proving equal to the task of maintaining the fabrications surrounding it. That continues apace as well.

In the meantime, indifferent to the obvious trends in operation right in front of their eyes, the malefactors plot greater and greater outrages against the public, as they continue to expose themselves, without recourse to their previous invulnerability, to the impact of the truth upon them. Their day has come and as such it shall be irrefutably proven, the temporal is no match for the cosmic. I can appropriately quote from Ecclesiastes at this time; “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, a time to reap that which is planted;”

The problem with mortals, among whose number I do not count myself (grin), is that they see everything in the short term. They imagine that things will always be the same as they ever were, even though things are never the same as they ever were. Most people see existence through a curtain of desire and appetite, which blind them to the dangers inherent in the mortal mindset. They pursue their own loss and destruction with blinders on. The power seekers seek power, indifferent to the fact that the pursuit and possession of power corrupts and destroys. The acquisitive seek possessions, indifferent to the fact that possessions are a weight in an unpredictable sea of shifting fortunes. The fame maddened seek publicity, indifferent to the double sided effect of being saddled with it. Those in love with money are indifferent to the conditions it inflexibly places them in. Those who sow destruction and havoc upon the affairs of their fellows are indifferent to the harvest that approaches. People see things only in the context of the false legitimacy of their passions.

We spend our time obeying or breaking the temporary laws of whatever time we find ourselves in and pay little enough attention to the real laws that these laws are bad reproductions of and which were only intended to serve the agendas of those who created them. Well the cosmic laws also exist only to serve the agenda of what created them and we shall see which of these weathers the passage of time with a greater measure of endurance and efficacy.

You can’t play chess with death or poker with the devil and expect to go home a winner. You can’t beat a system that is designed for the purpose of demonstration. In the short term all manner of results and perspectives are possible and the latter serves to convince the players to continue. Las Vegas exists because the odds overwhelmingly favor the house. The same principle applies on all levels. The only sane position is to be the house, that is, until the house is coming down and the house will come down because a new house is going up.

Ages change and conditions change. The rules change. There is no ‘if’ ‘and’ or ‘but’ about it. You can argue and scheme all you want and that might have been good enough in the operative schematic but the schematic is in the process of irresistible change. Change or be plowed under.

Short sighted observers, basing their view on short term circumstances, can argue all they want but these arguments account for nothing. The bad guys have painted themselves into a corner and by whatever exit they seek to leave, their footprints will follow them. No matter how they spin it and no matter how intricately they plot and maneuver, their day is at an end. It’s not going to be easy for any of us because all of us have to change to some degree, or be changed but... for them, the changing is going to be unbearable and that’s just what it needs to be; for the purpose of demonstration and as a lasting lesson for those of us who remain and come after. So it is and so it is.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fame is a Many Splintered Thing.

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‘May you have the nose of an Irish Setter when it comes to smelling out the truth’.

I have never won an award or even been nominated for one since I’ve been blogging. Well, way back nearer the beginning, someone listed me as the best something or other. At the same time, I don’t see internet awards for any of the three sites that usually host my work, unless, in one particular case, I get too spiritual (grin- hey! I’m being playful), so that probably means something too. When I was younger and just starting to have some success, in a fairly local way, and I’m not including with law enforcement when, for a time, I had a kind of international status; heck, the FBI had a wanted poster of me out all over the country (Leslie W. Crook- how’s that for irony? Do you still wonder why I changed my name?). I can’t seem to get my hands on that wanted poster but I would be grateful to anyone more gifted at that sort of thing (most people) than I, who might get their hands on it.

Anyway, when I was younger and having a certain amount of success, especially with my NYC TV show, I got a couple of awards for songwriting and broadcasting, in the Bronze Medal kind of category and sometimes (not all that often, so don’t get the wrong impression), I would lay in bed and dream -sometimes about the mistakes I had made- and about what I would do if I got some kind of an award. Would I show up? What would I say? Sometimes I would dream about my Playboy interview. I was pretty detailed and, I thought, very funny, because this was back in the standup comedy days. Nothing has happened, so far and it means nothing to me now, which might be the deal maker (grin). Bertrand Russell drops by every now and then to talk to me about making it in the geriatric corridor and he can be amusing, which I think speaks to some sort of an evolution for him. He tells me that this is a sign that God really likes you because he saves all that stuff for the end, instead of giving it to you when you are young, so that you can be a fool in front of the whole world and not just the people who happen to know you.

I’ve always felt that it was a good idea to know the difference between notoriety and fame. People chase after fame in a big way. You can especially see that with the advent of all those reality shows. Is that an oxymoron or just more irony? People can now be famous who don’t possess a shred of talent, like Kim Kardashian or The Octopus Mother. Some people get famous because of things they do that lower the bar to such a degree that you find yourself doing the limbo in China upside down. Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein have a lot in common with their husband and wife tag team. They’re going to be in some cosmic wrestling federation one day against Astaroth and his buddies. Is Astaroth a member of the tribe? I just noticed the suffix.

The degree of corruption and shameless exposure in the perpetuation of disinfo is far beyond anything I ever anticipated. The degree of flat out, caught in the act criminality, is breathtaking. The banker theft of the financial world of the Middle Class is staggering and it’s right there in front of your face every day and the people running the scams are all dual national Israelis, or a token greed head gentile. What do you say and do when it is so blatantly so? You have to call it as it is and those making apologies or denying what is prima facie, seem to have not a care in the world about exposing themselves in public, whipping open that trench coat before the eyes of everyone. It is proof positive to me that they are cosmically blinded to their own actions for the purpose of the demonstrations that are coming.

We know that Israel had a hand in the Norway massacre (so do the Norwegians) and the odious spinning of the truth in the media, which they own, counts for nothing. Everything Israel does these days, winds up being revealed for what it is, whether it’s belly dancers or representatives of their favorite charity, which is the gay agenda. They can’t move anymore, without stepping in their own shit; thank you Mr. Apocalypse. Without a doubt they have threatened the lives, families and reputations of anyone of importance, everywhere. It’s dark out there because it’s dark in there.

Those who have read the writings of various literate and informed occult writers, who also give us occult history, which is not the same as Tribe fabricated history, have in the majority, pointed out a certain phenomena. We know there are avatars because their names are household words. We don’t know much about their actual lives in a real sense because of obfuscation and the employment of allegory and fable. They’re all sun gods, going back to Mithras and way before that. The curious thing these writers say is that the avatar ‘precipitates’ downward before the actual terrestrial arrival and comes down from the inner planes and sweeps everything dark before it, out into the physical realm for the purpose of judgment. You’re seeing that, if you are seeing it. What I believe gets affirmed every day, which is probably why I believe it (grin). It gets affirmed inside and out. That should build the faith of everyone who needs it, should they happen to be paying attention. Paying attention is something we do less and less of because of the massive power of material distraction and because we don’t want to look inwardly at ourselves, which is why so many older people have the TV and the radio going simultaneously all day long.

The first trump (not counting The Fool) is The Magician. It represents the quality of attention and concentration and one of its associated phrases is, ‘life and death’. This is because if you are not paying attention, it can cost you your life. A successful magician pays attention. Now, I don’t promote the practice of magic. I mean this in a symbolic way. I also do not promote the usage of psychedelics or any other comestible. The subject comes up in the stories of my life but it’s all anecdotal. I don’t engage in these things in anywhere near the frequency that some might think and I’ve only got some number of months before it’s all over for me anyway, due to things on the horizon. I don’t promote much of anything except, ‘wake the fuck up’. I do promote some products free of charge, because I believe in them.

The slimy bottom feeding creeps of our time, like Feinstein and all the rest, probably try to conceal what they do but it has no effect. I try not to conceal what I do and some might object to references to certain behavior of mine. My suggestion is that I’m way back at the end of the line when it comes to doing things I ‘possibly’ shouldn’t do, not that that’s an excuse, merely an observation. I use certain things for one specific reason and that is to increase my capacity to see. The force of the material world is so great that I require (or at least think I do) thrusters and afterburners, to get out of the gravitational pull of the blanketing darkness and it works. It works for me. I see things and experience things I would not ordinarily see and experience. This is the path I took and this is often pointed out to me by my invisible friends; “You chose this path”. This path has been inconvenient at times and both beautiful and terrifying beyond description. It’s not for amateurs. I have the benefit of having gone mad already so I’m not usually affected by the magnitude and appearance of certain beings and states. I look at and use these things as a tool and with a sacramental aspect, including sincere ritual. There’s an ancient tradition to this but I won’t go into that now.

The Feinstein’s and their ilk are from alcohol consciousness. Strangely enough, I don’t hear too much about that, yet it penetrates our existence comprehensively across the board. Every time I watch a movie, I am amazed at how often people have a drink in their hand, or how often drinking is made to appear as a catalyst for insight and the like. More people die from alcohol every year than die from drugs in a century and most of the time, when they die from drugs, it is from some FDA approved pharmaceutical. The hypocrisy of present day government can no longer be measured. They are literally protecting the opium fields of Afghanistan and using the product as a financial tool for depraved activity, as well as an instrument of social control. Alcohol is a guilt engine and an enabler of terrible behaviors that ruin lives and all associated family concerns. Alcohol is a rage maker and one of the primary sources of depression. Alcohol is a reverse inhibiter of things that were better left chained up. It’s a highway into your consciousness, for various guests that, if you could see what they look like, you don’t want anywhere near you.

Any day now, the world is going to manifest some truly tremendous changes. Come October you’ll see that in spades. So many things are teetering on the edge now that there’s not much room for any latecomers to be in a position to fall off. I’ve mentioned how the malefactors are being pushed out for the purpose of exposure and demonstration. When the stampede comes, that pushing is going to be in direct contact with all those people and conditions teetering on the edge of the abyss. These are the times in which you live. Make the most of them.

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(pretty much how it is)
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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Magnets, Ballast and Millstones of Life.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Looking at the news today, I was deluged with things to write about, to the degree that I can hardly write about any of them. It is hard to imagine that the Israeli world influence through the media, military, politics, judiciary and law enforcement, not to mention political correctness, can be responsible for all of the things we see and hear about. It’s a mind boggling concept. At the same time, it’s falling down around their ears. The more control they seek to exercise, the less control they seem to have. Rupert Murdoch’s control and manipulation of world information seemed unassailable. Now, his whole operation is in deep shit. All of those in power at present are scrambling like disturbed ants, seeking to protect the muckraker, since so much of the muck attaches to them.

On the one side you have the disturbed ants and on the other side you have a swarm of angry bees. In the meantime, you have a rage of hot spot volcanoes around the world, where the news and perception of it needs to be managed. You have military adventurism and economic piracy, like cosmic Ebola eating away the face of the formerly recognizable Earth. In the middle of the dinner rush hour, the chef and his assistants are drunk and the stove tops and ovens are hissing, spitting and smoking, while the atmosphere migrates into the dining area and out into the streets.

There’s a key feature to all of this that makes no kind of sense. The psychopathic elite have a vested interest in managing perception and conditions and not only are they not managing them, they are exposing themselves to an ancient wrath that is going to be coming and looking for their heads.

The more I look at everything and there’s a lot of everything to look at, the more I come to the same inescapable conclusions. No matter how many ways I turn the situation around in my mind’s eye, it always comes back to the same thing, based on the way I view things, which is shared by some, rejected by others and ignored by the greater masses, which are the main resource of ignorance that allows all of the madness to flourish in the first place. It is those most easily seduced by anything they are told that makes possible the sustenance of an enduring edifice of lies that have surrounded us for a very long time. For some reason that edifice is crumbling, even as it is being daily reinforced by those who cannot accomplish everything they need to accomplish at the same time.

I believe in the force and power of cosmic justice and the possession of the means and ability by the cosmos to transform anything it chooses to, anytime it wants to. Because certain stages of existence; certain scenarios continue over long stretches of time, most people buy into the status quo of the same old same old, lumbering by like a seemingly immortal engine of redundancy; repeating itself forever and ever, or long enough that it feels that way. When cosmic change suddenly hits, because the cosmic clock has arrived at the appointed hour, there comes a vast uncertainty into the minds of those whose collective focus was responsible for all of the ways that everything had been for such a long time. It hammers down on the good, the evil and the indifferent. Most people can’t get a handle on what is happening because the source of change is a mystery to them.

I can only look at the world and myself in respect of what has happened to me in the time I’ve been here and whatever meaning I have taken from it. Since my life has been supernatural in many ways, I see things in a supernatural setting. I haven’t spent my life working in a cubicle for years, strolling through malls and markets and engaging in the common pursuits; as if they were the sum total of what life had to offer. I’ve been to all of those places and done all of those things but the force of these routines has not confined me in a place where I have accepted these things as the definition of what life is about. For me, life is about escaping from these routines or being eaten by them. For me, the point has been to arrive at a deeper seeing and understanding of conditions and routines, not a deeper immersion in them.

It amazes me that people can watch TV; go to the movies, read books, engage in their own real life dramas, observe the lives of those around them and not see that they are on TV, in a movie and a book that has all of the same features subjectively and are shown to them objectively. Movies and television productions have actors who operate according to a plot structure. They also have a producer and a director as well as any number of lesser minions or myrmidons who carry out the robot work that makes production what it is. I suppose you can call them angels or demons depending exclusively upon their motives for operation. You don’t have to be religious to see it like this because I can explain it all in temporal terms as well as scientific terms and so can many of you.

The thing that makes me most curious is the resistance in the minds of most people to see life as a construction in the mind of the cosmos, with a very definite point to it; even those who accept the possibility of this, very often do not live as if it were actually so. They maintain themselves in a state of dangerous acquiescence; a sort of twilight slumber, where they are content to have the conditions determine their courses and positions. I would think making personal contact with the director would be the thing.

Here’s my point. Things are not making sense BECAUSE there is a director. This is why evil is having so much trouble being triumphant, after so much time spent in a role that looked like it was going to be a win for the anti-hero, in what has certainly been a long running cinema noir, courtesy of Kali Yuga. What people don’t seem to get it that there’s a defining purpose to every Yuga and though evil may predominate and proliferate more in one Yuga than another, the same rules apply. You’re just more likely to get sucked in during one Yuga than another but it makes your prospects for advancement so much greater if you can do it in a time of darkness instead of a time of greater light. Degree of difficulty has a lot to do with the rate of progress and the level it is possible to reach. Kali Yuga is the time of greatest opportunity. That is why there are so many people here. Everyone knows this at a certain level of their being but the sucking power of darkness and illusion is so great that they soon forget why they came.

There is never any doubt about the outcome of it all. There is only doubt about where you’re going to wind up, based on associations and efforts made in the mix and the attendant attachments that are generated by them, which become heavy weights in the sea of existence, as the waters are churned. There’s no doubt in the cosmic mind about the outcome. There is only doubt in the separated mind that isn’t on intimate terms with the director, which turns out to be the whole point of the production. Scientists and mathematicians have already come to a number of astonishing conclusions, which mirror this in another way. From this perspective it all makes sense. From the perspective of the separated mind it makes no sense because it endangers everything the separated self believes to be real but there is no separated self. That is the primary illusion. You are not apart from it. You are a part of it.

The source of our suffering is our attachment to things, conditions and anticipated results. Every major teacher of humanity has echoed this. What’s the big difficulty about getting it? That’s the question that needs to be resolved and until it is, we struggle in the mix. The potential for growth and advancement is electrifying. If there was ever a time for carpe diem, this is the day. I try to see all of my disappointments and failures in this light. Sometimes failure is success. We don’t realize, most of the time, what a profound effect all of the blandishments and pressures of the world have upon us. We don’t recognize how deep it goes until we begin to climb out of it.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rupert Murdoch Dogpaddles over the Cosmic Sewer.

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“May your noses always be spared the stench of Rupert Murdoch’

My apologies for no Visible Origami this morning; as I am completing the book, Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World, that particular energy is going in that direction this week and we’ll be back next week with the regular rotation, including Profiles in Evil, which has been slumbering in lieu of motivation.

If you would rather listen instead of read this, you can do so here by the grace of the inimitable Patrick Willis.

Rupert Murdoch is going down. He’s going down planetary wise and he is going down soul wise; ‘down, down to the bottom’. Israel’s main agent in the satanic hierarchy is dogpaddling over the suckhole of the cosmic sewer. Ordinarily, the status quo would be in quid pro quo mode but Rupert has made too many enemies among the other bad guys and that brings me to Anonymous and LulzSec (please do not hack me for telling the truth). Rupert, chief demon freak from the bathhouses of Hell is only one part of the equation; CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSN and a host of other lying, disinfo spewing, sewer rat enclaves are equally culpable, as are the majority of world governments and their administrative, legislative and judicial branches; which is the same thing, now that I think about it.

Until Anonymous and LulzSec go after the Israeli infiltration aspect of the global game scenario they are simply mining the cave perimeter and not going after the beast within. Behind all of the evil of the day are the banks, which are under the general control of Israel. They need to stop defending Wikileaks, which is also an arm of the Israeli lie machine that has the whole Middle East under assault and is the main drain on world economies. I applaud the courageous operatives in these covert hacking efforts but they are missing the point. They should be replacing the headlines of the hacked media with tales about the Holocaust Blackmail scam and the direct relationship between Israel and the commission of the 9/11 attacks.

Here’s direct and irrefutable truth; Israel has no right to exist and Israel did 9/11 and Israel is behind all of the present wars in operation. Israel is behind the vicious predatory activities of the banks of the world and Israel is the main agent of the ancient darkness that performs all of the mischief and mayhem in and around us.

Rupert is going to be implicated in paying off foreign police services and also hacking the 9/11 relatives. This will result in the loss of all of his licenses but it’s not going to do much about all of that media being transferred into the hands of a proxy. Meanwhile a massive typhoon is bearing down on Japan.

If it were just a matter of the fine but not comprehensive efforts of Anonymous and all of the rest of us that labor in the poisoned vineyards of the present day, we would be found short of what is needed to accomplish what must be done. However, the cosmos resides within the being and consciousness of every living thing and it can preempt the shadow rulership, within each and every one of us at any time; just as it can switch off and reroute the power in any of us at any time. That means Howdy Doody, the bloodstained Home Boy and all of his men, along with the doomed Humpty Dumpty. You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs but you can damn sure fry it up on the sidewalks of the Mid-West at moment.

I realize there are a lot of cynics out there, whose cynicism can be measured according to the degree of their disconnect from the cosmic imperative. Your cynicism is a direct expression of your lack of faith in the cosmic order, which is perfect and in motion. Tell me I haven’t been right, generally all along the way. Tell me it isn’t trending as I have been at pains to declare. Is it suddenly going to make a “right turn Clyde”? It’s not. It’s going to accelerate and increase in force, just like its doing. I mentioned that this is the year and so it is. Who could have imagined that the most powerful, visible, scumbag on the planet would be in the hot seat this moment?

Rothschild shill Alex Jones is following orders, dogpaddling alongside Rupert, sniffing out the devil’s posterior for some deep lung, French kissing osculation of the aforementioned; the things people will do for money and the illusion of personal power is a vomit inducing spectacle of the first order. Rupert, The Rothschild’s, Alex Jones and all the rest of the damned crew are going to be vacationing in their new residences soon enough, side by side, singing in dissonant screams, hanging from hooks and skewers over firepits. If you don’t think it’s a lot like this, only more creative, then you haven’t studied much religious art from around the world.

This is The Apocalypse people and it is ingeniously complex in application, as it is simple in intent. The veils are lifting from the eyes of every living thing. Distant trumpets are sounding. The Earth is moving. The wind is wailing. The day approaches when even the Earth may stand still for a time before it reverses itself; that’s speculative but nothing is beyond the range of possibility. To each awakening comes a motivation for action, dependent upon the state of awareness of those affected. In some cases it means spontaneous mob engagements. In some cases it means a serene awakening, into newly opened dimensions of transcendent being. It’s everything you are, measured against your potential and your karma. You can do something about your karma, according to your capacity for release. All the stops have been pulled for the willing and able. Give it your best shot; give it everything you got, right now is the time to start if you’re willing and able. Hitch your wagon to a star! You’re a whole lot better than you think you are, oh yeah. You’re out there hustling your jewels in the street; cold blooded jams to make enough to eat, troubles come your way, baby that don’t matter, give it your best shot it only gets better; says Visible, breaking into song.

Watch and witness and record. You are living in remarkable times and every day is going to bring new indication of that. Strive hard, up and in, meet it in its descent upon you and wipe the dream dust from your eyes. Do not become like those who will not awaken and who support all that has been done to them and to you. You’re in ‘twinkling of an eye’ territory. Some will listen and some will see and some will not but everyone will feel. Those who cannot hear must feel. It’s whatever it takes and you’ve got what it takes. There are no accidents and no innocent bystanders. Everyone is where they are because of where they were. Not being able to see the other side of the Mobius Strip, is your biggest hindrance to understanding. Mind the schadenfreude.

Alright then, we’ve said our piece and you’ll do your part depending on the soundtrack in your hearts and minds. Remember that it has taken so long and involved such an astounding complexity, in order to force the predators from their lairs and into the light of day. They have been lured from their secret castles and too far in advance of the supply wagons for good reason. Enjoy the show and... mind the schadenfreude.

End Transmission........

Patrick Willis narrates:

Sunday’s radio show is available for download now.

You’re free to believe or not believe whatever you like. You’re free to get naked with The Pope and insist that the sun revolves around the Earth. It doesn’t change what is. Denial has no impact on pervasive reality, only on your own and that’s only temporary.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting The Apocalypse.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘Some dogs sleep easy where angels fear to tread’

Do you think that there was someone around on the day that Arch-Duke Ferdie was killed, or near Fort Sumter, overlooking any other example or maybe today, who said, “I think it’s time to get out of Dodge”? It’s probably so then as it is certainly so now, given my reaction and maybe your reaction to this heroic “one toke over the line sweet Jesus”

Before I get started, let me give you one small piece of all the good news that is coming in this mini golden age. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is coming over the horizon. You need to keep in mind that with all the bad that we have had to witness and uncover on our long road to the moment, within the always, right now, moment that is all that there ever is, echoing to either side of it that really good things are coming for what is to follow and occur in this moment.

Listening to Gordon Duff this morning put me in mind of what I have been waiting to hear for a long time. It’s not like any of it is new to me, it’s just that it has never been laid out so simply and directly with so many implications concerning fabricated history, which will be one of the next things to begin to surface and make all that looting of the Baghdad museum and reburying of stolen relics for future discovery futile. Without saying anything about it, Gordon have opened a door that has been sealed with crazy glue law upon the eyelids of the world but… this is The Apocalypse and here comes the solvent. Keeping in mind Solve et Coagulae and keeping in mind the tattoo of the same on the devil’s forearm, since he works for the whole cosmic process too.

People usually approach things backwards. They go looking for god as some solution to the disturbance without checking for the source of the problem in the first place. This is where you get people covering their tracks and all attendant mischief. The nature of evil is to disguise itself and to reveal itself for the purpose of evil, which is what evil is all about and… which is how and why evil destroys itself and chews off its own foot and throws its children into the fire. This is just one example of conditions resulting from evil behavior, where evil has no choice but to reveal itself because otherwise only good can come out of it (spew). Am I making any sense? Some to some and degrees of none to the rest depending on what they expect regarding whatever their investment is. Heh heh, I didn’t know I was this good at math. It’s some kind of idiot savant thing; not to be confused with savate, which is kind of how I deal with it personally.

The thing with a ‘whole ball of wax’ is that it melts. It’s the same thing with The Wonderful One Horse Shay and The Road to Mandalay and even the sacred rivers of Kublai Khan. I’m sitting right here on the banks of the Alph River right now, contemplating those caverns measureless to man as they flow to a sunless sea. The sea flows, the wax melts, the wonderful one horse shay collapses and somewhere I know that Rudyard Kipling is kissing an earthen idol’s foot that they call the great god Bud on the road to Mandalay.

Everything happens for a reason and it fits the boundaryless non confines of the poet, as it fits the schematic of the mathematician, tool and die man and the machinations of satanic publishers like Rupert Murdoch. The principle is the same but the results are different. This is why I continue to maintain that the system of Masonry is not evil, nor that all Jews are bad, cause it isn’t and they aren’t. Indeed the salvation of many things lies in the diametrical oppositions of the thing within it. Take a look at what brought down apartheid in South Africa and the American Civil Rights movement and forget about the co-opting, ‘we will control the opposition’ thing for the moment. Kipling has been reviled for things like ‘the white man’s burden’ but we now go back to what I was saying about people approaching things backwards.

The reason most people approach things backwards and can be most easily deceived is because when you are born you seen things upside down. Maybe you should study how cameras work and why you have a hard time walking to begin with and don’t get me started on bicycles or fishes who ride them because, since I don’t know anything, I am in a position to have a great many theories and I am a poet after all; rendering me useless for most things that have to do with manufacturing objects of desire but certainly I have no problem imagining them, or deciding which ones I appreciate. That is the realm of poets and I suppose they get their reward because the poet who made the most money in history would have to be Rod McKuen (grin) and now I think I know why Alan Ginsberg disliked me so much; just got a big personal insight flash while I was writing this. Could that be why Elvis Presley picked me up when I was hitchhiking? I digress. I digress because I am talking all around something.

Knock, knock? Or is it, “I stand at the door and knock? Or is that you have to ‘invite’ a vampire across your threshold? Evil has defined limits and you are the one who draws the boundaries down to a sunless sea. Oh right, “who’s there”/ “It’s the pizza you ordered Mr. Visible. Here’s your pizza from Hell. It’s got the hog nostrils sliced real thin, just the way you like them”. Now that’s what I call Carpaccio, except that visible is a fishertarian and he definitely doesn’t eat pig because of who is likely to reincarnate there and also because he only eats what he would go and get himself if he had to. If I’m not going to stick the knife into it, I have no right to eat it and I have to remember that I shouldn’t mind if it eats me. Does this mean I’m going to sleep with the fishes? Did Jesus? Am I digressing? Are you stupid or just stoned?

I could almost say go get yourself a bumper sticker that says, “My best friend is The Apocalypse”. The Apocalypse is everybody’s best friend. It’s even evil’s best friend because it makes it possible for evil to get the credit for all of its work; not in the same way as if it were good but credit all the same, credit where credit is due and… this means you, whoever you are. Come hail or fire, rain or storm, just like the postman getting through and going postal, the mail gets delivered to your door down to the last jot and tittle.

This is a serious song, coming from the real Sirius Network and it’s as real as the saucer pod being as you are the saucer pod; not that there are not real saucer pods, because there are and you’ll be seeing some of that too. This Khumba Mela, Jambalaya is a special deal and meal and it doesn’t come around nearly as much so as to make blue moon’s look like an epidemic. It’s as rare as genuine tears on the face of a banker and you’ll probably see some of those too; mind the schadenfreude because it could have been you.

Thank you Gordon and the rest of you who are about to hop on the bandwagon or have been here all along, like some of us and thank you world for waking up and thank you evil for giving us someone to point the finger at and hary through the marketplace with whips and scourges. Thank you Rupert Murdoch for being a world class sonofabitch and thank you most of all, Mr. Apocalypse for being the rainman when we needed one.

End Transmission…….

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God in Country by Les Visible

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gentile Jambalaya is on the Menu

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be absent from the anti-pasta platter’.

If you’re planning to leave the US you had better think about doing it soon. If you’ve got one already you’re supposed to be able to renew it by mail but you have to send in the one you have, which means you won’t have one if they don’t send you one back. Nine years ago (or so) we went to Maui for the winter. We’d gone the year before as well. Susanne had washed my pants with my passport in it and they told me at US customs that I had to get another. I paid an extra hundred dollars to get my passport expedited, even though we were there for two months, I wanted to make sure all went well, since my passport was set to expire in a year or so. My passport never came. Finally it was a week before we left. I was on the phone a great deal to Honolulu, back and forth; back and forth it went. My passport showed up the day before we left. Plans had already been made for me to remain behind and deal with this. There was no question in my mind that they were messing with me. The capacity to mess with you is now greatly increased and shortly it will be much worse.

Homeland Security and the TSA (a division of Israeli Global Control) are hot to toss you into a blender and render you into cannibal chowder or Gentile Jambalaya. They were working on the recipe in the aftermath of Katrina. Few people are aware that Michael Brown, head of FEMA (another division of Israeli Global Control), worked in the food industry, prior to being made the figurehead of American disaster preparedness. What Bush had actually said to Brown was, “You’re cooking a heck of a stew, Brownie”. He used the flood waters in the city of New Orleans as the broth base for his award winning concoction (First Prize from Tel Aviv Culinary Institute) called Niggaz Hava Nagila. They had previously tenderized the flesh at the New Orleans Super Dome, through the application of intense heat and gang rape. It was the rage of the Israeli cabaret scene for a short time or until supplies ran out. Generally it was preceded with a soup; Consommé of Palestinian Child and a starter plate of Lebanese Mousse composed of the smaller victims of cluster bomb accidents. The Israeli’s are well of aware of the coming food and fuel shortages and have been preparing for a subsidized diet of human flesh, as well as locally refined gasoline made from the body parts of their neighbors. You’ll note the sudden emergence of Israeli Kebab stands appearing at your local malls.

It’s a little known fact that the Dead Sea Beauty Products being sold at the ‘fly by night’ mall kiosks are really flesh testing agents that are being applied to passing shoppers. Those who get the proper ph reading, receive samples with a tracking device implanted in the label. It’s a bar code kind of a thing. Harvesting takes place later on, once ‘the food’ has been further investigated for compliance with kosher law. Military gifted SWAT trucks from the Department of Defense (a division of Israeli Global Control) are being retrofitted as ambulatory kitchens and food processing units, all of which operate under the aegis of Operation Movable Feast, in conjunction with Heinz and The Smithfield Pork processing corporations (both are divisions of Israeli Global Control). I’ve got a recipe book but won’t be publishing any of the contents due to copyright issues.

People have been concerned for some time about all those coffins stacked up outside of Atlanta and all those Fema Camps that are being built around the country. They somehow think that these are for bodies from natural or manmade disasters, on the one hand, or concentration camps on the other. Actually they are for food transport, on the one hand (watch your fingers!) and livestock holding pens on the other. There are quite a few hungry Zionists on the American mainland and given the coming difficulties in the logistics of transport, it’s been decided to prepare the foodstuffs locally for local consumption.

The day is coming when you might find yourself at some pricey new Zionist eatery and have your food displayed for you in a crib or a glass cage, with the pedigree listed on the attending menu and you’ll be able to give directions to the chef for preparation, just like they do with lobsters presently. There’s even talk of teppanyaki style eateries and you can imagine what might happen there. A number of additional possibilities are under discussion, such as ‘eat the entertainer ‘nights. This consists of talent shows that take place before dining, while drinks are served. You can bid for the body of the entertainer performing if you don’t like their act, or maybe even if you do. There will be an endless stream of performers, extracted from FEMA food storage units, and... depending on the venue and their being told about what’s likely to happen, beforehand, it should all add something to the whole performance.

Many Zionists have been regaled since birth about the glory days of Berlin cabaret society and how they never realized their potential, due to unfortunate political events that transpired during that time. In kibbutzes, Chabad houses and social gatherings around the world, tales are told about what might have been and soon will be; nothing stirs the appetite like time and expectation. There have been any number of disappointments on the long road to legalized cannibalism and ‘anything goes’ legalized sexual imperatives, all in the name of freedom of being and expression. It’s been too damn bad that the rest of the world’s populations just haven’t gotten with the program or recognized what a significant part they play in it. People still think that the world wide organ harvesting that has been going on is all about replacing worn out parts in the forms of alien reptiles that burn through them at a high rate. Actually, it’s really just part of a global sweetbreads industry that caters to eateries at Red Sea resorts and other emporiums of fine dining; “what am I, chopped liver”? Hmmmmm, or is that Ummmmm? You have my apologies for the coffee sprayed on the keyboard.

Word has it that the reason Cindy Anthony was acquitted of the murder of her son, despite overwhelming evidence of her guilt, was that she was engaged in a covert culinary effort for new Mossad inductees. She was actually using the trunk of her car as a humidor to prepare a dish similar to rotted pheasant; the sort of thing you see hanging outside the hunting lodges of British Royals. Chloroform is apparently a seasoning which becomes highly active in confined quarters. How the authorities got involved in what was obviously nothing more than a kitchen experience gone wrong is unknown at this time. Cue Bill Withers; “Ain’t no bloodstains when he’s gone”.

Yes, you’re all on the menu, well, some of you are. The rest of you are probably mulch for genetic gardening experiments from the My Satan Corporation and... some version or another of all of this might well be true if it were not for the interference of the cosmos in the ‘best laid plans of mice and men” going, “gang aft agley”. You see, where we are is in the midst of cosmic housecleaning and you have to look at the laundry, the fixtures and infrastructure to see what actually needs cleaning or not and this requires airing the dirty laundry, which is what is taking place at the moment; witness Rupert the dung slug’s dénouement, which is going to go a lot deeper and get a lot nastier than you might anticipate. Many wonders, comic, tragic and actually wonderful are on the slate for appearance, now and shortly.

Where we are is in a state of time confusion and this accounts for nothing happening when you expect it, while at the same time, appearing to be trundling along as it ever did, while defying the laws of gravity and attendant physics, in keeping itself propped up by nothing, in a state of suspension like the Jell-O that the Likudniks and neo-cons are having sex in. Sooner or later dissolution comes to all Jell-O in all flavors. This time confusion is created by the condition in which ordinary time has sped up while cosmic time remains unaffected, leaving you with that ‘twinkling of an eye’ and ‘thief in the night’ condition of impending something or other that just keeps impending until it looks like a waving appendage of a dead sea turtle floating in the new Sargasso Sea of The Gulf of Mexico. Outrage follows upon outrage and the Gobblegloom hovers with massive bat-wings of darkness in the corners and crevasses of the human mind, in a sort of ‘seeking whom he may devour” kind of way and you’ve got to be firm and stalwart and endure because sometimes endurance is all you have.

Endurance is one of the most underrated of qualities which is why, boys and girls, we went through all the crap we went through to cultivate it. A great many people have no endurance and that is why they are going to be “chaff in the wind” so to speak. The easy road is never the easy road and those who took it are finding out why, now that the easy road has turned into the hard road. Those of us who have walked the hard road don’t notice so much. It just looks like some highway we already walked under a midnight moon or alternatively pounded by sun and rain for a stretch that looked a lot smaller on the map when we started out. Don’t despair and don’t give up, help is on the way, even if the only place you are going to see it is inside.

End Transmission......

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm with Stupid and Proud of It

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“May your noses always be cold and wet”.

For ten days I didn’t read the news except for twice as a brief scan. I didn’t miss it and it made no difference that I hadn’t seen it. News is just once more packaged product from the ‘shake and bake’ manufacturers. It’s a traveling t-shirt with DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger and all the other corporate slave masters finding new ways to say, “I’m with stupid”. Whether the arrow points to the side or straight up is immaterial.

I don’t want to get too self righteous or in danger of hypocrisy because there is some talk about blog t-shirts for the main three (grin) but we are not a department store supply wholesaler either. One of the things ‘I try to do’ is to look at myself before I get off on a rant, to make sure I’m not waving a flag for the same kind of action. This is one of humanities most common and unseen crimes (from the perspective of the practitioner- others certainly can see it).

The one thing I notice to be the most prevalent and epidemic activity in the world today is corruption. This corruption is ubiquitous and ascends and descends through every theater of human activity. It’s so bad that no one tries to hide it any more. An editor from News of the World brags and preens in light of being taped and exposed by Hugh Grant. He’s pleased to be shown as a sewer dining, dung slug, while also emphatically stating that his papers motivations are all about the truth; that the truth is the main thrust of their efforts. I’m still waiting for Anne Frank’s ballpoint pen to go up for auction on E-Bay.

The corruption is beyond impressive. It’s pacing itself through every area of life. It’s the fashion statement of the political world. Its Job One in law enforcement and the number one guy in the US is so hemmed in by duplicity that he doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind, both of which actions seem to be occurring simultaneously and in full view of anyone inclined to be watching. Lies are the new truth and, accompanied by awesome hypocrisy, create a spectacle that is breathtaking and would be anyway if you were standing too close to Eric Holder.

There are two signs that materialism has reached near to the height of its arc. One of them is cannibalism, which can be seen as being expressed in a variety of ways that don’t necessarily involve the consumption of flesh. This is similar to vampires and werewolves, which you can see on any given night, if you don’t require fangs and a cape to be required for identification.

The corruption works so well and with so little reaction because it’s as rampant in the lumpen prole arena as it is at Congressman Ryan’s lunch table. It’s as persuasive in child killer, felony trials as it is in the Strauss Kahn, full bore manipulations of all that money and influence makes possible. It’s resident in all the little dishonesties that attend contemporary life. Lies are effective and corruption has the same effect as a gym workout. You sweat, you stink and you shower and then it’s not you, it’s the other guy. Impossible lies and justifications are handed out every day and people just nod their heads like the plastic flamingo on the drinking glass; unthinking, unreflective and in total agreement with what they didn’t get and can’t understand.

This always brings me back to the t-shirts and eight ball jackets. What kind of person wears either, with Tommy Hilfiger’s name in one foot letters across the surface? DKNY? What is the point and purpose of this? It seems to be saying, “check me out, I’m a flaming asshole and a clueless whore, let’s go somewhere and mate like human billboards”. It won’t be long before the whole nation is dressed like NASCAR drivers, who can’t afford the products they’re shilling for. People are already cutting deals to have corporate logos tattooed on their bodies. I’m waiting for the coming funeral processions where the coffin will announce that this death was brought to you by... insert company icon here.

The thing is that materialism is a form of insanity, which is accompanied by all the tics and obsessive compulsions of all the disorders that are birthed from the primary condition. If everything is about sex and the widest gamut of sex is perversion then what do you get? Personally, I don’t want to be your backdoor man, nor do I consider that legitimate birth control. I will admit that there’s a Darwinian irony to the whole thing that is welcome, despite the cringe making presentation of the whole affair.

I noted when I wrote the most recent Origami that some number of people took me literally. The motive for certain forms of presentation is to establish resonance, not WYSIWYG. I suppose that’s the point of what I am attempting to say today, without actually having gotten around to it yet. Despite what the wide spectrum of the totality of us might indicate, these are exceptional times and everything happening is a reflection of them. This is a time of cosmic harvest and you are either going to be in resonance with the cosmic urge that sets your sympathetic strings vibrating, or you are going to be plowed under or composted. It’s as mathematical as it is lyrical. There is a solid foundation to be felt and seen unless you’re impressed with temporary architecture. This is why dogma has replaced the vibrancy of living archetypes. This is why, on the one hand, existence is moving toward the tragic-comically absurd and on the other hand being quickened by a dimensional shift.

We can see now that we have no idea how things will shake out, or when they are going to do it. The flotilla action is a good example of this. Meanwhile there is a powerful shakeup occurring from the ground level around the world. Leadership and increasingly ridiculous laws cannot contain it. Steadily it marches onward; up through the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Belarusians and anywhere and everywhere you look. Containment is impossible and every effort in that direction, magnifies the lack of success and amplifies the ongoing impetus of whatever it is that is rising up in the populations.

Normal has left the building and not only is abnormal celebrated; it has become the yardstick by which we measure our path to becoming a submissive bottom for Kali with a strap-on. Crazy shit is happening on the street level and higher up in the pecking order there is no rule of law at all. The mainstream press is marching into The Great Victoria Desert with a brass band and no supply wagons and the alternative media has an army of attentive watchers, growing by the day that poke holes into everything and the people are being reached through a thousand avenues of presentation. Once things have gotten so bad that none of the usual explanations will suffice, you are forced to look somewhere else. Ultimately you are forced to look within, which is the point of the whole escapade to begin with. It’s all programmed and Tommy Hilfiger has your back, literally.

You can tell the state of the culture by the art it presents. You can tell by the soundtrack. You can tell by the simulations, diversions and mating rituals. A massive hammer is rising up over the wide stage of existence and it is going to come down sooner or later. It’s not if, it’s when and we don’t know when but ‘if’ has left the building too.

At some point an eerie silence is going to manifest. The sound of Nature will be stilled. All the birds and beasts will be silenced, as they are in the moments before a quake. It has something to do with The Apocalypse. I don’t know the details. It’s the stuff of dreams that shakes you but doesn’t explain anything; that leaves you with a poignant, haunting recollection (cue “Where or When”).

More and more is being uncovered. More and more is being pressed out. More and more demonstrations are taking place that are mostly bass and drums. The curtain is being pulled aside within and without. We are beginning to see ourselves for what we really are and what really surrounds us. I ran into a real estate agent a few days ago who surprised me no small amount by telling me he’d been reading the blogs; a man of about 35 from a small town in southern Italy and he was saying; “I can feel it. I can feel something but I don’t know what it is. I want to change and I’m concerned that I’m not changing as I should. What should I do”? Giving advice should be viewed with the same trepidation that one experiences when one is about to cross an icy stream in a Jack London short story. The reason for that is that you get slotted for a demonstration of it yourself.

In this case it was very easy for me to say what I did. I said, “The fact that you are feeling all of this is a clear indication that you are in touch with the energy being expressed. The ones who should be concerned are the ones who are not. Guidance and assistance are not necessarily a call to action. Quite often they are simply transformative. What I mean is that if you are feeling something, it is acting on you and giving way is often the better part of reaction. Reacting is what we do when we bypass reflection and thinking and thinking is something we identify with personally, as if the thoughts we have are our own and they most often are not. We are each of us plugged into a greater stream of things that are nothing more than an indication of what influences us because we have that particular capacity within us. Merely seeing this goes a long way toward clearing it up and clarifying our path. Reacting and personal identification, with the wide highways of mind traffic, cause us to swim in courses that do not, most of the time, flow in the direction of our own best interests”. That was it more or less.

Anyone who wants to see what it is that they need to personally consider needs only to look at the content and quality of thoughts that ‘pass through’ their heads. These are indications of your susceptibility. It’s similar to seeing qualities in others because they are resident within us. We don’t like to look at it this way but we should. Even when it isn’t true, it doesn’t hurt to check. Rigorous self inquiry is a necessity of those seeking the way out or... the way in.

I can’t say it often enough. These are extraordinary times and there’s opportunity for change that goes well beyond anything possible before. Those who take advantage of it are going to be truly and profoundly surprised. It’s not easy because we are fighting it. We can’t seem to help ourselves. We are being controlled by the reactive mind. Still the reactive mind and you have found the gates; you have found the entry way. It appears in the quiet, following the suspension of the reactive mind.

Do you really need any more evidence of what’s going on than what’s going on? You can see the incremental approach of massive and fundamental transformation. It is everywhere to be seen. The breakdown of the old world order is unmistakable. The shifting and scrambling to grab hold of the new controls is also unmistakable. The application of threat and force reaffirms the intent of those who are losing their grip and being driven in panic to try to take control once more. That’s not going to happen. Every action they take makes them more vulnerable and helpless in the face of irresistible change.

We are not who or what we think we are and being open to seeing the truth of this is all we need in the way of planning and action. We are being hot-housed into a dimensional shift. Embrace it as if it were the sum total of all your aspirations because, it is.

End Transmission.......

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Songwriter by Les Visible

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