Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rupert Murdoch Dogpaddles over the Cosmic Sewer.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“May your noses always be spared the stench of Rupert Murdoch’

My apologies for no Visible Origami this morning; as I am completing the book, Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World, that particular energy is going in that direction this week and we’ll be back next week with the regular rotation, including Profiles in Evil, which has been slumbering in lieu of motivation.

If you would rather listen instead of read this, you can do so here by the grace of the inimitable Patrick Willis.

Rupert Murdoch is going down. He’s going down planetary wise and he is going down soul wise; ‘down, down to the bottom’. Israel’s main agent in the satanic hierarchy is dogpaddling over the suckhole of the cosmic sewer. Ordinarily, the status quo would be in quid pro quo mode but Rupert has made too many enemies among the other bad guys and that brings me to Anonymous and LulzSec (please do not hack me for telling the truth). Rupert, chief demon freak from the bathhouses of Hell is only one part of the equation; CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSN and a host of other lying, disinfo spewing, sewer rat enclaves are equally culpable, as are the majority of world governments and their administrative, legislative and judicial branches; which is the same thing, now that I think about it.

Until Anonymous and LulzSec go after the Israeli infiltration aspect of the global game scenario they are simply mining the cave perimeter and not going after the beast within. Behind all of the evil of the day are the banks, which are under the general control of Israel. They need to stop defending Wikileaks, which is also an arm of the Israeli lie machine that has the whole Middle East under assault and is the main drain on world economies. I applaud the courageous operatives in these covert hacking efforts but they are missing the point. They should be replacing the headlines of the hacked media with tales about the Holocaust Blackmail scam and the direct relationship between Israel and the commission of the 9/11 attacks.

Here’s direct and irrefutable truth; Israel has no right to exist and Israel did 9/11 and Israel is behind all of the present wars in operation. Israel is behind the vicious predatory activities of the banks of the world and Israel is the main agent of the ancient darkness that performs all of the mischief and mayhem in and around us.

Rupert is going to be implicated in paying off foreign police services and also hacking the 9/11 relatives. This will result in the loss of all of his licenses but it’s not going to do much about all of that media being transferred into the hands of a proxy. Meanwhile a massive typhoon is bearing down on Japan.

If it were just a matter of the fine but not comprehensive efforts of Anonymous and all of the rest of us that labor in the poisoned vineyards of the present day, we would be found short of what is needed to accomplish what must be done. However, the cosmos resides within the being and consciousness of every living thing and it can preempt the shadow rulership, within each and every one of us at any time; just as it can switch off and reroute the power in any of us at any time. That means Howdy Doody, the bloodstained Home Boy and all of his men, along with the doomed Humpty Dumpty. You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs but you can damn sure fry it up on the sidewalks of the Mid-West at moment.

I realize there are a lot of cynics out there, whose cynicism can be measured according to the degree of their disconnect from the cosmic imperative. Your cynicism is a direct expression of your lack of faith in the cosmic order, which is perfect and in motion. Tell me I haven’t been right, generally all along the way. Tell me it isn’t trending as I have been at pains to declare. Is it suddenly going to make a “right turn Clyde”? It’s not. It’s going to accelerate and increase in force, just like its doing. I mentioned that this is the year and so it is. Who could have imagined that the most powerful, visible, scumbag on the planet would be in the hot seat this moment?

Rothschild shill Alex Jones is following orders, dogpaddling alongside Rupert, sniffing out the devil’s posterior for some deep lung, French kissing osculation of the aforementioned; the things people will do for money and the illusion of personal power is a vomit inducing spectacle of the first order. Rupert, The Rothschild’s, Alex Jones and all the rest of the damned crew are going to be vacationing in their new residences soon enough, side by side, singing in dissonant screams, hanging from hooks and skewers over firepits. If you don’t think it’s a lot like this, only more creative, then you haven’t studied much religious art from around the world.

This is The Apocalypse people and it is ingeniously complex in application, as it is simple in intent. The veils are lifting from the eyes of every living thing. Distant trumpets are sounding. The Earth is moving. The wind is wailing. The day approaches when even the Earth may stand still for a time before it reverses itself; that’s speculative but nothing is beyond the range of possibility. To each awakening comes a motivation for action, dependent upon the state of awareness of those affected. In some cases it means spontaneous mob engagements. In some cases it means a serene awakening, into newly opened dimensions of transcendent being. It’s everything you are, measured against your potential and your karma. You can do something about your karma, according to your capacity for release. All the stops have been pulled for the willing and able. Give it your best shot; give it everything you got, right now is the time to start if you’re willing and able. Hitch your wagon to a star! You’re a whole lot better than you think you are, oh yeah. You’re out there hustling your jewels in the street; cold blooded jams to make enough to eat, troubles come your way, baby that don’t matter, give it your best shot it only gets better; says Visible, breaking into song.

Watch and witness and record. You are living in remarkable times and every day is going to bring new indication of that. Strive hard, up and in, meet it in its descent upon you and wipe the dream dust from your eyes. Do not become like those who will not awaken and who support all that has been done to them and to you. You’re in ‘twinkling of an eye’ territory. Some will listen and some will see and some will not but everyone will feel. Those who cannot hear must feel. It’s whatever it takes and you’ve got what it takes. There are no accidents and no innocent bystanders. Everyone is where they are because of where they were. Not being able to see the other side of the Mobius Strip, is your biggest hindrance to understanding. Mind the schadenfreude.

Alright then, we’ve said our piece and you’ll do your part depending on the soundtrack in your hearts and minds. Remember that it has taken so long and involved such an astounding complexity, in order to force the predators from their lairs and into the light of day. They have been lured from their secret castles and too far in advance of the supply wagons for good reason. Enjoy the show and... mind the schadenfreude.

End Transmission........

Patrick Willis narrates:

Sunday’s radio show is available for download now.

You’re free to believe or not believe whatever you like. You’re free to get naked with The Pope and insist that the sun revolves around the Earth. It doesn’t change what is. Denial has no impact on pervasive reality, only on your own and that’s only temporary.


EtherEagle said...

I love the smell of burning Rupert in the morning! Thanks Mr Visible, blessed be thee.

Anonymous said...

Les, Rupert may have started out dog paddling but he will change his style to the Australian crawl, however no amount of threshing around will stop this bloke from being sucked under. As you say 'he is going down'. Murdoch's shares fall - video.


Kieron said...

I keep thinking of Clive Barker's thick doorstop of a book, Imajica, in which there are five dimensions of Earth. Four are united and accessible to one another by magical means, but the 5th, our own dimension, is cut off from her sisters due to a corrupt, selfish magician. Vastly summarizing, when our Earth is caused to rejoin her sisters, by the efforts of the protagonist John Fury and his very capable lady friend, Judith, well, talk about lifting of the veil!

DaveS said...

LV and the rest of the denizens of this fine spot, thank you for all that you do!

One of my favorite HST quotes is "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

Time to go pro.


Ben said...

Vis, All

Father Creator has been lavish in His signs lately. Has the Apocalypse, the Unveiling, the Revelation begun?

Not too long ago we saw the High Priest of Finance, Dominque Strauss Khan, arrested and humbled.

Now we're seeing fellow Pharisee Murdoch being humbled.

Is it an accident that both are ardent hardcore khazar zionists? As Vis pointed out, there are no accidents. The High Priest of World Finance and the World's Minister of Propaganda and General Filth have been humbled. Their very lives have been "interfered with".

Father Creator is Merciful; these signs are provided so that people can repent and change their ways, so that people can stop and think about their priorities and whom they could and should serve.

On Earth as it is in Heaven - there is and has been substantial warfare in the spiritual realm lately and this will manifest on Earth. Father Creator is showing us what is coming down the pike for the warmongering bloodthirsty usurious porn-peddling khazar entity known as Israel.

I suspect and fear that the khazars will simply ramp up their predations on mankind... it is the only way they know how to behave.

And thus Israel's days are numbered. This harlot will be weighed in the balance and found wanting. I suspect judgement has already been handed down by the Supreme Spiritual Court. Israel's non-khazar enablers, enforcers and supporters will likely find themselves left "desolate" as well.

vixen said...

Since this is the unveiling, I’m waiting and watching for HIS directorship behind the casey anthony media frenzy living reality show of the murder or sacrifice if you may, of a two year old child to be revealed. His fingerprints are all over this latest diversion or distraction that has made a mockery of the semblance of justice. He has dined off the negative energy generated by the blinded masses not to mention their dollars. He could have found someone less obvious to use as his tool than Geraldo to implement this devious plot but sometimes they just put it right in your face.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Watching and witnessing, trying to stay out of the way of myself, I think, or maybe I don't.

Truth is I don't know, I'm just along for the ride at this point.


Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Good post...

Let's see how deep down the rabbit hole this Rupert Murdoch thing goes...

As you say Les, the eyes of the masses are being opened (hopefully)and a great unveiling is under way..

Check out this story

Intelligence Advisor fired for his belief in INSIDE JOB THEORY



Thanks and God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Hi all :

I found the following description of the apocolypse from the author at Event Horizon . It reminded me of some of the things LV has attempted to describe here over time.

"If I could be so bold as to hazard to predict the reaction of the global populace to the Feature Show, I rather suspect that audience reaction will be split right down the middle. Some will be absolutely horrified, stricken with abject terror to the very depths of their souls (if they even have souls). I mean to say that they will uncontrollably shit and piss their pants like little children who have not been toilet trained, that excrement and urine will run down their legs and puddle in their shoes and they won't be able to help themselves, there's not a thing they can do about it, nothing at all, because their total personal life account will suddenly come due, and will be immediately, instantly payable in full, every little criminally gotten farthing and stolen widow's mite of it, for every last miserable nanosecond of their entire multiencarnational existences. And they will not be able to negotiate with the Lords of Time, because for them Time will have irrevocably and finally expired, for once and for all.

For them there will be no “Time Out.” That Time has come and gone and a new regime is descending on the Earth. That's the way it looks from my vantage point.

For others, what is coming will represent a time of Glad Tidings and great rejoicing, of release from bondage. It will herald the entry of a new way of living and thinking, a new way of being human on this planet. For them, an oppressive burden will be lifted, they will have the sensation of being freed from irksome yokes and confining collars that for much too long have restrained the free expression of their sacred life potential. It is this happening that the others fear, no, more than that, it is this happening that the others detest, with every loathsome fiber of their monstrous hollowness. They will therefore struggle violently against its ineluctable onset, for, to be sure, they well understand that it foreshadows their consignment to the fate that they have labored unimaginably long and hard to achieve.

What I mean to say is that the Dark Ones will be hideously violent until their bitter end, at which point they will either flip 180 degrees, fully embrace the light and join the others, or alternatively they will continue to pursue their hollow nothingness all the way to its logical conclusion of utter nullity, and be no more, never to be seen or heard from again, anywhere, ever, for all time and space to come.

That is their stark choice, and I don't envy them their fate. Nevertheless, that is the decision tree they have created for themselves.

Thanks for your Blog LV
Patrick V1.0

Miriam said...

That's what I like to see, more than the underlings this time, more than an arrest and then release to carry on in another position(DSK...what the hell was that about anyway, with so many ways written to perceive it).

Yes, this is the crack that continue to leak the blood and guts and shit that is in the beast.

Bless the whistleblower that is now dead as amarynth posted before:
News of the World phone-hacking whistleblower found dead

More to come, more to come and not just the fun and games of the hackers but bigger blows to the Beast from greater Justice.

Yes, Vis, The Divine is going to be moving in ways that will not have been seen before by anyone and all the evil plans come to naught; that The Goodness will be brought forth from the vast majority and that will bring us all into the Light of the next step of evolution; this I am counting on, I am steeped in, beyond the times I have been thrown off my game not listening to my Heart of Hearts.

Yes, Vis, Stepping up to the plate, digging deep, it is all there for us to bring forth and there is more to come; no more waiting, but manifesting it. That is our task now, to be the vehicle to help give birth to this New Earth.
Thank you, for reminding me and giving that push to remember.

Here is a link to some work David Icke has begun. Putting out Heart Energy to many places around the world, some obvious, some that are heinous but need cracking:

As you feel called to participate or not.

wv: stackd~ for or against it is up to you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 5:35,

The masses aren't awake yet. They need a few more whacks on the head with a 2-by-4. The masses are stubborn and inert and largely comatose, normally. However inertia applies to objects in motion as well as objects at rest.


DaveR said...

Old Rupert has more money than he can ever use and his moment in the sun has faded. His witless minions will scuttle away and find other crevices, except for a couple sacrificial lambs who will be amply rewarded later.

If things get too sticky for Rupert he'll quickly fall "ill" (from all the stress, you know - like Mubarak) and he may even have to "die" and end up fishing in Patagonia w/ Ken Lay.

The reigns of power will be passed, probably to several others who will act in concert and be less noticed.

Les, how you found the cage is mystifying, but right back at ya'. clickie. NSFW!!!! I mean it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Again :

A man from British Columbia Canada has set out driving West to East across Canada to measure radiation levels with his own instruments and the results are not good.

Connecting the Dots ...

While Health Canada the FDA and similar criminal gangs in several countries are busy trying to save you from the horrors of Raw Milk and Vitamin Supplements the world is being radiated and these same cabals are incredibly silent on this issue.

The action that seemed most appropriate to these bastards after the unprecedented disaster in Japan was to bomb Libya.

Show this video to every oblivious dancing with the stars, Mc'Mansion living, SUV driving Soccer Mom you know. If this doesn't wake people up I don't know what will.

Is there any greater proof of the evil nature of your self declared owners who are putting ZERO effort into containing the fallout from these reactors.

There is no longer anywhere to hide from the Apocolypse. It's on ! If the Cavalry doesn't show it's game over. There's no going back from this folks with estimates of years not days to seal these reactors.

Patrick V1.0

just me, Laurel A. said...

the only thing burning over here is going to be people like me and mine. the fat porkers are doing fine. in one week, a porker raised my rent another 40 dollars, to a grand of 990 a month, a total of 290 in a year, and of course all else went sky-high, welfare is reduced to charcoal, i bring in a bit over the rent and the monthly gas and car maintenance allowance about 100 plus insurance per month. my older girls are working half a week each and doing full time college, and today, after all this time, these girls have worked at the same company since each one turned 18, today--with only half a day's notice -- bang. let go. no warning. why? a woman who is grossly over-qualified and twice their age came in and will reduce HERSELF to 12 an hour, whereas my daughters were earning minimum for the same work -- so the company owner thinks he is getting an upgrade at a bargain. 24 dollar an hour employee for 12 an hour. i hope the witch quits as soon as she is done filling in space between now and her next job. which, this being a small town, we already know she is doing. she has zero intention of staying there, brags about it as she runs about trying other places, and meanwhile, my own hardworking girls who saw that company through some very tough times AND even brought in business are being dumped like bodily waste. this reduces our family income to where we will not be able to do food and utilities. there is no cheaper rent around. this area is gone berserk. every crab in the barrel is sure if they claw their fellow crabs, somehow that will make it easier to live in the barrel. those two part-time jobs were our food, our utilities, not our fun. would it have killed the owner to allow even a week or two notice? he had them write their school schedules out in full two MONTHS ahead at the start of every semester, so that he could "know". i know you say "they" are in line, but the hot oil is getting us little nobodies. we are the ones who tote the firewood, take the heat, and then get burned. i dont see them getting what should be coming. i see us getting what they should have had.

Visible said...

Here's a little something to consider. In the part of Italy where I live on occasion this man's statues are up everywhere.

just me, Laurel A. said...

ok, i will breathe deep, evenly.....thank you much Patrick, for that link, it was good to read. doesn't make my own here feel any easier, but it does keep us a bit more focused on the greater picture. and les, that padre pio link..... that is nuclear? we will try to keep internet for a bit, see how the numbers crunch. lol.

neal said...

If those statues had their schadenfreude see the double entendre inherent their genesis, they could weep tears. I think there are sunglasses for that condition.

Laurel, maybe think about a travel trailer. Cheaper to rent a spot in a nice place or squat in a friend's yard, and less stress. I think those Gypsies may be on to something.

Anonymous said...


Why there's Lucky and Guli, Dom and Rup, Nat and Jake and even ol' Evy. You got your Ben and your Bin and a whole lot of other folks just too many to mention.

So come and meet the Porkers and find out what the real reason porcine is eschewed - it would be cannibalism (grin)

Miriam said...

Patrick V1.0~ Good article!
Kathleen Goonan's books point to a cosmic energy blast that silences all electronic tech. First it is sporadic breaks and then, as it is called, total 'Silencio'.
It is not a disastrous cataclysm of Nature or Space, but it changes society entirely.
It fits the description of the article of a gradual gap in information from what we are used to and how adaptations are made over time.

Another view into what could happen.

Wonderful books; I have read them many times.
I started with 'Crescent City Rhapsody'.

Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

While the world is watching Murdoch, the Israeli's have declared open season on Gaza with Drones and F16's.

The so called hackers called 'Annonymous' are nothing but a clumsy attempt to 'control the opposition'. The so called hacks are nothing more than schoolboy pranks.

Lets not take our eye off the ball here, things are about to get serious for a lot of people who cannot defend themselves or their families.



just me, Laurel A. said...

good thought, neal :).....any one have one for sale? or rent? i can put up next months rent and the last two paychecks they will get, 2000 upfront cash, then payments after. cripe, its so hard, all we have to do is see the oldest girl through 2.6 years remaining of her materials science engineering degree, then we will all be safe at least with her salary. just. have. to. get. there.

Greg Bacon said...

Unless Murdoch's 'Evil Empire' is busted up into a 1,000 pieces and scattered to the wind, he'll remain a very powerful force and dedicated 'FOI,' Friend of Israel.

He's already getting his flunkies to take the fall.

As for Brooks arrest, that was a masterful stroke.

Now when she appears before the MP's, she'll be able to say she can't answer that question, due to her arrest and possible self-incrimination.

Don't fool yourself, Murdoch still has many powerful friends, 'Chosen Ones' and 'FOI' types that are more than willing to help him, to thank him for all that he's done for Apartheid Israel.

Look at what happened, or more likely what didn't happen to 'Phony Tony' last year when he was investigated for his lies about Iraq.

Miriam said...

That is a good idea, neal.
laurel~ start looking on craiglist and in news paper ads and swap sheets(these can be found at grocery stores and banks).
Look online under used travel trailers. Lots of ways to find these things in your area, be creative.

See if there is a trailer park to rent in your area too, though that may not be the best deal.

Pond Owl said...


Hi Laurel you don't have to give up your internet do a google search and check out www.BasicISP.net. It is dial-up internet and it is only $6.95 per month. It's what I'm on. It's next to nothing and very worth it for all the resources that the internet provides me. If you don't have a land line get one so you can use it for internet too and ditch that cell phone it's bad for your health anyway.(grin) If you must absolutely have a cell phone, well, I don't know your age but if you are a senior citizen the government is now giving out free cell phones and free monthly minutes for seniors. Just a thought to consider. There are also many ways to get your hands on food for next to nothing. Go check out all of the bulk and wholesale food sales that are on various websites on the internet. You can get a variety of healthy and cheap food by buying it in bulk online. You don't have to pay the high boutique and supermarket prices. Large bags of such things like dry beans, rice, grains like quinoa, can be had online for about a dollar a pound. Another way to "get by" in america is dumpster diving food and I know it's gross and isn't for everyone but you would be suprised at the amount of perfectly edible food, not to mention expensive material goods, that our satanic society throws away or many times even destoys it first so no one can salvage it and then throws it way. Things like computers, electronics, leather office chairs, household items, expensive bedding, various returned items, they are all sliced, ripped, spray-painted, crushed by a sledgehammer, because the satanic corporate offices gave instructions to the worker bee clerks to destroy everything BEFORE it goes in the dumpster so no one else can have it. It is insanity and I see it all the time. Can you picture the employees being paid to spend hours doing nothing but destoying food and merchandise BEFORE IT GETS THROWN AWAY? It's crazy. I dive at times and it gets me through a pinch and it's better than starving in my opinion. I always find carloads of food and way more food than I can carry home and eat. Many times the food is still in the sealed package or the produce is still in the shipping box or the meat is still wrapped and cold from the freezer. Compactors are a problem and if the store uses one you won't be able to get anything. I'm fortunate that there are many grocery stores in my area that don't have them so it's a free for all for me. I think those damned metal dragons were invented just to keep people from salvaging anything! Corporate would rather have the bugs, bacteria, and seagulls have the food at the landfill that give it to humans! In fact, if they could stop them from getting it's likely they would do that as well. Pharmacies also throw out much food and most of it is still wrapped in the package. Anyway these are some suggestions, you can still have internet and plenty of food and use that extra money to pay the utility bill! ;)


Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

neal said...

laurel, check out rvtrader.com. That's where we got ours. You can search by cost, distance, ect.

With that kind of cash, you can get a trailer, if you have a truck. Or a motorhome, and tow your car behind.

It's not for everyone, but a step up from sleeping in a car, or just being on the ground.

We are dirt poor, but it's camping with your kids, and an endless vacation- we bring the guitar. Sometimes a fiddle or even bagpipes show up, that really gets the dogs going.

Josey said...


This was a comment I saw at Veterans Today that seemed interesting.

July 19, 2011 - 12:11 pm

I think the key to bringing down Murdoch is in connection to 9/11′s Building 7 . Certainly Larry Silverstein must have regretted the comment “So in view of the terrible loss of life that day. We made a decision to PULL, and then we pulled it”. So I’m sure there must have been a lot of spying on the 9/11 Commission itself to find out what direction the report was headed in and to make certain NO MENTION OF BLDG. 7 appeared anywhere or wound up in the report, which by the way it didn’t.

I’m also equally sure that every important witness, every fireman, every police officer, and people close to the scene that heard explosions before the planes hit, and anyone else important to making the story go the way they wanted, were also being spied upon.

The military people that were at the controls at NORAD etc, I’ll bet they were being spied on.

But since WTC Bldg. is the “Lynch-Pin” , and has been kept deliberately out of the news since the first day, this is probably were the MOST spying occurred and is most easily uncovered.

Also, the same Jew who always gets to hand out the money (Larry sign-your-life away Feinberg), 9/11 , Gulf Oil Spill, I’ll bet the few people who wouldn’t sign-off on suing, I’ll bet those people were definitely under surveillance (trash, phones, mail, email).

If you were to assemble a list of what the top Private Investigators gather when spying on people, this would be a good list to start with.

FromMyDoublrWide said...

2.6 years until receiving a material science engineering degree.

Excuse my pessimism or realism. but will their be any middle class jobs in America for people with 'material engineering degrees'?

Starvation may be occuring, body bagging in the millions may be occuring, global debt slavery under the SDR may be occuring - but middle class jobs for newly graduated material engineers?
Private? industry (off shored/shut down. Public? (corrupt and broke).

Dunno what's waiting 2.6 years down the road...if anything at all.

Good luck anyway Laural to you and yours.

Miriam said...

I keep antibiotics(amoxicillin) around just in case of strep or earaches with a fever(try alcohol and peroxide first; but I don't mess around with those two). I get them from edrugnet for much less than going to the doctor and pharmacy.
But we don't go to the doctor for those any more.

wv: maggic~ it feels that way don't it?

just me, Laurel A. said...

@FromMyDoublrWide 11:11 pm....oh, this wont be a middle class job. this is the TOP job for the next ten years (assuming the world as we know it is still limping along).....for the few who can hang in through the first two years of math and science, its a shoo-in after that. this is a specialty field that is new, its imperative for the future of how things are done, its NOT mechanical or electrical or industrial or any of that ,,,,, this is (google it) the TOP of the predicted job force, wherein if we are all still here, offers a predicted 100% job for way more graduates than will be available. its nano-technology, dealing with films, ceramics, materials and their abstract properties and the new ways that they can be used. if we all survive, then this will be the way some new things will come of everything, with a greener, saner, healthier lasting approach. its a big open field, that is slowly opening into every possibility you can imagine. this is one of the few that will never be a middle class job, though it wont be more than 80,000 avg, to start. that is at the current market value. so it is middle class, but it is new tech, and this is the wave that can kill us or save us, as a people.

just me, Laurel A. said...

actually, the nano tech of the materials science engineering field is pretty much about the development and application of new polymers, and new ways to use variations of them, and so on. the beauty of this field is that there will be new ways to get out from the petro dependence, without further compromising our earthly resources. god willing. i would rather people like my oldest daughter be venturing into this field than some power-hungry joker.

just me, Laurel A. said...

and seriously ....what are the options? sit and wait to die? sit and wait to not die? if we go then we go, whether tomorrow or next millenium. but if we do not die in that immediate future, if ther eis no body bag to provide shelter and relief, then for whatever time remains, we have to eat. we have to live. and if such a job allows a GOOD person, such as this daughter, to make a good dent in re-creating a better world or even just a better state of her own mind, then this is better than sitting in the rain, bemoaning the holes in the proverbial cardboard roofed shelter, i think.

Miriam said...

Late thinking but lots of time to do so....Padre Pio's multitudes of statues is only a testament to people's desire to believe in what the Church tells them to believe and what supports the Heaven/Hell
scenario. And the Church has every reason to support such a horrendous vision, but not because he had some true insight into the future. Who knows where he got that from. The devil comes as a being of Light, and many have been fooled.

just me, Laurel A. said...

ok....i am scouting the rv trader.....and everything else :)....we are going to see what we can squirrel out, and just skip out on the last month rent when we are ready to buy. meanwhile, my oldest, the nano-technology engineering student, went down to the college and inquired about positions tutoring chemistry, organic microbiology, and calculus 1,2, and 3 students. because she has a 3.87 average, and they just grinned. and told her to name her price. and asked her how many hours could she take. and how many people could she handle in any given tutoring session......i think this will cover any losses we expect, and we only have to struggle through august. i am guessing the best time to snag a cheap rv will be right after labor day. i have an ancient and raggedy 1986 lincoln town car. it will neither tow nor be towed. for obvious reasons. its HUGE. but we will see if we can find a smaller one. i have a judgment still on me from a bad divorce. i was saddled with some of his debt, and have paid some, but not all, so the judgment remains until then. but my oldest daughter will be eligible for internships after the 2nd year, so next summer she will be able to buy a smaller car if we have to wait until then. i will wing it. i do that a lot. nothing more attractive than an old flying turkey buzzard swooping around, answering to the name "laurel" :))

Tom Lowe said...

Anonymous appears to have been busted up after they busted fair-haired zioboy Aaron Barr's cardboard phony cybersecurity company open. Recall some arrests were made. So now, Anonymous is most likely staffed by a pimply crew of zio-ogritos who are now running a controlled opposition operation in its name. Same thing happened to Assange. He starts out as a journalist and ends up being a cyberpawn.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Les Visible (and for passing this info on-if you are so inclined)!

For the interested, a potential temporary or long-term housing solution:

"Tiny Houses" - in particular this model "POPMO" - US$20,000 build-yourself ($44k pre-built).

*in u.s.a. - check local codes, because most communities have endless restrictions on what people can and cannot live in (yea, it's about "freedumb"); waivers may be possible, or just move to a more "politically free" locale

This "POPMO" is built on a 20 ft x 9 ft flat trailer for main reason of avoiding the idiotic "building codes", encountered all over the u.s.a. (it will be classified as an RV, hence not taxed as a home, and on private property, where it can be parked, one may encounter fewer other bullshit "legal" traps; the codes are designed specifically by special interest lobbies, for benefit of the building industry - and no one else; can't have people owning their own homes within 1 year (or less), not paying rent to some slum lord, can't have sound ecological practices, we must destroy and use up as much natural resources for maximum profits for the long-pig crowd).

The other reason - is it is mobile, although not the typical mobile home, nor RV, nor whatnot ...but an economical, ecologically friendly, affordable home (cheaper than many RVs, campers, etc.), albeit small (if a person has a load of things that can't fit into this home, stuff 'em in storage, which will cost very little ... or dump it - dump it all).

The plans for this humble abode are (currently) US $10.

see this link for more info and photos


Also see "Tiny House movement's" blog for more info, other sources, ideas, video, fotos (hey look, it's a Yurt!)


Anonymous said...

this is the time for every platitude you ever heard; it's always darkest before the dawn, the sun will come out tomorrow, what goes around comes around etc to come to become a mantra for you.
Adversity gives us an opportunity to live our beliefs the way the temptation to eat chocolate cake gives us an opportunity to stay on our diet.
There was a day when I was giving my kids macaroni with no anything and thinking that I couldn't stand it one more day, but I did and things turned around. Your psycho will get outed and your daughter will graduate, your little one will brighten the world and you'll be hard pressed to remember the exact feeling of despair you seem to be expressing today.
much love

Anonymous said...

As to Murdoch and his crew, they do seem to be teflon but Vis has been right an awful lot so I'm going to keep trying to get good at being good and bad at being bad.
I appreciate all the enlightened and smart and passionate people who's words I read here every day.
I was passing through Woodstock last weekend, what a shame. It used to be a quirky cool spot now it is strip mall heaven.
Peace to all

Anonymous said...

Laurel, this blog has a lot to do with integrity. That includes keeping the norms and integrity of the English language. The omission of capitals bespeaks of sloppiness of mind, and lack of the commitment of adherence to do things "right" and proper.

Just a reminder: deviation from prevailing societal norms is, and has been, for millennias, the main problem with the "Hive/Cabal".

Your deviance from accepted and expected linguistic norms is a drift in the same direction.
Yes, I do make associations between one kind of exhibited behavior to indicate other behaviors and mentality.
Your postings are simply unreadable - to me.

BTW: English is not my mother tongue.

Visible: Your writings are great both in content and form. It's a joy to read them.
Thank you for the pleasure.

Anonymous said...

pierre said ...

cynical I might be, but the underlying good feeling is still there, like a hybernating snake.
something about my researching into my particular and unusual problem (I wont repeat it) and the possible new life disposition it might bring me (if there is a fix) somehow feeds into the cosmic situation.
blessed are the persistent, but blessed are the blessed.
trying to beat the specialist's specialist and get to this rare thing before they do (what a cheeky chap), and a big dream the other night (that's the Divine talking), perhaps a clue (or clues, these things can be multfactorial in meaning and derivations).
many leads, many new words and terminologies, it's cutting edge and they don't seem to know yet the hows and whys, and the hunch that *this* might be it with any given hint, and then not, on so on.
Ill know it when I see it (if I do) and all, or most, of the 'problems' I have will click into place too.
ditto for these times. it's not blind faith, its not clinging and clutching straws, it looks like fate to me.
and moreso that feeling that this relates to the cosmic, collective, state of play. perfect timing.
Solstice over, it's getting warming. those snakes will be coming out in due course. and then we will see.

Johnny Cash - When The Man Comes Around

almost in tears, must be getting close, it's joyful.

wv: phspouss. deranged (not inflamatory) phosphorous, another possibility.

Anonymous said...

The apocalypse wouldn't be the same sans Les Visibles.

Anonymous said...

I saw your link about Padre Pio. I find the man interesting, I suppose anyone so devoted is interesting esp when he has blood coming from his hands. I wonder though, all that catholic paraphenalia really turns me off. rosaries and crosses on the doors. I have a big wall when it comes to this and a stubborn streak that feels like "fuck it I will go with the devils then because I can't do that".

I have my own charms, stones, statuary and generally wake daily trying to be the best person I can be with spirit at my side. The idea that these items (with all the attending evil I have seen comes with them) will save me and not my own heart and deeds, or even nothing at all, well it gets my back up against a wall.
I know others feel this way and I am wondering what you think?

I haven't been here in awhile. I look around and it seems you are moving forward quite beautifully, it makes my heart feel glad. Much love to you and all here.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Laurel—(in case you are still up, like this anonymous night owl):

Thanks very much for the explanation regarding materials engineering; I am convinced that THAT is our future. I wish you and your daughters well!

Now, regarding a very particular type of natural material—namely, Aluminum—and picking up on the earlier suggestion about your getting a travel trailer...

You may want to consider a vintage Airstream.

They are built to LAST, like aircraft, with a light, but very strong aluminum shell—with many —including mine! :)—still going strong after 40+ years of service.

Your money will go a lot farther if you can find a good one, and then gradually make it over to meet your needs. Solar, composting toilet, etc., the possibilities are endless.

The classifieds at airforums.com and your local craigslist are an excellent place to start to looking.

Cheers from another part of the forest :)

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:17

I understand every word laurel wrote.

Laurel I'm sorry you're going thru these things. I want you to know I care. I've been searching for a way to escape these demons.

I will share my conclusions soon. There is hope. in retrospect the worst times in my life were really the best times.

There's a prayer here for you.

Patrick V1.0

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Musing on the Banks of a Dry River Bed.

just me, Laurel A. said...

ANON at 4:17......i am nearly 100 percent certain that this ANON poster is the same as whom i complained about before in my miniseries about certain persons chasing me around the internet and costing me hell in real time.....i think that is the man again. the style is always the same. often even the words. i have a FOLDER of stuff from all over the internet, faxes he sends anonymously to my daughters' employer, to friends, to even young men they date, to their schools, to my landlords, copies of letters he sent through the mail....the list goes on. yes, this is the same. les, i will likeley try another name change, and i will post you privately, and you know which ones are ok to know my new name. he wants my youngest girl, and he will not be getting her. end of discussion.

patrick and neal and all.....dont listen to the likes of him. and english IS his mother tongue. social sciences degree from western michigan, many many many years ago. he is all-amerikan.

just me, Laurel A. said...

about ANON at 4:17.......james, you are a smelly old man. you have spent your entire poopy existence trying to hammer your psycho-studly self-image into the brains of every errant female who dares to turn her nose up at your nastiness. sir, you smell. physically and spiritually. you are old now. in your 60's. you have spent your entire life in this manner. you feel like a success when you destroy others, you feel like a failure 24/7 anyway. do you yet understand why? it isnt me that is your problem. it isnt my girls that are your problem. it isnt that poor woman you destroyed before i packed my babies and ran from that town -- it isnt her or her little girl that was your problem. do you understand what you have let happen to yourself? do you realize you have been crying out since time began to be free of the demons that have twisted your soul to such ugliness? it was, and is, as simple as Just Say No. and like anything else you change about yourself, it is done. but you have never had enough faith in yourself to even consider that option. i will never die. you will. my girls will live to ruin you, and i doubt i can stop them. you will never have the option of doing that to them. make the change while you can. i know that if i move again, as i have had to do many many times before, it makes it a nightmare for you, because you then have to chase me down, and acquire new "government employee" contacts to do a variety of crazy asinine niggling little tricks of harassment and such, for a few bucks here and there. and we all know there are plenty of persons out there are happy to do just that for a fifty, or a hundred, or a couple, its an old story. your methods are rehashed, and predictable. annoying, but you do not WIN. you only play. you are not smart. you only have money and a penis issue. you envied my mother, because she turned you DOWN> you vowed revenge, and you used ME. i was not exactly enamoured of your "luv" so you turned on me, and went after my girls, when they were of YOUR preferred age. you have spent YOUR entire life trying to convince OTHERS that they are not in their right minds, and used the same tricks of covert, low-paid harassments and isolation techniques. why? because you are also mentally lazy. and not very bright. you lost your job in the government sector because you were caught in certain behaviors that are not allowed. such as stalking other women with young girls and creating mayhem so that they would think THEY were alone in the world and everybody was out to get them, and then you could move in. because you sir, are a coward. yes, english is your mother tongue. for sure. i have years of letters, all anonymous, faxes, emails, from people in every place i have ever lived. eventually, you must be skipping their payments. the lowlife whom you hire are also snitches when you renig. just saying. we will get into a new town, in a new place, and you will again have to start allll over with finding your contacts base, and then locating my own support network of acquaintances, employers, neighbors, police, social workers, daughters' friends, therapists for my autistic one....yes, its tiresome ain't it james. mighty tiresome. a lot of effort you have had to put out for getting revenge against your rape victims who refuse to appreciate the full extent of your "luv". the violent death of my mother, my grandmother and even your own mum were not painfully exciting enough to soothe the retching of your violent psyche as you smell the offal rotting from within the pit of your endlessly twisted hatred. hatred of yourself. you killed them. i have a lot more paperwork and material to look at now than i did then. dont worry, at your age, its not likely the fbi will do much more than give you some easy time, if even that. it has taken me this long just to get you outed. after all, you are one of their own, right? a government man.

just me, Laurel A. said...

....continued......and btw, james, i have files and reports from certain coroners' reports. from 1984, from 1999, and from 2004. sir, YOU did not pay some people nearly enough, it seems. you should have kept your eye on the ball (or their balls!), not on your own balls. you think i am the culmination of all that you need to prove your studly superiority? let me tell you, the men you ran off from me in my lifetime, the fathers of my children, were naturally excellent. and let me rub it in so to speak. they were amazing in bed. you could not even kill THAT in me, could you? you can kill nothing in me, and you will never have the intelligence or the strength or even the money to kill anything in my daughters. we are forever. we are born into this here and now, and mus ttravel through it as it is presented to us, for whatever time we have here, and we must learn our lessons and of course, that seems to include how to handle the crazed stalker fan from hell who envies that we are the descendants of a god the likes of which you will never understand. and we will return to that with a wealth of spiritual experiences and trials and joys, the knowledge with which we will bring to the team to enable a greater world. you wont even be alive. you know what you have to do to change that, but you will never change, you will continue to taste your own bodily waste and retch, and then throw it at targets of your envy. because you will not believe. because you really are from hell. you think you will succeed in your years and years of attempting to isolate me from everyone and everything? but james, i was never FROM this world, i am visiting. i am a student. i find things here to be most primitive. i am stuck, but there is nothing here for me after i leave. my only concerns right here are concerning that which is right here. the immediate needs. my daughters are choosing education that will at the very least better their souls, and if they must exist here for years, it will better this world. if they leave early, they will have bettered themselves. its a win-win. you on the other hand, live in a shallow and primitive cerebellum-driven state.

just me, Laurel A. said...

..........and continued again......
for you, the things you work so hard to deprive me of are the things YOU think are most important. how strange. yes, it is an annoyance, and yes you do cause great hardship and yes, you have caused me hurt and taken much from me and mine, even to taking the lives of the mother and the grandmother who loved me, (and not you :).....BUT you cannot take from me or anyone that which is not yours to take, that which is not of this plane, and that which will totally define each of us in the eternity we all must choose. you can continue on your mindless quest to discredit or deride me in every internet, you can continue to imitate old school friends of mine through FB, you can continue to send emails purporting to be someone else, and you can continue to pay for the rather goofy, though destructive, pseudo-mob stupid-italian pet tricks of david g. and anthony c. ..... it wont matter. you will never feel whole. you will never feel vindicated. you will never feel loved. and you will never win. you will only continue to give yourself the eternal "swirly" in the toilet bowl of your own mind. what is your next move, big boy? kill me, like you did my mother? or my grandmother? or your mother? so many females, so many "accidents".....in one immediate family......it used to be i was the one who suspected, and then you set out to discredit any chance of my being taken seriously. but we have better ways now, since then, of identifying old murders....and old murderers......which is why you coerced my aunt into having my grandmother cremated within 24 hours of her death. and not even any notice to a single relative. not that that is suspicious or anything..... i mean, she being a lady of substantial community respect and all. just saying. james, your time was short. you will not win the prize you think you will win. you might succeed in another murder or two, another rape or two, and you might make my life a "living hell" for a couple more years.....but its just smoke now. there are no more coals for you. as of your latest post, well.... you seem desperate. and i think you are. unfortunately, your paid "helpers" are the ones who are closing in on you, not me. maybe they want more money. maybe they don't like the way you SMELL :))

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Never seems to amaze me...

Have anyone else heard about this yet....


ISRAELI SPY RING uncovered in New Zealand



Hmmm... What's in New Zealand??

Thanks and God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Laurel, I'm Anon @ 4:17.
Les is probably laughing at your comment @ 1:48 which smacks of paranoia.
See, Les has the IP address of every poster, even if it's proxy, it's constant - unless it's from an internet cafe.
IP addresses can be blocked, but I doubt he lets stuff appear with blocked addresses - a surefire sign of 'megaphone' and the 'sayanim'. (Zio trolls). He can easily determine who is who, even if he/she switches posting names.

He can compare my IP address with your "chasers" and see, that it was my very first posting here.

I still maintain, that deviancy in the English language - including its written form - is indicative of other deviance(s) of societal norms and contempt of cultural standards. Language is very much part of the matrix of culture of most nations/people (excluding the Jews); in some cultures it's stronger, in some it's weaker.

I personally feel strongly about this issue; perhaps due to my particular culture, where one of our writers said in the 19th century: "The Nation lives in its language"

Les can relate to this, living in France. Debasement of the French (living) language (either spoken or written) is looked upon there with absolute derision - to put it mildly - as it is perceived as one of the defining pillars of French nationhood and culture.

just me, Laurel A. said...

ANON 4:17......i rest my case. remember certain emails of 2005? supposedly sent from a nice little spot out west? remember the family member you blunderingly attempted to impersonate? lol. i was not alienated from that family member. we had a great laugh at your bumbling emails. what a jerk you are. your wording and style. in fact, i went back and CHECKED that series of emails. including the ip #. i never lose anything that will one day bring you to your proper due. bzzzz. try again. dont you ever get bored of yourself?

just me, Laurel A. said...

ANON of the now-infamous 4:17.....
NEXT you will be telling me you are an 'internet expert'.

let me see.....you speak for les. thats like, wild man. most presumptive. and, why does it even matter to you, since you "have never posted here before"....whether anyone's english, particularly mine, is "correct" by the terms of "the french", because it really is nothing to do with you, bears no reflective abilities upon you, and is not even addressed to you. you are also a diagnostician? of paranoia? online, based on one posting? and only for lil ol me? i am flattered. and its all free? damn! those guys charge a small fortune, or so said your wife. let me tell you first, i stand by my words. and i do so without the security blanket of that all-american drone effect called "anonymous". les has never required your assistance in decoding my verbiage, nor that of any other. you have never posted to this site therefore i am reasonably assured by that term alone, that i do not share a relationship - professional or otherwise - with you. therefore, whether my grammar, my english, my french or my state of supposed paranoia was of an offensive nature to you should never have even been a concern from the get-go. next, did i specify to you whether english is my first, second, third or whatever language? have i indicated any means of my familial languages? have i indicated my OWN education level? have i at any time given you personally reason to feel you need to debase les by making comparisons of his spiritual burdens and reducing them to a level of that of which you "accuse" me in the form of a nonspecific, derogatory paranoic insult? let me tell you ANON....in all of the human condition, every single time a person attempts to use belittlement or mental health insults or belittling of one's person in ANY manner in their attempt to debase or 'destabilize" another, it is ALWAYS to further their own crappy, self-serving and hateful agenda. so, i conclude that you have an agenda, your agenda is becoming clear, and my point is again proven.

just me, Laurel A. said...

ANON....get your history right, will ya? "your writer" is not of "your nation", he is also not of the 19th century, his "language" is not "yours" and his words were not in relation to any of the languages or circumstances to which you subscribe. his political leanings were not yours either. can you guess his name?

just me, Laurel A. said...

boy does that just get my goat, when people get their history all twisted, especially concerning the sacred nature of languages, poetry, writing, politics, and cultures....even above and beyond english :)

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:04

Israelis in New Zealand?
Well, if I'd want to go on a limb, it's the same op as Israelis in Patagonia.
Due to global wind patterns, the safest areas are the southernmost lands of the Earth, when the SHTF, or the "Samson Option" by Israel is carried out, and the Northern Hemisphere's air is full of radioactive crap.

Both New Zealand and Patagonia fit the bill, and can be easily be overtaken or be made to accept millions of the brethren of the Cabal/Hive, especially by a country with nukes to threaten (or use) if it doesn't get its way.

Crazy? Far fetched? Yes to both. However, history has had many crazy events, so maybe it's not quite so nutty.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

TO anon @ 4:17
I may not be good at getting a thought down on a page but I do faithfully capitalize ... probably because I was trained in touch typing and my fingers know nothing else. However, your arrogant, unnecessary, unempathetic scolding of Laurel over such a minor matter makes me want to drop caps just to show my solidarity with her. i can read her just fine, thank you very much, and i'm sure everyone else here can as well -- except you because you appear to be awfully narrow minded. laurel uses a name. you use annonymous. that says more to me than anything. (btw, i will confess to having trouble reading all caps but I tolerate them because it's the message that counts.)

Sorry, Laurel. I do have to go back to the capitals now because my fingers are saying WTF to my brain as I try to uncondition them from years of typing. I just want to say that your situation is bound to improve because you've got everything it takes to make it so. Best wishes to you and your extraordinary girls. You've probably noticed you've collected many friends here -- count me in as well.

TO anon @ 2:54
Thanks for the link to the tiny house blog. The tiny house concept is something I've been looking at for quite awhile now because it appeals to my keep-it-simple philosophy. I don't think it's practical for Canadian winters but perhaps with special modifications it could be made to work here. We live in a small space right now (less than 500 sq. ft.) but while we were building this we actually managed to camp for up to a week at a time in a homebuilt 8 ft. x 8 ft. shed, plugged into a neighbour's electrical outlet, no water on site (a Sun Mar composting toilet did the trick nicely). I really do love small spaces and I think for anyone wanting to unshackle themselves from the lifelong bondage of a mortgage the tiny house concept is a great option. If anyone goes this route and wants to park their tiny house in Canada for the summer let me know. We'd happily share an electrical outlet with you, just as our neighbour did with us several years ago.

Anonymous said...

Laurel (@ 6:08), you are WRONG - again.
"A nation lives through its language".
The name of the the person who made this quote is: Count I. Szechenyi, Lived: September 21, 1791 – April 8, 1860.

just me, Laurel A. said...

ANON.....when you speak of great writers, i presume great writer. gyula illyés was a magnificent writer who also wrote that very quote. he was a man of amazing complexity. your count was a man who "suicided" (if indeed it was) himself because his revolution failed again.

and a note to est.....you know you have got to stop writing in that beautiful poetic and ungrammatically correct way of yours, all poetry, all little letters, phrases and lines of phrases following each other like so many ducklings......you just have to, because,.,,,,because.....it really causes ANON 4:17 to experience all manner of aesthetic angst. and we don't want that, do we? i mean, english is some sort of sacrosanct religion, and thou shalt never divert oneself in such manner. but in all truthfulness EST -- if you ever change your style, i will never again enjoy your beautiful postings :))

Anonymous said...

Google: Tata small house project

Tata to build $700 houses, cheaper than an iPad
By Sriram Vadlamani Mon, Jul 18, 2011 11:45AM UTC 0 Comments and 15 Reactions

The Tata Group, which brought us the world’s cheapest car the Tata Nano, is also set to build world’s cheapest homes. Tata’s new project is to build houses which cost only $700 and can be built in a week. Each house will be 215 square foot with pre-fabricated kit including doors, windows and a roof....

just me, Laurel A. said...

at anonymous night owl .....the airstream! my grandparents had a little one, and it was wonderful! what an amazing little silver bullet it was!

neal.....i think you will be a fine role model for me.

i forgot who posted about the Tiny House....i went and looked at that and WHOAH! (see? C.A.P.S.)...i want one of those! i want one in that log cabin look! and i guess i will have to find a serious pickup to pull it. oh, what a perfect house! big enough, but small too. my daughters were gawking at the Hummingbird House plans too. we are so close to being free, in so many ways. as soon as the oldest gets into her third year, the world will be hers for the picking. and the other two will be safe and secure in her care, should my ancestors need to call me home, lol.

and EM....you know, that was so nice of you to write...believe it or not, i used to have world class skills. i was an executive admin to the vp of a very well-known healthcare hmo. i was not the fastest typist then, but i was able to pull a sensible 79 words a minute with no mistakes, but i was not hired as a typist either. now, only 50 years old, i suffer from some really bad progressive arthritis, its crippling, AND i have that doll of a profoundly autistic little star child, and life has just snowballed down the dung heap -- it is no longer about the details. not anymore. its for the essence of the gift of the time i have.

patrickW.....your voice is enough to make all my pain melt away, each and every time i listen :))

Sim said...

I'm pretty selfish in a number of ways. This is part evidenced by my habit of drinking frequently from the Visible well (I read all his stuff) yet I rarely, if ever, give anything back - i.e. I hardly ever leave a comment, and my guess is that that puts me in the vast majority of Visible's many thousands of readers.

Anyways, I come to Visible's blogs for the primary purpose of reading what he has to write; any intelligent or insightful commentary appended to the blog posts by his readers being mere icing on the cake.

Not wishing to add fuel to fire, but dam, that icing is being lavished on thick of late - and it's pretty low-grade.

This, for example:

Number of words as written by Les Visible in the entire blog post: 1359:

Number of words written within this comments section by "laurel": 3483 (and I guess that this number hasn't peaked yet).

Murdoch (and related monsters) should be the story here - yet somehow "laurel" has co-opted this blog and become the story. Thanks "laurel". Perhaps soon, (though "now" would be better) might be the time for you to can it, on this blog post, at least.

For my own part, I've learned to skim (at best) comments left by "laurel" (and some others) - on the basis that if she or they cannot be bothered to make the small effort needed to capitalize words appropriately (or if they resort to such horrors as "ya" for "you" etc.) then I'll make the same effort to read her / their stuff - i.e. bugger all.

I'm firmly with the other "anon" on this, anyway - and particularly so, in light of the unique qualities of Visible's own writing (which in some distant future might in some way be "unearthed" and revered as wisdom of the ancients)...

... that such precious writing should be sullied through the addition of lazily constructed garbage (the like of which you'll see in spades above this comment) is, frankly, a fucking insult to the effort and talents of Visible. My guess is that he is just too much of a gentleman to say so himself.

Thank you Visible for all that you do.

just me, Laurel A. said...

sim, it is LES VISIBLE'S business, not YOURS. man, you COUNT WORDS? now that is some kind of something :) .... so why are you talking about laurel, when you COULD be discussing MURDOCH? you could just quietly block my name out. no harm done, right?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:17:00 AM

Actually, deviance from the accepted and expected is often evidence of an ingenious, inventive mind that is free of useless confines. Whereas one that maintains the status quo (in human terms) is more likely to be part of the problem than the solution. Don't feel like engaging particulars. Either way, it would behoove you not to be such a self indulgent jerkoff, this lady is going through a very difficult time. I'm sure the very last thing she's concerned about right now is dotting all her i's; gimme a friggen break. Apparently you've never heard of Finnegans Wake. Whoever has the last laugh it certainly wont be you. :)

At least most of the others here have their heart in the right place.

Laurel - Congratulations. You must be so proud of your daughters. We all do what we must to make the best of whatever situation we find ourselves in. There's always that silver lining. I've often seen how the Divine chooses our most difficult moments to show us just how great is its power. Seek the Divine in this situation and I guarantee you that you will find it... maybe you already have?


Anonymous said...

To the people asking about Israelis in New Zealand.
It was the Mossad and they were after identities.
New Zealands PM is dewish and so will protect them unlike the ex-PM of Australia who deported a Mossad agent and was promptly replaced with a sympathetic PM.


just me, Laurel A. said...

...."Alright then, we’ve said our piece and you’ll do your part depending on the soundtrack in your hearts and minds. Remember that it has taken so long and involved such an astounding complexity, in order to force the predators from their lairs and into the light of day. They have been lured from their secret castles and too far in advance of the supply wagons for good reason. Enjoy the show and... mind the schadenfreude"......
les, if you need to pop me on out of here, its ok, all is good. but i thank you for who you are, no matter what is or will be!
its been a hell of a show today :)

Anonymous said...

laurel @ 9:31
You are wrong - again.

My Count (Szechenyi) was suicided (murdered) - for certain - however it was made to look like suicide.

1. His revolution did NOT fail.
2. There was no "again"; there was only one revolution.

The "revolution" (more like war of independence) was WON - against the Hapsburgs. It was defeated by the RUSSIAN czar's armies in 1849, a year and a half after its start, after the Hapsburgs co-opted the Russians to remedy their inglorious defeat and rectify the situation..

"My Count" was suicided 11 years later(!) in 1860.

To Sim: ALL your comments are 100% spot on.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:17

"Actually, deviance from the accepted and expected is often evidence of an ingenious, inventive mind that is free of useless confines. Whereas one that maintains the status quo (in human terms) is more likely to be part of the problem than the solution."

Based on the above, you do not seem to pay attention to Visible's writings. The problem of Europeans over millennias with the "Khazars/Tribe" was PRECISELY the behavior you are advocating and putting such high value on, i.e. disregard and/or contempt of prevailing societal norms among the nations they settled.
The problem today with them is STILL exactly the SAME.

Smoothly functioning societies NEED the adherence to prevailing (mostly unwritten) cultural standards, accepted by all, adhered by all.

If the norms of society are routinely broken or disregarded, by a significant number of minority, that society will not function smoothly and efficiently and will have a high stress level.

EVERY study made in this regard during the last 30 years bears it out.

Why do you think the World is and has been going into a craphole (since 1914)?
THAT particular minority has been knowingly and actively engaged to destroy religion, nations (nationalism), societal norms, tradition, customs and integrity in every country they were and are present.

Your quote above gives full blessing to this very behavior.

DaveR said...

I dropped back by to see if anything had been updated and I'm kinda sorry I did....

billbo said...

to the group, not the troll

How to spot a troll

Many years on usenet newsgroups showed me a rare breed of human, the troll. They are either very sick individuals who enjoy wasting other people's time and emotions, or they are spooks in training-where black-ops are trained to lie, and the more successful will garner weeks worths of endless arguments from sincere people before they catch on that he or she's nothing but a troll.

In the newsgroups (any public forum) common courtesy means no-one criticizes another for misspellings, bad grammar or punctuation - especially in a support group (like this one). The message is all that matters.

A troll does criticize misspellings (And he had the balls to do it twice (very unimaginative) etc. When he's not creative enough for another attack they will call u names, scream status-quo platitudes, etc.; just to try and get your goat. The more responses he or she gets, the more they consider it a successful trolling.

and then this:
"deviancy in the English language ... is indicative of other deviance(s) of societal norms and contempt of cultural standards."
bwahahahaha - yikes. As someone else pointed out, cultural deviancy has been the hallmark of most brilliant people. And there are few on this blog who aren't self-professed cultural deviants. The culture, government, society, status-quo is the problem.
I guess if u don't use caps your a psycho. The seudo-psychologist' speak falls flat.
Then some babble about IP addresses, like Les even wants to spend the time (or has the knowledge to) check on your IP address history, like that means anything anyway - IPs change all the time depending on your ISP. If he does log IPs, I hope he destoys them regularly - we generally avoid getting on anyone's list(s), these are dark times.

No amount of logic or perfect english will convince a troll of anything - I would suggest ignoring them completely; outside of identifying them as such to the group. The more time of yours they waste - the more they consider it a success.

Common usenet/blog rule: Don't feed the Trolls.

that is all ---

Anonymous said...

Vis @7:49

The sins of men have multiplied beyond measure: Irreverence in Church, sinful pride committed in sham religious activities, lack of true brotherly love, indecency in dress, especially at summer seasons...The world is filled with iniquity.

lol! That last part made me laugh. Just how ARE we supposed to dress in triple digit whether with obscene humidity, Vatican?

I'm sorry Vis, I don't mean to sound like a disrespectful douche bag but, most of that personal letter sounds like a crock of shit to me. I have nothing against Padre Pio. I know many miracles have been attributed to him. He is the most venerated saint in Italy for a reason.

Unfortunately, the Vatican is well known to lie, misrepresent and hide certain things that are not in their own interest so i never trust them as a source for anything, really.

EST said...








to miss-quote bono:

'the god i believe in,
isn't short of caps'
[this was written 35 yrs ago going into the city at 8 in the am
after hitching 4 days across the purple fruited plains-

i found myself on bart with all the sec's and exec's
headed in to the city [by the bay]

it is the only thing i got in caps
and haven't bothered to lower case it
the two things i liked immediately about the 'abacus',

is that it is mostly not case sensitive

and scalable font
so i can see the damn thing

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Fire and Rain and a Little Insane.

Anonymous said...

The real troll is YOU.
You are attacking the messenger, baselessly questioning motives and integrity, telling untruths:
"A troll does criticize misspellings (And he had the balls to do it twice (very unimaginative) etc. When he's not creative enough for another attack they will call u names, scream status-quo platitudes, etc.; just to try and get your goat."
NONE of these were done; although I get what you mean, preciseness if thinking, description and expression is mandatory (per my interpretation) here, in Les's environment, read his essays to get the idea.

However the real troll (guess who) will studiously AVOID to address the issues, theories, facts, possible errors, and will NOT compose an intelligent riposte and/or retort in case of disagreements. FYI: "bwahahahaha - yikes" is not a well thought-out intelligent response.

A coffehouse society doesn't function in America, because you (Americans) are unable to have an intelligent straightforward (brutally) honest conversation with each other and still remain civil. You confuse the straightforward truth with arrogance. When you encounter it, you freak, and get personal with liberal use of invectives and ed hominem attacks.

We (American v.s. European) are diametrically opposed; we look upon the bragging and flaunting of wealth, eliciting envy and acting (or pretending)"macho" as horribly crass. Yet you (Americans) find nothing wrong with it, in fact your culture views it as a virtue.

On the other hand, straightforward informed factual talk and honesty (including political and religious arguments) - which is natural to us - is perceived by you as "arrogant" (and scary), because your life-permeating bullshitting existence cannot handle the raw unvarnished facts, truths, and concepts, where critical thinking and knowledge is indispensible.

I don't know if you actually READ Visible's essays. He is to MY liking. I like his avoidance of BS and telling it like it is and the way he sees it.

Billbo, let me tell you this: I see the world the SAME way as Les does.

I'm grateful of my cultural upbringing. One aspect of it is, to see systems and make the connection between seemingly unrelated facts and/or events. The Anglo (your) culture singularly lacks this feature.
Les has it - which is refreshing - I don't know how he managed to acquire it; but it's both beneficial and a curse. Perhaps, one day he can explain, or perhaps he already did, before I got on board.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

wonderflly done...

this is a time like no other in this dimension...

all will need to know...and will know...that which is happening, why it is happening and why those to be transmuted need to be transmuted...

transmutation does not mean a simple change of consciousness to nothingness...it is far more than this...it is a reversed process of experiential existence in which consciousnesses will need to relive all the pain and suffering which they have imposed on others....

it is a process of unwinding the convoluted experiences so that the process is reversed...those who have caused the misery will now experience it...

This is True justice...

each consciousness will need to experience that which it forced upon others...this reverse cycle is necessary to cleanse the energy units which form parts of those consciousnesses...so that the energy which forms them can be used again...

the transmutation process is therefore an unfolding of the experiences back onto the ones who created them so that they become the victims of their own evil...no, wonder those sons of darkness fear such a Judgement...but, that time is near...

Judgement will be of all consciousness, all planets...all systems...all levels and dimensions simultaneously...this is why it has been such a massive task to prepare...

Best Wishes Always

just me, Laurel A. said...

billbo,,,omg. for real? i am not being sarcastic, i really did not know it was that bad. i just thought it was the occasional nut....and that one relative of mine. now that is insane. ok, i iwll not feed them. promise. i only read a couple of news sites, and occasionally have commented on them and mostly just thought the world was full of internet crazy people. well, it is. but i did not know there was a paid market for them, other than to upset a competitor's site. crum. ok, TROLL_AWAY SPRAY for me!

it does not change my personal issues.....but i can presume some of the add-on commenters were just picking up on a point with which to use me to hijack anything of value. i dont like it, i cannot change that they did, or that i was not able to realize it, but i can and will march forward, as blundering as always, but with another eye open. crum. this is not a world, this is a nightmare :(

just me, Laurel A. said...

good grief. i am still sitting here floored at my blindness, i dont know how i managed to get sucked into that little exchange. group, oh group -- please forgive me, i am not a perfect person, and i am not always calm and level headed, i have had to fight for so long for so little, its a very bad habit now. i apologise and still i cannot say so enough to you all. please. i am a real person, you can really drop in and visit, you can call (well, for a little while!), you can write, i am here, my girls are real, our life is real, and i cannot believe i let "ops-in-training" suck me in like that. and the problem with that male relative is so real, what kind of "troll" could even begin to think it was "fun" to "mess" with such unhappiness, in the first place? please all of you (except SIR TROLL) please accept my deepest and most sad apology. and we are really real, and the invite is open, whether we are in a tent, an rv, or a tiny hut :) .....just no trolls. how can such people live with themselves? isnt life already mad enough? well, i refuse to feel stupider than necessary for too long, as there must be an army of such "trolls" out there even in my real time who are looking for every weakness they can exploit. i am not sure why they want to, but i will assume they do. again, i am so unbelievably sorry, i am soooo god-awfully sorry, that i did not realize it as i should have, and let that use me and my real issues to hijack a group i absolutely love being a part of. i used to think i was a tiny bit brighter than that. maybe not so worldly, but a lot brighter. i am not.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:05: You call it "Anglo culture." Well, that implies it derives from the Anglo-Saxons, who are, last I checked, European in their ultimate origin in England.

If you mean Anglo as in "White Caucasian," (mighty white of you, by the way), then it matters not because White Anglo-Saxons are STILL descended from you Europeans.

I agree with you on the crassness of flaunting wealth here in the US, but you Euros are hardly perfect yourselves.

Miriam said...

Don't worry about it laurel, a bump in the road along the way.

Anonymous said...


here are some other ideas. it could be cheap depending on who you get these shipping containers from.




funny how the word verification was: dechoma

Anonymous said...

Rupert's been around too long a long time ago. What's up with his grandaughter aged pie blockin ole lady? He must have payed lots for her. Thanks Pond Owl for the info on the ISP, mine was fixin on sticking it to me next month. Best to all from this back woods trailer dweller from Minnesota.

gemmell said...

Yeah, don't feed the trolls, they only shit on the carpet.

John C(UK)

just me, Laurel A. said...

@laurie july 21, 4:11.....
....."this is a time like no other in this dimension..."

perfect post, the entire comment there....beautiful. enlarged the font, printed out copies....now on the fridge, the door, the wall by the computer....etc.

billbo said...

I agree, posts like Laurie's are why we're all here.

I felt for your problems, it truly sounds like hell. I had an obsessed stalker for a decade; it was the most frustrating real-life bizarre behavior I've ever had to deal with. It verged on dangerous, and I finally just started calling the law for help, who weren't able to help me legally, outside of chasing her off.
It sounded like you already have or considered changing your name; which may be the only way to truly escape an obsessed stalker. I am truly sorry.

U are not alone. Cases of self-agrandized, ex-elites, ex-spooks, obsessed with the feeling of power over others are propelled to make others lives hell when they are crossed. There's even a support group somewhere, sorry I don't know the name. There was a case that made headlines when a court found for the plaintiff (Montana or Idaho i think) a few years back. The obsessed stalker even used an implant to try and drive the poor man crazy with sounds & voices in his head, yikes. The stalker obviously had access to technology no-one else has access to! Ex-spook i suppose.

There are simple trolls-without-a-life, and then there are the dangerous ones. It is well known that the israeli gov and american gov (all countries with a propaganda machine do this) have payed groups of people who scour the net for any criticism of their gov and post 'anti-semetic' & other trite slurs against the article or other posters. You can usually tell they aren't sincere, because if u read their posts a few times, they bring no facts to bear; their only intent often is to just be a voice of contention countering the mass of voices. This often works in the mass or group mind. Which is a damn shame.
You can see them in the comments of just about any good anti-status-quo article there is. Their insulting words often get-your-goat at first, t'll u re-read it and it dawns on you his words are empty of facts, sense and they are just a troll. Take a deep breath, and ignore these people, not worth spending an ounce of energy on it. Their main intent is to spread dis-information, their second intent is to waste your time & energy. Simply walk away.

This troll tried baiting me again with every trick: he called me names, he took quotes out of context and denied any wrong, he accused me of not bringing sound arguments to counter his as if I was having a discussion with him, which I was not. He accused me of not reading Les's articles, lol, etc etc. Most of the posters above saw through his hypocrisy without a problem.

But, he went from annoying to dangerous when he tried baiting me into telling him what country I'm from, by showing a deep disdain against All americans, except Les of course. I've never mentioned where I'm from.

So ... this will be my last post with the name "billbo". I've learned to trust my gut, and avoid distasteful situations. I refuse to spend anymore time on this annoyance. If he's dangerous, he will post something derogatory or stupid with that name and use it against me.

I will be lurking here as I've read all articles and all comments for over a year now, and will not stop. If I post again it will be with another name (no big deals, it was just a made up name, I will have fun coming up with another (need a good rebirth now & then :). I am requesting Les or the admin to post a small note to all, whether they log IP addresses (4 #s separated by periods), & if they do, if they delete the 4th number which is un-needed for web-site stats (the # which points to an individual logged in to their ISP (3rd #). And if so, if they are kept on the server or elsewhere, and destroyed regularly.
This is important info for everyone posting here to know. We can all end up on someone's list if we're not using an anonymizing service. These are still dangerous times - looking forward to the apocalypse :)

God-bless - love to all - billbo (R.I.P.)

just me, Laurel A. said...


ok, will look for a new you. i actually HAVE changed my name 3 times, and address a dozen, but this person is a man who married my aunt, and he is (now) retired from government, he had and might still have (seems he does anyway) access to substantial amounts of privileged info on any one he chooses to research. he was a supervisor for his region, so he had even the authority to do so. he finds me via my social security number. i can usually stay hidden for a few months before some form of id uses my social security number, and i am found again in usually about two weeks by him. he is immediate family. i even cut all family ties, move regularly, changed my name thru three false "marriages", kept my daughters off the grid by homeschooling, and even eschewed vaccinations. everything i could. no bank account whenever i could get away with it, rented from small places where it was not likely a lot of statistical info would be broadcast. the works. you would think i was jane bond or something. but, he has access, and the money, and the insane need to continue on and on. it is his style, it is his level of personal knowledge of certain family matters from my immediate relatives and past, that he drops as info to let me know it is him, that i have not "escaped". it will end, one day, he is in his mid 60's now, he has ot die sometime. i guess. someday.

MachtNichts said...

Visible, thank you for posting Laurel's comments. q.e.d. The Divine works in mysterious ways. Even if it is annoying sometimes, but, it is what it is. I wish her and her daughters well. Everyone creates their own reality, save for some cosmic input that can be acknowledged or not. I am a totally devoted reader of your blogs. But you already know that. Trying to hold the fort in wintry country

MachtNichts said...

Okay, I am going to try again. If this is double I apologize.
Visible, thank you for posting Laurel's comments. q.e.d. The Divine works in mysterious ways. Even if it is annoying sometimes. But, it is what it is. I wish her and her daughters well. I have been a totally devoted reader of your blogs for some time. But, I think you know that. Trying to hold the fort in wintry country. Silvia

est said...


when i told you to
kill the bastard

i hoped you knew
what i meant

you must take any power
away from 'him'

reclaim your life
don't let 'im win

just me, Laurel A. said...

@ est.....i do, i do. contraints of some sorts put physical means out of reach. there are other ways. physical outs wont kill a beast, only his lair. i havent options to do as i would prefer. but i never sleep. i have candles. he provides distractions. in the hope i will forget who i am, and who i am to be. this time here is short. its not eternal, but i am. he is not. for a good 35 of my 50 years. he aint stupid. he knows what he does incites hatred. that is the pleasure he derives from it. he is not ever going to willingly or knowingly put himself in my line, and he has nothing else to think about except this internal chess game he creates within his own sick mind within his own sick little made-up world. on the practical side, i have not let a single paid minion of his escape without a scratch. physical when possible. maybe that is why he has to hire "new" regularly. when you hire cheap common thugs and lowlife, they scare easy, at the sight of a crazed blonde coming at them with a weapon. it wasnt part of their script. the last one i chased on foot, or stalked, maybe, for half a mile, left the girls inside the food store, slunk around after that fat fool he had sent whose job was to just literally, dont laugh, just get in my way in every aisle. its stupid, and over years, this type of thing was meant to convince me that everyone is out to get me so i would run back to my fat uncle for "protection" from all these bad men. childish it is. he used to have my aunt call me up, years and years ago, to ask me if i was "ok", that she had had a "dream" or a "feeling" that i was being "scared" by "men", and did i want "Hunny" (her pet name for her husband), to come and "help" me. good grief, i like men, phooey, i LOVE them, i think they are just the best. for real!

just me, Laurel A. said...

continued......(and i do not apologise.....these things take space)
and then, more than once, my aunt has, when she could find me (Hunny always obliges her and "finds" her beloved niece) she has often come out to wherever i lived and physically engaged in slapping and hitting at me out in front of whatever i am living in, and once in a JC Pennys, which i would not have gone to had i known she was in the area and following. i do not invite her into my home, and have not sought contact in so many years, i cannot count anymore. but since i was about 7, she has not once relented in her own quest to straighten me out from causing all the misery i put her "hunny" thru, and for "attempting to seduce him since childhood because i have continued to entertain sick fantasies of wanting to have sex with her husband, and i persist in this insanity of trying to entangle him in my web of deviancy, and since i won't go back to church and i won't see her favored psychiatrist and i won't let her dear "Hunny" spend some time with my little girls (whichever one is youngest) to prevent them from learning my sick fear of men (at which point i have often reminded her i was supposed to be the sly seductress with deviant fantasies, remember?----i have been attacked physically every singe time i ever dared to rebut with that comment) "....gag, but since i wont accept all of her offers to help me escape the torment my evil ways cause me, my children, and her and "Uncle Sweetie" then she will just have to take other steps. and that is when i usually get unexpectedly decked, if i am in a public location where the odds of running (or the burden of moving small children quickly) makes it unlikely i can get out of the way. her conversations with me in such places have never been while standing still, because i keep moving anyway, but when one has small children with them, it can be tough to bolt. she has in the past stood outside my home screaming her say-so at the house. unless she caught the kids when they were younger out in the yard, i would not open my door. the problem she could have solved years ago, was to recognize what her husband was. but she herself has enabled every step of the way, because she will never accept that he could be that way. it HAS to be EVERYONE else's fault. no matter the insanity of it all. i know, its about as cheesy as it gets. but that is what it was. and yes, my aunt has been a good 50% of that situation too, she is fully at fault, even my mother and my grandmother could not convince her otherwise, she was convinced when my mother was still alive that she too was trying to seduce "Hunny", and take him away. now, i keep my phone number under another name. i think that wing of my family is just plain crazy. it will end, it has to end. as evil as it is, i see what happened yesterday in Norway, and god knows, my situation is nothing like the last few minutes of those teens' lives. do not blame the religions. do not blame people. blame the ones who choose to join these mossads, these zionist groups, these freaking crazies. had my "Uncle Sweetie" been born under certain other family heritages, i have no DOUBT he would have happily joined such evil. poor frustrated soul. if only he knew, even an episcopalian can be a blooded zionist, a nazi, an illuminatae. well, maybe he did join. he did get pretty far up the ladder, and in pretty damn good time, and seems to enjoy a level of immunity that is astounding. i have found no way to get him even torough legal means. not for lack of evidence. but because the persons who can, are all for it, until at some point, they announce that they cannot do this, that they cannot do this to him or "my family". what, are they made of fucking kryptonite? so, est, i never sleep. both eyes open. now or in the next, this one does have to be put down. one thing i have, i guess, patience. strength, endurance. but i have not yet learned to turn more than two cheeks.

just me, Laurel A. said...

the moral of it is, the blog posts by les have been absolute medicine in reminding myself and these girls that there is not only us, not only this, and not only NOW. it isnt that we didnt know, but one alone is just that. community, the diversity and the strength of numbers, is an absolute. without it, we are all victims. with it, we are an army of love and spirit. les has an army of love. and les, you could not have done it had you not been the product of your own years of hell. how could you have even known what you know now? therein is the purpose. and there is the reason why you are an icon for me, for mine, and for so many thousands and more. just one small step by a man, a man who was faltering because he was on a precarious trail, one of his own groundbreaking, and the wobbling footsteps gave us a view of where we might want to go, and so, we follow. each wobbling person stepping after you creates a trail that is sharper, wider, clearer, and sometimes dotted with the little beautiful touches of a passing fellow pioneer...the flowers we can smell when we are tired and need to rest, the food and water we need to continue, the little hut for shelter in a storm, and the comraderie the human in us craves.



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