Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fame is a Many Splintered Thing.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May you have the nose of an Irish Setter when it comes to smelling out the truth’.

I have never won an award or even been nominated for one since I’ve been blogging. Well, way back nearer the beginning, someone listed me as the best something or other. At the same time, I don’t see internet awards for any of the three sites that usually host my work, unless, in one particular case, I get too spiritual (grin- hey! I’m being playful), so that probably means something too. When I was younger and just starting to have some success, in a fairly local way, and I’m not including with law enforcement when, for a time, I had a kind of international status; heck, the FBI had a wanted poster of me out all over the country (Leslie W. Crook- how’s that for irony? Do you still wonder why I changed my name?). I can’t seem to get my hands on that wanted poster but I would be grateful to anyone more gifted at that sort of thing (most people) than I, who might get their hands on it.

Anyway, when I was younger and having a certain amount of success, especially with my NYC TV show, I got a couple of awards for songwriting and broadcasting, in the Bronze Medal kind of category and sometimes (not all that often, so don’t get the wrong impression), I would lay in bed and dream -sometimes about the mistakes I had made- and about what I would do if I got some kind of an award. Would I show up? What would I say? Sometimes I would dream about my Playboy interview. I was pretty detailed and, I thought, very funny, because this was back in the standup comedy days. Nothing has happened, so far and it means nothing to me now, which might be the deal maker (grin). Bertrand Russell drops by every now and then to talk to me about making it in the geriatric corridor and he can be amusing, which I think speaks to some sort of an evolution for him. He tells me that this is a sign that God really likes you because he saves all that stuff for the end, instead of giving it to you when you are young, so that you can be a fool in front of the whole world and not just the people who happen to know you.

I’ve always felt that it was a good idea to know the difference between notoriety and fame. People chase after fame in a big way. You can especially see that with the advent of all those reality shows. Is that an oxymoron or just more irony? People can now be famous who don’t possess a shred of talent, like Kim Kardashian or The Octopus Mother. Some people get famous because of things they do that lower the bar to such a degree that you find yourself doing the limbo in China upside down. Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein have a lot in common with their husband and wife tag team. They’re going to be in some cosmic wrestling federation one day against Astaroth and his buddies. Is Astaroth a member of the tribe? I just noticed the suffix.

The degree of corruption and shameless exposure in the perpetuation of disinfo is far beyond anything I ever anticipated. The degree of flat out, caught in the act criminality, is breathtaking. The banker theft of the financial world of the Middle Class is staggering and it’s right there in front of your face every day and the people running the scams are all dual national Israelis, or a token greed head gentile. What do you say and do when it is so blatantly so? You have to call it as it is and those making apologies or denying what is prima facie, seem to have not a care in the world about exposing themselves in public, whipping open that trench coat before the eyes of everyone. It is proof positive to me that they are cosmically blinded to their own actions for the purpose of the demonstrations that are coming.

We know that Israel had a hand in the Norway massacre (so do the Norwegians) and the odious spinning of the truth in the media, which they own, counts for nothing. Everything Israel does these days, winds up being revealed for what it is, whether it’s belly dancers or representatives of their favorite charity, which is the gay agenda. They can’t move anymore, without stepping in their own shit; thank you Mr. Apocalypse. Without a doubt they have threatened the lives, families and reputations of anyone of importance, everywhere. It’s dark out there because it’s dark in there.

Those who have read the writings of various literate and informed occult writers, who also give us occult history, which is not the same as Tribe fabricated history, have in the majority, pointed out a certain phenomena. We know there are avatars because their names are household words. We don’t know much about their actual lives in a real sense because of obfuscation and the employment of allegory and fable. They’re all sun gods, going back to Mithras and way before that. The curious thing these writers say is that the avatar ‘precipitates’ downward before the actual terrestrial arrival and comes down from the inner planes and sweeps everything dark before it, out into the physical realm for the purpose of judgment. You’re seeing that, if you are seeing it. What I believe gets affirmed every day, which is probably why I believe it (grin). It gets affirmed inside and out. That should build the faith of everyone who needs it, should they happen to be paying attention. Paying attention is something we do less and less of because of the massive power of material distraction and because we don’t want to look inwardly at ourselves, which is why so many older people have the TV and the radio going simultaneously all day long.

The first trump (not counting The Fool) is The Magician. It represents the quality of attention and concentration and one of its associated phrases is, ‘life and death’. This is because if you are not paying attention, it can cost you your life. A successful magician pays attention. Now, I don’t promote the practice of magic. I mean this in a symbolic way. I also do not promote the usage of psychedelics or any other comestible. The subject comes up in the stories of my life but it’s all anecdotal. I don’t engage in these things in anywhere near the frequency that some might think and I’ve only got some number of months before it’s all over for me anyway, due to things on the horizon. I don’t promote much of anything except, ‘wake the fuck up’. I do promote some products free of charge, because I believe in them.

The slimy bottom feeding creeps of our time, like Feinstein and all the rest, probably try to conceal what they do but it has no effect. I try not to conceal what I do and some might object to references to certain behavior of mine. My suggestion is that I’m way back at the end of the line when it comes to doing things I ‘possibly’ shouldn’t do, not that that’s an excuse, merely an observation. I use certain things for one specific reason and that is to increase my capacity to see. The force of the material world is so great that I require (or at least think I do) thrusters and afterburners, to get out of the gravitational pull of the blanketing darkness and it works. It works for me. I see things and experience things I would not ordinarily see and experience. This is the path I took and this is often pointed out to me by my invisible friends; “You chose this path”. This path has been inconvenient at times and both beautiful and terrifying beyond description. It’s not for amateurs. I have the benefit of having gone mad already so I’m not usually affected by the magnitude and appearance of certain beings and states. I look at and use these things as a tool and with a sacramental aspect, including sincere ritual. There’s an ancient tradition to this but I won’t go into that now.

The Feinstein’s and their ilk are from alcohol consciousness. Strangely enough, I don’t hear too much about that, yet it penetrates our existence comprehensively across the board. Every time I watch a movie, I am amazed at how often people have a drink in their hand, or how often drinking is made to appear as a catalyst for insight and the like. More people die from alcohol every year than die from drugs in a century and most of the time, when they die from drugs, it is from some FDA approved pharmaceutical. The hypocrisy of present day government can no longer be measured. They are literally protecting the opium fields of Afghanistan and using the product as a financial tool for depraved activity, as well as an instrument of social control. Alcohol is a guilt engine and an enabler of terrible behaviors that ruin lives and all associated family concerns. Alcohol is a rage maker and one of the primary sources of depression. Alcohol is a reverse inhibiter of things that were better left chained up. It’s a highway into your consciousness, for various guests that, if you could see what they look like, you don’t want anywhere near you.

Any day now, the world is going to manifest some truly tremendous changes. Come October you’ll see that in spades. So many things are teetering on the edge now that there’s not much room for any latecomers to be in a position to fall off. I’ve mentioned how the malefactors are being pushed out for the purpose of exposure and demonstration. When the stampede comes, that pushing is going to be in direct contact with all those people and conditions teetering on the edge of the abyss. These are the times in which you live. Make the most of them.

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DaveS said...


Another fine post full of truth and light.

Tick tock, tick tock, that's the sound of the PTB's clock winding down and I don't think anyone is willing to help them reset the thing. Darn ;)

I feel like you do (and you and you and you do too) that the whole mess is coming to a head, like a zit desperate to pop, or maybe more like a dam about to be washed away in a flood?

Watching the unfolding of Mr Apocalypse's lil' drama makes me glad I found a spiritual hillside to avoid being washed away when the whole mess goes down.

Keep your heads up and down at the same time ;)


kikz said...


Django said...

Thanks for the reminder about alcohol. I can think of many good reasons to avoid it, but the idea that it could open me to malefic influence is the most potent deterrent. Clif High advocates staying away at this time too. I've already long gotten rid if the TV, so I can vouch for whittling down both the number and variety of depressants one consumes.
I appreciate your writing.
Best Wishes

Neko Kinoshita said...

Well, I could have been an actor, but I wound up here…

It is sometimes amusing when someone discovers how truly mad I am. Pretending to be sane can keep me pretty busy, but it’s only a temporary condition. The time is soon approaching when it will no longer be necessary.

Noticing the dew in the dust, and wondering if my desire will keep me mired and trapped within it.

It is all not coming too soon, even if I am not ready. It is not for me to say when I will be, I suppose. But I’m just dancing round in a ring after all.


Anonymous said...

Les, here is a little background on Feinstein.


Since you have mentioned california in past posts, you probably remember when she was on city council. I recall a shooting that launced her career and at about the same time an incident with the SF housing authority regarding a fellow named JIM JONES.

Anonymous said...

..I've only got some number of months before it's all over for me anyway....
I hope that's many ,many months ...and yes I know that's selfish but you don't half speak directly to me.


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Les,

Good to hear you are not onee for the creations of the Fame Factory.

It's funny, I always say, that any idiot can be a famous celibrity or politician. If they get a Million their creator makes 100 million on them and they are easily disposed of when folks grow tired of them...always a new vunerable one waiting in the wings to have their ego stoked and to be fed cash.

Nice piece of writing,

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Yea-yah. WOW, Les. Just WOW!! Me thinks Mr. Apocalypse is introducing just who is who in our neighborhood. The boyz and gurls in da hood. Round up time it is. Head ‘em up, move 'em out…raw- hides.
Shine the light all.

wv:polkis ?? Uhhh, don’t think I’ll touch that one

Jed Bozza said...

And how.

Your paragraph on alcohol was top-shelf. I doubt either Hemmingway or Hunter S. Thompson could have said it any better. I had first thought to ask you for details from the Oslo bombing which point to Israel, but I have since changed my mind. It probably doesn’t matter at this point. But one thing that doesn’t get said enough is that there is a very important distinction to be made between national Israel and HIS Israel. We neglect this point to our detriment.

I can only assume that when you mention the gathering storm on your personal horizon that you mean to tell us that the authorities are tightening their squeeze and you fear for your liberty, or that you have other issues which portend an imminent encounter with the undiscovered country. If the former, recall that some of the best writing on record has been penned from the hoosegow; if the latter, then you might consider it a favor from the Almighty, rather than a curse. I understand that the next few years on Planet Earth are to be no picnic. And remember what the stoics like Marcus Aurelius and George Washington always used to say regarding the slipping of the surly bonds : Whether tomorrow or twenty years from now – it makes not one bit of difference.

In the meantime, it seems like you know what to do. And if you don’t… keep pretending; you’re doing a convincing job.

‘Write’ on, brother. And God bless,

Jed Bozza,
Princeton, NJ

Anonymous said...

Minority Rules: Scientists Discover Tipping Point for the Spread of Ideas

"Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society."

Visible said...

Well here's a nice series of statistics.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother,

We are still so far away that the Divine has no choice again, but to intervene on it's own behalf.

To those of you who were your ancestors then and have come to the present; wasn't the poisoned whiskey, diseased blankets, scalping of women and children, slaughtering of beasts, destruction of culture and truth enough? Your ghosts moved forward and you crawled out of the forts, missionary caravans and evangelical tents to leap froward in time to wield your gavel of judgment to snuff out the truth of individuals and cultures and THEIR chosen paths. The Divine has brought a different set of Supreme to reside on its bench and those of you poking people with your branding irons are the ones that should heed the message most sincerely... Wake the Fuck Up. It will never be about what Vis ingests except that he is his own personal chef, like the rest of us.

If you need to point a finger at ingestion as a fault then at least point your gavel at targets that are 2 or more humans surviving on one skeletal frame! More psychedelics less Big Macs; now there's a statistic worth mentioning.



Choo Choo Peppy said...

Fame is for whores with scabby knees. Selling out is not the new keeping it real. Sid Vicious made a cool video depicting an awards show, at the end he whips out a pistol and shoots up the audience. Don't try this at home kids.

LesleyKim said...

Dear Les,

Your writings sooth my soul and we are always on the same page.

Thank you is not enough.


Anonymous said...

You wrote " I’ve only got some number of months before it’s all over for me anyway".

Can we get a bit more explanation of what you see happening for yourself?
Is this an event that you are looking forward to?
Is it something we readers can help you with?
That' statement for me is kind of like mixing the dog's pill in with some hamburger.
Most times, it goes right down, unnoticed.

Visible said...

Okay; Let me clear that up. I had hoped it would be taken in the context of what I was writing about which was, using psychotropic comestibles and what I was saying was that due to anticipated events, I suspect my usage of such things will soon be at an end because they will no longer be necessary; sorry if I wasn't as clear about that as I might have been.

Anonymous said...


I finally listened to one of your rado shows. You've got a little bit of a Lord Buckley vibe at work for you. An enlightening listen. I'm hooked.


Visible said...

I'm a huge Lord Buckley fan and used to be able to do a lot of his routines. Thanks for the good words.

Anonymous said...

Well I wouldn't call that clearing it up exactly, but you probably have your reasons for being secretive.

I also enjoy your writing. I 'do' find it soothing. We have different sources telling us about things to come, but the gist of it is similar enough.

Apparently we are envied, for we got front row seats. Imagine that?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or did Norway conveniently clear out The News of the World?

Just A Fart, a Smelly Answer Blowing In The Wind...


Anonymous said...

One other thing. I enjoy the comments you get just as much as I enjoy your writing. It says something, the kind of people you attract.

Keep doing what you do, and don't worry too much about the things that won't matter before long.

I'm not so fond of the Bible, but I know this to be true:

1 Corinthians 13

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Anonymous said...


Me tanks and choose the ganja and sillies be the way for me to "self" tune. Put fire to the spliff boy! I'm in the same sitch. I am to be completely sober by October and prepared for the flip. I'm being told to be prepared to release all crutches by then.

Be Well,


Anonymous said...

Les, they crash the economic system, get free US aid money, make billions in mortgage fraud, buy up those illegally foreclosed properties pennies on the dollar and still complain about it.


Anonymous said...

All -
I've been reading this post by John Lash today, and just couldn't get over the synchronicity:

The article is a wonderful confirmation of what Les has been talking about...

Take care -

A.Mouser said...

Thank you for your good post Visible.

Concerning the Mossad hit in Norway:

If he was even on the island, he would only need to point his gun (which did not even necessarily need to be loaded) like a magic wand at youths who would be head- or chest-shot dead by the cold blooded Mossad assassins hiding in the bush. Breivik is not required to fire even a single shot for this zionist terror attack to be carried out.

He didn't even need to be on the island - a blond lookalike would suffice. Breivik is the Oswald PATSY.

If I were Mossad this is how I would arrange it.

I would have about 20 fully camoflaged Mossad special forces in the grass and trees with sniper rifles filled with dum-dum bullets aimed inwards all around the perimeter of the island.

I would put patsy Breivik in a walk-about such that everytime any youth walked up to him they would be shot dead. Breivik would not have to fire more than one or two shots (or any at all). The snipers hiddenin the grass and trees would kill everyone approaching or in the vicinity of Brevik like magic.

Then after the 1½ hour killing spree the Mossad agents would be picked up by preplanned boats and taken away leaving only patsy Brevik in his police uniform surrendering directly.

The labour youths were indeed sitting ducks to professional Mossad killers.

Breivik is only the patsy - like Oswald.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps totally crazy, off the wall, and ridiculous in terms of a response.
However....In the face of all I think I know, I offer this.

A simple creation done with words.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

One More Lone Gunman who wasn't Alone.

Anonymous said...

"Any day now, the world is going to manifest some truly tremendous changes. Come October you’ll see that in spades."

Why October Les? If I haven't been a sufficiently avid reader, and have somehow missed previous mentions/explanations, would you kindly bring me up to speed sir?

As to another poster's comment regarding the corrupt PTB and their impending comeuppance - I'd like to believe that "they'll get what's coming to them", but how do I know that this isn't me imposing my wishful thinking upon yin-yang?

Re the tribe, is there any person with a pulse who still remains unaware of the exlusive benefits to being one of their co-religionists? Or to the lenghts to which they go to discriminate against goys while simultaneously decrying (if not criminalizing) any behavior that even smells like discrimination when exhibited by anyone not of the tribe? Is there anyone who remains unaware of the stranglehold the Tribe has over all means of mass communication? Or that the aforementioned communication includes our speech?
Or the extent to which the Tribe uses its powers to print fiats out of thin air, and then give them to their co-religionists while extracting them from goys? I'd like to believe that they and their Quislings wil swing from ropes real or metaphorical for their crimes against individuals and mankind and spirit and all that is good, but wonder how much I've been sucked into the darkside for harboring such a fervent hope.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Yes. Burning down he house seems just the thing, the only thing right now.

Gutted of all the useless, desensitizing clutter. Let it go, and good riddance to ...

"Freedom's just another word".

Re-humanized, deified, alive again, myself in the most profoundly filling and deeply grateful sense of it all.

It may not "be for everyone", but your words have seemed particularly attachment free of late.

Thanks for the reminder.

(Say, I'll take some of whatever he's having!)

Anonymous said...

God, please damn Israel.

But, then there would be no darkness.

Funny, the Bible condemns Israel as the canonical wayward (d)evil. Perhaps too few understand. Instead of clean ourselves up, we condemn others and worship the un(w)holy one(s).

It's a metaphor, these devils, Israel, us, we who are consumed by appearances and the way of the world.

Damn us.


Anonymous said...

The Norway incident is getting really interesting....


Norway’s twin terror suspect Anders Behring Breivik trained at a secret paramilitary field camp in Belarus earlier this year, a Belarusian opposition politician said on Thursday, citing security sources.

“Breivik visited Belarus several times. This spring, as part of his preparations for his twin attacks, he visited Minsk, where he underwent training at a secret paramilitary field camp,” Mikhail Reshetnikov, the head of the opposition Belarusian Party of Patriots, told the Gazeta.ru online newspaper.

Anonymous said...

More on the Belarus connection.

In the Kerfuffel between Georgia and Russia a few years ago involved Israeli 'advisors'. Now Saakashvili complains that Europe is picking on Belarus.


It is also noteworthy that Belarus has many ties to Israel


Anonymous said...

More on Norway...


whatever said...

co·mes·ti·ble (k-mst-bl)
Fit to be eaten; edible.
Something that can be eaten as food: meat, cheese, and other comestibles.
[French, from Old French, from Late Latin comstibilis, from Latin comstus, alteration (influenced by ptus, drunk) of comsus, past participle of comedere, to eat up : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + edere, to eat; see ed- in Indo-European roots.]

Vis, I "think" I know where you were going with this, the use of this word, but I am not certain. Are you insinuating humans do not NEED to eat? I have often felt that we didn't. And in fact, I don't eat but one meal a day and haven't for over a year. It has certainly done my body well. I've lost over 20 pounds and the ONE meal I eat is always healthy, or at least, as far as I understand. But then again, I am still trying my best to understand. I will elaborate:

There's not an animal on the planet, save us, that stops at 8, 12 and 6 and eats a meal. I truly believe that is a fabrication of the PTB to keep the sheeple energized to do the work that was required. Factory and mill work. I've started eating ONLY when I am hungry and I have lost 20 lbs and feel better than I ever have. Is this what you've discovered, as well?

Just ONE of hundreds of lies and misdirections that will eventually lead to the truth, is what I feel. As if... no one KNOWS the meaning of the Great Pyramid... as if... I could go on and on, but will spare your enlightened readership the details.

Peace on you, always and all ways!

Anonymous said...

Les, This is amazing.


What could yetan yahu be saying that makes 500+ congressional critters jump out of their seats and clap and honk like circus seals so many times? The only thing that comes to mind is 'all you cons are getting another raise'.

Anonymous said...

Inside's out. What more can you say?



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