Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vampires are Real.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

It is not hard to understand. The point is there and everything else follows. You only have to look at this and you can find it anywhere you go; fundamentally or superficially, in the world at large. The march of the corporations and bankers who drive the cattle (that be you) is pushing to profit. Wi-Fi laptopping in Starbucks, comes from quarter inch, permanent dents in the heads of black women in The Congo, hauling baskets of strange minerals, that make your computer games and cellphones work. I could list from West Papua and back again. I could talk about millionaire sport’s figures, that live in Gold Coast communities, from Santa Monica to Marbella. I could show you the crumbling construction sites along the Spanish coast, that got made and left unmade, with inferior materials, or go to Trump licensing, Las Vegas style enclaves, in Florida that don’t get built and deposits don’t get returned.

You can look at all the Monsanto (My Satan), bio-engineered food industries that morph into fuel industries and then travel to soybean billionaires in Brazil again. You can look at all the munching and crunching, of a select few, who feed off of the industry and pain of labor imported from places, where they can’t grow food and then they turn them into mercenaries, who murder the people, who have the dents in their heads, from the pressure of the ropes on their foreheads, from bringing the Game Boy minerals, to the computers that operate at the Starbucks, that fuel the society of the moment, which you can see on your TV and... Lady Gaga will be doing the sound track, while thrusting her unwholesome, leather strapped- Madonna wannabe- “it’s the same thing only different”,’ new and improved’ and so on and so forth into your face... and you can get the picture or maybe you don’t get the picture because of all the smoke and mirrors and because you want your shit packaged and cheap.

Wars are being fought over all of these things, including the land people live on, who were there before the people who never were there to begin with, came in and made Chop Suey out of them and sold them in the flesh markets of Bangkok and Shanghai, metaphorically speaking; different people, same Hell. Well... so it goes.

Maybe you give a shit and maybe you don’t. Maybe you see where you can leverage a condition of destruction into commercial advantage and maybe you think; “why not start a conflict here, or there and then sell them the weapons and make a movie about it and also steal everything they have by loaning them money, against the equity of their existence? Yeah, it is like that. That is what is going on and that is why the police state thing is happening and why everything is all fucked up. It’s all fucked up because of the way some people operate, within a system that is supposed to function. Well... if it functions long enough for you to make a profit off of it, then the ends justifies the means and so on and so on. What it all comes down to is something like this.

In a time of darkness and this surely qualifies, the best thing to do is to be out of the line of fire, because the process is completely corrupt and being manipulated by people who don’t care, one way or the other, what happens to anyone else.

You look at people like Reid in Nevada and McConnell in Kentucky; Pelosi in San Francisco, helping her husband stock the larder and Sarkozy driving people off the beach when he wants to swim. You look at Blair, in charge of The Middle East, as if he were the guy to fix the situation and you look back and you look back and all you see are vampires feasting on the battlefields. You see ghouls and cannibals, having lunch in Corfu and there’s no holocaust like the every day holocaust, of the millions turned into food, for those who set themselves up as the victims in the first place.

You shouldn’t be allowed to operate a vehicle if you’re drunk. Some of us can be drunk and know better, because we’re not double and triple drunk. Drunk is one thing. You figure maybe you should pay more attention and I’m living proof that one can make that happen in bad times, when you didn’t have enough self control to stop drinking but at least you knew you were impaired and you were cautious. I am that kind of a guy and ever so grateful that I don’t do it anymore. I’m even more grateful that I’m not extra drunk on my own power and influence so that it doesn’t matter what I do because, “don’t you know who I am”?

Well evil has had its day and now evil is trying to get out of Dodge or stay in Dodge and hope that everyone else will be drunk enough to let that continue until evil can dry out a little and get its shit together but that’s not how it works for evil. Evil isn’t smart; not really smart, or it wouldn’t be evil in the first place. There are too many people who aren’t drunk, or who used to be drunk and are now even more of a problem because of this apocalypse thing and these people work for you, serve you, see you and don’t like you. They have the weapons that you gave them to protect you but you aren’t protecting them. I suppose we could just go back to Spain again or run the whole route we just ran earlier and just wait for Donald Trump’s hair to catch on fire.

Systems come and go and they all operate on the foundation of Nature. When systems go bad, which they tend to do, because of the way that vampires operate, Nature gets pissed off. Sometimes you can harness Nature and you can make her your bitch but the thing is you have created a bitch, when you could have made something else and now you have to deal with that and don’t get me started on how “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned”. I stay very wide of that sort of thing, believe me. I have seen the power. You just keep doing what you are doing and see what happens.

The very thing you are calling out to for help, is the monster you have turned it into. I think that might be why Kali looks like she does. She was my girlfriend for awhile but we parted amicably and I got to be with one of her fairer sisters, Saraswati. That’s working out well.

It could all function a lot better. Of course some of us should be richer than others. I have no problem with that but when you try to squeeze everything out of the process, the process will no longer function. You always think you have some kind of time delay and I guess you do but sooner or later the note comes due. You can only abuse people so much. What’s wrong with you? It is easy enough to do with less than you have, in order to maintain order but you just have to have it all and bring in the FUBAR.

I’m content with very little. There’s all this open space and yet, we have to be crowded together to maximize the profit. I don’t understand the need to eat lunch twice. I don’t eat lunch to begin with. I don’t eat breakfast even. I get that one meal a day and that’s enough for me, maybe a little something else now and again but I don’t live to eat. You do and that is going to eat you.

Throwing Blankfein under the bus, isn’t going to help, as much as it might be appreciated. I can only hope they will get a clue. I don’t really understand them; I do understand them but I guess I don’t see the payoff. Maybe it’s just a matter of taste. It could be the difference between msg AND corrosive salt potato chips and hand cut potato fries. Is it what we enjoy? It’s got something to do with values and integrity is in there too, that is also a matter of preference. I think of that Don Henley song, The Last Resort. Why has it got to be so hard to do the right thing?

I’m not a tool and die man. I’m a dreamer. I envision things but I’m not a technical guy. I do not understand how things get like they are but I suspect it’s all about having more than you need and some kind of satanic thing about things being fucked up, when they don’t have to be. The better way is always there, if people don’t want too much at the expense of others. It’s possible to do all kinds of things, as long as you’re not greedy. I’m willing to work and use my ingenuity to take care of a lot more people than myself. I don’t care if people get something for free, in the process of showing them how to make it. I don’t want most of what these people want to sell me and I don’t think you do either. It doesn’t have to be all fucked up but it is and that’s a crying shame.

I figure the only thing to do is to try to be an example of what we could be if we didn’t want more than our share. I can do with less but that doesn’t seem to be the program. So... other forces come into the mix and you can’t wallow in luxury at the expense of what is indigenous. Sooner or later you are going to piss them off and the least of us has a better friend in the end, if we want that friend. We will surely see how it goes and that’s waiting in the wings. Some kind of judgment is coming and time is running out.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Masks of Deception in the Carnival of Broken Dreams

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Sitting here this morning, if you count a little after noon as still morning, I’m thinking this posting will be a little about you, a little about me and something about the world in which we now find ourselves. I’d like to clarify a few things about what goes on here; what these postings are all about; both more and less than many people may think.

A couple of days ago I wrote about Dr. Ron Paul, congressman from Texas. I made mention of his recent comments on Israel. Those opposed to what he said, noted what it was that bothered me about his comments. Those in support of him pointed out everything but what was troubling about what he said. The way words are arranged says a lot about the intent of the speaker. Words can be arranged in many ways and things can be implied that allows the speaker to avoid a certain state of confrontation, without giving in to a mindset that convicts the speaker in a way that indicates pandering on his/her part. I did not go into detail about what has been troubling me about Ron Paul for some time. I should have but I write so many of these things and I write them quickly and within certain, near exact space constraints.

It’s not just his odd syntax arrangement, concerning Israel, which sets off my antenna. It’s not just the fudging of the Bin Laden issue. It’s mostly his comments about 9/11 truthers and the definite conspiracy that exists concerning 9/11 and which anyone but a moron or a shilling flack is well aware of by now. The engagement of Israel at every level of 9/11 from the force behind PNAC, to the quick removal of all 9/11 evidence by specific companies, as well as the security firms engaged in protection at all 9/11 airports, puts Israel front row center in the operations end of 9/11, from the removal of evidence, to the following sustained cover-ups and suppression of informed dissent and inquiry. If anyone were to be informed, to have questions, it would be representatives of the government, who have access to a wide resource of information and whom we presuppose possess a certain level of intelligence.

I’m not putting links into this post today. I am relying on the reader to go to a search engine and listen to Ron Paul’s comments on 9/11 truthers and to consider the obvious conspiracy that shrouds the whole affair. One need look no further than the near total control of AIPAC and other engines of strong-arming Israeli influence in the affairs of all western nations, to see why the truth does not come out and why members of government are reluctant to inquire. The truth is that most people know that 9/11 was something more than has been reported by the Zionist controlled media. Everywhere you look, the hand of Israel is active. They can even imprison a 91 year old man for war time atrocities, with no evidence. They do as they please for the moment.

I write here for all who may find their way to what I have to say. I write automatically from a place within that I do not edit. I operate on trust with that which speaks to and thru me. Sometimes I would say things differently and be a little more circumspect about what I do say but I’ve learned to step aside. The majority of readers here resonate with what gets said and that is because I am usually not saying it. I’m just letting it pass through.

In earlier times I was active in saying a lot of controversial things and I quickly came to the attention of TPTW, who engineered a scenario where I was present at the sale of some marijuana. Two ounces got me two to ten years. It was originally supposed to be 20 years. I wasn’t a dealer. I was never any good at that. I kept on at what I was doing without being deterred in the slightest and every time I was released I took off and informed the authorities that I hadn’t done anything wrong. Of course, this served to make me a hunted fugitive and greatly extended my time inside. The authorities don’t like it when you tell them to kiss your ass, which I did. Eventually, association with an archbishop of the Old Catholic Church led to a full governmental pardon.

Some years later I was performing my Lenny Bruce/Bill Hicks type routines on stages in Hawaii. The authorities came after me again in the same way. This time I was able to prove government malfeasance and remain the only person in the history of Hawaiian jurisprudence to do so; facing a virtual life sentence at the time. I would not cooperate and remain one of two people who never did, during the eight year reign of the specific district attorney who later admitted this. Hawaii had the highest conviction rate in the nation and I beat them with a court appointed attorney. They still don’t know what hit them but I know who was responsible. It would have made a riveting movie. It was supernatural. I trust the force that guides and protects me and I have good reason.

When I saw George Bush coming, I saw massive thunderstorms of fascism and evil on the horizon. I knew that if I remained, it was only a matter of time before I got sewn up good and proper. I was not inclined to behave and doubt that I ever will be. I follow reasonable laws and ignore the unreasonable. I follow the laws of Heaven and I refute all else. It made sense to fight from afar and that continues as I write these words.

Over a number of years, many readers have come here and found reason to return. Most agree with me and some do not. Sometimes I write things for the sheer controversy in order to spark commentary. I’m neither right nor wrong consistently; such things can’t be accurately measured and what do you measure them against? I expect the reader to measure my words against the state of their own heart and not against the evidence the world presents to the contrary but that’s okay too.

I look at the political spectrum of the US and I watch the interplay of forces. I note the statements from leading Zionists that they will lead the opposition against them. I see it in the evidence of each day. I see the choices given for those who believe they are informed and thinking outside of the box and I observe all of the possibilities of choice given to the electorate, depending on their view of how things should be. Very seldom do I note the presence of courage or truth in those seeking to represent us. Some of the alternatives given are people with no chance at being elected. Are they conscious players or mere figure heads? I don’t know the answer to that. I do know they’re not going anywhere.

From what I can see there is no recourse except for revolution and the best case scenario for the public is to step away from the machinery and refuse to participate, effectively bringing the system down. The public lacks the organization and will to do what they should and so conditions are forcing them into tighter and tighter corners, until they will have no choice. Meanwhile, Nature has entered the mix and that is going to increase and increase because the cosmos is offended by both the actions of psychopaths and the brain dead, sleepwalking of the masses. The cosmos will not allow things to continue as they are. It’s only a matter of time and that accounts for the appearance of The Apocalypse.

I don’t wish to offend those who are supporters of Dr. Paul. I know how desperate you are for someone to believe in. I could take safer routes in my work here. I could be a great deal more mainstream and less divisive. That would certainly increase the audience but it would dilute everything else. Most people come into this life seeking to live a particular life and some few achieve that but most have to make concessions and compromises and eventually don’t even know who they are anymore. They sit perplexed in the autumn of their life, wondering about everything and often abiding in a state of self loathing. Some of us have chosen another path, anticipating that there is more to life than the satisfaction of our ambitions and the feeding of our appetites. Some of us have less choice in these things than we think, being ever painfully routed to whatever it is we are ‘supposed to be doing’.

Most of us live in fear that unless we stay on the rails and remain diligently employed in the Carnival of Broken Dreams that we will cast to the side of the highway and forced to live under bridge abutments. I am not the only one who is living proof that this is not the case and that the cosmos will and does take care of those who seek to serve the greater good; however imperfectly we accomplish that. If there is any difference between people like us and the rest of the world, it is that we know there is more than meets the eye and we have learned to rely on it. I continue to be taken care of by mysterious means, while rejecting the conventional choices that rob us of our autonomy and change us in ways where we can no longer recognize ourselves. It’s a risky business and can be very difficult in the beginning, as ones capacity to believe is tested over and over again. Life is trial and testing, except for those with a temporary free ride.

Some very painful conditions are about to come upon the world. Because the world will not see and respond to the lies that obscure all that is decent and good, it must be shown and the veils ripped aside by various changes in global circumstance. Denial is no longer any kind of a defense and there is no protection in ignorance. The plague of self-interest is coming to an end and only those who recognize the force of the coming age of universal brotherhood are going to prosper in any way. The power that has maintained things as they are is being withdrawn and all those who have profited from the darkness of this vanishing time, are going to be thrown into peril and confusion. It can happen very quickly and only continues as it does for the moment for the purpose of instruction, revelation and the gathering of evidence.

I’ve gone past my space constraints today but that’s okay. Let me conclude by saying that everything which is happening, is happening to bring things back into balance. If you are personally acting in accord with this, it may go well with you. If you are not you will be jerked back into balance or jerked right out of here. The tornadoes hitting the Bible Belt are no accident. The massive arrogance of your leaders is no accident. They’ve being manipulated by the cosmos to expose themselves. The rampant ignorance and bombast of the public, in relation to obvious truth is no accident. They are also being pressed in this direction in order to see, in a lasting and telling way, just how wrong they have been and how much they deserve the feckless leadership of those they have allowed to deceive them, by accepting the lies of fear and suspicion being broadcasted by agents of the darkness that turn them against their fellows. The light is breaking and for some that is going to be a painful affair. For others it will be liberating. What is happening is happening, according to a time table that allows for a degree of free will to influence the nature and severity of what is to be encountered. Let us hope the desire for change comes before the changes that insist upon its arrival.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

They've got a Thing for the Crack in The Liberty Bell.

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‘Cry haddock and let slip the dogs of tofu’

There are many truths hidden in the symbols of this dying culture, if you know where to look. The crack in The Liberty Bell is where the truth leaked out. The signs of ancient Tantra are preeminent in The Washington Monument; a massive hard-on of hubris, pointing like a Pershing Missile at every manufactured threat abroad, so that ultimately it can be buried in the quivering minds of genus populis. As impressive as this symbol of rigid patriarchy can be, it is no match for the prophetic meaning of the Martha Washington Monument, whose location is barely mentioned in the news of our time; a five hundred foot hole in the ground located in Arlington, VA, not far away from two massive economic holes that sucked the power and virtue of the country all the way to China; The Pentagon and The CIA.

By day, the American public wrestles with hoary questions that have yet to be successfully answered; who’s buried in Grant’s tomb and what color was General Grant’s white horse? This is how it is with traditions, whose foundations and tenets lie obscured in the mist of the far past. All of these things meant something once. They must have been profound. What ever they meant is no longer clear. The meaning of the genesis and intent of the thing is buried in the dark dreams of nine ravenous vultures, which perch over the highway of a vanished time. Sulfuric acid drips from their beaky maws and pits the landscape as they dream of feasting on the road-kill of empire.

Star War stormtroopers, march across a Hollywood set in an apocalyptic fever of fascism, rampant on a field of blood and broken bodies. In millions of households, the populace sits transfixed in front of a one-eyed god, who whispers of plastic and poisoned comestibles, laid out on the smorgasbord of entropy at the end of the world and the Mississippi mirrors the tone. They dance like the characters in Childhood’s End, bathed by the warm falling, Fukushima rain.

Howdy Doody lurches to the left and lurches to the right, pointing in either direction like a Halidol basted Dr. Mengele. It’s all moot as to where he was born as we all know he was grown in a chemical bath at The Tavistock Institute; ‘not beautiful, these wasted skies, o’er amber waves of pain, for purple mountain’s travesties, above the looted plain, Amerika, Amerika’ and so forth and so on.

This is not the Smoking Mirrors I anticipated, when I arose this morning and studied the lies of the day to see how much closer we have come to a projectile vomiting Armageddon. Somewhere a critical domino trembles. Somewhere a camel groans under a mass of straw. Somewhere, terrific heat is building beneath dirty rags in the corner of Room 101. Each day that passes brings us closer to that signal moment, when the dam will no longer hold and the stew of abiding corruptions drowns the landscape and the televisions wink out.

Spain says that what’s good for Iceland is good for them. They’ve actually isolated the causes of their distress. This is good news for the rest of the world. That great ugly beast, the Zio-Ogre is panicking in its lair. It’s criminal, banking empire is being exposed in all of its bloodthirsty iniquities. It’s going to get Biblical. Finally one too many children got violated, murdered and disappeared. One too many chambermaids got chased through a luxury suite by a priapic AshkeNazi, with a feather duster up his ass. One too many brown people with Korans got flame broiled by white phosphorous and garnished with cluster bombs. The enemy of the world has been captured by a thousand iphone cameras, waving his dick in front of one too many Girl Scout troops.

One country after another is announcing that they will support the declaration of a Palestinian state. Riots are spontaneously igniting around the world, in reaction to the vampire bankers. Venal and sold out politicians are lying through their teeth but the generation of youth incarnated for this purpose are having none of it. They can’t get anywhere near the good life that the one-eyed god has promised them. They can’t work and they can’t eat but they can revolt and they will.

Throughout the police and the military, a revolution simmers and plots are made to stand aside when the moment comes. The oath-keepers are gathering in Tucson. Matt Tabbi has stuck a fork in Goldman Sachs and their stock is down 24% from a year ago. The age of darkness is crumbling, as the light of revelation pours through the cracks. The greedheads are not deterred; larger and larger bonuses for those with too much, are announced to a hungry and unemployed populace. They prance like rabid baboons upon the stages of the world. They don’t have a clue. Massive vats of tar and warehouse loads of feathers are traveling on the conveyor belts of destiny and the author of Smoking Mirrors is adrift on a sea of hyperbole and bad metaphor.

If you have eyes to see it, the whole scenario is a scripted masterpiece, half Shakespeare, half Pinter and half Stan Lee. Please don’t comment on the math. Across the dark, narcotic ocean of self interest, sails the ship of fools, bound for Lilliput and the ropes and snares of the Lilliputians. As they turn upon each other, the truth of how deep their evil runs will be revealed in all its shocking ugliness. Who would have believed that so many of the politicians, bankers and religious figures were practicing Satanists, or possessed by demons? Who would have believed they actually were engaged in child, blood sacrifices. Now we know what fears imprisoned them on the wheels of their callous actions. Now we know what they feared the exposure of. It is possibly even worse than this. We shall see.

Who knew that the slaughter of the Palestinians were actually blood offerings to Moloch and Baal? Who knew that these were ritual killings prayed over by dreadful priests, bowing and scraping before the entities of material gain? Who knew that they actually gathered in rooms, butchered babies and drank their blood? Then they cavorted in crazed orgies upon the corpses of dismembered innocence.

Who knew that police forces the world over, conspired in the kidnapping of virgin youth (‘kids’-as per the doctrine of the rituals) and possibly even delivered the bodies? ‘Who knew’, indeed? Who knew that Hollywood was awash in such crimes? Who else would they celebrate and worship? Who else would ask for such things as signs of fealty and spiritual bondage?

It’s as clear as daylight now, what has befallen us. If you cannot see it then your veils have yet to be lifted. If you cannot see this march to epic dénouement, then your fear and denial still shield you from the spectacle. They shall not long endure. Their day is arriving and even as they publicize their ridiculous claims about Iran, Russia and China nod to themselves about unknown weapons readied for response. It would be foolish to think of China as the good guys, while they assent to Lord Mandelson as the new head of the IMF. As Nietzsche said over a hundred years ago; “those whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad”. So it has come to pass, as the borders of insanity are pushed more and more outward, into the empty field of Saturn, where those so driven will gnaw on their own flesh and bones, in their solitude of endless desperate hours without end.

‘Step by step and inch by inch’, they go. They are looking into funhouse mirrors. They see a false destiny that draws them like men chasing a will o’ the wisp; the lanterns of the dead shine up from the swamps. The creatures that feed on them wait in the shadows. There will be no death for them and there will be no peace. There will be fear and apprehension, so much greater than what now impels them to ever more horrible deeds.

They are intoxicated with imaginary power. Their lies have become so preposterous that even the sleeping masses turn uneasily in their beds. The world is in transformation and soon, the domino tumbles, that last straw descends upon the camel’s back, the rags burst into flames and the house of cards is ignited in a conflagration of hungry flames. It may not look like this to you but it looks this way to me. I base my hope and faith in the future upon this and- as with everything- we shall see. We shall soon see.

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Color Ball by Les Visible

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Cisco Kid Frottage with the Gangbanging Ponchos.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Where’s my Profiles in Evil, some of you might be asking that? I got to be in the mood. Sooner or later, probably after what I expect to happen shortly, I can get to that (grin).

Ahroooooooooooo! Most of the heavy breathing is going on in the banking community. After all, they run the world. They would be Cisco and the religious leaders and the politicians would be kind of a dual, Siamese Poncho. All of these units, in their pecking order, have gotten so used to screwing the pooch (that would be you; apologies to my dog Poncho) that they figure, “why not go mainstream with it and just take who we want, when we want them”?

This is why they want to give the Executive- administrative branch- full war powers and that is why they are covering legal access to themselves by manipulating those nine vultures, sitting on the dead branches of The Constitution, to grant them not only immunity but the right to do whatever they please, wherever they please; like in Indiana with Judge David. How did he go from the person he couldn’t possibly be in that blow-job, fluffer-op, to the heinous villain of personal rights that he just morphed into? Do I have the wrong Judge David? Please let me know. It won’t affect the rest of what I have to say (no idea what that will be) so I’ll just go on as if he is the one I’m talking about.

Well, I did a quick check and he is the very world class, slime ball I am referring to, so, never mind, or, maybe I’m wrong...

As I said, the really heavy breathing is coming from the top down through the Rothschild Vampire clan to all the nits and lice in three piece suits that do the marionette work with the Ponchos, on down through the dead branches of the ugly tree, that was once beautiful because The Constitution and Bill of Rights flowered on it, to the men and women in black, who bugger the laws in open court and then say, “sorry, no returns and no refunds and no lubricant, it’s the law”. What they are saying is that it is not enough to grope you in public, based on terror acts they committed, for that purpose; now they want to come into your house and hose you up against the washing machine (yes, as a matter of fact, you should have it running in the spin cycle) for their less than discreet needs.

Well, when you are all about plunder and milking and control and you have built empires of bullshit currency, game rigging, whatever... you know, shit happens and I can only hope that world leaders would do the right thing for those whom they serve... would that be the people? Would it be a higher or lower hierarchy of intent? Look closely folks... a whole lot of people have combined in a contributory way, with certain agendas and they are coming up against each other in some frightening ways and there is the tragic-comic factor too.

Listen up bankers; politicians, lawyers, entertainers, religious funda-dundas and sundry. It’s coming up through the ranks, down through the power lines and there is nothing you can do about it. Be wise and make the necessary changes, so that your country and people might prosper and survive.

Keep on doing what you are doing and, understand, you are walking to the gibbet, or Madame Guillotine, under your own power. Who is making you climb those stairs; walk that corridor and so on and so forth? You are. It would be best to come clean now and do yourself and the world a great, great favor. Do the right thing. Check yourself, because... well... here we are, aren’t we?

Some might say there is a conscious ruling force and some have another opinion. However, if you think about it, it still comes out the same. Something is moving now. Is it dominoes, the ineffable, numbers and letters, random-just sort of happened like this, where’s my dinner? Well, to each that is left for your own discrimination, analysis, conscience or lack thereof. It’s up to you on that account. What are you doing right now? I know some of the people who actually need to be reading this are hearing about it. May I suggest you cut your losses as much as you think you can, short of just letting go altogether?

Was there ever a time and a precipice like there is now? Surely there has been but... you are there. If you come clean, as much as you can and do the right thing, it will go well for you. Otherwise, well, surely you have some clue. You are not stupid. You got this far manipulating to your limit. Cut your losses and turn on your fellows, or wind up like that fellow from the IMF and worse than that is coming. See, it doesn’t matter what you believe is real. What matters is, what IS real (is that a pun?). Let me put it this way. You are standing in a niche in a subway tunnel. You think the train will just pass by you. What you do not comprehend is that that niche is mysteriously pressing outward now and there will soon be nothing but wall; no niche. Imagine in the piazza at Fiorenze (Florence), where the statues of Machiavelli and the other are recessed, if they were to be moved forward into the open. Yes, that is what you face. I have given you the only alternative. Throw yourself upon the mercy of the real court, since you have compromised the other.

Some of you are already doing what you can. Perhaps Iceland is an example of this. Some of you are wrestling with it and some of you are determined otherwise. Mark my words; the hour is late for you. Take the mercy that is there and be a hero to your people. Much can be forgiven if you act now. You are walking up those steps. Consider well.

Besides the one who moves among you now and throws your plans into confusion; who turns your dancing zombie, Bin Laden’s into jack in the box misfortunes, there is Nature to consider. You have aroused that which cannot be placated by any other means. Is it under control? Is it random? We shall see, won’t we?

Of course, some of you will not listen and the great herd is numbed by your sonorous and mesmerizing voice of fear. You are responsible for that. Note that your former protections and assurances are being removed. It is right in front of you. Will you continue, believing that you have the will and the might to force your template upon this sacred Earth? We shall see. I expect to hear; “Hey Poncho”! “Hey Cisco”! from a few of you as you do a Thelma and Louise off the cliff but... for many there is hope and never a better moment to cut your losses. You don’t want to be the lice in Donald Trump’s hair when it catches on fire.

This will not go away. We will not go away. It will not go away. It approaches. It is announcing itself. You can hear this. What are you doing? You are churning faster. You are pushing the fellow below you out into the traffic and you do not realize that someone is standing behind you. You no longer have the currency. Your protections are failing. Is it just a momentary waning of the moon? No, it is not.

This is a Sirius Song and it is coming down from Central Command. The old days are over and the ring of power and the reins are in transfer. Make your peace and do the right thing, while you still can. The time will come when that window will close and not open again for a long, long time.

For every soul who can hear, it is time to adjust your rhythm to the change in the score, to the arriving tempo; being out of step, increasingly so, leads directly into harm’s way. You are not the conductor. You have only been going through the motions and now your temporary place of power is losing its charge. Read the writing on the wall before you are put up against it and asked for your final words.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Songwriter by Les Visible♫ And We Could All Be Free ♫
'And We Could All Be Free' is track no. 8 of 10 on Visible's 2006 album 'Songwriter'
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Songwriter by Les Visible

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Men who sit Behind the Men who work The Lie Machine

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May the levees hold and your dog stay dry’.

The Big Muddy is coming and it’s going to put a gut shot into the belly of the American farming industry. You can’t murder brown people in far away lands indefinitely, for the purpose of a privileged lifestyle for people who worship a psychopathic Jesus. The real Jesus wouldn’t go anywhere near your John Wayne Gacy Jesus, made in your image, instead of the other way round; listening to Alan Jackson songs about, “where were you on that day in September”? I’ll tell you where I’ve been, studying things like this and understanding that some people cannot be let near the banking and education systems.

One of the great newspapers of our tine, The Pakalert Press, published that; one more reason to kill brown people who know the truth. We know what to do with brown people, who know the truth and prefer lies for their own benefit; who reverse The Emancipation Proclamation, converting themselves into willing slaves for The Empire. We put them into public office and then conceal everything that can be known about them. That’s how you get your Bwak Obama’s and Charlie Rangel’s. That’s where you get your blowhards like Jessie Jackson (Chicago Machine) and Al Sharpton’s and when someone such as Louis Farrakhan comes around and tells the truth, they get slander and ignominy, because another thing certain people shouldn’t be in charge of is the media.

A culture is damned when it turns to trivial indulgences and offers up its integrity and honor for a piece of the action. Well, the people who should not be allowed to be in charge of anything have looted the stores and bankrupted you, while you follow an imaginary Jesus, with an unforgiving whip hand, over brown people in far off lands. Tornadoes and floods are just the beginning. You have ignited the wrath of Nature and you will reap the whirlwind. Floods and Earthquakes are lining up over the runaway of the present day, like something out of “Pushing Tin” and you just nod your head like a plastic flamingo on a drinking glass; like a ridiculous hood ornament on an SUV. You’re a nation of nodwells. You don’t want the truth but the truth is looking for you. There’s no reverse gear on The Apocalypse. It’s full speed ahead.

Fukushima is melting down and an enormous Magellan-like cloud is motoring to the American homeland. The perpetrators and predators are migrating to South America and leaving you to your doom. They’ve stolen everything that wasn’t nailed down and then they came back with crowbars. Bad Jesus, a fairytale for the minds of Dumb and Dumber, is one of the principal players. He’s riding on the dashboard of your car. He’s working for the TSA. Well, at least Texas has had enough of that. It’s easy to see that the next step is secession. You can count on that.

The second half of May looms ominously. There are surprises coming, because the more you won’t wake up, the more you are going to be woken up to the judgments of disaster on your doorstep. I’ve told this tale before, “When the divine wants to wake you up, first you get a gentle tapping on your shoulder. Then you get more roughly shaken and then? And then the divine shows up with a two by four”.

What’s coming on your televisions that churn out lies like an infected ice cream maker; more reality TV and what’s the result of that? You are going to wind up on reality TV, praying like Tweedledee and Tweedledum for Bad Jesus to come and save your plastic world and maybe kill a few more brown people at a distance. That’s why they put a brown psychopath in the White House. Mr. Empty Suit thinks he’s thinks he’s Henri Christophe. He’s bound for the iron maiden of history. He’s bound for the rack and the wheel of karma along with all of his fellow travelers.

I don’t know how much truth is in this video but if you’ve got 2.5 hours, it is riveting viewing. The things I don’t know can make my head spin, if I wasn’t already rotating around my own interior star. The more that gets concealed, the more surfaces and the less attention gets paid. Feed your face; masturbate to pneumatic blowup sluts, who are now standing where that lady with the torch in Columbia Pictures used to stand. These days all she does is bend over and she can do some really kinky things with that torch; of course, the torch had to be put out for those efforts. She’s no one trick pony though. She can do all kinds of things on her knees and so on and so forth. She’s what you’ve turned your aspirations and celestial destinies into. You can’t hold forth the light of wisdom and freedom, because you’re too damned scared of the consequences. Therefore you get the consequences, without the satisfaction of standing up for anything. You’d rather go to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and kill brown people, while your country gets sold out from under you, by the people who caused all the events that sent you there.

Some things are limitless and ignorance is one of them. You’ve managed to reverse evolution and you’re not that far off from dropping down on all fours, in order to graze in the desert. Maybe you can find some brown people there to attack, with your hooves and claws. Never fear, you probably won’t wind up there. You’re bound for the paddocks and the Judas Goat; bound for the killing floor.

All Hell is about to break loose and it never occurs to you that Bad Jesus is wearing horns; performing auto erotica and cheering you on. “Mom, Jesus is exposing himself to me. He wants me to get in his Hummer and go for a ride”. “Does he have any good candy”? asks the woman who needs two airline seats. It takes six TSA guys to grope her.

It never occurs to you that all of the unemployment has been in the planning for a long time. It provides brainwashed cannon fodder and it sets the table with fear and want, so you dare not complain and you can’t organize with your fellows, because it’s every man for himself. This is what the culture of self-interest teaches. It’s as plain as day, what’s taking place but you can’t see it. You’re too afraid to look and too distracted to see what the purpose of the distractions are. Which of your leaders are saying that Bin Laden died ten years ago? Will they finally tell the truth when they get elected? Will they finally tell the truth when they are in charge? How many bald faced lies did Howdy Doody tell in his presidential campaign?

How many religious leaders are standing forth and telling the truth? How many entertainers with wide exposure are coming forth? Their income and phony public image is more important than the welfare of the people who believed what they had to say. Where are you Bob Dylan? Where are you Leonard Cohen; playing in Tel Aviv. Where are you Crosby, Still’s, Nash and Young? I think Nash is dead, he’s the lucky one. Where are you David Bowie? Where are you Paul McCartney; attending fashion shows and calling yourself, Sir Paul. You’re all cowards sitting on your bank accounts, hoping to be recognized in restaurants and remembered for ‘what you were’.

Where are the writers and public figures? You are icons of shame and hypocrites, whose inspiration has left you, the same way the sand went out of your balls. Go ahead, rub the missing hara on your pot bellies and wonder why you are as you are. Where are the big social engines of environmental protection and all the charities that exist to protect and serve? You’re nothing but tax dodges. You’re all afraid to lose the infinitesimal power of your positions. Collectively you’re not worth one Cynthia McKinney. You’re not worth a single Ken O’Keefe. What’s up with the mealy mouth, George Galloway? Accept a lesser truth and hide from The Big Kahuna? What’s up Jessie Ventura, wriggling like an eel? There you are, sidestepping the obvious and becoming as much of a cartoon as when you were a wrestler.

I’ve said what I have to say today. I’ve been saying it for years now and I will till I’m gone to finer shores. What a pack of cowards. How do you live with yourself? It’s like you just can’t accept what is obviously on the way and what will you do then? What will you do then?

End Transmission.......

Here’s an homage to all of you;

Patrick Willis narrates:
The Big One

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Circumcising the Truth in the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

The million man march in Palestine is coming up this weekend and the Ass- Ke- Nazi Party that rules the faux nation, criminal banking empire of pseudo-Israel can’t be pleased. Their first comments are that the numbers don’t reflect any sense of fair play. “Hey we only drove 700,000 people off the land here. What are they doing, charging interest? That’s our job”.

People are still poking me on my Facebook page and my ribs hurt. Why would someone poke me? Is this the same kind of ‘poke’ that Robert Duval was talking about in “Lonesome Dove”? (Grin). Facebook is another Israeli construct. They sure do have a lot of money to throw around. They’re tearing at the flesh on their faces. They’re weeping at the stolen wall of tears, probably about lowered interest rates, while the diamond merchants at 47th street huddle in the doorways, asking you if you want to buy a watch. I’m not into time, man. They all look like they should be sitting on The Supreme Court, or on a dead branch over some nearby road kill, and it won’t be long before that’s true either. Lil’ Chuckie Schumer wants frottage junkies and ‘no ride lists’ at all the railroads. These guys are really coming out of the closet these days and it can only mean their time is running out; probably why they want to sell everybody a blood diamond watch.

The flotillas are gearing up and Egypt is determined to open up the Gaza Strip. Actually the Gaza Strip stands for a destined Free Monty, where half the inhabits drop their pants to show that the truth hasn’t been circumcised. Do the guys who do this, what are they called, ‘moels’, moles? Do they actually bite the extra skin off with their teeth? That’s got to leave some childhood memories. That Egypt revolution didn’t work out so well for the Little Georgie Sorrows gang. It stands to reason that nothing is going to work that well anymore, because The Apocalypse is doing some headhunting, which is another kind of circumcision, proving that truth hurts and it leaves a lasting impression of resistance to it.

There’s something about the United Nations or some front op, looking to declare a Palestinian State on the ‘67 borders and talk of Israel just annexing the entire West Bank. I get a little curious about the need for all that land. Where are they going to get the people, when they make up only .0185 percent of the population? How are they going to control all the land from the Tigris to the Euphrates, when so many of them live in New York City and LA? You got publishing, media and money in New York and music and entertainment (they are not the same) in LA. How are they going to get enough border crossing guards in all the needed locations? They’ve got too many balls in the air and not enough jugglers in order to go for the jugular. Meanwhile they got to run one Las Vegas in Nevada and another on Wall Street and The City in London. And... the Chinese got that big money bomb, which all the messing around in Pakistan is not going to be any help with.

Poor Bin Laden, he’s more famous than Elvis and he didn’t even have to die on the toilet seat, which I think also got done by the same people. Bin-liner Nitwityahoo and I were having lunch the other day, thousands of miles apart. I was having cerviche and stir fried tofu, with lots of vegetables and silky Japanese noodles and he was having consommé of Christian children, with a special kosher blood pudding and we were chatting to our empty chairs about, wassup with dat? This was in relation to all the incredible things that Israel is doing to the rest of the world and all those Mossad, Terror Chabad houses they’re got like a MacDonald’s franchise, scattered around the world from Mumbai to Wellington, NZ and I was saying, “Binnie, you’ve got to take a little personal time and kick back somewhere, like the max facilities at Marion, Illinois or The Hague.

Binnie agreed with me. He said he was seeing double Saddam’s and Bin Laden’s everywhere he goes now. I told him that maybe he needed some corrective lens. He said he already had corrective lens that did a number on what was actually to be seen and it hurt like a circumcision in the Sudan already. Then he went on about, ‘forget about all those MacDonald’s franchises. He’s got to manage all those Bugger King holocaust franchises around the world too and that Haavara Agreement, was giving him nosebleeds, along with the Zio-Ogre memo from Dr Heller. He was saying they couldn’t catch a break and it wasn’t the best of times for any psychopath in full bloom. It was like Lecter having to deal with that Dr. Bloom in Silence of the Lambs. He did promise to send me “something wet” in the mail, which would be another kind of cerviche. I’m all anticipation at this point and we’re not talking about Heinz catsup, though there is a parallel.

I asked him how it felt to be herding large Palestinians families into buildings and then dropping bombs on them. He told me that, logistically, it played hell with their white phosphorus stockpiles and that it wasn’t like Lebanon, where they could drop half a million cluster bomb party favors for the children, because they’d already turned Gaza into the most populous place on Earth and there wasn’t anywhere to drop them without hurting their own people, given what they were using for human shields at the time.

“Binnie”, I said, “you’ve got to take some time for yourself and your family. Have Uncle Satan in for some consommé or cousin Abadon over for some human skeet shooting. He said the launcher was broken and nothing seems to be working. He murmured something about that Samson option and all the nukes they’ve got stashed around the world, along with that collection of blackmail material on world leaders, but what a drag it was to have to play your hole card too early.

I asked him, “Where does it end”, Binnie. He said, “With every goy in the grave or in chains”. I responded that that was certainly what it looked like and could he pull it off. He said that where life remains, there’s still hope. I tried to cheer him up by mentioning the legacy of thousands of years of usury, slave ships and things like the Bolshevik Revolution but all he could reply to was, “Yeah, but what have I done for myself, or to you, for that matter, lately”. I thought about cutting off a few of my fingers, or someone else’s and mailing them to him for something to go with the consommé, but he just wouldn’t be cheered up.

It’s hard to know what to get a full blown psychopath as a gift. They generally like to shop for themselves, with a specialized toolbelt, some rope and other restraints and then it’s into the Range Rover and a trip into the San Bernardino Mountains for the weekend. You try to do your best. You try to be thoughtful and compassionate but sometimes you just can’t cheer someone up. I told him that with all those torture chamber, chateaus in the south of France he might want to give Europe a look, it’s not like they’re going to run out of missing children any time soon and that Interpol could always stock the larder in advance. He said he might give Dutroux a call in Belgium and see what could be had and then he went into a tirade about Putin, when I mentioned that he was reading Smoking Mirrors now and again when he had the time.

He got morose and went on a rant about Ehud Barak, screwing up their 9/11 caper with Dov Zakheim. I couldn’t quite figure out what he was talking about. I told him it went pretty well from what I could see but he was really down. It was getting to where the only thing I could do was go to the piano with some Stoli and do a medley of early Tom Waits tunes. That always leaves me a little less than fine tuned the following day and then I had to go and mention that Israel was going to be destroyed pretty soon and the guy just lost it, “I know, I know”. He sobbed. God, I wanted to give him a hug or the kiss of life but that consommé makes your breath smell awful and we were thousands of miles apart.

“We didn’t even get to destroy Christianity and Islam”. I said, “Go figure and... anything I can do...” but he was inconsolable now. I’m thinking of a ‘cheer up Binnie’ day and I’d like to get some support from the readers here; maybe you can send Binnie a dozen yellow roses or a few fingers and it might help. I’m pretty sad myself right now so I’m just going to close this down for the day and go see if I can hang myself in an auto-erotic accident, while Hava Nagila loops on the mp3 player. Ya’ll have a good day and stay frosty.

End transmission.......

Visible and The Critical List: Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List♫ A Love Song for Madonna (NOT)♫
'A Love Song for Madonna' is track no. 12 of 12 on
Visible and The Critical List's 1992 album 'Not Politically Correct'

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Paint House Illusion of Corrupted Light.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet and your feet with a healthy sweat’.

I’ve noticed something that’s either tragic or amusing and that is, the tendency or propensity to feel the need to point out all the holes in the government’s waterwheel of lies and to construct arguments against them. We’re acting with less assurance than we deserve. We’re acting like the government has some kind of a case. If they have a case it's a case of cosmic gonorrhea. The government of the western powers, with degrees of difference, are absolutely and totally corrupt with, as I implied, the variance of being only by a lesser or greater degree, absolutely and totally corrupt. The government is a collection of whores and junkies, pimped out by the central banks. They’re nothing more than a rubber stamp for a small cadre of psychopathic oligarchs. The government needs to be dissolved and the oligarchs need to be bankrupted and quarantined, either in a maximum security prison or on a desert island... or transformed by the cosmos into something finer but that is not my department.

Arguments about when and where Bin Laden was killed and massive holes and inconsistencies in the government’s shitstream of lies, are pointless exercises in futility. From O’Bummer down they are just empty suits and flunkies, who take their marching orders from bankers and corporations. What you are looking at, is the end phase of dog eats dog capitalism. Conversely you have the theoretical construct of false communism. On the one hand, the most connected and avaricious rise to the top and oppress those below. On the other hand you have a collective, where the same people occupy positions of power and accomplish the same result under a different aegis. It’s like the argument of right versus left, of conservative versus liberal. Neither of these facades are what they present themselves as. They are just conflicting winds that push the public in whichever way the oligarch’s desire, as if they were ranch hands on a cattle drive and the public was the cattle. There’s no free in free when free is no more than the appearance of it, at the hands of the slave masters.

Yellow is yellow, until it is undesired and made illegal and then blue becomes the new yellow. Given that, you can accurately project that the new blue will be green, just as soon as it is made illegal in its present state. Yellow and blue light do not make green however and there’s something of deep import to consider here. When you take the primary colors of light; red, green and blue, you get white light. Figure it out or go take some psychedelics. I’m not making points about physics. I’m making points about culture and the force of Maya, in culture and governing bodies. Possibly this may be called metaphysics, which is my area of interest. That’s my protection against ever buying into the bullshit of this world, as well as a primer for me on why the world is the world is the world. It’s always the way it is to a greater or lesser degree but YOU don’t have to be. You don’t have to stay as you are. However, arguing with the forces that appear to be, legitimizes them. They are illegitimate and have no real basis for existence as they are. They are parasitical entities. They are ticks. Here’s something for those who found this paragraph interesting.

The oligarchs are super ticks with expandable containment centers, the way a cow has six stomachs. The government is a gaggle of goose-ticks that squawk, act belligerently and drink blood in the form of currency, as do the oligarchs; currency being the lifeblood of the people and based on the wealth of the people, for which the oligarch banker-ticks and corporate ticks print money, based upon it and then charge the people interest for the use of their own resources, more or less; probably more, probably much more.

In any case, arguing about the minutiae of obvious lies and criminal behavior is pointless. There’s no fixing it and there’s no bringing it to their attention and expecting an epiphany. They know what they are doing even if, as Jesus said, “they know not what they are doing; that concerned a different matter, in which they were crucifying their own salvation and sustenance; par for the course.

The system at the present status cannot be fixed. It has to come down and the malefactors have to be rendered impotent toward the performance of harm; whether it is quarantine, guillotine or Vaseline, is up to them. The people who should be reading these words are not doing so. They are captivated by colorful bullshit of a carcinogenic nature; meaning whatever they are, is going against Nature (their own nature) and how that works out is up to them, individually and collectively as well. Even though they don’t read here, they may show up sooner or later, when the linchpins come free and the cart runs away with the horse, so I will state it again; armed resistance is not going to work and isn’t necessary in any case. The people must simply refuse to perform in the construct as it exists and the construct will have no power. It will collapse. Don’t work for them. Don’t give them any money, turn your back on them and the system will fall and another will follow. This will happen remarkably, because of spontaneous ignition of realization, or it will happen in the manner of small collectives of similar souls.

Personally, I’m not in the business of operating a community, only participating in it. I am in the business of virtual communities that precipitate into being in accord with a collective will. This isn’t my home office here, so my interest is geared in another direction, where the amenities are well beyond anything possible here, even in the best of times. That’s not my primary motive; amenities. They just come with the package. When the heart and mind of the people, turn away from their madness, conjoined with those oppressing them, those oppressing them are unhinged and detached from the power to continue their operations and activities. That’s just how it is and it’s coming, one way or another. That’s the key item for you to be aware of, whether you are reading here or not, it’s coming anyway.

Consider the feature of pain and suffering in respect of ease of passage. Here’s a good example. Many things pass through the kidneys at a certain size. After a certain size comes pain. Bowel movements can be effortless or much less so. Heat can warm until it starts to burn. Take these few considerations and extrapolate them out into all manner of permutations. A crowd of people can be excited and having a good time, with a lot of energy in the air. Given certain conditions, the crowd can panic or turn angry right out of their good time. All these things are relative and we had better get that, because it’s the difference between a touch on the shoulder that is responded to, or not responded to and a baseball bat across the back of the head that guarantees a response. It’s the difference by degree, of a twinge of sharp pain and being disemboweled. We get reminded. We get warned. We don’t pay attention. Degrees of force are generated by the cosmos to ensure that attention is paid and depending on the severity of the conditions needing to be changed, on that depends the severity of the force and the lasting impact of the lesson.

The essential light has been corrupted and always is to some degree, when it passes through the prism of the manifest world; it’s known as the false light of the world. Big things are coming. There’s nothing small about them and already, sensitive souls are being transformed around the globe. I am personally witnessing it. Grab a hand strap and lift off into a clearer and more refined version of yourself. Get with the program (grin). Don’t stand around arguing about pointless and useless details and whether who did what where, according to glaring evidence to the contrary. Those who are sick will be brought into an understanding of what ails them and reflexively ails the rest of us. This is The Apocalypse; make no mistake about that, which means that all other attendant verities and transformations are also operative.

It’s been a pleasure to be of use to you, if that has been the case and I look forward to many meetings and greetings, before, across ...and beyond The Rainbow Bridge. Don’t wind up saying, “We are the people that might have been. You should have gotten in touch with us then.

End Transmission.......

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Almost A Capella by Les Visible

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Amazing, Rotating, Glow in the Dark, Bin Laden.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses be hoses for the substance of truth, whether it be roses or shit, the smell of it is a wonderful thing’.

Is it funny or just pathetic? The comments string, complete with homemade misspellings, is largely written by one person. Then you go to the article on The Twisters. You note that Wrangler Corp. is making sure their employees have; food, water, gift cards and other critical supplies. Once I saw they were providing gift cards, I knew that they had to be following federal guidelines. The whole article is an amazing work of gifted stupidity, provided by a think tank composed of whoever wrote the comments string in the other article. We have officially entered False Flag Central. The tales on Bin Laden and the Pakistani neighborhood, the government details about the hit, are a little southwest of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

We are living in a cartoon without the laugh track. You can’t tell what’s funny any more because people have lost the ability to laugh in a timely fashion on their own, or to spot the places where it ‘might’ be appropriate. Objective reasoning and sequential logic tracking have slipped the rails on a gone dead train; “USA! USA! USA! It’s an anagram for ‘u stupid anachronisms’ or something like it. ‘Wrap me in the corporate flag, poison my land and imprison my family. I know you’ve got my best interests at heart. The Gospel of Wealth is my mantra for health. I can plan my future in the real estate section for Mars, drinking boilermakers and watching Dancing with the Stars’.

Lao Tzu said it, “a country is best when they barely know their leader exists, worse when they fear him and the very worst when they ridicule and laugh at him”. That’s not verbatim but the thought is the same; fear in the mountains and death on the plain.

Well, the monsters are up to something. They’re bombing the New Madrid Fault Line that Dublin Mick’s been Haarping on and they’ve got the new and improved dead guy as a rallying point for the in house Al Qaeda dirty bomb squad, courtesy of Mossad and the CIA, WHO WERE THE AUTHORS OF 9/11, 7/7 (help from MI6) and the Madrid Train Station; not to be confused with the New Madrid Fault line.

I may use some bad language today. Of course, whatever bad language I use will be no comparison for the efforts of a legion of trolls at all the mass media shit speak and comments section. It won’t be as filthy as the inside of Obama’s psychotic mind. It won’t be insidiously pornographic, like the astral bodies of your Israeli masters. It’s just going to be something along the lines of wondering what these motherfuckers are going to get up to next.

There used to be these old psychological tests, which are different from the psychological tortures that replaced them. One question was about a bear in a field under a tree. Did you try to make your way around the bear? Did you wait in the woods until the bear left? Or did you march forward and confront the bear? The bear can personify the libido or the sum of your fears; possibly the two are connected (grin) or the bear can represent evil. So there’s another possibility; you go back the way you came and wait for the bear to die of old age, because the bear actually symbolizes evil and as we know, evil eventually destroys itself, possibly once it has run out of everything else to destroy. Please pardon the sarcasm. I can only hope it is recognized as such, given the incipient trend around here sometimes, where the people who wrote those MSM comments come around in their free time to keep us on our toes.

I’m not going to let it get me down. The most heartbreaking sign of full on disaster ahead is the mind numbing stupidity of a significant portion of the public, which was unable, across the course of ten years, to suss out that Bin Laden had already been dead all that time. The New York Times, famous for “all the news that Israel wants printed” has been lowering the bar for awhile and has now gone into an unlearning curve that resembles the stock market graph for 1929. The public just dug a trench under the limbo bar of lowered expectations and is now tunneling its way to China in search of daylight. On the plus side, understanding Chinese has got to be easier than understanding government doublespeak.

How does it happen? How does it work? The whole government is lying and everyone reporting the news- distinguished journalists all –are lying. Businesses are lying. Corporations are lying. The courts and enforcement agencies are lying. Educators are lying. Religious leaders are lying. Lies should be and are currency. This is how the rich have gotten so much richer. The lies have gotten infinitesimally larger. They’ve worth more even though the money is worth less or nothing at all but all of that, like the stock market rests largely on belief and that explains how important the lies are.

I struggle to imagine how such a number of the public; tens of millions of people can have reached a level of Dumb and Dumber that definitely doesn’t need a laugh track. We know who’s laughing; who wrote the copy that gives them such a chuckle. What we need and don’t have is a tears track, some way to follow the tracks of our tears, given how people say you’re “the life of the party, cause you tell a joke or two”.

Today, I took the tea strainer out of the tea and set it on the sink. I went back down for another cup and found it had been replaced in the teapot, ruining the tea. Susanne was out of the house. How did it happen? Susanne parked the Touran in front of the house on a flat road. She went back outside and found the car had rolled 50 yards to a fence where it stopped 2 centimeters shy of it. She went to the bank and got distracted getting a couple of hundred Euro out of the bank and wandered off. Then, remembering, she runs back to the bank and finds that the Bancomat machine won’t work because it gagged on the returning money. The bank gave her the money but... things like this are commonplace now. I’ve had things happening that are the stuff of Twilight Zone.

I think I’ll digress a moment because; what am I going to say? You know, I’ve never seen an article about what happens to all the valuables sucked up by a tornado. I’ve never read a story about money raining out of the sky. I never read a single report about valuables washing up on someone’s front yard from Katrina or any related disaster. I heard about a boy that got sucked up into one of the tornados. He got back okay. I’ve heard of cats and dogs traveling hundreds of miles home. There appears to be some kind of vibrating veil that closes off all the things that we would expect to logically occur and which confines us behind a view screen of manufactured appearances that serve some agenda whose point and purpose are an eternal mystery. Depending on your karma, you can see through more gossamer samskara scarves, into the real world; mostly the scarves are opaque and one group of people can’t reasonably or logically talk to the other.

It seems that there are as many worlds as there are people and the look and feel of the common world contains only those elements that have been collectively agreed on but they don’t exist, anymore than the tales that circulate as road markers for what it is; whatever ‘it’ is, whatever ‘is’ is.

This transition thing is very real. My days are haunted by it and it has adjusted the fabric of my reality so that I am once again sitting on a Persian carpet and pouring paisleys out of a teapot, the way I used to do on a white light or window pane acid trip. I keep expecting one of the dogs to start talking just like you and me. Susanne hasn’t slept in days and doesn’t seem to need it. Her cheerfulness is a contagion of childlike delight. I am between worlds and as strange as it is, it doesn’t seem strange. What seems strange is the cosmic stupidity and pernicious opportunism of the Obama’s and whatever inhabits those host bodies. We are in a time of epic change and on one side it’s all confusion, fear and sorrow. On the other side it is the opposite. Which side are you on, as the song goes?

I can’t imagine what comes next but I think it’s really bad and really good simultaneously, depending on who you are. We have entered the time of myths and legends. There are no borders and the barriers are crumbling. The veil is dropping, dissolving and light is breaking through on one end as darkness pours in on another. Quo Vadis? Indeed.

So, if I’ve seemed strange a time or two lately, it’s because of all of this. I feel like a snake that has just shed its skin, with all of the attendant dangers, resident in the reactive mind. Stilling that side of myself seems to be job one. I apologize in advance for anything I may say or do today (grin). I just need a little more light, that’s all.

End Transmission.......

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