Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Paint House Illusion of Corrupted Light.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet and your feet with a healthy sweat’.

I’ve noticed something that’s either tragic or amusing and that is, the tendency or propensity to feel the need to point out all the holes in the government’s waterwheel of lies and to construct arguments against them. We’re acting with less assurance than we deserve. We’re acting like the government has some kind of a case. If they have a case it's a case of cosmic gonorrhea. The government of the western powers, with degrees of difference, are absolutely and totally corrupt with, as I implied, the variance of being only by a lesser or greater degree, absolutely and totally corrupt. The government is a collection of whores and junkies, pimped out by the central banks. They’re nothing more than a rubber stamp for a small cadre of psychopathic oligarchs. The government needs to be dissolved and the oligarchs need to be bankrupted and quarantined, either in a maximum security prison or on a desert island... or transformed by the cosmos into something finer but that is not my department.

Arguments about when and where Bin Laden was killed and massive holes and inconsistencies in the government’s shitstream of lies, are pointless exercises in futility. From O’Bummer down they are just empty suits and flunkies, who take their marching orders from bankers and corporations. What you are looking at, is the end phase of dog eats dog capitalism. Conversely you have the theoretical construct of false communism. On the one hand, the most connected and avaricious rise to the top and oppress those below. On the other hand you have a collective, where the same people occupy positions of power and accomplish the same result under a different aegis. It’s like the argument of right versus left, of conservative versus liberal. Neither of these facades are what they present themselves as. They are just conflicting winds that push the public in whichever way the oligarch’s desire, as if they were ranch hands on a cattle drive and the public was the cattle. There’s no free in free when free is no more than the appearance of it, at the hands of the slave masters.

Yellow is yellow, until it is undesired and made illegal and then blue becomes the new yellow. Given that, you can accurately project that the new blue will be green, just as soon as it is made illegal in its present state. Yellow and blue light do not make green however and there’s something of deep import to consider here. When you take the primary colors of light; red, green and blue, you get white light. Figure it out or go take some psychedelics. I’m not making points about physics. I’m making points about culture and the force of Maya, in culture and governing bodies. Possibly this may be called metaphysics, which is my area of interest. That’s my protection against ever buying into the bullshit of this world, as well as a primer for me on why the world is the world is the world. It’s always the way it is to a greater or lesser degree but YOU don’t have to be. You don’t have to stay as you are. However, arguing with the forces that appear to be, legitimizes them. They are illegitimate and have no real basis for existence as they are. They are parasitical entities. They are ticks. Here’s something for those who found this paragraph interesting.

The oligarchs are super ticks with expandable containment centers, the way a cow has six stomachs. The government is a gaggle of goose-ticks that squawk, act belligerently and drink blood in the form of currency, as do the oligarchs; currency being the lifeblood of the people and based on the wealth of the people, for which the oligarch banker-ticks and corporate ticks print money, based upon it and then charge the people interest for the use of their own resources, more or less; probably more, probably much more.

In any case, arguing about the minutiae of obvious lies and criminal behavior is pointless. There’s no fixing it and there’s no bringing it to their attention and expecting an epiphany. They know what they are doing even if, as Jesus said, “they know not what they are doing; that concerned a different matter, in which they were crucifying their own salvation and sustenance; par for the course.

The system at the present status cannot be fixed. It has to come down and the malefactors have to be rendered impotent toward the performance of harm; whether it is quarantine, guillotine or Vaseline, is up to them. The people who should be reading these words are not doing so. They are captivated by colorful bullshit of a carcinogenic nature; meaning whatever they are, is going against Nature (their own nature) and how that works out is up to them, individually and collectively as well. Even though they don’t read here, they may show up sooner or later, when the linchpins come free and the cart runs away with the horse, so I will state it again; armed resistance is not going to work and isn’t necessary in any case. The people must simply refuse to perform in the construct as it exists and the construct will have no power. It will collapse. Don’t work for them. Don’t give them any money, turn your back on them and the system will fall and another will follow. This will happen remarkably, because of spontaneous ignition of realization, or it will happen in the manner of small collectives of similar souls.

Personally, I’m not in the business of operating a community, only participating in it. I am in the business of virtual communities that precipitate into being in accord with a collective will. This isn’t my home office here, so my interest is geared in another direction, where the amenities are well beyond anything possible here, even in the best of times. That’s not my primary motive; amenities. They just come with the package. When the heart and mind of the people, turn away from their madness, conjoined with those oppressing them, those oppressing them are unhinged and detached from the power to continue their operations and activities. That’s just how it is and it’s coming, one way or another. That’s the key item for you to be aware of, whether you are reading here or not, it’s coming anyway.

Consider the feature of pain and suffering in respect of ease of passage. Here’s a good example. Many things pass through the kidneys at a certain size. After a certain size comes pain. Bowel movements can be effortless or much less so. Heat can warm until it starts to burn. Take these few considerations and extrapolate them out into all manner of permutations. A crowd of people can be excited and having a good time, with a lot of energy in the air. Given certain conditions, the crowd can panic or turn angry right out of their good time. All these things are relative and we had better get that, because it’s the difference between a touch on the shoulder that is responded to, or not responded to and a baseball bat across the back of the head that guarantees a response. It’s the difference by degree, of a twinge of sharp pain and being disemboweled. We get reminded. We get warned. We don’t pay attention. Degrees of force are generated by the cosmos to ensure that attention is paid and depending on the severity of the conditions needing to be changed, on that depends the severity of the force and the lasting impact of the lesson.

The essential light has been corrupted and always is to some degree, when it passes through the prism of the manifest world; it’s known as the false light of the world. Big things are coming. There’s nothing small about them and already, sensitive souls are being transformed around the globe. I am personally witnessing it. Grab a hand strap and lift off into a clearer and more refined version of yourself. Get with the program (grin). Don’t stand around arguing about pointless and useless details and whether who did what where, according to glaring evidence to the contrary. Those who are sick will be brought into an understanding of what ails them and reflexively ails the rest of us. This is The Apocalypse; make no mistake about that, which means that all other attendant verities and transformations are also operative.

It’s been a pleasure to be of use to you, if that has been the case and I look forward to many meetings and greetings, before, across ...and beyond The Rainbow Bridge. Don’t wind up saying, “We are the people that might have been. You should have gotten in touch with us then.

End Transmission.......

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Annsie said...

Thanks Visible This post makes me feel a bit more positive. A pleasure as always

Cassandra of Troy said...

Thank you for reminding me that "apocalypse" means, essentially, the lifting of the veil. Blessings to you, sir.

wv: bionses. makes me think of bionics and senses. Bionic sensory organs, of which I have one. :o)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for starting my day out on all positive vibes.
Thank you for this gathering of spirits of the One.(readers/commenters)

I love you man.

Walking Hawk

Gypsy Scholar said...

Mr. Visible:

You wrote: "They are just conflicting winds that push the public in whichever way the oligarch’s desire, as if they were ranch hands on a cattle drive and the public was the cattle."

I think this is an exceptionally good analogy.

The left and right, liberal and conservative, and so forth, are only an illusion created by the oligarchs to get us doggies going along with their cattle drive.

To where? Just look ahead.

The oligarch and government tick sucking of the life-blood of the work of the people is completed by the fact that the suckers not only charge usury on the money they print and loan the people, they also give 10 - 20% of the money printed out of thin air to each other as non-repayable, low interest crony 'loans'. In this manner the oligarch clubbers have literally unlimited wealth in 193 of 197 countries, and the power that paracitized wealth brings over the very people who worked to create that wealth.

Just as you pointed out.

I agree the apocalypse is now upon us. The sobering thing about waking up is that one begins to understand the facade about wealth and 'class' is a fraud because those at the 'top' have been able to print money rather than earn it for over 200 hundred years.

The royals, the 'name' families have become wealthy by being a part of counterfeiting money all along the way. There is truly more 'class' in a farmer or carpenter who actually works for a living than a silver-spoon recipient who never worked a day in their life - but their family had access to the spoils of the fractional reserve printing presses (counterfeiting).

It begins to change one's brought up middle class conception that wealthy people that are well heeled are in some way 'nobler' than the working man. The opposite is actually showing itself to be the case. A rich parasite has less standing in my eyes than an earnest hard working labourer.

Thank you as always for your provocative piece of writing.

Sincerely, Mouser

Neko Kinoshita said...

Always nice to get a Smoking reflection in the morning.

Thank you Visible.

I am becoming detached from the desire to "Awaken" those around me. The "Teaching a pig to sing" anology seems to apply.

At some point, it is the divine’s providence to awaken the sleeping. And I don’t let myself get sucked into those useless “Bin Laden did it in the Ballroom with an airliner” arguments anymore.

They were trying to show me some propaganda on the idiot box last night, and I just glanced at it, said “It’s all just bullshit,” while shaking my head, and then I walked away.

I see it coming, I feel it coming, and even when it hurts, I do my best to get right with it. It just seems obvious, Ride the change, or be consumed by it. Which choice you are making seems dependant on your attachment to this illusion that those parasites want us to be participatory in.

Because of the position and circumstance, I still prop the illusion. But with the continuing unveiling, it does fray about the edges, and I’m starting to construct layers for it, so that when one tears away, there is another. I worry that this is not the right thing to do, but the divine gives no censure for it, and I have no intention of hiding anything once the oligarch’s shit golem falls.

Some things are very clear,
No weapons are necessary.
There nothing to either Hate or Fear.
Love and compassion are what is required.
Oh yeah,
A sense of humor helps a lot. After all WE are the butt of the joke.

Nose is cold and wet, but I’ll leave the sweaty paws to Darcy.

Still in the tower this morning, back to the cul-de-sac for the kitten’s eleventh later today,


Anonymous said...

Great thoughts Visible.
The issue with the 'cattle' is age old.
I am so glad that age is ending (fiat) and our
new destiny is making itself clearer every day.

Love to all,

dw in tahoe

justoffal said...

Hey les,

When I couldn't figure out what was going on I came straight over here to read what you had to say about it. It rings true my friend but then again your stuff always does.

Miriam said...

Thanks, Vis. Keeping my eye on the (inner) ball.

John Ball said...

My local MSM rag headline reads "Seeking clarity in conflicting stories on Osama bin Laden’s death". Oh what a tangled web......
I have also noticed people who are normally don't notice such things are calling spades "spades" vis a vis O'Samma's ocean excursion. A facebook friend who I assumed (wrongly obv) was only interested in the latest Lady Gaga record said the O'Samma story made her bullshit detector go off.
It gives me hope.

Anonymous said...

Gypsy Scholar

Let's make it 192 out of 197 since the Icelanders held a referendum that repudiated their debt to THEM.
You keep stating the problems over and over. Any solutions or hope for the USA?


Tom frum

Anonymous said...

FYI here's Linkin Park's Iridescent from their album A Thousand Suns.

...all the sadness and frustration
let it go
just let it go

Visible said...

J.O. Michael!!! What a great pleasure. You should come around more. We have a freewheeling and gifted bunch of people hang out here. Long time no see but I think about you now and again.


Visible said...

Hey! What happened to Best of the Fray? Is it with Bin-liner Laden?

Anonymous said...

Tom frum...

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Vis. Your words lift the veil a little more each time. It is simply amazing that the English language can lend itself to such wisdom. There is much to learn and so little time left in this dimension. The focus on compassion for all sentient beings will be a great support during this transition, no matter how it transpires for each of us.

Anonymous said...

I may have mis-judged you.. which leads me to another life lesson ..

that lesson..

don't judge people, therefore you won't have to eat your foot at some point in the future.

much love, and keep searching! let me know what you dig up off this information.


covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

The measurable properties of light such as its constituent colours and speed are only half the story.There are other properties that light possesses but these cannot be measured by any experiment in physics.These unknown characteristics can only be 'felt' at a certain level of consciousness and not through the usual sensory perceptions.It is all to do with vibrational frequency at the quantum level.

Just as light has the power to remove darkness and reveal things that are hidden in the physical world;its latent properties are responsible for the illumination of the spiritual world and its many dimensions.
Oh yes there is more to 'light' than meets the eye.

Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vis, of course totally synchronous with us in our travails. It's all LIES and they are all really blatant totally stupid psychopathic personalities probably totally demonically possessed.

The Ft Hood 'stories' which spun faster than my washing machine but still the load came out dirty-the 'shooting of the congresswoman' where they couldn't even get it straight where the bullet went through her head.

Can not even keep their lying stories straight. But that's what pathological liars do.

Get people so sucked up into the spin cycle their tiny little heads just come apart. But they're still devil's advocates instead of keeping their stupid-probably demon depleted mouths shut.

So it's all about resonating and there is no reasoning with the unreasonable. It is exhausting to even go there and one sure way to see for yourself how pathological the company you keep is to show them this picture.

I just about busted a gut... two totally ridiculous images merged into one by some funny human just when I needed it most. Psychopaths do not have any sense of humor that isn't related to killing or gutting some clueless bystander.

Had that same conversation with one who likes to think she has faith, thinks she knows but is still eager to go into the minutae of the LIES. "DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THEY'RE SAYING-IT'S ALL LIES!!!!' I found myself shouting out!

The ickies are revving it up like all psychopathic vampires always will. I came across Stuart Wilde who I haven't read for a few years. Plenty of good things to do to protect yourself from the etheric baddies we're totally immersed within and without.

I'm going to drink me some chamomile tea-have a smoke before I go and mingle with some local masses today.

Have a good one les and company!

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Agree with Neko. I've also retired from the Futile Attempts to Waken Fellow Cattle business.

Decades ago when I was much younger and much more gullible than today, an old German relative tried to explain to me what utter bullshit the holey holoco$t scam was. He could not get through my deeply implanted telezombie mental programing block.

Now, a number of friends/family have made pro-Obomber comments since this latest Khazar comedy effort in Pakistan.

My monosyllabic response is sufficient. They go on their merry deluded way. Nothing I say would break through the shutters in their TV mind - the one-eyed God in the living room told them it's so, and that is that. End of story.

I may as well try explaining to them they exist in a Two Political Party - One Hidden Dictatorship system of despotism, if I have a need to waste my time and energy. They willingly participate in the voting farce every time it comes around, carefully choosing between being betrayed by Republican traitors or Democrat traitors, so what's the point in trying to rain on their parade? They are just as much TV automatons as I used to be.

As for those uppity Icelanders thinking they have the right to opt out of the jews International Usury fraud - it is obviously time The Land of The Free bombed the living shit out of them too, same as we did with Germany when they tried it by booting the jew usurers out of Germany in the 1930s.


wv: abledlyi - yeah, plenty of us have shed blood for their big lies.

Vajrasattva said...

Not visible is the light of love
Nor tangible the body it is in
And so the body which receives it
And though this body will not avail
It is within; undifferentiated

Visible said...

why i like visible and don't have a preference for darkness, except in the company of

Love can be a difficult art due to the simplicity of it's nature

Anonymous said...


“They are parasitical entities”...........Les Visible

I don't know if you realized what you have said, but you're on the trail. They have been lodged in the brain for millions of years, creating the 3D illusion the humans call life. Their ultimate goal is to change the environment to better suit themselves. Denial of this fact will tell you who is and who is not an entity host. This is the awaking.


Anonymous said...

It is all a delusional psychosis. It is all about -how we act- in our sick society.

Let me explain something for one and all. This is important. Bear with me.

IF YOU WORK FOR A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, something like Countrywide, the giant mortgage company that grew so large on bogus mortgages, and, has since been bought by the equally criminal Bank of America, NO ONE is going to ask for YOUR PAYCHECK back when the crap-hits-the-fan, and the suddenly abhorrent and equally heinous criminality comes to light.

Hell, because of the fantastic amounts of money we're talking about in the case of the criminal enterprise known as Countrywide, our society has not even been able to find the CEO of that company, Anthony Mozillo, criminally responsible -despite all the harm he is responsible for inflicting upon millions upon millions of Americans put through financial misery.

BUT, this bureaucratic obfuscation of truth and the consequent escape from what seems justice, just does not add up. IT REWARDS the criminals, large and small, if the whole enterprise is corporate and of significant enough finances -doesn't it?

Yes, it does.

And our government is the same thing.

No one is going to ask to get the paycheck back from these American soldiers who are raping and pillaging Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan right now. No one will ask that these kids suffer the financial loss that seems appropriate for going along with such a criminal enterprise.

Nor will anyone ask for the paycheck back from the fat-assed, lazy, groping Senators who voted to approve these atrocities.

The same is true in every level of our corporatized government, no one is held personally responsible.


So, what is the solution?

We used to spit on returning Vietnam War Veterans who walked the street in uniform. The message was, -take that uniform off-.

It seems like a harsh thing to do, but, we were not spitting on the human being, but the criminal enterprise those human beings were so intimately associated with.

In fact, spitting on all these criminals in our society is what needs to be done, whether they are soldiers or government workers -THEY ARE ALL COLLUDING IN THE CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES THAT ARE DESTROYING OUR WORLD.

Let me say here publicly, I would spit on Senator Olympia Snowe and Senator Susan Collins of Maine.

I have been a registered Republican for some forty years.

But today, having seen these two social-climbing worms vote to lavish trillions on Wall Street providing for their 100-million-dollar bonuses -while Americans young and old suffer the consequences.

Yes, I would spit on these two Senators.

Don Robertson
Limestone, Maine

Josey Wales ll said...


I forgot the movie's name but there was this sceen. A group of cattle herders were pushing the herd ( a massive number )toward the edge of a cliff.

There was a young kid that stood near the edge as the herd rushed toward him. He was unflinching and steadfast. The herd picked up speed, seeming to challange his bravery.

The child became more resolute, until finally the herd stopped short of the edge by mere feet.

The sceen always impressed me, and I see that as what you are doing.

Your friend Josey

dublinmick said...

You have got to see this, there is absolutely nothing to debate about this. It is physically happening.

Anonymous said...

via Sri Ramakrishna

“Cry to the Lord with an intensely yearning heart and you will certainly see Him. People shed a whole jug of tears for wife and children. They swim in tears for money. But who weeps for God? Cry to Him with a real cry.

"It is necessary to pray to Him with a longing heart."

"If a man repeats the name of God, his body, mind and everything becomes pure."

"in the light of Vedantic reasoning Brahman has no attributes. The real nature of Brahman cannot be described. But so long as your individuality is real, he world also is real, and equally real are the different forms of God and the feeling that God is a Person.”

“No one can say with finality that God is only ‘this’ and nothing else. He is formless, and again He has forms. For the bhakta he assumes forms. But he is formless for the jnani."

“The caste system can be removed by one means only, and that is the love of God. Lovers of God do not belong to any caste."

“With sincerity and earnestness one can realize God through all religions."

Jai Sri Ramakrishna!

Anaughty Mouser said...

Dublin Mick,

Thank you for the good link to the sinkhole videos.

It is curious how FEMA was running drills at the New Madrid fault line and the flooding and sinkholes begin in that exact area.

I wonder if Haarp or equivalent is involved.

Regards, Mouser

(1) Just fear mongering? - nothing in April... said...

Pacific Rim coastal folks need to get marching in 3 days. Japan is going to have 1-2 more BIG 10+ quakes and because of the nuclear meltdown Japan will be sunk entirely. Contemplate the size of an earthquake that would have to occur to sink Japan under another plate tectonic. The tsunami from that will be 1000-1500 feet in height and will hit the coasts of the Pacific Rim several times. This is to happen before the end of April.

Two major quakes will occur in June. (June 15th-21st) One is to occur on the San Andreas fault, the other on the Cascadian. Both will be 10 to 10.5's. I do believe a 10.0 is ten times worse than a 9.0. The cities on the west coast of the Americas will be destroyed.

Arizona and most of Nevada will be destroyed. New Mexico will be ocean front by the sounds of it.

The earth is already ringing like a bell. This will set off the New Madrid fault line splitting the Unitied States at the Mississippi River, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.

New York City and area will sink into a cavern that has no known depth. It is an abyss and with all our [current] technology, they haven't been able to measure its depth. It will be filled in by the ocean and look like a lake. Vast regions will be destroyed on the east coast because when the New Madrid goes (in June) it will set off the nuclear plants which will be 1000 times worse than Japan because of the sheer number of them on the east coast.

All of Europe will go. Apparently it will start in Greece with a quake and a deadly volcano in Europe will go too. Can't remember the time frame. Have to re-watch it. SOOO much info given.

Ramtha's message was delivered on March 31st, and the following morning April 1st, Greece had a 6.2 quake. Human Beings still do not know how to predict earthquakes.
We just simply do not know...nobody does, even with all our sophisticated technology.

This is the longest message ever delivered from the Ram.

Japan 10.5 quake in next 3 months creates a 800-1000 foot wave to hit entire Pacific Rim Wave of 250 feet in area near Yelm make sure you are above 300 feet and not near water

Mt. Rainier is calm Mt Adams and Mt Hood will not be safe 22 miles around Yelm, Washington or high ground is safe

Of the Pacific Ring of Fire three days this evacuation is to begin of all island nations in the Pacific Ring of Fire

Do it straight away says Ram
Japan is going under, into the sea......except for Mount Fugi
Be prepared to go to safe land until 2014

(2) Just fear mongering? - nothing in April... said...

Australia .......go inland away from coast. Europe will disappear
This is an event like the times of Atlantis/Lemuria ........Europe will sink overnight

Be prepared to go to safe land until 2014

JZ streamed the night before and told us about the huge quake going to happen on the 15th to 21st of June..a 10 scale quake ...Calif... Oregon... Mexico and all the way up will head across the states...the largest concentration of Nuke plants are on the east coast..they will not have enough time to shut them down. You saw what happened in Japan..Japan will look like nothing compared to what is about to happen.....

Australia ...go inland away from coast Europe will disappear
this is an event like the times of Atlantis/Lemuria ...Europe will sink in one night

My own personal "Knowingness" is indicating to me that this quake will strike Japan on April 22nd. It is definitely going to happen sometime in April before months end. Because of 'quantum' shift',s things can change RAPIDLY in a heartbeat. I'm leaving Vancouver Island and heading inland on March 21st at the latest....or possibly earlier, if I should suddenly receive information that indicates I need to do that.

I do not want the responsibility on my head for your personal safety and well being by sharing misleading information. The point is YOURSELF, and your own 'Intuitive knowingness'. Pay attention to Nature now....animals have an instinct for this sort of thing. If your domestic pets begin displaying unusual behaviours....or if you see rodents such as mice and rats running away from the coast,or birds...or any animal in nature... it's time to bust a move.

Be ever alert this month, pay attention, get NOT let yourself become distracted

What lies before us is an unprecedented event of a cataclysmic nature.

Anyone living in coastal communities needs to be aware of this, which is why I'm sending this out now to all my friends.

Time is of the essence though and I'm taking care of business and bustin' a move.

Every prediction Ramtha has ever made over the past 30 years has come to pass. This is no exception. do with this information what you will.

Those who are 'in the know' and aligned with nature will pay attention and take heed. If your trust YOURSELF and your own God/instincts you'll do what is right for you and be at the 'Right place/Right time'. Those who want to dismiss this information as nonsensical drivel....that's your choice. just ringing the alarm bells in an effort to save as many people as possible.

So there you have it. Stay safe and be prepared to bust a move at any moment over these next three months. Your very life may depend upon it. Be alert and prepared at all times.

Unconditional Divine Love and God Speed to All,
Jeff Lake

abe said...

Loved this one cousin Les.

See you on the other side, and let's not sabotage our own crossing worrying about those that fail to cross the old rainbow bridge, they're covered too:

Visible said...

Just out of curiosity, since April is over (is it?) and that didn't happen, does that mean there's hope for the rest of us?

Anonymous said...


TheSparkle said...

Dublin Mick,

That's the amazing expanding Earth for you I guess. One hypothesis.

wv: inging just mentioned it because it's funny

Anonymous said...

They overplayed their hand! The latest bin Laden bullshit story is so ridiculous until it is beginning to cause quite a few brain-dead people to start questioning the offical version of 9/11.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Speaking for myself I'm 101% sure I was born with a death sentence imposed upon me.

Little ole me, just an innocent baby tucked in swaddling.

That I looked remarkably like baby Attila surely was coincidence and the fact that my mother swore up and down I wasn't her baby... well .. not exactly an auspicious start.

No angels were singing, no flowers falling, no aroma of roses permeating the near atmosphere.

And that was just for starters!

Because I obviously merited cuts, bruises, breaks, burns, fevers, a broken heart or two, etc.

Sound familiar?

Shucks, what else is new?

Oh yes!
I DID finally find out Who my Father was and is!!

Hare Krishna!
Hare Rama!

Mouser said...

June 30, 2008
By Massimo Calabresi

Which is closer to dying: Osama bin Laden or the CIA's effort to catch him? Nothing has characterized the fruitlessness of the hunt for the al-Qaeda leader so much as the recurrent — and mostly inaccurate — reports that he is seriously ailing, or even at death's door. In 2002, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said bin Laden had kidney disease, and that he had required a dialysis machine when he lived in Afghanistan. That same year, the FBI's top counterterrorism official, Dale Watson, said, "I personally think he is probably not with us anymore." Since then, of course, bin Laden has appeared on multiple videos looking healthier than ever."

This is government/MSM damage control. Without kidney transplantation, a patient is cannot get off dialysis. Ask a nefrologist - one who passes Visible's Litmus test.

Osama bin Laden died in December 2001 of kidney failure as reported in multiple daily papers in Pakistan.


est said...

i wish you could be me
just for a moment

that you might feel
all your worries
and cares melt away

the light i see ahead
no hounds on your tail

Visible said...

I've been singing the harmony part in that luxious mode of 'Govinda! hare krishna! ahh ah ah hare rama!' and on and on it's an internal massage machine as well as a flying saucer

Visible said...

bringing home starlight in a pail that has no bottom, as we lie in tranquil worlds forgotten

Anonymous said...

via Homer

All I'm asking, brother les, if it's not too much trouble,
please pick me up if you see me hitch hiking..

Visible said...

I thought that already happened.

Anonymous said...

I was told about the NWO 18 years ago, I was open minded but I thought the person was a bit mad. (BI - before Internet). I'm not too quick to judge unbelievers, knowing how stupido I am most of the time, hope in how much more there is to know (and understand) and gratitude for what I do and will.
Also I bear in mind that doubting and criticsing, however justified and truthful, can leave a vacuum in me that wants to be filled with yet more delusions and distractions. ("Hope, change")
So I wonder if "they" know all this and are letting some cats out of the bag, some steam pressure off the reactor. I half expect a huge Wikileaks revelation that, OMG, the government lied about 911 and some scapegoats can be hung for it. That could even go so high as Isreal as the sacrificial lamb. It is, after all, an international conspiracy and long term planning. Cut off the arm to save the body corporate.
The parasites still need a host, just not the persistent itchy and scratchy kind. occasional tail wagging is acceptable.

ta, again

wv: anted . what my cycnical and all doubting heart tells me what happens to all human organisations in our milieu.

Miriam said...

Vis and est~ beautiful...

Anonymous said...

via Homer

Touche' Prabhu!

Now I'll be humming "Crosstown Traffic" for a while..

Anonymous said...

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

George Orwell

I hope I won't be called to give blood to water the the proverbial tree of liberty. In any case, a man's got to do what a man's got to do. I just pulled the lion's tail.


Chinese Sneakers said...

Just wondering at the intentional juxtaposition in the title between paint versus light. (?)

Does it have something to do with the fact that there are two essential distinctions to be made between light and pigment/paint:

1) the primaries of light are Blue, Red, and Green; whereas, the primaries of pigment are Blue, Red, and Yellow (CMYK); and/or,

2) when you add the primaries of light you get white; but, when you add the primaries of pigment, you get a muddy shit-like goop tending towards black--although pure black pigment does not exist in my opinion.

Now, if i were guessing, i'd say that you meant to suggest that the one energy, white light, is incorporeal, whole and sanctifying; while the other one, pigment/paint, is bound-up in itself, material in form, and temporal.

The paradox, for me, is that there can be no pure white light energy without the existence of a material substrate composed of the primary pigments (ie., the components of black) from which it emanates.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

Check out the video of Bin Laden channel surfing… holding the remote… with his right hand.

How dumb do these mutherfuckers think we are?


Visible said...

Yeah, that felt so good that I had to snatch the lines back and the next thing I knew it turned into a fairly long song which I'll be putting up in a few days.

The more creative we can get the more we power the future which is spun like cloth out of the imagination and I think we're all mostly harmony types coming around here.

pattygolden said...

Blessing beyond measure to a brave and brilliant soul. My sincere thanks and gratitude. Patty

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks! I had to come back and read it twice, to laugh and to feel more peaceful...

Nayon said...

Get a load at what has been recorded in march in Florida:


Anonymous said...

Heya Vis, that smoked! Moral authority has been laid to rest, world opinion is no more than a game show and the difference between good and evil is about as relevant as changing channels.

love... PatrickW

nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney said...

"many criminals are being set-up to take the fall for 9/11 lies"

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.
But it cannot survive treason from within ... Cicero

Remember the USAF 9-11 Stand Down Orders.

Gypsy Scholar said...

"many criminals are being set-up to take the fall for 9/11 lies"

1. I hope you're right.

2. I think you might be right.

In the latter case, here is why:

You see, even if one has the brain of a cat you can figure out WTC7 was demolished without any plane crash cover story.

Why was that?

Because US secret service and Mossad f**ked up on 9/11. A loose cannon general sent up two legit fighter planes which shot down the plane intended to be used as the obfuscation for WTC7 collapsing.

Cover story plane downed in Shanksville. Tons of electronic security frauds and the plans for the inside job in Giulianis suites still needed destroying on 9/11. A whole day of communication between NWO Rothschild in London and the chumps in NYC who botched the cover for the demolition of the WTC7 tower.

Finally Rothschild says okay to the NYC inside job people to demolish the third building, sans plane crash, and at approx. 5:20 pm they "pull it".

But lord of the world Rothschild is not happy and warns if the truth gets out - heads will roll.

Ten years later there are millions of "truthers" on their smelly tails. "Enough!" says Rothschild - time to cut off the gangrene to save the NWO body politik.

The order is given by lord Rothschild: Everyone's (sic) involved in the f**k-up's heads shall roll. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeldt, Rice, etc., etc.,etc. AND israel for their Mossadic responsibility f**k-up. That is because Mossad had the ultimate responsibility for the false flag operation directly to Rothschild and his NWO cronies. That is to say that the false flag should be 100% fool proof.

Of course Rothschild will cut the chain of responsibility several layers beneath himself and his cronies. The really, really bid fish always get away - one of the the only things true in Hollywood movies.

But everyone, including israel, who the bloggers of the world are ripping to shreads, shall now be sacrificed for the good of the future implementation of the NWO.

Israel will cease its charter and be returned to a (democratic) country named Palestine where all religions get an equal vote with standard rep-by-pop.

Israel as a country will cease to exist without the use of nukes.

And the lord of the world, Rothschild with the help of his IMF cronis, will get back to setting up the NWO which has been planned for over fifty years.


BUSTED! said...


Epiphant moment. A light went on.

There was supposed to be one real plane on 9/11. The one which was planned to plow into Guliani's secutity 'bunker' in the WTC7 tower.

It was going to be radio controlled by Rayethon but it was shot down in the 'fog of war'.

Problem. The 'third' plane was planed to be real and to validate the collapse of WTC7 and the other two towers. There were no explosive devices prepared in WTC7 which could mimick an airliner crashing in to it. WTC7 was really planned to be hit with a plane and then collapse. But the plane was shot down hundreds of miles away.

What to do? Plan B; demolish building 7 without the real plane first crashing into it and hope no-one notices.

Well the result of Plan B is today. The number of peoplein the world realising 9/11 was an inside job is growing as fast as the US national debt. Thousands a second.

The result of plan B will be a show unto itself.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

Dreaming of Reptiles under a Skinny Dipping Moon.

AUDPaulE said...

Awesome post Les, thankyou!

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

That was a beautiful blog (I can say that heartfelt about your blogs)...

I too am very drawn to metaphysics it is a wonderful relief from the BS our evil controllers feed the masses (masters of lies)...

I have been spouting NON-compliance as a means to the end for years now but felt it was all in vain...firstly because so many live in denial that evil exists and is controlling this dimension...

These demons in power are about exploitation, disease, death, misery, destruction, ego, power, greed and lies...exactly the way their evil god created them and this evil system...

the True Beings are at a final crossroads...

continue your path on the road called Comfort Zone (of denial)or a trap by evil in reality...or AWAKEN to your inner truth (your Gnostic knowledge) this dimension is an EVIL takeover that is nearing completion of its end...

what is about to occur will be something True Beings will never forget...

Time is short...those of the dark will get crazier and crazier...remember as a True Being and light worker ask for "PROTECTION" so you move through this with as little damage to your energy or prana (they are energy vampires) as possible.

Best Wishes Always

Anonymous said...

Great piece AGAIN!
Thank you for allowing me the free speech opp.
2 quotes come 2 mind,2 mirror the obvious mess we got gob smacked with this time.

"Americans aint necessarially stupid,they just KNOW so many things that just aint so"

and this from another great American scumbag:

“We are an Empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you are studying that reality – judiciously as you will – we will act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We are history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” Carl Rove

I hope thing settle out peacefully this time and not like the civil war.It may be best to move away till it's over. A race war is another possibility,just look at a tv screen anywhere in Amerika is that the face of BIG BROTHER?

Anonymous said...

A 47 story steel and concrete skyscraper wired for controlled demolition in under 5 hours?


I don't think so. Neither do demolition experts.

The demolition charges firing sequence in WTC7 misfired/whatever. It was meant to "fall down" while covered from view by the huge clouds of powdered concrete from the controlled demolitions of WTC1 and WTC2. But . . . screw up. It took the psychos 5 hours to fix whatever went wrong with the wiring/firing sequence.

Research the late Barry Jennings. He was there; he experienced some of the cutter charges in WTC7. He was interviewed afterward, before his untimely death.

DaveR said...

Anonymous @ 4:17 PM said...

A 47 story steel and concrete skyscraper wired for controlled demolition in under 5 hours?


I don't think so. Neither do demolition experts.

The demolition charges firing sequence in WTC7 misfired/whatever.


True enough yet probably not. I looked at this for years and I think the best that's come up is in this little blog I put up (under my name). I must be on the right track because in the last couple weeks it got hacked.

It takes some time to go through it, because it's rather long. Do watch the Khaleov interview.

I do pretty much agree w/ Gypsy Scholar - people will be twisting in the wind soon enough. Those who were willing participants will find themselves abandoned and discarded by those who put them up to it and it will turn to every-man-for-himself (I hope).

The plan to take America down is proceeding, but I don't think it will succeed. For all our problems people like us too much and we've held out an ideal that resonates with the masses worldwide. They too recognize there is a tumorous growth on this country that we Americans may need outside help to discard.

wv: ininn - 1) an Indiana based chain of motels; 2) Seek here, it's a safe place to stay.

King of the Paupers said...

Dog Poet Les Visible: "The system at the present status cannot be fixed."
Jct: You can be pessimistic to say the system can't be fixed but you're not a systems engineer. I am and am your best bet to debug and fix the system. Just find "Big Lie of Economics" hiding Shift B inflation to know how it can be done. Be happy. The Engineer's on the job and it can be fixed.
"The people must simply refuse to perform in the construct as it exists and the construct will have no power. It will collapse. Don’t work for them. Don’t give them any money, turn your back on them and the system will fall and another will follow."
Jct: Holding your breath until you die isn't the way out. They have the bailiffs, they have the guns. Tell me how far you get when you turn your back on the tax-man.

neal said...

There is white light, which likes to reflect and refract, and tends for some to reinforce the impression of a world of distinct, solid stuff.
There is a little noticed part (I think it's epigenetic, and not open to discussion) of this that doesn't play that game, and doesn't give matter it's due, and shows the reality of a translucent dream that's purple haze, or lavender, the way a crow is not black, but blue, if you can catch the angle of the drift.
The part that doesn't stick, and
keeps going, is a gift, and mercurial, even in the deepest hidden places.
That part ties everything together in a way that can be disconcerting, but can keep you, whether you want to believe it or not, or just look.

Anonymous said...

"There were no explosive devices prepared in WTC7 which could mimick an airliner crashing in to it. WTC7 was really planned to be hit with a plane and then collapse. But the plane was shot down hundreds of miles away."

See kids, never drink bong water it will mess up your reasoning capacity.


Visible said...

K of P-

wasn't that the exact solution I've been pointing out since oh, whenever and here as well?

Citizen Elle said...

“I forgot the movie's name but there was this scene. A group of cattle herders were pushing the herd (a massive number) toward the edge of a cliff. There was a young kid that stood near the edge as the herd rushed toward him. He was unflinching and steadfast. The herd picked up speed, seeming to challenge his bravery. The child became more resolute, until finally the herd stopped short of the edge by mere feet.

The scene always impressed me, and I see that as what you are doing.”
Josey – 8:02 PM

Thanks, Josey – YEAH! I love great imagery like this. No idea what the movie was.

LV, I really want to refer to you as Maestro going forward in my posts for some reason. Do you mind? Does that resonate with you or not? Oh-man-spirit of already many names.

Thinking green is a beautiful color - much love,

Anonymous said...

"Research the late Barry Jennings. He was there; he experienced some of the cutter charges in WTC7. He was interviewed afterward, before his untimely death."

Mr Jennings survived the first attempted CD of WTC7 on the morning of 911 thanks to their wiring/firing screw up. What he did not survive was the interview.

What the VERY inconvenient eye witness Mr Jennings did not know of was the process of eliminating inconvenient witnesses, which was instituted after they murdered John F Kennedy. Had he been aware of that he may have kept his mouth shout and stayed alive, as Mr Hess who was with him in WTC7 when the firing sequence failed has done.

There are "no planers" and "no brainers", "mini nukers" and "I just wanna pukers" blah blah blah. Steven Jones discovery of unreacted nano thermite in the World Trade Center dust puts all that bullshit to rest. The three (3) World Trade Center towers were brought down - at free fall speed, into their own footprints - in classic controlled demolitions (19 muslim patsies did not do that), everything else is just hot air and distraction.

David Ray Griffin's books on the 911 false flag are also worth reading - all of them.

Citizen Elle said...

Visible & est, those lines touch the heart
Pierre, I can totally relate - love the post
Chinese Sneakers, thx for digging that hole for us dawgz (deep)
Gypsy, wow
Miriam, hi honey
Dave R, nice optimism about being in a safe position

thinking white is a beautiful light color too – all together now (in harmony, yes),

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

there's one thing about the downed WTC 7 plane theory and that's that they would expect us to believe the Bollocks if there were a requisite plane, just like the other two. that they expect us to have some common sense (which i must admit has not been evident to date with WTC7 - what 3rd Tower?), but not much if we are to beleive that planes can do that at all.

If it was the case, wouldnt you love to have seen something like the Obamakill PhotoOp when they realised that the plane had been downed. caption similar "Do you think we should have turned on these laptops and monitored our boys closer" or "Backup plan, I thought YOU had the back up plans. I dunno, pickup the hotline and call the Boss"

I keep coming back to the boy who cried wolf syndrome. fingers in my ears, lalallala, I don't believe anything *they* say. and trying to steer clear of cynicism and nihilism.

wv: antranet : the name of the underground internet, or outside of it.
or a spiritual practice-sounding but incomplete cosmic internet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,

Thanks for another great article. I have been depressed since my beloved lab was "euthanized" a couple of weeks ago due to cancer.
I just wanted to comment that my house is "done" in white including tile floors, walls, window treatments etc. It gives me a sense of peace. I hope we all make it through these extremely difficult times being a better person as a result.

Biological_Unit said...

The Cattle stampede was from the movie Australia.

Steven Jones discovery of unreacted nano thermite

I think Nuke fusion could create this from the Steel and Aluminum of the Towers.
Thermite reactions create intense brightness, which was NOT seen in the collapse. GROUND ZERO <> REFERS TO NUKES!!

Anonymous said...

Let us know what results you get from your research into "I think Nuke fusion could create this from the Steel and Aluminum of the Towers."

Till then I will stick with military grade nano thermite demolition charges, placed in the three WTC towers in the weeks/months leading up to 911, by agents of the Israeli Government of America.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

In the Saucer Pod on the way Somewhere.

Anonymous said...

"There were no explosive devices prepared in WTC7 which could mimick an airliner crashing in to it. WTC7 was really planned to be hit with a plane and then collapse. But the plane was shot down hundreds of miles away."

The only thing I know - because of my cousin who lives in Rockaway - is that on 911 a plane crashed in her neighborhood, I believe it was a few houses down from her. She said it was not reported by any news outlet neither did the local authorities mention said plane crash. There was a big to-do about staying quiet about it. I don't remember if she knew whether it was a commercial plane but I think it's safe to say it was not private aircraft.

Also, the only thing I liked Natalilie Portman in (other than her first film - that hitman one) was The Black Swan. Man, that screaming orgasm really hurt ears! Dobly surround sound.

chuckyman said...

Did you know that light is invisible? Pass any light through any space and nothing shows (hint – space is black). Light is only Visible when it interacts with matter. It is the Backscatter that our eyes see. Watch the dust motes in a sunlit room to see the light around us.

Hummh from just a regular lurker (grin).

Anonymous said...

Bizarre.... Ive been lurking here for years, try to get on, and cannot!What is going on? Does this thread thru Kel Keltrav thru?
I just wanted to say, at the risk of death and prison, that Les is right: Forget prison of tax and forget prison of work and all the rest. You dont work for them, you dont work. That has been the way I have been for sixteen years. It works perfectly. Now watch you come batch my door down!

Anonymous said...

My 88yo parents died within three months of each other and as an only conscientious child (the brother being an alcoholic in Newport Beach) I had to sort out their shit. Amazing what they can accumulate after sixty years, esp. in the oil industry..... I was tripping in their LSD big room, after they died, and I got horrible vibes..... I gave it all away, all their clothes, furniture, etc. and now I feel a lot better. Didnt Jeezus say about that something about that?
Tex, 2011

Anonymous said...

Doesnt it always go that way Les?
As formerly I said, was LSD and then the phone rings (the cell, always beware). He says my son has been horribly horried in a bicyclenet in Bicyclenet, in Bielefeld, Germany, and he broke his arms and leg.
I'm trying to dig you a lesson, "doesnt it ever do this way when you think you are this way and way?"
Dont even think this too cerebral this, it is too sad, but I can say you can say a lot can say this can say about this.
Just imagine someone who can only produce one child who has this thing.... and he has this dynamic to do very hazard things reduceless..... my hat is off him.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

on light and backscatter, this new type of microscope filters out the directly relected light from the more randomly backacattered, using quantum cohesion (or something, I dont understand all the ins and outs). what an amazing world we can create using the technology, appropriately of course.

the goal is to reduce the processing time, increase the depth through which matter can be seen (at 250 nanometer resolution)... as it used near infrared light it seems safe.


wv: eucke what it looks like when it all goes horribly wrong (like "the Fly" winepress scene)



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