Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Amazing, Rotating, Glow in the Dark, Bin Laden.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses be hoses for the substance of truth, whether it be roses or shit, the smell of it is a wonderful thing’.

Is it funny or just pathetic? The comments string, complete with homemade misspellings, is largely written by one person. Then you go to the article on The Twisters. You note that Wrangler Corp. is making sure their employees have; food, water, gift cards and other critical supplies. Once I saw they were providing gift cards, I knew that they had to be following federal guidelines. The whole article is an amazing work of gifted stupidity, provided by a think tank composed of whoever wrote the comments string in the other article. We have officially entered False Flag Central. The tales on Bin Laden and the Pakistani neighborhood, the government details about the hit, are a little southwest of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

We are living in a cartoon without the laugh track. You can’t tell what’s funny any more because people have lost the ability to laugh in a timely fashion on their own, or to spot the places where it ‘might’ be appropriate. Objective reasoning and sequential logic tracking have slipped the rails on a gone dead train; “USA! USA! USA! It’s an anagram for ‘u stupid anachronisms’ or something like it. ‘Wrap me in the corporate flag, poison my land and imprison my family. I know you’ve got my best interests at heart. The Gospel of Wealth is my mantra for health. I can plan my future in the real estate section for Mars, drinking boilermakers and watching Dancing with the Stars’.

Lao Tzu said it, “a country is best when they barely know their leader exists, worse when they fear him and the very worst when they ridicule and laugh at him”. That’s not verbatim but the thought is the same; fear in the mountains and death on the plain.

Well, the monsters are up to something. They’re bombing the New Madrid Fault Line that Dublin Mick’s been Haarping on and they’ve got the new and improved dead guy as a rallying point for the in house Al Qaeda dirty bomb squad, courtesy of Mossad and the CIA, WHO WERE THE AUTHORS OF 9/11, 7/7 (help from MI6) and the Madrid Train Station; not to be confused with the New Madrid Fault line.

I may use some bad language today. Of course, whatever bad language I use will be no comparison for the efforts of a legion of trolls at all the mass media shit speak and comments section. It won’t be as filthy as the inside of Obama’s psychotic mind. It won’t be insidiously pornographic, like the astral bodies of your Israeli masters. It’s just going to be something along the lines of wondering what these motherfuckers are going to get up to next.

There used to be these old psychological tests, which are different from the psychological tortures that replaced them. One question was about a bear in a field under a tree. Did you try to make your way around the bear? Did you wait in the woods until the bear left? Or did you march forward and confront the bear? The bear can personify the libido or the sum of your fears; possibly the two are connected (grin) or the bear can represent evil. So there’s another possibility; you go back the way you came and wait for the bear to die of old age, because the bear actually symbolizes evil and as we know, evil eventually destroys itself, possibly once it has run out of everything else to destroy. Please pardon the sarcasm. I can only hope it is recognized as such, given the incipient trend around here sometimes, where the people who wrote those MSM comments come around in their free time to keep us on our toes.

I’m not going to let it get me down. The most heartbreaking sign of full on disaster ahead is the mind numbing stupidity of a significant portion of the public, which was unable, across the course of ten years, to suss out that Bin Laden had already been dead all that time. The New York Times, famous for “all the news that Israel wants printed” has been lowering the bar for awhile and has now gone into an unlearning curve that resembles the stock market graph for 1929. The public just dug a trench under the limbo bar of lowered expectations and is now tunneling its way to China in search of daylight. On the plus side, understanding Chinese has got to be easier than understanding government doublespeak.

How does it happen? How does it work? The whole government is lying and everyone reporting the news- distinguished journalists all –are lying. Businesses are lying. Corporations are lying. The courts and enforcement agencies are lying. Educators are lying. Religious leaders are lying. Lies should be and are currency. This is how the rich have gotten so much richer. The lies have gotten infinitesimally larger. They’ve worth more even though the money is worth less or nothing at all but all of that, like the stock market rests largely on belief and that explains how important the lies are.

I struggle to imagine how such a number of the public; tens of millions of people can have reached a level of Dumb and Dumber that definitely doesn’t need a laugh track. We know who’s laughing; who wrote the copy that gives them such a chuckle. What we need and don’t have is a tears track, some way to follow the tracks of our tears, given how people say you’re “the life of the party, cause you tell a joke or two”.

Today, I took the tea strainer out of the tea and set it on the sink. I went back down for another cup and found it had been replaced in the teapot, ruining the tea. Susanne was out of the house. How did it happen? Susanne parked the Touran in front of the house on a flat road. She went back outside and found the car had rolled 50 yards to a fence where it stopped 2 centimeters shy of it. She went to the bank and got distracted getting a couple of hundred Euro out of the bank and wandered off. Then, remembering, she runs back to the bank and finds that the Bancomat machine won’t work because it gagged on the returning money. The bank gave her the money but... things like this are commonplace now. I’ve had things happening that are the stuff of Twilight Zone.

I think I’ll digress a moment because; what am I going to say? You know, I’ve never seen an article about what happens to all the valuables sucked up by a tornado. I’ve never read a story about money raining out of the sky. I never read a single report about valuables washing up on someone’s front yard from Katrina or any related disaster. I heard about a boy that got sucked up into one of the tornados. He got back okay. I’ve heard of cats and dogs traveling hundreds of miles home. There appears to be some kind of vibrating veil that closes off all the things that we would expect to logically occur and which confines us behind a view screen of manufactured appearances that serve some agenda whose point and purpose are an eternal mystery. Depending on your karma, you can see through more gossamer samskara scarves, into the real world; mostly the scarves are opaque and one group of people can’t reasonably or logically talk to the other.

It seems that there are as many worlds as there are people and the look and feel of the common world contains only those elements that have been collectively agreed on but they don’t exist, anymore than the tales that circulate as road markers for what it is; whatever ‘it’ is, whatever ‘is’ is.

This transition thing is very real. My days are haunted by it and it has adjusted the fabric of my reality so that I am once again sitting on a Persian carpet and pouring paisleys out of a teapot, the way I used to do on a white light or window pane acid trip. I keep expecting one of the dogs to start talking just like you and me. Susanne hasn’t slept in days and doesn’t seem to need it. Her cheerfulness is a contagion of childlike delight. I am between worlds and as strange as it is, it doesn’t seem strange. What seems strange is the cosmic stupidity and pernicious opportunism of the Obama’s and whatever inhabits those host bodies. We are in a time of epic change and on one side it’s all confusion, fear and sorrow. On the other side it is the opposite. Which side are you on, as the song goes?

I can’t imagine what comes next but I think it’s really bad and really good simultaneously, depending on who you are. We have entered the time of myths and legends. There are no borders and the barriers are crumbling. The veil is dropping, dissolving and light is breaking through on one end as darkness pours in on another. Quo Vadis? Indeed.

So, if I’ve seemed strange a time or two lately, it’s because of all of this. I feel like a snake that has just shed its skin, with all of the attendant dangers, resident in the reactive mind. Stilling that side of myself seems to be job one. I apologize in advance for anything I may say or do today (grin). I just need a little more light, that’s all.

End Transmission.......

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A.Mouser said...

Sanity in a sea of deceit. An oasis of truth in a desert of lies.

Lies will eventually die when enough facts are bought out in the open. But truth never dies. Nomatter how many facts are brought forth the truth will always live on.

The truth about WTC7 and 9/11 lives on.

The truth about the zionist Rothschild fractional reserve international central banking with usury causing global debt slavery lives on.

The truth about 7/7 and the Madrid train bombing live on.

The truth about israel genociding the Palestinians off their own land lives on.

The truth there were no 6 million killed and no gas chambers in WW2 concentration camps lives on.

You are a warrior for the truth Les Visible and you live on.

May God bless you with all his goodness. It a great service you are doing to all that will hear.

The truth will always live on.

Sincerely, Mouser

Anonymous said...

Appropriate that Bin Deaden was re-killed in Abottacostelloabad.

William Freeman said...

I can imagine how it works:
They're all sat around a table and the bad reports are coming e.g Ghadaffis son and grandchildren dead after bombing, the fake BC is taking on a life of it's own, Fatah and Hamas have made up, the israelis are preparing strikes on Iran from within Iraq, it's coming thick and fast and we need to do something soon. Karl Rove, still working for the man raises his hand. They turn and look at him. He shifts a little uneasy in his chair. "Well, we still have Osama Bin Laden". They laugh, but one by one they stop laughing and look at each other. Eureka!!


William Freeman

duncan said...

For the Tao which is manifest is not Tao. Speech which argues falls short of its aim. Kindnes which has fixed objects loses its scope. Integrity which is obvious is not believed in.
Who knows the argument which can be argued without words, and the Tao which does not declare itself as Tao? He who knows this may be said to have entered the realm of spirit.
I have not posted here before but love your message and the way you write it. I live in Japan and work in China, my next workshop is the Wisdom of Tao, a fools errand to be sure!!! Who talks about Tao does not know Tao, but what else is there to talk about!!
Love your work, keep on keepin' on, the veil is about to be pierced big time, let them that have eyes see, yours in service, Duncan, Japan, sometime toward the end or beginning of all time,love

Anonymous said...


Most folks know that the present situation is FUBAR. Any positive ideas?....other than waiting for cosmic stuff. What should one do meanwhile or in the near future?

Oh well. I guess I'll just do it doggie style, tuck my snout into my ass, fart, and go to sleep.


Regarding the sidebar:

Yes. Jesus Christ is speaking. He's currently in Salt Lake City.

just me, Laurel A. said...

thank you les. i have felt like the embodiment of a linda blair, these last few days have taken the head spinning effect to a level i cannot even measure in warp numbers. if it werent for your thoughts on page, and the amazing community here, i think i would be unable to even gag, this stuff out here is so paralyzingly toxic. whew.

Unknown said...

The cluelessness of the collective humanity blows me out of the water. The state of the world makes me glad I don't exist. I'm allergic to stupidity.

Makes me wonder if having the head op one's own arse is some sort of comfort zone. I, quite frankly, am not THAT limber, so I think I'll pass. (Not to mention it looks quite UNDIGNIFIED!!!!) I'll take the ugly truth over blissful illusion any day.


siamsam said...

I can't weigh it up. Do we have a bunch of insane psychos, with moronic mind sets, in the Whitehouse. Or is it the case that they just know that the American sheeple are so fucking moronic that they have to keep the propaganda at basement level to make the point.

Perhaps it is both. Certainly seems that we are in new territory.

Perhaps they will put any waking sheeple back to sleep at any given time by pulling the 'Pentagon flash' card. When the unruly sheep doubted that a plane had hit. The simplyy showed a 2 second flash - and said what more proof do you need!

Anonymous said...

"a little southwest of Monty Python’s Flying Circus" - so southwest it's ended up in an nazi-era Antarctic cave? Great imagery today Les.

Didja see some guy found the still from BlackHawk Down they've just used for hyping up Osama bin Decomposin' ?

If this is the measure of Forces of Darkness contempt for the ignorant, it's pretty poor stuff.

Love on, Les, the Light is getting stronger every day/hour/minute/second now.

Whoopee and for some Light Relief:-

justabod, with gratitude.

Anonymous said...

A better link for the Blackhawk Down discovery:-


Visible said...

I'm still looking for someone to help me out with refurbishing my computer. I guess I'm looking for a gamer, overclocking sort of a person who knows about quad, six and eight core setups, USB 3.0 and motherboard bundles etc. I just need someone to take my specs and requirements and advise me on what items to buy to replace my cpu, motherboard, memory and case (maybe graphic card) and that's it. I don't want to screw it up. I do not want to use Intel as it is made in Israel, so it's AMD that I'm after. I'd appreciate any help or advice.


Ben said...

"We are in a time of epic change and on one side it’s all confusion, fear and sorrow. On the other side it is the opposite." Amen and amen, Vis.

Once a week my wife and I get together for dinner at our home with our eldest daughter, son-in-law and two year-old grandson. Usually accompanying us is our youngest (adult and single) daughter. These occasions are always full of joy, laughter and pure pleasure in one another's company.

My wife remarked recently that she has noticed that when we get together like this inevitably and quickly the conversation turns to "things spiritual". There is absolutely no conversation about sports, entertainment trivia, nor actors/actresses, latest trends, fashions or American Idol (I've never seen the show and had to google Justin Beiber when I heard people talking about him).

We all of us keep current on the latest world events but this more in anticipation of what Heavenly Father is going to reveal next, be it in earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, tornados, wars, economic and/or political upsets. When there is warfare in the spiritual realm, as there currently most certainly is, we will see manifestations of this in the physical world... and lately we are certainly seeing this. And it is all good.

For those that are blind to this - only Father can open their eyes/ears/hearts to spiritual things. If He has kept them blind, deaf and hardened-of-heart, it is because they are exactly as Father would have them be.

It is time to lift up our heads for our redemption is approaching. The Unveiling/Revelation/Apocalypse is a wonderful time.... unless, as you've stated, you're on the opposite side.

Zoner said...

Between worlds. Indeed.

Thanks for not lying to us. Honesty is such a rare and precious commodity these days.

wv; ingag. You in on it?

Scarlett said...

A number of my Fox News watching "friends" are starting to think that Osama has been dead a while and that Obama made all this up for re-election purposes. Of course, they don't really know (or want to know) the truth. They just want some reason to keep Obama from being a hero in all of this. Gotta love the conspiracies from those who call us who doubt 9/11 "truthers".

I know something is up -- I just can't for the life of me figure out what comes next. Will they be utterly predictable and set off a nuke in Germany or will they, like a cornered animal, just start lashing out wildly? Every time I try to puzzle it out, my head spins and I feel like vomiting.

I'm still trying to come to terms with figuring out this detachment stuff. Be in the world but not of the world. Caring but not being too attached. I struggle with this one. I sort of think that is the key to this whole thing. I still want to fight the good fight without losing myself in the process. I feel all of this is out of my hands (and I hope it is because that would mean it is in far more capable hands than mine!) but I'm still expected to do my part. Just trying to figure out exactly what my part is.

Thanks for this site and all who post here. When things get crazy, it is like a touchstone that helps ground me. Being able to see reality in a world that prizes the ability to reject it makes you feel lonely and mad. Sometimes I wish I were ...

TheSparkle said...


I recently built an AMD-based very high-end setup, very cheaply (compared to store prices). I love it. I used but there are many other sources to buy parts and bundles. I didn't have any problems or issues. Once I plugged everything together it worked right on the first try.

Erik said...

Hi Les,

Maybe you missed this, but you had already received some IMHO 'sound advice' from Tony Nicholls ...


I have just built a new pc using an AMD platform. I wont use intel for the same reason and I`m well happy with it.
I would go with a six core AMD 1090T rather than a dozer. mate it to a gigabyte GA890GPA-UD3H m/board and throw in some fast memory like corsair vengeance and it will be able to handle anything you throw at it.

Visible said...

Thank you Sparkle;

I know about Newegg and I know how to buy components and even do a certain amount of hardware installations and other things the way I was able to fix the head gasket on my Sabb or put a starter into my Mazda truck. You have to jack it up first and free the wheels or you can't put it in or out. I learned these things the painful and hard way.

I am looking for someone to advise me on the exact CPU and motherboard with memory that will give me the best torgue for the buck and allow for a certain amount of static overclocked state. I can find someone to put it all together but I want to talk to a ware savvy tech type who knows what's what. that person would know about 'bulldozer' and why it's not USB 3.0 capable and whether such a thing is a necessity given it isn't going to be there, at first anyway. I need to know if I wait or go with what's around because I won't get an appreciable edge anyway. Stuff like that.

Visible said...

Erik, yes, I saw that but it still doesn't answer a number of questions. I need someone I can back and forth with a little.

Unknown said...

Ciao Les, I havent posted in a while, but I still read your posts. Quite personal and existential lately, albeit always a good read.
Things are coming to a head for sure, maybe this charade in AbbotandCostelloarebad is the saving face for a general pullout. Remains to be seen. Keep it together my friend. We need you.

Anonymous said...


I'm cleaning coffee from my screen and keyboard, preciate'cha! Aaahhhhh aaaahhhhh aaaaahhhh hahahahahahahaha!


We had been somewhat dealing with a small plague for a week or two of what I believe to be fruit flies. Seemed unable to remove them with any real relief. I sat at the compooter and was going to look up a natural remedy; wine in a glass from my wife the night before by the way works wonders. Any who, as we began pondering our sitchy-a-shun, Source asked me to converse with the rapscallions. One was busy being a nuisance near me and so I stuck out my index finger and asked the gossamer winged, banzai pilot to rest for a moment so that I may converse and propose a time limit for she (apparently) and her troop to flee. The little darling actually slowed and landed precisely on the tip of my outstretched finger. Phucking amazing! I explained to her that although we were willing to share our yards and outdoors, inside was a “No Fly Zone” for their safety and OBL's, BHO's, HLS, DOA, DEA, CIA, OU812, M-INada, and others safety and welfare of course. I gave her 24 hours to round'em up and vamoose(?). If not, then it would become a lethal form of hide and go seek; no Ollie-Ollie, in come Freed, either! Half committed suicide at the wine gala and the others packed up and left by that afternoon. Best I can guess, out the doggie door...

Love is exploding in my house and The One in me is screaming for some face time with the Sun and waves. Brothers and sisters, family and friends I'm going to the Gulf of Mexico for a few days with my better half to enjoy some tea and sea together with the Divine. Fear not for our safety in these times of poisoned water, air and Terra, because with a prayer and love for each other combined with the power of miracles from the invisible realms we will push away any thing not prasada in the wata!

Love, peace and chick'n grease,



I tell Ben Dead Awhile that everyone wishes him well on his journey through the currents and tides!

Anonymous said...

Hello Visible and everyone!
Thanks you for your writing!
Talk about strange!
I was on my way to pick up my young son at preschool yesterday and before I enter the door of the facility, I think the words "what me loose my son"
As I go to his class to pick him up, he is not there and nobody knows where he is. I ask where his teacher is and they can;t find her either and don't know if she left or not.
Here I am trying to keep it together asking the assistant director, where is my son.
She starts looking and tells me their school has never lost anyone before.
For 5 minutes, I was starting to get dizzy, then I look and its my son and his teacher who took a nature trip outside both happy and joyous and free.
I had a huge sigh of relief and realize all the horrofic things that were beginning to flash before me for those 5 minutes where the worst of my fears.
My point is, My soul or spirit or intuition KNEW ahead of time that I would have the feeling of loosing my son and it predicted it; however,he was never lost.
Meaning that there's probably many realities out there,and our oversoul sees things but does it see what is real or what is preceived as real.
Anyway, I also have strange things happening around my place and very strange astral dreams.
Much love to you and thank you!

Richard said...

More and more Vis

I find myself also between worlds, having smelled shit, mostly from the gases of my own exhalations, swallowed too much of the stuff from those who were serving it on the plates of my household claiming that it was good-home-cooking.

The Rose Garden is also full of thorns, but somehow the organic response of my glands, those that form the crystal palace, prefers the inhaling of the flowers found there. Just a case of balance, although it seems like a pendulum at times, the extremes are getting closer to one another.

William Freeman and Duncan et al keep on keeping on, as Bob Dylon sang 'you gotta serve somebody....'

In gratitude for the your intrepid ways.

Woof woof from the Dog Nation


Neko Kinoshita said...

The anticipation I've been feeling grows stronger every day. I keep waiting for the release, but it is not yet.

Now, I have to deal with the fact that the only other person in my house that shows the slightest level of maturity is not yet eleven years into this incorporation. Go figure.

I see the distractions, and have some level of idle curiosity as to what is going on behind the curtain, but it just doesn’t seem important. It is all about reaching for the divine, and that is enough of a challenge for a mostly blind stumbling fool like me. (*grin*)

High levels of weirdness haven’t begun around me yet, but somehow I know they’re coming. I can’t help but wonder at what message is inherent in your experiences Visible.

The tension I feel building in this world is getting so thick; I can actually feel it when I move. Although there is no real resistance, it still feels like moving through molasses. It is quite hard to explain really, more of a spiritual or metal resistance than an actual physical one.

Thanks for posting Duncan, it is always pleasant to hear someone say astute things like that.

Love to you all, as this rollercoaster is passing over the top of the big rise, the fun is no doubt about to begin for sure.

It’s another sunny day in the cul-de-sac, as we wait by the dumpster for the fun to begin,


Visible said...

Those of you at a loss for something to do, some way to make a statement in these trying times might want to consider something like this.

Anonymous said...

The first thing that came to mind when I heard they played the "we killed OBL card" was, gee, they must be all out of tricks if they're playing this card now. I get the sense that they're out of playing cards.

Yesterday, I sat in meditation, trying to get a feel for upcoming events .... I live in an area if the New Madrid fault line goes, I could be in the water. My intuitive sense was a mixture of pure joy and then guilt over feeling the pure joy. I was feeling excitement for the new way of living that is coming, yet also a sense it could be coming at the expense of others, so maybe shouldn't be so gleeful? I don't know ..... just trying to sit quietly and let it rise up and not try to judge it all ....

I'm noticing a new consciousness among the doves I'm raising this season. I've always talked to them as if they were little people in feathered clothes, and sometimes I would have a few who would let me know they knew what I was saying to them. This year, it seems every dove that has come my way, seems to be far more advanced then I've experienced before. I can tell things are changing through their behavior, and it is such a joy to see. It's good for us humans. We'll be okay.


Anonymous said...

A Rowan Berkeley fan says...

the ubuntu menagerie
August 18, 2010

Despite all this humorous repartee from Jonathon about the names, Ubuntu is still very good, faster than Windows, pretty reliable, and easy to install. Also, of course it is completely free. And it does everything Windows does, and has all the same utilities, in fact more, and they’re all free too. Just download the current version from the Ubuntu website, burn it to a 700MB CD, then load your computer from the CD at start-up, and you can try out Ubuntu from the disk without installing it, install it alongside Windows for dual boot use, or replace Windows with it altogether (highly recommended). Another plus factor: you don’t need to waste time and money on anti-virus software, because so far at least, there are no viruses – RB

TheSparkle said...

It's funny how quickly computer components evolve. Now I can build a much more powerful system than I did 2 months ago for the same price. I don't know about bulldozer. ;)

wv: pentio
(LOL! they know you want AMD!)

VanguardThoughts said...

"We have entered the time of myths and legends."


Anonymous said...

"We are in a time of epic change and on one side it’s all confusion, fear and sorrow. On the other side it is the opposite. Which side are you on, as the song goes?"

Hi all-vis,
I have lived the former and am now living the latter. I thank God for the 'timing', in as much time matters on our eternal journey.

I also live in the mountains and a lot of the souls here are still on the treadmill of the tv culture but I sometimes feel an awaking is upon us. A litmus test is how some talk about how the o got obl, or should I use the u spelling for both?

Much love to all,

DW in the Tahoe forest

Visible said...


Well now no one will know exactly what we are talking about. that is not the whole computer. I am reinstalling 3 hard drives, the graphics card, sound cards, A and card drive. I think I may have someone to build it for me and I can do the rest myself.

Gypsy Scholar said...

My name is Chris Pratt. I am the filmmaker of a citizen’s film piece called deceptions. It has been well reviewed and well received by many individuals and 9/11 truth organizations:

I have recently completed another 9 minute film short. This new film outlines a national initiative I am mounting called Operation Checkmate: The pawns fight back:

Briefly I will be exposing fraud while calling for an investigation of both 9/11 and the War on Terror.

Also located here are a congressional pledge and a double sided 3 panel brochure available for individual or mass printing.

A true multi media experience awaits the visitor and can take as little as 10 minutes.

I hope you find it to be worthy of your time, if so I am requesting two things; 1. to post my website link prominently on your own website
2. to conduct your own appeal to your own mail list with a link to Operation Checkmate

This initiative is designed to accomplish four things;
1. a Congressional request for an investigation into 9/11 and terrorism
2. a Congressional pledge to expose fraud
3. Highlights of 9/11, the terror threat and media
4. A 3 panel brochure

Before I roll this campaign out in a series of national press releases I am writing to you directly, to solicit your support and involvement. I will keep you posted and if you know of someone besides yourself who can influence others and who wants to be involved, let me know at

I am one little guy with very little money who is attempting to tackle these gigantic monsters of fraud and corruption and who hopes to change the face of politics in this country. It is obvious that I need your help, so if you like what you see ~ please help me.

Thank you so much and if you have any questions or concerns please contact me at the email address referenced above.


L.L.O. said...

"And while I might be laughing now, deep inside I'm blue..."

So has the end game really begun? The world has officially become a living, breathing, comedy/tragedy/nightmare movie what with the news of Usama's "death".
This shit is getting SO ridiculous!
Like Scarlett said, are they (Mossad, C.I.A., yada, yada) going to set off a nuke in Germany or France? Attack Iran? What about the new Palestinian unity deal and the call for a million person march on May 15th? I bet there's a tiny little criminal syndicate in the region that doesn't like that idea very much. Or will they hit us with something out of left field (like the Usama thing)?
Too many potential flashpoints. I would like to think that the Universe will simply wipe away these murderous fucks (which it will) but murderous fucks have a way of, well, murdering whether they're coming or going.
Well, it's another nice sunny day out here in northern CA and I've got to head out and feed the goats and chickens and discuss the finer points of life with them. Then maybe a little walk through the woods later. Yeah, that sounds nice.
May you find peace.

Anonymous said...

DublinM Haarping on... *rimshot*. It is giving me some hope how ppl of blogistonia are questioning every bit of this bravo sierra about osama bin dead since 2001.

Miriam said...

Yes, yes and yes, Visible.
I was walking yesterday, or was it two days ago,or was I driving(I hope not), I don't remember, anyway, I thought to myself~
"I am not really here".
That passed, but today I feel it again, though my fingers seem to working just fine on the key board.

Veils thinning, the next step is a doozy(grin).

Ghana~ I gave it my best shot to answer your question on the last Petri Dish blog('the one in the middle').
Thank you for your faith in me. Back at you!

Anonymous wrote:
Funny, lol.

Here is the picture again. Any other caption offers?
"OK BITCHES~ this is what is going down~ YOU ARE OUT. Report to the Marshals outside the door where you will be taken to an undisclosed location and you will never have contact with the world again!

Good one William Freeman!

Hank said...


As distructive as fire can be, sometimes one has to sit in wonder at it's beauty.

The bad guys invent the boogie man and blame him for their crimes. Then the new guy, who knows what they did but who has no direct avenue for outing them, kills the make believe boogie man and those who did the dirty deed/deeds can do nothing but pat him on the back for a job well done. As shitty as the whole deal is, I can't help but laugh.

It's not the outcome that we who seek and revere truth wanted, but it does hold potential. If there is a shred of decency in Obama who killed Osama, then one might see an avenue where he could more proactively get us out of the wars that he said he was going to get us out of. He just put a period at the end of the sentence for all those simple minded who live in Americas heartland..(they call it that because there are no brains there)..who saw Bin Laden as the reason for the wars. He can now claim some kind of "victory" that the simple minded need in order to justify our sacrifice, and end the wars without so much protest. That is IF he has a shred of decency.

Maybe I'm waxing optimistic here, but I see potential. After all, when the good guy wants to infiltrate the bad guys, he has to look and act like them.

Of course there is always the possibility that the real bad guys set this whole thing up, killed a look alike, and duped Obama who killed Osama into thinking it was the real thing. Ahhh, so many interesting possibilities. It has become sort of a sick game to try and figure out how TPTB will once again try and hand us the shit end of the stick.

Oh, and Scarlett, I feel and have felt your dilema about being detattached and connected at the same time, and have tried for years to come to grips with it. Every time I do, I think I hear god laughing at me. Peace to you and all.

bholanath said...

There's still this thing called "radio" over here in us-a-hole. And a sub-set called "progressive radio". EVERY ONE (with one exception) of the 'hosts' fails ALL the litmus tests. The latest is the use of the term "DEATHERS" (v. "normals"), as well as the continuous comparison with FuktNews listeners and Palin worshipers. All questioning callers are immediately cut off, with accompanying laughter.
A minute ago 'they' announced "no release of photos". Don't want to inflame the arab world, cough cough.
Some high-up pimp in a suit is naturally frantically calling for strengthening the Patriot Act, pant pant. Say no more, friends.
Les and all, right here is all we got. It's done. Next up: more mass death.
There's only one guy, broadcasting out of Atlanta, who has a clue - Mike Malloy. (He's 65, and swears too much for most, and was the first to be thrown off airamerica back in the day.)
I, too, am experiencing gossamer veils galore, and animals/birds both being stressed and more intensely communicative, as others have noted.

Greg Bacon said...

I've seen soap operas on TALMUD Vision that were more credible than this constantly changing OBL murder tale.

But hey, who cares? The NBA and the NHL are having their playoffs, the Derby is this weekend and baseball & NASCAR are in full swing.

Now if I only had some money left in my Federal Reserve raided bank account.

DaveR said...

That's OK Les, you know what you want the machine for, just throwing out the more-than-one-machine idea. I'm sorry if my writing seems brusque, it just takes so long compared to talking, and I type pretty fast. No reply necessary.

I just now got "w.v."
tersist: 1) a persistent terrorist; 2) a person short on words and temper.

just me, Laurel A. said...

ok, i give up. sober is the new head trip. so, to keep sober, i am now going to scare up some mushrooms. dammit. and i thought i had my stuff together, did i?

Miriam said...

Visible said...

Those of you at a loss for something to do, some way to make a statement in these trying times might want to consider something like this.

Only you Vis, would come up with something like this, lol!

dublinmick said...

As you say everyone seems to possess their own world at this point. Reminds me of the sign over the Potala, A thousand monks a thousand religions. Nobody can agree on much of anything.

The Chinese always had that saying about may you live in interesting times. They didn't leave much advice about being on a runaway train with nutters driving it.

I honestly don't know what to say anymore, I find myself watching the unfolding show in rapt amazement.

I do have some encouragement to offer, we need that now you know. A ray of hope so to speak.]]

Neko Kinoshita said...

Too much dust to deal with, and the hits just keep on coming!

I've nothing to add about your machine re-build Vis, I'm not in a position to know enough to make a good recommendation. I hope the guys making motherboard suggestions will get with you in email to lay it out a little clearer.

I cannot even listen to radio any more. I often find myself speechless at the sheer audacity of the transparent bullshit on the air. And yet, the number of people that just scarf it down and proclaim “Thank you sir! May I have another!” leaves me wondering just how big of a mess are we going to have to clean up when it all hits that oscillating atmospheric relocation device before solstice.

I say again, that I have seen nothing like you describe in your posting yet, but there are indeed some very strange things beginning to occur, even if the closest I have seen so far is the way things only break when they just cause maximum annoyance without any actual danger to the event.
I cannot explain these occurrences other than as a reinforcement of what is and is not actually important.

I have learned that my best chance here in the Fascist state of Amereeka, is to keep a low profile and show a façade. It has its challenges, but in a time of universal deception, too much truth could get you killed. I still have a kitten to protect, and I take that responsibility quite seriously. But my shielding illusion is beginning to fray about the edges, and the mask is slipping a bit now and then. Perhaps this is part of a price that must be paid for straddling the sides. I feel the sorrow, sometimes more than others, but the fear is faded to a concerned wariness, and I am not confused about which path to take.

As I sit here halfway up the tower, and await my time to return to contemplating the beauty and serenity to be found in the cul-de-sac, I have nothing but love and compassion for all of my friends,

Bring on the myths and legends! Let the light shine through the darkness as we change with the world into the dawn of the new age! (Golly! that sounds so arrogant.)

With a WV: like "flunc" what can I say, except that I hope I pass.

As you say Mouser: The truth will always live on.

Meow again all,

Rob in WI said...

Anyone here have an interest in "simulated reality", such as considered by Nick Bostrom? I proposed the idea in early '70's, and got laughed out of physics program at university. Now that computer capabilities have increased exponentially, even some physicists are considering it. My posit then, as now, is "why is a computer we can comprehend, or any computer at all, necessary?". Anyhow, I truly believe its the only explanation for the bizarro world we're experiencing.

Visible said...

Chapter one of the second book soon to be published (the first comes out any day now) is now up-

Chapter One; Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World.

StuntMan Mike said...

The ol' "you're either with us or you're against us" comes to mind.
(a bit more than ever these days)

I truly enjoy your writing and message - thanks.

Visible said...

A reader in the UK is going to build my computer for me so thank you one and all for the advice and whatever other offers were being contemplated. I've just about got both the funds and my schematic together so I hope to be sailing on a state of the art apparatus shortly.

Once again, thank you all.

Emmanuel said...

Visible said...

Those of you at a loss for something to do, some way to make a statement in these trying times might want to consider something like this.

All I can say is Jesus fucking Christ.

Anonymous said...

Dang it, I just bought Svetlana a new computer with intel, had I known .....
The energy that I send to that den of blackness is light so I'm hoping it did more harm than good or visa versa, depending on how you view it.
Love Mo visable

neal said...

Geez, a Korean Sundance? Throwing dirt on my head and shaking the dust off my feet always worked for me, I guess that whole death drama still holds appeal for those who haven't flatlined already once or twice, or daily, due to trying the other thing. I hope it worked for him, going away and dreaming, and not coming back to behold Wilt Chamberlain as the Mad Prophet, and the Walking Dude doing what he does best. No decent F chords for 20 years, no surprise.

Vis, if the Gulf gets all gnarly on you and yours, I will come and help, if needed. I'm just saying.

It's not very far, if plan B, or 9, isn't there, I hope Beauty takes you, and yours.

Visible said...

Neal, that's in the cards and I am working on getting a place together for us all that way. That's why we are publishing so many books now.


I'm not sure that's his middle name.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is that neal at 10:54 different than the Native American peace poet?

Snake Sage at 8:54 pm on 'The God Game' thread is not me.

We may me need login - the hasbaras (not named Bily Bob and Sue, those are not Israeli names) stooped to the new low of identity theft...

Snake Sage

Visible said...

We'll get that sorted out. I just won't print anything negative for awhile.

Anonymous said...

I noticed part of the 'big news' included the 'fact' that info that was obtained by water-boarding was used to help kill OBL. I imagine this...

"Okay Obama, we'll let you take credit for killing OBL, but you have to mention we were able to do it because of waterboarding techniques."

Obama gets another term and the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld (3 stooges) are off the hook for crimes against humanity. Ok, one of the crimes against humanity.

Why else would anyone in their right mind mention it?


Anonymous said...

Yes, the curtain is lifting and the show is about to begin...Take your seats, children..I got to agree that the latest dog and pony show by Obama was bizarre! Peace Out! Doug

Anonymous said...

Not sure I could add anything
Confusion and anger?
Yes terrorized
Radiation anyone?
Oh ok how bout everyone?
Read the internet too much,
maybe its the one not real
If i didnt know, would I have to take part?
Mindless Robots,
Like two realities
Trying to live a duality
Yet I don't know another way-
Symbiotic relationships dictate
off the grid? How? To Escape?
I need a sense of humor!!

neal said...

We didn't call Him Jesus, or any of the other ones that visited, they weren't that pissed, only seemed to be annoyed, and concerned.

He came, and reminded the people of what they already knew, and we planted Cedars everywhere he went, which was pretty much everywhere.

Some of those trees survived becoming a golf course. I think they will still anchor here, they were conceived in love and worship of the real thing.

Disparage these holy ones if you want, you are only telling on yourself for the lies you hold.

You can't hide from these things forever, that kind of dark isn't really valid for long. What is trying to kill you will make you stronger, if Life has accepted your RSVP. If you are not invited, you will still feel falling as falling, and that is not our department. We could be harsh, but Love is trying to temper the situation with the rare perception of the big picture.
And who are we to argue? You can't really hide from this, not without losing what really matters.
He was lonesome, and just wanted to make real brothers and sisters. Being the only One will do that.

Anonymous said...

I worked at Intel a few years back. It is true they have a fab plant in Kikestan but they also have plants all over the USA and Europe.


merek said...

Merek sez,UsamaOsama ,boogey man for the real sponsors of imperialism is dead ,flat dead and even his youngest wifey has stated so. The problem of conspiricy mongering is that some times the even obvious truths become conspiricy by habit.

Anonymous said...

Actor rejected from Hollywood for playing Jesus

no comment...

Miriam said...

Mike Rivero(What Really Happened) has a caption for the picture of the gathered Cabinet members:

(just in case it gets changed:
Hillary: "Maybe we should have turned on the laptops before we staged this photo.")

Sui Juris 249 said...


You should have an email about exactly what I am running. BTW, Bulldozer is USB 3.0 compatible btw you now have 2 recommendations on the same cpu and motherboard as was mentioned once here and once in a certain email to you. Also that board should be Dozer capable with a bios upgrade. (Huge Grin).

Hope that helps.


Mouser said...

This present world we live in.

It's like a keystone sitcom without a laughtrack. Like a docu-soap about zombies. Like reality tv with Disney characters. It's Orwell meets Woody Allen at the slab in Rocky Horror. It's Kennedy's head going back and to the left on an 8mm loo over and over again. It's the waking moment between a nightmare and a worse everyday consciousness.

It's Monty Python on acid where the parrot begins to recite Hamlet's To be or not to be. It's tinky winky's purse morphing into a bag of Sheen's tigerblood while Don MacLean sings the demise of Miss Pie. It's Kubrik's man to embryo scene in 2001 with Dark Side of the Moon in the background. It's Michael Jackson moonwalking on the Titanic.

This world we are told by the governments and the media we live in, is not real. It is a defacto pseudo-reality - the manifestation of an unsavory ruse.

Like the American dollar accepted as a form of currency around the globe, this make-believe world we "live" in cannot continue to exist for much longer.

cee said...

Preface: See this is what I mean, when I say even though we not yet met: I love you. In the most non-creepy way possible. I wrote this comment before I read your most recent pick-me up

I have an ever growing desire to take a flying leap off my 21st floor balcony, I had to temporarily move us to one of my, violently opposed to any information outside of her Watchtower Bible and Tract Society‘s approved reading list, mother‘s spots as I just can‘t take another post as some crooked person‘s exec. asst. and gatekeeper and I just don‘t know yet what I‘m supposed to be doing so I‘m..? and I find myself back on the 21st floor and for some reason, every time I‘m out there, I wanna go over the edge... I am not on drugs or suicidal; I love life and living. It’s completely bizarre to me but for some reason I almost think I’d make it. I’m not going to try it; my 13 year old daughter would not be amused if gravity didn’t, just this once, look the other way - and there’s not a single other soul on the planet with whom I’d entrust her well-being…and again, it’s not about dying. Out of all the outer and inner research I’ve done, one thing that rings true is that I’m here, at this particular time, for a reason and after everything I’ve already been through I’ll be damn if I punk out at the end and yet there’s still an almost a physical pull to just climb up on the ledge and do some sort of balance beam routine on my tip toes and gracefully dismount, maybe into the pool 15 stories down; or do an (air) floor routine and somersault onto the roof of the building a couple blocks over. I’m not depressed, or anxiety ridden what I am feeling is: completely flummoxed by the surrounding stupidity and incredibly impotent and derelict in my duties, whatever they are. I don’t know what they are yet, in the meantime I’ll get some really good footage of pre-sprayed skies, being sprayed skies, and post-sprayed skies. I did a working interview for Texas Campaign for the Environment(recycling is their platform) and was asked in the car, on my way to “turf” (they had their own “language” -_-) what I would campaign for if not this, I said transparency about what they are spraying the sky with and why. One of the girls in the car, everybody else was kinda like, “huh, what?”, but one said, “oh, that conspiracy thing?” I guess even if you see it happening, right in front of, over, and all around you, if it’s not on the news, it’s conspiracy. After spending four hours going door to door watching somebody turn pitiful to weasel donations out of people, of which 40% go to her, probably 50% for administrative fees and the remaining 10 gets used as presented - at the end of the night I was carefully told, they didn’t think I was a good fit. No shit. Please know that your words and this space, quirks and quacks included, is exactly what it should be. You’re contributing even more than you realize..

Lukiftian said...

Even the 'serious journalists' at the CBC are sucking this one up, I can't believe they can repeat this Osama crap with a straight face ... on the other hand the Alberta Fascist party won a majority in parliament the other day so they might be worried about their jobs if they don't toe the line. Our only slim, sexy hopes are the 19 year old Quebecoise kids elected to the opposition and some waitress who was partying in Las Vegas when she suddenly became an MP.
Yes... wackiness is breaking out all over, Les, and if it's happening to you in your personal life, then that's an encouraging

word verification- forest, if you can see that, then the trees will take care of themselves.

Aunt Franny said...

Les, I really love you and the way your mind works. I tell everybody to read you.

As for Osama, when I heard I just had to laugh. Are they kidding?

It's very clear that we live in a sci-fi movie. They write whatever they want to in the script and then the actors deliver the lines. It's easy to follow the plot if you look at it that way and don't expect anything to make what you think of as logical sense.

Everything does actually make sense once you realize nothing is what you thought it was and once you give up what you thought words meant. All your education is, of course, meaningless ... that is the "other script" or the diversionary script which you thought was the "real" script but isn't.

"Transparency, Mr. Obama?" It's all pretty transparent, actually. It just doesn't have anything to do with the diversionary script we are taught in school and fed through mass media.

This is one damn weird planet.

Love you!
Aunt Franny

est said...

message to an apologist

i'll leave off his name
[touchy 'told you]

'i fully expect you to not post this comment
thats ok, as i know you will have had to read it yourself
in order to 'never let it see the light of day'
it is your blog and that is your decision to make

when you state something as fact, that can only be conjecture -
when you argue from the particular, to justify a universal

i find myself asking 'who is this very educated and well informed
man think he is speaking to ?'

i'm sure your position [job] is safe - for now
and i ascribe to you no ulterior motive to your conclusions

i can't help thinking though :
what if you are wrong ?

what if we are all being 'played like fiddles'
at a 'country 'bumpkin dance ?'

i have too much respect for you and your wealth of knowledge
to dismiss your conclusions out of hand

you have shared this with us all for a meager reward indeed
but from where i sit, none of this [official story] rings true

only one question left for me - do i go with my head ?
or listen to my heart - which has yet to lie to me

i'm sure you know the answer
as we all do deep down, ourselves
[each of us]'
and no
he didn't
post it

Anonymous said...

To bury a lie it must first be killed.

Another great moment in the heroic anus of rocket red glaring all you can be recruiting video goose-steppers of feed lot fed iron packing xenophobes blasting rit-tit-tat-zap raggedy unarmed fish in a barrel skinnies of some luckless culture that drew the "next to burn" short straw as damned and deemed just plain jealous haters of Oceania's Free Riding Supreme Bling Scene gets a dose of zizzle popz twitz fizzz like a frozen snot wad high-boarding into a pool of lard bubbling nice and hot in jolly green's special force delivered deep fryers postmarked land of the brave and home of the free!

A note. The world needs to know the tongue talkers dancing in a sea of Made in China Star Spangles were manufactured for Mockingbird's condemned 4th Estate daily rage videos. Main Street had already seen the board and prepared that the narrative of faith would be offered in lieu of facts and evidence.

Another note: To think Americans prefer to cow in seats waiting to be fireball ash for fear of a box cutter scratch is like believing a burial at sea was motivated by respect for Islam.

Or .. on the other .. publishing photos of a blow up doll could enrage Islam.

The Genocide Usury is all about and nothing but about manufacturing media event to incite Islamic rage. Like the f*cking care. The usury feeds off that sh*t.

Silence terrifies. Barking dogs preferred. Barking dogs are cowards. Aggression is a manifestation of fear. The brute is always afraid.

We got the Staton Island to Asian Blast Furnaces to Air Craft Carrier enshrining another counting room free rider all over again.

Odds on something like burial at sea would be pried from focus group hats - but the Islam sensitivity shtick - now that was the cork popper.

Everywhere main street gentry lost it. It was unifying moment.

The story, for now, seems to be, help me out: Islam is more offended by late burials and tech school intern photo-morphs of a fake dead Bin Blowup Doll, than it is by Xe HK Predators slinging mil spec phosphorus up birth canals of young pregnant Afghan mothers.

Is that it?

Our biggest asset is our trust in each other.

Couldn't tell a strategic feign to draw the gentry out from a sincere truth bomb. But, Steve R. Pieczenik's, a three administration insider with assistant sectretary of state credentials spoke fast and would not born again Alex get in the way said: A General informed him 911 was a coup.

The Brutes' first Axiom.
The brute knows what the dead know: It is better to be alive.

When person shouts "F*CK YOU" in a large crowd, the Jack Boot Squad demonstrates their logic of pain to reinforce our compliance. If the whole crowd shouts "F*CK YOU", the Jack Boots apply the first axiom, "it is better to be alive", and surrender.

This beast
He feeds off death
He lives off ash
There is no middle ground
Not for him
Not for us

Trust. Our small comfort zone coalitions make us weak. Make contact. It's a good bet that most of the cops in the protest crack dawn during the Republican Convention were ashamed - did not hurt anyone - perhaps offered shelter or strategy to avoid the hard core free rider.

A single coalition, 300 Million strong shouting "F*CK YOU" in unisoncan win without fight. Nothing happens without us. We are in control. We just need to accept that fact.

The crash will happen. It cannot be stopped.

The Free Rider and Altruism.
There are only two kinds of people. The differences are not physical. The tell is in the eye.

There are those that carry their weight. And those the eat without earning it.

GE 26 Billion in Profits.
GE Zero in Tax
GE 4 Billion in tax payers' cash as tax subsidies.

We don't need to fight to win. We just need to accept what we are.

A title is passing around: "Leaderless Revolution" (or sumin)

Signal lost ...

Anonymous said...

distractions desensitising
the road that leads nowhere
just back around inevitable
with sensations of no care
the heart of all is everything
as though nothing else exists
the vital living current
always reaching but we resist
but with persistance of our virtue
and removal of deception
unraveling instinctively
clarifying perceptions
misconceptions fall
lies crumble into dust
upon the ancient road
that leads all to trust


Visible said...

Rather than try to figure out how I might have supported the official story, I'm just going to move right along, confused but unconcerned.

est said...

les vis

that was written to you
but not about you

don't you read your e-mails ?
or maybe they aren't reaching you

here's another
same tune
[no name]

from the top

'we know'

we know only what we've been told
not one of us was present as a witness

the evidence is slim indeed
[perhaps by design]

if you seek the truth
the thin gruel of lies

can no more sustain one
than a puff of air

or a sip of
rancid water

proof - sorely
lacking here

to what end ?



'vengeance is mine
says the lord'

when did we become gods ?

certainly not by killing - any-
of our fellow human beings

'we've come so far,
only to fall so low'

the only thing that can
heal us now is forgiveness

cease and desist
and perhaps

we might know the truth
and save ourselves

never is

est said...

10:17 am

that has
got to be


or your

Visible said...

Well, that clears that up, I think (grin).

Anonymous said...

"Visible said...

Those of you at a loss for something to do, some way to make a statement in these trying times might want to consider something like this."

So, He came back as a Korean this time? And they nailed him again already?


Miriam said...

est~ that says it for me...
(heart to you)

wv~ frase~ as in a delicate turn of....

Annsie said...

I am completely pissed off..Is it just me feeling this burning anger because of the sheer ignorance and gullibility of the Human Race that once again we are being dragged along by the dumb masses every step of the way. I admire you for your perseverance, you are a better person than I ever could be, At the moment I feel like we get everything we deserve for being such stupid F****rs.Sorry for the negativity but between the Royal Wedding and now the Bin Laden story and the eejitts lapping it up..(Idiots in Irish slang) I just feel really resentful..Hopefully I can snap out of it but I mean Sweet Jesus its worse than I thought.

Vajrasattva said...

Why do you fear?
Is not a dream within a dream still a dream?
A game against a game the same game?
A time inside a time the same time?
How can you love when you do not love?
Can you attack what is already attacked?
Can you move what has never stopped?
Can you stop what has never moved?
Why do you count but to count?
Is not a series merely continuation?
Why do you see what you see?
Can your sight confirm what you know?
Can what you know direct your sight?
Can you see without directing?
What would you see?
What then would you know?

Anonymous said...


Take comfort in Chomsky's ratio: Only one in 5 are afflicted with predisposition for authoritarianism.

Of those 1 in 5, almost all except a few are functionally afflicted. The rest are, sadly, are victims of of an organic condition and beyond reach.

The cure for the functional is light. It dissolves the prison fear that presents as mindless conformity.

A prescription that prothlesizes in contraindicated. Open the window - perhaps a session with Casa Zaza'a 100th Monkey Video is a good place to start.

These days one can say anyway the intentions behind the mask. A strategy may require camoflage. Martyrs are not winners. They are dead.

Be open. Trust. Expand your coalition and do not fear. Play the free rider. His arrogance is his weakness.

We are in control. The free rider exists only at our pleasure. The free rider uses the barking dogs' bark to manufacture our consent to continue feeding him. He does not know what to make of the silent dog .

Big considerations: The crash of the exchange token temples cannot be stopped unless our civil and uniformed services do what Egypt's did. Can, and how, could we channel a solution to our nonpolitical rank and file civil and uniformed service employees, salt of the earth, one and all, to place the politicos and their counting room associates into custody while a provisional ruling body, along with us and our employees throw out the night soil.

The republic cannot be restored by writ alone. Time does not forgive crime. The logic that prosecution is inconvenient, and therefore, the crimes that forced this awakening should be set aside will not restore the republic. Justice is the republic's only salvation. Should justice find 10,000 weak souls will leave the bar with their assets frozen, their licenses voided and imprisoned, then so beit. Without justice, the republic is theater.

Trust. The squids fuse burns. The Bastille will fall. For now, our neighbors and community and belief in humanity are the only weapons we need.

.... zzyyzzzzttt .... Signal lost

est said...

i should have explained
the above comments
were sent [by me]
to three blogs yesterday :

i was looking for something to write on this blog
when i decided to send these along

the first one was to juan cole
which he declined to publish

the second to paul woodward
who lets me in as a matter of course

and the third to mondoweiss
where lots of tribe hang out

just a window on my thoughts
i'd thought i'd share

i will try stopping to be so obtuse/oblique

Aunt Franny said...

Since everything is involuted, convoluted, twisted, upsidedown and backwards, where can that possibly leave us?

Unless we let the involution/ convolution/ twistedness drive us insane in frantic efforts to "make sense of things," the only place all this can leave us is, metaphorically speaking, squarely on our own two feet within ourselves. That is exactly where we need to be to fully welcome transcendence out of this insane asylum. It's all clearer than ever now.

So spit in their eye, live in peace and joy as much as you are able.

YUTANI said...

Its fucking over here in the states,I am surrounded by idiots who believe every ounce of the bullshit spewing out of the television, because of our own own collective cowardice we are all going to be remembered as the "worst" generation, I give up, seriously whats the fucking point anymore? I thought the 9/11 Truth movement actually meant something,that it would inevitably lead to wholesale positive change in America and the world... I was/am a fool to think such thoughts,what now Les? Should we all just resign ourselves to a future chock full of 1984 and give up? Or what?

dublinmick said...

St. Francis plant is right on the river near Morganville. It is 40 feet above flood level. Reports indicate they are expecting about as much rain in May as April. The rain is not expected let up until June and flooding already from Minn. to La.

Small towns in Arkansas with evacuation notices. Flooding around Vicksburg Miss and Memphis under warning. Outer levees breached in LA. Inner levees will have to hold. Fresh water supplies and farmland taking a beating.

Sand boils on the Baton Rouge Levee.

Last New Madrid quake sent a 20 foot tsunami down the river.

3 small quakes not from the blast 1.8 on the Richter scale.

Underwater volcanos are picking up as a volcanic lake in New Zealand is now one hundred eight degrees.

Water up to the Capital Building of Mississippi.

A major flood on the Atachafalaya River could change the course of the river and bypass Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Now we know what the million or so body bags were for. This will make more sense to you if you are following Vivek's post up top in the black on American Cross... Nuclear rumbles.

pot said...

As soon as I heard the news on OBL and realized it was May 1 I knew it was BS. This was the date Bush announced Mission Accomplished in 2003 , and also what is knows as the birthday of Communism and the Illuminati.

Not saying OBL was not killed, just that if he was still alive on April 30, we had known about it for a long, long time. He served a purpose that was no longer needed, and he probably knew way too much.

This operation was likely a necessary part of a larger one. The coming shakeup at the CIA and DOD also may play a role somehow.

Obviously, the GWOT needs to be refueled, or some other war needs to take it's place to keep people afraid and prop up the multi nationals balance sheets. Given the unrest in the Middle East and Northern Africa, it suggests it will be expanded.

Much of what is happening today was planned as early as 1973 with the founding of the TLC after the civil war among the elites was ended, and formalized with the resignation of Nixon. That war started with JFK on 11/22/63.

Those Global Communists on the left that McCarthy was so worried about were real, and were the founders of 2 great World Wars, State Communism, Great Depression, and the Cold War.

However, today the ideology of left wing Globalists has synthesized with the right wing fascists, so there is literally no difference between between the left and right elites.

The new system is unnamed except for what we know as Globalism, but basically it is about free trade and global corporate socialsim while individuals are barely tolerated and given permissions when it suits them.

The average IQ is 100, so people are pretty dumb and gullible so long as they are entertained and fed, and their instincts tell them the best way to keep fed is to go along.

Countries who go against the New Economic Order like Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Zimbabwe, etc. are attacked one way or another, so other nations go along.

Resistance is also met with Earthqakes and Tsunamis. Can't have too many nuclear power plants since we use Oil as a weapon. Iran found that out in 1979, and 2011 was just a refresher.

The number of people on the inside who know what it's all about is relatively small since the power structure is like a pyramid. The power is held by only a few people and most of them are not even public figures. Some can trace their lineage back 2000 years.

Thats the beauty of the power structure which was formed 6000 years ago at the dawn of civilization, and is why such great efforts were made to build the pyramids, which are depicted on our currency.

Enjoy the show, it's all for the best, and if it is not, nothing you can do about it, so forget it.

Anonymous said...

Chomsky's 1 in 5 ratio...

Mao's 95% vs 5% ratio...

ADL Anti-Semite ratios...

Red Terror in Russia towards 'enemies of the People'...

Nazi ideas about 'ballasts' like Gypsies, 'coloreds' and the disabled...

It's all the same genocidal Social Darwinist disease, and it call comes ultimately from the same source. It may wrap itself in the cloak of false righteousness.

And it is all being revealed as what it is.

Snake Sage

dublinmick said...

For the record I have never said they would haarp the New Madrid, it will go naturally.

The planners are severely lacking in imagination. They missed a scenario showing that Binny was seen along the Mississippi river with stick of dynamite in hand by the levee before Cairo Illinois is taken out by severe flooding. Or better yet satelites picking him up in a cave with remote control cellphone calling for levee detonation.

It is my estimate that the New Madrid will go from natural causes. There is still silver and gold held by the locals including gold teeth and gold necklaces on the populace that could be sent back to London for meltdown. A severe conflagration in the area would cost them money and the organs would be unusable. I say this knowing that when it happens, millions will call it a haarp attack.

Brownie should come out of retirement he did such a good job on Katrina. They are going to herd thousands into relocation centers. What could possibly go wrong here?

With the mission accomplished ongoing in Pakistan , it nicely covers other stories such as extinction level events in Japan, the U.S. flooding in half, underwater volcanos heating up world wide to produce more rain for super cell storms and the fact that photon increase from the sun is actually changing matter, McKenna style.

Look for Binny to be in the head lines as long as possible.

Visible said...

Dublin Mick;

I know you didn't say that. It was a play on words and a shout out peace rendering effort that appears to have missed but one hopes it was not amiss. I was being playful.

dublinmick said...

I realize that dog, you underestimate my perception. You must realize I was just being my cynical self.

Connecting the dots, the body bags are water proof? Bingo they can ice them down and have the parts spoil.

Visible said...

Well, there you have it. Proof that subtlety is not my strong suit. You and Greg Bacon are both members of the Optimist's Club I take it (grin).

dublinmick said...

I want to know just one thing, did you at least get a laugh out of that crap I sent you? I am serious about this, even in the darkest times we need humor!

Visible said...

It happens that I went to bed. I'm at least 6 hours ahead of you on the nearest coast and I'd been up since dawn so... yeah, it's humorous in a sick obsessive anally retentive way (grin). Reminds me of a certain chateau in France.

just me, Laurel A. said...

@dublinmick ..... thank you for putting it into simple terms! sometimes, i just cannot wrap my old brain around so much at once anymore and i love it when someone (you!) takes the lead and grates it all down to little bites. now, that said, whoa, i am feeling a leetle nervous knowing all this is true.

DJ Hobotooth said...

So glad to hear others are feeling this new rush of love, well I should say latest rush of love. It seems like only very specific personalty types are feeling it. Most of us we're always awake on some level, even before the internet. It also seems to be the ones of us who are breaking from the fight fire with fire routine and accepting the strength we have in just deciding consciously to love instead of fear, and there is no better way to fight a master of fear, than by striking fear into his heart with love. Here's a letter I wrote to my grandmother who is deceased, but taught me all I need to know to fight the bastards. Have a read if you want to know what you can do that will actually make a difference:

dublinmick said...

My goodness it is working. Greetings all! I am happy for Noor she was going into withdrawal with google down!

It is true also concerning that love vibration, I have had it for awhile and it seems stronger even with all the insanity around us.

That is was a great post pot! The only thing I would quibble with is the originators of the pyramid were not evil they have simply been usurped. One of the last hopes for the royals rested with Mary Queen of Scots but she was beheaded and her trust funds are long since taken over. But I don't want to quibble over it at this late date. Let's not argue.

In fact recent events show they are very close to finding the tomb of Hermes in Egypt. He was the founder of Egypt and known as the great wisdom bringer who may have come from the stars. It is said he was on the planet when man first entered the physical plane. So we may see yet if there is time. I will say that (Cayce guy) said we would know what was good news here. Perhaps the change in the Egyptian government was prophetic.

I will post a link, there are indications the sun is changing matter, even radiation just like that crazy guy said, probably why they named him crazy horse! He says a big light is coming. So it seems our fate is in the hands of the divine, where it has always been, we just sometimes refuse to realize it.
I have never been one of those lets take the republic back and restore democracy kind of guys. I still hold to that. It looks like the angel of death is an equal opportunity sort. Even Lucifer who is in the 12th heaven of darkness now must some day in the distant future turn back and seek the light. It is the only way.

I can't think of too much clever to say these days, I find myself just watching in amazement. A thought came to me that I have had an inkling as to what time it was for sometime now. It seems I have come full circle, and like the indians say, life is a circle. Universe, planets, body orifices are all circles.

Yeah, I am that way, an I told you so kind of guy!

A ray of hope!

I don't know what is going to happen or how long the net will be up but I have thoroughly enjoyed all this.

But on a good note I know the sun has some answers for us and closing out, here is small gift. It is the best I can do right now.

WV..... kingl



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