Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Part Two- in conclusion.

Well, that was exciting. I got some great letters about yesterdays offering. I don’t know what to think about the John Walton Wal-Mart connection. But it is interesting in light of what I have to say today. Before I get into that let me thank you who come to Visible Origami expecting me to write on the metaphysical realms and instead have found I took a detour for two days. I appreciate your patience. Sometimes certain things need to be said. I’m not on the verge of heading off into Bakunin-land, nor am I devolving toward an ongoing confrontation with shadow empires that would only be strengthened by my opposition. What I am doing is recognition of the need to work in this world in respect of applied practical magic. All of us do some form of it every day. Unfortunately it is too often of the negative sort and we don’t get the results we might have gotten if were more window and less door.

I am a great admirer of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. The results of their efforts are recorded in history. I have no illusions about my own abilities compared to theirs but I know that an exponential force manifests when we collectively set our thoughts upon a common goal and that is what I intend. It may be that the right person with the right tools and information will read this and take it in under their arm. It may be someone hears a voice in the wind. It may be that several of us are working on the first car at different point around the world at the same time. It doesn’t matter how it comes to happen or who gets credit. What matters is that it happens.

Presently, the shadow that has stretched across the world is getting thin. Support is going south. Evidence of malfeasance and all manner of bad behavior is surfacing. It may be that even while we talk of these things that their ruin is before them. As ever, in this world or Middle Earth, the shadow reforms itself somewhere else. It is a part of the drama of our lives, all of our lives recurrent. It is a critical part of the battle of the human spirit against repression and enslavement. It is the principle purpose for why we are here; to discover what we are made of under the testing of adversity. It is not a matter of whether we appear to have won or not. It is a matter of what we grew into as a result of soil conditions and our responses to them.

Here is a critical point that speaks to why I think it can be an act of magic to come forth from a small personal space and believe that ones small efforts might have an impact such as one witnesses when a stone is thrown upon the surface of a still lake. I give you for example the stock market. The stock market is so much smoke and mirrors. It exists because people believe in it. How often have we seen something called ‘investor confidence’ slip and the value of stocks plummet? Nothing really changed about their value. It was the perception of their value that changed. So if thousands, millions of us say, “Bullshit.” every time rumsfield, cheney, rice or bush opens their mouths we affect the perception of confidence. This is especially so when you are dealing with ‘con’fidence artists. If, whenever we see ads for products that we have targeted in a particular regard, we say “Bullshit.” that energy goes into that products confidence rating; in the world pool, in the minds of the manufacturers and in the minds of the workpeople who produce it.

I am talking about mantra-work just as potent as that used by an informed yogic mind in its application. I am talking about the David and Goliath scenario. If a large collection of informed humanity says, “Lies.” every time a Fox newscaster or interview programmer speaks, it gets to them. If, in every conversation regarding the spread of disinformation and lies, we say, “No, I don’t believe that is the way it is. I believe they are lying.” Then their power to continue in the lie is diminished.

The power of the stock market comes from the collective belief of everyone connected to it. Quite often, groups and individuals manipulate information that drives the value of stock down just so they can buy it more cheaply. Sometimes they drive it up to sell it at a better price before it drops to a more realistic level. Many forms of chicanery take place there every day.

So it may not be about corporations specifically here. I was using that as an example and hoping it would trigger alternate ideas in the reader. It did in fact; mostly though I am trying to point out that we are not helpless; even if the ballot box is rigged, even if the media casts a spell of fantasy across the land. Whatever is engineered on wide levels is quite often a mile wide and an inch deep. Gandhi was able to shut down The Raj. We can shut down The Raj too. They manipulate belief systems by appealing to the fears of the masses, by setting one segment of the masses against the other. Even those who support them will step away when the lies are continuously exposed. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

So maybe what I am saying is let us turn our confidence to our own sense of what is right within and look upon these manipulators, liars and mass murderers as clowns in baggy pants with big red noses. Let us collectively laugh when bush postures as if he were the position he occupies. Dressing someone up in a sailor suit doesn’t make them a sailor. Putting someone in charge of a piece of machinery does not transfer competence in its use. Today, all of these people are scrambling and fumbling and getting caught out as they paint circumstances other than our perceptions tell us they are. They are making themselves ridiculous and we must push it even further into the absurd.

The largest aggregate of scandal and evil doing in the nations history is about to become unraveled and exposed and we need to push and support this. If some large organization were to take on corporations then that is good as they can push very hard when their interests are threatened.

Now more and more it is becoming evident that 9/11 was an Inside Job. Daily, people are coming forth. People who served in the administration at high positions are coming forth and saying that the official explanation is a thin tissue of lies. When some of us were pointing this out shortly after the event occurred we were sneered at and marginalized. When I came forward and said there were NO WMD’s at THE OUTSET of the war and maintained a daily count for half a year I was called a fool. But we see now. Truth is self evident to those for whom the truth is important. Patriotism was whipped up, boogeymen were created; ‘all lies all the time’ was the media clarion call. We see now how great those lies are. We do not see entirely how great those lies are yet but we will. When people die abroad at the hands of a government that we support then we have blood on my hands. Let us see that we do not have blood on our hands.

Once again, for the readers of Visible Origami, let me apologize for taking up your time with a mundane feature of this life in which we are all engaged. I know there are those of you who want me to speak about more eternal things. But I am, like all of you, engaged in the immediate as well as the eternal and the eternal has no place to exist except in the immediate. It is one thing for a realized yogi to sit by the banks of the Ganges and reflect upon the ongoing farce of the absurd. No doubt such souls do great good in their reflections and in the end, life goes as it goes. Still, we are each of us responsible, “no man is an island.” even if “they also serve who only stand and wait.”

Tomorrow or the next day I will be back musing by the riverbank. Today I only want to say, let us all, however we might, endeavor to see through the smoke and the mirrors and recognize the shape-shifting nature of those who would shape the world to their own dark ends. I realize that God is intricately woven through circumstance and event. I realize it is under control. I also realize that we are God’s hands. God lives in us and moves through us if we will. The greater our awareness of the forces at work, the greater our impact on the perception of their validity. We are God’s greatest tools.

I feel the sweeping power of the awakening heart moving across the lands. I believe we are going to see some amazing things in the not too distant future, even if the only place we ever do see it is in the present. Please note that the captain has turned on the ‘Fasten seatbelts.’ light

Monday, June 27, 2005

How can we beat them when they have all the guns?

Well, I am a little tired but I did say Monday. Dancing all night to wild drums can sometimes leave one exhausted on several planes. I’m not sure any of mine can even make it out of the airport right now (Grin)

Okay, here it is. I am going to speak as if you know these things because if you have any respect for the truth; if you are yourself truthful, then you know lies when you hear them. When you take into consideration the types of men and women telling them you can pretty much assume they lie every time they open their mouth.

Certain things were set in place prior to the 2000 election. The geo-political strategists on the right, the neo-cons and elements of market forces have focused on one priority; gaining control of the oil that allows for a continuation of all that is absurd in first world western culture. Many studies were undertaken concerning long term actions; even collateral damage; the deaths of innocent people and the ruin of other cultures to the benefit of venal interests were charted and diagrammed in the usual bean counting, numbers crunching methodology of the actuaries.

Bushligula was groomed to be an automaton empty suit and mouthpiece for global corporate interests manifesting in the philosophy of real politick. People you may have assumed to be out of the loop have been major players behind the scenes all along; Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Mellon-Sciafe and others.

In the process of moving from 2000 to the present, these people have suborned the election process, orchestrated the 9/11 attack, made war without provocation and worked to insure the protection of special interests against the needs of the people as a whole. Anyone who has the least interest can study all of these situations and see that these things did take place and that they are a part of a longer agenda that involves conditions set to cause violent transformations to reshape the world to the wishes of and profit of the few at the expense of the many. All of these things are prima facie; they don’t even require a closer look. What a closer looks reveals are more ongoing connections showing the same thing seen on the surface.

The media is the mouthpiece for global corporate interests and also conspires to present misdirection and confusion in order to set the stage for each action justified by false evidence. Phony terror alerts are used to generate tension and fear. They are also generated to justify increasing control of the populace for their own good. Boogeymen like the long deceased Bin Laden and present catchall Al Zarqawi are used as poster boys to create an atmosphere of terror conspiracy. Terms like Al Qaeda in Iraq are created to give the impression that there is a wide organized terror movement directed at the west.

Efforts are under way now to arrange for the bombing of Iran and Syria. Unfortunately for certain interests and their pressure to manipulate the puppet regime in Iraq to declare war on their own, or the outright attack by concerned forces, it so happens that Russia owns the nuclear technology and infrastructure in Iran. Russia won’t like their hardware bombed. It requires another approach to provide the imperative for doing it. Therefore an attack on American interests, possibly an American or allied ship in The Gulf or any of a number of similar scenarios must be arranged and blame placed upon Iran. There are several others activities afoot; things that concern oil in former Russian satellites but I’m not going to wade through minutiae. These people are serious and they don’t care what you think or how it affects you. Of course the opium is now flowing freely from Afghanistan and Papa Bush couldn’t be happier. This is one of his special interests. People who have investigated these things will know just what I am talking about.

What can we do? How can we as a people in any country have an impact on what is taking place? We have already seen that the ballot box is hardwired to software that is manipulated by those administering it. We know that the media is a house pet of special interest. We know that both houses of Congress are in the hands of badly intentioned peoples whose sole loyalty is to the corporations that make their place in government possible. And they have all the guns.

Thomas Jefferson had some things to say about our rights to revolution when fascist collectives have taken over the political process. We are within our rights to go to war against them but we haven’t got the arsenal or the podium if we were to war in ideas and words.

I do not believe that a majority of the people in America support anything this administration is up to. Whatever the polls say I think you can assume, given who is taking the polls that they are well off of what public opinion actually is. More than enough of us exist to take an action that will compel these people to leave office. More than enough of us exist to force impeachment and drive these criminals from office in the next election. Unfortunately a large percentage of the Democrats are just as bad because of their cowardice and inability to see honor and duty as basic impulses.

Consider what it is that has made it possible for bushjunta to come to power and remain in power. Where does the whole thing begin? It begins with corporate interests. Where does corporate interest get its power? It gets it from the profits generated by its products. How does it make its products known to you? It does this through advertising. Where does it advertise? In the media. Think.

Think, think… think. Alright then.

Now I will admit I am just another voice crying in the wilderness but there are a lot of voices out there. There are also large organizations with a large membership. Collectively you are talking about reaching millions if you can reach them. Coordinating the voices in the wilderness to embracing what I am talking about (or will be talking about) can set off in a chain reaction that will have more impact than anything else we can do. We as a people must go after the corporations. We must surely single out certain corporations in the beginning and collectively agree not to buy any product they make until they join us in calling for the ouster of this administration. If everyone stops drinking Coca Cola there will be screams of outrage.

We don’t have to have guns and we don’t have to vote. All we have to do is focus on corporations like Wal-Mart and others and hurt their bottom line. They don’t even have to be directly involved in the tragedies taking place. They just have to scream when they lose money.

This is Part One in which I am giving the basic play and general strategy. Tomorrow I will become more specific and also talk about related ideas. I am not in possession of the detailed information some of you have. I am not connected like some of you are BUT we are all connected to each other. If you will tell everyone you know about this idea and ask them to do the same. If you will send this out to any groups you may know. If you would like to link up in a banner campaign that might say something like, “Stop the Money and Stop the War.” Please do so. We as a people are not powerless. We can make a difference. We just need to know where to put our focus. If we start costing the corporations money then they will have no choice. They don’t care about Bush or Iraq except where they make money. If having bush and his collection of highwaymen in office costs them money then its goodbye guaranteed. We have an enormous power to launch an information campaign across the internet. If people like moveon.org and others can get involved, the machine media will have to take notice.

When this idea gains some speed and is tailored by those with more talent and ideas than I have you will find that on every campus in America students will respond. Professionals at all levels will respond. Church groups will respond. Everyone who doesn’t like the way things are will respond except for those who are apathetic.

So please think about this core idea. It’s just an idea right now and it should be considered by wiser minds than I. No one is really inconvenienced by refusing to purchase the products of certain corporations… but they will be. Let’s hit them where it hurts, in their pockets. I’m going to sign off now and I’ll conclude tomorrow. Maybe this will get legs and that would be good. In any case, once I’ve said what I have to say we will rejoin the former program already in progress.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Some Kind of a Late, Spring Break

Greetings one and All; well, it doesn’t feature Snoop Dog, drunken co-eds or wild shouts of incomprehensible upchuck but, calling it a Late Spring Break frees me of the need to continue looking for another title to this thing.

I’m going away this weekend to a remote section of The Black Forest. I go every year. It’s a solstice celebration. I’ve my own feelings about holding these things late and at the waning of the moon but I’m not in charge and that is an important thing to remember.

There’s a large drumming circle and a huge bonfire and a number of people paint themselves white with trim and shake rattles and chase one another about in good fun. People smoke marijuana and drink wine, beer (juice in my case) and settle into little human cloisters where they share their year’s experiences as they revisit old friendships. These events have been taking place here for over twenty years now. I didn’t want to go and had pretty much settled on that but my companion has prevailed on me. She says it is important that I go and so I will. Maybe it is. I can’t remember that it ever has been.

I’m under a bit of time pressure to get all of my albums together and available for sale at one location ahead of my interview with Meria Heller but I suspect I’m making too much of that anyway; not the interview, but my need to have everything in place. If I don’t show up for a meeting five minutes early I always think I’m late. Then there’s that other part of me that assumes nothing happens until I get there (Grin).

So why am I telling you these things? Actually it is by way of explanation and apology for not doing my usual thing here. It wouldn’t be right to just dash something off when I’m mobilizing on another front. And there is another reason and I want to state that too.

The next time I put something here it is going to be a bit different than the usual fare. It involves some socio-political commentary and an exhortation to action, or in-action, if you prefer. I don’t usually do this sort of thing and when I do I confine it to my other blog where the unrefined personality is allowed its dog run to gambol about and mark its territory while it, hopefully, grows up in the process

But I have a very important point to make. It is important to me anyway. It’s been growing in my mind and I want to get it said. I promise to let it go again for awhile afterwards.

Some of you may know that I am a big fan of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. For myself, I am not the sort of aspirant to go the way of the Arhats. I am more Bodhisattva prone. I do believe our greatest work is upon ourselves and we don’t even accomplish that; it is accomplished upon us. However, I believe we owe something to the world in which we live. It is our duty to tell people if we know that the bridge ahead is out. It is our duty to warn others if we see storm clouds upon the horizon. A good sailor keeps a weather eye out. A good sailor also is always mindful of conditions that may potentially contribute to a problem. Sometimes a good sailor stays in port. A good sailor, no matter how seasoned, never assumes his mastery of the sea.

So, I have something I want to say and I will simultaneously publish it here and at several locations. It is my hope that it will combine with other brush fires and sweep the country. I’ve no great expectation of that, nor do I assume that I carry the weight or importance to assure it. But it is my hope that it will help.

In an ironic twist I am going to post this at both blogs now and it will be a tad incongruous, for the moment, over at Smoking Mirrors. Then, when I post the essay of which I speak on Monday it will be a tad incongruous here. As you can see, it all balances out. In fact, were I not to do this, were I never here at all, I suspect it would all balance out anyway.

What I will have to say is in the spirit of those names I have mentioned above. I hope to speak to the sleeping portion of that spirit which is in all of us. I hope I may rouse it in others and in myself. We are at a time in our history here where it is possible to have an impact that might later be denied to us. It is always possible to “head them of at the pass.” up until they have headed into the pass.

I believe if what I am to say is re-said through other minds in their own particular way; if it is said in every forum and on every street corner, it could reshape some of the confusion and needless suffering that goes on at this time. I cannot know whether it will be successful or not. A bookie would have to give me very long odds. As much as it does matter if it succeeds it also matters that it is said regardless of its final impact on the wider world. If it remains as an idea in one person and if it later evolves into a refined expression for positive change then it will have been successful.

I may lack the articulation necessary to fire up the crowd. I may run short of logistics and the technical aspects necessary for success. Certainly I lack the readership and the cachet to make the world hear me when I cry. No one should let their distance from the spotlight intimidate their heart from the righteous need to cry out. I believe that all that is decent and good in me requires that I present this idea that has been fulminating in my mind. It is my hope that others with a greater grasp of the science might lend their talents to its final exposition. We are at a crossroads now. Humanity might be spared much if it will only listen and it will only listen if the power is there to make them hear. Even then, humanity has been known, in part, not to listen when it should. I am reliant on that power in any case.

I ask in advance that you forgive my shortcomings in manner and ability. I can only say it as best as I know how. It is to you to decipher my meaning and intent. Understand that whatever it may be that I am going to say is only an idea and a rough draft at that. I know in principle that it is workable. I know it can be done and I know it will give you back some power and will assuage present feelings of helplessness and the bottled rage that often attends it.

I would ask those of you who have helped me in the past to do what you have done before. Some of you have gotten me linked on What Really Happened and other places. I would ask you to email the essay out to interested parties and I would ask that you think about ways that might improve what I am suggesting. This is the sort of thing that can be accomplished in your mind as surely as it can be accomplished in any action you may take. There is no suggestion of imperiling yourself nor will it be required. This is a way of going about something that, if enough of us join in, can alter our world for the better. It would have to involve organizations like moveon.org, the NAACP, Greenpeace and all organizations whose main interest is the greatest good for the greatest number of people. In that respect, if you like what I say, I want to ask you to please send the essay on to any group you can think of that might help. This isn’t an idea that I hold a copyright on nor should any credit come my way for mentioning it. Anyone can take this idea and elaborate on it. Steal it, call it your own, refine it, improve it; just get it done.

Although I don’t like the adage there is definitely “more than one way to skin a cat.” And I think that is what we need to focus on. We need to see where our power actually is and how we can awaken it in an individual; a community, a global and a cosmic sense.

We can change ourselves and we can change the world. In wanting to do so we must open our eyes to the unique approach that may have escaped us in the discomfort of our frustrations. We really are all in this together and therein lies our greatest strength. I won’t be suggesting anything new. But I do guarantee this, if it catches on it will directly impact upon circumstance to the benefit of many. It will bring that sense of freshness that follows a cleansing rain and it will make us feel good about ourselves and our world.

Well, I’m off now and you’ve got something to think about. I’ll put my piece up on Monday, God willing.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Stop Being the Low Man on the Scrotum Pole

Okay, alright. Here’s a new piece. Sheesh, alright, to answer your question, I’m not here much because I’ve said it all and you’ve heard it all. Only a congenital idiot or a bottom feeding republican trough snorkeler doesn’t know that bush is a lying sack of shit; a coward, an incompetent bumbling empty suit, a two-dimensional cardboard cutout and one of the most inarticulate people to ever attempt to speak the English language. The insincerity drips off him like the urine from Paris Hilton’s last golden shower. You have to be an exceedingly dumb; mouth breathing, soap watching, non-soap using, bag of Jell-O fat quivering in front of Fox News watching between the big, edema soaked ankles of your sad potato chip eating, Coke-swilling, diabetic lounging on the couch like a helium filled slug, waiting to be carried by six sweating pall bearers to the grave- they shoulda used a forklift- kinda loser to believe anything that cheney, or rumsfield or rice or the neo-cons warmongers and lying bitch mainstream Medusa media has to say about anything at any time.

What more am I supposed to say? Have I said that the members of both houses of Congress are mostly shit-eating dogs who roll in the dead carcasses of their constituents, who roll on their back, hind legs in the air when the Israeli lobbyists go by; who nod and wink when they spy on the U.S. and who pretend they don’t know that lies generated by Israelis posing as Americans and working in the State Department and The Department of Defense led to an illegal war in Iraq? Should I state again that these members of the American government are all treasonous snakes for not looking into the connections between Mossad and the 9/11 attack? How many dancing Israeli’s does it take to convince a pack of shit for brains, pork rind eating butt boys that disaster is looming round the bend?

You want to do something. I know you do. You want to make a difference because maybe you aren’t asleep and you can’t believe that these fucks are just getting away with this shit. You think, like I think, that they really ought to be put up against a wall, hung from a lamp post or gutted, stuffed and mounted over the TV as a constant reminder that there be monsters in these woods. You wonder like I do where these newscasters come from. You wonder who it is that writes for these partisan tabloids that used to provide the news as opposed to creating it and avoiding it. You’re wondering how to get a handle on these sick fucks from Hell. How do you slip at least one knife blade between one set of ribs?

Okay then, I’ll tell you how to hurt these creatures worse than in any other way imaginable. You hurt them in the pocket. They have no God but the dollar. They have no creed, no country, no family and no friends. They have no love. They care only for what they can get. So you have to squeeze the tube through which the ‘getting’ comes.

One thing all of you need to do is to remember who these people are in all these positions, who are beating the drums, as humanity is herded down the dark highway into suffering and regret. You have to remember Thomas Friedman and Christopher Hitchens. You have to remember that the Michael Kingsley who once wrote elegantly on things that mattered turned into the invisible bass playing nobody who said The Downing Street Memo was unimportant and contained nothing new. You have to remember Brit Hume and the ugly lies that flowed daily from his mouth like Herpes sores into your living room each night. You have to remember all of the people at Fox News and every other TV station. You want to remember the name Roger Ailes, Lord Rees-Mogg and Rupert Murdock. You want to find out who the bosses of all the news shows are and who their boss is. You want to find out who owns the Washington Post and The New York Times. You want to remember who wrote what. You want to remember the lies and the liars. You want to remember Colin Powell’s fish mouth and the fat, freaky face of his son over at the FCC. You want to remember Ann Coulter and all the red-faced stinking swine who revved their engines and farted into the face of truth and every area of human good.

You want to remember these people for when things turn again. You want to never forget them. They need to be held in contempt and censure for the total extent of this life and beyond. You want to find out who buys advertising on all of those news shows and in all of those newspapers and you have to promise yourself NEVER to buy any of those products again. You have to get your family to promise and your friends to promise and if you can get your friends and their families to go out and get their friends and their families to get their friends and their families ad infinitum then, you know what? We’d have it going on.

STOP buying any and all products that pay for the lies to continue. Let the nation be swept with a Grand Passionara to turn their backs on mainstream news and newspapers and every industry that supports them. Don’t buy American beer, which is actually German beer after it has passed through someone’s body; buy German, Mexican and any beer that isn’t going to war. Stop buying American products. Every time you see Brit Hume open his mouth say out loud, “Bullshit!” Every time you see a news headline say, “Bullshit!” Every time you see bush’s face say, “You liar!” Do the same with every one of them. Turn your back on everything made in this country. If you want to save your country then you have to bring her to her knees. You have to rock the boat so bad that all of the fat rats fall out and drown.

There is a war worth fighting and it is the one war that is always worth fighting and it is a war you can win if you have courage, vision and discipline enough. It is the war of the greatest good for the greatest amount of people. It is the war for justice and truth. It is fought in your minds and with your thoughts and your words and you actions. It is fought right where you stand every minute of every day. You are a soldier in an eternal and immortal army. Reclaim your righteous understanding of what is what and then BE WHAT IS!!!

You’ve let a pack of weasels and hyenas steal your country, your good name and your sense of self. Under no circumstances should slimeballs like Tom Delay ever be let loose near anything that isn’t nailed down again. Tom Delay needs to be stripped naked and rolled in pig shit and then whipped through the streets of Washington and across Key Bridge. Take back your country.

Believe me, if rich corporations with no loyalty to anything but squeezing the highest possible profit from every transaction suddenly find that they are losing money they will strip these people for you. Cut off the supply of their money and their power. Show disinterest in everything they have. Slow things down. Make everything go slower.

You are making enemies you don’t want to have. In far away lands a terrible hate is being manufactured for you. While you play at sophistry and cry crocodile tears and wring your hands and simper, “What can I do?” powerful enemies are being manufactured for you and your family. Disassociate yourself from the base and evil felons. Open your eyes and understand the degree of your power. You are not helpless. Shut down McDonald’s and Coca Cola. Close down The Gap and Donna Karan. Close down Wal-Mart. Don’t listen to U2. Boycott Bob Geldorf. Know your enemy and cut off his food supply= your money and attention. Do it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List

Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Dining Table of the Featureless Night

Wiping your ass is something you do for yourself; washing your hands afterwards is something you do for everybody else. You can find a lot of examples of the same thing without looking too hard.

Yesterday Rep. Sensenbrenner continued the downward marching fascist arrogance of the Swine Army; all fascist armies march downward even though they appear to be marching upward. It was graphic rap-artiste M.C. Escher who first noticed this.

The Swine Army originally came into power by amplifying the base desires and appetites of the populace. Slowly the collective IQ was dumbed down in order to allow for accepting greater outrages and more unbelievable lies. Multi-pronged efforts took a more complete control of the media; Bitch Media was stripped and tied to a urinal in the men's room and repeatedly sodomized by corporate cyborgs.;orgasming constantly.

Further multi-pronged efforts addressed the nation’s schools and recreational habits and made adjustments to bring the common mind under further control. Additives were placed in food and weight-inducing hormones were injected into a variety of meats and starch products to generate an obese society.

Sociopaths like Sensenbrenner and the rest of his republican colleagues along with most of the Democrats were in the pocket of the corporations via the good offices of lobby contacts. The corporations were directed by members of half a dozen elite organizations such as Bilderberger, The Committee of 300, The Council of Foreign Relations and others. The members of these groups were controlled by selected individuals who were completely possessed by discarnate entities who served the interests of civilizations who feed upon human misery.

Over time the texts of all holy books were adjusted for interpretations that would serve the interest of those who have humanity for lunch. All entertainment was geared toward certain interactions that fed the human imagination in such a way as to alter the taste of the flesh to the preferences of the diner. Certain emotions and fears were routinely whipped up in the human psyche to further enhance the flavor of the meal.

In the process of time the most bizarre sexual rituals were encouraged to give a fragrance to the human mind that would permeate the flesh and mimic the scent of the charnel house and the abattoir. Once certain borderline experiences were made commonplace then things like coprophagia, razor-blade branding and vampirism were introduced. These processes were legitimized through music and support groups as well as movies that presented them with subliminal messages interpenetrating. At this point in time where we find ourselves, cannibalism is about be to be introduced on a wider scale as are group suicide rituals and then 'normalized'. Serial murder and kiddie sex, along with kiddie sex-torture-murder and remote underground holding tanks filled with kidnapped and runaway children are ballooning across the landscape although they are not recognized in their new forms which are far more sophisticated in application and concealment.

There has been a tremendous rise in devil worship and related esoteric bondage cults because these indirectly serve the purpose of The Feeders. The Scientologists as well as The Raelians know some things about this but 99% of their membership knows only what is necessary to keep them under control.

The Swine Army is imposing because they have most of the money and all of the guns. Individually they are a bunch of fat cowards who pee down their pants legs at the mere thought of a challenge. Whether it is the bush hand-puppet or the bloated Hindenburg-Sharon, they live in a constant state of paranoia concerning their certain downfall and dismemberment at the hands of the alien lunch crowd who prefer these fish to all the rest. When fish such as Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller are served up a la carte stewed in their own juices, the alien royalty descend from the far corners of the inner planes to feast upon the great and delicious, dark iniquity of these men; inhaling the blood as if they were draining the ink from a squid.

It is because of the dining preferences of aliens who live on the inner planes as well as at a great distance in space, at certain hideous locations, that evil is encouraged on Earth. It is a process similar to marinating meat. Wars, famines and other disasters are 'cooked up' so that occasional large buffets might be served on holidays unknown to Earth dwellers. In actuality, all of our global conflicts are mere culinary experiments for off-planet festivals and feasts.

The general population is encouraged in all sorts of excesses and evils so that the widest choice of comestibles will be available. Other meats are cured in religion, giving it a veal or lox like texture and flavor, according to alien palates. Women are encouraged into whoredom and men into frenzies of relentless mental sexual obsessions in order to give the flesh a ‘smoked’ flavor. Of course no dish is complete without an accompaniment of starches and that accounts for all of the ‘dumber than mule-shit’ rank and file for whom American Idol; Gerry Springer, The WWF, Hockey, Paris Hilton and all the Disney alumni singers and rap artists are created.

Though the Swine Army has its Swine Army Knife, which is comprised of a table knife, fork and spoon it is The Swine Army itself who will wind up roasting on the spit.

Yes, some of us do not taste good to the aliens. Unfortunately for that segment of the population they are disregarded; interfered with, mocked, stoned, crucified, burned at the stake, thrown into prison, slandered and generally made to feel unwelcome here. This segment of the population needs to understand that it has a free pass through this land and only a fear of The Swine Army and its handlers can put them in harms way. Absent fear there is no trouble to be had. This is why fear and the unknown are blown up into such a degree of intensity. The alien diners are a vicious lot with the compassion of insects, whom they resemble. If they can’t eat you they do intend to fuck you. Keep it in mind.

Many of you who are in this small group of souls are eager to help your brethren who are bound for the table and the Blue Plate Special. Your concern and your humanity are appreciated from afar and from nearer than one can measure, however... There isn’t a damn thing you can do. It is expected that you will try. It is expected that you will suffer in the bargain and it is expected that you will fail but... that’s just the way it looks. Actually you do good, no matter what appearances may say. However, there are times during a great feeding; during a time when darkness blankets and there are only candles at the table; during a time when all of the aliens are invited to a banquet whose purpose they do not suspect when... when... it would behoove all ‘conscious’ souls to go to the Bahamas metaphorically or otherwise inasmuch as one has a Bahamas that is not The Bahamas but which may be masquerading as a location outside the feeding zone. Periodically, after a great length of time, the disincarnate and incarnate evil feeders must be collected into one place for the cosmic disposal and recycling agents to render back to basic unqualified substance.

You might well ask at this point, “If they get rendered back to basic unqualified substance then where does the new evil come from each time? Where do the new feeders come from?" That’s a good question and if you don’t know then I can’t tell you.

The Dreams of Appetite

fast asleep
coiled at the base of life
the love of self and its reflection-

the dreams of appetite...

twined one about the other
one and the same
endless longing for expression
and absorbing
to be reabsorbed and born again

like Nicodemus
the mind asks stupid questions
the unknown
is just that


and the reality of things always
more simple than we can understand
amidst the clamoring of-

the dreams of appetite

oh...for what a length of time...
with nothing to measure itself against
except itself
and emptiness
the grand empyrean arched
and bottomless
from which falls
the fiery rain

there in the cauldron of confused
and ever changing shape
came forth whatever was wrought
by fear and delight

fantastic beasts
and languorous Venusian witch
to dance
amidst the purity and squalor of-

the dreams of appetite

where is the solid ground?
swallowing sands swell the invisible winds
and serpentine funnels race
through the carnival ruins of
the wreckage left
from the battle for survival in-

dreams of appetite

how we mourn the passing of the patterns
in the kaleidoscopes twist
what special meaning has any one-
among all the rest?

when the colors go
only the backing screen remains
that...is the sum of it....
...across the face of which
parade the wizards and fools who
pursue the mist.

a temporary focus
and uneasy sleep

In dreams of appetite

nowhere to stop
to stop is to forget
beyond galaxies and
beyond that...

homeward past bright angels
whose work is to refine
all circumstance and substance...

guardians of the soul
at that fearsome banquet-
the featureless night
the black table upon which are served-

the dreams of appetite

bardo upon bardo
from Paris to Tibet

elusive spirals
the upward swing into illuminated rooms
where imagination serves us best
but cannot prepare us for
the splenderous rites
performed by those abstaining from-

The dreams of appetite...

far in the unremembered past
there is a music like coursing blood
a shine without shadow
a milk of self forgetting
a rising, rushing wind of living song

it is the provocation of all longing
the unknown source of every want
to be achieved in silence
under lustrous love-hewn stars
silence has
prevailed upon the world
with all it’s might

whatever world there may have been-

in dreams of appetite...

Patrick Willis narrates:
In Dreams of Appetite

Saturday, June 4, 2005

The Poetry of Saddam Hussein

Soon the former close friend and business partner of Donald Rumsfield and Dick Cheney will be brought to trial. It is always sad to see a falling out amongst friends over something like money and power but in the Satanic Community of Global Plunder this is all too frequently occurs.

I have had the opportunity to correspond with Sadie (as Saddam has begged me to address him) and through our email exchanges I have been privileged to be one of the first to read his poetry. Sadly I must say, these early pieces seem filled with anger and much of it is directed at g.w.b. I suppose that is understandable.

Still, there is a certain rough elegance, a certain beauty to the works and perhaps some of you will find enjoyment, if not peace in them. I hope to translate more of what I have received in the coming weeks.

We’ve heard it said that Saddam wasn’t a very nice fellow. The many splintered roads of individual destiny lead through strange countryside it is true. We cannot know what made Saddam into the man he is (and soon ‘was’) any more than we can fathom how the members of the present American administration have managed to outdo him in all areas of violence, destruction and hypocrisy. Maybe we, as Americans, are just better at that sort of thing. Maybe it’s genetic.

In any case, I leave you with this small selection from the poetry of Saddam Hussein

First, some Haiku-

I met george w bush
at a satanic mixer
he blows me in Hell

Carlyle was my friend
until like Noriega
my world was downsized

I had the bush twins
not an entertaining ride
camels are much better

I would analyze these works for you but I am late for dinner and people are waiting in the car.

"I am waiting"

My country is gone
now it is a construction site
for the apocalypse
I should have taken the money but
I was proud
the Baghdad bootie bandits
ass rape my nation
pornography and liquor
pour into her streets

that's democracy for you
you can have it even if
you don't want it

I am now waiting for the first signs
to go up on billboards across the land
Allah's Fast Falafels-
a division of Burger King

"My People"

I knew my people were stupid
And I knew they were better off
I did not know that the American people were
even stupider than mine

they believe everything they are told
it does not matter how outrageous the lie
my people did not believe everything I told them
but they knew better than to say anything.

I had to routinely kill
so many every day
Love is good but fear is better

In America it is not necessary to kill anyone
What a nation of cowards
I have never before seen slaves who were
unaware of their station
and arrogant about it.

They will leave Iraq without the oil
they will leave bloody and ashamed
they will proclaim another victory
and give Palestine the blame.

Pussy Boy George

little georgie bush is my pussy boy
yes, we knew they would win the battle
just as we will win the war.
you cannot win a war waged by a pussy boy;
a pussy boy who was afraid to go to war
a pussy boy who hid and did drugs while others died
a pussy boy who was a cheerleader in college
he has no respect
he is a wooden Indian
he cannot hold Bill Clintons cigars
he is a tin horn dictator
I am a real dictator
I will see little georgie bush again
I will see him without his armies
without his money
I will see him in Hell and then
I will fuck him and I will pass him around
I will dress him in a denim skirt and
I will sell him for cigarettes
Hell will not be pretty for georgie bush
Hell is for hard men like me.

and he even wrote a Limerick...

There once was a psycho from Crawford
a really low rent Peter Lawford
he killed and he lied
and boy he was wide
he took every dime that was offered

Car horn is honking, got to go. Next week we’ll try to have some more of this available for you. Saddam is going to be offering his collected works of poetry in hardcover soon. It is his hope that all proceeds will go toward legal efforts to make it possible for Michael Jackson to be his cellmate.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

The Big One

Well, hello there! I came in here yesterday and I looked at my hit counter and I said, “What the...” because earlier it had been around 500 and suddenly it was over 2000. I figured something went wrong with the html in my blog. Now I know it was because a reader sent in the link to What Really Happened . Whoa!!! But precious few comments I note. I do better than that with my usual readers which are far fewer. I suppose it’s sort of an inverse entropic exponent of a parallel universe seen refracted through a fish scale. You know what I mean.

Well, I’m in a tad of a hurry today and being that there may be new readers about I wouldn’t want them going off and looking for their satire elsewhere so I will reprint the initiation exchange that G.W. Bush had to go through on his way to stealing the presidency. This is the pro forma boilerplate initiation ritual practiced like the Catholic liturgy, with added blood rites, body fluids and mutilations. It’s SOP for Bilderberger, Committee of 300, Bohemian Grove, all of them...

Feel free to use this yourselves for your Young Republican catechisms or what-have-you as a warm-up to the real thing should you be chosen to try out for the varsity later in life. And without further ado, here it is and I’m off to do whatever it is I have to do.


You want it don’t you...?
I know
You try to
Sit so still
And quiet
But I can see the suggestive squirm
The raw need

The need to do something
The need to be somebody...

We got ponds of all sizes
Well, not ponds actually...

You know there’s a price right?
I suppose you have something to offer...
I mean... that’s why right?

Well, that won’t matter
It hasn’t mattered before

And you’ll be good to people when you get there
Won’t you?
Just like all the people that came before you.
You’ll be a decent human being won’t you?

You want it don’t you...?
Don’t grab....
That’s not nice....
Didn’t your mother teach you not to grab
You know,
for a moment there you looked like...

Raw need isn’t a pretty sight.
But it will do

Were you told you were a special child?
You were weren’t you?
It is a real drag when they lie to children.
Worse for the rest of us
when that child grows up.

In the world of essential MLM
In the world of smoke and mirrors
In the place of money and power
In the place of finalizing dominating sex
You know you got to be a bottom...
If you want to get on top.

You don’t have to feel bad about what’s gonna be asked of you
It’s an acquired taste
And you will acquire it
Easiest thing in the world

And you don’t have to worry about what it looks like to the angels
Angels don’t come into it
forget the Devic realm
You’ll be dealing with a different sort here

We like you the way you are

This realm?
This plane?
You want to play here?
There is a fundamental reality
And a necessary stripping away
Of certain components that would interfere with
Your ability to play here

Certain notions you have to give up
Certain ideas about the right thing to do
This kind of thing can confuse you to the point
Where you will fail in this world
Miss out on the other...

Now I know you don’t care about the other
Or you wouldn’t be talking to me
After all, you are in this world aren’t you?
Well then baby
This is all the world you need

So we need to just lighten up on the things
You don’t need in this world
The things that will hinder you and
Hold you back

The fact is
You’re either all the way this way
Or all the way that way
In between comes the thresher with the big teeth

Many, many have come before you
And many more will come again.
It’s always the same thing
The system is solid
Either way.

You know when you have sex
It becomes a dining area?
It’s a hungry ghost buffet line
An astral peep show
Well, that’s not important for the moment

What you need is
That Chase advantage
You got to get
That Chase advantage

Got to
Sign up and let the big one suck you off

Sign on

Donors get in line
Let the big one suck you off this time

Plasma for the war...
Oh yea

I’m gonna let the big one suck me off this time
I’m gonna let the big one suck me off this time

Get that Chase advantage
Get ahead of the pack
Get the smell of the hunt

I’m getting hard in the pocket
Hey son,
let me connect that socket

Let the big one suck you off this time
Let the big one suck you off this time

All the buyers and sellers
Of stuff and of self
Along with the bankers and brokers
And interceding priests,

All the consumers and the consumed
All the press and the products
All of everything that comes into form
All of the manifest that was ever born
The except

But you’ll see the disclaimer at the bottom
And be sure and read the terms of use

All gonna suck a big one this time
All of them waiting at the front of the line
That really big one
They’re gonna suck it all this time
Gonna suck a big one this time

Get that Chase advantage
Get that Rockefeller edge
Get the big one behind you
To push you off of the ledge

David’s got a cup of hot widows soup
Gonna foreclose on a few lifetimes
And get the big one to suck him off
Just another dead soldier’s family
with a downsized disappearing house

Ah, what the fuck-
And never mind

We’re gonna let the big one suck us off this time
Suck us off to notness
Suck us off with no forgiveness
And fuck us up the ass at the same time

Celebrities and wannabees
Get in line

Cause when the big one sucks you off
You have no regrets
Man, everyone forgets...

When the big one sucks them off
When the big one blows Stardust on their horn
There’s only one selection on the jukebox
You can’t hear the breaking glass
Or feel the impact of the windshield
At the moment of the crash
Did I mention?
The big ones got your attention...

You are moving through the line
The Game Boy is your mind
George is at the bridge
Mission accomplished
The Atari warrior in real time
Plugged into the action
Plugged in all the way

But you lost your taste for Campari
When you found out that Tinker Bell was a man

And you’re waiting in the darkness
With your pants around your ankles
With your passion in your hand
Dreaming of a kinder gentler land

With the big one hard at work
Oh yea baby!!!
HARD at work
Good and HARD
For this portion of this lifetime
Waiting on the big one
To blow you right the fuck out of childhood
And every tricycle it rode in on

Get that Chase advantage
Mr. Rockefeller gonna treat you just fine
No memory
No tomorrow
No highway left behind
The way they came is gone
They’ve formatted the mind
(At the prompt type Y. Warning, you are about to remove all data from your system. Do you wish to proceed? Oh yes, oh yes!!! Oh God Yes!!!)

Maybe just one cigarette
A few bobby pins
A lighter and
A subway token
No heart will be left unbroken

One hallway full of shadows
Wet concrete and the chittering of rats
Gunfire and weeping in the distance-
too great to define

There may be some disappointment
The big one sucks you off
Just turn your head and cough

And get that Chase Advantage
Get 0 percent Interest
No payments till the end
This offer will be repeated
Act today
Do it now

Felators are standing by
They’ll be kneeling in a minute
Everything includes everything
No waiting
No waiting
No waiting
No waiting

So, you’re okay with that?
And you know about the quid pro quo?
You know once you get rid of those items...

the unnecessary personal baggage
the aspirations
that strange compulsion for regret
the weeping virtues on the vine
that intruding human effect
after that
Nothing you do...
will have any further effect on you?

The reason we called you in
You look like you know
What’s going on

And you don’t mind

Most people
We don’t even have to talk to them
They get right on board and
Don’t even ask where the train is going
They think the smoke trails are coming from the engine

But you’ve got management potential and
We think you can help us with the boarding
Make sure there are no empty seats
And every now and then
you get to step in and be
The Big One
At the cosmic glory hole

And remember
You’re draining into your own bank account
And the financial apparatus that
Makes the whole thing move
And shake
And bake

And that makes all of us here
(I know I can speak for all of us when I say this)
That makes all of us here just
A little more motivated
A little more ‘into’ it
We’re all about satisfaction here

Some of our biggest customers are
Some of our biggest customers

In the end
Either way you go
Whichever side of the helix
You got to get down on your knees
Either way

On the one hand
It’s just all about longing
On the other hand it’s all about getting to it

And keep in mind
I’ll be turning into an angel of light
at the given moment
Be not deceived...

Patrick Willis narrates:
The Big One