Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Stop Being the Low Man on the Scrotum Pole

Okay, alright. Here’s a new piece. Sheesh, alright, to answer your question, I’m not here much because I’ve said it all and you’ve heard it all. Only a congenital idiot or a bottom feeding republican trough snorkeler doesn’t know that bush is a lying sack of shit; a coward, an incompetent bumbling empty suit, a two-dimensional cardboard cutout and one of the most inarticulate people to ever attempt to speak the English language. The insincerity drips off him like the urine from Paris Hilton’s last golden shower. You have to be an exceedingly dumb; mouth breathing, soap watching, non-soap using, bag of Jell-O fat quivering in front of Fox News watching between the big, edema soaked ankles of your sad potato chip eating, Coke-swilling, diabetic lounging on the couch like a helium filled slug, waiting to be carried by six sweating pall bearers to the grave- they shoulda used a forklift- kinda loser to believe anything that cheney, or rumsfield or rice or the neo-cons warmongers and lying bitch mainstream Medusa media has to say about anything at any time.

What more am I supposed to say? Have I said that the members of both houses of Congress are mostly shit-eating dogs who roll in the dead carcasses of their constituents, who roll on their back, hind legs in the air when the Israeli lobbyists go by; who nod and wink when they spy on the U.S. and who pretend they don’t know that lies generated by Israelis posing as Americans and working in the State Department and The Department of Defense led to an illegal war in Iraq? Should I state again that these members of the American government are all treasonous snakes for not looking into the connections between Mossad and the 9/11 attack? How many dancing Israeli’s does it take to convince a pack of shit for brains, pork rind eating butt boys that disaster is looming round the bend?

You want to do something. I know you do. You want to make a difference because maybe you aren’t asleep and you can’t believe that these fucks are just getting away with this shit. You think, like I think, that they really ought to be put up against a wall, hung from a lamp post or gutted, stuffed and mounted over the TV as a constant reminder that there be monsters in these woods. You wonder like I do where these newscasters come from. You wonder who it is that writes for these partisan tabloids that used to provide the news as opposed to creating it and avoiding it. You’re wondering how to get a handle on these sick fucks from Hell. How do you slip at least one knife blade between one set of ribs?

Okay then, I’ll tell you how to hurt these creatures worse than in any other way imaginable. You hurt them in the pocket. They have no God but the dollar. They have no creed, no country, no family and no friends. They have no love. They care only for what they can get. So you have to squeeze the tube through which the ‘getting’ comes.

One thing all of you need to do is to remember who these people are in all these positions, who are beating the drums, as humanity is herded down the dark highway into suffering and regret. You have to remember Thomas Friedman and Christopher Hitchens. You have to remember that the Michael Kingsley who once wrote elegantly on things that mattered turned into the invisible bass playing nobody who said The Downing Street Memo was unimportant and contained nothing new. You have to remember Brit Hume and the ugly lies that flowed daily from his mouth like Herpes sores into your living room each night. You have to remember all of the people at Fox News and every other TV station. You want to remember the name Roger Ailes, Lord Rees-Mogg and Rupert Murdock. You want to find out who the bosses of all the news shows are and who their boss is. You want to find out who owns the Washington Post and The New York Times. You want to remember who wrote what. You want to remember the lies and the liars. You want to remember Colin Powell’s fish mouth and the fat, freaky face of his son over at the FCC. You want to remember Ann Coulter and all the red-faced stinking swine who revved their engines and farted into the face of truth and every area of human good.

You want to remember these people for when things turn again. You want to never forget them. They need to be held in contempt and censure for the total extent of this life and beyond. You want to find out who buys advertising on all of those news shows and in all of those newspapers and you have to promise yourself NEVER to buy any of those products again. You have to get your family to promise and your friends to promise and if you can get your friends and their families to go out and get their friends and their families to get their friends and their families ad infinitum then, you know what? We’d have it going on.

STOP buying any and all products that pay for the lies to continue. Let the nation be swept with a Grand Passionara to turn their backs on mainstream news and newspapers and every industry that supports them. Don’t buy American beer, which is actually German beer after it has passed through someone’s body; buy German, Mexican and any beer that isn’t going to war. Stop buying American products. Every time you see Brit Hume open his mouth say out loud, “Bullshit!” Every time you see a news headline say, “Bullshit!” Every time you see bush’s face say, “You liar!” Do the same with every one of them. Turn your back on everything made in this country. If you want to save your country then you have to bring her to her knees. You have to rock the boat so bad that all of the fat rats fall out and drown.

There is a war worth fighting and it is the one war that is always worth fighting and it is a war you can win if you have courage, vision and discipline enough. It is the war of the greatest good for the greatest amount of people. It is the war for justice and truth. It is fought in your minds and with your thoughts and your words and you actions. It is fought right where you stand every minute of every day. You are a soldier in an eternal and immortal army. Reclaim your righteous understanding of what is what and then BE WHAT IS!!!

You’ve let a pack of weasels and hyenas steal your country, your good name and your sense of self. Under no circumstances should slimeballs like Tom Delay ever be let loose near anything that isn’t nailed down again. Tom Delay needs to be stripped naked and rolled in pig shit and then whipped through the streets of Washington and across Key Bridge. Take back your country.

Believe me, if rich corporations with no loyalty to anything but squeezing the highest possible profit from every transaction suddenly find that they are losing money they will strip these people for you. Cut off the supply of their money and their power. Show disinterest in everything they have. Slow things down. Make everything go slower.

You are making enemies you don’t want to have. In far away lands a terrible hate is being manufactured for you. While you play at sophistry and cry crocodile tears and wring your hands and simper, “What can I do?” powerful enemies are being manufactured for you and your family. Disassociate yourself from the base and evil felons. Open your eyes and understand the degree of your power. You are not helpless. Shut down McDonald’s and Coca Cola. Close down The Gap and Donna Karan. Close down Wal-Mart. Don’t listen to U2. Boycott Bob Geldorf. Know your enemy and cut off his food supply= your money and attention. Do it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List


Anonymous said...

Brilliant fucking writing man. You are the best!

Aaron Steading

Anonymous said...

You are on the money. We need some kind of collective order of outrage that smacks corporations upside the head every time we catch one of them on their knees before the government or vice versa. We need some clout. Maybe this is the ticket.

W. B.

Anonymous said...

I see you are abroad. I don't know how long you have been away but you have no idea what it is like here now.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Wail on MacDuff. More fire and less cornmeal. That's what I say. If it wasn't for I think I might have to burn my computer.

Good work!

Anonymous said...

(Sir) Bob Geldorf sounds like a real asshole, praising Bush and all the rest. But what kind of a person takes an honor from a Royal Family that is behind most of the world's mischief? Fuck him and fuck that megalomaniac Bono as well.

Tito Renses

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Your hero over at What Really Happened featured you again. You must be very pleased. This is a great piece of writing, just like you always do.


Anonymous said...

^.^ I don't eat McDonald, and I don't drink Soda, so I guess I am participating

Anonymous said...

It's a great idea but most of the people are sheep. I wonder if you could get enough people to make a difference. The Christian Right goes after Proctor & Gamble and others now and then. I don't know if they've had much effect. TV doesn't change much except to get worse.

Maybe that is the reason that entire civilizations are wiped out. They were to stupid to live.

Anonymous said...

Very entertaining writing even if most of America is listening to Terri Schiavo's radio station.

Anonymous said...

"How many dancing Israeli’s does it take to convince a pack of shit for brains, pork rind eating butt boys that disaster is looming round the bend?"

I'm putting this in my collection of great quotes.

Kelly Brazil

Anonymous said...

Personally I think high pressure water hoses up their asses will tenderize the meat and be a fair exchange for services rendered.


Anonymous said...

You would need high pressure hoses to clean out the shit.

phylos said...


Anonymous said...

The difficulty in economic warfare is that the corporations will choose first to do layoffs to protect their profitability. This will punish the common man long before the real villains feel any heat.



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