Monday, March 31, 2008

Cheap Wine, Grilled Rat and Woody Guthrie, Down by the River.

You knew it had to come... an unseen hand of circumstance has ripped the smiling Kabuki mask away and it’s clear that there is no Iraqi government. There is no Iraqi army, there is no Iraqi police. The surge didn’t work. There is never going to be any ‘mission accomplished’. It’s as empty of substance as the space between Bush’s ears and as much of a pumped up fantasy as the crotch-shot on the deck of the carrier.

Now they are offering money for weapons in Iraq. Let’s see, you got a job working for a powerful crime boss from across the water who took over your country and you thought you’d flex your muscles and go after one of the big guys in your back yard and then he not only kicks your ass but some of your guys take off their uniforms and go over to the other side. The big crime boss sends in some tactical help; some on site, out of town boys with heavy artillery and... the financial comptroller for the powerful crime boss who took over your country and who is across the water in another direction sends in some heavy hitters too and they wack some families that are ‘connected’ to the big guy in your back yard but that doesn’t mean anything because that happens every day anyway and... you, you decide that you’ll offer the guys who kicked your ass some money in exchange for the weapons they used to defend themselves against you. Have I got it right?

Yeah, that’ll work. How about some short term, no interest loans for houses? It worked in the United States. Of course, the United States doesn’t have an insurgency unless you count an entire nation of people with their heads turned, scuttling down the street like crabs looking for a hole in the ground.

America, “land of the free, home of the brave” should be called, “Land of... who me? Home of the slave.” It’s got a nice ring to it.

For a long time now I have been trying to trouble shoot my way around, under, through, any which way, to understand how three hundred million people turned into ambulatory lumps of Jello that tremble and shake like rats on Warfarin every time somebody coughs in the back of the subway tunnel.

America has had trouble before and risen to the challenge. Even if the Civil War was caused by European bankers there was a mad rush to save the country from itself. People were willing to give their lives. When the bankers went to work again to create the First World War, everybody pitched in again to help them out. When they engineered the Second World War, Johnny went and got his gun again. Now they’re working on the Third World War and this time Johnny Anonymous is shouting in all caps across the new frontier of the internet.

The way they do it is they mess with the money and create fear and turmoil just like you are reading about now. Did you think I was coming to some kind of a point? Actually I was but the point was to make a sharp right turn without signaling and pull into this empty parking lot here so that we could have a little chat. You see, this post is not about what it was supposed to be about, just like everything you are being told is not what it is about.

You’re being squeezed by these same money men so that life will become so intolerable that you’ll be glad to run through the bloody trenches and razor wire to free yourself from the conditions created by the people who sent you running in the first place.

There’s too many of you. You’re taking up too much space. Over here and over there people are breeding like rabbits because that is what people do when they are starving and short of resources, shelter, food, opportunity and the value of their labor has disappeared because they already dug up and sold everything they had to the people who bought off their leaders and created the unbearable debt they find themselves in. Maybe they’ll get lucky and these people will find something else they want and they can start all over again.

Yeah, yeah... I’ve got a point. It’s in here somewhere. Let’s just sit here for awhile. It’s quiet here in the back-lot of Best Buy; just you and me and the homeless, foraging in the dumpsters behind the Sack and Save. I’ve eaten in a lot of fine restaurants in my life but I’ll tell you, some of the happiest days of my life were spent barbecuing rats on an old refrigerator grill down by the river. Afterwards we’d share a gallon of wine and sing Woody Guthrie songs.

Well, I may be back down by that river one of these days singing my own songs. The Recording Industry Association of America thinks I’m getting too much money but I understand we’re all going to be okay if we just shake like Jello and let them tap our trembling for a new energy source. They’ve already put generators between the legs of all the obese people who now make electricity from the friction of their legs rubbing together and that’s all going to Las Vegas. They solved the water problem too. Did I tell you about that? They’re going to harvest all the human tears and can you imagine what that’s going to come to?

Well... it didn’t take that long. Everybody in the car with me has fallen asleep so I’m going to run a hose from the exhaust in through one of the windows. I’m glad I gassed up before I started this composition. I’ll just close the door softly and walk away. It will be a kindness I think.

I don’t know how much space I’ve got left to say something meaningful here or how long anybody reading this anywhere is going to be able to stay awake with that gigantic hose that’s pumping carbon monoxide through the vents of the nation.

Okay... let’s pretend it’s not like this. I know it’s a bummer when I talk this way. I want to end on a high note, let the right hand travel some distance over from middle C.

We could have had a better world and I suppose we still can but it’s so much harder to accomplish it when so many of us with the talent to lead and inform are working for the people who made things the way that they are. I don’t know what their payoff is. They’re going to wind up down by the river too. It may be a better section of the river with a better class of grilled rat. They might have paper cups for their wine but... they’re still down by the river.

What did they promise all of those congressmen and senators when they agreed not to impeach the president for high crimes and treason? Did they promise them blowjobs or just show them some of the photos of their own blowjobs in the past? What did they do to stop everyone who might have made a difference from pointing out that 9/11 was an inside job? What goes on in the minds of everyone who knows the truth as they go thought their days on their way to the river?

I hope you can hear me speaking right now. I’m telling you, you need to get out of the car because something doesn’t smell right. Is that true that you can’t smell carbon monoxide? Just take my word for it. You need to learn what Al Sadr knows. You can’t reason with these people and you can’t trust these people. You’ve got to learn what Al Sadr knows, you’re stronger than these people. I do believe a lot of you are getting out of the car. I don’t know where it’s coming from but there’s fresh air coming in from somewhere. We just need to get a little distance and clear our heads for a moment. Then I think we’ve got to see that the right people head down to the river and don’t come back.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Shaky Ground of an Uncertain Future

To look at the mainstream news you wouldn’t think much was happening in places where a whole lot is happening. The Mahdi Army of 60,000 strong has done what armies in occupied lands have always done. They have waited for their moment.

There is a pretty firm illusion that makes its way through the minds of the architects of war. In this case it filters through the brains of chicken-hawks who serve at the pleasure of banks and munitions manufacturers, down through the minds of military men who may know better but who have a job to do, down into the minds of those who report the news (This is a relative down because there isn’t much further down than these minds.), down into the minds of the public. This is the illusion that the war is about something it is not and that those being trained to assume authority over a pronounced chaos are willing idealists who support the illusion that began in the minds of those whose sole intention was chaos and personal profit.

The Iraqi troops being trained to take over the security concerns of their country do not support the minds or intentions of those who started this war. They support their families. Their relatives and friends are in the opposition and it won’t take much to make them part of it and there is no chance that their training and firepower will prevail over the much greater power of the resistance. This war cannot be won; it can only be dragged out with the obvious attrition that attends it.

The war in Afghanistan is lost. The prior support of Pakistan which provided much in the way of tactical necessities in both the Afghanistan and Iraq incursions is going and soon gone. Various countries with economic concerns of their own... and which outweigh the usual tilt toward those responsible for these stupid Napoleonic adventures are cutting deals with Iran. It seems that every day now you hear about a new arrangement for gas from Iran. And no matter what kind of picture anyone wants to paint, Russia is the factor no one talks about.

The situation in Tibet has captured all of the large print in the media. It’s a small issue. It’s not a small issue to the Tibetans- and I do not mean to diminish their situation- but it’s a small issue writ large because it is embarrassing the Chinese on the verge of the Olympic Games and this is intentional. Whether it is the Tibetans themselves who have initiated this or whether it is just another one of those strange manipulations we see so much of these days is immaterial. This is the moment for it. China has no business in Tibet and I don’t care what their argument is. England had no business in India. England had no business in Ireland. America has no business in Afghanistan or Iraq. A lot of country’s that muck about with the lives and resources of other lands, just because they can, have no business doing so.

But that’s what it is... business. Marx had something to say about the real causes of war having an economic basis and he was absolutely correct in that respect.

So this is the moment in Iraq for previously quieted elements to light up the landscape. This hasn’t gotten near where it is going yet and there isn’t anything the invaders can do about it except for some kind of Phoenix Program.

It’s an election year and there are some strange doings grabbing the headlines and other strange doings not seeing the light of day. You have to be intelligent and you have to be objective if you want to see what’s going on. You have to look behind what is being presented and reason out what is implied. As ever, ‘follow the money’ and cui bono.

A major effort is underway to smear both Obama and Clinton to the point where McCain can be shoehorned into office. Everybody has dirty laundry but when has that not been the case in the America political game? Certain elements that have had their way with the world for eight years have no intention of letting their money flow run dry. Certain elements have had an agenda in the works for a long time and that agenda is not complete. They didn’t make all those changes to the law and orchestrate all those terror attacks just to let the other team take possession of the ball. It can be argued that both teams play for the same owner but that’s not entirely the case as nothing is ever that cut and dried. Evil is not completely united around the world. Evil strives against evil and it’s hard sometimes to tell what evil really is. There are different kinds of evil and some are preferable to others.

Putting McCain into the White House has nothing to do with McCain becoming president. It has everything to do with who his Vice President is. That is the key. McCain is not likely to last long in office and that is the intended result.

But the best laid plans of even the most powerful interests sometimes go astray. We, the uninformed and unwashed can only know so much. But those who run the foreign policies of their countries and those who seek to replace them by whatever means are well informed and understand timing very well.

The most interesting thing about the state of the world and all of the competing forces operating at this most critical juncture in human history is not any of the things you are hearing about. It’s what you are not hearing about and what is going on behind the scene that is interesting. Don’t for a moment assume that some mysterious cabal of so-called elites is actually going to take over the world. They’ve taken over as much as they have ever been able to and then things change.

Certain truths are coming to light that are going to change everything. The 9/11 cover-up is on the verge of major exposure. Every day more and more well-placed individuals in countries around the world are stating that it was an inside job. Youtube and the alternative press are gaining a larger audience every day. Lies that have been written in stone for decades are being exposed before the common mind. You can’t control the population if you can’t convince them of what you want them to believe. When they stop believing- and it is happening in droves- then your power wanes.

The thing about lies is that sooner or later they get exposed. The media which has printed these lies and presented the horrors of the day according to the angle desired by those who operate it have become their own worst enemy. They are daily providing the evidence that they lie. Truth tellers on the internet are turning over every rock they tried to bury the truth beneath. All the arguments that have supported the oppressors are being turned on their head by the evidence that is leaking through the seams. People are waking up and things are happening that those who make things happen did not expect.

In the future you are going to look back on 2008 and the period surrounding it and you are going to shake your head and say, “Who could have imagined such things?” Hopefully you have managed to put together some part of what I have intended to present with all of these disparate paragraphs and can take an easier breath. No matter how it looks or what happens in the coming months you have reason to be optimistic. It’s hard to hang in there when the clouds have blocked the sun for eight long and torturous years.

I think we are all in for some surprises and some of them are going to be good. Our job is to try to be a little more aware, a little more human and a little more understanding as we move through our little lives wherever they are taking place. Bon Chance.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It is an Idea Whose Time has Come

On they go, through the wreckage and the ruins, toward the glorious future that hangs like dew-kissed fruit on the rotating candy tree at the edge of the world. “Catch me and pick me and eat me.” The tree whispers into the dreams of the millions who follow the leader and onward they go. It doesn’t matter if it’s Chairman Mao or Dick Cheney, Olmert or Hitler. The uniforms change, the slogans change but the men remain the same. The people remain the same. They breed on the highway. They die by the roadside. They laugh in the sunlight and weep in the darkness. The circle of life completes.

The markets rise and the markets fall. The magic alphabet of numbers pours like sand, over and over through the grasping hands. The rich get richer and the poor stay poor; dreaming of lottery tickets and alchemical gold. It never changes. It never gets old and they breed on the highway and die by the roadside.

As uncertain and treacherous as the world has always been, there was always hope; sleeping like a poisoned princess in Pandora’s Box.

I cannot ever remember understanding the world in personal terms. Even when I was a child, I never got the glory of war or the call to arms. I never wanted to wear a suit and tie and be a master of the universe. But I see that there are many who do. Among the decent souls who struggle here, there are always the others who will do anything to advance their interests. The good people are hamstrung. They can only go so far before their conscience stops them. There are no such barriers for the others.

I toy with solutions in my mind. Sometimes it seems if people were better informed that there would be less misery. Sometimes it seems that there should be a period where the rich and the powerful should all be publicly executed as a lesson; dragged like Ceauşescu to a natural destiny; something like The Olympics with wide media coverage.

Throughout human history, in every religion, there is the example of sacrifice; the martyred God, the expiating divinity that washes the landscape clean and whose gift becomes the currency for the age. There is the implication that the blood that washes away the sins also paints the world in new colors. I’ve seen it written by those who have found enlightenment that everything sparkles like gold and precious gems.

We have no religion that puts the psychopaths into The Wicker Man but maybe we should. Maybe this is where we have gone wrong. Maybe there should be a world wide spring cleaning in every generation. Everything would be as it is now. Dick Cheney could go on saying things like, “So?” and “They volunteered.” Rupert Murdoch could go right on pumping sewage into the collective consciousness. Bankers could go right on recycling new versions of The Grapes of Wrath. Loan-sharks could continue breaking legs and lives. Politicians could lie and orchestrate pointless wars at the behest of bankers and corporations. Religious leaders could milk their flocks, shear their sheep and operate their open air meat markets for wolves; reaching their hands heavenward and proclaiming that their followers should throw their money up into the air and testifying that all that remains there belongs to God and all that falls to the ground is theirs.

Everything could go on just the way it always does but every twenty years a lot of them would be rounded up and executed in creative ways for the entertainment of the people. It could be several weeks of unforgettable television. They could each deliver their parting words.

The beauty of such a thing is that everyone would go into it knowing the possible outcome. To make it interesting, not all of them would be chosen. It could be a fifty-fifty lottery with odd and even numbers. Who could argue with it? Justice would be automatic. There could even be loopholes. There could be American Idol-like competitions where contestants in a “You Bet Your Life” scenario could compete against each other for the public’s favor. In ancient Rome, in the coliseum, it was occasionally the case where a gladiator would win his life and his freedom if the public wished it.

It should not forever be the case that the Mahatma Gandhi’s and Jesus Christ’s should bear the full weight of sacrifice. It’s time to share the burden of sacrifice. People die in the effort to enrich themselves at the public expense. People die in wars. People die in traffic accidents. Everybody dies. Since everyone dies... why shouldn’t there be a greater meaning in particular deaths?

A festive energy is in the air. The Month of Recompense has come; colorfully dressed agents of the people advance on the Rockefeller estate and drag David Rockefeller from his bed. David got an odd number. In accordance with the rules, none of the possible participants are informed in advance of their selection. Rockefellers and Rothschild’s share the stage. Rock music fills the stadium and people dance and hold their children upon their shoulders. It’s party time.

Can anyone argue with this? Does this sound crazy to you? A million dead Iraqi’s doesn’t sound crazy? Paris Hilton getting 200,000 dollars to attend a party of Japanese businessmen doesn’t sound crazy? George W. Bush doesn’t sound crazy? Being strip searched in an airport without reason doesn’t sound crazy? Thousands of homes boarded up with people living in the streets isn’t crazy? A pile of bodies of murdered monks in the Myanmar jungles doesn’t sound crazy? Three skyscrapers falling in controlled demolition doesn’t sound crazy? Your believing this is a normal affair doesn’t sound crazy? What is crazy?

It seems perfectly reasonable to me that every twenty years we clean up the psychopath population and have a little closure. George and his brother presided over the largest amount of executions in American history in their respective states. Was that crazy or coincidence? Could they possibly complain if they were the recipients of public justice? Think of how many people have died at the hands of this one family.

You can’t depend on your laws to balance the scales. The laws may declare one thing in principle but they aren’t going to reflect that principle once the lawyers get through with them. It really comes down to who can pay for the best lawyers. It’s no wonder that Phil Spector didn’t worry about killing a woman in his home. There is no law, people. There is no lottery ticket. There is no home equity. It was never intended so.

Yes, you are a fool when you play Three Card Monte. You’re a fool when you bet on the come. You’re a fool to think you can become an aristocrat. It’s not going to happen. But it should cost something to be an aristocrat. The French Revolution should be a Disney-like theme park and it should stand as the people’s recourse to justice because there really isn’t any justice and you know that.

Is there a higher justice? There may well be. Does it all fit together perfectly in the end? That may well be. All I’m saying is that I think we would all feel a lot better if we could adjust the scales intentionally every so many years. I think we’d all be more comfortable with our lot if what goes around actually came around. The perception of justice done will do more for your complexion than all the cancer creams you’re using now. I think this might be an idea whose time has come.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Like it had Eyes... and Fangs... and Claws.

Well, I hate to tear you away from the screen. I know you are all focused hard, except for those who are hardly focused, on Slutz-Girl Vodka’s new butt girl “It goes down like smooooth reptile ooooooze.” It’s the American way to go from a whore to a princess of the marketplace over night. Where would we be if we didn’t have things like this to pay attention to? Maybe paying attention to something important, whatever that is.

You knew it was coming. You just didn’t know when. Or maybe you didn’t know it was coming because things like Slutz-Girl Vodka had your attention. For some of us it’s a no brainer that our terror impresarios; the Bush players, neo-cons and assorted n’er do wells were going to blow something up this year. We knew that the usual suspects were going to go into the prop room and pull out a false flag for the benefit of our brothers and sisters in Tehran, or Lebanon, or Syria or... all of them.

We swallowed a load in 2001 and we’re seeing signs and wonders and signs and wonders all over the place now. We are seeing a collection of related events that are all indicating that ‘the future is now’ or just around the corner. Ominous evidence of three dimensional chess pressures are pushing circumstance ...and daring it to do something stupid. Food shortages; high fuel costs, housing foreclosures, bank failures, the falling dollar and assorted saber rattling all seem to indicate that ‘the boys in the backroom’ are getting all sub rosa before they go nova.

It becomes especially clear when The Scarlet Pimpernel, Bin Laden, starts doing his Baron Samedi impressions and popping up out of the grave and on to your dinner table. Most of the readers of this blog are regular visitors to Uruknet, The Truthseeker, What Really Happened and the venerable Signs of the Times so you have all probably seen the links I’ve placed above and you know that there are many more that all relate to the same mass of confusion that defines the present moment. You know about Russia and Kosovo; The Palestinian Genocide, Israel and her neighbors near and far. You know about Afghanistan and Iraq and Iran. You’re familiar with what happens when anonymous spokesmen for government agencies start talking about looming terror threats. You know Easter is coming and you know what a bonanza it would be were Christians to have a bad hair day at a holy site but... other days are coming and it could be any day and any scenario as long as it points to Iran. Still, it’s interesting what Bin Laden had to say about the pope and Europe, even if it wasn’t- and it wasn’t- Bin Laden.

Bushco is looking into Switzerland’s deal with Iran because it might violate some gratuitous sanctions that somebody put on paper and supposedly means something but probably doesn’t.

Yes, we know about that joint military exercise in Tel Aviv which, like the war games that were taking place on 9/11, that were simulating the very thing that took place and like the terror drill that was taking place in London at the same time as the 7/7 attacks... we know that terror drills and war games are often a cover and a distraction from the real thing. Sure this one is over now but... ah the mind wanders and speculates. The mind wonders how tragic it would be if something were to happen to someone somewhere. Israel killed a high ranking Hezbollah leader and they’ve spared no press in letting the world know that surely Hezbollah has a retribution planned.

We know that the IDF can now kill Palestinian civilians legally and we know it all comes out of this particular tradition and leads to justification of any act even against your best friends.

So why are there all of these links you might ask? I’m headed somewhere and these are part of the audio visual. Let me ask you something... when was the last time Iran attacked anyone? Iraq started the Iran/Iraq War and earlier the Iranians rebelled against the Shah and held some Americans (who put the Shah in power) as hostages which Ronald Reagan used to get elected in some kind of a deal that involved guns and drugs and not very much, “Just say no.” but... when was the last time Iran attacked anyone?

Did Iraq attack anyone in order to get invaded? I mean, besides going after Kuwait earlier for slant drilling into their wells after the action had been green-lighted by the US State Department. No, they didn’t. Has anyone been attacking other countries besides America, England and Israel? It doesn’t appear to be so.

Is Iran threatening to attack Israel? No, I haven’t heard it. There was that comment about the Zionist regime needing to go. You know the quote that got turned into, “Israel should be wiped off the map”? ...but which never actually got said; the same way Bin laden never admitted to 9/11. You know what I’m talking about.

Israel has a long history of false flag events that they authored and which are a matter of public record. America has one too. We’ve seen The Brits caught in the act in Basra. I don’t think anyone would argue against Israel wanting to attack Iran so bad that it makes my teeth hurt. They managed to get us to attack Iraq and until the NIE put a spanner in the works, they were about to orchestrate America going into Iran too. The facts of the matter cannot be argued because the evidence is a matter of public record and you hear it on the news every day.

How did it get to be that the people causing all of the trouble are the good guys and the people on the receiving end of the trouble are the bad guys? Could be they are all bad guys one way or another. I don’t have a scorecard, just some powers of observation.

I take no delight in spinning these commentaries. I don’t get paid. I think I got one ten dollar contribution in the whole time I’ve been doing this and that was at one of the other blogs. I don’t get to go out to dinner or speak at universities. I don’t even have advertising. What’s the payoff? Ridicule? Slander? Intentional bad career move? It seems to be some kind of mental disorder to want the truth to be known because a whole lot of people apparently do not. In fact they work overtime creating lies and painting false pictures about conditions and problems that didn’t exist until they created them.

Bushco has set the United States on fire and it is burning to the ground. The degree of madness that can be seen in the various agendas this administration has engaged in is awesome... unbelievable... It is staggering to one’s sense of reality that they could even take place and yet they did. Do you honestly think they’re going to quietly depart? Does this make any kind of sense knowing what we know? Every day that passes diminishes the number of days remaining for this runaway serial killer administration. So, every day that passes, ups the odds for that day being the day on which whatever they have planned goes down.

Back to why I or any of the rest of us does this... It has to be said because it isn’t being said. If we did not say it, it would not get said at all. There’d be nothing but doublespeak to cover the government’s own terror activities. We’d be hearing about Miss Slutz Vodka 2008 and what kind of shoes go with which kind of hat. You want to look your best when you’re spread out across the two airline seats you had to buy in order to fly.

Neither I, nor any legitimate blogger believes that every Israeli and every American and every Englander is supportive of the ugliness their countries are producing. On the other hand there are not nearly enough of you objecting either. If you can’t see what's going on there are only so many options. You don’t want to or you are that stupid that you believe what cannot be true because all the evidence points the other way. I’d say it’s time to begin to watch out; time to stop, look and listen. There’s a dark train running on a gone dead line; sooner or later it’s going to reach its destination and it’s not the same train being pulled by Miss Slutz Vodka.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today is March 19th, step away from the Machine.

Today is March 19th. We celebrate five years of bloody war and torture based on lies. These lies came from Michael Ledeen and various neo-con insurgents like Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle, Douglas Feith and Dick Cheney, operating in the United States government at various agencies. Well... the Afghan war began on October 7th, 2001 and that was also based on a lie so actually we have had around 6.5 years of bloody war and torture.

The Afghan war came about because America was attacked on September the 11th at several locations. It was said that the attack was orchestrated by Bin Laden who was residing in Afghanistan at the time. It seemed reasonable to attack the country hosting him. But Bin Laden denied attacking the United States. This made no difference in the face of a concerted propaganda effort by the same neo-con operatives already mentioned. None of the alleged perpetrators were ever apprehended. The Afghan war was for geo-political advantage and to liberate the opium trade; nothing more.

As time passed it became clear, to anyone who was interested enough to inquire, that the 9/11 attack was engineered by the same neo-cons who blamed the attack on Bin Laden. They have since used this non-existent threat from a small group of rag tag, Stone Age Arabs to justify plunging the United States into fear and fascism while looting the countries coffers. As brief as this may be, it is the truth, just as nearly everything reported by the government and collaborating media is a lie.

A major player in all of these events and the nation that benefited the most by events and perceptions set into play by these false flag operations is Israel and the trail of evidence leads directly to her door.

In the process of the last eight years there has been no legal election in the United States due to voter fraud and collusion of the part of the U.S. Supreme Court and later due to easily hacked touch-screen voting machines from Diebold Corp whose CEO was an ally of the past two administrations and is on record saying that he would do anything he could to see that the administration was elected.

It is prudent to be cautious when the evidence is sparse. One can form theories and have suspicions when the evidence is sparse but... when the evidence rears up in front of you like an enormous comet of flaming bullshit that fills the sky with its presence, then one can come to conclusions; one can indeed. When the big picture of all of the events and circumstances and evidence is placed on the wall with pie charts and graphs that show who was where when and who made money and who got cachet and who did this and who said that... it is as clear as clear can be.

When top officials of the C.I.A. admit that Al Qaeda is a myth and when Bin Laden who hasn’t been seen in years and hasn’t done anything in years keeps popping up all over the place... and when his entire family is flown out of the U.S. by the government immediately following the attacks and when ten thousand lies are exposed... when one sees who was in charge of security at the 9/11 airports and the London Tube and the Madrid train station and... when one notes Neil Bush’s position regarding the WTC previous to the attacks and... when one sees that Larry Silverstein upped his insurance- really upped his insurance on the WTC against the specific kind of event that occurred- very shortly before the attacks and...

...when one sees the buildings crumble like old Las Vegas casinos in controlled demolition... all of them on the same day, when it never happened to even one before... alas we celebrate not just deception and depravity beyond definition. We celebrate not just bloody war and torture. We celebrate the unimaginable blindness and intransigence of a collective public that willfully disregards evidence so compelling that one is mystified beyond endurance by the sheer scope of the ignorance in play.

When the hammer comes down as it is coming down now, it is hard to have tears and sympathy for a people who have danced down the garden path and into a wilderness of thorns because they allowed themselves to be reduced to the intelligence level of the beasts of the field and they shall be treated like the beasts of the field for their complicity.

The fear of speaking the truth because of the potential for ignominy and slander; because of the possibility of ostracism and loss of income tell us that cowardice and indifference have never been more rampant.

Today is March 19th. Today some portion of the people who are not asleep -or cringing in their beds- will step back from the dream machine and refuse to cooperate or contribute. Today, some smaller portion of humanity will put on the mask of V and they will celebrate their singularity in having seen behind the curtain. It will be no great victory because the mass of us will march forward under whips and inducements toward an increasing density and darkness of confinement and want.

There are no accidents here. The economic devastation; the bloody wars and torture, the calculated indifference following Katrina, the poisoned trailers, the vanishing bees, the tazer-bot police, the strip searches and jailhouse beatings, the secret prisons, the thought crimes, the fear, the rising fuel prices, the scarcity of grains, the spying and the suspension of constitutional rights are all intentional. There are no accidents here.

Let every person who is present on the planet today... let them every one look into their hearts and see what they have allowed. Let them see their sneering denial as it rises into their thoughts. Let them observe their fear which compels them to kneel before their oppressors in hope that they might be allowed to wield a club upon their fellows in exchange for the right to survive.

Across the globe, the indifferent rich sit in self-satisfied insulation from the horrors of the day. They sun and sail. They wine and dine. They cannot hear the cries of the victims of genocide and want. Millions of little fingers tap out inane text messages. They shake their booties to violent rhymes and talk about how “so and so is my niggah.” The world contracts and presses down. Fortunes change. Fortunes disappear. Hundreds of millions pushed beyond endurance no longer fear to die. Life is a far greater punishment. But there are a number of those who are fat and sleek and well ensconced and they... they do fear to die.

Let us see if we can shift the tide. It matters not if we do but that we tried. If today brings no great result then let us plan again. Sooner or later the conditions will demand an increase in our ranks and perhaps critical mass will be achieved. Evil is a constant and it always destroys itself. You cannot eradicate it but you can contain it. Balance must be restored.

The only way to hurt a psychopathic materialist is to deny him profit in his game. Today on March 19th we have a chance to do that. When enough of us stand back, he will be unmanned and unmasked. Everybody knows what they are up to. Change direction and move forward to a better world, or... continue on to perdition. It really is up to you.

Visible sings: 911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible♫ Good News and Bad News ♫
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'911 was an Inside Job'

911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Breakdancing Drunks on the Edge of a Cliff

Looking behind the news... or deeper into the news, as you prefer, it starts to look like a video of extreme skateboarders and off road bikers on cheap wine and PCP. Sometimes it looks like an army of crazed suits, chasing gold dust in a windstorm across the desert of the Sierra Madre. In the meantime, entire nations are displaced or forced behind high walls and razor wire and used for target practice. At the same time we are treated to endless details of the vainest and emptiest lives anyone can imagine.

When you really look at it, really look at it, it is madness at all levels. It is mad to engage in it. It is madness to be entertained by it. It is madness to go whistling past it when there is no end to it. Between derivatives and the sub-prime swamp, between the casual mass murders and increasing police presence, between the confusion and the chaos there is no hiding place. Everything touches everything. Everything depends on everything. Everything is changed and reformed into ever increasing degrees of bat shit gone wild.

How can these things be? Where and when did it start and how can it end in anything but greater tragedy? The imperative of the marketplace is survival and profit by any means necessary. The laws that regulate their action are changed to accommodate it as the need may be. Regardless of what we can see on the surface the actual situation is much worse. A financial and political crisis looms on the horizon and in the meantime... in the meantime? Grab everything you can. Kill anyone who gets in your way. There are no rules. They say there are rules. There are supposed to be rules but there are no rules.

The most important feature in the mix is that it has all been arranged to bring us to this point. Why... why would anyone want to do that? What possible reason could there be to disrupt all harmony and balance with the intent to bring about global financial ruin and social instability? Why manufacture tension and fear? That it is happening is not in doubt so the next step is to ask who and why.

It has been admitted by representatives of the C.I.A. that there is no Al Qaeda. Yet we see Al Qaeda everywhere. It is a giant game of Wack a Mole with no moles. We know that Saddam had nothing to do with Al Qaeda and yet William Kristol and his psychopathic neo-con associates continue to insist, without respite, that Saddam was involved with Al Qaeda which, doesn’t exist. Is this madness? Yes. So why is this? It is to increase tension, fear and confusion due to an enemy that cannot be found because there is no such enemy.

There is no longer any question that the 911 attacks were designed to facilitate aggressive reactions toward this same enemy that no one can find and which has made it possible to label anyone anywhere as a member of this organization that doesn’t exist. It is now clear the attack in London was of the same type as the attack on 911. It is a known fact that the same security company was in charge of all the 9/11 airports, the London Tube and the Madrid train station. This is fact. There is no arguing with it and yet... so what?

It is beyond dispute, except by the ignorant and the insane, that step by step a progression of events are being orchestrated and carried out in order to bring us to some point up ahead. Someone is doing this. Unlike Al Qaeda, whose only job seems to be to appear and disappear at will; while never existing in the first place, the people involved in these bedeviling assaults are quite real. It is patently obvious that the media is a tool of these people. It is patently obvious that they can cause prices to go up and down, cause money to lose its value, cause food prices to increase. It is beyond question that the government of the United States and other governments are in the employ of these people because they carry out the policies that have led us to the conditions that we are in.

Let’s think about it for a moment. Does it look to you as if these people intend to usher in an age of brotherhood and prosperity? Does this seem to be their intent? No, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Does it look as if their intention is to protect us from an enemy who is in any position to do much of anything to anyone? No... that’s not the case because they have had to fabricate the enemy that they are protecting us against.

I am not a financial wizard. You don’t have to be a financial wizard to understand that whatever is happening is happening because either there are no rules or the rules are not being enforced. It seems logical that, if you want to understand a problem you have to go to the source, if you can find it. The source of money is banks. Supposedly banks have money and the rules concerning the operation and regulation of money are controlled by the governments. Or... do the banks control the governments that make the rules that control the banks? Or...

Can we say that the people are responsible for the problems that we have? That doesn’t seem likely because the people are in no position to make policy. It could be argued that they elect their leaders but... it appears that is not the case anymore either, if it ever was. It certainly was not the case in America in the last two presidential elections.

I can come up with some obvious names of people and institutions that have to be responsible for what is happening. Of course, the government of the United States and England are in tandem on a number of levels. Rupert Murdoch and the heads of all other media empires are certainly involved. The heads of major corporations are certainly involved. Both houses of congress in the United States are certainly involved and both political parties are certainly involved. The Federal Reserve is certainly involved and Israel with her many lobbies and spy operations, exerts enormous influence on all of these bodies.

Ask yourself whether Iran or Syria or Lebanon have attacked anyone recently. It appears they haven’t attacked anyone in recent memory. Okay, we know there is no Al Qaeda so they couldn’t have attacked anyone. Is Russia or China attacking anyone? China is crushing Tibet but Tibet isn’t autonomous anyway. So, which countries are routinely attacking other countries? That wasn’t hard was it?

Go to any major news site and look at the news. There isn’t any news, not really. They are just whistling by the wreckage. Yet there is, in fact, huge and disturbing news but it isn’t important. Bear Stearns, Carlyle Group, the sub-prime disaster, the falling dollar, the rising food and energy costs... there doesn’t seem to be any urgency and though there are obvious corrective measures available they aren’t being implemented. Everything is just going on and going on and getting worse. There has to be a reason.

I don’t see how the quality of life has been improved by the actions of those responsible for seeking and maintaining it. People who should be gifted and informed and reasonable are behaving like deranged psychotics. Some few are scrambling to gain control of everything and there is no question of them stopping until they have the last coin from the last pocket on Earth.

Meanwhile it just goes on, day after day. Our main weapon, we, the few, the sane... our main weapon seems to be the internet and our numbers. Unless we keep the information flowing and with our superior numbers work together to shut down the machine we will be shredded by the rotating teeth. March 19th approaches. Step away from the madness and do the only sane thing that is possible. Unite and set in motion our great power to starve the machine. We can make the machine stop. We can bring it to a halt. First a day, then a week, then a month; it is in your hands.

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'911 was an Inside Job'

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Swine Rand Generation and other Things

There are a number of things popping up on the radar these days and they’re all connected because everything is connected at some level. That is why some people work toward a common unity; these are the true minority in this world. There are those who divide people and things in order to manipulate and plunder them. These are more commonly seen because self-interest is more commonly present. Ever since Swine Rand came up with her, “greed is good” slogan we’ve been treated to generations where each one is more selfish than the one before and we hear, “You’ve got to treat yourself right.” The ever popular, “you’ve got to look out for number one.” and all sorts of variations on the theme.

Besides the election fraud that proves for certain that Bush never won the White House once, there is also the fact that we got lucky with several generations of fundie witchburners, ‘smoking yo ass for Jesus’, as well as the Beefaroni generation of the type you saw appearing at the Palm Beach election center. You see them at NASCAR events. You see them at WWF events. You see them lumbering through the woodlands in cammie outfits. You see them, all thick necks and wide saddles, migrating through their days and nights from Freeper land through what was once your land but now is their land from California to the Jetski Harbor...

They suddenly appeared like Kudzu vines and Miconia. They shut out the sunlight and speak in all caps all the time. It was the aggregate of witchburners and Beefaroni’s that made the election close enough to steal. Disney constructed their music out of vat-born Mouseketeers and Fox News burst full blown from the hind end of Rupert Murdoch like a continuously exploding hog lagoon that gave them their marching orders. Because of these Nimrods all that has happened was made possible. It’s a duet of “Onward Christian Soldiers” and “My Way” playing non-stop at a pitch only they can hear across the GWEN network every minute of the day.

Now Admiral Fallon has been removed. It has been Admiral Fallon and others in the military and intelligence fields that have been a major irritation point for this cowboy, fascist administration. They released the NIE report that gave Iran a clean bill of health. They have, behind the scenes, been at war with the administration. Most Americans and most people in other countries of the world do not know about the battle being waged on the inside. There is an army of people like Admiral Fallon; whistleblowers and others who have done their part to hold the empire in check.

The Money Men, the Neo-Con’s and the Israeli overlords are not pleased. Anyone who gets in their way or becomes too much of a problem gets removed. It doesn’t matter what color they are or what race or religion they are a part of. The latest victim is Governor Spitzer. Spitzer was leaning too hard on Wall Street. Heck, one of the reasons they brought the WTC down was to get rid of all of the files of ‘previously’ ongoing investigations. So the Israeli’s set up another of their patented ‘honey traps’ to catch them a governor; just as they have caught many another governor and senator and congressman.

This time they may have been unaware that the FBI was watching them at work. I think it highly unlikely that the FBI was looking into this because of the criminal nature of the enterprise. I think this was just another spy ring they were watching and reverse serendipity occurred.

Top C.I.A. officials have admitted that Al Qaeda was a complete fabrication -if there is no AlQaeda then how could they have brought down the WTC? As you have seen; now the disinfo machine is looking to put the ‘holocaust hurt’ on anyone who disputes the official version. It should be plain that when anyone doesn’t want you looking into the details of something that something is wrong with the details that they don’t want you to look into. Why would people be put into jail; threatened with jail, slandered and removed from their positions, hounded and harassed, if the official version of anything was true? It could only be that investigation of any of these thought crimes would reveal something that they didn’t want you and the rest of the world to know. It’s that simple and there isn’t any more to it.

Many enormous lies that are accepted as fact are responsible for the mass murder and genocide of the present day. Without the imprimatur of these false histories, certain gangs of jackbooted thugs could not continue as they do. If they don’t want you to look into something then there is something they don’t want you to see. When they will go to the point of murder and mayhem and imprisonment to silence those who have looked behind the curtain, it can only mean one thing. It can only mean one thing.

March 19th is coming people and I’m going to mention it every time I write something here. I want to ask all of you to step outside of the system for just one day. I want to ask you to not go to work and not buy anything and leave your TV and radio silent. See how you feel about this for one day. This is something you can join in on and feel good about. Think about what it would be like to do it for a week and a month. Think about what it would be like to be part of a world-wide grassroots effort to shut down the swine machine; to make the masters of Animal Farm squeal like the pigs that they are.

This is why I have said that if you turn your head away from the truth about 9/11; if you rationalize the genocide in Gaza, if you trot along like a dog behind the caravan of this phony election, if you nod your head like a plastic, pink flamingo on the lip of a drinking glass you are culpable in what takes place.

Materialism, like alcoholism is a disease. Unfortunately we don’t have any twelve step programs for materialism. We need one. You can’t build a bright, new world with your ass chained to a shopping cart or with your flesh bonding with the plether in your TV watching chair. You can’t know the news if you are getting your news from the people who make up the news. The world has been programmed to serve the interest of a permanent over-class of self-perpetuating vampires. If we collectively step away from the cubicles and machines there will be no industry to fill their coffers. It’s that simple.

I want to close out by mentioning something that is happening at Signs of the Times. For merely reporting on an event they are now threatened with a multi-million dollar lawsuit by a man who claims to be a spiritual teacher. This spiritual teacher, Eric Pepin has admitted to having sex with most of his eleven male employees. He was arrested for having sex with one of them who was underage at the time. The details of the whole sad affair are available at the website right on the front page. If you need to decide for yourself if this man is a charlatan you’ve only got to watch this video of him in action. You tell me if this fellow is some kind of a light bringer.

Signs of the Times, as well as The Truthseeker and What Really Happened and some few others are on the front lines of the truth movement. Their importance cannot be over estimated. What really happened has had several hacking attacks lately as has and others. It is vitally important that we support these courageous warriors who ‘actually’ are fighting for our freedom and well being. It wouldn’t hurt to tell every one of them, if you would, just how much you appreciate their fine work. Thank you.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Sunday, March 9, 2008

911 was an Inside Job; say it till they hear It!

Joe Scarborough calls for members of the 9/11 Truth movement to be thrown into secret prisons; possibly the greatest and most soulless whore to appear on television, ever; Geraldo Rivera, states that the New York bombing is likely the work of the 9/11 Truth movement. We’ve seen Netanyahu soul mate, Bill Maher, screaming like a hemorrhoidal finger puppet at his audience. We’ve seen sneers and grins and a denial that should be lining the outside of our space vehicles. We’ve seen and we have believed our lying eyes. Everyone else’s spouse is sleeping with the help.

Along the way to the incontrovertible proof... that we each possess some portion of... we’ve seen our share of lies. We’ve seen phony 9/11 sites and disinfo agents. We’ve seen weird and ridiculous stories created to distract us from the truth. We’ve seen Popular Mechanics and the History Channel talk out of their asses like Topo Gigo; lipstick optional. We’ve seen the kind of lies swallowed by a hypnotized world that would give Moby Dick pause... that would give Leviathan pause... that would give space pause just to envelope them and contain them. They are space. They are empty space devoid of content because a lie has no existence except in the mind of its creator. However, lies do breed. Lies reproduce. Lies can kill. Never forget that great quote, “A lie is halfway around the world before the truth can get its pants on.”

I feel compelled to say... to scream... to juggle and rhyme at the same time... I feel that I have no choice and would make only one choice in either case. I must stand on the mountaintop... at the high point of the internet where it meets our minds in virtual exchange. I must howl and become fierce in my noise. I have to throw a million boom boxes with the volume maxed out through a million windows of businesses and employees complicit in a lie and huddling for survival against a shadow and the boomboxes are screaming to twin guitars of Hendrix and Allman dueling high above the wind and silhouetting the vocal track that screams “9/11 was an Inside Job.” The backup singers are going, “London and Washington and Tel Aviv.” as if they were singing, “Abraham, Martin and John...”

I’ve got some kind of a compulsion. I can’t let it go. I’ve got a tic under my eye. I’ve got a nervous twitch. I’ve got some kind of divine Tourette’s that just can't help itself and makes me scream at the top of my lungs that, “9/11 was an inside job!!!”

I’m standing on an orange crate in my mind. I haven’t shaven. I haven’t eaten and I haven’t been home because I don’t have one and I keep repeating over and over that, “9/11 was an inside job.”... “9/11 was an inside job...”, “9/11 was an inside job...”

If you haven’t realized this yet then you are next up to be standing in the window where these fierce flames are burning hot enough, not only to melt steel but to melt the steel a hundred floors below. You are next up to be standing in the window and looking down and waving while these flames that are hot enough to melt steel somehow allow you to stand there. If you don’t burn away the lies with your reason and the light of your understanding then you will be wrapped up and baked in them like Hell’s own Christmas Turkey. Up to you pilgrim...

The only media ‘we have’ is this media that allows you to read these words. They don’t control this media so the solution is simple. Don’t buy any more newspapers. Don’t watch TV. Don’t listen to the radio. Don’t buy any mainstream, news magazines. Don’t go to or any other ‘official’ news organ. You know what happens if no one watches? They die.

Here’s the thing, people; the media is probably the number one weapon in the war against humanity. The people who own and manipulate it are the biggest vampires on the planet. They think they have control of our attention but we can shut them down by not paying attention to them. It is that simple. Our attention translates into ‘their money.’ Well, it might have been our money once but... we’re just milk cows now. Isn’t that right people? You know, they let you watch TV while they milk you?

The people who own the media are the same people who own the banks and the arms markets. The entire force of perceived reality is fabricated by these people who spread the fear that starts the planes that drop the bombs that kill the people that they don’t like. It all takes place in The House that Jack (off) Built.

We can shut them down people. We can put Geraldo Rivera in the soup line. All we have to do is not buy their crap and not pay any attention to them. See, as long as you participate you are complicit. That’s how it is partner. That’s where those innocent bystanders come from.

It’s not an accident that a lone gunman made his way all that distance to that Nazi rabbinical school and wasted all those other gunmen. It’s not an accident that the news is repeating the same article everywhere ‘now’ (lights flashing... follow the flashing lights...) about how Israel wants to talk to Hamas and the Palestinians even though... even though.... They... did... this... See, this is how a setup works. This is why you should not pay attention to anything they say because they are working you and you are less than a bug on the windshield to them.

One hundred and twenty Palestinians are nothing, even if half of them are women and children. Compared to a slathering handful of genocidal, true believers they are nothing. The good news about whoever did hit the settler school is that they were being trained to kill more Palestinians. Bet on it

When we universally acknowledge who our oppressors are and turn our heads away from everything they say and refuse to genuflect before the next Jack in the Box that jumps up on their screen... well... we can become free.

This is not the real world. This is their world. You do not have to live in their world. Do not feed the mechanisms by which they generate the capital to enslave you. Step away pilgrim. Step away. And really step away on March 19th. Give these vampires the finger. Here is where we start. Let us starve the beast. Let us remove its income. Let us make it weak with need. It’s a fat, soft and wheezing lamprey. It’s grown fat and indolent from feeding on the willing and the unaware. Remove the food source and it will die. It has no life unless you give it life with your attention.

Let me say it again and again. Let me say it every day; Bin Laden did not do 9/11, Bush and Cheney knew. 9/11 was an inside job. 9/11 was an inside job! 9/11 was an inside job!!!

They are running scared people. They know that we know and we know that they know that we know and there are too many of us. Being the fecal eating cannibal rats that they are, it isn’t going to take too long before they turn on each other. As organized as they seem; as well equipped and pervasive as they seem, however it is that they seem they need our attention to survive. They cannot survive without our attention. They need us. We do not need them and it is time that we realized it.

On March 19th take the day off and don’t go to work and don’t buy anything and think about how nice a week or a month of the same action might feel. Don’t stop talking about the lies. Don’t stop mentioning that 9/11 was an inside job and that Iraq and Afghanistan and Iran had nothing to do with 9/11. Laugh when you hear the name, Al Qaeda. Be informed and make others informed and let’s skewer the beast and roast it on a spit over the flames of its own desire until it disappears.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Clown Prince of Satanism and his Fellows in Arms

From the screaming loons at the Palm Beach election center to the bloodbath in Gaza, from the shores of Montezuma to David Motari’s puppy tossing, it’s been a hard Se7en years. I can honestly say that I saw it coming. I saw Mr. Executioner demagoging out of Texas and I looked at the source of the money behind him and I said to myself, “Bush... head for the mountains.” And metaphorically speaking, that is what happened.

In this world, it’s possible to put the blame where you like. Depending on who is controlling the flow of information... so goes public perception. I always blame the people in charge. They are in charge to be aware of and control conditions for the benefit of whomever they serve, or- as the case may be... themselves.

You’d have to say it’s been a drama but it’s also been a comedy; Bush and his malapropisms; Bush and the Segeway, Bush and 9/11, Bush and the economy, Bush and the war on terror and of course Bush and Cheney. Bush spent his time somewhere between Charlie Chaplin and Adolph Hitler, without the dexterity of the former or the Christian charity of the latter. He has been the ultimate killer clown, running around in a blood-stained polka-dot outfit with a seltzer bottle in his hand. He’s been John Wayne Gacy ass-raping an entire nation and probably thinking it’s all been ‘Bad Jack’ who did these things or that mind projection guy in “The Dark Half”

However, I suspect that just like David Rockefeller, Rupert Murdoch and Skull Olmert; just like the neo-cons and disinfo agents and the whole circus of political, economic and religious psychopaths that he knows full well what he’s done and it makes him hard thinking about it. It is probably the only thing besides James Gannon that does make him hard.

He’s not done yet. He and the people with their hands up his ass, who make him walk and talk, are not done yet. I’ve tried to imagine if there was something that he didn’t screw up; that they didn’t screw up. They went into every theater of human operation and poured treacle into the gears and Karo into the gas tanks. Why? That’s the big question. Why take the most prosperous nation on Earth and launch a terror attack on it; destroy its economy, engage in pointless wars, cause the murder of over a million people and the displacement of millions more... why?

What kind of sense does the Katrina non-response make? I always ask myself these two questions. Who benefits and what do they intend? It looks like population control to me. It looks like someone intends to severely thin the human herd and put tighter controls on those who remain. I’ve looked at it from a lot of angles and I don’t see where anything else makes any sense.

Yes... of course they want to get richer and more powerful but whoever the prevailing psychopaths have been that’s always been a part of the focus. This time it looks like something more. This time it looks like they want to destroy the qualities in humanity that make us human. I always looked a little askance at David Icke’s shape shifting reptiles but the more you think about it, it makes sense that this is just the sort of thing reptiles would do.

There isn’t any Al Qaeda in the sense we are given to understand it and everyone who keeps throwing the name around, from the ‘unnamed government sources’ to General Petraeus knows this. Neither they nor Bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11 and the people who committed the attack and who are the same people always mentioning Al Qaeda know this too. Afghanistan was invaded to reactivate the opium industry and for general geo-political advantage. Iraq happened to be on the other side of Iran so they got invaded too. Basically, certain big time pirates and cut-throats don’t want the people of the region having any say about their resources. They don’t want the wrong people getting paid for the resources and using the money to improve their lot. They don’t want freedom or democracy under any circumstances; in the Middle East or in America. It’s just business, nothing personal.

The intention of Bush and Co... or BushCo... or Deathco... Globoctopus or The Beast from Revelations, whatever you want to call it... the intention is a permanent underclass and unending conflict between nations, races and religions from which they profit. Whether these men and women meet in underground tabernacles and drink the blood of a virgin kid; whether they swear an oath of allegiance to Satan or engage in wild bacchanals and mad outbursts of demonic glossolalia is immaterial, they are Satanists none the less. To paraphrase Shakespeare, “shit by any other name would smell as foul.” I submit however that Bush and the Bush family are practicing Satanists. There is just too much evidence and God help so many small children if some of the rumors about Bush Sr. are true. We know they are true of many in high places.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Will those vetted by those at the top to replace them suddenly undergo a spiritual experience and usher in a new world of brotherhood and understanding? Does a bear shit in The Vatican? Can pigs fly?

It is impossible for those who are running for high office not to know what’s going on. If they don’t know then they are too stupid to hold any office. Given that they do know and cannot speak about it is something I can understand. Given that they do know and come into a position of power to do something about it... and do nothing tells us all we need to know about them. You either serve the people who are under the illusion that they elected you or you serve the money men who put you in office. How many exceptions have any of you seen in times past?

When the people lose their moral compass it doesn’t mean somebody didn’t steal it. When the people lose their basic integrity then they get a government that mirrors this. In the history of the United States there has never been a more incompetent and blood-thirsty ghoul than George W. Bush. It’s not an accident that Bill Clinton can get chummy with him on his way out of the White House. It’s not an accident that he’s hanging out with Bush Sr. Each head waves on a different tentacle connected to the same body.

This is the world and the nature of the world is that those who have too much will never be satisfied no matter how much is added to it. It the nature of a fire to eat whatever you give it forever. At no time does a fire say, “Thanks, I’ve had enough for the moment.” That’s the nature of fire. Good and evil are always around and often change places depending on who is doing the identifying. The key is balance.

The rich cannot get too rich and the poor cannot get too poor. There has to be balance. Fundamentalism cannot be allowed to rule unopposed because it will create Hell on Earth. Total license cannot be allowed to predominate because it will create Hell on Earth. The best government is a government that is aware of balance. The tax structure should reflect this. The men fighting wars should be from all classes and war should be a last resort. Higher education should be in the reach of all. Health care should be no respecter of person. There’s more but these are some of the realities that good government will address. Good government does not put the foxes in charge of security at the hen house. Good government does not let business set policy. That is the very definition of fascism.

Sometimes balance has to be restored and when the people have no leaders then the people must lead. Let us not forget March 19th and what it implies. Your leaders and those who would be your leaders are almost exclusively whores and thieves. A message must be sent and balance must be restored. The right people should be put in jail and a great many others released. You must hold these bloodthirsty entities to account or you are complicit in their actions and worse... those actions will continue, first on others and then on you.

Visible and The Critical List: La Vierge Sperme Danceur by Les Visible and The Critical List♫ Frogman ♫
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La Vierge Sperme Danceur by Les Visible and The Critical List

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ersatz Israel; Murder most Foul in Gaza.

The Levittown nation of Israel is going to be celebrating sixty years of being around in May of this year. As with any grand celebration they are going to want to have a lot of fireworks. They started celebrating early with a festive invasion of Lebanon in 2006. Party planners dressed as IDF insurgents slipped across the Lebanese border and got captured, although the press reported that it happened in Israel, and they lit up the sky in Lebanon. Amazingly the Israeli forces were already mustered before the event. That’s the nature of parties and celebrations, there’s always surprise and mystery.

The Israelis were in a real party mood. You could see Lebanese women and children dancing on air every time a rocket hit a Beirut suburb. After peace was declared they dropped over a million poppers and streamer makers called Cluster Bombs so that the Lebanese could keep celebrating afterwards. Parties are best loved by children and the Israelis spared no expense in making sure that the children of Lebanon and Palestine could get into the spirit of things.

It’s not just sixty years of Israel’s existence that is being celebrated. There is also a celebration of sixty years of ethnic cleansing in Palestine. Israel started right off improving the taste of Palestinian water and they haven’t looked back since.

We know from The Lavon Affair and The King David Hotel, as well as the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty that Israel loves surprises as much as she does playing dress up and pretend. She also like to play, ‘tag, you’re It.’ as we have seen from the way the various wars were blamed on Arab countries when in fact they were initiated by Israel. They’re so good at it that most people believe that Israel was attacked instead of the other way round. So that is why something like THIS can tell us a lot.

You have to wonder why all of those rockets being fired at Israel never seem to hit anyone and when they do it’s usually a minor injury. 'They' say hundreds and hundreds of rockets are raining down on Israel. They keep landing in empty lots. Now, if Israel were responsible for a number of these rocket attacks, the reason probably is that you can never have peace as long as you can attack yourself while appearing to be the other guy and that’s what Ersatz Israel is all about. Did you think I meant ‘Eretz Israel’? No, I did not.

Let us move away from the tone of these last paragraphs because the humor escapes me. I’m not laughing. The Palestinians aren’t laughing. Only Israel is laughing. It reminds me of a lumbering drunk that shows up at his kid’s birthday party and scares the shit out of the kids; breaks their toys, disgusts everyone around him but he’s laughing and having a great time. He may believe everyone else is too.

Across the world, indifference moves like the wind through the lives of everyone unaffected by what is happening in Gaza. Joseph Goebbels was a war criminal. He was the minister of information and propaganda for the Nazis. Today we have new war criminals and new Nazis. We have the editors of the New York Times and the Washington Post and nearly all of the mass media of print and television who are complicit in the extermination of the Palestinian people. You have only to look at the wording to see whose side they are on. Well, that’s no surprise given that the media is owned by The Zionists.

As for Nazis we now have the Ashka-Nazis who are not Semitic as they claim but are transplanted Mongols and Turks masquerading as a Semitic people engaged in genocide against real Semitic people; that would be The Palestinians. They want this Ersatz Israel, which is some godawful stretch of real estate that apparently God gave them the deed to thousands of years ago. The irony is that there aren’t enough of these Ashka-Nazis to even occupy the land they are on, much less all the land they want.

More Jews are emigrating from than immigrating to Israel. Maybe this Ersatz Israel is about having monster front lawns of many, many kilometers. Maybe it’s about bigger public walkways. Maybe it’s just the desire for a large hunting preserve where they can kill everybody anywhere on this enormous stretch of land that God gave them.

They are about to go into Gaza and kill a whole lot of people because they are in the way. It’s part of this big celebration that maybe The Beatles are going to show up at and maybe they will sing “All you need is Blood.” No doubt John Lennon and George Harrison are going to rise from the dead for the event. Day after day they are killing Palestinians that have nothing to do with anything except being trapped in a place they can’t get out of.

When the Palestinians democratically elected a government, the Israelis rounded up the entire government and put them in prison and there they remain going on two years now. It is to weep. What can you or I or anyone say about such an affair? Words fail me. I think of terms like, ‘monstrous’, ‘vile’ and ‘evil’. Yes, this is certainly evil and it’s okay. Brutal and terrible things are happening to these people and the world is silent. What a strange thing that these people who were victims of a crime decades ago would be practicing the same thing on another people in present time.

It seems to me that, according to the rules of war, when a foreign nation throws you off of your land and then begins to take the land you landed on as well that you have a right to defend yourself. You have a right to use rockets and whatever means to expel the invaders and to protect your family. It’s even more justified when helicopter gunships fire into your neighborhoods and bulldoze your homes and orchards; when illegal settlers spit on and beat you and make your life a living hell and you have NO WHERE TO GO.

Israel is about to ‘party down’ in Gaza and Lebanon. Terrible things are going to happen and the indifferent wind is going to blow across the world as these people who are not considered human, die. I am reaching for words. I am struggling to define and I am left with words that do not define or sum up the magnitude of what is happening; ‘vicious’, ‘psychopathic’, ‘criminal’, ‘ugly’, ‘horrible’. These words do not satisfy. These words do not deliver. If you speak out against these things then you too can become a Palestinian, a pariah in your own world.

I do not know where justice has gone. I do not know what has happened to this world. It would seem... one would think... that we have seen the dark side of human potential enough to recognize it when it appears and yet it just continues. It just goes on and on.

What are you doing right now? What are you thinking? What will you say and how will you feel when the guns and bombs go off as Israel begins her celebration of sixty years of genocide? It has nothing to do with you. If you never look then you will never see. What a terrible darkness is the human mind.

How long will humanity stand aside in the face of outrageous, criminal behavior and reason it away as someone else’s problem? Do not talk to me of rockets and terrorists. Do not speak to me about Ersatz Israel and God’s real estate agency. Do not attempt to lie and justify to me these despicable crimes; this casual murder of women and children, this leveling of homes and forced starvation, this denial of medical treatment, this destruction of a people ...all while engineering the events that justify the bloody reactions. I see. You cannot make me blind to what I see. I see. I hear. I feel.

Israel does not know that she is exposing herself in every moment. Israel thinks that the world does not see ...but hundreds of millions of people know what is taking place. The bought and sold leaders of the world may turn their heads as they always do but underneath it all a revolution is brewing and they along with Israel shall reap the whirlwind. Every evil thing they do brings them a few feet closer. I have nothing more to say.

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