Sunday, March 9, 2008

911 was an Inside Job; say it till they hear It!

Joe Scarborough calls for members of the 9/11 Truth movement to be thrown into secret prisons; possibly the greatest and most soulless whore to appear on television, ever; Geraldo Rivera, states that the New York bombing is likely the work of the 9/11 Truth movement. We’ve seen Netanyahu soul mate, Bill Maher, screaming like a hemorrhoidal finger puppet at his audience. We’ve seen sneers and grins and a denial that should be lining the outside of our space vehicles. We’ve seen and we have believed our lying eyes. Everyone else’s spouse is sleeping with the help.

Along the way to the incontrovertible proof... that we each possess some portion of... we’ve seen our share of lies. We’ve seen phony 9/11 sites and disinfo agents. We’ve seen weird and ridiculous stories created to distract us from the truth. We’ve seen Popular Mechanics and the History Channel talk out of their asses like Topo Gigo; lipstick optional. We’ve seen the kind of lies swallowed by a hypnotized world that would give Moby Dick pause... that would give Leviathan pause... that would give space pause just to envelope them and contain them. They are space. They are empty space devoid of content because a lie has no existence except in the mind of its creator. However, lies do breed. Lies reproduce. Lies can kill. Never forget that great quote, “A lie is halfway around the world before the truth can get its pants on.”

I feel compelled to say... to scream... to juggle and rhyme at the same time... I feel that I have no choice and would make only one choice in either case. I must stand on the mountaintop... at the high point of the internet where it meets our minds in virtual exchange. I must howl and become fierce in my noise. I have to throw a million boom boxes with the volume maxed out through a million windows of businesses and employees complicit in a lie and huddling for survival against a shadow and the boomboxes are screaming to twin guitars of Hendrix and Allman dueling high above the wind and silhouetting the vocal track that screams “9/11 was an Inside Job.” The backup singers are going, “London and Washington and Tel Aviv.” as if they were singing, “Abraham, Martin and John...”

I’ve got some kind of a compulsion. I can’t let it go. I’ve got a tic under my eye. I’ve got a nervous twitch. I’ve got some kind of divine Tourette’s that just can't help itself and makes me scream at the top of my lungs that, “9/11 was an inside job!!!”

I’m standing on an orange crate in my mind. I haven’t shaven. I haven’t eaten and I haven’t been home because I don’t have one and I keep repeating over and over that, “9/11 was an inside job.”... “9/11 was an inside job...”, “9/11 was an inside job...”

If you haven’t realized this yet then you are next up to be standing in the window where these fierce flames are burning hot enough, not only to melt steel but to melt the steel a hundred floors below. You are next up to be standing in the window and looking down and waving while these flames that are hot enough to melt steel somehow allow you to stand there. If you don’t burn away the lies with your reason and the light of your understanding then you will be wrapped up and baked in them like Hell’s own Christmas Turkey. Up to you pilgrim...

The only media ‘we have’ is this media that allows you to read these words. They don’t control this media so the solution is simple. Don’t buy any more newspapers. Don’t watch TV. Don’t listen to the radio. Don’t buy any mainstream, news magazines. Don’t go to or any other ‘official’ news organ. You know what happens if no one watches? They die.

Here’s the thing, people; the media is probably the number one weapon in the war against humanity. The people who own and manipulate it are the biggest vampires on the planet. They think they have control of our attention but we can shut them down by not paying attention to them. It is that simple. Our attention translates into ‘their money.’ Well, it might have been our money once but... we’re just milk cows now. Isn’t that right people? You know, they let you watch TV while they milk you?

The people who own the media are the same people who own the banks and the arms markets. The entire force of perceived reality is fabricated by these people who spread the fear that starts the planes that drop the bombs that kill the people that they don’t like. It all takes place in The House that Jack (off) Built.

We can shut them down people. We can put Geraldo Rivera in the soup line. All we have to do is not buy their crap and not pay any attention to them. See, as long as you participate you are complicit. That’s how it is partner. That’s where those innocent bystanders come from.

It’s not an accident that a lone gunman made his way all that distance to that Nazi rabbinical school and wasted all those other gunmen. It’s not an accident that the news is repeating the same article everywhere ‘now’ (lights flashing... follow the flashing lights...) about how Israel wants to talk to Hamas and the Palestinians even though... even though.... They... did... this... See, this is how a setup works. This is why you should not pay attention to anything they say because they are working you and you are less than a bug on the windshield to them.

One hundred and twenty Palestinians are nothing, even if half of them are women and children. Compared to a slathering handful of genocidal, true believers they are nothing. The good news about whoever did hit the settler school is that they were being trained to kill more Palestinians. Bet on it

When we universally acknowledge who our oppressors are and turn our heads away from everything they say and refuse to genuflect before the next Jack in the Box that jumps up on their screen... well... we can become free.

This is not the real world. This is their world. You do not have to live in their world. Do not feed the mechanisms by which they generate the capital to enslave you. Step away pilgrim. Step away. And really step away on March 19th. Give these vampires the finger. Here is where we start. Let us starve the beast. Let us remove its income. Let us make it weak with need. It’s a fat, soft and wheezing lamprey. It’s grown fat and indolent from feeding on the willing and the unaware. Remove the food source and it will die. It has no life unless you give it life with your attention.

Let me say it again and again. Let me say it every day; Bin Laden did not do 9/11, Bush and Cheney knew. 9/11 was an inside job. 9/11 was an inside job! 9/11 was an inside job!!!

They are running scared people. They know that we know and we know that they know that we know and there are too many of us. Being the fecal eating cannibal rats that they are, it isn’t going to take too long before they turn on each other. As organized as they seem; as well equipped and pervasive as they seem, however it is that they seem they need our attention to survive. They cannot survive without our attention. They need us. We do not need them and it is time that we realized it.

On March 19th take the day off and don’t go to work and don’t buy anything and think about how nice a week or a month of the same action might feel. Don’t stop talking about the lies. Don’t stop mentioning that 9/11 was an inside job and that Iraq and Afghanistan and Iran had nothing to do with 9/11. Laugh when you hear the name, Al Qaeda. Be informed and make others informed and let’s skewer the beast and roast it on a spit over the flames of its own desire until it disappears.


GodSend said...

Whatever our other differences are, exposing the 9/11 BIG LIE and the complicit Media in the Cover-up is the 1st Base we have to get to. It's the Achilles' heel of the Evil Empire!

Anonymous said...

yes, 9/11 was an inside job done by Israeli Mossad and Zionists in the Pantagon.

Anonymous said...

Jews know that Zionists CIA/MOSSAD did 911.
Can you imagine if the public did find that 911 was done by Jews---no tree limbs and lamp posts will be enoughto hang the blood suckers. That's why--Jews are MUM on this subject but mentin inside job--watchout!

Anonymous said...

You are sooo correct! I canceled my cable, I threw out my TV, I don't listen to the radio (((Ever))) and I do NOT buy any news paper! I get my news on the internet. The Zions are all lies. They think the OWN Mother EARTH! They think the Universe revolves around their GREED and LIES! They kill and steal whomever/whatever they want and pretend and deny they did not do it. TURN AWAY FROM THE BS PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

This is incredibly interesting and (dare I say it?) serendipitous. Just today I was thinking about our government and how every day we move closer and closer to the fascist state that they want the U.S. to be.

I thought "What would happen if all of us just took a week and did absolutely nothing? Didn't go to work; didn't buy anything; nothing? The whole world would notice it and maybe we could start to take this nation back away from these traitors."

And then I read this. While great minds think alike, I think it's definitely an indicaton that more and more Americans are waking up and realizing that something has gone terribly wrong in this country.

Thomas O. Anderson said...

I could leave my two cents worth in words, but my two minute YouTube says it all.

"Fox News vs the people" :

Unknown said...

Excellent rant!

Building 7 is their weak spot.

Point it out!

...and more power!

Anonymous said...

Well spake ye:
"They cannot survive without our attention. They need us. We do not need them and it is time that we realized it."

Truth is good.

Unknown said...

I am in awe of the purity of your words. like a spiritual skewer that stakes right into the heart of the vampire. And I am wide awake. thank you Mr. Mirror.

Anonymous said...

Al Qaeda doesn't exists either. It's yet another media ploy. Only Al Qaeda "suspects" are ever arrested or personified.
More media bullshit to distract the world from US Govt lies!

Anonymous said...

don't forget Rome, controlling all three

Anonymous said...

Les Visibles:

Just FYI - Geraldo Rivera is in no way hispanic at all as most people are led to believe. His *real* name is Gerald Rivers and he is, in fact, a Jew. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself.

I would guess that he adopted the latino persona to be more popular or maybe even to disguise his real ethnicity. Personally, I don't know why. But the man's birth name is Gerald Rivers and he is in fact Jewish.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected on his last name (I think) but Gerald "Rivera" is documentally verifiable as being Jewish. Plays well with the Zionist owned American media, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

You have some great lines. This is one: 'a denial that should be lining the outside of our space vehicles.' That's an excellent capture of what I see all the time. Better than a photograph.
What makes me saddest is that the fear that drives that denial is built in to some of my best educated (read: indoctrinated) friends.
Just to let you know, I am now 5 years without TV and so much happier and wiser. My cable provider wouldn't give me any option to not pay Fox News, and since I canceled in protest, the internet has offered me so much more.. this must be a normal and boring story.
Have you read 'The Shock Doctrine' by Naomi Klein? If not, get it. Its about the pattern that drove 9/11. I've seen her speak live, and she knows 9/11 was an inside job. When confronted with it, she said, "I don't trust the 9/11 Commission report and I have many questions, but I only write what I can prove", which, if anything, is something I like to hear from journalists.
What she has written is the 'neoliberal' (globalist) agenda. The tie-ins between false flags, torture, and "free market" economics.
Thanks for your participation in the cold civil war.
Great blog. Bookmarked, and I'll be back.
Best to you.
~Nom de Guerre

Anonymous said...

It matters not what the complaints or conspiracy theories are about, but it always ends up the same. Those who do the most screaming and the loudest, are usually the ones with most to lose...because they are also the ones involved in the initial planning and execution of a disaster.
An independent investigation that followed the money-trail would be my suggestion. Who took the $30 Billion in Gold bullion from downstairs? Who took the $12 Trillion in bank credits at the same time? Who placed the vast and unprecedented amount of funds on the Put-Options stock for both airlines? 'Nuff said!!

Anonymous said...

Starving the beast IS THE WAY.

Make do with less.
Pay off credit cards then STOP using them.
Barter and trade with neighbors.
Share work.

Drop OUT of the system!

Anonymous said...

Where is osama bin laden and the suspect of the anthrax attacks?

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of the purity of your words. like a spiritual skewer that stakes right into the heart of the vampire. And I am wide awake. thank you Mr. Mirror.

I feel so much the same, I left a link to the site. I felt like I was reading my own thoughts transcribed.

Saw some other angry stuff today on desertpeace

Empowering in a different way. but parallel.

Anonymous said...

re anonymous 2.38 To say that all jews are guilty because of what may have been done by mossad is like saying that all americans are guilty because of what their government has done, you just sound like a jew hater and if you stand by your words you could leave your name as les vis has requested. john

Anonymous said...

There's more you can do than be informed and inform others. Resist! There are plenty of ways that are both nonviolent and legal. One that costs you nothing: encrypt your email. The FBI is putting all its resources these days into eavesdropping on Americans. Make their job tougher. Make smoke come out of their supercomputers.

Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary, as usual.

I cancelled my family's satellite TV hookup a year ago and we have never looked back. Our lives are much richer without TV. I am much better informed, now that I must delve into the internet for news. I do not miss the ugly talking heads on the idiot box. I do not miss seeing my children sitting in trances in front of the screen, being programmed for a lifetime of indoctrination. Rather, I enjoy seeing them read books that challenge their intellect. I enjoy rediscovering the luxury of reading books that challenge my intellect.

I will never again swallow the lies spewed by the mainstream media. I won't pay good money to be fed garbage, lies, and propaganda. I will do my own research and come to my own conclusions about world events, and how I am to respond to them. I will not be a sheeple.

I challenge everyone to give up TV. Not for a day or a month, but for good. You won't miss it. You will be saying a clear "NO" to the evil forces that are trying to gain control over every aspect of your mind and your life.

Anonymous said...

For the record, ellis 3:44 AM is a different ellis from the earlier ellis (me)

i am . . .

ellis t

p.s., on the topic, i agree Bldg. 7 is part of their Achilles heel, and IMO the heel also includes the fact that israeli nationals were forewarned not to go to work in the WTC. This turned up today in the "Letters" at WhatReallyHappened . . .

A Reader said, ". . . don't forget the 3000 or so [Jews] that were paged not to go to work that day/or to leave---Odgigo [Israeli-linked software firm] never denied this--they only said it was impossible to determine the sender!"

WRH's comment:

"Odogo trapped the sending IP and gave it to the FBI. The FBI refused to investigate where the IP led to and it is now classified information. As for the people in the WTC, please keep the distinction bnetween Israelis and Jews. There WERE Jewish victims in the WTC. It was Israelis who were notably absent on that day. What Odigo proved was that Israeli-linked businesses and people were given advance warning. Odigo received their warning before the airplanes used in the false-flag attack had even taken off."

cstuart said...

Thanks and May the Holy God Bless You. Is anything more important ?. To me, it is the beliefs, traditions and practices of the Babylonian Talmudists ( & their 63 "holy" books) that are key. It narrows the tarring brush, since many jews are in the shit, too. PEACE BE WITH YOU

Jody Paulson said...

"Say it till they hear it!"

Here's a great 3 minute video of a guy who exemplifies this credo.

Speaking of the Shock Doctrine, here's a short video that presents Naomi Klein's concept in a powerful way.

Anonymous said...


Faced with an economy at home going into a tailspin and the illegal and immoral war against Iraq and Afghanistan going to hell, the Bush/Cheney Junta reach into their well-worn bag of tricks to sic--again--the "aL-CIA-du" boogeyman upon American troops.

Nothing like the specter of a dead Bin Laden, rising from the grave, to scare the hell out of people and divert them from our imploding economy.

Import the devices into the country? Notice he didn't say bomb or IED, but DEVICE.

What kind of device, one wonders? Maybe something to get the most bang for the buck, like a nuclear device?

And imported from where? Hell, that's easy to guess. The culprit has already been lined up; the clues have already been left to find and the American MSM is gnawing at the bit to get at this next spoon fed story about how another of Israel's "existential" enemies, Iran, was behind this latest MOSSAD/CIA fabrication.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Al-Qaeda may be shifting tactics back to the big, headline grabbing attacks in Iraq that helped plunge the country into chaos, a senior US commander said Monday.

"We have some indicators that they may be planning on executing kind of a large media type event," said Major General John Kelly, commander of the I Marine Expeditionary Force in western Iraq.

His comments came amid news of a suicide attack by a man wearing an explosive belt that killed five US soldiers and wounded three others Monday in the center of Baghdad.

Just days earlier, 68 people were killed in suicide attacks in the Baghdad's central commercial district of Karada.

Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell suggested Al-Qaeda was responding to pressure from a US-led military campaign that has squeezed it into the northern part of the country.

"We are starting to see some elements of Al-Qaeda lash out in other areas, perhaps in an attempt to distract us from the fight that is underway in the north," he told reporters.

Morrell said the US military was prepared to handle both.

Suicide attacks and huge car bombings with large numbers of civilian casualties have long been a signature of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, which has used the tactic to destabilize the country and inflame sectarian divisions.

The bombing of a golden domed Shiite shrine in Samarra in February 2006 tipped the country into open sectarian conflict.

Kelly said it was unclear from the intelligence where Al-Qaeda might try to stage the attacks.

But he said he was focused on the threat in Al-Anbar province, a former Al-Qaeda stronghold until they were evicted last year by an alliance of tribal sheikhs and US forces.

Kelly said it will be more difficult than before for Al-Qaeda to build and move massive bombs around the province.

"The good news is we don't believe they are at liberty to build some of these large bomb-type devices inside the province," Kelly said. "They have to kind of import them in."

"And the longer they travel, with all of the Iraqi army and Iraqi police checkpoints, which are virtually everywhere, the likelihood they will be discovered is pretty high," he said.

Levels of violence have dropped sharply in western Iraq, but Kelly said Al-Qaeda "is down but not out."

Kelly said he recently spoke to two Al-Qaeda fighters who were captured wearing suicide vests. They had returned to the province after being driven from the northern city of Mosul, he said.

"Certainly if they are driven out of other parts of the country, which I think the folks up north are doing a pretty good job of keeping them on the run, our sense is they'll go back to where they know best.

"There is a fair number that come out of the Al-Anbar province, and fought us pretty hard here. So if they are on the run, our expectation will be they'll move back here," he said.

However, he said locals have been quick to report them to the police.


Anonymous said...

I printed pics of the Pentagon and sent them out with captions: "Hole Too small; No wing/tail marks No debris on lawn", etc. Also sent charts comparing dimensions of WTC plane to a military version, and quotes from Flight 93 eyewitnesses ("small white plane"). Dozens of letters, little response. The last letter I sent was to Rep. John Murtha asking him how a C-130 could accidentaly find the only two hi-jacked airplanes in the world (77 & 93) as reported in the press. Maybe the letters helped push him into the light. We've got 185 days to 9/11; pick your favorite 9/11 Truth and stick it to them!

Anonymous said...

Dude. Chill. As the great Lewis Mumford dubbed it, "The Megamachine" will eventually run out of fuel. Petroleum man is a one off event. What we are witness to in our pitifully short lives, is something so extraordinary that only the vast ocean of geologic time can bring it into focus. Hubris is a direct result of the Megamachine's destruction of gaia. Gaia will win. She always does.

Can you imagine anything more anthropocentric than the concept of God creating man in his own image? No. Man created God in his own image. Beard and all. You're a good human, that's what counts.

Anonymous said...

Let's hold their feet to the fire. there is NO need to absolve them of their responsibility to We The People.

annemarie said...

To Nom de guerre who mentioned Naomi Klein,

Naomi Klein is a very successful member of the mainstream (corporate/corrupt) media as well as a successful member of the Canadian establishment. Husband, Avi Lewis, mother-in-law Michelle Landsberg, father-in-law Stephen Lewis politician, international diplomat, etc. Don't be fooled by Mizz Klein and her shock schictk!

For those enamoured of Klein’s latest schtick, take a peek at this review of it. Ask yourself, as this reviewer does, why Klein treats 9/11 so differently from all the other ‘instigating’ events which she discusses. Odd isn’t it.

Or maybe it isn't odd at all. ;)

Anonymous said...

And guess what,All of our stste military forces are overseas instead of here,where our state gov.s cannot call on them

Anonymous said...

I've talked to friends who are engineers who are convinced 911 was an inside job, but they don't speak out, because they don't want to be the lone nut.

I think there is huge power for people to think that most people think the same as them.

According to:

there are $760 billion in circulation.

On every dollar bill I see, I could write "911 was an inside job" so that anyone that sees that bill will realize they are not alone.

If I wrote on 10 bills and each of those ten bills inspired someone else to write on ten bills, it would only take 8 generations for ever single bill to have this message.

If people spread this meme in alternative sites, we could blanket every bill so quickly that we'd have to write "I agree", etc. on bills that are no longer virgin.

The banksters are behind this and this would show them we control our own money supply.

Anonymous said...

Were you that guy @ the democratic convention behind the MSNBC "dream team" with the megaphone? :)

Anonymous said...

Ummm, you are all freaks! Get a life! 911 was not an inside job - we were attacked by terrorists and that's that! Oh yeah, I believe we landed on the moon as well!



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