Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It is an Idea Whose Time has Come

On they go, through the wreckage and the ruins, toward the glorious future that hangs like dew-kissed fruit on the rotating candy tree at the edge of the world. “Catch me and pick me and eat me.” The tree whispers into the dreams of the millions who follow the leader and onward they go. It doesn’t matter if it’s Chairman Mao or Dick Cheney, Olmert or Hitler. The uniforms change, the slogans change but the men remain the same. The people remain the same. They breed on the highway. They die by the roadside. They laugh in the sunlight and weep in the darkness. The circle of life completes.

The markets rise and the markets fall. The magic alphabet of numbers pours like sand, over and over through the grasping hands. The rich get richer and the poor stay poor; dreaming of lottery tickets and alchemical gold. It never changes. It never gets old and they breed on the highway and die by the roadside.

As uncertain and treacherous as the world has always been, there was always hope; sleeping like a poisoned princess in Pandora’s Box.

I cannot ever remember understanding the world in personal terms. Even when I was a child, I never got the glory of war or the call to arms. I never wanted to wear a suit and tie and be a master of the universe. But I see that there are many who do. Among the decent souls who struggle here, there are always the others who will do anything to advance their interests. The good people are hamstrung. They can only go so far before their conscience stops them. There are no such barriers for the others.

I toy with solutions in my mind. Sometimes it seems if people were better informed that there would be less misery. Sometimes it seems that there should be a period where the rich and the powerful should all be publicly executed as a lesson; dragged like Ceauşescu to a natural destiny; something like The Olympics with wide media coverage.

Throughout human history, in every religion, there is the example of sacrifice; the martyred God, the expiating divinity that washes the landscape clean and whose gift becomes the currency for the age. There is the implication that the blood that washes away the sins also paints the world in new colors. I’ve seen it written by those who have found enlightenment that everything sparkles like gold and precious gems.

We have no religion that puts the psychopaths into The Wicker Man but maybe we should. Maybe this is where we have gone wrong. Maybe there should be a world wide spring cleaning in every generation. Everything would be as it is now. Dick Cheney could go on saying things like, “So?” and “They volunteered.” Rupert Murdoch could go right on pumping sewage into the collective consciousness. Bankers could go right on recycling new versions of The Grapes of Wrath. Loan-sharks could continue breaking legs and lives. Politicians could lie and orchestrate pointless wars at the behest of bankers and corporations. Religious leaders could milk their flocks, shear their sheep and operate their open air meat markets for wolves; reaching their hands heavenward and proclaiming that their followers should throw their money up into the air and testifying that all that remains there belongs to God and all that falls to the ground is theirs.

Everything could go on just the way it always does but every twenty years a lot of them would be rounded up and executed in creative ways for the entertainment of the people. It could be several weeks of unforgettable television. They could each deliver their parting words.

The beauty of such a thing is that everyone would go into it knowing the possible outcome. To make it interesting, not all of them would be chosen. It could be a fifty-fifty lottery with odd and even numbers. Who could argue with it? Justice would be automatic. There could even be loopholes. There could be American Idol-like competitions where contestants in a “You Bet Your Life” scenario could compete against each other for the public’s favor. In ancient Rome, in the coliseum, it was occasionally the case where a gladiator would win his life and his freedom if the public wished it.

It should not forever be the case that the Mahatma Gandhi’s and Jesus Christ’s should bear the full weight of sacrifice. It’s time to share the burden of sacrifice. People die in the effort to enrich themselves at the public expense. People die in wars. People die in traffic accidents. Everybody dies. Since everyone dies... why shouldn’t there be a greater meaning in particular deaths?

A festive energy is in the air. The Month of Recompense has come; colorfully dressed agents of the people advance on the Rockefeller estate and drag David Rockefeller from his bed. David got an odd number. In accordance with the rules, none of the possible participants are informed in advance of their selection. Rockefellers and Rothschild’s share the stage. Rock music fills the stadium and people dance and hold their children upon their shoulders. It’s party time.

Can anyone argue with this? Does this sound crazy to you? A million dead Iraqi’s doesn’t sound crazy? Paris Hilton getting 200,000 dollars to attend a party of Japanese businessmen doesn’t sound crazy? George W. Bush doesn’t sound crazy? Being strip searched in an airport without reason doesn’t sound crazy? Thousands of homes boarded up with people living in the streets isn’t crazy? A pile of bodies of murdered monks in the Myanmar jungles doesn’t sound crazy? Three skyscrapers falling in controlled demolition doesn’t sound crazy? Your believing this is a normal affair doesn’t sound crazy? What is crazy?

It seems perfectly reasonable to me that every twenty years we clean up the psychopath population and have a little closure. George and his brother presided over the largest amount of executions in American history in their respective states. Was that crazy or coincidence? Could they possibly complain if they were the recipients of public justice? Think of how many people have died at the hands of this one family.

You can’t depend on your laws to balance the scales. The laws may declare one thing in principle but they aren’t going to reflect that principle once the lawyers get through with them. It really comes down to who can pay for the best lawyers. It’s no wonder that Phil Spector didn’t worry about killing a woman in his home. There is no law, people. There is no lottery ticket. There is no home equity. It was never intended so.

Yes, you are a fool when you play Three Card Monte. You’re a fool when you bet on the come. You’re a fool to think you can become an aristocrat. It’s not going to happen. But it should cost something to be an aristocrat. The French Revolution should be a Disney-like theme park and it should stand as the people’s recourse to justice because there really isn’t any justice and you know that.

Is there a higher justice? There may well be. Does it all fit together perfectly in the end? That may well be. All I’m saying is that I think we would all feel a lot better if we could adjust the scales intentionally every so many years. I think we’d all be more comfortable with our lot if what goes around actually came around. The perception of justice done will do more for your complexion than all the cancer creams you’re using now. I think this might be an idea whose time has come.

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Anonymous said...

I can see it now. The national anthem blaring over 20 foot speakers, while the crowd stands in honor of their great nation, and the actions that are about to take place. The referee then says " Call it in the air" Up goes the coin,
"Tails" says Ol' Dubya. It lands on heads. The hand single, and his descent. His neck torn from its natural (or unnatural) placement, while his feet twitch as the last little bit of dark energy seeps through his alligator skinned boots.
The crowd cheers. "Lets head to commercials. Stay tuned folks because tonight we're making history" exclaims Ryan Seacrest in his Stepfordesque tone .
The camera cuts to scenes of half naked cheerleaders wearing plastic smiles and titanium hairstyles. "Sponsored by NIKE: Just DO IT. and Snickers : Why Wait?"

Good stuff Les. Good Stuff.


Anonymous said...

I can see it now. The national anthem blaring over 20 foot speakers, while the crowd stands in honor of their great nation, and the actions that are about to take place. The referee then says " Call it in the air" Up goes the coin,
"Tails" says Ol' Dubya. It lands on heads. The hand single, and his descent. His neck torn from its natural (or unnatural) placement, while his feet twitch as the last little bit of dark energy seeps through his alligator skinned boots.
The crowd cheers. "Lets head to commercials. Stay tuned folks because tonight we're making history" exclaims Ryan Seacrest in his Stepfordesque tone .
The camera cuts to scenes of half naked cheerleaders wearing plastic smiles and titanium hairstyles. "Sponsored by NIKE: Just DO IT. and Snickers : Why Wait?"

Good stuff Les. Good Stuff.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are going to get a lot of comments that this time you are really over the top.

Just know that you are not alone in your justice adjustment fantasies.

A back of the envelope calculation suggests that a massive gallows on 10 foot center posts could be built on the DC mall. Up to a million psychopaths, 3 to a span, could be executed at once. Most of the Federal and state executive, legislative and judicial branches, most of the top military,spook and law enforcement. Most of the corporate top brass. Most of the top media---especially the media. And so forth. Choose them by lottery, or just clean house. Tar their tarred, hemp-bagged rotting bodies and hang a sign over their necks listing their name and crimes.

After a period of a couple of years, bulldoze and burn the entire mess, spread the ashes, and plant hemp in an international peace park, where folks from around the world would be free to come and pluck a bud, and ruminate on the nature and consequences of evil.

Repeat this process as often as it takes to cull the psychopathic genes from the population.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you think, this method, like the French Revolution, would most likely not effect positive lasting changes.

So, changing directions 180 degrees, how about periodic non-violent displays of total ridicule for our psychopaths. Especially the MSM. Make them totally laughing stock objects, a situation where EVERYBODY when they hear a name like "Hannity" or "Limbaugh" or "Bush" or "Cheney" breaks out in peals of laughter and expressions like "what an idiot." Absolutely no respect. A public shunning. A message that says get the fuck out and go ahead and let the door slam your ass. Just leave already. Leave the goddamned planet for all we care.

Unfortunately this won't happen either, because we have way too many idiot genes in the population.




Anonymous said...

I can't tell you (though I try) what a real pleasure it is to come here and find things like this. You've made my day if only in my dreams. And a great song by the way. I love the part about the studded glove.

Eugene said...

Hierolysoma Est Perdita!

What hand can do such a thing?

This is the game of Guy Fawkes. Guy Faux. Guy Foe. Who will be the guy?

Britain and the other isles play death to the usurper every year on November 5th and it only gives energy to the Queen! Rigged game as you note.

Americans play death to King George every 4th of July (get your fireworks permit first, that is even if you can have fireworks in your fiefdumb) and it only ensconces our Curious George farce even more. Rigged bananna Republics as you note.

There is only one game and ever has been....

You and ewe are the same.

A voice in your head says 'these walls here are safe for now, here's the door and on the other side'...

Fear and terror come knocking, 'desiring to eat' you inside the pennish walls.

The voice continues 'you have to open the door, or not'

Riddle of freedom and walking around and doing things, etc etc etc

You and ewe are the same. You remember your brother, hes a shepherd, he slaughters sheep in sacrifice to god, he must, he must, he must. Remember you and ewe are the same.

Eventually you grow horns and kick the living shit out of our brother who built vainly on slaughtering ewe, you and everyother you.

Why? The conditioning of the walls and door fell away likes scales from your eyes...

The doves, how innocent. They too wind up so often as burnt offererings to your brothers god.

Everyonce in awhile...ewe get soso pissed off, and see soso clearly, all the conditioning falls away...you pick up a torch and a pitchfork and go to Frankenstein's castle...

The shell is the motherly prison till the seed inside says enough and gets out, walls, doors and all...and becomes what its supposed to be. Such is quadrature, everytime, all the time.

Such is Qaheen and IHVH, ie full grown man. No name Maddox set the stage with 'helter skelter' means 'get whitey'. Round and round it goes where it stops...apparently only Whitey knows.

Since the stars come down and become, walls doors not withstanding, except in the theater of time, what are the white guys? Zionism so wants to not dwell in the tents of Japheth.
When it goes down and the lights go off and the game is really on...what shows the most? An elitist group of White guys have sure made a bad name for the rest of the skin color. This bad name wont go away and some want it to go away really really bad.

Hierolysoma Est Perdita!
Sic Semper Zioranis!

dzinto said...

Great plan. Who and how is going to decide who are "they" among whom to draw the 50/50 lottery?

Don't you think that the difference between Joe who shamelessly puts on his dirty Joe's joint the slogan "Best Beef in New York", and Cheney who sees positive changes in Iraq, is only in the opportunity Joe had been given? and once you execute the Cheney, this will only open the opportunity for the Joe?

lb said...

Let me guess Les, you listened to a lot of Zappa when you were growing up.
So what i hear ya saying here is that you want to run the oven.
I feel hopeless as ever. Everyone wants their cheques stamped regularly (by the ink peddlers) and don't dare tell them differently.
The Bohemian cultists show more success because they know how to work together. The ink well that they rule over is only has deep as the mind of the masses allow it to be. (Fed Ink is Red Ink until the Usurpers convince the sheep to make it black). The Ink Well is guarded by the Gates to Hades. They are who they are because the mass likes to bitch and complain but the mass will never do anything about it.
I hear the comments of Alex Jones, Michael Moore, Anthony Hilder and numerous others... i know the problem but no one paints any possible solutions.
So on we go. The scary part is that the ink well is being converted to a binary system.
No ink required just stick your forehead in my machine.
Moving over to Pink Floyd and the Wall.
Brother they may have brought down the wall then but the walls of the NWO are the new paradigm.

Are you up for a fight. Already i can see men in black at your doorsteps.

kikz said...

where are our La Femme Nina/Uncle Bob? it has... gone past the "Point of No Return".

i've imagined myself working either side of that scenario. marks unknown to notorious. for/against TPTB.

i remb the first time i entertained the thought sometime after "it all changed"...
it would be all too easy, if not for current circumstances and my duties to them.

if those beautiful circumstances are ever altered...

бог помогает им

Anonymous said...

One of the greatest propaganda victories of the elite is the defamation of self defense.

In the USA it is considered perfectly acceptable to admit that you served in Iraq or Afghanistan. People still refer to members of the military as "our heroes."

But they are nothing but volunteer murderers and rapists who daily violate their constitutional oath.

When one questions the death of perfectly innocent people, children in particular, the answer is always he same "people die in war."

But if one dares to suggest that people defend themselves? That Iraqis SHOULD shoot American soliders. That Americans soldiers SHOULD shoot their offiers. That Americans themselves SHOULD shoot every cop, politician, corporate CEO, and banker they can get their hands on? Well then the condemnation comes from every sector.

The right will demonize you as terrorists, and the "left" will follow the right since you are not following their sick, ridiculous pacifism.

Some even recoil and tell you that it's simply your urge to run the ovens for yourself. In their minds, self-defense is the same as a Nazi atrocity. I did say propaganda victory, right?

The lives of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Metzlers, Warburgs, DuPonts, Bushs, Clintons, Mccains, and Obamas are worth absolutely nothing compared to the humanity that is being exterminated in Iraq.

Eliminating this subhuman filth is the one strategy mankind has never attempted. Sure, a Romanian dictator or a Russian Tsar might be cut down now and again, but what of their financiers? Their arms dealers? Their enablers? Their HANDLERS?

Kill them.

Anonymous said...

Don't harm the corporate pimps! Who will supply the bread and circuses, who will tell us what to think every night at 1800hrs?

Anonymous said...

Because we are all utterly powerless, all we have is revenge fantasies. That's why many of us enjoyed the movie Vendetta so much (the one where they blow up the Houses of Parliament in London).

And, obviously, I see nothing wrong with anonymity. If you identify yourself you open yourself to the risk of someone compiling all your data, which actually happened to a friend of mine (with adverse results).

Anonymous said...

I'm in...

Anonymous said...

It is the psychopaths, isn't it?

Whether jews, bankers, military-industrial complex, NWO, illuminati, 13 families, black nobility, whatever. If you can think of a conspiracy that is physically possible, be sure that in a world of well over 5,000,000,000 people - someone's doing it.

It's the 5% at the top of every hierarchy. And they've gone global And, as always, they're running scared and dangerous. God help us - except He, She, It or They won't.

Great fantasy Les. I have many similar of my own. But you must know that sooner rather than later the game would be rigged and become a circus of horror that should shame any normal, non-psychopathic being I personally prefer a vote against every politician in office at the END of their tenure. and if they've failed to deliver then, depending on the nature of their office they would be barred from future office, jailed or hanged and, and - oh, and I have many more.

They're afraid of the internet and of being discovered for what they are. Theyre afraid of people like you.

and ps - please don't put ads on your site. It's their chief tool.

Visible said...

A couple of things;

Anonymity is fine and I've never been opposed to it. My only problem with anonymity is when people go on to websites (my websites) and act like some kind of combination of Charlie Manson, Rush Limbaugh and a pissed off spider monkey. My point with anonymity is that you can talk stink (as they say in Hawaii) to me if you are willing to identify yourself but you can't do it anonymously because that is chickenshit.

Now obviously I'm making a point in this article about a situation that isn't necessarily what I would do but at the same time I support the actions of those who oppose being steamrolled in Palestine and butchered in Irag. I one hundred percent support their right to strike blows against the empire which is nothing more than a collection of bankers and corporate weasels who drink the blood of the helpless who obstruct their designs in their lust for resources and power just by standing where they are; on the ground of their native soil. I supported the Irish in their struggle against the English and when they blew up Lord Mountbatten I cheered. Maybe that makes me a thug in my own right and maybe I'm not a holy man the way some people have wanted me to be at times past but I despise cowards and bullies who trample on others.

There was a women who was writing me a stream of letters a few months back and I got the impression that she had the wrong impression about me so I mentioned that I liked to take mushrooms and that my romantic interest and I had an eclectic relationship and poof! I never heard from her again. Somehow I offended her tender sensibilities of what she thought I ought to be. It was necessary though. People are always demanding certain things of other people that they have no right to demand.

Some inexplicable things happened to me when I was younger and it caused a lot of commotion and gave some people the impression that I was something I was not and they started following me around all over the place and I had to behave badly in order to get them to stop. I want no part of being seen a certain way and winding up like all the other phony dime store celebrities that are shilling for influence and money or sexual favors. There's nothing worse than becoming like the things you speak out against and it is VERY HARD to avoid and you will definitely piss people off along the way but you will be your own man in the end.

I've poured an enormous amount of time into this work and the books and the music and all the things that I do and I have been consistently ripped off every way I have turned. So it has been that I have realized nothing for my efforts. Mind you, I'm not bitter about this. I believe I have been well compensated in other ways but I'm trying to take charge of my work now and offer it up myself. I don't want to put advertising on my site. I see it on some of the sites where it is flashing and pulsing and it makes me cringe but there should be some recompense somehow. I've never solicited donations or pressed on people to donate to my site. Finally I agreed with some friends that I should at least give people the opportunity to contribute if they wanted to and I put a Paypal link up but I have to say that if I never get a cent it isn't going to matter. I don't do this for money or any other reason than because I feel it must be done and I have some ability in certain arts and that is what I do.

There will be people now who will object to even this but I'm not here to make sure that everyone likes me all the time and that maybe some day I can go on TV and talk about my struggles and have a good cry with Oprah. I've no use for any of these whores though I recognize that they are just what they are at their particular station along the way.

People can take it or leave it here, it doesn't matter to me. Sometimes I'm not going to be as clear as maybe I ought to be and sometimes I will be wrong but that is all part of the process. I'm no different than anyone in the obstacles I have to surmount and the inner conflicts that come when they come. So, I probably didn't say this very well and it won't be enough for some people but there it is

Anonymous said...

I must admit Les, when I first came across your writings I read into you, as the author, things that I wanted to believe. My misconception was that your writing was the whole you. I really should have known better but you were a discovery (for me).
I'm a late bloomer. I was 30 before I realised people around me, people who interacted with me on a daily basis, were not necessarily like me (likeminded)!!
Because of the way I am, that was a rude awakening!
I can understand how (some) more recent readers of your work than I, because of your beautiful communication methodology and your magnificent understanding of morality, could misconstrue the real Les Visible. They see the whole you in your writings. You are your writing (so they perceive). Nothing else of what you are or do is as important, is relevant to them as your writing. Knowing or not we (all) place you on a pedestal. This I know is wrong.
As you have said to me, more than once, you cannot afford to let that happen.
You have also told us, as an explanation, you are fortunate to be ‘near the faucet’ from whence all of this (I have to use this word) wonderful understanding flows. For us it is (fortunate).
I realise you are (merely?) the messenger. Maybe others do not.
I do think your writing skills are yours, but the subjects of your articles come from someplace else. Someplace else has chosen well.

Anonymous said...

Yes anonymity is lovely but theres this thing called an IP address that a cute nickname won't hide.

Anonymous said...

What the average person does not understand is the same as that which the Illuminati not only live by but rely on for their very existence in the long run. Most folk basque in what their senses reveal to them as if this is all that. The real force and power that is, dwells as the principalities and powers 'aka sub atomic realm' thus the elite have passed this knowledge down through the ages to their kin/brethren keeping them in the know and with the power. History shows that the average person is evil if they go there and such illumination 'short of organized religion' is in no way acceptable. Now that science and technology has evolved to the degree it has 'Internet...' and information is readily available to most in the free world, well, it is a whole new ball game!

The battle is in another realm folks and until mankind understands this is too scientific and actually goes there, things will only be fantasy as we carry on...The battle of good and evil is not just on earth..in what we see, feel, hear...'senses' the ultimate axis is in the sub atomic realm and our world here experiences the fallout...The Illuminati types do not want others to know or understand this for the balance in the big picture may be tilted toward equality and what would happen to the elite then...

If the underdog wants change across the board, he/she must step outside the box 'our senses' and into the realm of principalities and powers for the battle has begun and if you like Les's post here, you will love where this post will take you! No hucus pocus, all scientifically proven 'signaling, quantum teleportation..'

Anonymous said...

long time listener, first time caller. kick ass work. it may not come to pass in reality but it melts like chocolate in my mind.

seriously, none of this is happening is it?

Anonymous said...

We don't need a lottery in the same way the death penalty is unecessary. Those who do wrong to the living planet have to live with themselves. They will burn out, naturally. Its productive to discard vengence as a wasteful, time-consuming effort. The concept of "getting even" doesn't repair or even maintain our potential. I realize the desire for justice has been going on forever, but that doesn't mean its right, it only means score-settling is a good place to begin to pinpoint where we went wrong when this whole thing was getting started. Everything living is hard wired for self-defense, but justice as in revenge, is a human mental creation that divides us.
Whenever one feels there must be a reactionary force of evil to balance wrong, it is procrastination from the activity of moving forward. Better we move on and not linger in anguish.

Anonymous said...

hi Les

I've been reading your blog awhile and I wanted to compliment your writing style, which rings a chord with me compared to most..

re: solutions

I agree that the ultra-rich have always ran the show, here's a rough chart I made a few days ago :

Notice how the media enclose the entire political spectrum with the ultra-rich being the ultimate controllers. They stand directly between where they have people's minds trapped (virtual prison) and where people really want to be.

> The media is the key to the whole thing.<

We can't track down the ultra-rich to punish them, any effort in that direction would be dealt with before it even began (think of the LA riots as an example - the *media* played up the riots right up until the point they started to spread into hollywood/beverly hills, etc - then the national guard pounced and *the reporting stopped*)

- the issue then 'went away' in the public's mind, while nothing actually changed on the ground - *perception management*

So the solution is to take back the media, and the internet is a good first step, but we need the airwaves

Things are how they are because people (joe public) have allowed them to be this way, and as it's against some people's religion (like mine) to murder, even indirectly via taxes, no matter who it is, unfortunately not everyone can get behind a bloody revolution, - again - *directly*

For the public to really wake up (beyond the economy imploding) we must reclaim the public airwaves, not by stopping MSM but by starting our own MSM, pirate stations (both radio & TV) in every town, every state, *everywhere*

This is TPTB's weakest link and also where we've lost the most

I operate a pirate station myself - http://rexit2.org/keli/ - so it's not like I'm not leading by example. With the DTV fiasco, analog TV is set to blackout, leaving millions of TV's with no signals to receive. Perfect time & place for our own analog TV. I've done it myself, as many as 6 channels, from movies playing to CCTV to neighborhood scratchpad

Radio isn't quite as ripe but there's still plenty of opportunity

The future I see is flea markets, yard sales and 'victory gardens' everywhere, with the stores closed down/boarded up, walmart becomes a giant indoor flea market, the huge parking lot an outdoor market.

Life goes on, people trade, barter.. Maybe use coins for money (are stamped legal tender, machines accept them, the metal is worth money but better stock up *now* as 3 bills have come up lately trying to have new coins made out of as cheap metal as possible.)

Our future is a very large garden out in the boonies along with some other people and me extending a radio signal to/from it.

If food goes up 3-5 times in price by this fall we'll be ready for it

If things get worse than I expect and being in town becomes dangerous then we move out to where our garden is.

The future I see is simply a shift from big business/trans-national corps to local, farmer's markets, flea, yard sales..

A person could make good money offering cut & cured firewood (deliveries, using bike drawn wagons ?), bike taxi service (3-wheeler ?), home grown food, _practical_ solar/wind (if possible) and *bicycles*.

we've already started collecting them..

We have to be the change we want to see in the world - Gandhi


Anonymous said...

I second, third and fourth what anonymous (3rd poster) proposes.

Unfortunately I also have to agree that americans are way to intellectually challenged and hopeless to do what needs to be done.

Perhaps one day someone else will do it for you.

Anonymous said...

Go home Yankee.
Muqtada Al-Sadr and the Mahdi Army are on the move.
Maybe finally the Iraqi people have got themselves together and are going for it.
Good on them. Let’s hope the surrounding Arab countries muck in.
And that the various Islamic factions have put aside their differences.
All we need now is to see if the American people are serious about ending the war by supporting this campaign.
(I believe they will be too frightened)

Anonymous said...

Hello Les, I tried to put up a comment earlier today along the lines of poor people killing other poor in people war and as it hasn't appeared I thought i'd email you and apologise to you if any offence was caused, as you say in your blog; its your right to remove anything comment wise and I wouldn't want to cause any trouble for you, i'm not always that good with words, images and music are easier for me.

I really like your metaphysical blog as it is a subject I am struggling with and any advice and help is always welcome, it gives me plenty to think about. Politics just makes me pissed off really and most of the people I know don't want to hear about 9/11 or Iraq or any of that sort of stuff.

Whilst on the subject of missing things are you still able to access Marc Parents Crimes and Corruptions of the New World Order blog as it seems to have been replaced with something else, any idea what happened to him?

Thanks for all your words Les they are much appreciated, hopefully I would like to be in touch again though I expect you are pretty busy.

Visible said...

Hi John;

I hope you don't mind your comment showing up like this. You are one of several people writing me today that they have been unable to post on various of the blogs. Be assured that a comment has to be pretty viral before I decide not to publish it. If you or anyone has this problem again then email the comment to me and I will put it up.

Anonymous said...

Nina 7:57 PM
I can't see that mate. Not all justice is revenge.
eg. cull the psychopaths or restrict them in their actions and don't allow them to breed.
Ideally your vision is great but we don't have the knowledge/know how/inclination to instigate such an ideal system so we have to make do to protect the species.
One of the best modern laws humanity has made for itself is the Chinese and Japanese one child per family law. The majority of the people in these countries don’t seem to have a problem with this when they can see the consequences of the alternative. Western people see this as gross!
The same with the number of individuals the Chinese kill for atrocious crimes committed; I see nothing wrong with that. Western cultures can’t seem to get over the ‘thou shalt not kill’ thing. Our Creator gave us a mind to use; we don’t use it! We just follow blindly.
I also don’t agree with the extremes of our medical system saving individual lives where if nature was allowed to take its course …
The half baked system we allow to happen at the moment doesn’t work; does it?

Visible said...

also a new piece here-


Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster "tmaastricht" who puts things very eloquently in that our whole battle is not the "flesh and blood" but the spiritual battle between "good and evil".

At least that is what I understand him to be saying. He says the battle is in another realm.

Jesus said as much when He confronted the scribes and the paharisees in the Temple. "And He said unto them" Ye are from beneath, I am from above; ye are of this world; I am not of this world.

Untill we deal with the source of this evil that continues to plaque us, we will continue to spin our wheels.

Anonymous said...

Tony, this debate is worthy of a blog unto itself at the least! We are in agreement about overpopulation. We are in agreement about ideals. But if civilized people were not conditioned to "lust in revenge" the 9/11 story would not have gone over very well. This "lust in revenge" is from the same corner as slutz-girl vodka enthusiasts and the Imus debacle and etc, etc and etc. Think Hollywood, think Roman Coliseum, think the success of the Sorpanos. We have been gauged accurately as lusters by people who earn their bread from lust stats.
What could it have been if we could live without lusting? To think about it, you have to go all the way back to the beginning and review how it came to be that revenge and desire to get even after the fact vs. defend against predation became accepted behaviors.

Anonymous said...

This is why I hesitate to continue Nina; it is such a huge subject.
My writing skills and full understanding are not up to the task; not on the internet.
I do appreciate your pov though and in MY world would embrace it.



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