Friday, March 21, 2008

Like it had Eyes... and Fangs... and Claws.

Well, I hate to tear you away from the screen. I know you are all focused hard, except for those who are hardly focused, on Slutz-Girl Vodka’s new butt girl “It goes down like smooooth reptile ooooooze.” It’s the American way to go from a whore to a princess of the marketplace over night. Where would we be if we didn’t have things like this to pay attention to? Maybe paying attention to something important, whatever that is.

You knew it was coming. You just didn’t know when. Or maybe you didn’t know it was coming because things like Slutz-Girl Vodka had your attention. For some of us it’s a no brainer that our terror impresarios; the Bush players, neo-cons and assorted n’er do wells were going to blow something up this year. We knew that the usual suspects were going to go into the prop room and pull out a false flag for the benefit of our brothers and sisters in Tehran, or Lebanon, or Syria or... all of them.

We swallowed a load in 2001 and we’re seeing signs and wonders and signs and wonders all over the place now. We are seeing a collection of related events that are all indicating that ‘the future is now’ or just around the corner. Ominous evidence of three dimensional chess pressures are pushing circumstance ...and daring it to do something stupid. Food shortages; high fuel costs, housing foreclosures, bank failures, the falling dollar and assorted saber rattling all seem to indicate that ‘the boys in the backroom’ are getting all sub rosa before they go nova.

It becomes especially clear when The Scarlet Pimpernel, Bin Laden, starts doing his Baron Samedi impressions and popping up out of the grave and on to your dinner table. Most of the readers of this blog are regular visitors to Uruknet, The Truthseeker, What Really Happened and the venerable Signs of the Times so you have all probably seen the links I’ve placed above and you know that there are many more that all relate to the same mass of confusion that defines the present moment. You know about Russia and Kosovo; The Palestinian Genocide, Israel and her neighbors near and far. You know about Afghanistan and Iraq and Iran. You’re familiar with what happens when anonymous spokesmen for government agencies start talking about looming terror threats. You know Easter is coming and you know what a bonanza it would be were Christians to have a bad hair day at a holy site but... other days are coming and it could be any day and any scenario as long as it points to Iran. Still, it’s interesting what Bin Laden had to say about the pope and Europe, even if it wasn’t- and it wasn’t- Bin Laden.

Bushco is looking into Switzerland’s deal with Iran because it might violate some gratuitous sanctions that somebody put on paper and supposedly means something but probably doesn’t.

Yes, we know about that joint military exercise in Tel Aviv which, like the war games that were taking place on 9/11, that were simulating the very thing that took place and like the terror drill that was taking place in London at the same time as the 7/7 attacks... we know that terror drills and war games are often a cover and a distraction from the real thing. Sure this one is over now but... ah the mind wanders and speculates. The mind wonders how tragic it would be if something were to happen to someone somewhere. Israel killed a high ranking Hezbollah leader and they’ve spared no press in letting the world know that surely Hezbollah has a retribution planned.

We know that the IDF can now kill Palestinian civilians legally and we know it all comes out of this particular tradition and leads to justification of any act even against your best friends.

So why are there all of these links you might ask? I’m headed somewhere and these are part of the audio visual. Let me ask you something... when was the last time Iran attacked anyone? Iraq started the Iran/Iraq War and earlier the Iranians rebelled against the Shah and held some Americans (who put the Shah in power) as hostages which Ronald Reagan used to get elected in some kind of a deal that involved guns and drugs and not very much, “Just say no.” but... when was the last time Iran attacked anyone?

Did Iraq attack anyone in order to get invaded? I mean, besides going after Kuwait earlier for slant drilling into their wells after the action had been green-lighted by the US State Department. No, they didn’t. Has anyone been attacking other countries besides America, England and Israel? It doesn’t appear to be so.

Is Iran threatening to attack Israel? No, I haven’t heard it. There was that comment about the Zionist regime needing to go. You know the quote that got turned into, “Israel should be wiped off the map”? ...but which never actually got said; the same way Bin laden never admitted to 9/11. You know what I’m talking about.

Israel has a long history of false flag events that they authored and which are a matter of public record. America has one too. We’ve seen The Brits caught in the act in Basra. I don’t think anyone would argue against Israel wanting to attack Iran so bad that it makes my teeth hurt. They managed to get us to attack Iraq and until the NIE put a spanner in the works, they were about to orchestrate America going into Iran too. The facts of the matter cannot be argued because the evidence is a matter of public record and you hear it on the news every day.

How did it get to be that the people causing all of the trouble are the good guys and the people on the receiving end of the trouble are the bad guys? Could be they are all bad guys one way or another. I don’t have a scorecard, just some powers of observation.

I take no delight in spinning these commentaries. I don’t get paid. I think I got one ten dollar contribution in the whole time I’ve been doing this and that was at one of the other blogs. I don’t get to go out to dinner or speak at universities. I don’t even have advertising. What’s the payoff? Ridicule? Slander? Intentional bad career move? It seems to be some kind of mental disorder to want the truth to be known because a whole lot of people apparently do not. In fact they work overtime creating lies and painting false pictures about conditions and problems that didn’t exist until they created them.

Bushco has set the United States on fire and it is burning to the ground. The degree of madness that can be seen in the various agendas this administration has engaged in is awesome... unbelievable... It is staggering to one’s sense of reality that they could even take place and yet they did. Do you honestly think they’re going to quietly depart? Does this make any kind of sense knowing what we know? Every day that passes diminishes the number of days remaining for this runaway serial killer administration. So, every day that passes, ups the odds for that day being the day on which whatever they have planned goes down.

Back to why I or any of the rest of us does this... It has to be said because it isn’t being said. If we did not say it, it would not get said at all. There’d be nothing but doublespeak to cover the government’s own terror activities. We’d be hearing about Miss Slutz Vodka 2008 and what kind of shoes go with which kind of hat. You want to look your best when you’re spread out across the two airline seats you had to buy in order to fly.

Neither I, nor any legitimate blogger believes that every Israeli and every American and every Englander is supportive of the ugliness their countries are producing. On the other hand there are not nearly enough of you objecting either. If you can’t see what's going on there are only so many options. You don’t want to or you are that stupid that you believe what cannot be true because all the evidence points the other way. I’d say it’s time to begin to watch out; time to stop, look and listen. There’s a dark train running on a gone dead line; sooner or later it’s going to reach its destination and it’s not the same train being pulled by Miss Slutz Vodka.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog dude, don't stop. The division of labor ushered in by the industrial/petroleum age combined with an information system controlled by you know who, has put a disinterested electorate squarely in steerage class aboard the Lusitania. Carpathia ain't coming.

I think the best your readers could hope for is to find like minded individuals to keep as friends. Anyone else is superficial as well as a supreme waste of time. How about a tip jar?


Visible said...

Welcome Pilgrim;

I'm hoping that at some point in the future I can fund a community of like minded souls during the time of trial. I've got some ideas about how to do that and I think they're good ones. We'll see.

I do have a tip jar which is the Paypal reference in the sidebar. It's been up on all the blogs for some time but never got any action. When I changed the look of the blogs it disappeared and then I put it up again.

Even though I'm not rich by any stretch it isn't that important to me. I figure that everything has a payoff on some level and that will sort itself out. I feel like I'm investing in something I can't see but one of these days I will; maybe it's about the act of seeing itself.

That's the reason I haven't used any advertising though with the amount of traffic I get it would come to some hundreds of dollars a month. I am thinking about it now if I can find something that isn't offensive. It's a sticky wicket. I don't want to compromise myself and I don't want to piss off my readers but it takes some amount of time a week to keep all these blogs up and running as well as recording the songs that they download for free. I always thought it would lead to people purchasing them but uh uh.

But I am certain there's a reason for all of this and it's going to resolve itself. I am going to start offering my novels and music for download here and maybe that won't piss people off.

Soon I'll be having video too, that should be a hoot.

Ben There said...

Les -

I have a little experience in internet advertising (mainly with Google AdWords) and it can be set up so that you limit your maximum monthly spend. You pay based on the popularity of the key words you are bidding on. So for example phrases like "buy viagra cheap" or "make money online" are very expensive (and you pay per click) whereas phrases like "9/11 truth movement" are probably quite inexpensive. You only pay when someone clicks and visits your site and you can pre-define a monthly budget to any amount you are comfortable with. Personally I'm not sure that there would be much logic in doing this unless there was a decent possibility you could offset the expense by some form of revenue generated from through the site. But if this is something you'd be interested in I would be happy to help.

And as always...another kick ass essay. You do it like nobody else.


Visible said...

Thank you Ben;

Heh heh... I'm not talking about advertising myself. I never even think of that. I don't even do certain things that I know would improve traffic. I was talking about having ads on my site for revenue. I could actually do with some revenue right now because we had some bad luck to the tune of about 80,000 Euro and it put a big dent in the day to day. We'll recover but all the things we wanted to do now we can't do.

So a little cash flow would be helpful and I've been told that given the traffic I get it could be as much a thousand or more a month but I figure less than that. I just didn't want to upset my readers. I see some of these sites with smilies and that flashing congratulations sign and these are truther sites and it makes me cringe. So I've been toying with it in my head but not actually doing anything about it. I expect to wake up one morning and have a flash; that's how it usually happens

Anonymous said...

ALl the best and keep it up. You're a very necessary part to the battle against all this bs.

Please don't stop.

Ben There said...

Oh, my apologies for the misunderstanding. I've been doing things in too much of a hurry all week and it's led to some funny results and misunderstandings.

As for ads popping up all over peoples blogs... I'm with you there but there are more subtle ways it could be done than flashing pop-ups. However they do target the advertising based on the content of your site and you can get some pretty funny results because it's computer generated. Today you might've gotten a Vodka ad, for example.

I'm kind of wondering if there might be some ways to make the tip jar work better.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Thank you very much for your dedication to the "truth". I myself live in the heart of Babylon(70 miles east of St.Louis in Illinois). I walk around in disgust everyday. Inundated by all the enchantments of Babylon. It makes me wanna puke. All the sensationalism and materialistic worshiping is heavy on my soul to witness. I feel like a pilgrim in a strange land. The only like minded individuals I can find is on the internet. That makes for a very lonely physical existence. The LORD is keeping my head up though. HE is always there to sustain me at my weakest moments. I don't have anything new to say but I felt the need to acknowledge your dedication as I have been reading your blogs(most notably "smoking mirrors") for about a month now. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU.


Visible said...

To the fellow who just left the nasty comment. Please read the instructions at the top right of the page, just under where it says Leave your comment. I trust it will be clear to you. I'm more than glad to print your comment but you should stand behind it and not let your personal fear control you.

Ben There said...

Les -

Is the best way to reach you via email ""?


Visible said...

Actually the best way right now is because I'm still trying to figure out how to download my mail now that they switched it to a new platform and made it complicated beyond understanding... but I'll figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear the term "axis of evil" on the cartoons that pass for the news in this country I think to myself "ah, america, israel and england" (and all the other loser and a half punk countries that aspire to join those plagues of the planet).

One can only hope that Russia and her allies are for real and are working behind the scenes to aid and equip countries (Venezuela, Iran, Syria and other resource rich countries the axis of evil want to bomb and terrorize and plunder next in the sacred name of "american democracy"), so that they will be able to defend themselves and send as many of the invading murderers home in bags as possible and crumble the empire so that there can be some sense of decency and peaceful coexistence on earth.

I`ll never understand why Russia didn`t help Iraq.

Anonymous said...

How can this continue unchecked?
It seems as thou all U.S. citizens have gone brain dead ,just waiting for a new stolen and fraudulant election will do no good,come on we still have not faced up to the killers of JFK.WHY? Yes we have been watered down by all the millions of immigrants that will never assimilate or even try to learn and speak our language,yes a few of us have made lots of money and are afraid of losing it all, BUT still how can we just sit here like Nancy Pelousie and let it happen? There was a Texas politico (they all learn their GRAFT here)who got in a bind when he suggested that a rape victim should "just lay back and enjoy it"
Is this what we are doing?
What happens when black water comes home?
What happens when the murderers from Iraq come home to your neiborhood?
You should know from the NAM they are NOT all a bunch of nice guys?
u r a great blog don't let the bastards win!

Anonymous said...

No they aren't going to go away just because their time is up [Bushco]. And yes there is a plan in mind that will declare Mr. Bush "el dictorio". The gem that will have made his madness worth every minute of it.

On March 13th the Congress convened behind closed doors to the public and in the middle of the night to discuss "Security and Surveilence". The e-mail I received said the discussion involved the "bankruptcy of the government of the United States".

This little adjustment to the economy will happen in Sept. just in time to suspend elections and Constitutional Government.

From what I gather Roosevelt actually declared us bankrupt in the early 30's.


sockmonkey said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Les, how did you come to get done out of so much money [if you don't mind answering?

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I heard a radio show that interviewed David Icke back in 06'. Before I ever actually heard the man speak my impression of him was that he was a nutbag. Then hearing him speak, finding out he worked for the BBC and at one time was a professional soccer player, enticed me to listen. Anyway, he said that we are constantly bombarded with only one possiblity through the media and government. What I found most interesting was that he said that as people we don't want to have our perception of reality altered. If we were to believe another truth, i.e. "we" are the "Axis of Evil" then most of what we believe to be our reality would be a lie.
Are we so distracted by the Sluts Vodka, Brittany Spears, Sports, work, taxes etc. that to stop, pay attention, and do a little deductive reasoning would put us over the edge? Anyone not watching Jerry Springer or reality T.V. knows something is just not right - they can feel it. We can ALL feel it. Yet so many go on about life with heads in the sand, choosing not to believe what is in front of them and choosing to believe what is pounded at them hour after hour.
I suspect those of us that know we're living in the matrix haven't a clue what the heck we can do about it. It drives me nuts to watch the passing parade, truth is I feel fairly helpless.

Anonymous said...

As a scholarly research analyst for over 20 years now (law 'rico' medicine 'brain and spine' finance 'national and international' and physics 'sub atomic cosmology') I knew this was coming 20 years ago. What I did not know was zionism was behind it. I understood signaling 'brainwashing techniques' at the highest levels; it was this path that would lead to the path we are now on. It is not going to get better and the folks that tend to seek the truth are doing so at very high risk. Just the same, the truth does tend to set one free 'in odd way' and this is mostly the payoff for now.

Until the technology of signaling is contained to a great degree 'is possible, not probable' there will be chaos 'big time'...the world knows of this problem 'certain elite circles' and America is to blame for standing down in regard to the signaling clean up. The cloak and dagger game has just begun 'for real' and things are going to get very complicated 'who is who and who is doing what'

Keep in mind, signaling enslaves all and takes no prisoners. The powers that be know and understand this fully 'not rocket science' What is happening in our day and time is this, we are at a crossroad that surpasses the Internet and even bread and is good but when in the wrong hands extremely dangerous. This signaling technology is as if each person having an atom bomb in his or her pocket 'not really knowing what to do with it...' it is that serious! Black science, black ops, special ops...very secretive and very much involved with signaling in this respect. The folk I feel sorry for are the military and government types...they are not allowed to speak of this technology and it is the very technology that must be revealed in order to curtail the fall out of it. Is catch 22 for them and us all.

Point being, the root cause must be identified and dealt with or nothing will change for the better in this case. The root cause is signaling 'sub atomic...'and yes, I am qualified to make such a strong statement.

Anonymous said...

'It is the Eternal Ground Plan. That which has been laid down from the heavens since the beginning ..."

- from an Ancient Sumerian text. (where Abraham's people were booted out from after raping the place)

First insinuate yourselves into the ruling caste, then when you have enough influence, introduce notional money/debt, initiate, promote and sustain massive economic bubble-growth and lend, lend, lend, then collapse the system and take over everything, everyone for ever and ever - Amen(-Ra)

It worked in Egypt with the 7-years of plenty/7-years of famine scam. This time they've globalized it - via the US/UK/Israel notional coutries

In Egypt they managed to take down the lunatic leader who had turned the constitution of their country on its head, and boot him out, along with a chosen portion of his people for slaves. The humane and decent Egyptians even gave them some land to live out their lives on.

So we managed to stop them then. It can be done again.

And Les, I know the vast mass of people are not taking any notice, concentrating on the sexy vodka, the sexy violence-for-fun, the trivia, the bollocks. But they are the mob. Even most of 'our friends' are just the mob, And the mob can turn in a heartbeat. The mob are people and, most importantly, they are being actively, massively, deceived. They can be reached, Probably not with reason, but something WILL work. Just like it did in Ancient Egypt.

Their is too much coincidence. And we come to the end of too many cycles, 2000 years of christianity, the turning of the vernal equinox into a new zodiacal sign, the 2112 Mayan, and other, end times, the alignment of the galactic centre with the plane of the ecliptic, The end of Kali Yuga and many more.

I believe that the Eternal Ground Plan is much, much bigger than anybody can even guess.

The shit is hitting the fan, but it is not hopeless RJ said "I think the best your readers could hope for is to find like minded individuals to keep as friends." I think that's good advice.


Visible said...

Sure Bradley,

We bought a house with the understanding that everything in it was perfect and it seemed so but what it was, was a Hollywood house. There was a heating system that didn't and never had operated, nor could. There were many things and the fellow, Christophe Emschermann was very clever. Also, I hadn't met a dishonest German before. It turned out that we paid at least 50,000Euro more than the value and possible as much as $70,000

We had put some money aside to do all of these wonderful things to the house and had to spend what we had put aside just to make it what we thought it was when we bought it.

Then there was $30,000Euro loaned out in several places and it will not be repaid. So somewhere between 80 and 100 thousand euro flew away.

I can generate income but it's going to be slow in respect of what vanished and we actually lost double because we have to make it all up and lost what would have been.

We are in good spirits and do not think about it except insofar as actions have to be taken to offset it. That's why I was thinking of having some casual advertising yadda yadda.

Things happen. I have been fortunate in this regard that this sort of thing did not happen at this magnitude before; of course, I had no magnitude for it to happen to.

Meanwhile, the economic turndown has had an impact too. But I have no assets in stocks or anything like that, nor ever would.

I got it rough a lot of other ways but I see now that it has all been for the best and I would not trade the changes that have come for different memories, all of which would be in the past anyway.

By the way, thanks for some of the great things you've said recently. I don't comment on any of it much because it can seem gratuitous and I'm only a channel anyway, not something I say for effect, it happens to be true.

Visible said...

New additions here

lb said...

I'm a little confused by some of the comments here. I myself am not so much anti american as i am against being a victim to the global elitists. Some call it the Illuminati. The big problem is not america as much as it is that small but most powerful group that works side against side and cash in somewhere in the middle. There are very wealthy people who are but pawns in their sick vision. Then there are sub levels of less wealthy and then outright poverty stricken people. The poorest of which are schedualed for the oven or the guillotine somewhere over the horizon. To me, the movement that rises against this insanity will deal with the ink peddlers of the world and not only with the top ranking pawns of america, england and their allies.

Anonymous said...

Please make a store for us here with CDs and tee shirts for all four blogs. I envision myself gardening and driving around in the rock buggy looking so together in a navy blue or black tee shirt with Smoking Mirrors in deco orange helvetica while soaring though valleys of semis and illegal laborers listening to Visible on the CD player.
We who have no dough would gladly make the dough for you, but if you don't have a channel consistent with the harmony here, we can't.
Channel us a way. Its time.

nobody said...

Hey Les,

Would we be bothered by advertising? I doubt it. I go to wrh every day and don't even bat an eyelid at their ads.

Mind you, as an ex-advertising supplier I'd say that if the whole advertising industry was taken out the back and shot, I'd bring the beers. But if you need to whack up some ads, is anyone harmed?

And who doesn't want an enormous penis that will impress her for hours and hours? Ha!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

les, excited to hear your other novels might show up here! Dark Splendor is awesome, and i've been ready for the next one since i finished reading that one.

to anon 5:17, i think icke is for real. The only part he might be wrong about is the reptilians, but the wrongest he could be is that it might turn out to be only metaphorically true that the queen of england et al. are shape-shifters who eat child flesh at satanic banquets.

query to tmaastricht, you said:

"The root cause is signaling 'sub atomic...'and yes, I am qualified to make such a strong statement."

sounds like you might be, so please divulge, wtf kind of signaling are you talking about, and please say it without all those laconic demi-sentences!!! SPIT IT OUT.

ellis turcanetti

Anonymous said...

You said:
"Has anyone been attacking other countries besides America, England and Israel? It doesn’t appear to be so."

You got it wrong matey, it's BRITAIN not ENGLAND...As a Scotsman I am insulted (and I am sure the Welsh and Northern Irish would be aswell)you called my country (the United Kingdom of Great Britain) "England"...Seeing as you got that simple equation wrong, maybe perhaps you just might have other things wrong...
Why do you people not shout about Chinas illegal invasion and oppressio0n aND ethnic cleansing of Tibet?...Cause it's not fashionable, you are "alternate media led"...btw, I am not in support of the powers that be, especially the UK government.

Visible said...

I said england and I meant england. It was actually a kindness, granting the possibility that those of you viewed as chattel by the Black Nobility that run your lands might not be in agreement with the bloodthirsty vampires that occupy your country.

Since you are an exception to my assumption, I will hereby declare that you are a willing tool of the psychopathic overlords and that you approve.

As for Tibet, that's unfortunate but it is one country. You and your rapacious group of bandits are after the whole world; there is a difference.

Anonymous said...

Y'all just ignore the bigger picture: there is no alternative, never was and never will be. ALL these THINGS MUST come to pass.

And this disconnection is just how they shall come to pass- the mind divided against itself creates choas, tension, and synthesis, as contradictions are resolved in mass-warfare.

There are no separate players. The only way out is right straight through. This life is a preliminary hearing.

The choice is: do it the the easy way, or the hard way. But it WILL be ONLY one way.

You WILL pick the hard way- I always do.

Visible said...

If you didn't see your comment here recently it is because I couldn't in good conscience print it because it was unnecessarily provocative in terms of what I do. Also, he is not a member of that group, just a garden variety con man and thief; so it wouldn't have applied anyway.

I don't like not being able to let anyone and everyone have their say however, enemies of the truth are always on the lookout for ways to snare and disenfranchise us. Consonant with this, I can never know when such comment are coming from the very people looking to cause problems in the first place.

Anonymous said...


Hmmm..You might have meant England a a kindness and I accept that, however, having lived overseas people always refer to the UK as "England" remember coming off a plane from Glasgow and overheard an ignorant Canadian saying "Our airports are so difrent from England etc..." meaning she was not aware that Scotland is not Enlgan, but I am sure you know wot I mean, it is offensive when people refer to the UK government as "English" as I am sure our Canadian cousins would be, and are offended when us over the pond call them Americans...Am I correct...Now, to get back to your comment, I know wot ye mean, however, this is a misconception, Scottish overlords and masters have ruled in the UK government from the very beginning of the Union, and we have a Scottish PM at this very moment, and he is just as insideous as the rest...

I really dunno where you got the rest of the vitreol from,I am no backer of the Bushy tail or any other U.S prez before or who comes after as they are all told by the Merchant bankers wot to do and say, period...My point is this, it is always fashionable to slag off the U.S why not the crusader of the leftie tree huggers Mandela who invaded a weaker nation for their natural resource?..Not big marches in the streets about that, not big outcry, silence...Why?...btw, I am talking about Lesotho and his invasion of 1998...

Me?...As someone wrote after my post, WE can't and will never be able to do anything about wot THEY are up to, but it still get's on my tits when lefties slag off the U.S, at least thre is soem fredom thre, freedom to post messages like this, freedom to make a fool of the leaders, freedom to leave, freedom to do alsmots as one pleases...Compare that with the likes of Zimbabwe, Iran, China, former Iraq..Name just a few others and you get my point, so why no big shout about them when they oppress and destroy freedoms?

btw, I am registered but can't recall or find out my password...

Visible said...

I don't live in the US. It is my country no more. You can admire it all you want but I would venture to say you have a false impression of it or your impression is quite old. things have changed.

If you think those other causes are more important or not getting enough air time then you may choose them as your own personal projects. The world is always going to have hot spots and violence and dishonesty. My concern kicks in when it threatens the whole world.

I have no idea what you are talking about when you mention registering and passwords. None of these things apply here.

Reading your reply I don't think you get what I'm talking about so I'm just going to go on my way and leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

What part of my post mentioned that I admire the U.S.A?

Again, people presume, wrongly...Which leads me think they are wrong about other things...We'll leave it at that shall we?

btw..."At the top of this post there is a message:Anonymous does not have the same right of being heard as someone who stands behind what they say." I only mention part of it, as there is no need to mention all of it as this is the part pertaining to myself...

annemarie said...

Hey Les,

Just reflecting upon that back-and-forth between you and some anonymous creature...

One of the (main) reasons why I despise the U.S. is because of its blatant fucking HYPOCRISY, its utter deceitfulness. Imo, it's one thing to be a trouble maker, it's another thing entirely to be a trouble maker and to constantly lie about it, to claim that you are otherwise (a beacon of freedom and democracy, best country in the world and all that other shite). The latter of the two is utterly intolerable, and patently twisted. The former, on the other hand, *might* actually be redeemable. The latter is definitely not, it's hopeless because it pretends that it's good whilst constantly visiting havoc and suffering upon others.

I feel the same way about most other countries too e.g. that pustule Israel, and that wankers wet dream, Britain (which isn't and never was half as great as its bollocks advertising (historical propaganda)
proclaims. What else is new!

btw, certain wankers say 'the sun never sets on the British Empire'. To which I say "Never say never fuckers!"

As far as China, Zimbabwe, et al go, how about we get our own houses in order, before we criticize others? Hmmm? Better still, how about we get our own houses in order and attempt to lead by example for a change? Along with ceasing to interfere with (fuck with, exploit, enslave, colonize, etc.) the rest of the world, and ceasing to support murderous tyrants the world over?

How about that for a change?

As far as the U.S. having been a better country before? Honestly I gotta' laugh at that notion. Who could say that with a straight face? Maybe it was better before? Musta' been before that degenerate pirate Columbus "discovered" it. haha.

Anonymous said...

Well the above comment could perhaps be classed as "ad hominum"...And is insulting ..."anonomous creature" indeed...

The vitreolic verbal self flagelation (of ones country/roots)is typical of a tree hugging 4X4 driving "I'm alrite jack" living in the suburbs whilst I tell all you city folk who actually live in the shite what to do...Oh, and forgot, "earning way over the odds in my salary cause I'm a social worker...Iyah"...Ye make me puke..

"Great Britain" it was, but not for the people who actually done the work, the upper classes living off the backs of the poor, and still are...

As for Empire building, just think on this chappie, Shaka was building his empire at the same time as the British, guess who won?...Shaka was a brutal savage, he killed everyone who disagreed, and some who agreed...My point?...some civilisations are brutal, others less so..All are self serving, but some like the British Commonwealth (see the term, "common wealth"?) yeah, common for the rich and powerfull, whilst the poor still remained poor...

However, at this present time, there is one which although not particularly nice, and is indeed run by lying hypocritical bastards who are stuffing our money in their pockets (are you a civil servant, work for the government, or even a school teacher)?

As I say, we in the "free" West (that's a joke really) indeed do have some certain freedoms, like this webpage, but as one auld man said in the 1950's "We have the freedom to starve"

So anyway, as I said, but you seem to be not listenning/reading/paying attention, I cannot use my googlename as I cannot remember my password, and try as I might, I cannot retreive it as it goes round and loops (or wotever ye call it, I am not a pc you )btw, I am jumpwings...

Anonymous said...

Drunken prose, brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Drunken prose?...At 8.55 in the morning?..when I am getting my daughter ready for school (and coz I came here I am nearly late -And couildn't help but just see if I had a resopnse lol)...When someone keeps asking me if I want a cup of coffee?...Hmmmm...Again, another wrong assumption...



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