Friday, March 28, 2008

The Shaky Ground of an Uncertain Future

To look at the mainstream news you wouldn’t think much was happening in places where a whole lot is happening. The Mahdi Army of 60,000 strong has done what armies in occupied lands have always done. They have waited for their moment.

There is a pretty firm illusion that makes its way through the minds of the architects of war. In this case it filters through the brains of chicken-hawks who serve at the pleasure of banks and munitions manufacturers, down through the minds of military men who may know better but who have a job to do, down into the minds of those who report the news (This is a relative down because there isn’t much further down than these minds.), down into the minds of the public. This is the illusion that the war is about something it is not and that those being trained to assume authority over a pronounced chaos are willing idealists who support the illusion that began in the minds of those whose sole intention was chaos and personal profit.

The Iraqi troops being trained to take over the security concerns of their country do not support the minds or intentions of those who started this war. They support their families. Their relatives and friends are in the opposition and it won’t take much to make them part of it and there is no chance that their training and firepower will prevail over the much greater power of the resistance. This war cannot be won; it can only be dragged out with the obvious attrition that attends it.

The war in Afghanistan is lost. The prior support of Pakistan which provided much in the way of tactical necessities in both the Afghanistan and Iraq incursions is going and soon gone. Various countries with economic concerns of their own... and which outweigh the usual tilt toward those responsible for these stupid Napoleonic adventures are cutting deals with Iran. It seems that every day now you hear about a new arrangement for gas from Iran. And no matter what kind of picture anyone wants to paint, Russia is the factor no one talks about.

The situation in Tibet has captured all of the large print in the media. It’s a small issue. It’s not a small issue to the Tibetans- and I do not mean to diminish their situation- but it’s a small issue writ large because it is embarrassing the Chinese on the verge of the Olympic Games and this is intentional. Whether it is the Tibetans themselves who have initiated this or whether it is just another one of those strange manipulations we see so much of these days is immaterial. This is the moment for it. China has no business in Tibet and I don’t care what their argument is. England had no business in India. England had no business in Ireland. America has no business in Afghanistan or Iraq. A lot of country’s that muck about with the lives and resources of other lands, just because they can, have no business doing so.

But that’s what it is... business. Marx had something to say about the real causes of war having an economic basis and he was absolutely correct in that respect.

So this is the moment in Iraq for previously quieted elements to light up the landscape. This hasn’t gotten near where it is going yet and there isn’t anything the invaders can do about it except for some kind of Phoenix Program.

It’s an election year and there are some strange doings grabbing the headlines and other strange doings not seeing the light of day. You have to be intelligent and you have to be objective if you want to see what’s going on. You have to look behind what is being presented and reason out what is implied. As ever, ‘follow the money’ and cui bono.

A major effort is underway to smear both Obama and Clinton to the point where McCain can be shoehorned into office. Everybody has dirty laundry but when has that not been the case in the America political game? Certain elements that have had their way with the world for eight years have no intention of letting their money flow run dry. Certain elements have had an agenda in the works for a long time and that agenda is not complete. They didn’t make all those changes to the law and orchestrate all those terror attacks just to let the other team take possession of the ball. It can be argued that both teams play for the same owner but that’s not entirely the case as nothing is ever that cut and dried. Evil is not completely united around the world. Evil strives against evil and it’s hard sometimes to tell what evil really is. There are different kinds of evil and some are preferable to others.

Putting McCain into the White House has nothing to do with McCain becoming president. It has everything to do with who his Vice President is. That is the key. McCain is not likely to last long in office and that is the intended result.

But the best laid plans of even the most powerful interests sometimes go astray. We, the uninformed and unwashed can only know so much. But those who run the foreign policies of their countries and those who seek to replace them by whatever means are well informed and understand timing very well.

The most interesting thing about the state of the world and all of the competing forces operating at this most critical juncture in human history is not any of the things you are hearing about. It’s what you are not hearing about and what is going on behind the scene that is interesting. Don’t for a moment assume that some mysterious cabal of so-called elites is actually going to take over the world. They’ve taken over as much as they have ever been able to and then things change.

Certain truths are coming to light that are going to change everything. The 9/11 cover-up is on the verge of major exposure. Every day more and more well-placed individuals in countries around the world are stating that it was an inside job. Youtube and the alternative press are gaining a larger audience every day. Lies that have been written in stone for decades are being exposed before the common mind. You can’t control the population if you can’t convince them of what you want them to believe. When they stop believing- and it is happening in droves- then your power wanes.

The thing about lies is that sooner or later they get exposed. The media which has printed these lies and presented the horrors of the day according to the angle desired by those who operate it have become their own worst enemy. They are daily providing the evidence that they lie. Truth tellers on the internet are turning over every rock they tried to bury the truth beneath. All the arguments that have supported the oppressors are being turned on their head by the evidence that is leaking through the seams. People are waking up and things are happening that those who make things happen did not expect.

In the future you are going to look back on 2008 and the period surrounding it and you are going to shake your head and say, “Who could have imagined such things?” Hopefully you have managed to put together some part of what I have intended to present with all of these disparate paragraphs and can take an easier breath. No matter how it looks or what happens in the coming months you have reason to be optimistic. It’s hard to hang in there when the clouds have blocked the sun for eight long and torturous years.

I think we are all in for some surprises and some of them are going to be good. Our job is to try to be a little more aware, a little more human and a little more understanding as we move through our little lives wherever they are taking place. Bon Chance.

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Visible said...

Hi Folks;

I've gotten several letters that your comments aren't going up. Well, I'm not getting any comments at any of the blogs and I don't know why that is. Sometimes it happens and then they come pouring in. I can only hope that is the case this time too.

At any rate, feel free to email me your comments if they don't start appearing soon and I will put them up for you. It's the best I can do.

Anonymous said...

I wonder sometimes Les that strong beliefs (strong thoughts) don't accumulate in the ether and work good against evil in the populace.
Crazy talk.

kikz said...

mornin les,

karma. was just reading auntie annie's (circa 1917) study in karma....

107. Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding Small;

108. Though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness Grinds He all.

the portent of the us "national karma" looks quite bleak for quite possibly an extended time......

140. Let us think on the collective karma of a nation. Face to face with this, the individual is comparatively helpless, for nothing he can do can free him from this, and he must trim his sails to it as best he may. Even a Master can but slightly modify national karma, or change the national atmosphere.

141. The rise and fall of nations are brought about by collective karma. Acts of national righteousness or of national criminality, led up to by noble or base thinking, largely directed by national ideals, bring about national ascent or national descent.

143. As with a family, so with a nation to a much greater degree, will there be an atmosphere created by the nation’s past; and national traditions, customs, viewpoints, will exercise a vast influence on the minds of all who dwell within the nation. Few individuals can free themselves wholly from these influences, and consider a question affecting the nation without any bias, or see it from a standpoint other than that of their own people. Hence largely arise international quarrels and suspicions, mistaken views, and distorted opinions of the motives of another nation. Many a war has broken out in consequence of the differences in the thought-atmospheres surrounding the prospective combatants, and these difficulties are multiplied when the nations spring from different racial stocks, as, say, the Italians and the Turks. All the knower of karma can do, in these cases, is to realize the fact that his opinions and views are largely the product of the larger individuality of his nation, and to check this bias as much as he can, giving full weight to the views obtained from the standpoint of the antagonistic nation.

144.When a man finds himself in the grip of a national karma which he cannot resist – say that he is a member of a conquered nation – he should calmly study the causes which have led to the national subjugation, and should set to work to remedy them, endeavoring to influence public opinion along lines which will eradicate these causes.

auntie annie's hair would stand on end, to know what karma this nation has accumulated since. from her writings at that time... the US.. was to have been.... the shining example aspired to by all the nations of the earth... what we have wrought could take generations to discharge the debt...looks like we're in for a long painful haul.....

Anonymous said...

How positive a picture is this Les, in an Australian news service? It's only a pity this young Iraqi must be and do as he is merely for the freedoms that you and I consider everyday.
I reckon this picture is magnificent and I oppose and disagree with war in all forms!

Go Iraq!

Anonymous said...

The thing with the paypal scenario in my pov is that I am uncomfortable at this time with the attendant information getting into the wrong hands I do not know if I am qualified to speak for anyone out there but is there another way around it?
Thank you one more time for saying what I am unable to put into words.

lb said...

Can you explain a bit about the Phoenix program and who would be targeted.
Lately i've been reading and watching films on ways that Bush could stay in office past his term. An economic collapse is one method and there are others. I also put alot of emphasis on the 2012 issues and the possible catastrophic results of a cosmic orb manipulating the earths ecosystems sort of overshadows the freakishness of the humanoids political agendas.
Weird times indeed!!!

I still think i hold the solution to the commoners way of getting back the resources that rightly belong to all of humanity and not to a select group of international bankers.
But even if my program was implemented it still wouldn't save us if 2012 brings anything more than a spiritual consciousness awakening.
As Les says....Bonne Chance.

Visible said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Duke said...

Peace be with the moderator, as well as those reading this message(if it is not censored :-)
The time has come.
I am here to bring judgment to the living and the dead. The harvest is ripe.
Pass this on to all fellow believers.
Read "Consciousness Gurus" on the Believers Information Network for a response to Eckhart Tolle's 'A New Earth'

The Faithful Witness

Anonymous said...

Two evils fighting for power your spot on & those who sell-out the most to Rockefeller & Co will win.Boycott the 08 election what’s the point voting for someone when their looking after someone else’s interests @ the expense of are own. Low voter turn out is a powerful message to send, that’s assuming they don’t fix that to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les:

Just a note to say thanks for what you do. I read all your posts and they give me hope and not a little insight.

Last night I wanted 'Michael Clayton' a very good movie with George Clooney. One scene showed how the PTB 'suicide' a whistleblower. It was very illuminating (no pun intended). It made me realize how vulnerable we all are to evil.

I hope that some of the good things that you say might happen do happen.

It has been a very long eight years, as you say. We deserve a break.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I always enjoy reading your blog and find your articles and analysis to be outstanding. I only hope that your predictions come true. Lord knows planet earth can`t endure any more bush(evik)(or whatever one chooses to call it)terrorism. I also agree wholeheartedly with the poster above who said "go Iraq"! They will have their great country back.

If I can manage to scrape a few bucks together I will try to paypal it to you. I look forward ro reading all your future articles.

Visible said...

Thank you but send me your good wishes instead and "pay it forward" with the people you meet. I'm not in dire straights. I just don't want to advertise and I'm spending a lot of time managing these blogs and related things that provide nothing so I thought I might catch the attention of some people who have too much and wouldn't miss it. In your case go buy yourself a beer or a cup of cofffee and pretend that I'm enjoying it with you.

Anonymous said...

Earths people will enter a period of peace and justice when the creature possessing the intellect embraces the spiritual attributes.
Once humanity begins to live in harmony under the law for its existence major changes will occur.
The oppressors have already lost the many wars. Soon they will be taken from us by their own doing.
The old cliche "they are hung by their own petard" holds true here.

You won't have to lift a finger to do anything. Many of us will be gone as well due to our many faults that come from one thing: ignorance. It won't be over until the earth is free of the influence of the oppressor. It won't be easy. It won't be painless. To get a little taste of the smorgasbord of misery yet to come read Immanuel
Velikovsky's "Worlds in Collision". Out of print now but can easily be found in the used book markets. Oh yeah, and remember, all of what is about to take place and what is happening now is leading in a highly positive direction. Catch you after the flip flop, maybe.

Anonymous said...

For more on Tibet check out this book; The CIA's Secret War in Tibet by Kenneth Conboy and James Morrison April 2002 brief review here and a long way down the page of Postman Patels blog, always worth a look, john

Anonymous said...

Well, les, I've been reading your essays since I first heard/been linked to them, for a while now.
Can't remember if it was wrh, or who it was. I know you deal with the conflicts of donations, advertising, etc, in a way that shows How You Are.
Don't feel ashamed at getting a little ahead in these times for what you put out.
You've pointed out others who need it more. Your writings have Left no doubt in my mind.
That said, you've done what no other blogger has done, in terms of
outlining what's going on while offering hope, in terms that can be understood by spiritually minded people.
In short, you don't have to feel guilty (but God bless you that you do!) for accepting donations.
It's only right in this day of hagee, Robertson, et al, that someone who is telling the truth
gets a small compensation from those that are happy to give it.
regrettably I myself can't.
I'm on food stamps and just manage
to stay online, as I know that the information that will put me in a position to save my family and myself (and help my neighbors) is
going to come via the web, no where else.
You have a way with words like no other "modern" writer, and I don't intend this to make you blush, or
to put you on the defensive.
I trust you have what it takes to put my and others opinions in the proper place.
And I know you will.
I too am a musician. More of a guitarist/composer. here playing a solo to Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information.Glad 'you pulled it'
Iam grateful to you.
CJ. not CL.(grin)

Visible said...

Whoops! Noted.

Grantland said...

Lieberman is McCain's shadow, like Cheney with Bush. Lieberman will be the "vice" president.

Anonymous said...

The scriptwriters all appear to have been fired from disney cartoon studios for taking huge quantities of bad acid and therefore harbor great hatred toward the viewing public. The trick is to make it as ludicrous as possible before anyone catches on that McCain isn't the star. For this, they are at last highly valued and drive birdcage maseraties. I don't agree they are that good at their work, its too predictable, simplistic and often just silly.

Ben There said...

This one left me feeling good, hopeful. Thank you for that.

(It is my privelege to toss a few coins into the collection plate here although it would be impossible for me to begin to repay you. This is really the wrong blog for me to be saying that but I'm here now so there you have it.)



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