Monday, October 29, 2012

Joe Six-Pack and Janet Eye-Shadow in Anywhere-Land.

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There are high watermarks that occur, along the way to Samarra, on the road to Damascus. Each of these leaves a signature stain on the wall of time. Sometimes they are ominous and sometimes they are refreshing. Do they mean anything at all? Does anything mean anything at all? I ask that question because appearances seem to indicate that is the case in the heartlands of The West, which more accurately reflect the asslands of sedentary, passive, observer-ville. We do not mean to be insulting but, what do you do when that is what conditions indicate with large segments of the public?

Anyone, at any time, can step out into Anywhere-Land and ask Joe Six Pack and Janet Eye-Shadow what they think about any controversial affair, in the more or recent past and they will give you some version of not seeing enough about it on TV to have their informed opinion branded into their cerebrum. These are the people who, when they were part of a telemarketing, opinion sampling on whether or not they would be interested in having an 'all commercials' station added to their cable lineup, thought it was a good idea and said they would definitely watch.

The hard numbers, dealing with real change, as seen by those who do not have their posterior where the rest of us have a cranium, indicate that when people will not change, through any amount of informational impact on their cranium (located who knows where) that another impact is inevitably required for their posterior. When The Cosmos demands transformation and change, there are no human, alternative choices. The Cosmos is not a brute about it. The Cosmos notes that you are sleeping and have been deeply sleeping, so The Cosmos gently shakes your shoulder and says, “Arise, arise, awakening is on your doorstep”. Mr Apocalypse is by his side, twirling his walking stick and whistling, “Putting on the Ritz”. Some few will awaken at that time and be in the vanguard of irresistible change. Most will not awaken, so The Cosmos returns to the bedside and shakes them in a noticeably harder fashion, saying, “Hey (knock! Knock!), is there anybody in there? Hello, wake up! Wake up”! Some larger amount of the public will awaken at this point and some portion of that public will go back to sleep again. They will see the absurdity of certain events, foisted on them by psychopaths, who actually carried out the events. It will frighten them; that responsibility that comes with awareness ...and they will seek to return to being unaware. At this point, The Cosmic will pick up a two by four and smack the remaining sleepers and serial sleepers upside the head and say in a really loud voice, “Wake the fuck up! Wake the fuck up”! He'll be alternating with Mr. Apocalypse and his walking stick. Lady Nature will be shaking the bed. There will be alternating drum sticks, doing a hopped up Ginger Baker, all about the head and shoulders of the sleepers. Lady Nature and the backup singers will be wailing by the bedside.

Yes, there are pockets of awareness and awareness walkers, moving through the environment, firing out of the duck blinds and generally making noise by the day. It's heartening to witness but... juxtaposed beside the mountains of denseness and the deserts of stupidity, it looks a lot like the vanishing corner store, in comparison to Mall of America. This is why hardship and mass departures, presently looks like what's for dinner. I wish with all of my heart that these measures were not necessary. It's simple math. It's a matter of badly programmed GPS's. If you think you are going to one place but the car is actually going to another, where are you going to wind up? The answer to that, is as simple as can be, so the problem is not one of comprehension. It's not a matter of not getting it. It is a matter of not wanting to get it. How did you wind up in a war zone in Afghanistan? How did you wind up drunk and naked on Canal Street? How did you wind up anywhere that you wound up, anytime you wound up anywhere? You walked. You drove. You flew. You sailed or you railed. You got there by going there. This is the hard math of it. This is the inarguable logic of circumstances, converging with directional intent. People can argue against this with all of the denial and ignorance at their command but they cannot alter it. It is what it is and you had better meet it at the marrow, before it cracks your bones to get at your marrow.

Youth is a Mecca of optimism. Anything is possible, until one is confronted with the cost of anything and everything under consideration, “Oh, there must be an easier way”. Youth soon comes to terms with altruism and idealism and makes whatever concessions and compromises are necessary. The treadmill beckons and you get a nice big TV screen, in front of it, that simulates what is actually taking place, while bearing no resemblance to what is taking place, whatsoever. You stop growing in and start growing out. Vertical is replaced by horizontal and that just lines the pockets of all the death dealing corporations, who don't care one way or another what happens to you. The same collection of vampires and werewolves own the toxic food industries AND the medical industry. The point of wonder pharmaceuticals is not to heal anything. Symptom suppression is as close as they get to anything like that. The point of these pharmaceuticals is to put you into a condition where you need more pharmaceuticals. The best you can hope for is that they won't kill you outright and that there is, hopefully, a more extended time line to that result.

If you don't do something to change what happens to you, then things get done that change what happens to you. If you don't have a course, or a direction set, then a course and direction will be set for you. Sharks like tuna and dolphins like tuna but they both like them for diametrically different reasons. ♫Tuna you're mine, completely♫ Tuna aren't very bright but they definitely taste good. That's right Charley, the boys who own the cannery are not looking for tuna with good taste. They are looking for tuna that tastes good. Dolphins can swim very fast. It's been reported that Dolphins swim with tuna and protect them from sharks. Dolphins have hard noses and should they broadside a shark it can be curtains for the shark. Sharks, being prehistoric, cannot stop swimming or they will die. Dolphins also protect humans on occasion.

The dolphins of the sea are, no doubt, loved by the tuna. The human dolphins are not often loved by the human tuna. This is because the human sharks have a great deal more influence on land than in the sea. Would these be land sharks? This is a telling metaphor or two. The land tuna look up to the land sharks even though they are consumed no less upon the land than they are in the sea. However, tunas on land, like to live in Rainbow World. Rainbow World is no less real to them, even though it is a fiction. Perhaps they believe it will not hurt so much if they have their heads in Rainbow World. They consider themselves all American, when they take their children to McDonald's to eat and frolic in the play area, just like those parties at Chuck E. Cheese. They think they are being enlightened, when they celebrate Heather having two mommies, when the intended end result, is an end to procreation as we know it and you can be sure that Monsanto and all of the rest are deep into the research for that. Absolute control is best initiated in the womb. Political Correctness in not about making everyone equal. It is about making everyone equally dumb. The difficulty in addressing the subject is that one gets painted as intolerant when it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the machinations taking place behind the projected template. The same thing is true when considering the sharks and the tuna and the dolphins. A casual glance can cause the mind to make the assumption than any one of them is one of the others. This is especially true of sharks and dolphins, where the only main telling point is the tail fin, should the bottlenose not be visible. So land sharks, being what they are, consider it smart tactics to hide among the human tuna and pose as dolphins.

Go to the old folks homes and study the generally inevitable result of life, when it has been permitted to continue to that point, given that accident or something terminal has not already claimed them. Study these people. You're headed there, unless for some reason you retain your wits, or have good relatives. The contemporary conditions of life have made respect for and caring for your elders an unpleasant waste of time. Where is the logic in the indifference and mistreatment of those who are examples of where you will be? Not much makes sense, seen via time lapse photography.

Diet Coke rots your insides. The majority of these processed poisons are incrementally lethal but... so what? You're not going to tell me what to eat or what to do. That's the shark's job.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Papa's Delicate Condition and the Funhouse of Complexity.

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Well my friends, it appears that Mr. Apocalypse is about to start jogging, as opposed to 'running in place', as has been the case recently. He had been motoring along at a certain, varying pace but then we started getting that treadmill effect. I don't know if this is some kind of requirement that is connected to setting the scenery for somewhat larger exposures or not but I do know that this does happen. Mr. Apocalypse likes a good show and recognizes the impact a good show has on the minds of those seduced into the other show; where drone attacks on sheepherders is a blow for freedom, where 3 buildings can come down at freefall, into their own footprints, and one of them not even be hit by anything, except, well, except by implanted explosives, for controlled demolition, put in place by Mossad insurgents, ...where multinational corporations are like kindly old uncles, who bounce you on their knees, with a raging trouser trout, leaping in their pants. We're supposing that is one of many addendums to “Papa's Delicate Condition”. Of course, across the water, another Papa, Il Papa, has a different delicate condition, as do all the Bishops in red, who move only on the diagonal. This Papa's Delicate Condition is a bit seedier, though the one condition often leads to the other. This Papa became Il Papa, precisely because he was at the center of the recent portion of a centuries long maelstrom of buggery, following one of the main precepts of Satanism, which is the corruption of innocence.

The Papa in question is, as you will know from some of the anonymous (snort) truthtellers who come around here, is the head of all The Centrally owned Jewish banks, which got handed over to him (or outright seized by him) cause he's just so much more powerful than the poor humanitarian and philanthropic victims, who keep getting blamed for all the bad shit. As you know, “a winks as good as a nod” and 'Beelzebub's your uncle'. It stands to reason that Monsanto was also founded by The Catholic Church. Don't pay any attention to all of the lying lynx that show up in this posting. The Pope makes me do this stuff, or maybe it's The British Parliament, if one considers, as Winston Churchill once said, The English Navy was founded on “rum, buggery and the lash”. Since the Catholic Church appears to have been founded on the same things, it stands to reason that The English Navy owns the Catholic Church, only because The Catholic Church predates The English Navy by a considerable length of time. I'm sure everyone can see the logic of this. These days there are all sorts of people saying that Winston Churchill didn't say this. They are joined by a large and dissonant choir that sings repetitive rounds about no one having done or said anything, except for, “It was probably The Muslims”.

I'm glad we are getting around to the bottom of things here. It's usually at the bottom where you find all the callypigian items ...all those firm, round bottoms that seem to be the focus of a whole bunch of focus groups, with wide angles lenses in their eye sockets. We're all about firm, rounded bottoms here and we hold with Archimedes that if we had a lever big enough, 'we could move any bottom on the planet' and keep it moving in a rhythmic, undulating fashion, cause they like it and they made us do it. Yes precious, they did. We’re not responsible for anything we do. It's bad old Mr. Satan's fault but the good news is that all we have to do is believe we are saved and we are, no more of that working out your own salvation through fear and trembling. You can find out about all kinds of things through the Bible's Most Puzzling Verses. Of course, The Bible's Most Puzzling Verses, would be those verses that conflict with dogma and cant; the sorts of things that give Fundies, 'Hives and Shingles', which is the spiritual version of Chutes and Ladders. 'Here is the church is and here is the steeple, now open your hands to hoodwink the people'.

This is The Age of Head Games. I know, I encounter my share of them lately but there's not much I can do about them, except register that they are taking place ...and put my attention on moving through the fog machines and unclear motivations, which I liken to the bracken, mountain laurel, other shrubbery and underbrush that stands in my way before I get into the pines, rocks and viewing points that will make it possible me to see the way I came. For some reason that is supposed to be important. I hope it's not so that I can find my way back down because that's not in my program notes. It could be that I'm supposed to leave some kind of cosmic fewmits but wouldn't that have already happened? I know I've been running across fewmits lately but, as I say, that seems to be a peculiarity of the times.

The problem for me is that it's no problem for me, until it becomes a problem for me, due to my not knowing it was a problem for me, when it hadn't been a problem for me.

There's two ways I can go with this and, I'm supposing there are two or more ways that anyone can handle everything they come up against. You either see every individual and event, as an independent entity, with its own motives and conditions or... you see the entirety of everything as being motivated by a single purpose that only appears to differentiate because we live in some version of The Complex of Duality and, so long as we do, we are tripping (literally) though a maze, a not so Funhouse of wraiths and hobgoblins, whose messages and directions, are compounded, mixed signals, designed for confusion. There is a great deal of profit to be found in confusion, as well as mayhem and mischief, so, these things predominate because self interest and personal profit are the primary motivations of The Age of Dense Materialism. This is the darkness before the dawn that is taking so fucking long.

The kicker is that when the dawn breaks, you forget all about the darkness as if it never was. It's like pain. It can be a gruesome thing and occupy your full attention. It can become your whole world, to the point that everything else is of secondary importance. Then, magically, or for one of any number of reasons, the pain goes away and it doesn't take much time at all for you to forget all about it. We're very good at forgetting about things. We're easily as good at rationalizing anything that needs that sort of ministration. The offshoot and result of this is that we don't remember things as they really happened and that leads directly to our not seeing things as they really are. This is all an investment that exists to protect our other investments. These investments are temporary and so are we. I say that a lot; must be I have my reasons.

What do we know about the times in which we live? We know that they are corrupt from bottom to top. We know that the governments are corrupt and that a great portion of the religions are corrupt and represented by sexually twisted, Satanists. We know that the corporations are running the place and that the corporations are run by bankers and the bankers are run by The Lord of Darkness. We know, or we should know that we are engaged in Regime Change and that everything going on in the visible, is mirrored in the invisible; “as above, so below”. We reflexively give fealty to that which we attribute power to. We attribute power based on our observations. Our observations are controlled by our degree of self interest, which determines the degree to which materialism clouds our observations. How flawed these are is measured by the intensity of our denial and our denial is in place to protect our self interest. It's what's known as a vicious cycle. This ties in directly to a certain wheel of fire and the chains of desire that bind us to it. This should all be patently self evident but it's not. Why is it not? Re-read the preceding paragraph.

Well, simple is as simple does and there are two kinds of simple, just like there is senile and not senile; harmonious and inharmonious, suffering and serenity and the key to serenity, is to be found in the difference between that and Suffering.

The New Age is making a fortune out of selling quick fixes that come out of the same 3D printer that produces the all white outfits and possibly also the people that wear them. If you want to find out the difference between what is bullshit and what is truth, you need only look at the lines or lack of lines outside the doors to either one. You only have to check out the size of the crowd, the size of the fee and the currency required for payment at either location.

Here you will find the same thing that has been said here since things were getting said here. That's not going to change because we deal with the changeless, or hope to. What we have here are multiplicities of approach to the same thing. Each approach is certain to appeal to a particular segment of the population. “Alright, coffee break is over, back on your heads”.

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The Pope of Rock and Roll by Visible and The Critical List

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The Pope of Rock and Roll by Visible and The Critical List

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Shitstream Media, Crown Colony Syndrome and The Black Nobility

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I thought that hockey stick thing had slipped out of town ♫Round midnight♫ some while ago but... here is one of our times supreme bubbleheads, telling it like it isn't and definitely not inclined to ♫Let your conscience be your guide♫ The Shitstream Media just keeps cranking it out. They're coming with both barrels in this 'no shortage of irony', Halloween Election season. Global Warming, what there is of it, is most certainly caused by all their hot air and political brain farts. They admit to something and then and they debunk it; nah, nothing to see here, no conspiracy, even though conspiracy is the mainframe system ...and the crumbling infrastructure of our culture, which, appropriately, belongs on a Petri Dish, rather than anywhere else. Sane researchers use microscopes and rubber gloves; “Please turn your head and cough”.

There are a lot of epidemics going on, which befits Kali Yuga. Some of these epidemics, are truly psychotic. When they don't want to mention what the weapon was, you know it's not a gun. I'm guessing it might have been a spatula. There are a number of epidemics seething and festering in the dark underbelly of these times. The acid reflux is heating up. I always knew that all those guns was a recipe for disaster. I recognize the need for guns, given who already has guns and doesn't want the rest of us to have guns. I also recognize what can happen when the residents of Nutjob Central, finally, completely, buy into life as a video game and have the needed economic and social reasons for reaction, given the physics of a rock and a hard place. The madness and absurdity, are reaching all time highs. It's gotten to the point that one might find themselves weeping and laughing at the same time. You've seen this before and you will note that both of these dishonorable mentions, are examples of Crown Colony Syndrome, manifesting out of the heart of The Black Nobility.

No doubt some sector of the readership gets annoyed at me for bringing up the same tired mindfucks day after day, like who did 9/11. I've got very good reasons for all of this. The primary reason is that 'they' do not cease and desist from their programs of perversion, oppression and extermination. I couldn't care less what people do sexually with one another. My concern is with the depraved, social engineering that any fool can see is taking place. If you can't, or don't want to see it, then that is all the more reason for me to hammer on all of it by the day after day. A record has to be made and kept. The truth must be relentlessly brought forth, into the light of each passing day ♫Bang a gong, get it on♫ If this is not the truth that I am presenting then someone will effectively, righteously and irrefutably prove that case here, where a space has been provided for it. If you cannot do this- and YOU CANNOT DO THIS- then I need no further justification, imprimatur or authorization, for saying these things over and over and over. Until such crowds gather, to shout down and shut down, these twisted, murderous freaks, this work will continue.

These freaks of darkness are remorseless and unrepentant in their ways. The 'in your face' upchuck garbage, is egregious enough to gag a maggot. The Great Unwashed just bounce off the walls, stoned and dreaming about late night, Burger Kings and Pizza Sluts, made attractive, like all those gray cats in the night cold packs of Pabst Blue Ribbon, or a bad Chianti. Late night in the bar, round 2:00 AM, is when all the sweat-hogs turn into beauty pageant winners. That's followed by that morning after, when your eyes first open and you think to yourself, “Oh no, what did I do last night"? You're turned on your side and are facing the wall. Somehow you know there is someone else on the other side of you but you're too scared to look. The porcelain throne is calling out for the worshiper, to come to the altar and give up the elements of the previous night's debauchery. You can't drink or smoke your way out of this, people ♫Darkness at the break of noon♫ It might be noon. That's not good news either. ♫Strange days have found us♫

Yes, it needs to be said over and over and over and over again, until the rolling combers of the sea, echo it with each crash upon the shore, until the wind whispers and howls it, with it's every passage, until the plants bring it forth, in their blossoms and leaves, until the animals repeat it, in their varieties of speech, until it is present in every groan of the Earth, until the Earth gives up the dead and they repeat it.

These are days of ubiquitous zombie movies and there is no coincidence in that. These are the days when the ingredients labels on processed foods have over 60 letters in their names. These are the days my friends and ♫Those were the days my friend. We thought they'd never end♫ I remember some years earlier, when an African insurgent leader took over a country and marched all of the leaders of the previous regime, into a soccer stadium and had them machine gunned, while that song was playing over the sound system. There have been any number of things like this but they get written into the peripheral margins.

There's a certain prophecy that comes out of the Christian tradition. It may be resident in other traditions. It says something about The Devil being loosed on the world for a thousand years. Did that already happen, or is it yet to happen? It's no accident that his primary servants are operating high on the hog and who happens to be their totem animal. Everyone has their reasons for not eating pork and theirs would be singular.

No other religions calls for the death of everyone else. No other religion defines others as cattle and chattel. No other religion has teachings that legitimize the slavery and abuse of others. These are the ambulatory cowpies of The Golden Calf. These are crocodile swine, who consume and devour everything in their path. Am I wrong? I am not wrong. It needs be said. It needs be said because all the cowards among us, have become expert at The Sidestep and The Dosey Do. They don't want to get stains on their costumes. They don't want to get down into the mosh pit of reality. They want to pontificate all around it all and give that cutting edge appearance, while not offending anyone, especially those most offensively offending them. They want 'the rep' and the meal ticket. They don't want to wear any tedious labels. They want that tailored hair and the custom suit. They want that condo and the Corvette. They want to be a player and get themselves on Oprah's Book Club list. Oh well, good luck with that.

A person has to determine where they want their credit to come from and they have to base that determination on what they value. Everybody gets paid in the coin of the realm, where their attractions are based and where their requests can be satisfied. I've made my bed and I'll sail in it. Some people have made their beds and they will lie in it. Some people have dug their graves and whatever applies, applies, until they are called upon to speak. What is taking place is taking place.

I still get people defending this guy. I'm not nearly sure about the author for all kinds of reasons but I'll take the truth where I find it. Sincere conversions can and do occur, no matter how Elmer Gantry people like Benny Hinn might be. No matter how all embracing the Maya Spider Dream Web may be, people do climb out of it. There is no barrier that can stand against relentless determination and certitude ♫with a little help from my friends♫

You ask people about their friends and immediately faces will come into view in their mind. You ask me about my friends and it's a different matter. There may be a few faces, from far and usually invisible locales ...and then there are no faces, just coronas of light. We're defined by our friends and enemies, as much as we are defined by anything. We are defined by our appetites and attractions, as much as we are defined by anything. We look like them and we reflect them. They say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. I say emulation grants you your appearance and I definitely agree that “character is destiny”.

In closing, here is Patrick W's latest gifting:

Hang in there, sooner or later, it all works out.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Chia Plant Heads at the Smorgasbordaterria

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Oh yeah, as I live and breathe. I sit here at the remote console of the Kali Yuga. Big black bitch, none too happy, four arms, holding swords and heads and cups of blood. This is the summing up, of things long gone, but not forgotten and showing up like it's the apple of your face, or is it just twirling silently in space? Good question. This kind of thing could give a man an erection, if that was how he rolled. Some roll and some are rolled, much like Howdy Doody Bwak! My advice is that you “keep on rockin' in the free world”, if you can find it. Looks like Old Ben Gunn is rockin in Benghazi, where people are definitely 'smart as paint'.

The kind of people who want to go into politics, like that Leona Helmsley duplicate in Australia, make one think that there is a viral, aggressive, grasping need to just steal shit, until there is no more shit and the result of which, is that everything then turns into shit in the bargain. Oh ♫I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden♫ Where do these people come from? It's when these people show up that I know Judgment is on the menu, here at the Smorgasbordaterria, Armageddon, All Day Special. These are the people that invented barbed wire. These are the people who invented chain link fences and think the TSA is a good idea, because they fund the people who make it happen. They are your every day, garden variety, psychopaths, like the Koch Brothers. Yes, we are at work in the underbrush and “I want a shrubbery”! I'm not talking about the potted plants that make up a large portion of the population sector. These are the Chia Plant Heads that have way too much time on their hands because they are engaged in nothing important. Wal-Mart is designing a shopping cart for them where they can rest their stomachs while the cruise the endless aisles of WTF is that? I want it! ♫I want it all. I want it all, I want it all and I want it NOW♫

There is a mist. There is a gossamer curtain, of dream louvers, samskaras and small change getting ♫rained on with his own 38♫ Lord, love a duck. Duck Soup? Duct tape? The official Olympic restraint of the Wide Boy dimension. Does anyone understand dimension? Does anyone get reality? Does anyone get it? A lot of people get it. Without question it is The Central Bankers, The Money Changers. I remember the smug and smirky HBO comedian talk show host who said, “Yeah, you know who they mean when they say moneychangers? They mean us.” Is it true? That should be the question and keep in mind when there are things that it is made against the law to question that that poses an even bigger question.

It's a sticky wicket for me because some number of times when I was in the shit, it was members of The Tribe that bailed me out of it. It is not difficult to grasp what is at work. It's like the terrorist thing. They hide in the population, mimicking the population except for what they do. Every time the elite get to the point where they are no longer satisfied with their outrageous profits, because it isn't enough, cause it never, ever will be enough for their Silas Marner mentality; their Shylock soul. I have seen and experienced both sides of the equation and it goes against my basic nature, to wholesale a people as an altogether collective of evil because it is not true. This is just that 'house divided against itself' thing. This is the primary tenet of Satanism; sow discord. Make people think something that is not true and then profit out of the confusion.

What makes it possible is that a lot of people don't have a working game plan. They don't have an enduring schematic. They have something that works by fits and starts while being hammered by commercials. This isn't Duck Soup. This is Goat's Head Soup. It results in cultures where the tasty items are sheep's eyes. I'm not going there. It results in cultures where people actually get involved in Honey Boo Boo. The Cosmos is not amused.

There are a lot of ways that you can see the thing and how you see it depends on what you value. At the center of your existence is the perspective you have based on what you value and do not value. You become a slave when you cease to be your own master. I will not go down those tubes. That is not my Samarkand/Xanadu and I do suspect that this particular mindframe, most definitely, goes down “caverns measureless to man, down to a sunless sea” in every sense of the word. ♫There's a fog upon LA and my friends have lost their way. They'll be over soon they said now they've lost themselves instead. Please don't be long. Please don't you be very long, or I may be asleep♫

Jimmy Savile, is there some connection to Savile Row? Where is Eldridge Cleaver when we need him? I don't know how it looks to you but my thing is all about keeping my eye on the ball. Yes, I am getting all metaphorical on your ass, unlike what Jimmy might do.

In order to understand the world, you need to understand which world you are living in in the first place. It would also help for you to be aware of why you, just so happened, to show up here, along with an really impressive numerical collection of billions of others. Might that not mean something? Might that not be of some relative importance; the fact that so many people all made it a point to show up here at this time? I'm not a math science major. I do the idiot savant thing. I operate intuitively. Prevailing trends are for deductive. I am inductive. I'm not saying one is better than the other, or that you can't employ both on occasion. I'm just talking about how my transmission operates. It appears to be a singular thing. The image would be of schools of fish going one way and, here and there, one fish or another going in the opposite direction. Well, there are many schools of thought and the mind is an ocean and thoughts are fishes and well, maybe you get the picture. It is important to get the picture because... that is how the subconscious operates most effectively and... and effective subconscious is The Bomb; probably why I spent all that time around Tarot cards. It's probably why it got said in Alice in Wonderland that, “You are nothing but a pack of cards”. Our personalities are fronts, as well as stages in a process. That's where reincarnation comes in. Are you looping or are you a spiral, like a closed fist seen from the side?

Some of you have read the alchemists and you are familiar with green dragons and red lions and maybe all kinds of solve et coagulae. Some of you know about the dimensions, stages and stations, up and down and all around the town. You're looking for that magic elixir and that is a funny and trendentious thing. Everybody wants to be in the upper room. I want to be able to put a candle in the window and abondonza after effects.

Things are not what they were but a new world is emergent. You snooze, you lose. That is an important thing. Don't let opportunity pass you by and I say that with all the implications of opportunity, all the meanings and possibilities of the word. Dumbstruck with wonder? Sure. The thing about imagination is that it has no limits. It is intention that determines the outcome and then some.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Eaten by Ouroboros and Buggered by Cthulhu, in a Wal-Mart Wonderland

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Well, it's official, Bruce Springsteen has gone over to the other side. His brain now has the consistency of a Ding Dong or some kind of Sarah Lee composition. There's no predicting anything anymore. I guess I won't be singing “Thunder Road” again any time soon. How does anyone with a lick of intelligence support a psychopath like Obama? How can anyone not know that the government of The United States of America is corrupt on both sides of the surfboard and neck deep in 9/11, under the Satanic guidance system of their Israeli, hobnailed bootmasters? Bruce you have seriously disappointed me (and the reader can spare me any bullshit justification raps on this score). You're headed to Bono Country and that is not a good place. Maybe he and The Edge can cut you in on some of their pricey LA real estate ventures, then you can all head down to Little Georgie Bush's house, for a little commando, James Gannon, S&M party hearty fest; pink tutus on a skateboard all around. You go girls! Mr. Visible's heart is broken. Nah, I'm past that with celebrities and some of them still have class; some of them. I'm hoping I still retain some measure of it when I become the celebrity that The Man on the Beach told me I was; “You're a celebrity here, you know”?

The 60s snuck up on the (dumb ass) intelligence community. It didn't take them long though, to flood the streets with speed and heroin. Hate Asbury in '69 (pun intended) did not resemble Haight Asbury '67. The Satanist, Process Church of the Last Judgment, segued Charlie Manson, into the poster boy to replace Meher Baba from “Don't worry, be happy”, to “Don't worry, kill and dismember”. Mr Visible had the dubious honor of getting into an altercation with The Charlester in '67. They engineered Altamont (don't take the brown acid) and then fabricated Disco and the next thing you knew, John Revolta was doing his gay, Scientology thing, to the tune of some sold out Beegees. Major Michael Aquino was working the West Coast version of Tavistock, while the CIA was saturating the LA ghetto with heroin. They had a bit of a setback, a decade or so ago, with that ruthless Taliban ...but now they're back firing on all cylinders, since Israel did 9/11, in order to get rid of some failing real estate, courtesy of Snake Silverfish, who lives in the cosmic drain system and is a member of The Centipede Family. They not only got to blame their act of treason on Muslims, which they've been killing in the millions but the opium mart is now going full blast, 24/7. Huzzah! ♫Oh say can you see by the dawn's putrid light, what so proudly we bent over, for the twilight's last demeaning, whose broad strifes and six pointed stars, through the alcoholic night, gave proof that our shame and bare asses were still shining, waving, whatever♫

You can read Dave McGowan if you want to. You can read all kinds of things. You can see all kinds of things, given that The Hallucination Machine is running at full power. Bruce is wailing about being ♫Bored in the USA, richer than you, in the USA. I live in Beverly Hills in the USA♫ And that's how we get charming things like this. Please, please! Squeeze the Charmin! Tighten up those cheeks, we don't want any leaks. You hiding a whistle blower in there? My suggestion is you bleach that thing for when The Chippendales go Full Monty, giving you that 'bend over barracuda' effect. Yes, we got a backdoor American dream that needs to see a dentist.

Am I overstating the case? You can't understate it. We got third degree burns on the heart chakra and the Ajna Chakra has got Herpes of the Mind. Any doubts that The Apocalypse is on the doorstep, with his homeboy Armageddon should be dispelled. They seem to want it that way. The Snake Family Robinson wants it that way and The Potato Head (extended) Family wants it that way. It's lard sandwiches on Wonder Bread all around. “It builds strong bodies 12 different ways”. Here comes the Army of Gut Sluts. “Are you trying to smuggle a bowling ball out of the alley, Sir”. “No honestly, I'm doing my 'Alice Cooper, late night in the veggie department of the Maui Foodland impersonation' and it's really a watermelon. ♫Stop me, if you've heard this one, I feel like we have met before♫ Yes, our celebrities are really taking the lid off of their capacity to be official spokes personnel for Numbnuts Central and the general public wants you to know that they can wine and dine with the best of us, imitating a high traffic B52 landing strip. It won't be long before they're eating glueboards, with antipasto inlays.

The most difficult act for me, or any objective-thinking abled person, is working up enough honest emotion, to care one wit what happens to any of these people. It's a straining condition, attended by cosmic ennui and weltschmerz. One wants to just go far, far away, ♫I'm the eye in the sky, looking at you, I can read your mind♫; what there is of it. To say that I am disappointed in the human race just doesn't cut it but... I know I am not seeing the mass movement in the underground, in the shrubbery. “We want a shrubbery”! I need to remember that the Crass Media, presents a unified ass of, 'in your face' collective deception and the assorted Tribe Members, jack in the boxing, all over the place, echoing the upchuck, of a reverse engineered spastic colon. I'm a big fan of phrenology and people's skulls and faces tell the tale. Of course, 'the black ages industry' of the medical profession have no use for legitimate modalities. I like to call them The Cancer Battalion and the Vaccine Vampires; these whores for the pharmaceutical industry, these pill pushing degenerates, with their fancy degrees, who don't know shit from Shinola and fastidiously clean their plates regardless of what's on it. They're the fidelitous footsoldiers of The Hypocritic Oath.

This is the world of U2 but Me first. “They never hunger, never thirst ...but eat and drink until they burst. There are other brigands but these are the worst, of all the highway's harms (thank you Lao Tzu)”. This is the world of the Bill Mahers and their insidious snares. This is the world of 'suck me fuck me, until I forget me'. This is the world of sinking into the mire, until we expire; swallowed by quicksand and eaten by Ouroboros, buggered by Cthulhu and left unrecognizable in an alley, like The Truth, beaten, bloody and alone. This is the world of never was, in The Time of Never Shall be. This is the Hornet Empire and The Scorpion Kingdom, burned to a husk by febrile desires, stinging ourselves to death, with frogs riding on our backs; those that aren't in the slow heating cook-pot. This is the world where they seek to drop down on all fours in the space of a single generation. This is the world that has refined “Don't give a fuck” into low art. This is the world whose epitaph, is written on the toilet stall walls, with an attending phone number; “call anytime”. This is the world of empty promises and bankrupt bacchanals, humping the empty air, where the invisible demons, posture and drink; have an open air picnic on the wasted body fluids of this generation of vipers. This is the iPod isolation tank that shuts out the world around it because Fear is their master. This is the world of look but don't touch, until the necessary perversions are in place, via the weakest link in the chain. That's how The Catholic Church got into their smorgasbord of pedophilia. We know who sits on the throne of Rome, don't we?

Well, I'm preaching to The Choir, aren't I. Can I have a C? Alright then, all together, ♫Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream♫ You know how it is and you definitely know how it is not. As for the rest of them, well, ♫I got schemes, schemes to remember♫ and of course, America continues to show that firm commitment to the needs of others, under our sterling value system. This is the degree to which the lunacy extends. This is where our compromised systems and courts have taken us. Call attention to things like this and be branded behind the times and intolerant. If you've got 15 minutes, you can peruse all of the permutations of things like this; once again, something to get you branded behind the times and intolerant. Who's behind all this? These people are. That doesn't sound weird does it? This sounds like normal behavior, since normal has left the building and is sleeping with Elvis and Luca Brazi. I don't like being behind the times and intolerant. Must be I'm missing something in this big tattoo and piercing parlor of our Wal-Mart Wonderland. ♫I hear the nose-rings jingling, my spidey sense is tingling, I lost my mind in metal shop, so I became a cop♫ Have you tasered a kindergarten student today or beaten a paraplegic with a nightstick? Then you may well have what it takes to join your local police department. Just be sure to list the torture of small pets, the childhood arson and bed wetting on the job application.

Welcome to epidemic WTF. Welcome to SNAFU Junction. Welcome and enter and sign in please. The Wind in the Willows is now a Komodo Dragon fart, after dinner and drinks, up all night in Juarez. The nursery rhymes are now a collaboration by The Brother's Grimm and Stephen King. The Boulevard of Broken Dreams has made a right turn into Nightmare Alley, presently blocked by Kirstie Alley playing a Peterbilt in “Duel” I'm not sure if any of this was supposed to be funny but, that's all I got. That's all I got.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hell's Cuisinart and the Devil's Chosen Children

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

First, a belated apology for being very plain spoken lately. My personality and presentation are solely dictated by the nature of the forces acting on me internally. It changes and evolves according to what 'seems' to be necessary. I struggle every day to be a better person but... as most readers can tell you, nothing is harder than when you are trying to change. When you are not trying to change, there's no problem and that is why most people go with the flow of a locked in persona, seeking it's Peter Principle.

Mr. Apocalypse possesses a sense of humor and this is an important thing to remember. I was told that Mr. Apocalypse was going to shake things up in a very funny way on occasion. There is an old saying, “Laugh at the devil and he will disappear”. The devil can't stand ridicule. Well, one of my presumptions about things coming, is that Mr. Apocalypse is going to make known personalities, sick of their tawdry and superficial acts. Some of you may be fans of these twits and, in that case, I suggest you go to Twitter and let the world know about your appreciation of meat dresses and floor mop hair. That's fine if you're the Beatles, because talent and meaning are involved. I'm talking about 'too cute for school'. In any case TPTW, manufacture the entertainment, somewhere in an underground laboratory, in a Tavistock Disney-world, just as they did when they brought out those Mouseketeers, Britney Spears, Christine Aguilera and Justin Timberlake. On the other side of the pond, a tad earlier, they bookended these horrific, aspartame Frankensteins with The Spice Girls. This is what they wanted for a certain segment of the white audience. The other manufactured tastes were being handled by Rap, which stretched across the color board and worked as an ongoing asset for the private prison industry, as well as for cultural breakdown and the promotion of a police state.

These modalities can be clearly seen, if one can clearly see. The result of the efforts of the reptile elite in respect of the crumbling infrastructure, both real and cultural, can easily be seen. More and more, bizarre events are becoming commonplace. This is related to Mr. Apocalypse's sense of humor, although not everyone will find these things funny. Somebody actually died of a heart attack during this event.

The most powerful and prevailing problem in the American consciousness, is 'cognitive disconnect'. I am continuously amazed; stunned by the inability of so many people, unable to see what is going on around them, unable to connect the dots, concerning the pernicious influence of Israel and their stone cold culpability, for having engineered the 9/11 attacks. I'm dismayed by the collective sidestepping of this issue on the part of the majority of the alternative press. It is shameful and embarrassing and you know who you are. Some of you are reading these words. If you don't have the courage to speak the truth, to speak truth to power, then you also lack the protections necessary to be able to do it and you lack the security of being protected, against the ever, on going shitstorm, being whipped up in Hell's Blender by The Devil's Chosen Children. I used to hold you in contempt but now I feel nothing but pity, tinged with disgust.

In the NFL lately, every player is wearing a cute little pink ribbon and all manner of pink accessories. The coaches, owners and fans are all wearing cute little pink ribbons having to do with that money mill, posing as a charity for breast cancer. The real breast cancer is taking place in the central organ at that location. Cancer is easily treated by any number of natural means that have been demonstrated in recent times. The breast cancer vampires want nothing to do with actual cures. They have a multimillion dollar industry going on. Actual cures are definitely NOT on the menu. Cancers are created by multinational corporations, who ALSO own the medical industry and all of the affiliates that feed off of this lucrative phenomenon.

Psychopathic suits, congregate in private rooms and brainstorm how to turn a larger profit from anything, anything that can generate a profit. These are bottom line, don't give a fuck, monsters. They sit around and reasonably and rationally discuss terrible, anti life possibilities that support their agenda. Word comes down from the dung that also rises; “Here's our concern, find some way to make this happen. Don't worry about the legal end, we own that sector”. None of this would be possible, if those in the middle and on the bottom, weren't solely focused on getting their own end covered in the process. These policies are guaranteed death but those dying can't make the connection, due to the cognitive disconnect. They are directly engaged in their own destruction. They might as well just shoot themselves in the head. It would be quicker and less painful. They are killing their families and their friends, in this collective conspiracy of ignorance, topped with stupidity, like a cherry on some dreadful sundae.

When you point out to them the very real and irrefutable truth of this, they react with all the denial necessary for them to continue on the wide highway to destruction. They call you names. They marginalize and maroon you in the wilderness, as you seek to help them and then run for the poisonous teat of their principal abusers. They scream out for a more restrictive confinement and a deeper darkness. For some reason they feel secure there. It's like some kind of hidey hole for a small woodland creature. When you've got the brain of a chipmunk, you might as well have the living environment that goes with it. As I've already said, I'm amazed; stunned, flat out amazed, at the moronic and transparent ways that people set about deceiving themselves and... they don't care. They don't look at the detailed picture of 9/11 and how truly absurd the official story is. They don't care how many times Bin Laden gets killed. They just sit there like the Nimrods and Nodwells that they are, transfixed by the banal words of their glorious leaders. They snort and laugh, when you tell them that their glorious leaders are base traitors, who are wholly owned, by the nastiest collection of savages on the Earth. They are indifferent to the obvious voter fraud. After all, it's 50-50 that it might help their guy. Tens of millions of people voted for George W. Bush. Now, college educated folks, many of them temporarily prosperous, are going to vote for Mitt Romney. Others will vote for Bwak! Obama. Some of these people are certainly in a position to see what is going on. Why do they not see it? Self interest is a part of that and lacking a moral compass is the other part. They think themselves moral, except when some exception becomes necessary and desirable and then they have access to a vast reservoir of justifications. When you are not honest with yourself, you are also at the mercy of all kinds of lies and deceptions that are designed to compromise you.

There is a cloud of unknowing that enswathes the body public. They dwell in there with the pizza commercials and network TV. They got Clear Channel on the car radio. They get Zionized on Sirius network and cable by hugely successful comedians, whose purpose and intent is anything but funny.

The thing that most people don't get, because most people don't think about it in the first place, is that Mr. Apocalypse is exceedingly more powerful than any force that might seek to resist him. There's no way that the gathered force, of every inimical agent of the darkness, all focused at the same time, can have any effective impact, against the irresistible changes that looms on the horizon. It's a fool's gambit to oppose what cannot be opposed and which is operating for your benefit in the first place. Well, stupid is as stupid does.

I don't know how many knocks on the head it is going to take. I don't know to what dire extremity humanity must be rendered to, for it to wake up. I do know that they will wake up, whether it is through the burning bed scenario, or something more serendipitous, should the cosmos be of a mind to extend some measure of mercy. For myself and others, we simply go on, doing what we do. We are no more likely to relent than they are.

One of the most important possessions anyone can have, is personal integrity. If you sell out for any number of pedestrian reasons then you will have a pedestrian destiny. The days march on. The Earth rotates. The seasons come and go and there are all kinds of seasons. We are in the event horizon of a most rare and peculiar season. No one knows what the outcome of that is going to be, since hardly anyone knows who they are in the first place.

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dark Hearts not on the Mend

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

As has been noticed here, or mentioned here, or whatever it is that goes on around here, sex is the basic dynamic of existence. It operates on all kinds of levels, from the mindless, rutting plane, of undisciplined focus, to the sublimated states, where higher consciousness, magic, the muses, the archetypes and all the most desirable conditions are made available. You can channel this force in two basic directions but... since this is Kali Yuga, it is generally going down and out, into the chaos of the times and the chaos of the individual lives. Mr Apocalypse is doing some very interesting things with the sex force in these times. We all know how thoroughly corrupt the official pervs are in the government agencies around the world. It's pretty much ubiquitous, no matter where you go. The judiciary and the police ranks are riddled with characters like this and they are there for the specific reason of enforcing on the one hand and letting slide on the other.

A couple of decades ago, Penthouse had an article about judges, focusing on the East Coast and principally the Boston area. There was one high sitting judge. High sitting means rank wise. I think he was a superior court judge. When he was sentencing people, he used to do it with a vibrating dildo up his ass because he was getting a real charge out of the process. Yeah, there are people like this. Sometimes, albeit rarely, there are cool judges like Jack Warden in “And Justice for All”. (momentary digression. I don't think a lot of people saw "Any Given Sunday". It was a fantastic film and if you like football you will really like this). The present day world is riddled with cockroaches, shit flies, mosquitoes, rats and assorted unpleasant vermin, who thrive and flourish, in times like these.

Most people have some idea about Satanism. Some of us have studied it in depth. One of the primary requirements, if you are downwardly mobile, is the violation of innocence. This is the point of all the child abuse and ancillary activities. You might look at Satanism as a sort of 'wrong way runway'. This is where you hear about reciting things from the Bible backwards and wearing crosses upside down and also engaging in what some might call perversions of the natural, sexual dynamic. These days, a lot of those practices are seen as normal; more than normal, actually, with natural, increasingly being given the perception of not being normal. This is because the point is to turn as much of the population, as possible, into the same thing as they are. You have to be dumber than stupid not to see all of the cultural manipulations taking place at every level, from the push to change the status of the laws as they were, to the agenda of the entertainment world and the subtle and less than subtle, incrementally digressive, tom foolery of the advertising sector. You'll have to factor in what's been happening to the educational system and the environment of the campuses, from elementary school to the colleges. Teachers and professors, are selectively hired for their slavish, dickweed allegiance to political correctness; these dark hearts not on the mend.

If a teacher or professor is not on their knees, before the altar of political correctness, if they say something about 9/11, not being a Muslim escapade, they get shown the door and it's vamanos muchachos. This is all for the purpose of demonstration, to see if you have the stones to do the right thing, to tell the truth instead of living a lie. You live a lie and sooner or later, you run into the truth, in it's less than pleasant aspect. There's a war on folks and it's not the wars we are generally familiar with. This is harvest time, in every sense of the word. How do you want to get harvested? Are you wheat or chaff?

Child sex rings and ritual child abuse, reach into the highest levels of government in the UK. We already know about the Franklin Scandal in the White House, courtesy of Bush ...and we have heard about Portugal, France, Spain and all kinds of places. This is an organized theme because Satanism is active and partying down, in the corridors of power because ...Satanism is about power, mind fucking, corruption and reverse Kundalini sexual engagements; because that manifests a particular form of power that distorts, perverts and corrupts, which is why all the legislators and other flunkies, both corporate and governmental, are so busy legitimizing and legalizing everything relevant to it. This is simple shit but confusing us, is the nature of their game ...and so on and so forth, ad nauseum.

Satanism is the religion of materialism. It's the altar of darkness. It's the reversal of ordinary religious practice. It is for the invocation of the alternative force, whose basic nature, is defiance and self interest. It is the glorification of self interest and in Satanism, self interest is presented as the optimum modality. In these days, that particular perspective is celebrated. It is considered to be smart and successful. A lot of these people celebrate screwing over the competition. They laugh about it, feel enormously satisfied about it and make jokes concerning it among their comrades. I've heard them do this. They take glee from it. It's no giant step from that, or anything like it, to any of the other twisted crap they get into. You don't suddenly, all of a sudden, find yourself to be evil and many of these people don't consider themselves evil. They are masters of justification. You arrive at evil incrementally. You get there step by step. You have a guide, just like there are guides for everything. You acquire a guide according to your inclinations and temperament. They're all standing by.

This is a circular universe, we are placed on a circular planet and we go in circles. No circle is static. They all have gradations. You're either in dervish mode upwards, or you are swirling around the toilet bowl. In Kali Yuga, the toilet bowl is the most prominent and powerful, sucking engine. Once again, this is dependent on inclination and temperament. So, the suck may or may not be the most powerful force in your life.

If we lie to ourselves, then the sucking engine is a very powerful thing. If we are truthful then we are not magnetized by lies. Whatever we are magnetized by, exerts a pull on us. Pornography is an interesting thing. It separates one from the act upon which the mind and libido are focused. Who, engaged in such actions, would really prefer to be watching as opposed to participating? What's going on here? It deserves a certain amount of inquiry.

How does truly effective inquiry work. It doesn't come about by exhaustive research, although that can be a feature of it. It comes about through self inquiry. . You can find out about everything, by the performance of self inquiry, because the truth and essence of everything is within you. You contain the universe and everything in it. What happens when self inquiry is utilized for the purpose of discovery and comprehension, is that your pursuit resonates with the item you are concerned with. There is a cosmic library and the cosmic librarian is activated and moves down the aisles toward the particular shelves, where the information you are seeking is located. This information goes into one of those pneumatic tubes and is propelled to the surface mind. Sometimes it will come in a series of connective flashes. Sometimes it comes in dreams and sometimes it comes in actual presences, which embody what you have under the lens. 'Concentration is the secret of the magical arts'. 'All magic is in the will'. One needs, of course, to define what magic is first. It is always a good idea to correctly identify what it is that you are engaged with, otherwise, worse things than a wild goose chase, can be the result of your efforts.

I'm not telling you anything new but the considerations of the day to day mind are not naturally inclined toward things of this kind. Our minds are usually absorbed in the features of the world around us. Our attention is pinged on, by the levels and power centers of our attractions. This has an automatic pilot thing to it. Automatic pilot is good, depending of the coordinates set by the navigator. One needs to have a conversation with the navigator, because automatic pilot in the Kali Yuga, does not have your most desirable destination in mind. Once automatic pilot has been changed to reflect the most desirable destination, you're good to go, going and gone. Next stop, Lost Horizons. “All aboard”! Armageddon Train? “People get ready, there's a train a coming”, train?

Well, everyone has the degree of what they know and the degree of their awareness of not knowing. Each of us also has our interpretations of the meaning of what we think we know and the true interpretation of what “I don't know” actually happens to be. Without the proper interpretations of all of these things, you're just looping. That's fine if you're a rap artist but that's neither a productive positive, nor a useful contribution long term. Object with me about this all you want. The proof is in the pudding and sometimes it isn't pudding we are talking about. Sometimes it isn't pudding.

Pornography is the perversion of our potency and possibilities. It's not rampant by accident. There are no accidents and there are no innocent bystanders.

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The Pope of Rock and Roll by Visible and The Critical List

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Mr. Apocalypse does, Ground and Pound.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

In the Kingdom of Dumb-ass, the borderline intellect is king. We've all heard the phrase, 'dreadful irony' and we've seen examples of it. We've seen slithering yellow journalism where nothing said, says it all. I'm starting to think that Hillary Clinton and Madonna were separated at birth, just like I think Rupert Murdoch and Henry Kissinger were separated at birth. Basically, what is going on is a calculated genocide against human dignity, which hallmarks the death of class and manners. I mourn the loss of manners, more than just about anything else. Without manners, you have no class but, I guess that depends on how you define manners. I'm not talking about empty gestures, devoid of empathetic force. I'm not talking about hollow men and cactus hearts. I see the absence of manners everywhere (does that last sentence make any sense?). I see it on the highways and in the supermarkets. I see it on the sidewalks and in pubs. I see incipient suspicion, that lingers in the corners of the eyes.

The people who are happy to be living in these times, are the people who are glad that manners no longer have to get in the way of their self interest. Push and Shove are arm in arm. Push and shove have turned into muckers, plying their madness, at the corner of Shit and Go Blind. It's the logical; meaning predictable, outcome of unbridled materialism. The people who are not happy to be here, don't like materialism, it's that familiarity that breeds contempt thing and it just breeds anyway, stinking like fishes after 3 days and languishing in extraordinary, rendition prisons, when they don't go along with the program. People who support this kind of thing have their own section of Hell, RSVP, eternity. I don't get that eternal thing about Hellfire and endless damnation. It makes no lyrical or logical sense, given what little I understand about The Divine but... it makes a certain amount of poetic sense in certain cases. We are in deep need of some poetic justice and some galvanizing transition that finally makes a statement that resonates, across the many waters of human consciousness.

The changing of an age, is such a fundamentally comprehensive thing, going on inside and outside at the same time. It's hard to get a handle on what's happening and the sluggish progress, is like a constipated dinosaur, lumbering across the plain, roaring out in discomfort. He knows he shouldn't have eaten that Triceratops over the weekend. Our various cultures know that they shouldn't have eaten the blue pill. Well, they don't actually know that they ate the blue pill, because eating the blue pill negates knowing about it. What they know is that something is wrong but they don't know what it is, ♫Do you Mr. Jones?♫.

Obviously, eventually, the attention goes to what has been occupying their attention, all through the descent into intended chaos. They begin to share a collective suspicion that they are being lied to. This suspicion filters it's way through the many homes and workplaces and neighborhood pubs; anywhere and everywhere that people congregate and converse about the world they live in. This causes a great measure of conflict and polarization, in all of these locations, where people generally break into two camps and point their fingers each other. These camps are usually defined by some permutation of, “my country, right or wrong” and those who don't share that absolute state of Dumb-Ass. However, those who don't share that view, often have embraced all kinds of other stupidities and lies that hamper them just as effectively as, “my country, right or wrong”.

9/11 has hung there like some high school boy's ass in a school bus window, being generally ignored, due to the inconvenience of the thing. Knowing and saying that Israel and compromised members of the American leadership did 9/11, has generally conferred pariah status, on those motivated to say it. My own experience has been to say that I can prove it beyond dispute and then the response is one of any number of evasions that don't want to be confronted, with the evidence, because it is inconvenient and puts one in an uncertain state of being, in relation to the world around them.

Now though, you see that the idea of government involvement in 9/11 has gone pretty mainstream and the idea of Israel's involvement is, no doubt, being discussed under the radar, prior to increasingly appearing here and there and everywhere, until it's been established as reality. Along with this, as was already mentioned, that which has been holding the attention of the general public, is seen as a co-conspirator and accessory to the whole affair. It's all coming but it's coming like shit flowing uphill in January. Thankfully, a great many of us are engaged in the labor of assisting that shit on it's way uphill so that it can finally flow downhill, as well as back up through the toilets of the world, like some kind of scatologically obsessed, Lawnmower Man.

So far, endless war, brought about through false flag terrorism, done by the people bringing you endless war- ♫my endless war♫ (cue Lionel Richie and Diana Ross), along with pervasive, economic turmoil has managed to distract the focus of the general public but... sooner or later, there is nowhere to look, where you don't see the very people hiding in plain sight. When it becomes clear that Wall Street and The Central Bankers are behind the orchestrated financial clusterfuck, the connections to Zionism and Israel are patently obvious, like who controls the treasury of the US over past decades, like who the Central Bankers are, like who controls the media and like who is the cui bono, behind all the endless war? For whose benefit, were/are, these wars fought? What is Goldman Sachs? Who is Goldman Sachs? What happened to the Occupy Movement? Who runs the SLPC? Who controls all of the gay organizations? What is their purpose in this?

Their ubiquitous presence in all things devious and criminal, is breathtaking and the greatest weapon for bringing them down is the internet ...but... there is also cosmic destiny, which can only be avoided for so long and when Mr. Apocalypse is on the scene then, it's a fait accompli. Relentless, punishing, 'ground and pound' is Mr. Apocalypse's game plan. He's John Riggins, writ large. Yes, that John Riggins, who had dinner at the White House and got very drunk and crawled under the dinner table and grabbed Sandra Day O'Connor's leg, while calling her “Babe”. I can't remember all of the details. I guess it is something like George Herbert Walker Bush, throwing up in the Japanese, Prime Minister's lap. I don't know all the details but, ♫if you knew Sushi, like I know Sushi♫

By now we should know that the crack in the Liberty Bell is where the truth leaked out and turned into Dioxin in the water supply. Who's behind the Dioxin? Who brought us Agent Orange and all those uncool things that are the result of corporate indifference, to the good of the populace they feed off of? Then some group of 9 vultures, comes along and confers 'person-hood' on them. This is hubris writ large. It's the colossus of Rhodes still on his feet. It's Ozymandias and a host of other metaphors or fives and analogies up the wazoo and back in through the bathroom window.

Mr. Visible does 'ground and pound' too. Mr. Visible bangs the drum, cause Mr. Visible works for Mr. Apocalypse. Mr. Visible does not work for the corporations or the governments, or the religions. Therefore he does not owe fealty to any of them, nor does he get support from any of them, so there might be a downside, if you measure your life out in terms of acquisitions, titles and privilege. Then again, acquisitions, titles and privilege, may be the bending end of downsides, according to how it all works out, as in Cardinal Wolsey's speech;

“So farewell to the little good you bear me.
Farewell! a long farewell, to all my greatness!
This is the state of man: to-day he puts forth
The tender leaves of hopes; to-morrow blossoms,
And bears his blushing honours thick upon him;
The third day comes a frost, a killing frost,
And, when he thinks, good easy man, full surely
His greatness is a-ripening, nips his root,
And then he falls, as I do. I have ventured,
Like little wanton boys that swim on bladders,
This many summers in a sea of glory,
But far beyond my depth: my high-blown pride
At length broke under me and now has left me,
Weary and old with service, to the mercy
Of a rude stream, that must for ever hide me.
Vain pomp and glory of this world, I hate ye:
I feel my heart new open'd. O, how wretched
Is that poor man that hangs on princes' favours!
There is, betwixt that smile we would aspire to,
That sweet aspect of princes, and their ruin,
More pangs and fears than wars or women have:
And when he falls, he falls like Lucifer,
Never to hope again”.

Ah well, Cynara;

“Last night, ah, yesternight, betwixt her lips and mine
There fell thy shadow, Cynara! thy breath was shed
Upon my soul between the kisses and the wine;
And I was desolate and sick of an old passion,

Yea, I was desolate and bowed my head:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion.
All night upon mine heart I felt her warm heart beat,
Night-long within mine arms in love and sleep she lay;
Surely the kisses of her bought red mouth were sweet;
But I was desolate and sick of an old passion,

When I awoke and found the dawn was gray:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion.
I have forgot much, Cynara! gone with the wind,
Flung roses, roses riotously with the throng,
Dancing, to put thy pale, lost lilies out of mind;
But I was desolate and sick of an old passion,

Yea, all the time, because the dance was long:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion.
I cried for madder music and for stronger wine,
But when the feast is finished and the lamps expire,
Then falls thy shadow, Cynara! the night is thine;
And I am desolate and sick of an old passion,

Yea, hungry for the lips of my desire:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion”.

Running out of things to say and putting the ball in your court; “still shaking it here, Boss”.

End Transmission.......

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Obviously I did not make it to my passport renewal. Found out at the last minute that my photos were not meeting the new standards for size and there was no knowledge in my possession of where to get that photo taken when I got up in the morning and the appointment was early and it was Sunday on which I was traveling. I'll go again in a few days, fully prepared.