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The Shitstream Media, Crown Colony Syndrome and The Black Nobility

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I thought that hockey stick thing had slipped out of town ♫Round midnight♫ some while ago but... here is one of our times supreme bubbleheads, telling it like it isn't and definitely not inclined to ♫Let your conscience be your guide♫ The Shitstream Media just keeps cranking it out. They're coming with both barrels in this 'no shortage of irony', Halloween Election season. Global Warming, what there is of it, is most certainly caused by all their hot air and political brain farts. They admit to something and then and they debunk it; nah, nothing to see here, no conspiracy, even though conspiracy is the mainframe system ...and the crumbling infrastructure of our culture, which, appropriately, belongs on a Petri Dish, rather than anywhere else. Sane researchers use microscopes and rubber gloves; “Please turn your head and cough”.

There are a lot of epidemics going on, which befits Kali Yuga. Some of these epidemics, are truly psychotic. When they don't want to mention what the weapon was, you know it's not a gun. I'm guessing it might have been a spatula. There are a number of epidemics seething and festering in the dark underbelly of these times. The acid reflux is heating up. I always knew that all those guns was a recipe for disaster. I recognize the need for guns, given who already has guns and doesn't want the rest of us to have guns. I also recognize what can happen when the residents of Nutjob Central, finally, completely, buy into life as a video game and have the needed economic and social reasons for reaction, given the physics of a rock and a hard place. The madness and absurdity, are reaching all time highs. It's gotten to the point that one might find themselves weeping and laughing at the same time. You've seen this before and you will note that both of these dishonorable mentions, are examples of Crown Colony Syndrome, manifesting out of the heart of The Black Nobility.

No doubt some sector of the readership gets annoyed at me for bringing up the same tired mindfucks day after day, like who did 9/11. I've got very good reasons for all of this. The primary reason is that 'they' do not cease and desist from their programs of perversion, oppression and extermination. I couldn't care less what people do sexually with one another. My concern is with the depraved, social engineering that any fool can see is taking place. If you can't, or don't want to see it, then that is all the more reason for me to hammer on all of it by the day after day. A record has to be made and kept. The truth must be relentlessly brought forth, into the light of each passing day ♫Bang a gong, get it on♫ If this is not the truth that I am presenting then someone will effectively, righteously and irrefutably prove that case here, where a space has been provided for it. If you cannot do this- and YOU CANNOT DO THIS- then I need no further justification, imprimatur or authorization, for saying these things over and over and over. Until such crowds gather, to shout down and shut down, these twisted, murderous freaks, this work will continue.

These freaks of darkness are remorseless and unrepentant in their ways. The 'in your face' upchuck garbage, is egregious enough to gag a maggot. The Great Unwashed just bounce off the walls, stoned and dreaming about late night, Burger Kings and Pizza Sluts, made attractive, like all those gray cats in the night cold packs of Pabst Blue Ribbon, or a bad Chianti. Late night in the bar, round 2:00 AM, is when all the sweat-hogs turn into beauty pageant winners. That's followed by that morning after, when your eyes first open and you think to yourself, “Oh no, what did I do last night"? You're turned on your side and are facing the wall. Somehow you know there is someone else on the other side of you but you're too scared to look. The porcelain throne is calling out for the worshiper, to come to the altar and give up the elements of the previous night's debauchery. You can't drink or smoke your way out of this, people ♫Darkness at the break of noon♫ It might be noon. That's not good news either. ♫Strange days have found us♫

Yes, it needs to be said over and over and over and over again, until the rolling combers of the sea, echo it with each crash upon the shore, until the wind whispers and howls it, with it's every passage, until the plants bring it forth, in their blossoms and leaves, until the animals repeat it, in their varieties of speech, until it is present in every groan of the Earth, until the Earth gives up the dead and they repeat it.

These are days of ubiquitous zombie movies and there is no coincidence in that. These are the days when the ingredients labels on processed foods have over 60 letters in their names. These are the days my friends and ♫Those were the days my friend. We thought they'd never end♫ I remember some years earlier, when an African insurgent leader took over a country and marched all of the leaders of the previous regime, into a soccer stadium and had them machine gunned, while that song was playing over the sound system. There have been any number of things like this but they get written into the peripheral margins.

There's a certain prophecy that comes out of the Christian tradition. It may be resident in other traditions. It says something about The Devil being loosed on the world for a thousand years. Did that already happen, or is it yet to happen? It's no accident that his primary servants are operating high on the hog and who happens to be their totem animal. Everyone has their reasons for not eating pork and theirs would be singular.

No other religions calls for the death of everyone else. No other religion defines others as cattle and chattel. No other religion has teachings that legitimize the slavery and abuse of others. These are the ambulatory cowpies of The Golden Calf. These are crocodile swine, who consume and devour everything in their path. Am I wrong? I am not wrong. It needs be said. It needs be said because all the cowards among us, have become expert at The Sidestep and The Dosey Do. They don't want to get stains on their costumes. They don't want to get down into the mosh pit of reality. They want to pontificate all around it all and give that cutting edge appearance, while not offending anyone, especially those most offensively offending them. They want 'the rep' and the meal ticket. They don't want to wear any tedious labels. They want that tailored hair and the custom suit. They want that condo and the Corvette. They want to be a player and get themselves on Oprah's Book Club list. Oh well, good luck with that.

A person has to determine where they want their credit to come from and they have to base that determination on what they value. Everybody gets paid in the coin of the realm, where their attractions are based and where their requests can be satisfied. I've made my bed and I'll sail in it. Some people have made their beds and they will lie in it. Some people have dug their graves and whatever applies, applies, until they are called upon to speak. What is taking place is taking place.

I still get people defending this guy. I'm not nearly sure about the author for all kinds of reasons but I'll take the truth where I find it. Sincere conversions can and do occur, no matter how Elmer Gantry people like Benny Hinn might be. No matter how all embracing the Maya Spider Dream Web may be, people do climb out of it. There is no barrier that can stand against relentless determination and certitude ♫with a little help from my friends♫

You ask people about their friends and immediately faces will come into view in their mind. You ask me about my friends and it's a different matter. There may be a few faces, from far and usually invisible locales ...and then there are no faces, just coronas of light. We're defined by our friends and enemies, as much as we are defined by anything. We are defined by our appetites and attractions, as much as we are defined by anything. We look like them and we reflect them. They say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. I say emulation grants you your appearance and I definitely agree that “character is destiny”.

In closing, here is Patrick W's latest gifting:

Hang in there, sooner or later, it all works out.

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Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

The damnedest thing.

Somehow that which is an eternal dimensional white hole source of loving light, angels gasp when it should flicker, persists even when tsunami waves of assholes and black holes would otherwise extinguish it.


Anonymous said...

orientation & attitude ...

or how pitch & roll is the dynamic opposed to blatant unyielding stupidity....

speaking of dungdoodlers who own the media...

A person has to determine where they want their credit to come from and they have to base that determination on what they value

and for the individual...

who determines value ? can one know the truth when every moron only watches TV ?

gotcha walking stick right here boss...,7340,L-4294213,00.html

seriously, why would Jesus hate Palestinian children ?

never much cared for vermin, spiders and snakes...

for ecoligical purposes evil does itself in....


makes ashes - #unbonjuif# - of all the lies....

Auda abu Tayi

Auda ban Harb al-Abo Seed al-Mazro al-Tamame abu Tayi

what really is honorable


Thomas, of the Choir said...

Going on, beautiful and strong. I am impressed that you manage to make your posts catchy and fresh, talking about the same shit/diamond-dust, anew anew anew.

praise the One Eternal Creator!

preacher said...

I read this article this morning and immediately thought is was worth mentioning here:

So I am glad to read it allready got your attention Vis.

Anonymous said...

"More Than a Stealing"

(A musical parody, based on the song "More Than a Feeling", by Tom Scholz, made popular by Boston.)

I woke up this morning and my funds were gone
Popped a few Prozac to start my day
My pension vanished as I slumbered on
I closed my eyes and it slipped away...

It's more than a stealing
(More than a stealing)
When the bankers and Congress are at play
(More than a stealing)
And they're double-dealing
(More than a stealing)
And I wish they would all go away
I wish the soulless freaks would just go away

So many paychecks have come and gone
My bank balance fades as the years go by
Yet I still recall as I mow my lawn
As clear as the sun in a chemtrail sky...

It's more than a stealing
(More than a stealing)
When the bankers and Congress are at play
(More than a stealing)
And they're double-dealing
(More than a stealing)
And I wish they would all go away
I wish the soulless freaks would just go away

When I am tired and thinking cold
I hide in my TV, forget the day
And dream of a world I used to know
I closed my eyes and it slipped away
It slipped away...

It's more than a stealing
(More than a stealing)
When the bankers and Congress are at play
(More than a stealing)
And they're double-dealing
(More than a stealing)
And I wish they would all go away
I wish the soulless freaks would just go away

DaveR said...

Ahhh, Benny HInn. I had a friend who really, really wanted to go see him at the Anaheim Convention Center. Alas, he had no car, but I did so we went. He went for the 'religion', I went to see the show.

Lights were dim and the musicians were playing a seemingly (and truly) endless piece that went on for over a half hour. The chords never resolved. They just teased us with what appeared as an approach to tonic, but at the last second veered off into another couple of minutes of soothingness. Never loud, never soft.

By the time the anointed one took the stage (in his white suit) the audience was properly prepared for the Blessings of the Lord. Cynical people might think that the audience had by then reached the proper level of hypnotism. They'd be right.

At some point Benny asked the crowd to stand and all ~15,000 did. He then sweeps his hands around the throng and half of them fall down from the 'Power of the Lord'. The 'Lord' invoked being simply a hypnotic trance brought about by relaxing music, 76+degree atmosphere, dim lighting and a certain willingness on the part of the devotees. It worked like a charm.

At a later time his minions prowled the audience seeking those most 'under' the Thrall of God's Presence, (i.e. obviously hypnotized) and they, along with the shills, were brought on stage for the healings.

Some of the healings might be genuine since we've seem what hypnotism can do to reprogram people. It's a holographic universe after all and matter is just energy with information applied, so changing the program can heal people.

Is Benny a fake? Fake what? It was worth the drive, and Rick bought the burgers on the way home.

Anonymous said...

Les, that golden calf has the support of the chosen.

Bloomberg strikes again

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg apparently isn't done advocating for former Gov. Angus King in Maine's Senate race.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that Bloomberg -- the billionaire founder of his self-named financial data services and media empire -- is creating a super PAC to funnel $10 million to $15 million into select campaigns across the country in the weeks before the election.

The paper lists King's campaign among them.

If so, this will be the third time that Bloomberg has put his name and his money behind King, an independent still regarded as the race leader. The mayor, also an independent, has already given $500,000 to Americans Elect, a nonprofit that plans to spend at least $1.7 million on independent ads intended to help King. Bloomberg also hosted a fundraiser for the candidate in New York on Tuesday.

Federal law prohibits both Americans Elect and Bloomberg's Independence USA PAC from collaborating with the King campaign. Critics of those laws point out, however, that the prohibition is almost impossible to enforce.

Ah, but the King is not of the faith but his wife is. and why would he receive such support? Well, the perps back in 01 were fingered because of a 'Maine' piece of evidence being parked at a certain airport (with massachusetts rental plates from Boston) with all of the evidence conveniently found inside...

Yes they discovered Atlantica (or is that atlantis) and the Black nobility knows no bounds.

The green scam, Luck Larry and his ongoing lawsuits, and of course a Mayor who thinks he rules the world and living the life of luxury in the UK, USA and a place I like to call hell which is never mentioned but....

Mr. Apolcalypse is indeed very revealing.

the gardener said...

hahahahah parody maker... of course my focused intent for this very weekend of time is 'I wish the soulless freaks would just go away'

quite the barrage of 'bankers' and other 'investors' leaping off of high buildings in a single bound lately.

Perhaps these soulless freaks will just make like lemmings and go out en masse. Take their endless chemtrailing with them.

the gardener

Visible said...

This why I write these things. and why I write these things.. Spread your wings indeed.

Anonymous said...

Cosmic Equations

Long life till natural death,
or suicide on the fly?
Gentle crippled aging,
inviting one to die.

Moments of brittle clarity,
brutal in its way.
A mind that tricks its owner,
lost, grasping what to say?

The end is near, though really,
what is the final end?
Lack of heart beat and a breath,
or a mind gone round the bend?

Does it really matter,
you end up dead all the same?
A life of furious anger,
a tragic wasted shame.

Leave it be on a cosmic scale,
you’ll earn a passing grade.
Life will be more peaceful,
in the end left unafraid.

RJ O’Guillory
Webster Groves-The life of an Insane Family

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

We humans are a tiny tiny minority of life on this planet.

How do the vast majority of living beings see, feel and relate to us? (shudder)

Do they perceive a dime's worth of difference between a good guy and a bad guy?

How could they?

They're the ones who are perfect in their actions.

Their eternal grace..

Mark said...

Here we go again

The clomp of boots in the night. The real holocaust happened in Russia, not Germany. America is next. "COPS" should have clued us in, and that was 20 years ago, but no.

Richard said...

Mas and mas Visible
Gratitude arises spontaneously, and here is an invitation for you, maybe a challenge, not a Trusting competitive one, merely a win-win kind ( or other, depends on you ). Of course it depends if ' going to bed' meant an increase of sweetness by means of rest.
Rest being a ' charging of batteries for more sweetness?. this definition is not mine, only repeated, but the marathon and blaming the news carrier for the bad news from the perspective of the king? is an archtype.

I have read all three of your blogs, made comments on them, invited you to certain things based on your own writings, only to be blamed as a deep-cover shill, and since most of my comments come from the richest country on the planet, by Margaret Thatchers definition, must be a servant of that Fat Guy, although his last name is Slim. In the english language quite the contradiction. An unpleasant fellow in real life, no doubt in me at all. From the time he bought Sanborns. El Globo even less.

i do not approve of his actions, my own theme ( 'the' and 'Thou' in the enfglish language come from the same root, as you are undoubtedly aware), but that will not stop me from experiencing Love in my Heart for him, and for all which curiously includes ma self and Self.

Thus all my funds that provide all in my life come from an effort to act from 'right living', and if i travel to do a service to others and myself, the income is is either neutral, or in great number of cases, at the cost of what was generated through the actions of my own hands for the benefit of others. so the challenge that faces US is not to take any step as a comparison to others, but from a genuine calling that our actions are for a benefit of others and ourselves, Our Selves and Others.

So the challenge is, can your fingertips, do the wonderful poetry of Origami, Petri Dish, and Smmmmmoking Mirrrrrrrors, in form of prose, can your fingertips do the the p that Snordelhans (Patrick will make into a wonderfull video ) integrated into one, including Suzanne and her mother, all the dogs etc...
into one that has the potential to be Us, self affirmation without denying the union, union without denying the self, Mas and Mas Visible, Sweet, like the early morning dew.
Be well
May the Rose Garden of Your Heart always be in Bloom, fed by the early morning dew.

Maybe the radio show can reflect it in timbre of the voice

preacher said...

Calling a Jew a Jew.

Chevy Chase
'Community' Star Drops
the N-Word During Rant

This gives some insight in how we are played, imo...

Visible said...

I don't know what your point is Richard with that 'first the kiss then the whip thing", going back into some deep recess of the past out of memory but we'll see if this is passive aggressive or what; not projecting, just attentively curious.

brian boru said...

Well done, Les. Another great post. Love the song.

Visible said...

As I am sure many readers know by know, my tolerance level for certain behavior in the comments section is not what it was nor ever shall be again. Please take notice. I'm not looking to suppress dissent, just certain forms of chicanery, subtle and not so.

Eat the trolls said...

woof woof Richard;

WTF was that? You name en-passant an honest man's wife, mother-in-law and dogs in a hodge-podge rambling 'challenge' to him. Are you a freakin' idiot? Or did your masters tell you to start earning your pay-check and stir up some shit where you've been treading water for months and years.

On your bike lad!

preacher said...

I feel a bit 'unhinged' lately, so maybe others are too...
It could explain the personality swings, or what have we here?
Tom Lescher predicted something like that:

And now for your consideration: Another side of the (tainted?) story...

Israeli infiltrates European Muslim community

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

yes, they are the worst of the worst and you are (of course) not wrong, but next in line, as a thought experiment, is if they disappeared or converted tomorrow, what have we then?
at this stage I would say 90% less trouble, 50% more love potential (real love and light), and a slim chance of surviving enough to get our "fragile eggshell minds" into other galactic baskets. something to bear in mind, the human problems left after the non humans (apparently) have left the room.

it pays these days to have in the one hand these problems, and the other the solution - I'd go truly despondent without the sweet kisses of jesus (when I turn my cheek the right way).

projecting I am or course, what else?

Ray B. said...

DaveR, Sunday, October 21, 2012 4:55:00 PM

"Some of the healings might be genuine since we've seem what hypnotism can do to reprogram people. It's a holographic universe after all and matter is just energy with information applied, so changing the program can heal people."

Well said! Reminds me of a certain author (possibly Charles Tart) who hypnotized a father into not perceiving his child, and then held a watch behind the child and unseeable to the father. The father could read the watch perfectly, since the child 'didn't exist'. Woo-woo... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

When sandpaper hands and telephone pole penis' play together for long periods of time your left hiding deceit with a toothpick and condoning murder for the sake of life.

Nope, the Lord gets a thousand or ten thousand? Rev 20:2-10 Who's counting it's the Lord reigning right? Then bitch-ass is let out again for a short while to test the group from the Lord's reign and the group (2nd) not resurrected with group that chill's with the Lord for a final dance with horny pants.



insiam said...

this is not uncommon in the way poorly trained police in a relatively backward nation deal with dangerous situations - read the text below video.

this is also not uncommon in the worlds beacon of liberty and democracy. these police are obviously receiving special training and given the green light.

all of those that still dont think that the good old US of A is not the new evil empire, please board the train now!

Anonymous said...

@ Insiam (wish I was)

What about this astounding fuck-up by the wonderful boys in blue (and day-glo yellow) here in the U.K.

UselessEater U.K

Stop that! Silly!

Churning Larvae said...

I'm constantly amazed at the insightful and precient offerings of Visible..He is a bottomless fount of thought and opinion.

Tell me why so many struggle to put a few words together, no less a novella, and Vis, this living palette of hues and tones, produces volumes of literary art. Do you ever have a time of speechlessness...isn't writer's block in your conciousness? What is your source?

Zoner said...

I know you say you have a reason for all you do here, but what might be the cause to post the second link yesterday to a "From The Trenches" report from 2008 that is obviously intended to do one thing - increase the fear?

I don't get it.....

Any chance you might elaborate on that one?



Visible said...

Zoner, out of the millions of words and hundreds and hundreds of links there is the possibility that one or more might not add up to the 'demanded' level of perfection in all things at all times. Living up to other people's requirements is an impossibility. Of course, the way we phrase things is certainly in our hands and speaks to intent.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

The Voice of the Darkness and The Hasbara Trolls.

Visible said...

By the way, I placed that link in there because it had no author, I'm assuming it was the From the Trenches' guy. It also sounded completely fabricated. I was hoping some readers would chime in with the same observations but I got nada. As any regular reader here would kno, I often put in links that are there for the purpose of controversy and commentary. That's my job, to provoke thought and reactions to what appears here. One might well ask why and how all sorts of links find their way into these posts and one can find satisfaction by simply presuming that I do any number of things on purpose for my own reasons, like the one already stated.

Anonymous said...


Here too are we told by devotees to the Lord; and I copied and pasted these references because I don't speak or write Sanskrit, as of yet. Let the critique on my spelling be left aside, if the council can, and let the message be a dove in people's minds and hearts:

Predicted in Brahma-vaivarta Purana 4.129. The fourth part of the Brahma-vaivarta as you know is called Krsna-janma-khanda. Chapter 129 is called Golokarohanam, because it describes how Krishna returns to His abode. This specific dialogue is between Lord Krishna and Mother Ganga. Verse 49 is a question by Ganga, verses 50-60 are Lord Sri Krishna's answer.

This text is taken from the Brahma-vaivarta Purana [14]

Text 59:
kaler daSa-sahasraaNi madbhaktaaH saMti bhu-tale ekavarNaa bhaviSyaMti madbhakteSu gateSu ca
"For 10,000 years of Kali such devotees of Mine will be present on earth. After the departure of My devotees there will be only one varna [outcaste]."

The above is supported in 4.90.32-33:
kalau dasa-sahasrAni haris tiSThati medinI devAnAM pratimA pUjyA sAstrANi ca purANakam
"(Sri Krisna said:) Lord Hari will stay on this earth for the first ten-thousand years of Kali-yuga. Till then gods will be worshiped and the Puranas and scriptures will also be present."

The great Vaishnava Saint Chaitanya Mahaprabhu exhorted, "Krishna Nama Sankirtan" i.e. the constant chanting of the Lord's name is the supreme healer in this age. It destroys sins and purifies the hearts through Bhakti and ensures universal peace.

I can't argue times and Yuga lengths, etc. I am bringing together the commonality of the Promise. However, I AM down with 10g's of years instead of 1g. 100 times its self is a better shelf-life.



Zoner said...

No demands here - never have been and will not be. Just a puzzlement and an honest inquiry from the peanut gallery.

Thanks for clarifying. There is so much over-the-top, the end is near, take to your bunkers or wind up in the grips of Satan himself fear porn out there I just had to wonder if there was a motive other than to further promote fear. Such an endless stream of un-sourced, badly written bullshit masquerading as "truth" that it becomes almost pointless to seek anything "out there" if one wants any sort of guidance. Maybe that is the point.

It didn't seem to "fit", but as this is "Smoking Mirrors" one should always leave any expectations at the virtual door I guess.

I guess I'm much more of an Origami guy anyway, so I should likely spend my energy there rather than risk being further puzzled. The path described in said linked article is not how it will go down in my movie anyway, though some may be drawn to such an engagement........

wv: larifish8

Visible said...

Zoner, it seemed so over the top artificial, I could feel it and I have to admit I was really surprised that no one said anything. It reminded me of that crap that shows up now and again from this so-called high ranking Satanist in Australia who likes to give the impression that he is giving the inside dope on the organization.

I realize I should probably explain or flesh out some of the things I say and do at these blogs but I have neither the time nor the space and have to rely on the reader to take what they can from it all and leave it at that.

niijii said...

Visible and all,
My take on that lame article was that it was to make us feel powerless and to just give in without a fight. Just put our faith in Jewsus like good little sheep. The only fear I smelt was coming from the author's stinkin ass. There were some good comments there though.

Best to all.

Clarity said...

Vis and Zoner,

I'll chime in. I didn't say anything because I was familiar with that. It actually does have an author. Her name is Pam Schuffert, a devout Christian. She is very big on reporting the boxcars with shackles, and the modern military guillotines. The guillotines are supposedly to fulfill the Talmud's Noahide laws: The penalty for violating any of these Noahide Laws is spelled out on page 1192 of the Encyclopedia Judaica, "... violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation."
Source: The Final Trap

Pam has been, and continues to be reporting the same thing even now.



Anonymous said...

No other religion indeed! Very well said.

The torah and the talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.


Anonymous said...

Anybody else wondering just what Lance Armstrong did to receive the cluster fuck he is currently enjoying?
The guy has always been a cheat and downright nasty piece of shit, but this focused and sustained campaign to completely remove him from the annals of history has to raise some questions.

Thanks for this great meeting place Les.

Eudoxia said...

Les I love your output in this decaying society. You call it like it is and the truth is rarely pretty. I have for many years, sincerely tried to not be so repulsed by humanity in general. It seems I am having a great deal of difficulty trying to get that compassion thing isn't! I'm stuck in troubled. I have been trying to live the life of, in the words of GI Gurdjieff - responsible beingness and in the words of Don Juan impeccability but these assholes in power are just pissing me off but what's pissing me off more is humanity itself, with its state of pure and total normalcy bias and ordinaryness. Where do you run, where do you flee, from this society at large???? Where do you go in this world of total debauch and insanity - to Les Visable's blog - here at least I know I'm not alone! Cheers Les - keep up the fantastic work.



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