Sunday, October 14, 2012

Eaten by Ouroboros and Buggered by Cthulhu, in a Wal-Mart Wonderland

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, it's official, Bruce Springsteen has gone over to the other side. His brain now has the consistency of a Ding Dong or some kind of Sarah Lee composition. There's no predicting anything anymore. I guess I won't be singing “Thunder Road” again any time soon. How does anyone with a lick of intelligence support a psychopath like Obama? How can anyone not know that the government of The United States of America is corrupt on both sides of the surfboard and neck deep in 9/11, under the Satanic guidance system of their Israeli, hobnailed bootmasters? Bruce you have seriously disappointed me (and the reader can spare me any bullshit justification raps on this score). You're headed to Bono Country and that is not a good place. Maybe he and The Edge can cut you in on some of their pricey LA real estate ventures, then you can all head down to Little Georgie Bush's house, for a little commando, James Gannon, S&M party hearty fest; pink tutus on a skateboard all around. You go girls! Mr. Visible's heart is broken. Nah, I'm past that with celebrities and some of them still have class; some of them. I'm hoping I still retain some measure of it when I become the celebrity that The Man on the Beach told me I was; “You're a celebrity here, you know”?

The 60s snuck up on the (dumb ass) intelligence community. It didn't take them long though, to flood the streets with speed and heroin. Hate Asbury in '69 (pun intended) did not resemble Haight Asbury '67. The Satanist, Process Church of the Last Judgment, segued Charlie Manson, into the poster boy to replace Meher Baba from “Don't worry, be happy”, to “Don't worry, kill and dismember”. Mr Visible had the dubious honor of getting into an altercation with The Charlester in '67. They engineered Altamont (don't take the brown acid) and then fabricated Disco and the next thing you knew, John Revolta was doing his gay, Scientology thing, to the tune of some sold out Beegees. Major Michael Aquino was working the West Coast version of Tavistock, while the CIA was saturating the LA ghetto with heroin. They had a bit of a setback, a decade or so ago, with that ruthless Taliban ...but now they're back firing on all cylinders, since Israel did 9/11, in order to get rid of some failing real estate, courtesy of Snake Silverfish, who lives in the cosmic drain system and is a member of The Centipede Family. They not only got to blame their act of treason on Muslims, which they've been killing in the millions but the opium mart is now going full blast, 24/7. Huzzah! ♫Oh say can you see by the dawn's putrid light, what so proudly we bent over, for the twilight's last demeaning, whose broad strifes and six pointed stars, through the alcoholic night, gave proof that our shame and bare asses were still shining, waving, whatever♫

You can read Dave McGowan if you want to. You can read all kinds of things. You can see all kinds of things, given that The Hallucination Machine is running at full power. Bruce is wailing about being ♫Bored in the USA, richer than you, in the USA. I live in Beverly Hills in the USA♫ And that's how we get charming things like this. Please, please! Squeeze the Charmin! Tighten up those cheeks, we don't want any leaks. You hiding a whistle blower in there? My suggestion is you bleach that thing for when The Chippendales go Full Monty, giving you that 'bend over barracuda' effect. Yes, we got a backdoor American dream that needs to see a dentist.

Am I overstating the case? You can't understate it. We got third degree burns on the heart chakra and the Ajna Chakra has got Herpes of the Mind. Any doubts that The Apocalypse is on the doorstep, with his homeboy Armageddon should be dispelled. They seem to want it that way. The Snake Family Robinson wants it that way and The Potato Head (extended) Family wants it that way. It's lard sandwiches on Wonder Bread all around. “It builds strong bodies 12 different ways”. Here comes the Army of Gut Sluts. “Are you trying to smuggle a bowling ball out of the alley, Sir”. “No honestly, I'm doing my 'Alice Cooper, late night in the veggie department of the Maui Foodland impersonation' and it's really a watermelon. ♫Stop me, if you've heard this one, I feel like we have met before♫ Yes, our celebrities are really taking the lid off of their capacity to be official spokes personnel for Numbnuts Central and the general public wants you to know that they can wine and dine with the best of us, imitating a high traffic B52 landing strip. It won't be long before they're eating glueboards, with antipasto inlays.

The most difficult act for me, or any objective-thinking abled person, is working up enough honest emotion, to care one wit what happens to any of these people. It's a straining condition, attended by cosmic ennui and weltschmerz. One wants to just go far, far away, ♫I'm the eye in the sky, looking at you, I can read your mind♫; what there is of it. To say that I am disappointed in the human race just doesn't cut it but... I know I am not seeing the mass movement in the underground, in the shrubbery. “We want a shrubbery”! I need to remember that the Crass Media, presents a unified ass of, 'in your face' collective deception and the assorted Tribe Members, jack in the boxing, all over the place, echoing the upchuck, of a reverse engineered spastic colon. I'm a big fan of phrenology and people's skulls and faces tell the tale. Of course, 'the black ages industry' of the medical profession have no use for legitimate modalities. I like to call them The Cancer Battalion and the Vaccine Vampires; these whores for the pharmaceutical industry, these pill pushing degenerates, with their fancy degrees, who don't know shit from Shinola and fastidiously clean their plates regardless of what's on it. They're the fidelitous footsoldiers of The Hypocritic Oath.

This is the world of U2 but Me first. “They never hunger, never thirst ...but eat and drink until they burst. There are other brigands but these are the worst, of all the highway's harms (thank you Lao Tzu)”. This is the world of the Bill Mahers and their insidious snares. This is the world of 'suck me fuck me, until I forget me'. This is the world of sinking into the mire, until we expire; swallowed by quicksand and eaten by Ouroboros, buggered by Cthulhu and left unrecognizable in an alley, like The Truth, beaten, bloody and alone. This is the world of never was, in The Time of Never Shall be. This is the Hornet Empire and The Scorpion Kingdom, burned to a husk by febrile desires, stinging ourselves to death, with frogs riding on our backs; those that aren't in the slow heating cook-pot. This is the world where they seek to drop down on all fours in the space of a single generation. This is the world that has refined “Don't give a fuck” into low art. This is the world whose epitaph, is written on the toilet stall walls, with an attending phone number; “call anytime”. This is the world of empty promises and bankrupt bacchanals, humping the empty air, where the invisible demons, posture and drink; have an open air picnic on the wasted body fluids of this generation of vipers. This is the iPod isolation tank that shuts out the world around it because Fear is their master. This is the world of look but don't touch, until the necessary perversions are in place, via the weakest link in the chain. That's how The Catholic Church got into their smorgasbord of pedophilia. We know who sits on the throne of Rome, don't we?

Well, I'm preaching to The Choir, aren't I. Can I have a C? Alright then, all together, ♫Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream♫ You know how it is and you definitely know how it is not. As for the rest of them, well, ♫I got schemes, schemes to remember♫ and of course, America continues to show that firm commitment to the needs of others, under our sterling value system. This is the degree to which the lunacy extends. This is where our compromised systems and courts have taken us. Call attention to things like this and be branded behind the times and intolerant. If you've got 15 minutes, you can peruse all of the permutations of things like this; once again, something to get you branded behind the times and intolerant. Who's behind all this? These people are. That doesn't sound weird does it? This sounds like normal behavior, since normal has left the building and is sleeping with Elvis and Luca Brazi. I don't like being behind the times and intolerant. Must be I'm missing something in this big tattoo and piercing parlor of our Wal-Mart Wonderland. ♫I hear the nose-rings jingling, my spidey sense is tingling, I lost my mind in metal shop, so I became a cop♫ Have you tasered a kindergarten student today or beaten a paraplegic with a nightstick? Then you may well have what it takes to join your local police department. Just be sure to list the torture of small pets, the childhood arson and bed wetting on the job application.

Welcome to epidemic WTF. Welcome to SNAFU Junction. Welcome and enter and sign in please. The Wind in the Willows is now a Komodo Dragon fart, after dinner and drinks, up all night in Juarez. The nursery rhymes are now a collaboration by The Brother's Grimm and Stephen King. The Boulevard of Broken Dreams has made a right turn into Nightmare Alley, presently blocked by Kirstie Alley playing a Peterbilt in “Duel” I'm not sure if any of this was supposed to be funny but, that's all I got. That's all I got.

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:

Visible and The Critical List:

Radio show cancelled this week, not my fault...


Anonymous said...

the majority of good honest people get little or no recognition and are usually fucked over in all kind of ways with what is known about the creatures supposedly running the world no surprises there,bruce springsteen what can you say ?it is easier in the short term pretending shit is gold

Clarity said...

Effin' A - you are spot on today,Visible! It's been a while since you cranked out one like this - your specialty of full-on, hard-on, brutal truth. You can't handle the truth? Well then turn around, bend over, and take it in the ass because that's about all we've got for you.

They're getting desperate. Many are asleep, but more are becoming aware. TPTW are in the final push, making their last-ditch efforts to keep the sheeple covered in their blanket of lies and deception, and to convince the rest that their numbers are few. Notsomuch as they'd like us to believe, methinks.... They're going down, but not without a fight. Some may find that mildly entertaining, but at the very least, it is something of an oddity that it's difficult not to glance at as you pass by.

Stay on course. Focus on the inner truth within. Find love. Arhoooo!!

Homer, thank you for your recent contributions. I enjoy reading them.


preacher said...

Wow, great rant and great links Vis!
A masterpiece.

preacher said...

'True Blood' star Denis O'Hare: Two vampires should adopt a baby next season

Anonymous said...

Haight-Ashbury: San Francisco

Asbury Park: New Jersey

Anonymous said...

Well I suppose this,where going with it gets us,,,
Going along just because everyone else does,,,
giving parts of yourself away to people that will quite gladly just keep taking,,till their is nothing left,,
Humanity shackled up to its own ruination
Consciously dangling between chaos and more chaos,,,
Unwilling to take responsibility for its actions,
Wandering around in a trance like state in the vain hope to consume,and keep consuming till there is nothing left to consume,,,humanity consumed by its own consumption,,,,consuming it's soul
Devoid of understanding,,,,

Sometimes it is hard to care,,
But we have too,because that is where the attributes of full living are contained,,through care
Through honesty through openness,,
Something I wish I saw more of in the people where I live,,

Winters coming,,

Nice post lord vis

Mouser said...

Great post Les Visible!

Thank you for the bolt upright jolt.

Anonymous said...

Tell you what will bring some of that care out,going over to the space weather sun weather site and having a look at some of those northern light auroras that have been going off,,,
I expect thousands of years ago when we were star watchers and most of us completely fully opened in who we are,,when these strange pictures appeared in the sky each one of us would walk away awe struck,,,,,
Hearts pounding,,,hairs standing up on the back of the neck...,

Anyway respects everybody,,, Neil

dave1010 said...

"Mr. Visible had the dubious honor of getting in an altercation with the Charlester in '67." Would have loved to have seen that.


Anonymous said...

bruce is running scared...
the fear switch must have flipped in his head. it all finally got to him and he's trying to 'do something'....if i tune in i can feel his fear and it is crushing.

kirstie alley as a peterbilt in duel -- bam!

great links. the honey boo boo shit is so insane it makes me spin. whaaaaattt?

when walken was doing the Deer Hunter did he ever imagine THIS in his future? it seems he made a deal with the devil for stardom and it's time for the balloon payment.

liz in l.a.

Flecker's Magic said...

Just wanted to write that this piece made me realize how it's the hardest thing in the world to know what one really, really wants, especially when one knows that one will get it once truly determined.

And, i always enjoy your insights into what went down in those very turbulent but ultra-important 60s.

Appreciate all you do greatly.


Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself peeps..

Nothing's going to change for the better,

It's only going to get worse.

All this 'we are all one' shit is just another ruse by the erectile- dysfunctional-power-hungry-we own the world-in-bred-elites to pacify the so called 'awakened' plebs.
Whom they no doubt view as nothing more than an insectile nuisance.
KGB defector- 'Yuri Bezmenov' explained how the KGB viewed spirituality and meditation as being a useful tool to control people in his lectures back in the 80's.

All of these 'Celebs' and other assorted fuck-wits are just joining what they believe to be the 'Winning Side'.

I'm sick of it all.
Let it burn.

UselessEater U.K

the gardener said...

Happy New Moon to everyone on this glorious Sunday service day.

Lynda Hill does some trippy with her expert use of the sabian symbols. Here is her description of the degrees of the planets involved in October's New Moon-so that is Sun and Moon in Libra...

Her sabian symbol Oracle site is listed at that link at the top-I have found it helpful to do like a reset if one is too scrambled or confused by the endless lies and BS perpetrated upon us or at least heartily and consistently thrown out to us for our consumption.

the gardener

the gardener said...

Thanks neil for your reminder- was a very good read and reminder today. LOTS of solar radiation coming our way. I've noticed heart pains and feeling off balanced lately by them to the point where I now go check out spaceweather when I am feeling out of body in a notgood way. *grins*

and the pic at rense with Obambam in his beater is right on and funny too.

best way to explore this bullshit stream-talent and humor... psychopaths don't have a sense of humor unless it involves torture, death and dismemberment and getting away with it. heh!

the gardener

hahah the robot detector came really close to saying '11stfu'... hahahah
"c'mon baby..."

Anonymous said...

dununo why i never stumbled on this little gem of a study before but it explains much. Insanity prevails.

gretchen said...

Haven't seen bruce since this show (in the pit of course) 4 years ago: Amazing show, but I just say no now. He is the ultimate hypcrite as far as I'm concerned and I don't support hypocrites anymore. That and the conversation told to me first hand from one that was there, on a ride back to the Four Seasons in Chicago after a show in 2006, on the side rodes bruce saw the ghettos on the side streets being taken to avoid the highway backup. His response was he thought all of that was gone now because he thought the economy was better, and he remained shock. He is nothing but an ignorant rock star living in his Mansion on the Hill. He isn't the same guy that wrote Born to Run and Darkness, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

surprised by springsteen? what do you expect from a multi-millionaire jew.

neal said...

http://planet .

You know, that kind of stuff shows up in the distant past, there is the labyrinth, the emergence symbols, Ouroboros, Atlantis,even that "Mayan Calendar" is hiding in there, but that one has to come sing to you personally. It becomes local way back, and distant when it starts.

The cat is starting to speak human English. If you get invited to the hidden city, maybe hook up with an aquatic cryptoid, and pass that shared breath along. It is nice in the canals, dry ground is always some exposed tragedy, being terrestrial is not for exactly everyone.

A witness, and a swim buddy, that is some glory.

Mr. You Know Who makes this all naked and wet, and passes it along, little swimming things, look like big ones, frame it, in some attic.

Anonymous said...

Well now, Dave McGowan (and numerous others) have seen the cold, hard math, pointing at the cold, hard fact, that all "celebrities" are mind-controlled robots, who work for the Dark Side. Which would explain Springsteen's recent Obama-endorsing episode. I mean, hey, these celebs have no free will. Never did have any. That's why they are celebs, get it? Created in a lab, tortured, shocked, their personalities fragmented - out pops the final product, ready to do as he or she is told, and then hustled into the limelight for all to see. Attended by the usual MSM babbling, "They worked hard, they paid their dues, they made it." Yeah, as if the playing field is level ANYWHERE.

It's pretty simple, really, most people have a thing for a celebrity or two. When that celeb starts pushing elitist agendas, most of the hangers-on go down that path, too. Like Jewel babbling about being "bullied" recently; and Angelina Jolie spouting off about how great the U.N. is - all of them serve their masters and do what they are told. Which makes their "art" even less and less appealing, when you stop and think about it. And you can't really blame the celebs for this, they aren't human, after all. They are robots. Robots with spotlights affixed to them. Robots that many people mimic, and dress like, and worship.

Robots who create other robots.

Whee. Ain't life grand...

Visible said...

Springsteen is not Jewish.

Anonymous said...

"Online Shill"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Mack the Knife", by Kurt Weill.)

Oh, the shill has pretty teeth, dear
And it shows them pearly white
Just a keyboard, has the shill, babe
And he keeps it, way out of sight
When that shill bites, with his teeth, dear
Scarlet billows, begin to spread
Friendly cover, wears the shill, babe
So there's never, never a trace of red

At a Web site, one Sunday mornin'
Is an angry man, whose had his fill
Someone's watchin', what he's typing
Could that someone, be the online shill

Oh there's a board post, up at Les Visible's blog
Where the real truth, is a-coming on down
Then a post appears, which refutes it
Five'll get ya ten, the shill's back in town
Now did'ja hear 'bout, William Cooper? He was shot babe
After spreadin' the truth all around
Now that shill gives praise, gives it out like a preacher
Could that shill have, helped gun him down?

Ahhhh Aaron Russo, ho, Danny Casolaro
Ooh, Mr. Phil Schneider - lots more went down
Oh, the line forms on the right, babe
Now that the shill is back in town

I said Aaron Russo, ho, Danny Casolaro
Ooh, Mr. Phil Schneider - lots more went down
Oh, the line forms on the right, babe
Now that the shill is back in town
Look out, the shill he is back...

Visible said...

James got called away to work today so no radio show this week. Sorry about that.

Visible said...

Heh heh, love the last part of that parody.

Anonymous said...

large dose of common sense in that one...

and dig those comments... er um the amen chorus

it's good to know that all over the world people see through the


neil,,,,repects - even

saw the lights {orange/pinkish} going north of De Leon, Texas back in '91 after the De Leon - San Saba game, De Leon won.

awe inspiring vibrations, and happy celestial events...they can't stop that

go see be do

Anonymous said...

Springsteen. It was just a matter of time before he was assimilated in to the borg. No way anyone could operate at that level in showbiz these days without being co-opted. He was the last big name remaining.


John Rambo said...

Disgusting. Lesbians, feminists, and single mothers raising children should be a CRIME. After all, 75 percent of criminals in America were raised by single mothers. And considering that 90 percent of divorces are initiated by women, that means that 90 percent of them CHOSE to become single mothers.

SIngle mothers raise future criminals. Thanks to feminism for creating and allowing single mothers to become a "norm".

Feminism is evil. Lesbians are MAN HATERS, and god help the children that are raised by such man-hating monsters.

Anonymous said...

Time was, the Jersey Shoore could spawn someone the like of Bruce. Now, it just spawns 'Jersey Shore'.

Bruce is not the Bruce of Asbury Park. Hasn't been for quite some time, at least 25+ years, since he went and married a Hollywood starlet the first time around.


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

all for the purposes of demonstration...

it's a cruel wind that blows no good Presidents.

what is their plan B when everything good is fuked and they have to look at their own image?

Springsteen not a Jew

though if Jew'ish is a word meaning to act in a manner like a Jew, "Jew" in a derogatory sense, for the want of a better word, or work for such consciencelessly.

perhaps part of the problem is our need for celebrities, pipe fed entertainment, things from without, spirits that lag the technology.

Rabbit said...

If a Komodo Dragon farts 12 or 15 times a day, does it lose a lot of weight?

These sort of questions are meant to occupy us us anyway and for many it seems to be working fine. These ones make the spectacle for those of us in the front seats the festival of the absurd that it is.

When all the world's a circus, and all the actors are clowns. What a time to be a caulrophobe.

Anonymous said...

The disfiguring blindness of white supremacy,,
Contained in its hopeless need of unneed, unneeding itself,like the bread that never was,,,
Composed on all those raped murdered cultures it proclaimed it was supreme too,,
It was the Jews,no it was Satan,,no it was somebody else,,,
I know who it was,,,
It was the west,,,the very same people,who refused to accept themselves for what they are,,,.......dead
Untill they are life

Untill any of these pop stars and film stars renounce their wealth,,,I don't believe any of them,,,,,,most of these people sold themselves,
These People will do anything for money,,
When wealth is measured in material possession,,,poverty becomes the heart,,,
The western world is poverty, disease and failure,,,,
Untill it reclaims it's truth,,,


Anonymous said...

The west raped itself,eyes full of money,,vanitated up on suppremacism masquerading as a Jew,,

The west is dead ,,,,,


Anonymous said...

A change of heart is all that's needed,,,
A change of the thought stream,,
Reenergising of the living body to life in all it's radiance
In being of its truth,,,

Anyway what does it matter,,,
No one cares anyway,,,
You have to be alive to care,,,


Anonymous said...

I suppose that's what happens in serfdom,,,the heart is washed out with lies,,,the mind won't fire,,,
The people seek to get one over on each other,,,,
The being of themselves in opposition,in competition with the mind parasite that sucks and sucks every part of its living away ,,,,,,,leaving a fake dead culture,practising cultural death on itself,,,,,

Sorry for my wingeing people


schoolofhardknocks said...

You're surprised to find out that many if not most "celebrities" belong to the same satanic cult as the politicians? Come on now, I thought you knew what was going on! Fame and fortune are not randomly awarded to talent, it is given to those rising through the satanic ranks to influence the world. How do you think so many with so little talent are stars today!

Visible said...

You know, I really don't like it when people misquote me-

"Mr. Visible's heart is broken. Nah, I'm past that with celebrities and some of them still have class; some of them. I'm hoping I still retain some measure of it when I become the celebrity that The Man on the Beach told me I was; “You're a celebrity here, you know”"?

Stick with what I actually say. This kind of less than subtle disingenuousness can have only one objective.

Anonymous said...

Lord vis,,,none of what I said is aimed at you,,you are truth,,

And most of the people here too are as well,,
Your already a celebrity,,,

Your writing style has inspired a lot of those other posts I keep seeing over on wrh and dotted about,,,written by other fiercely true people,,,who have actually retained their humour their compassion their humanity,,,

Lord vis your a celebrity sir,,

Today we rise as life,,


Anonymous said...

Hey Rambo,,leave those women alone,,they have had a rough deal over the years,,,
Gay people,,no one cares about your anus tricks and what you get up to behind locked doors or up the public toilets and stuff,,,,,
Fake Jewish white suppremacists,,,all falling down isn't it,,,
Rothschild,,,you failed,,you can pretend you haven't,,,but I know you have,,,,I can feel it passing through your intuition,,,,,
Rothschilds royals and other anus worshipping toilet mongers,,the people will chop you to pieces,,wipe your families from history,but their is a way out,,,
Renounce your wealth come clean,,,,make things right,,,


Anonymous said...

Be life
Be love


Erica said...

Hi Vis-Thanks for another wonderful wordfest-yes,weltschmerz defines my usual state of being-when I allow myself to reside entirely inside my head.
The heart is the place to be-in the world,not of the world-easier said than done!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Horn of Pornocopia and the Masturbating Custers.

Anonymous said...

I really,really want to add to this New Blog of yours, I want to make an addendum that will be at least a B-Minus & enjoyed by at least some !!, I'll put it together over the next couple of days.

First ,however , I am calling out the Truther Army reserves, Just the facts & truth,
Let Shrimpton ,The Royal Stool Collector & Sampler have it, Pointedly trash all his spun crap,Thank you

Springsteen & Bono , a disappointment
I am fed up with the anally obsessed determined to make sure as many kids as possible "have the opportunity" to be like them, as if all the chemicals & crap wasn't screwing up plenty of kids already.
Like,yes, we know, Your Queer ,Your Here and you insist on everyone else having to deal with your hangups instead of just dealing with it yourself it has to become an Issue!!!,
Queers hate Straights, not always but frequently!!!!!!!!!!
Take all your Anal issues and deal with them yourselves instead of trying to force everyone else's kids to have to be subjected to your CRAP in our Public Schools and just about everywhere else!!!!!!
It's called Rectum Sex



A lot of Lesbians really do hate Men, & a lot of Women have had a tough time too,
THIS BODY PIERCING & BODY ART CRAP IS AN INSIDE JOKE BY THE "Left-Hand" Elite so to speak to get Girls & Women to actually believe they are upgrading their status socially by mutilating themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or at least in moderation but not when your Eleven years old!!
The more mutilations ,the more
the thought of , "This one is Stupid" occurs,..

Fear is our God


Anonymous said...

I am sorry about that idle threat and my terrible use of language people,,some of us actually spent most of our schooling looking out of the window paying only just enough attention to get through,,,,

It seems I have hatred of banker stroke royal Jewish white suppremacist or basically any suppremacism sickness,,

Forgive me people,,,neil

insiam said...

Springstien has said openly that his ideal society would be that of the Swedish system. (some time ago i may add)

So anyone who knows shit about Sweden will understand the implications of this. For me it is simple. 1) he is very simple 2) he is clever and demonic. I tend to go with the former.

Just because someone can sing or perform in some one doesn't mean that they are any more than a bio robot.

Anonymous said...

It astounds me that you had a place in your heart for Bruce Springsteen to begin with. I never much liked your music -- now I know why.

Anonymous said...

Never ever thought,said,or implied that a particular Doctor,

Joseph Mengele,

was in anyway Cool or a role model!

There were not TEN MILLION
Joseph Mengeles!

NO, not phrenology either

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Witchburners from Troll Central.



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