Monday, October 29, 2012

Joe Six-Pack and Janet Eye-Shadow in Anywhere-Land.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

There are high watermarks that occur, along the way to Samarra, on the road to Damascus. Each of these leaves a signature stain on the wall of time. Sometimes they are ominous and sometimes they are refreshing. Do they mean anything at all? Does anything mean anything at all? I ask that question because appearances seem to indicate that is the case in the heartlands of The West, which more accurately reflect the asslands of sedentary, passive, observer-ville. We do not mean to be insulting but, what do you do when that is what conditions indicate with large segments of the public?

Anyone, at any time, can step out into Anywhere-Land and ask Joe Six Pack and Janet Eye-Shadow what they think about any controversial affair, in the more or recent past and they will give you some version of not seeing enough about it on TV to have their informed opinion branded into their cerebrum. These are the people who, when they were part of a telemarketing, opinion sampling on whether or not they would be interested in having an 'all commercials' station added to their cable lineup, thought it was a good idea and said they would definitely watch.

The hard numbers, dealing with real change, as seen by those who do not have their posterior where the rest of us have a cranium, indicate that when people will not change, through any amount of informational impact on their cranium (located who knows where) that another impact is inevitably required for their posterior. When The Cosmos demands transformation and change, there are no human, alternative choices. The Cosmos is not a brute about it. The Cosmos notes that you are sleeping and have been deeply sleeping, so The Cosmos gently shakes your shoulder and says, “Arise, arise, awakening is on your doorstep”. Mr Apocalypse is by his side, twirling his walking stick and whistling, “Putting on the Ritz”. Some few will awaken at that time and be in the vanguard of irresistible change. Most will not awaken, so The Cosmos returns to the bedside and shakes them in a noticeably harder fashion, saying, “Hey (knock! Knock!), is there anybody in there? Hello, wake up! Wake up”! Some larger amount of the public will awaken at this point and some portion of that public will go back to sleep again. They will see the absurdity of certain events, foisted on them by psychopaths, who actually carried out the events. It will frighten them; that responsibility that comes with awareness ...and they will seek to return to being unaware. At this point, The Cosmic will pick up a two by four and smack the remaining sleepers and serial sleepers upside the head and say in a really loud voice, “Wake the fuck up! Wake the fuck up”! He'll be alternating with Mr. Apocalypse and his walking stick. Lady Nature will be shaking the bed. There will be alternating drum sticks, doing a hopped up Ginger Baker, all about the head and shoulders of the sleepers. Lady Nature and the backup singers will be wailing by the bedside.

Yes, there are pockets of awareness and awareness walkers, moving through the environment, firing out of the duck blinds and generally making noise by the day. It's heartening to witness but... juxtaposed beside the mountains of denseness and the deserts of stupidity, it looks a lot like the vanishing corner store, in comparison to Mall of America. This is why hardship and mass departures, presently looks like what's for dinner. I wish with all of my heart that these measures were not necessary. It's simple math. It's a matter of badly programmed GPS's. If you think you are going to one place but the car is actually going to another, where are you going to wind up? The answer to that, is as simple as can be, so the problem is not one of comprehension. It's not a matter of not getting it. It is a matter of not wanting to get it. How did you wind up in a war zone in Afghanistan? How did you wind up drunk and naked on Canal Street? How did you wind up anywhere that you wound up, anytime you wound up anywhere? You walked. You drove. You flew. You sailed or you railed. You got there by going there. This is the hard math of it. This is the inarguable logic of circumstances, converging with directional intent. People can argue against this with all of the denial and ignorance at their command but they cannot alter it. It is what it is and you had better meet it at the marrow, before it cracks your bones to get at your marrow.

Youth is a Mecca of optimism. Anything is possible, until one is confronted with the cost of anything and everything under consideration, “Oh, there must be an easier way”. Youth soon comes to terms with altruism and idealism and makes whatever concessions and compromises are necessary. The treadmill beckons and you get a nice big TV screen, in front of it, that simulates what is actually taking place, while bearing no resemblance to what is taking place, whatsoever. You stop growing in and start growing out. Vertical is replaced by horizontal and that just lines the pockets of all the death dealing corporations, who don't care one way or another what happens to you. The same collection of vampires and werewolves own the toxic food industries AND the medical industry. The point of wonder pharmaceuticals is not to heal anything. Symptom suppression is as close as they get to anything like that. The point of these pharmaceuticals is to put you into a condition where you need more pharmaceuticals. The best you can hope for is that they won't kill you outright and that there is, hopefully, a more extended time line to that result.

If you don't do something to change what happens to you, then things get done that change what happens to you. If you don't have a course, or a direction set, then a course and direction will be set for you. Sharks like tuna and dolphins like tuna but they both like them for diametrically different reasons. ♫Tuna you're mine, completely♫ Tuna aren't very bright but they definitely taste good. That's right Charley, the boys who own the cannery are not looking for tuna with good taste. They are looking for tuna that tastes good. Dolphins can swim very fast. It's been reported that Dolphins swim with tuna and protect them from sharks. Dolphins have hard noses and should they broadside a shark it can be curtains for the shark. Sharks, being prehistoric, cannot stop swimming or they will die. Dolphins also protect humans on occasion.

The dolphins of the sea are, no doubt, loved by the tuna. The human dolphins are not often loved by the human tuna. This is because the human sharks have a great deal more influence on land than in the sea. Would these be land sharks? This is a telling metaphor or two. The land tuna look up to the land sharks even though they are consumed no less upon the land than they are in the sea. However, tunas on land, like to live in Rainbow World. Rainbow World is no less real to them, even though it is a fiction. Perhaps they believe it will not hurt so much if they have their heads in Rainbow World. They consider themselves all American, when they take their children to McDonald's to eat and frolic in the play area, just like those parties at Chuck E. Cheese. They think they are being enlightened, when they celebrate Heather having two mommies, when the intended end result, is an end to procreation as we know it and you can be sure that Monsanto and all of the rest are deep into the research for that. Absolute control is best initiated in the womb. Political Correctness in not about making everyone equal. It is about making everyone equally dumb. The difficulty in addressing the subject is that one gets painted as intolerant when it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the machinations taking place behind the projected template. The same thing is true when considering the sharks and the tuna and the dolphins. A casual glance can cause the mind to make the assumption than any one of them is one of the others. This is especially true of sharks and dolphins, where the only main telling point is the tail fin, should the bottlenose not be visible. So land sharks, being what they are, consider it smart tactics to hide among the human tuna and pose as dolphins.

Go to the old folks homes and study the generally inevitable result of life, when it has been permitted to continue to that point, given that accident or something terminal has not already claimed them. Study these people. You're headed there, unless for some reason you retain your wits, or have good relatives. The contemporary conditions of life have made respect for and caring for your elders an unpleasant waste of time. Where is the logic in the indifference and mistreatment of those who are examples of where you will be? Not much makes sense, seen via time lapse photography.

Diet Coke rots your insides. The majority of these processed poisons are incrementally lethal but... so what? You're not going to tell me what to eat or what to do. That's the shark's job.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

brutal truth about land sharks..

or inland piracy by the truth hating anti-life terrorists who claim any act of self defense like



Leaders of the stool sculpture deity cult terrorist "Forces" and the ZOG U.S. Armed Forces [talmudic terrorist psychophants] held a press conference at week's end, which they termed ...

“a great success.”

The drill was postponed eight months ago just as concerns were brimming that Talmudia would launch a pre-emtive TERRORIST strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. It was subsequently rescheduled.

Dempsey’s visit marks the second time he has visited Talmudia in 2012. His last visit was in January, during which he met stool sculpture deity cult leaders Barak, Gantz and Peres. At that time Dempsey stressed the “mutual commitment” between Talmudia and the ZOG braindeadgoy U.S.

a perfect storm...

the gardener said...

For those who don't know about Vis' powers of prescience---lookee what I came across!

and it's flip side:

A silver bullet coin commemorating the banksters... lol

A 'silver bullet and silver shield coin' the silver shield features a MR APOCALYPSE ALL GARBED UP IN COLONIAL GEAR... LOL

This blogger~ Sherrie is another fellow tribes member of the 1% that really matters in this endtime scheme of all things important. *grins*

I am truly focusing that Sandy be the first and not the last in the cycle of the great cleansing that is already underway-the cycle of rape, murder, plunder now OVER for those such inclined to do such actions against all others.

Oh the skies might be covered in the grey monstermade 'cloud' coverage but burning through those clouds is the light that is spotlighting those with no excuses to be found sufficient. Nor their others and others or others. No one to blame, no one to pony up in their stead as patsies or fall guys.

and it's 1, 2, 3... what are we fighting for? You know I don't give a damn about any monetary scam...

the gardener

Anonymous said...

good travels Les. thanks for your work.


Erica said...

Hi Vis-Just to wish you well on your uk visit-unfortunately won't be able to get from where I am to where you will be-public transport too difficult and costly.
Hopefully one day we'll manage to get together for a couple of single malts and a chat!

niijii said...

I wish you well on your trip.
The years I spent working at one of those last holding cells for the aged was beyond an eye opener. You don't have to be old to end up in there. Some had been there since they were in their teens. Just a little bad luck was all it took. The thought of climing a pyramid and having my heart cut out and held up to the sun doesn't seem so bad anymore. Having friends and or relatives that love you and take no BS gives you the best chance of being treated right. I could tell alot of stories but it hurts too much.

Best to all.

Doug Pearson said...

Your term, "the responsibility that comes from awareness" slapped me up side the head. When I started screaming about shit that didn't make sense right after 911, instead of being surrounded by fellow right doers, I was ass deep in melon heads. Talk about a hard slap of reality. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that could happen. Guess all the people aren't really ready for that responsibility and maybe I wasn't I just got the fuck out. Don't count me in your numbers.....

Anonymous said...

"Hood Vibrations"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Good Vibrations", by Brian Wilson and Mike Love, made popular by the Beach Boys.)

I can see...
The knees holding up the pants they wear
And the way the moonlight hits their braided hair
I...hear the sound of a woofer boom
On the wind that lifts their "music" through the air

I'm pickin' up hood vibrations
It gives 'em incarceration
I'm pickin' up hood vibrations
(Oom - bop bop - hood vibrations)
It gives 'em incarceration
(Oom - bop bop - incarceration)
Hood, hood, hood, hood vibrations
(Oom - bop bop)
It gives 'em incarceration
(Oom - bop bop - incarceration)
Hood, hood, hood, hood vibrations
(Oom - bop bop)
It gives 'em incarceration
(Oom - bop bop - incarceration)

Close my eyes...
The sound is closer now
Wryly smile, I know they must be there
When...I look in their eyes
I know they're going to a prison world

I'm pickin' up hood vibrations
It gives 'em incarceration
I'm pickin' up hood vibrations
(Oom - bop bop - hood vibrations)
It gives 'em incarceration
(Oom - bop bop - incarceration)
Hood, hood, hood, hood vibrations
(Oom - bop bop)
It gives 'em incarceration
(Oom - bop bop - incarceration)
Hood, hood, hood, hood vibrations
(Oom - bop bop)
It gives 'em incarceration
(Oom - bop bop - incarceration)

(Ah, my, my, no education)
I don't know where but they send 'em there
(Ah, my, my, a reservation)
(Ah, my, my, no education)
(Ah, my, my, what...)

Gotta stop those neighborhood
Vibrations a-happenin' with 'em
Gotta stop those neighborhood
Vibrations a-happenin' with 'em
Gotta stop those neighborhood
Vibrations a-happenin'....


Hood, hood, hood, hood vibrations
(Oom - bop bop)
I'm pickin' up hood vibrations
It gives 'em incarceration
(Oom - bop bop - incarceration)
Hood, hood, hood, hood vibrations
(Oom - bop bop)
They' na...


Anonymous said...

We talk about the sleeping masses but let me share something that is going on in the Boise area of Idaho. I live about ten miles outside Boise but go there often. In my town you can't find a Romney or Obama sign anywhere. Not in the yards, not on bill boards, and I have only seen a couple on car bumpers (one was a 90 year old bastard in a new Cadillac). Whey I drive to Boise it is the same thing. Hey, I've been looking because this is truly amazing. Plenty of proposition signs, sheriff, representatives etc. Had two handbills on the front porch yesterday. When Ron Paul was in the race there were signs everywhere. I'm sure this isn't typical of other states, but I don't travel much and don't know. A friend of mine who lives near Coarsegold Ca. said he sees a few Romney signs. Everyone he knows hates Obama. It would be interesting to know how widespread this is.

Could it be people are starting to wake up, or at least recognize two turds when they see them? Vote for either one and you are part of the problem.


Steve said...

Good to see you getting out and about. I always enjoy the stories of your return.

Travel well my friend.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Patrick has done a rumi,,,
Now in an ideal world or just one that is not this,,,
Every night we would be listening to Patrick and lord Vis's
Latest,,,with walk ins from rumi,,khalil Gibran,,and the really great poets and story tellers and the dolphins
Fully resonating on the heart of lord Krishna,,,
Filled with the life of who we truly all our honest beauty

Safe journeys lord vis,,,,,neil

Anonymous said...

pierre said...(snide mode)

dolphins are just people f*ckers, though I'm not sure about the innocence of the fourteen yearly victims, they were asking for it probably.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Viz

97% uninformed (most willfully)
2% informed
1% demons
(figures approximate)

We the informed can recognize them with our litmus paper and also by:

they chew gum
they willingly live behind chain link fence
they consume aspartame/GMO/prions/radioactive isotopes
they can't discuss chemtrails

ad nauseum

If they cannot accept our message we must shake the dust from our feet and leave them. They are lost.

We will be of good cheer.

Happy Trails Viz. Please come back.



they cannot discuss chemtrails

Mark said...

The Big Kill

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,

happy travels. Enjoy Glastonbury and visit the Tor. Maybe you will encounter "wood fairies" as we did on our walk up.

Missing Munich

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, oh yes; the people are starting to wake up. They are right now arising from their lifelong slumber. And they are on their way to the Piggly-Wiggly, as we speak, in order to buy some crayons and they will send each other "Get Well" cards, to which they will affix additional words of encouragement, all of them written in earnest, with their tongues sticking out of their mouths, while they concentrate on each...monosyllable...that they write... :>) (Oh yeah...they be pickin' up Hood Vibrations, dawg, fo' shizzle.)

the gardener said...

Powerful Full Moon energies abounding right now and through to the end of 2012. Planet Mercury goes Retrograde November 6... how convenient-that's what happened during Bush/Gore/Supreme Court 2000-which by the way was also a year of the Dragon in Chinese astrology just like this year 2012.

Taurus Moon, Scorpio Sun... Moon opposing Saturn in Scorpio... Sun conjoining Saturn. Notoriously the most violent full moon of the year. So why all the eyes in the skies are focused on the more or less martial law status in the great big environs of NYC... and the big cleansing going on there right now... know that the deviant dark ones are scuttling and scurrying around in their nests conjuring up more lurid fantasies to turn into realities for someone else's losses thusly their gains.

After going to Mark's linked site to read about how much more than ever FUCKED we are as a mass entity-either country, world... with the in your face declarations of 'we can kill you for no reason and you have no recourse' which is utter insanity but not much more than what is going on to the OTHER PEOPLE who are not 'us'... just heats me up to do the shining of the light exercises and protection works for the rest of us-the real 1% (they don't intro those memes for no thing)... Like the psychopathy gone viral the strong and true can go viral as well. Quality versus Quantity...

the gardener

focusing my intent...

Mark's link led to this writer

which tripped my triggers on this writer-

which got me mind blabbering and set me into this song popping into my head-"losing my religion" that entire 'out of time' album got me back on my track in the early 90s..

Anonymous said...

Greetings Comrade L. Vee from the glorious hive mind collective Union of Soviet Socialist Amerika. (USSA) I know you are not located in the glorious indispensable homeland but let me illustrate proper thought. In das Homeland diet soda pop is a restorative health elixir. GMO frankenfoods are health and wellness supplements and the dear leader Bwak! is a messiah, a saviour and not just another sleazy corrupt politican. The freedom is so overflowing here you just walk right through the airport and throw away all permits, licenses and fees. There you see how fun the delusion is? You are ready for daily life in the megaübersuperpower, the fair and equal hivemind collective utopian paradise.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That HAARP-icane Sandy was a real corker. A storm 1000 miles wide. Yep, that was Mother Nature's doing. My ass. First Katrina, and now Sandy. You can always tell when a hurricane is a HAARP-icane, because the Discovery Channel (aka, the CIA Science Channel), shows a "hypothetical" piece about how a hurricane might harm a certain area. They did it a couple of years before Hurricane Katrina (hypothesis: What might happen if a huge hurricane made a direct hit on New Orleans???) and they did it again with New York City (hypothesis: What might happen if a huge hurricane made a direct hit on New York City???). But no, no, that's all fiction. "They" can't control the weather. And if "they" could, why, they'd use it to do GOOD things. Uh-huh. Yeah. Sure they would. Etc. Well, I'll tell you what, be on the lookout for a tornado making a direct hit on Dallas, Texas, because the Discovery Channel ran a "hypothetical" piece about that scenario, too, a couple of years ago.

The main thing to look out for now, is this - I mentioned in an anonymous post here many moons ago that the Fukushima "disaster" was a scam. The idea being, nuclear power is fiction, all the way, from the Hiroshima bombings to Chernobyl. In short, that type of power doesn't exist and never has. (Would the elite deliberately poison a planet they intend to run free in, when 90% of us is elimated? There's your answer.) So what might happen here in the USA, is this: The MSM is making noise right now about how many nuclear power facilities on the East Coast may have been damaged by the storm. And, of course, with all that radioactive shit spewing all over God's creation, in order to save the sheeple, they will have to be relocated! I'm not saying it will happen, I'm saying it might - and it will definitely soften things up for the day when it DOES happen.

Wow, I can't wait for Dec. 21st. Not because the apocalypse is going to come down (it won't), but because it's two days before my birthday and four days before X-mas. So I will wish you all a Merry Christmas, a bit early!

Anonymous said...

Holocaust was fake, Hiroshima was real.
Get it through your head - or go stir shit some place else.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kirwan has some interesting info posted yesterday,,,,neil

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Mother Nature could with one shrug of her shoulders throw us puny humans right off of her like a cow swishing flies with her tail.

If so directed.

Vivasan the sun could instantly fry us all to a crisp with one big sneeze.

If so directed.

The Lord's appointed regents do not waste time pretending they are the Lord. Nor do they (unlike us) presume to be far more than that which they currently are.

Faithful servants.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

May you find what you're looking for. Whether you know what that is, or not. ;O)

Anonymous said...

Homer....i think lord Vivasan and beautiful mother nature,, must have some use for us,,,
It would be good if all of us could find out our use,,
Hobbits if and when they are hobbits are very usefull I imagine,,,


Anonymous said...

Gardener,,,I feel it,,very very big energy,,,I seem to be having a big pulsating heart here,,,,

Also I thought I would note,a while ago I visited a place called Kashmir a very very beautiful place so beautiful and the people so nice,I didn't want leave,it was a Muslim community,,the people had a big picture of lord Vivasan up on the wall,, I asked about it and they taught me,,,I was perplexed it was Interesting to note that the people also studied the ancient Indian texts Mahabharata Bhagavat Gita and such,,,
So for people who are ignorant of the Muslim culture,,
They have some great great beauty in their culture with total acceptance in,,but as with all culture their is a minority that give them a bad name,,,,

For any one interested,,,Kashmir is so so beautiful it is really worth a visit,,,the people are super friendly and their is so many things to see,,


preacher said...

Some parts of NY a week without electricity:

Massive Explosion At NY Power Plant

Queens on fire:

mike m said...

They love me at the Daily Mail:

Tanker washed up, homes razed to the ground and flooded streets littered with cars: Obama declares a 'major disaster' after Sandy turns New York into apocalyptic scene and death toll jumps to 33


Just as the crocodile eats the zebra so shall Mother Nature feast upon the obtuse. Mr Apocalypse is the maître d'.

- mike m, swampy south, 30/10/2012 14:24
Rating 18

Manhattan in darkness, 14ft flooding and infrastructure grinds to a halt... and now come the rats


Mr.Apocalypse is shaking the bed trying to wake all the braindead up.

- mike m, swampy south, 30/10/2012 10:54

Rating 6

Those rating numbers ar all red arrows, I guess some "folks" can't handle the truth.LOL!

Anonymous said...

"Queens on fire",
Isn't that when people like Elton John, Liberace and Barry spontaneously combust?

Steve said...

Anon 10:43:00 AM, 21st dec is my birthday, 41, so you can buy me a beer while we are waiting for yours WHICH MAY NEVER COME, cause its the end of the world as we know it and who gives a flying rats.

Greetings peeps, Lets try and give Visible a surprise here in his hiatus and not just fill this place with links and more links of all the horrible things going on in the world, as tends to happen whenever he goes away. Some things are important and worth sharing sure, but we know this already. What is it we don't know? What is it that is holding us back? Fear, sure. But fear of what?

I know this understanding can't be forced, but it has to be wanted or else we wont get it.

I have been noodleing this visceral vs intellectual thingy, or visceral through or via intellectual thingy that the Vis often talks about. This "speedy for the energetic" meme. It feels to me it is a groove. It's an understanding that can be analogized within the metaphor of the pool.

There are two people standing by the pool. Neither of them never having swam. A third person comes up and tells them the wonderful sensations of floating, swimming, diving, playing and describes it in such detail "from experience" that the other two guys are excited just hearing about it, at the same time a little scared. The difference between the two of them though, is one has the courage to jump in, the other just watches. Later they both leave and meet up with some friends and they are both talking about the wonderful pool and all it's attributes. But one of them has a visceral understanding, the other intellectual. The only difference being, one had the courage to face his fear.

I find internet a very difficult medium, but I'm willing to give a shot. I'm standing on the edge just dying to jump in. I want to swim, I don't want to just talk about it from the outside anymore. It's boring. Ray Z put a similar call out a week or so ago and Neil a week or so before that. Consider this an answer.

Aloha and Aroooooooooo!!!

Anonymous said...

It's curious, isn't it, that whenever you propose an idea that falls outside the Playing Field of Appropriate Thought and Behavior, and post it here, well, quite suddenly, people will jump on you and start pummeling away. I mentioned my notion that nuclear power was a myth. And somebody wrote and said the Holocaust was a hoax, Hiroshima was real, get out of here, shit-stirrer (or words to that effect).

Now, here's a little exercise in logic which might be interesting to some of you...

Do you think you are open-minded? Most of you would answer, "Yes." One of the hallmarks of a truly open-minded person, is this - when confronted with an idea that is outside the box, or different, or completely foreign to them, or, more typically, totally contrary to the exact belief they already hold about a particular subject, they will respond in a way that indicates they are open-minded. They will always say something like, "I don't agree with you...but why do you think that way?"

It is very rare to encounter someone who behaves that way, however. Every bodhisattva in town has rigidly held beliefs, which they consider to be sacrosanct. Yet every single one of them claims to be open-minded. Many of them will preach that we should be tolerant, and accept that we know nothing, etc., but, when somebody "steps on their frogs" as Vis puts it, they will erupt and start blasting away.

You can't be open-minded unless you demonstrate qualities to others that prove you are open-minded. Blanketly rejecting a notion, just because it is unfamiliar to you, indicates one thing and one thing only: You haven't considered the evidence against your rigidly held belief. And if you have not done that, your mind has been made up for you. (And you are most definitely not open-minded.)

In the case of the poster to whom I made reference, he/she was most likely a paid shill. But after reading his brief attack piece, I thought I would try to open some eyes. Isn't that what it's all about? Learning more? Yes. Have a great day...

Anonymous said...

"Sandy Man"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Handy Man", by James Taylor.)

Hey plebes, gather round
Listen to what I'm putting down
Hey rube, I'm your Sandy man

I'm not the kind that Mother Nature made
HAARP induced me, to blow you away
I kill sleeping sheep, I know that I truly can

If your broken street should need repair
Then I'm not the man to see
I roar into town, the levees go down
And you go runnin' from me

Here is the main thing I want to say
I'm culling 24 hours a day
I kill sleeping sheep, I know that I truly can

Yeahhhhh, yeah, yeah
Yeahhhhh, yeah, yeah

You'll go runnin' from me...
Here is the main thing I want to say
I'm culling 24 hours a day
I kill sleeping sheep, I know that I truly can

Yeahhhhh, yeah, yeah
Yeahhhhh, yeah, yeah

That's me
I'm your Sandy man
Yeahhhhh, yeah, yeah

That's me
I'm your Sandy man
Yeahhhhh, yeah, yeah (repeat)

Mark said...

Killary licks her chops. Just like Libya, Mali gold ripe for plucking. And so it goes, and goes, and goes…Where it stops, nobody knows. But when the music's over, turn out the lights.

preacher said...


"“Mali has actually been progressing in past years and its people are doing better. That being said one might ask, “So what is the problem?” and the answer is simple, gold. The people of Mali have been most unfortunate in that the third largest gold reserve in Africa has been found in their country. The international elite want every ounce of that gold.”"

But you probably knew that already.

Sorry @Cap'n Spadgett, have a nice swim! I'm still contemplating.

Anonymous said...

Eye eye cap'n spadge,,,just saying jump in,gives a tingly feeling,,,,everybody wants to,,well with all that raw pure love in its natural state overflowing through us in all it's divine beauty,,who wouldn't,,
Can't buy that from anyone,,it is only found in the riches of the true self,,,thems old harmonys

Let's get the earth ship rolling get them sails up,,,and get ourselves out of this doom thing back on the high seas,,
Loving the love of the Lovingness in total love,,,


Kevenj said...

Some few will awaken at that time and be in the vanguard of irresistible change.

Umm. Just had a discussion with a family member about his belief in a Calanistic Christian reality.
Funny, I just read this tonight on one of my favorite author's site.

Could you please elaborate on that point again?
Thx, Les.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

ok. I'll jump in.
heavily influenced by Jung his psychological types had two attitudes and four functions. in his story about ♫two little boys", one extro and one intro , walking down a lane and comming upon an abandoned house.
the extro boy will get enthusiastic about entering the house, the intro is hesitant. after a little cajoling both boys go in. the extro rips through the place and shortly wants to leave , the intro, pokes deeper into everything and doesnt want to leave.
extro's attitude is towards the external, appearances, material, bleeding obvious, fearing the invisible things within him (which to his mind are silly and don't exist). intro's attention is upon his innter state (visceral if you like), fearing the external.
I could cut and paste, but that would be boring.
the theory has functional types (the tools), being feeling, intuition, sensation and thinking.
at the extremes an extroverted thinker would tend to have his unconscious personality as an introverted feeling type (theory of opposites). that gives 8 types.
it's helped me see how people can be at cross purposes, and why emphatic behaviour sucks. I'd bet if I knew more, I'd find some ancient hindu text that said same or similar. why I call it all advanced psychology.
so, in the case of the swimmers, it could be the extro guy that jumps because he was told to and his environment has taught him to obey orders, or perhaps his inner mind wants a deeper experience and he goes against the "rules". the intro might be content "dreamin'" or just hesitant, or his inner extro knows it is forbidden, even though he would normally make up his own mind, swimming against the flow.

preacher said...

Zombie Apocalypse Training

"In a five day ’counter-terrorism summit’, Halo Corp., in association with Homeland Security, will be hosting a training demonstration and simulation in San Diego.
Attended by "hundreds of Marines, Navy special ops, soldiers, police, firefighters and others", the summit will hone ’emergency response training’"

Anonymous said...


A figure the shill is you.

I've been to Hiroshima and the evidence of a nuclear genocide exists. I haven't been to Nagasaki but I accept that a nuclear bomb was also exploded there.

I've been to Dachau and the evidence of a gas chamber genocide does not exist. I haven't been to Auschwitz but I do not accept that chamber gassing occured there.

What makes you state that the former never happened?

Nuclear bomb denial is not the same as holocaust denial. The former has proofs that it occured, the latter has no proofs that it occured.

What is your intention in muddying the waters here?

the gardener said...

As per the FU thing... the spring of 2011 was an incredibly wet one for my neck of the woods. Rained hard until Summer Solstice-tons of fungi popping up everywhere-trees, soil, dead trees etc... I was in that rain after 3-11 constantly, me and my best girl doggie... she'd be rolling on the fungi-slam dancing herself into the ponds etc... then that July we find this little blind kitten who'd come down our path to our house-giving out halfway, we rescued her, were able to save one of her eyes... she's fine and late this Spring a big headed beauty of a Siamese lad came a calling her way and... three little kittens born mid August.

Long story short-I was really keeping tabs on the health of my own canary in the coal mine pup... she had first paws/nose experience with all that rain. My little magic apple grove did alright, nothing special but nothing bizarre either from flower to ripened fruit. Honey bees very healthy and happy. Greater life form wasps around but not so much-scant Yellow Jackets, unusual... 2011 a lot of dragonflies but not of all the variety as per usual.

2012-dogs healthy, kittens healthy and vital and normal. Humans healthy and normal. MOSQUITOES, so few this year it was really noticeable.

I have heard of several in utero fetal deaths this past 18 months locally but it is also the neck of the woods where those pioneers and their hand carts just could not set up enough radioactive/uranium mining industries. Thyroid cancer is COMMON and it seems like diabetes follows that thyroid cancer because it is COMMON to see those garote like neck scars.

I wondered what the snow would be like 2011/2012...usually crotch high on the ground for many months-never got into my snow boots last year. A few good storms and let downs of snow and that was all. Weather definitely screwed up... probably permanently... after a week of hard, cold and snow, it has been a nice 60 and blue skies... they C-trailed the holy heck out of us prior to a huge drop in temp and SNOW... we got sick from the C-trails... head/sinus and coughing fits.

Friends have denied FU happened due to the technical savvy of the Japanese... don't think they'd keep from posting radiation damage or readings if it was really a disaster. Don't know myself. I do know it would be a great cover-like with San Onofre to allow the release of massive radioactive waste under the table move and blame it on the Japanese at FU... I am amazed that with so many reactors that electricity is so high... remember 'too cheap to meter'?

So Mr Spaghett...Solstice baby... are you saying you want some personal situations and reactions and realities to chew on in Master's absence? I wouldn't be doing any backflips or anything but I'd be in that pool and I would be probably last one in and last one out. hmmmm analyze that.

the gardener

PS-after lows of 13 and later teens, highs in 30s-lo 50s it has been like gorgeous days in May... grass is greening up-a few trees with their leaves still changing colors. yum

PSS-giggled all the way through 'Sandy Man'... and Mark-I saw your Mr Apocalypse remark at DM and gave it a big green UP... lol I dumped my cookies-will go hit it again!

Wagging my own moon doggie as fast as I can <3

Steve said...

Pierre the nuances are a mine field to be sure, Niel, much love and the "guy who sent me an email" your never to old (grin) Hi, and thanks for swimming with me.

Being as this is a conversation started with the aim of understanding and growth I am ready and willing to find mistakes and to make changes in my way of thinking and being. Or more to the point, I am ready to drop old habits so as to become closer to a way of Being. Or at least, try.

I don't expect to enter into Buddha hood by the end of this post, even though I know it is possible. Enlightenment is like death, in that It's just waiting for us at any moment. It's unlike death in that we would benefit to work toward it.

I would like to write a verse from a book that literally saved my ass years ago, The book is called "Our Mission Part 4" Writen by Kundali Dasa. If you can find an electronic copy online anywhere I would love to know of its existence, cheers. It used to be hosted at

Chapter 8 Having and Being (part 3)


"In the having mode there is no real exchange of information. Each party identifies with there opinion and what matters and is to have more reasonable arguments to defend that opinion. Neither expects to change. Each is afraid to change, because the opinion is a possession and loosing it means an impoverishment for the owner, a loss of selfhood. This mode of discourse, in which the parties are focused on winning more than agreeing on the truth is called vitanda, it is debate in the mode of passion. Here the goal is to win, not to grow in understanding. (and this is the kicker) But one may not be conscious that one has this orientation."

(brackets mine) If you want to learn more on the having and being modes you can try Having and Being by Eric Fromm

There is infinite information we can "have" online. But what does it serve beyond the point of understanding the surroundings that we are born into so as we can better let it go and become our own true self in unity with the cosmos?

This can work the other way as well in that we can chat and agree all day with someone who has the same "property structure". We can agree, yes, yes, yes that is right, yes, and still not find the truth in the sense that neither changes. We can read Visibles work and go yes and yes with the filter phenomenon turned up high and grow and change little. Speedy for the energetic simply means (among many things) laying yourself bare to the truth and enormity of our situation and saying I don't know, but I am willing to change. It's fucking HUGE and there is just one power that permeates and rules, brings forth and dissolves all other power millennia after millennia. We are It in quality that same power but It holds the Quantity card and therefore is worthy of our deepest respect.

It is almost impossible to put into words and is going nowhere but within struggling for an outlet in a world that is afraid.
We can talk about It though, introspect, let go and grow.

Hare Krishna!!!

Anonymous said...

"Go to the old folks homes and study the generally inevitable result of life."
That one sentence should be sufficient for so many of us, if we could only comprehend the weight of it.

Steve said...

Mrs Gardener, I'm cold now, gunna get out and go to bed. Will hop back in in the morning, not sure if i'll dive in the deep end, or slink in at the shallow end? I trust you will still be swimming :-)

niijii said...

Hey helpless brothers, I’m talking to thee
Forget Indian summer and your dreams of the sea
I was confiding in the toilet, you see I’m a prisoner of war
My echo said, stop me if you’ve heard this one before
If you want to get laid go strut for the bomb
Because everybody wants her and no one is wrong

What color is the ocean after the oil
It’s the color of the sky cooked in aluminum foil
But the Shakespeare cape with the tattered seams
Suits a prince just fine when he’s suicidal and mean
So go find me a father who needs to be killed
And a mother who cheats and some blood can be spilled

Briefing the murderer under a bulb
The lawyer asked the maggot don’t you want to get old?
Because you can go down dignified and pay for your sins
Or you can learn to lean on me and everybody wins
So tell me whose your uncle and how do you plead?
Don’t look down at your shoes kid, it’s time to look up to me

If you can’t see my mirror I cannot see you
That’s what the officer explained to the Jew
But maybe the lines which define us are just ditches in our heads
Besides I never had the privilege of any brown sugar in my bed
But I’ve been to the doctor and he swears he can fix my nose
So I traded in my bible for a catalog of clothes

The Noble Lady, Noble Savage, Noble Negro, Noble Poor
They don’t cruise the boulevard on their halos anymore
They were forced underground when the towers collapsed
For carrying an imaginary cross on their backs
But don’t worry they’ve been beaten, sterilized and cannot breed
They sing Home on the Range around a barrel in Queens

Well here’s to the era fill in the blank
And to all of the terror-filled lives of the saints
And to Aesop, Confucius, Aristotle and Calvin
And to the marble pillars that humored cuckolded Samson
As for me I was betrayed the moment I asked myself, why?
When I put down my basket of berries and stared up at the sky

Where’s my medicine, my sweet medicine?
All of this time I thought I was fine
Until I woke up trying to crawl out of my skin
Tell me, where’s my medicine?

Simon Joyner – Medicine Blues

Anonymous said...

Billy Ellipseer.

Between you and me, Les, got kicked off youtube for the (final) time, they have a problem with the "gay gestapo" references at the Rove, Cheney and John Bairds of Canada running the world into the abyss and people who don't actually like seeing that happen.

To hell with them. I myself hate having relations that are not within squeezing distance, but the satanists are starting to speed things up..

Billy G.

Anonymous said...

They did it to us again...

NAZA (um, I mean NASA) and the Mars Curiosity Rover Hoax (Wagging the Mars Doggie) -

This video is pretty funny; it is an actual NAZA (oops, I mean NASA) press conference, about the Mars landings, with a background laugh track added -

Anonymous said...

To the paid muddying shill @10:06,

So you are working for those whose Holohoax is falling apart faster than you can say Auschswitz?

If a true Khazarian hoax is being revealed why not try to confuse the masses by disinformation about a true global tragedy?

Poison the well of true information when the lies of the holocaust begin to reach the waking masses.

I trust they are paying you well. Sleep well at night do you?

Qui bono?

Anonymous said...

The greatest trick the devil ever achieved was convincing people that he doesn't exist.

Nuclear material is the devils tool. It will kill you five ways to Sunday.

The stool sculpture deity cult trolls are trying to convince the people nuclear energy and bombs don't exist.

Being forewarned is being prepared.

est said...

well somebody is piling
the bullshit pretty high

do you think we're fuckin' stupid ?
along the same lines i'm sorry

but to any of you that think the
government is dosing us from the air,

i would say 'their' only interest
is profit and - chem-trailin'

is a totally inefficient way
to poison us all - costs too much

fluoride - bad [ubiquitous]
haarp - not possible [in my view]

did i leave anything out ?
oh yeah - is it real's ? - toast

Steve said...

Ahh pierre,

I haven't read one and 2 in years. I lent them out and they never came back. Number 3 I cant remember what happened to it?
His last one was the best from what i remember, well the best written and it is nice to watch him grow as a writer as they progress.

I remember when I met him he told me that his book "The Nectar of Discrimination" was the best. It was one of his first books, before the Our Mission series. I couldn't understand, as the O.Mish. goes into such deep analytical understanding of our times in relation to group and individual dynamics, it seemed better researched, better presentation. Where as the N.o.D was a short treatise on the three modes of material nature as mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. His answer was, and I'm paraphrasing here, "That the psychoanalytic musings of our time here on Earth now, are just that, here and now. Where as the Three modes of Nature permeate the entire material creation as long as it exists. So this knowledge can be used in other lifetimes, on other planets. It can be carried with us and used as a road map, wherever we may end up according to our accumulated desires."

I find it difficult to get a visceral understanding of the 3 modes, The three Gunas, sattva, rajas, and tamas. There is a doorway through this knowledge though, if one can understand it at a working level. It lies with seeing them in within yourself. Introspection.
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

via kathy
It is a mess here in Emperor Mike's fiefdom. Fires, down trees, empty stores, flooded everything. Is it a pox on us? Perhaps. I'm the only one with power for blocks around. Maybe somebody has my back.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Cap'n, Hare Krishna!

Best of health to you and your son!

"Just as a painter applies different blends of the primary colors to produce a masterpiece on canvas, so the Lord uses the gunas as a palette for universal creation."

Steven A. Schmierer said...

There are some who claim that the greatest trick the "devil" ever pulled was convincing the world that "he" doesn't exist, even though this is not a Bible quote and therefore has no Scriptural authority. This is like saying the greatest trick Bigfoot ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. I dare say that the greatest trick the "devil" ever pulled was convincing the world that "he" is something other than what the Bible clearly identifies "him" as, which is not an individual, but a collective.

Anonymous said...

Patience conscious lustre
Shadows fallen gloom
In pathways through the midnight
Flustered heart parading blooms
Shining love of upways mountain
calling path of natures wake
Pouting all of alls assemblance
Resonate and lift and shake
Dreaming moons that wander
In vines of heavens pull
Engaged unto the sunlight
in songs that open all
rising on the livened wind
Weave oceans from the lips
Stirring through eternity
Where all hearts uplift


preacher said...


Astrology Forecast for November 2012

"The manner in which Life will be working this month will be by showing us our deepest fears."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @10:06

Your shill routine has gotten old in record time.

Nobody's buying your line of crap.

Stop being a ziofuckwit or, at least, go be a ziofuckwit elswhere.


Anonymous said...

If somebody believes nuclear power is real, and posts information that supports that view, well, that's fine. If somebody thinks it isn't real, and provides evidence that it's a scam, well, that should be fine, too. We should all be free to make up our own minds about everything, and question everything, and lay any evidence out that we feel will help others draw their own conclusions. We have all been fooled by lies shoved down our throats by the MSM, our religious overlords, our educational overlords, and our political overlords for far too long now. So...whenever "people" at truther boards blast others for posting evidence about any subject at all, you have to question the motives of those "people". Shoveling shit at someone for questioning official dogma of ANY kind, is a curious activity for someone who is supposedly at a truther board, looking for truth, and discussing the truth. And that's how you spot the shills, kids. The open-minded will not assault you for questioning ANYTHING. The closed-minded (i.e., the paid shills, and/or the programmed, unwitting shills) will assault you for discussing anything but a very limited number of "appropriate" topics, especially if you dare to voice opinions that run contrary to their own...and, of course, whenever they assault you for questioning things, you can bet your ass that the scant few perspectives regarding the topics that they feel are acceptable to bleat on and on about, are likely to be bogus, too. It's a math thing. Hope this wakes some of you up. If it doesn't, that's fine. Everything is fine. Either we are free to speak freely, or we aren't. I choose the latter. I hope you will, too. Because if you don't, like it or not, the truth is not something that you are likely to ever encounter...and you will forever be chugging somebody else's Kool-Aid...

est said...

if knowledge means to know
and ignorance means to ignore

once you know what the truth is
what can you be fighting for?

we fight for understanding
in a world that's full of fear

it's not the unknown that might kill us
but the known so close and near

if we've taken a bite [from the fruit]
of the tree of knowledge
[against the best of advice]

we'll be cast out of the garden
and into an endless night

and if we don't stop them
cain will kill abel

and this play will
come 'round again

i'm not alone
when i ask 'my lord'
will this ever end ?

not till we see
all men are brothers
[that includes the sisters too]

and we treat each other like our mothers
the way our father would do

Clarity said...

kathy, I was thinking of you and hoping that you were doing well. We lost power for 2 1/2 days. My brother just got his back yesterday, and my mom is still without.

The new fun is the gas situation. First, the price made an 80 cents/gal. jump. Today, most gas stations have "No gas" signs, and the rest have ridiculously long lines, most with at least one police officer there.

I just saw this, on the latest from your Emperor Mike.

No school all week. (I'm not complaining...)

Let me know if you need anything. I'm not too far from you.


Anonymous said...

I never fully appreciate Visible, until he goes away for a protracted period of time, and I am stuck with reading the's to hoping he comes back soon!

Clarity said...

@kathy - just got a notification that the marathon has been cancelled. Hmm....

Neil, saw your message on PD (?). One line, but a poem in itself. Beautiful! Thank you, and keep shining your light.

mike m, you know I love your comments. You have a great way with words when it comes to truth. Don't stop!

To the gardener, your posts are always interesting and informative, but lately, I have felt a different (good) energy from you. I wish I had learned about astrology but I didn't, so the info. you share is helpful for me.

Fud, maybe a good "sign"?

Cap'n Spadgett, I like how you tried to do be productive here in Vis' absence. I'm still trying to find the pool. BTW, my birthday just passed, and I am now legally old enough to drink. I would love to buy you a beer on your bday! ;) (Maybe I'll buy one for myself too, and for a special someone who thinks that beer in a particular place is too expensive...)

preacher, thanks for the November Astrology Forecast link - many connections there for me.

Sim, thank you for keeping things running here while Vis is away. :)


Nate said...

@anon at 2:29:00 AM

I would suggest that you check out this site.
The author is a Japanese self chosen evacuee.
I'm would assume you will just write it off as him being delusional.
Interested to read your response after spending some time reading what the author has presented.

peace out

preacher said...

Hurricane Sandy Destroys Trillions Of Dollars Of Securities But That’s No Big Deal

Glad to read you are o.k. and happy to read I could contribute...

Ray B. said...

anony-mouse October 30 10:43:00 AM & 9:10:00 PM & October 31 10:06:00 PM & (probably) 11:26:00 PM & November 02 2:29:00 AM :

"...nuclear power is fiction, all the way, from the Hiroshima bombings to Chernobyl. In short, that type of power doesn't exist and never has."

"NAZA (um, I mean NASA) and the Mars Curiosity Rover Hoax..."

There was a character late in the "X-Files" series that was a government shill being paid to simply stir up the waters. He was good at it, and enjoyed his job. I presume you are also enjoying your job.

In addition to muddying waters, the job of a good shill is to paint current readers as 'lunatic fringe' types and drive off new readers who might potentially have their eyes opened. I expect you are good at this, also.

Finally, the job of a good shill is to absorb so much page space that current readers simply give up in disgust and go on to other blogs. I can see that you are good at this, also.

There. You have been praised - not criticized - for what you are doing. Enjoy the glow...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Nate said...

Damn, 14 hrs yesterday took it's toll.
Dream on dude!

Maybe you are from a parallel universe, and you just woke up here.

Sorry about your luck!


insiam said...

nate 11.39 pm...

So Nate, if the nuclear thing was a scam - according to your level of thinking just because this guy you mention has a blog, means it must be as it is said to be. Wow, how narrow is that!

I have always accepted that the nuce thing as it has been laid out. But there lies the problem. What is the problem with questioning anything you previously accepted on blind faith.

Is the sun a nuclear furness - no fucking way in my opinion. do you think it is and if so why?

PS i am not really questioning wether nuc power is or is not as portrayed. I am questioning your attack (you and others) on anyone that dares to say the world is round.

Anonymous said...

I just figure, hey, I don't know everything. Maybe nuke power is real. But I have laid out a lot of evidence here (provided by numerous links to some interesting stuff), that might hint otherwise. For this I am condemned. Kids, it's simple, like I said. If somebody is here to find truth, they won't care what others post. Perhaps a discussion will be had. Weighing the evidence for and against. But that doesn't happen here, do you see? It's just, slam-slam-slam, you are a shill, a Hasbara troll, etc. Hey. When I read that kind of crap, I figure I'm barking up the right tree about nuke power being a scam. Otherwise, why would anybody utilize such heavy-handed tactics. As long as you keep the discussion centered around Israel being the source of the world's problems, you're okay here. Start questioning other aspects of reality, and you are condemned. It's a bit obvious, and a bit ridiculous if you ask me. But hey. Make up your own minds. The last thing you want to do is get into an argument with the galactically brain-dead or paid guns for hire. So, that's why I don't argue. Maybe what I post might wake a couple of you up - hey, that's why I bother. The rest? I mean, I could care if I'm liked or admired. So you kids put your thinking caps on and make up your own minds. And don't let online bully-boys shove you around. Nobody wins by swallowing lies presented as truth. Nobody but a paid gun would ferret out anybody and everybody who strays from the party line, just to bitch-slap them and then pile on. It's called logic. Buenas noches.

Anonymous said...'s an interesting video for anyone who is interested in exploring some more information the nuclear power hoax. It's a video about Galen Winsor, a nuclear physicist, who exposed the nuclear power fear-mongering scam back in the mid-1980's -

From the video notes (found at the above link):

Galen Winsor is a nuclear physicist of renown who worked at, and helped design, nuclear power plants in Hanford, WA; Oak Ridge, TN; Morris, IL, San Jose, CA; Wimington, NJ. Among his positions of expertise he was in charge of measuring and controlling the nuclear fuel inventory and storage.

Galen Winsor has traveled and lectured all over America, spoken on national talk radio, and made several videos exposing the misunderstood issues of nuclear radiation. He shows that fear of radiation has been exaggerated to scare people … so a few powerful people can maintain total control of the world’s most valuable power resource. Filmed by Ben Williams in 1986.

In the video, you can watch Galen lick a pile of highly radioactive uranium off the palm of his hand and ignite a chunk of plutonium into a shower of flaming dust. The guy also drank reactor cooling pool water for fun and liked to go swimming in the pool to relax. He also spiked the basement flooring of his own home with enough radioactive material to send any Geiger counter reading off the scale to disprove the fear mongering surrounding radon at the time.


Being a nuclear physicist, Galen Winsor probably knows a little bit more about this subject than we do. Interesting video...

Anonymous said...

Surely if nothing else we are but the stirring chalice of our own elixir
Flying birds on a template of harmonic tribulations walking through a forest of abundant abundance abundantly abundinating in abundance
Consumed by wasted wastelands of wasted waiting
Weighed down by the future in a cloudy past on a signal
Of signifying that is totally significant and all knowing,,,,
Refining postures of enhancing nterludes,,ebbing and waning,waxing and flowing,dreaming dreams of immensity through the sound of our own misunderstanding at face value or non value mirroring a mirror in a hall of mirroring in an umirrored state,
Or blooming flowers flowering the flower of life,pure living
Under the mystery of the unknown

I don't know either,buts it's nice having a look

Anonymous said...

Could we be the dispossession of our own dispossession
Possessed in possession of possessing,,,in a disposessed state,,,,
Uncomposed,,composing compositions from the future back to the past,,,to the now
Playing on the sweetened vibrance poured from the lips of understanding,,in waves of eternity pulling through time,,,


Mouser said...

Here is a short and very informative summary of all that is.

He convincingly argues that 9/11 was the beginning of the retake of America by the eight families who are usually referred to as TPTB.

The article is a succinct and incredibly accurate synopsis of exactly what is happening around the world.

We are indeed slaves until we decide not to be.

Zionism is the tool of TPTB to perpetually enslave us ad infinitum and ad nauseum.

Anonymous said...

Let's hear from a ziofuckwit troll who thinks the holocaust was faked.


Anonymous said...

M 3:56 pm ,

Don't you mean,
(Let's hear from a ziofuckwit troll who thinks the holocaust was Real.?)

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

I'd sure like to know how much mass the sun has lost by turning it's mass to energy, for the whole 4.5 billion years of it's existence. And, what would that loss of mass do to the orbits of the planets? Surely, they will say that the sun has lost a mere pittance of it's mass, but the orbits of the planets should have also been affected by that same mere pittance.

These bozos don't even know why light travels through space. It seems like there should have been a question if it travels through space at all, before einstein jumped on his light wave riding mental masturbation experiment. An electron exists at one energy level or another and nowhere in between, they say. Sounds like harmonics to me.

They don't even know why they can't seperate a magnetic North from a magnetic South. They cut them in half and the counterpart always grows back. It seems a huge stretch to arrive at the conclusions that they do.

Hasbara. Hash abarah. A sophist at the crossroads. It's what they do. There are hasbaras all through history and especially the last 100 years, where science is concerned.

The experimentor is part of the experiment?? WTF is this? That's like saying horses talk, except when people are around. And they build on that...

Do better than those 2 lounge chair superfluous cynics at that forum you posted.

preacher said...

Mae West Meets Mister Ed

Anonymous said...

A proclamation dousing in a profundity of swirling wander
Interweaving interwoveness
Resonating on a harpsichord made
Spoken in permeations of origin


Anonymous said...

Monkeys doodle their dingles
While an Easter egg grins
And over the rainbow a mist appears
As the gremlins choke on thick wads of Cap'n Crunch
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!
We will meet together on the bridge of size
When Mr. Apocalypse takes down the trolls
With his gigantic walking stick
Fly, Easter Bunny, fly to Zeus!
Chicken! Chicken BOCKKKKK!

Nate said...

Sorry I stepped on anybodies toes.
It's touch and go here watching the best dog I have ever been blessed with lose mobility and start down that road. All I can do is keep her as comfortable as possible.
Honestly, I could give a rats ass what anyone else thinks.

insiam said...

Sorry to hear about your dog Nate.

This animated movie from the 80s may make some think of how they ramped up the fear using the nuke threat from the Ruskys - before we changed to the the new threat. it is a very good easy watch :)

When the Wind Blows

est said...

"Let me retell
A story of old
About a man named Moses
Who lived long ago
He prophicied good
He prophicied bad
And now that prophecy's
Coming to pass

Let all your sons, and your daughters
Of the golden calf
Lay down your burden of sorrow
Lay down your burden of hurt
Lay it all down, for paradise here on earth

A whole lot of people, including myself
Thought the story of Moses was just a tall tale
But all of the things that we see going on
Are just what Moses set down

Let all your sons, and your daughters
Of the golden-yeah
Lay down your burden of sorrow
Lay down your burden of hurt
Lay it all down, for paradise here on earth

Let me retell
A story I know
About a man named Moses
Who lived long ago
He prophicied good
He prophicied bad
And now that prophecy's
Coming to pass

Let all your sons, and your daughters
Of the golden-yeah
Lay down your burden of sorrow
Lay down your burden of hurt
Lay down your burden of sorrow
Lay down your burden of hurt
Lay down your burden of sorrow
Lay down your burden of hurt
I just can't imagine a reason for sorrow
Just can't imagine the hurt

You've got to lay it down
You've got to lay it down
You've got to lay it down
You've got to lay it down
I said lay down your burden of sorrow
Lay down your burden of hurt
Lay down your burden of sorrow
There's just no reason to hurt

You've got to lay down your burden of sorrow
Lay down your burden of hurt
I said
Lay it all down, for paradise here on earth"

bob welch
fleetwood mac

DaveR said...

By arguing against something you give it importance and energy.

Mouse said...

Rothschild zionist moneychanger collapse and geopolitical Syrian terrorists.

The truth.

Anonymous said...

Masonic teardrops
Zionist pain
Colonial dehumanising
Finance estranged
Deception shattering
Evils thrust torn
The lifeless construction
Fascism unformed
A flash through the midnight
Empires dispair
A consequence of greed
Wickedness and no care
Where rare flowers open
In loves ancient hold
Rising inner sequences
Where heavens unfold


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

some useful tips on how trolling and disinfo can seek to ruin a forum (thru WRH)

Anonymous said...

pierre said (gopher mode)

@Cap'n Spag

#4 for purchase

(and no, I havent read 1-3, still sorting out the nazis (australian nationalism now) then back to Anthony Sutton and the Wall St behind the Rosseveltian New Deal (the third wall St backed socialist 'movement').

Visible said...

I'll be back this evening. Still in UK. You'll probably hear from me tomorrow. Be well all.


Anonymous said...


I hope you had a much better time of it in the U.K. than you did in Mexico.


Anonymous said...

They gave me the spirit of the stars
and ground me to dust,,
into beginning,, into precious jewels
hung around the neck of the living of livingness
And spoke me into the wind,,,
Charging like a thousand lions into resonance
Gently grazed on a tip of fire along the moon
Streaks of color bathed into luminous pearls
Strung on Currents of dragons
Wild into furious waves spun on a thunderbolt
Up into the pages of heavens
Sweeping calling changing filled with the century's
Blown on the brim on an abstract spark
Into harmony


Anonymous said...

How are the Greeks ever ever in the world going to pay that money,,,no one has a job,to pay taxes,,people need a job,so they earn money to pay taxes,,,,,
This has gone on long enough,,,
bankers have got to go,,,
No more,,,
I cannot watch my brothers and sisters everywhere in the world suffering like this,,it is pure evil,,,to watch and do nothing,,,,
Bankers you are diseased,,,you have brain fungus lost heart,, your heart is dead,,dead dead dead
You are broken into broken into broken into broken,,,


Anonymous said...

The wild spirit graced and opened
Wombing emanated fountains
Lit into lighted pathways
patterns of corncircles
Stretching into hummingbirds
Paving fire water earth,into wind
into oceans of absolution of totality
Songs of lightning through the wheels of a rainbow
Raising the heart to the mind
Woven in root of mountains in braids
Through the circulation of everywhere
On an instance caught on the lips of eternity
Pouring through a flower


Anonymous said...

Less is more.

I don't which is worse, Bruce Springsteen pretending to be trying to be hitting the hard notes for hard currency, or Steve Tyler still pretending he has the touch.


Visible said...

Well, I am back. See you all tomorrow. Strange days, to be sure. I wasn't sure I would make it back but I did. It is real fucking strange out there. I won't be able to talk about it but that shouldn't be a problem for the rest of you. The good news is standard operating procedure come the AM my time. I've never missed anyone like I have missed you, my friends, all things considered. Like I said, see you tomorrow. We'll get into my trip at Origami. Petri Dish is up next and not the place for it. Hang in there. Truth will out.

Anonymous said...


Bruce is harder to take, much more so. Almost as hard as Mick Jagger.

Steven Tyler & Aerosmith are what they are-- a song and dance act. They're good at what they do, in their 'American Rolling Stones' mode of presentation. I much prefer listening to a latter-day Aerosmith than a latter-day Rolling Jagger Kidney Stones Revue however.

Aerosmith has aged well by the standards of Fossil Rock. Tyler may not be able to hit the high notes but he doesn't cut a ridiculous figure on stage when singing 'Dream On'. The same can't be said for Mick Jagger singing 'Satisfaction' or any number of Stones tunes (i.e. 'Street Fighting Man' et al ad nauseum). Not to mention Paul Beatle singing 'Get Back'.

The kidney Stones have been phoning it in since 1981.

Multi millionare-5-star luxury-loving-Bruce is a song and dance man who somehow has never figured out that it isn't 1975 anymore. He still thinks that he's politically relevant.


Anonymous said...

A car with lady k as a number plate passed me this morning,,,jews,,masons sorry i meant dominatrix masons,(nott manly p hall or the real ones) the ones who have vested interest in keeping the world enslaved bit like the catholic church,,royal aristocratic elite,,jews and anyof the past slave mongers that do not know themselves or god or goodness,,,or love ,,,,
Also the other day two clouds in the shape of horses,looking at each other,,slap straight in the middle of the sky in front of everyone working subliminal messages through everything
Masons been all over the place round here,,
It's been a crazy week
Would of been good to see you lord vis,,but alas,,,

Respects neil

preacher said...

Welcome back!
You've been missed too; just stating the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Did say a long time ago this place is the belly of the beast,,,,
Orks took over England a long time ago,,,
Tolkien knew,,,
England is under a wicked wicked spell,
You have to get out and see other things
then come back,,it will suddenly dawn on you
What the Jewish corporate banking inbred evil
Has done,,,,most people unable to deal with the shere immensity of the situation,,the others have a vested interest in the scam ,,,,,,Basically hell really


Steve said...

First up, greetings and good to see you back Vis, Aloha.

Ms Gardener,
Sorry I didn't reply to you earlier but have been busy, busy. And sometimes the words just are not there? I'm not sure what I was asking for but I feel I received it. I got to express, (or maybe purge is a better word) some of my thoughts and I am grateful there is this sp[ace to do that as I find it doesn't come around that often in the day to day.
Another was a short email conversation with a friend that finished something like this
"A couple of things: 'dying before you die' is a reality and a true thing, reported in many cultures and traditions. The advaita (Ramana, etc.) process of unwavering, unrelelenting 'Who am I?' focus clears out a lot of shit, and the answer is not a definable 'thing'. It's bigger than that. And your point of 'help from others' is also key. We all got loads of 'invisible friends' and identifying them and giving recognition and honor is important and works wonders. My 'giving up' thing is like acknowledging I have no hope of accomplishing 'the work' on my own, and turning it over to the invisible and the higher. I guess that's another way of saying surrender, but surrender seems to happen in stages, ever deeper and deeper, like the kinds of initiations we used to have when we were living in true spiritual societies. Holding that space of 'liberation' doesn't necessarily mean constant, but we always return, more quickly each time we waver, and besides...we can never 'go back' once we've set foot on the path."
I love you, and I love you all for the unique, varied and thoughtful contributions around here. Blessings.

Pierre in (gopher mode)
I have been looking for that book for years and you find it a couple of days. Gracious.

I would recommend this series for anyone wishing a better understanding of not throwing the baby out with the bath water.


Anonymous said...

pierre said....
might pop this one in here.
from Our Mission 2 - Kundali Dasa

"About hope, a seventeenth century Jesuit monk left us this salutary caution: "Hope by itself, is a great falsefier. Let good judgment keep her in check." In my exhorting you, therefore, to think of Krsna consciousness as effortful instead of effortless, let's not forget that desiring the grace of Krsna is not in question. Indeed grace and works go side by side in His devotional service.
Saints have expressed this in different ways. Augustine said, "Pray as if everything depends on God; work as if everything depends on you;" Ignatius Loyola advised similarly, "Use human means as though divine ones didn't exist, and divine means as though there were no human ones;" and our Srila Prabhupada said: "It is alright to pray for Krsna's mercy, as long as your prayer is accompanied by your endeavor." and the Spanish say, "Pray to God, but hammer away. . .." Essential truth spoke conscisely is true eloquence, indeed. We have books with prayers, or exclusively on prayer. This book is exclusively on hammering. . "
speedy for the energetic....

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Nothing is more energetic and to the point than the vani of Srila Prabhupada himself. (vaniseva)

So superb to be offered these to aid in living.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Inward and Outward Bound, Somewhere or Other.

Anonymous said...

You know what, Les.. if America had any sense of right and wrong, I mean any.. they would take CNN's Wolf Blitzer and John King, Anderson Cooper and that dildo strapping Limmey Quest out right now into the park and blow their brains out with extreme prejudice of a Hitler. Sadly, we are talking a nation that cheers jerry Springer 250 pound 19 year-old's who cut up sex dolls. America is a lost cause.

Nearly 7 years ago, a chunk of dental molding on the U.S Supreme Court fell to the stairs, an omen.

9:30 Equal Justice For All went bye-bye, and Italy's Neptune (that same day) in Forence 2005, broke off.

"Live free or Die" Got it?


Anonymous said...

Losing my..



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