Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hell's Cuisinart and the Devil's Chosen Children

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

First, a belated apology for being very plain spoken lately. My personality and presentation are solely dictated by the nature of the forces acting on me internally. It changes and evolves according to what 'seems' to be necessary. I struggle every day to be a better person but... as most readers can tell you, nothing is harder than when you are trying to change. When you are not trying to change, there's no problem and that is why most people go with the flow of a locked in persona, seeking it's Peter Principle.

Mr. Apocalypse possesses a sense of humor and this is an important thing to remember. I was told that Mr. Apocalypse was going to shake things up in a very funny way on occasion. There is an old saying, “Laugh at the devil and he will disappear”. The devil can't stand ridicule. Well, one of my presumptions about things coming, is that Mr. Apocalypse is going to make known personalities, sick of their tawdry and superficial acts. Some of you may be fans of these twits and, in that case, I suggest you go to Twitter and let the world know about your appreciation of meat dresses and floor mop hair. That's fine if you're the Beatles, because talent and meaning are involved. I'm talking about 'too cute for school'. In any case TPTW, manufacture the entertainment, somewhere in an underground laboratory, in a Tavistock Disney-world, just as they did when they brought out those Mouseketeers, Britney Spears, Christine Aguilera and Justin Timberlake. On the other side of the pond, a tad earlier, they bookended these horrific, aspartame Frankensteins with The Spice Girls. This is what they wanted for a certain segment of the white audience. The other manufactured tastes were being handled by Rap, which stretched across the color board and worked as an ongoing asset for the private prison industry, as well as for cultural breakdown and the promotion of a police state.

These modalities can be clearly seen, if one can clearly see. The result of the efforts of the reptile elite in respect of the crumbling infrastructure, both real and cultural, can easily be seen. More and more, bizarre events are becoming commonplace. This is related to Mr. Apocalypse's sense of humor, although not everyone will find these things funny. Somebody actually died of a heart attack during this event.

The most powerful and prevailing problem in the American consciousness, is 'cognitive disconnect'. I am continuously amazed; stunned by the inability of so many people, unable to see what is going on around them, unable to connect the dots, concerning the pernicious influence of Israel and their stone cold culpability, for having engineered the 9/11 attacks. I'm dismayed by the collective sidestepping of this issue on the part of the majority of the alternative press. It is shameful and embarrassing and you know who you are. Some of you are reading these words. If you don't have the courage to speak the truth, to speak truth to power, then you also lack the protections necessary to be able to do it and you lack the security of being protected, against the ever, on going shitstorm, being whipped up in Hell's Blender by The Devil's Chosen Children. I used to hold you in contempt but now I feel nothing but pity, tinged with disgust.

In the NFL lately, every player is wearing a cute little pink ribbon and all manner of pink accessories. The coaches, owners and fans are all wearing cute little pink ribbons having to do with that money mill, posing as a charity for breast cancer. The real breast cancer is taking place in the central organ at that location. Cancer is easily treated by any number of natural means that have been demonstrated in recent times. The breast cancer vampires want nothing to do with actual cures. They have a multimillion dollar industry going on. Actual cures are definitely NOT on the menu. Cancers are created by multinational corporations, who ALSO own the medical industry and all of the affiliates that feed off of this lucrative phenomenon.

Psychopathic suits, congregate in private rooms and brainstorm how to turn a larger profit from anything, anything that can generate a profit. These are bottom line, don't give a fuck, monsters. They sit around and reasonably and rationally discuss terrible, anti life possibilities that support their agenda. Word comes down from the dung that also rises; “Here's our concern, find some way to make this happen. Don't worry about the legal end, we own that sector”. None of this would be possible, if those in the middle and on the bottom, weren't solely focused on getting their own end covered in the process. These policies are guaranteed death but those dying can't make the connection, due to the cognitive disconnect. They are directly engaged in their own destruction. They might as well just shoot themselves in the head. It would be quicker and less painful. They are killing their families and their friends, in this collective conspiracy of ignorance, topped with stupidity, like a cherry on some dreadful sundae.

When you point out to them the very real and irrefutable truth of this, they react with all the denial necessary for them to continue on the wide highway to destruction. They call you names. They marginalize and maroon you in the wilderness, as you seek to help them and then run for the poisonous teat of their principal abusers. They scream out for a more restrictive confinement and a deeper darkness. For some reason they feel secure there. It's like some kind of hidey hole for a small woodland creature. When you've got the brain of a chipmunk, you might as well have the living environment that goes with it. As I've already said, I'm amazed; stunned, flat out amazed, at the moronic and transparent ways that people set about deceiving themselves and... they don't care. They don't look at the detailed picture of 9/11 and how truly absurd the official story is. They don't care how many times Bin Laden gets killed. They just sit there like the Nimrods and Nodwells that they are, transfixed by the banal words of their glorious leaders. They snort and laugh, when you tell them that their glorious leaders are base traitors, who are wholly owned, by the nastiest collection of savages on the Earth. They are indifferent to the obvious voter fraud. After all, it's 50-50 that it might help their guy. Tens of millions of people voted for George W. Bush. Now, college educated folks, many of them temporarily prosperous, are going to vote for Mitt Romney. Others will vote for Bwak! Obama. Some of these people are certainly in a position to see what is going on. Why do they not see it? Self interest is a part of that and lacking a moral compass is the other part. They think themselves moral, except when some exception becomes necessary and desirable and then they have access to a vast reservoir of justifications. When you are not honest with yourself, you are also at the mercy of all kinds of lies and deceptions that are designed to compromise you.

There is a cloud of unknowing that enswathes the body public. They dwell in there with the pizza commercials and network TV. They got Clear Channel on the car radio. They get Zionized on Sirius network and cable by hugely successful comedians, whose purpose and intent is anything but funny.

The thing that most people don't get, because most people don't think about it in the first place, is that Mr. Apocalypse is exceedingly more powerful than any force that might seek to resist him. There's no way that the gathered force, of every inimical agent of the darkness, all focused at the same time, can have any effective impact, against the irresistible changes that looms on the horizon. It's a fool's gambit to oppose what cannot be opposed and which is operating for your benefit in the first place. Well, stupid is as stupid does.

I don't know how many knocks on the head it is going to take. I don't know to what dire extremity humanity must be rendered to, for it to wake up. I do know that they will wake up, whether it is through the burning bed scenario, or something more serendipitous, should the cosmos be of a mind to extend some measure of mercy. For myself and others, we simply go on, doing what we do. We are no more likely to relent than they are.

One of the most important possessions anyone can have, is personal integrity. If you sell out for any number of pedestrian reasons then you will have a pedestrian destiny. The days march on. The Earth rotates. The seasons come and go and there are all kinds of seasons. We are in the event horizon of a most rare and peculiar season. No one knows what the outcome of that is going to be, since hardly anyone knows who they are in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

Just carrying on,,persevering,,, giving our utmost,,that should be enough,,,,how ever small that is,,,
As with homers story of the spider and Rama,,,
Hobbits don't ever give up,their spirit won't allow that,,,nor do little people
They just go on and on,,,Till the jobs done,,
Oh good wolf story over at zen Gardner today,,,
And lord vis,I am sorry for my ventures into the pop arts,,,
They don't mean to be,,

Respect neil

Anonymous said...

Synchronicity strikes again!

Just this morning my wife was asking me for a few bucks to give to a nurse she works with who is taking cancer research donations. After handing it over, I mentioned that it's all a racket and they're making tons of money off of stuff like this.

The nurse mentioned above has a husband who is going through chemotherapy now, so I don't blame her for trying to do something as he is not doing well.

I then mentioned that you had written a while back about taking mollasses and baking soda when you had cancer and that cured it. Can I ask you Vis, how much of those 2 ingredients did you take and how often.

I'd like to pass that info along to my wife's coworker to help her husband.

Jim in FL

Visible said...

Jim in Fla, I've never had cancer, so I've never done that cure. A simple Google search will come up with the proportions and you can look into tumeric and there are other things as well. Maybe some of our 'informed readers' will flesh is out for you.

JerseyCynic said...

if only mr. apocalypse could just hit a "reset" button for now. it's truly become a dog eat dog environment. i'm still trying to get over my home inspection last night with the golden retriever rescue folks. I was not aware that the majority of these dogs come from arkansas, etc.... by the truck loads... on a weekly basis. HOW can so many people give up these dogs, I ask... well, apparently many families in the area just have these dogs around to get pregnant so they can teach their youngins where "babies" come from and then afterwards, they just let the dogs go wild to fend for themselves.

i feel so hopeless today.

I felt so good yesterday

Visible said...

If you have already read the post, then you will miss the link I just put in there so, go watch this video. I just listened to my song for the day and the video inexplicably came up after it. Might be Sims doing. Much as I detest and dislike Bill Maher, he's on the right side of the equation here and so are these other actors.

Visible said...

This also just went into the post.

preacher said...

How To Make Baking Soda Molasses Cancer Protocol Solutions

Oh, and the crazy things people come up with these days:

Republican Candidate In Arkansas Says Parents Should Seek Death Penalty Against ‘Rebellious Children’

walter washco said...

Well said Vis, well said.

Anonymous said...

having a read about the ancient northerly cultures the other day and stumbled upon a woman called freyja Some of the things in her power ,,her representation in the archetypal structure how she came into being the family root and stuff,,it's really interesting to look at this after looking at the Some of the hindu texts also with the ancient Irish welsh Scottish ,,whole thing is fascinating ...seems,the Nordic story's also have in my opinion a version of the Hindu texts although the Hindu texts are vast and beyond my small understanding,,
I don't know maybe the Chaldean alphabet was actually the true meaning of the sounds from the original point or
had immense power attached to them,,,,
If this Kali yuga has been going on for 5000 years,,,,
Language has been changed to conceal things for that long
Maybe each sound at its ancient root that is concealed,is actually attached to the energetic structure of the cosmos
Each sound has a place in the stars ......?

I don't know......

And happy birthday venus love beauty girl x

Respect neil

Anonymous said...

"Squeal in the Sty"

(A musical parody based on "Wheel in the Sky", by Neal Schon, Diane Valory and Robert Fleischman, made popular by Journey.)

Payback is here, again, O Lord
Sold my home about a year ago, or more
But the banksters say I still owe them
Sent me a letter on a long, summer day
I made a paper plane and it just soared away
Oh it seems they can't find the mortgage holder...

Ooh, the squeal in the sty keeps affirmin'
The pigs are afraid of tomorrow
The squeal in the sty keeps affirmin'

Stuck their snouts inside too much ass
Now the universe is passing Karmic gas
Ooh, they can't take this very much longer...oh no
They're stranded inside of a holding pen
They thought it kept us out - but it just keeps them in
Kali Yuga is rising, it's blowing them all away...

Ooh, the squeal in the sty keeps affirmin'
The pigs are afraid of tomorrow
The squeal in the sty keeps affirmin'
Woah, oh-whoa-ohhh, oh-whoa-ohhh
Now, now, now, now...of tomorrow

Ooh, the squeal in the sty keeps affirmin'
The pigs are afraid of tomorrow
The squeal in the sty keeps affirmin'
Woah, oh-whoa-ohhh, oh-whoa-ohhh
My-my-my-my-my...of tomorrow

Ooh, the squeal in the sty keeps affirmin'
The pigs are afraid of tomorrow
The squeal in the sty keeps affirmin'
Ooh they're afraid, they're afraid

Ooh, the squeal in the sty keeps affirmin'
The pigs are afraid of tomorrow
The squeal in the sty keeps 'em yearnin'
Ooh they're afraid, they're afraid, they're afraid

The squeal in the sty keeps affirmin'
The pigs are afraid of tomorrow
Ooh the squeal in the sty keeps affirmin'
The squeal in the sty keeps affirmin'

Anonymous said...

Lady Ga-Gaaaarrrrgghhhhh!
And Justin Bieb-eeerrrgghhhhh! spewing up on stage...
Highly amusing..Har dee har har!!
Might be a case of a little too much of the old Columbian marching powder before the show.

Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do
When Mr Apocalypse come for you?

UselessEater U.K

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vis and Preacher for pointing me in the right direction regarding natural cancer cures! :)

Jim in FL

Anonymous said...

Powerful stuff, in that Smoking Mirrors kinda way. I don't know why you don't get 100's of thousands of hits every day.

It reminds me of a documentary I saw about an arctic exploration voyage, where they were all poisoned with lead by the new innovation of canning. They set out to find help with a 500 pound oak desk in tow, and other incomprehensibly stupid things.

In the 60's, a preacher I trust and who had a lot of inside info, said they devised a chemical that they could put in the water supply to give chemical lobotomies to the population. I really have to wonder. You can't ask a brain expert if you have brain damage or a chemical lobotomy, because they would be charter members of the school that devised it. If I know how chutzpah goes, we've only experienced wakeup-lite. When a criminal gets caught, they've already gotten away with a lot of crime. What have they gotten away with?

Everybody's a self righteous fanatic. When I see christians talk, it's my denomination vs. your denomination fanatacism. The catholics have catholicized it all now, if they know what that means, so what are they arguing about? The whore with blasphemies written across her forehead is modern christianity, I say, and He's welcome to strike me dead if I'm lying. AND send me to the lake of fire. You'll get a lot more WORD right here. Fanatacism is epidemic.

OTAY... forgot what else I was gonna say..

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

no need to apologize for being honest, blunt and frank. it is when you do this you are at your best. i wish more people had the courage to dispatch the phoney pleasantries and just say what they really think and feel. of course, most people avoid those who are frank and honest and gravitate to those spewing feel good bullshit. undiluted reality is a little to "intense" i guess but intensely real is why most of us keep coming back here.

Anonymous said...

"First, a belated apology for being very plain spoken lately".

Apologise? Apologise for what? For speaking your mind? You have got to be kidding me. I... and I think, a lot of other people who visit your blog would like for you to be MORE plain spoken.

I am not the shapest pencil in the box and some of the stuff you write goes over my head. Some of it I get. Some of it resonates with me. And I think(?) that it's the same way with a lot of people who come here.

I think. I feel what you're trying to convey, but the sad fact is: a lot of people don't get it. They go off on rants about the Jews, the NWO and ALL the bankers, when you've gone to great pains to explain that you're comments are not all inclusive. That's why you have to keep hammering away. That's why you have to keep writing. But then again. I don't know.

Ben G-

Lokey said...

Cancer Cure:


This is Rick Simpson's website and he's been persecuted in Canada for using Cannabis Oil to cure cancer.
Check out the videos under the "Hemp Oil" Section.

Also Jim Humble has shown good results with MMS and his newer CDS:

Dr. Tullio Simoncini was the first to come up with the Sodium Bicarbonate cure. He was also persecuted (in Italy).

KenBrodeur said...

Les, reading for years I have to say I enjoy your art of prose. I get a chuckle out of some of your slang. I get all that you say. I am not perfect or ever expect to be but it is not the end but the journey that is important. You must chase your dreams, it keeps you as moral as an immoral society can be. It keeps you sane as well. I like to reference the Bible because it does have a lot of good advice, like "Pride is the only reason for contention" -book of proverbs. I am sure that the other great books of spirituality do as well like the Koran and others. It is you and people like you that give me hope. An essential to life and living well.
The Synagogue of Satan is alive and well, in fact the Bible does state that Satan own the Earth or is free to roam about. Thank God I have been given the ability to discern when a powerful evil is about and mostly avoid it. Except when it comes to my weakness, women. I suffer a bad marriage but I only have myself to blame, my daughter is the utmost concern now and thankfully she is my motivation to work on making the world a better place as you do. I channel all that energy that I can to reinforce people like you to keep on keeping on!
Concerning Cancer, well I believe good natural organic untainted by human meddling is what cures cancer along with learning how to handle stress.
Did you know that Egyptian mummies, thousands of them, have been tested for cancer and none found? The scientists did find, nicotine, alcohol and cannabis however. My philosophy, these days, is 'follow the money' and then truth be found. I am sure you too recognize this reality. It has been a blessing that I have tried to make musical art my passion, it has led to the truth more than anything else. Art is not a profession it is a level, beyond doctors, master degrees or any other indoctrination of the religion of junk science which pervades our world. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

"Spirit in the Sky"


(A song made popular by Norman Greenbaum.)

When I die and they lay me to rest
Gonna go to the place that's the best
When I lay me down to die
Goin' up to the spirit in the sky
Goin' up to the spirit in the sky
That's where I'm gonna go when I die
When I die and they lay me to rest
Gonna go to the place that's the best

Prepare yourself you know it's a must
Gotta have a friend in Jesus
So you know that when you die
He's gonna recommend you
To the spirit in the sky
Gonna recommend you
To the spirit in the sky
That's where you're gonna go when you die
When you die and they lay you to rest
You're gonna go to the place that's the best

Never been a sinner I never sinned
I got a friend in Jesus
So you know that when I die
He's gonna set me up with
The spirit in the sky
Oh set me up with the spirit in the sky
That's where I'm gonna go when I die
When I die and they lay me to rest
I'm gonna go to the place that's the best
Go to the place that's the best

Anonymous said...

The NFL looks ridonkulous with pink acoutremount! At the very least, prevent the Green teams from wearing that puke inducing combo!

For divinely endowed satire of the social engineering branch of the National Football League (spelled out for theatrix), go out of your way to see the recent South Park episode, "Sacrastaball"... one of the funniest things ever and spot on Roger GOODell and the rest of the smiling Gladhands

I could watch that episode 12 times.... CHECK THAT, 13 times.

ps - Welker is back


Visible said...

Welker is definitely back but Hernandez and Edelman will also be back this week. I've had people raving at me about South Park. I've never seen a single episode. Some of my guests were quoting at length.

Visible said...

I did know that about the mummies

niijii said...

Thanks Vis,
I hear they got some killer shots for back pain that actually cure some forever.

Earthclinic.com has lots of common sense remedies for cancer and more.

Best to all.

Lee said...

Mr. Visible.

The closest I have ever been to a demolition by implosion was by live television. The building was the Hacienda Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. I worked there and was glad to see that shit hole go down. It was considered the horse's ass of the Strip and termed Horsienda by the locals.

I lived an hour away in the High Desert and saw the demolition/implosion while at a bar. Shortly afterwards I saw a cute girl covered in dust from the event since she was actually there and said it was a "Blast".

Years later when I saw the tragic 911 event, my first thought was, "My, those terrorists are using bombs too?". It was that obvious. When I brought up the obvious conclusion to my brother who is a college educated engineer and building contractor, he went along with the official report of how the structure was weakened by the jet impact and subsequent fires.

To this day, many people like my brother actually believe the impossible but official, 911 report.

The twin towers were built to withstand multiple impacts. They were by design, two of the toughest structures made by man. It's like trying to take down Godzilla with a pea shooter. And god forbid that I infer even a hint of Israeli complicity or else I get the lecture, "you're acting just like dad", who warned me about their treachery while working in the aviation industry.

My father was an avid reader and only had an 8th grade education, which made him a scholar in those days. He was a consumer advocate and did volunteer tax work for the poor. He also loved reading books on politics involving conspiracies especially the JFK assassination.

Out of 10 children, it seems I am the only one that is picking up where he left off. The rest of them have little or no interest in what happens in world affairs except for the daily feeding of lies by the media.

I am doing my best to inform people but nobody in real life wants to hear it. I get hateful admonitions from blogs and other online forums.

Perhaps this is why most of your readers follow your writings.

Nobody else wants or likes us.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that ape in a stovepipe Ape Lincoln was wrong about not being able to fool all the people all of the time. A dear sibling is a teevee zombie and thinks comrade maobama is the cat's meow. One day they went nuts when I said he is not some underdog from humble beginnings, I thought the state sanctioned gang, the donut inhalers might show up. I don't try to shatter their bubble anymore. As for the sickcare system in the glorious hopenchange utopia it is about as useful as tits on a boar hog. They don't want people to get well with remedies proven over thousands of years, it doesn't make them any money. Keep on rockin' in Shangri La L.V. :O)

GodSend said...

On a simplistic (but effective) level, the 911 Truth Movement never went anywhere because the issue was never allowed (by the MSM or any compromised public official) to become visible to a large audience through a credible spokesperson. The Truthers were (and are) all "crying (unheard) in the wilderness". During the Nixon era, it was called "stonewalling". "The Emperor's New Clothes" is a good analogy. The Emperor's Court are all the elected officials who KNOW but pretend otherwise. TPTB (in actual fact, ALIENS) have been mesmerizing the sheeple for a LONG time and use VERY sophisticated, subliminal mind-control techniques, usually delivered through the "Boob Tube". The subconscious of millions of Americans has been "programmed" to OBEY (figures of authority) and be DOCILE, no matter what is done to them (by Zionist Slimeball banksters, for example). When a few protest by throwing beer cans onto the playing field, the gatekeepers yell: "UGLY" behavior, etc. Police brutality is a more common practice to CONTROL protesters.

America is filled with frogs who are slowly being boiled to death. When they finally realize what's happening to them, it'll be too late! Fortunately, a few of us have decided to jump out before the water got too hot and we have been urging the others to jump out of the pot. It doesn't seem to be working! :(

Boiled frogs legs, anyone?

I'm afraid the few of us in the KNOW will be witnessing a massacre before very long. Our "I told you so!" will fall on millions of dead ears!

"Many are called - but few are chosen."

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes Neil, that spider (some say squirrel) really got to me all those years ago. Still does.

Here's a perfect reflection of this all inclusive reality via Visible prabhu's Master Bawa.

"The prayers you perform, the duties you do, the charity and love you give is equal to just one drop. But if you use that one drop, continue to do your duty, and keep digging within, then the spring of Allah's grace and His qualities will flow in abundance."

Same thing, innit..

Boulderdash said...

Re: Cancer

Just came across this article about using homeopathy in cancer cases:


Anonymous said...

pierre said.,

but those were organic cochroaches, no?
(paul jewman just sucked eggs)

fine post, fighting spirit and keeping the baby nurturing where it bakes the best.

lest we forget ourselves , the war is within and without (that's probably from the Beatles - # 911, #911 #911)

and there were 1200 comments to that detroit at own risk article, I'm glad we don't get that here, else I impose stricter quality control on my posts.

maybe compulsory Sunday schools for educatative purposes, but what to teach and who is teaching.

we must get back to tribal, and get way beyond it. what to do, what to do....

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

which one of these is out of place?


Clarity said...

Good stuff today, Vis, and apologies are never necessary. We come here because we appreciate what you do and how you do it.

Here, too - my daughter came home with pink breast cancer bracelets to sell for her soccer team... smh

The Dark Side of Breast Cancer (Un)Awareness Month

Will the GMO-Breast Cancer Link Be Pink-Washed Away?

Re: possible cancer cures...

Here are some links, with an emphasis on B17/laetrile
(eat apricot seeds/kernels):

A World Without Cancer video

Apricot Seeds, Vitamin B17 and Laetrile - The Real Conspiracy

Laetrile information

Search: Amygdalin (laetrile)

Is Cancer Merely a Vitamin Deficiency Disease? - Vitamin B17 Laetrile Cancer Treatment Now Available in Australia

Search: All Cancers

This was just posted today - Rick Simpson - Hemp Oil Cancer Cure

Neil, some beautiful poems, especially on the last Origami!

rainstorm, I posted a comment to you on VO.

Mark (from last Smoking Mirrors) - my apologies for taking so long. Could you email me at clarityATlesvisible.net ? (replace AT with @)

To The Gardener - Thank you for the natal chart link and directions. I got some interesting information!

Sim - Woof! Way to pick the song. :)


Anonymous said...



Flood said...

What's also bad is when these young women around here like to put up there pink vehicle stickers of the John Deere logo or the hunting/deer logo or the hunting/duck logo or whatever on there vehicles and it's the 'pink' replica of the one there 'man' has on his truck. You know the ones the men put up to advertise to everyone, "Hey, I like to fucking kill things and shoot guns". Well, the young women put up the exact replica nowadays on their SUV, except it's in pink, like their sayin',"Look at me, I'm a total whore for this shit and have no personal identity whatsoever" or whatever. Everytime I see that shit I shake my head and can't wrap my head around it and don't want to. The entire society has gone crazy with the vehicle stickers and the body tattoos all screaming, "Look At Me"!


Josh in North Carolina

Ray B. said...

Vis: "For some reason they feel secure there. It's like some kind of hidey hole for a small woodland creature."

Neil Freer wrote a book, "Breaking the Godspell: The Politics of Our Evolution," that addresses a portion of your observation, I believe. He is one of the authors who assert that the Sumerian cuneiform writings about the Annunaki were history, not mythology. He posits that humanity was effectively 'divided' into two almost sub-species by Annunaki practices.

Humans who obeyed and 'kept their heads down' were allowed to stay within the safe, Annunaki-controlled cities. Humans who noted the situation, thought about it, and 'disobeyed' were either killed outright or banished outside of 'civilization' - subsequently to perish, or to build up 'Annunaki-free' societies.

Thousands of years of this 'culling' practice resulted in fundamentally-different human reactions to controllers: 'Subservience' or 'Self-worth'. In my opinion, we are left with this unrecognized 'legacy' today.

From that far in our past, it is hard to know how much of this is nature or is nurture. Look at wolves versus dogs. Same basic stock, but one has been 'selected' for lower aggressiveness and higher bonding (or dependence) towards their 'masters'. Hmmm. Sound familiar?

Case in point: In the 90s, I was in southern Scotland with a group of Americans visiting sacred sites. We were at a small hotel in their eating facility and having a good time visiting with a local waiter. Then, a mucky-muck of some type showed up, and the waiter's whole personality changed. It was instantaneous. He became absolutely craven and subservient. I looked around at all the Americans, and every jaw had dropped. It was beyond our experience.

I have reflected on that moment (and it's implications) many times...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

It's interesting how Neil Freer comes up occasionally here. I know Neil Freer. He lived in Woodstock, same time frame as me. We occasionally socialized and he was the stepfather of the great romantic love of my life, which ran across the course of at least five years, probably more. I haven't actually read his book. There are only so many hours in the day. Maybe I will have that opportunity sometime.

Anonymous said...


I cant help but laugh a bit at how Mr. Appocolypse works.
Then again I knew this is how he was going to work form the start.
Perhaps it is the fact that just when he has you down in the dumps
from what hes exposing, he turns around and gives you something
to really laugh at.

On the cancer issue and pretty much for all diseases I have been reading the following site. Which to me seems to hold a ton of Universal Truth.

Concerning the GMOs I have been thinking alot about an interview I was
listening to on Rense. Jeffs guest (can not remember the mans name now),
was talking about he knew of a way to return all seeds to their original makeup
in minutes flat. Yet he did not want to talk about how to do it because he was
afraid if he did he would end up dead. Well this got me to thinking on that subject.
So here is what my thoughts lead me too. It begins with the law of co-creation.
You know where when two or more are working on something its more like many
are working on the task. Next we add to that the power of focused thought. I think
that if there was a group that was thinking about transmuting all the gmo seeds back
to original stock seeds they would all be reverted back. Think of it like a prayer chain
but only a return the seeds to their original properties chain.

An no I am not worried about anyone coming to kill me I learn like you long ago they
cant touch me unless the Creator lets them.

As for being called names etc. I know ecactly what you are saying and yes telling the
truth these days often means your viewed as some crazed diseased individual that they
should steer clear of. Yet be of good cheer because as you said Mr. Appocolypse is
in town and he is on a mission and can not be stopped. An when its time to sit at the
the table and drink a glass of wine and celebrate I look forward to seeing you and all
the rest of those that do know who they are there.

Anonymous said...

In the UK, we are beginning to hear how our dying or people DEEMED to be dying are being denied water, feeding or medication.

This is the Liverpool Care Pathway (LPC), nominally to help the passing of the dying.

LPC is tacit euthanasia.

"Son calls for police probe into 'attempted murder' of his elderly mother who he claims had her food and fluids withdrawn by doctors"


"Top doctor's chilling claim: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year"



Ray B. said...

Visible, October 10, 2012 10:59:00 AM

"I know Neil Freer. He lived in Woodstock, same time frame as me. We occasionally socialized..."

Cool! And, I am slightly envious... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Did the Sumerians mistake the fallen Angels and their hybrids (Nephilim) for the Annunaki?
These Beings could appear as alien like and certainly would have wanted to disguise their origins. God previously destroyed the Earth (this is mark 2), abode of the fallen rebel angels, including Atlantis, Lemuria.
In the new Adamic world, Satan seduced Eve, producing Cain. Note, "Trees" in the bible often refer to Beings --- Satan was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. When Cain slew Abel, God said "you are of your father. the devil...". This is where the Tares came from,Cain's line. Literally Seed of Satan, probable doers of 9/11 etc.
The rest of the fallen Angels also had corporeal form and mated with women creating Nephilim.The flood was to wipe them out, except Noah, who was "pure in his generations"
All this to prevent the birth of Christ.
Truth IS truly stranger than fiction!


Anonymous said...

The Jews are gonna get ya but for now they'll let ya spew on the blog pages they own. Sorry no nickname so lame ass cross script hacks won't work.

Anonymous said...

I read what Les says and it resonates as truth to me. I recently encountered a person who felt that I discussed this kind of stuff because it gave me a sense of feeling better than other people. Image that, he thought I was elitist for acknowledging a little reality. Meanwhile the real elitist do think that way toward him but he won't acknowledge their existence. Always conditioned to attack each other. I shot bullet his way :
We will soon be maggot food, dust, then forgotten by even the closest linked to us . How's that for little reality

Anonymous said...

If they ARE functional lobotomites like Frances Farmer, isn't there an essence in those fazed dazed and hazed minds somewhere?

We're promised a thresher with teeth, a serpent by the way, an adder in the paths, that bites the horses heel and causes it's rider (the rechabites, the 4 horsemen, long since established in politics, religion, education and economy) to fall backwards. Gen 49:17 about Dan. The masons?

I first suspect those to be words. The 2 edged sword in is mouth. The shabbat goy are a weak link in their scheme. How would you turn their horses against them, but with words?

But they have to be powerful words. Not this 'keepin it in the dialectic here, boss' bullshit so prevalent across the internet. The obscuring smoke from the pit which is the tribe's little contribution to the explosion of knowledge in the last days.

When they call you a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, call them functional lobotomites. I don't have much of a problem convincing people, but I wait for them to ask. If they ask, they want to know just wtf is wrong with the world. The problem is that they return to their vomit. They go back to their tv preachers and hero sunday morning talking heads and the hook-nosed canaanite jebus in their living room. YEAH, they gave him a hook nose! I gotta get a picture of that. Their indoctrination just takes back over.

Jobs make people stupid too. I became equal to the menial shit I was doing.

I must need some of that ketamine, because I forgot what else I was going to say again. This is my 3rd day of fasting and drinking beer, a super purge. My boulder hasn't budged. I'll keep upping the ante until it does.

I looked up ketamine and it seems to work like an amino acid. A precursor of hormones, like L dopa or phenylalanine or methionine. There's an amino acid in it's core. It seems like it should occur naturally. I'd feel a whole lot better about it, if it did. If it does, that wosdom has long since neen buried, burned or sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

Anyhoo, power to ya and keep shining through that smoke.

Ray Zerwitt

Thomas said...

oh my God! Les, this is heavy stuff. I loved your last 3 posts, too. Funny stuff, to say the least.

Brilliant man, I am so happy that you're keeping on keeping on, in your lighthouse over the world-wide-web, as, seemingly (my clouded eyes... *grin*), the only one (no, it cannot be so, but is it?) speaking the Truth without shying away from it. Hail!

My world is shimmering bright, glimmers and fluctuates in Divine Dance. Be Hopeful, Brothers & Sisters, for Reality is beautiful way way way beyond our imagination.

Love and best wishes to y'all

Anonymous said...

The best defense against cancer is a healthy immune system.

Just stop screwing up your immune system with crap junk food and other assorted poisons. Stop it now. Eat properly.

And stop stressing out about every little thing that you can't control anyway. Mental stress, most of which is pointless anyway, ages the immune system.


Anonymous said...

“Laugh at the devil and he will disappear”

Must Watch..

Brighten your day (-___-)


UselessEater U.K

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

The John Wayne Gacy, Clown Clones meet the Pedophillirasters at the G.M.O.

Anonymous said...

We get things like the Michigan RR station because Jew power turns it into a hipster event. The Jew is decomposition.

If civilized white men ran this country we wouldn't have such things.

Anonymous said...

Two thumbs up Vis...

The new earth said...

It' not "too cute for school", it's "too cool for school"...

Zoner said...

Preacher, I am honored you enjoyed the read and grateful to our host for linking to my meager scratchings.

Thanks to both of you.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Into and Beyond the Infernal Reaches of Frankfart.



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