Monday, October 1, 2012

Mr. Apocalypse does, Ground and Pound.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

In the Kingdom of Dumb-ass, the borderline intellect is king. We've all heard the phrase, 'dreadful irony' and we've seen examples of it. We've seen slithering yellow journalism where nothing said, says it all. I'm starting to think that Hillary Clinton and Madonna were separated at birth, just like I think Rupert Murdoch and Henry Kissinger were separated at birth. Basically, what is going on is a calculated genocide against human dignity, which hallmarks the death of class and manners. I mourn the loss of manners, more than just about anything else. Without manners, you have no class but, I guess that depends on how you define manners. I'm not talking about empty gestures, devoid of empathetic force. I'm not talking about hollow men and cactus hearts. I see the absence of manners everywhere (does that last sentence make any sense?). I see it on the highways and in the supermarkets. I see it on the sidewalks and in pubs. I see incipient suspicion, that lingers in the corners of the eyes.

The people who are happy to be living in these times, are the people who are glad that manners no longer have to get in the way of their self interest. Push and Shove are arm in arm. Push and shove have turned into muckers, plying their madness, at the corner of Shit and Go Blind. It's the logical; meaning predictable, outcome of unbridled materialism. The people who are not happy to be here, don't like materialism, it's that familiarity that breeds contempt thing and it just breeds anyway, stinking like fishes after 3 days and languishing in extraordinary, rendition prisons, when they don't go along with the program. People who support this kind of thing have their own section of Hell, RSVP, eternity. I don't get that eternal thing about Hellfire and endless damnation. It makes no lyrical or logical sense, given what little I understand about The Divine but... it makes a certain amount of poetic sense in certain cases. We are in deep need of some poetic justice and some galvanizing transition that finally makes a statement that resonates, across the many waters of human consciousness.

The changing of an age, is such a fundamentally comprehensive thing, going on inside and outside at the same time. It's hard to get a handle on what's happening and the sluggish progress, is like a constipated dinosaur, lumbering across the plain, roaring out in discomfort. He knows he shouldn't have eaten that Triceratops over the weekend. Our various cultures know that they shouldn't have eaten the blue pill. Well, they don't actually know that they ate the blue pill, because eating the blue pill negates knowing about it. What they know is that something is wrong but they don't know what it is, ♫Do you Mr. Jones?♫.

Obviously, eventually, the attention goes to what has been occupying their attention, all through the descent into intended chaos. They begin to share a collective suspicion that they are being lied to. This suspicion filters it's way through the many homes and workplaces and neighborhood pubs; anywhere and everywhere that people congregate and converse about the world they live in. This causes a great measure of conflict and polarization, in all of these locations, where people generally break into two camps and point their fingers each other. These camps are usually defined by some permutation of, “my country, right or wrong” and those who don't share that absolute state of Dumb-Ass. However, those who don't share that view, often have embraced all kinds of other stupidities and lies that hamper them just as effectively as, “my country, right or wrong”.

9/11 has hung there like some high school boy's ass in a school bus window, being generally ignored, due to the inconvenience of the thing. Knowing and saying that Israel and compromised members of the American leadership did 9/11, has generally conferred pariah status, on those motivated to say it. My own experience has been to say that I can prove it beyond dispute and then the response is one of any number of evasions that don't want to be confronted, with the evidence, because it is inconvenient and puts one in an uncertain state of being, in relation to the world around them.

Now though, you see that the idea of government involvement in 9/11 has gone pretty mainstream and the idea of Israel's involvement is, no doubt, being discussed under the radar, prior to increasingly appearing here and there and everywhere, until it's been established as reality. Along with this, as was already mentioned, that which has been holding the attention of the general public, is seen as a co-conspirator and accessory to the whole affair. It's all coming but it's coming like shit flowing uphill in January. Thankfully, a great many of us are engaged in the labor of assisting that shit on it's way uphill so that it can finally flow downhill, as well as back up through the toilets of the world, like some kind of scatologically obsessed, Lawnmower Man.

So far, endless war, brought about through false flag terrorism, done by the people bringing you endless war- ♫my endless war♫ (cue Lionel Richie and Diana Ross), along with pervasive, economic turmoil has managed to distract the focus of the general public but... sooner or later, there is nowhere to look, where you don't see the very people hiding in plain sight. When it becomes clear that Wall Street and The Central Bankers are behind the orchestrated financial clusterfuck, the connections to Zionism and Israel are patently obvious, like who controls the treasury of the US over past decades, like who the Central Bankers are, like who controls the media and like who is the cui bono, behind all the endless war? For whose benefit, were/are, these wars fought? What is Goldman Sachs? Who is Goldman Sachs? What happened to the Occupy Movement? Who runs the SLPC? Who controls all of the gay organizations? What is their purpose in this?

Their ubiquitous presence in all things devious and criminal, is breathtaking and the greatest weapon for bringing them down is the internet ...but... there is also cosmic destiny, which can only be avoided for so long and when Mr. Apocalypse is on the scene then, it's a fait accompli. Relentless, punishing, 'ground and pound' is Mr. Apocalypse's game plan. He's John Riggins, writ large. Yes, that John Riggins, who had dinner at the White House and got very drunk and crawled under the dinner table and grabbed Sandra Day O'Connor's leg, while calling her “Babe”. I can't remember all of the details. I guess it is something like George Herbert Walker Bush, throwing up in the Japanese, Prime Minister's lap. I don't know all the details but, ♫if you knew Sushi, like I know Sushi♫

By now we should know that the crack in the Liberty Bell is where the truth leaked out and turned into Dioxin in the water supply. Who's behind the Dioxin? Who brought us Agent Orange and all those uncool things that are the result of corporate indifference, to the good of the populace they feed off of? Then some group of 9 vultures, comes along and confers 'person-hood' on them. This is hubris writ large. It's the colossus of Rhodes still on his feet. It's Ozymandias and a host of other metaphors or fives and analogies up the wazoo and back in through the bathroom window.

Mr. Visible does 'ground and pound' too. Mr. Visible bangs the drum, cause Mr. Visible works for Mr. Apocalypse. Mr. Visible does not work for the corporations or the governments, or the religions. Therefore he does not owe fealty to any of them, nor does he get support from any of them, so there might be a downside, if you measure your life out in terms of acquisitions, titles and privilege. Then again, acquisitions, titles and privilege, may be the bending end of downsides, according to how it all works out, as in Cardinal Wolsey's speech;

“So farewell to the little good you bear me.
Farewell! a long farewell, to all my greatness!
This is the state of man: to-day he puts forth
The tender leaves of hopes; to-morrow blossoms,
And bears his blushing honours thick upon him;
The third day comes a frost, a killing frost,
And, when he thinks, good easy man, full surely
His greatness is a-ripening, nips his root,
And then he falls, as I do. I have ventured,
Like little wanton boys that swim on bladders,
This many summers in a sea of glory,
But far beyond my depth: my high-blown pride
At length broke under me and now has left me,
Weary and old with service, to the mercy
Of a rude stream, that must for ever hide me.
Vain pomp and glory of this world, I hate ye:
I feel my heart new open'd. O, how wretched
Is that poor man that hangs on princes' favours!
There is, betwixt that smile we would aspire to,
That sweet aspect of princes, and their ruin,
More pangs and fears than wars or women have:
And when he falls, he falls like Lucifer,
Never to hope again”.

Ah well, Cynara;

“Last night, ah, yesternight, betwixt her lips and mine
There fell thy shadow, Cynara! thy breath was shed
Upon my soul between the kisses and the wine;
And I was desolate and sick of an old passion,

Yea, I was desolate and bowed my head:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion.
All night upon mine heart I felt her warm heart beat,
Night-long within mine arms in love and sleep she lay;
Surely the kisses of her bought red mouth were sweet;
But I was desolate and sick of an old passion,

When I awoke and found the dawn was gray:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion.
I have forgot much, Cynara! gone with the wind,
Flung roses, roses riotously with the throng,
Dancing, to put thy pale, lost lilies out of mind;
But I was desolate and sick of an old passion,

Yea, all the time, because the dance was long:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion.
I cried for madder music and for stronger wine,
But when the feast is finished and the lamps expire,
Then falls thy shadow, Cynara! the night is thine;
And I am desolate and sick of an old passion,

Yea, hungry for the lips of my desire:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion”.

Running out of things to say and putting the ball in your court; “still shaking it here, Boss”.

End Transmission.......

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Obviously I did not make it to my passport renewal. Found out at the last minute that my photos were not meeting the new standards for size and there was no knowledge in my possession of where to get that photo taken when I got up in the morning and the appointment was early and it was Sunday on which I was traveling. I'll go again in a few days, fully prepared.


Anonymous said...

get a kingdom of heaven passport, good anywhere in the universe...

see U.S V Fox ...

"loosen up Sandy Baby"...and well she should have...but alas some things never change,,,respects neil

freiers = Khazar Proselytes

how about them crackwhores in CONgress...?

if that isn't a politically correct multicultural moshpit waiting for Mr. A to open a can of W.A. !

.....well you'd need your passport to find another galaxy, where stupid is considered a virtue like a "Classless Society" of zionazi morons who watch talmudvision 'cause thinking really hurts...

being a free agent is where its at, now if we can get Devvy to look into the Khazar Proselytes, and teach her the difference between a poop pile and shinola...and why there were never any so-called "Jews" in the OT...well maybe just Maybe...

!...feed off of?Then some....

...any questions ?

Tony said...

Vis, please change the comments back to how it was. This flows too much with the post and you can't differentiate between the two as easily. Before the comments would be linked to a separate page and in black and white ink. This is the same colour as the background and is difficult to read.

Thank you for your knowledge of the world today and your humble opinions on things.

Anonymous said...


The Vatican and Terrorist Talmudia established "full diplomatic relations" in 1993...the very same year Clintoon helped open the Holohoax museum in Tel Aviv west, "DC" after torching the Davidians with "GOOD FAITH" tanks, tanks to the ADL/FBI & ADL/ATF...

In published comments, Evrony said relations between the two TERRORIST states were “good and based on reciprocal trust.”

Evroy said he hoped that lingering disagreement{s} that have hindered the implementation of a "financial agreement" [Rothschild} between Terrorist Talmudia {w/ 400 NUKES} and the Vatican would be resolved soon “and that this will open the way to a betterment and reinforcement of relations in many areas, including academic and cultural spheres and the fight against galactic wide anti-Semitism.”<++++ capital S !

Read more:

now yo be gonna axe yo'self...

where be my saucer pod ?

Robin Redbreast said...

Use to use the phrase: Alright mucker, was a term of indearment when I was younger, here in the UK.
They've all run amok, and it's very wide and deep.
The inability to empathise with others, the rudeness and lack of manners and respect is everywhere here- but not everyone. I do my bit to treat others as I would like to be treated myself- it gives me a pleasure.
So many are switched off - or switched on to this false materialism of instant gratification which actually doesn't give pleasure, so they carry on, building debts, being the slave, feeding the system. It's in the music, tv, celebrity, films, advertising, dark obvious magic.
Then there's hope. You my friend Mr Visible helps to maintain hope when at so much of the time, hopeless and futility is more the state and demoralised and affected by this shit there's little room for the shine or sliver of hope.
Infamy infamy, they've all got no empathy.
Thanks for the hope- because it so doesn't come easily when you see all that is happening and being planned - and people are so blind and distracted by the little world of materialistic survival they can't see the wood for the trees- and just can't cope with the cognitive dissonance of waking up and reevaluating all that they thought was real
LLP xxx

Anonymous said...

It (the straw that broke the camels back) does seem like an awfully long time in actually coming, but maybe we should watch what we wish for. There are lots of things worse than death: cronic pain or torture, experiencing one of your children die.

maroon metaphive

Anonymous said...

trolling here boss...

can myopia, dystopia and being a self absorbed wharf rat be a curable condition ? ?

or how we're not all the same, you know "Creatures of Instinks" so to speak...

Khazars are not "semitic",
Not Hebrew, and Not Israelites...

never mind the fogbanks manufactured by the lying pen of the scribes and the library arsonists for hire...

but that doesn't stop navel gazing chosenites from drinking the manishoovitz koolaid...

Talmudia faces another profound internal challenge: the need to be at war with itself.

It is also long past time for Khazars to reach a consensus on basic issues: where they want their ultimate borders in their "Hearts & Minds"to be, and what their relationship should be with their Rothschild puppet masters...

?...tie me kangaroo down

go figure...

Visible said...

Well, well, a Neil Frier shows up. As for the color combo, Tony, talk to Sim. He handles that. I just write this tripe. I'm not the color coordinator. I don't do Dan Dierdorf's job. Go Pats!

Sim said...

Hi Tony

If you find yourself on any of the blog "post" page:


...then the comments will be smypathetically styled to the blog post.

If you find it difficult to tell where the blog post ends and the comments begin, look at the foot of the blog post and you'll see it says:

"Beamed from the Saucerpod by Visible" -and next to that you'll see a link which says "X Comments"

Click that link to get the low down in black and white.



flying cossack said...

offer to zion:

regardless how greivous your sins, you dont have to pay for them with this life and next lives ... you can choose to pay for them with truth and work

Clarity said...


If you scroll to the bottom and click on Add a Comment, which I assume you did to post your comment, you will get that white page with the black font. You can stay on this page and refresh it to see new comments.

FWIW, I like the color schemes and have no trouble telling where the comments begin. I usually scroll down anyway, when revisiting the page, to look for the newest comments.


the gardener said...

RE Vis: "We are in deep need of some poetic justice and some galvanizing transition that finally makes a statement that resonates, across the many waters of human consciousness."

There is ONE man who is leading his own calvary... across this Nation-state by state by state and filming everyone who wishes to be part of this Congressional hearing bound material and made into a movie for the general public... thousands of people are sending in their data of their own personal nightmare stories of the reamings they've taken-including being JAILED, imprisoned, of course being deemed as 'sluts and nuts' for daring to protest the illegal and corrupt methods of the courts in this country. Courts that hand sexual abusers the children in divorce cases, Courts that involve with agents kidnapping and drugging the elderly and disabled 'Conserving them AND THEIR ESTATES' with full legal and court involvement in crimes against those who are helpless, people who are having their children KIDNAPPED, and put into despicable foster homes, adopted out all at great PROFIT for the corrupt machine called the 'courts' and 'legal' systems in this country.

Bill Windsor is his name and he is currently in Southern California, taping Dr. Fine's story-a lawyer who was thrown in JAIL for blowing the whistle on corrupt state paid judges taking kickbacks from counties for projects ... so many stories-so much abuse and terrorizing going on in this country.

If you have your own legal or court nightmare you've survived or endured...lost your children through the outright LIES of CPS or any other 'child protection agency' get a hold of Lawless America and hook up with Bill and crew to get your story taped and out there.

Tipping point has long been reached with the many victims of the illegal behaviors of the entire judicial systems coming out and most with nothing left to lose... speaking out, naming names... meeting up with others in the same boat of abuse.

The more people that 'get' how it 'works' the more people who can avoid becoming victims their selves. Many many children and elderly are having their lives snuffed out as we speak just so a bunch of psychopaths can bring home the big MONEY... money honey...that's what they want.

And just like the selective take outs of ancient lands, ancient bloodlines there are selective take downs of people right here at home... all for the most insidious of reasons.

American citizens right now are being falsely jailed, drugged, kidnapped for profits, bankrupted all over this land, suicidal, health ruined by these systems we are all paying out the butt for!


the gardener

Mark said...

This needs to be understood in order to grasp why everything else is happening right now. The currency war breaking out across the globe sits at the center of World War 3, which has already started. No matter how many beers you drink, it is going to rock your world.

preacher said...

Strange that this isn't more widely known:

Settlers, Members of Israel's Intelligence Break into Al-Aqsa Mosque

"Al Aqsa Institute said in a press release that Moshe Feiglin, escorted by settlers broke into the mosque to perform Talmudic rituals, under the protection of Israeli forces." (sept. 6)

Thanx for the updates on Honey Boo Boo... How else would I've known. ;)
Will you have to submit yourself to the whole biometric thing for your passport?

coletteonice said...

I have not been able to access truthseeker site for over 24 hrs...anyone else having this problem?

Anonymous said...

"Parasites' Last Dance"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Mary Jane's Last Dance", by Tom Petty.)

She grew up in a psychopathic town
Had a Satanic mama
Who never was around
But she grew up wrong
And she grew contrite
With them psychopathic clowns
On a psychopathic night...yeah

Well she moved down here
At the age of eighteen
Blew all of the boys - usually on Halloween
I was introduced and I was disapprovin'
Said "You repulse me baby, so I gotta keep movin'...on"
Keep movin' on...

Last dance for parasites
The dawn will soon absorb the night
Mr. Apocalypse is movin' in and these
Clowns are goin' down again...

Well I don't know but I've been told
Psychopath pussy
Is mighty cold
Tired of these banks
Tired of bein' used
Tired of these lies
And tired of the abuse

Oh my-my, oh hell yes
Time to put on that battle dress
Buy me a drink
Sing me a song
Take it on the lam
Or you won't last long...

Last dance for parasites
The dawn will soon absorb the night
Mr. Apocalypse is movin' in and these
Clowns are goin' down again...oh...

There's Satanists down on Market Square
She's standin' in her underwear
Lookin' down from a hotel room
The ritual will be starting soon

Oh my-my, oh hell yes
You got to put on that battle dress
It's too late to cry
But you are not alone
So dust yourself off, brother
Walk to the road

Last dance for parasites
The dawn will soon absorb the night
Mr. Apocalypse is movin' in and these
Clowns are goin' down again...

Unknown said...

Mr Visible

Why do you deify apocalypse?

Sim said...

Vis I've been mulling your comment @ 1:19pm....

"I only write this tripe..."

There's nothing wrong with being self-effacing -but that statement is as untrue as it is absurd.

Credit should be given where it is due!

It was of course Shakespeare who wrote Cardinal Wolsey's speech and Dowson who wrote Cynara.

So it's not like you alone are responsible for writing this tripe! (I'll put my coat on).

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Yea, hungry for the lips of my desire:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion”.

"In my fashion."

Seems innocent enough.
Seems understandable.
Seems poetic, even.

Therein lies the rub of this time, this world; and every other.

"In my fashion."

Visible said...

all aspects of the divine are divine.


Yes sim, I cringed when I wrote that, shouldn't. I don't like myself as well as I should. God's helping me with that and, thank you as well.

Rob in WI said...

Sorry to be off topic, but due to health, I've been catching up on posts I was unable to read.
Re: the subject of farts (which came up a week or so ago). One proof of the benevolence of the Divine is the magic gas/solids separation device we have in the lower digestive tract. This defies physics, as taught the masses.
If we were 4 legs, and held our anus high, gas exiting before solids and liquids would be perfectly understandable, butt...,(pun intended), anus low, we should always pass the gas last.
The magic separator isn't 100%, but 99.9% works for me.
Thanks Visible, and be well all. Rob

Anonymous said...

I think not liking oneself might be a good thing. A precursor of better things to come, perhaps. Maybe a stage in one's overall spiritual development, eh - not feeling comfortable in one's skin, kind of like a caterpillar. Let's say you like yourself. Let's say you really, really like yourself. Well, you are probably going to cling to the "right now", if you really, really like yourself. Me? I can't stand myself lately. But I think that's a good thing. Being fluid is the key, it seems to me. Being open to great changes, especially the most dramatic changes possible. That's what it takes to make the cut and move on to the bonus round. Or, in the case of the Elite, "bone us" round. (It's their turn to get fucked, once the shit hits the fan...)

preacher said...

@Coletteonice 5:49:00 PM

Hmmm, the same thing happened in 2009; I googled:

The Truthseeker's Imprisoned in Rothschild Castle.

What's the adress now?

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

"photos were not meeting the new standards for size "

so you have to have a terrahertz TSA picture done these days? I am not surprised, considering the ID requirements for getting into the exclusive clubs.

I watched Citizen Kane last night, this time with my They Live glasses on.
I suspect Rosebud was for Red Shield... and just found some trivia about Rothschilds funding this Very Naughty Boy.

still, like the non biblical Jew Khazar ideas spread around, do we really know? and why are we so quick to swallow what we think tastes good?

mea culpa, but I am learning to observe myself, and I am seeing the hazards of getting too down and groovy with the darkness, manners to oneself, keeping in mind the point of life, hence the way.

Vis, you might consider another "hit me with your question sticks" episode like you did after the SOTT spot.

Nate said...

Had to throw this out there.

I am one who recalls dreams rarely, and if so, it is usually years that pass by before I have one that I remember.

Last night was so vivid, it is still with me. In the dream I was paid a visit first by Kali, whom the only awareness that I had of previously was your mentioning her in the episode in Italy if I recall correctly Vis. Later on it was Kalki, this was made clear as it was repeated. I had to look him up this morning as I was not even aware of him.

Talk about a WTF day! I am hoping in a good way.

Hehe.... Mr Apocalypse is working overtime. Just wish I knew what any of it meant.

Rob in WI said...

Also off topic, just catching up. Topic; "Lost Horizon" film. I was surprised to see no mention of the '70s (quasi musical) version. True, it was kind of cartoonish, but the music wasn't that bad, (my kids loved the songs). I'm prejudiced, having had an imaginary love affair with Olivia Hussey, but the film should be mentioned, IMHO, when bringing up the (1937?) version. As I recall, from 40 years ago, the picture of Shangri La, in technicolor, looked pretty nice. Rob

coletteonice said...

Hi is seems to be down from my end.
Now I have W.V as being ssraliz!!Just daft!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.27
Not exactly sure what your saying,,
Cannot see those YouTube clips,,,
Im not a khazar,,,you can only really judge me from my actions,which are not the actions of a khazarian fake Jew,,,,
But when I was in Israel years ago,I got to see what was going on over there,,,,
I have my own opinion on the subject,,

One thing for sure I will not write off every Jew as evil,,,
I will not write of every khazarian as evil,,,
What I will do though is try and find out why.....


Anonymous said...

Trouble is in this world,their is to much competition,,everybody running around competing with each other,trying to take parts of each other,,,
All they are really doing is destabilising that part that they are trying to take of the other person in themselves,,the energy that was once freely theirs misplaced in delusion and corrupted focus,,,

Truth has to be true,,,
It is not to be used as an excuse to hate people
Everyone alive in this world today in my opinion is the organic light..even though they don't show it

The people causing all of this trouble are sick and lost hiding behind a mask,,,
Demented material junkies unable to question themselves,scared of what they will find out,,,,
I hate what these fake anti life Jews have done and have been doing as much as everybody else,,,
But I will not write them off,,,,because I know what is underneath ......

I am sorry that is not good enough for you,,,,

Respect Neil

Anonymous said...

When I first woke up,,I woke up half way through reading the old testament just after I had read the Koran,,,,,although as a child I had read some cs Lewis and various other semi spiritual children story's,,,,,I was from a roman catholic background,that I questioned constantly,,,,,,
When I awoke,I had found myself in disagreement with some of the things said in the old testament and had a another interpretation of what I had been reading,,,,what struck me most were the tribes,,,I had interpreted that meaning all people across the world,,,
What I had woken in myself is the Christ,,,without reading the new testament,,,,,With the teachings of the Koran ,,that were actually written after Christianity had been perverted by its Roman slave ideology,,,,,I could see it was to reseat the original Christ into the original position,,,,,,
After reading these books I read many others from all over the world,,,
Each book I read only seemed to bring me back to the position of the original Christ or whatever particular word you prefer,,,,,,

Thought I should say this,,,,as people don't seem to recognise where I am coming from,,,,,,,

Respects people ,,,,neil

Anonymous said...

Anyway people looks like Netanyahus finished,,,
I know as a movement we seem to get the rough end of the stick,,beat down sneered at and called crazy,,,,
But when something like this happens,we should really congratulate ourselves on a good job,,,so everyone out there who did their little bit,took up the challenge fearlessly,,,, WELL DONE all of you

But we now have the criminal banking cartel to deal with and the bought off criminal governments,,,,itching for war,,with anyone,,,,,,,

The native American in some of his prophecys said,,
Pahana will return in the end times,,pahana is the great white brother,,,,,
That is you lot,,,,,,
We may have wonky knees,bits hanging off the wrong places broken bits and other minor things wrong with us,,, but together we are the great white brother and sister
We are Pahana,,,,

so come on Pahana,,up you get,,,work to be done

I know that is a bit much and everything,,,but it's true

Respects neil

Anonymous said...

It's through our heart where we live
Through truth the place we learn
In inconsistency we become jaded
Through devotion we gather and turn
In defiance we stand united
Against all tyrannical regimes
We are the love in all hearts
The truth in all beings
we are the wind the fire the earth
The lighted vibrant soul
The pathway to all peace
The unity made whole
We are one in each
One in everything
We are one humanity
We are the life within


Anonymous said...

Henry Kissinger (of all people), based on information provided to him by 16 American intelligence agencies, recently made this proclamation in the New York Post -

"In 10 years, there will be no more Israel."

He did not say "maybe" or "it might happen", he said it flat-out -

This is all part of the planned charade, as those in the know fully realize.

Israel is a wholly manufactured terrorist state, created by the puppet-masters of the NWO...when the time comes to sacrifice Israel is at hand (and it is here right now), those same puppet-masters will show their true End Game intentions, by joining the bandwagon of the world, which is gaining serious momentum, in order to deal a death blow to Israel.

Israel is the fall guy.

Israel is the Evil Demon From Hell.

Israel was created to play those roles.

Do you think that the push for a One World Government, and a One World Currency, will end, once Israel is no more? Think again.

Jerusalem has always been the planned headquarters for this One World Government.

And the plan is moving along just fine, thank you very much...

Anonymous said...

War divides itself by the false pretense of its own unknowing
Bound in insignificance,,in a deviated fraction as a victim of the parasite that lives off of it...war is unnatural


Anonymous said...

Come on people,reclaim your humanity,reclaim yourself,,,,

Enough of this sitting around doing nothing,,,
Look at the earth,,,
The earth needs you to be her child
Criminal Banking cartel has got to go
Money junkyism with pretend choseness supremacism finished,,,,,
We are going to a new way,,
If we walk together in peace we learn....
War is not needed it is not wanted
It doesn't need to exist
Only in the world of mind enslavement
Come on people it's 2012
Let's get back to mother earth
And as a species be at peace
How would that effect the vibration of the atmosphere within and without
Would the animals feel this,the plants the sea the sun the sky. I think so,,,,, we may find ourselves all walking back to something so beautiful,,,,we would wonder why we left

Sorry for going on,,,,,,neil

Steve said...

Aloha Niel,

I am really enjoying your commentary of late.

What a fine member of the community you are.


Mouser said...

Fine words Neil.
We have a lot to learn from the North American Indians. Before we genocided 80 million of them, they lived in harmony for thousands of years with each other (the Iroquois tribe excepted) and with nature. If they can forgive us for our murderous sins against them, we owe their and our children to continue or quest to reinstate truth and justice in society in order to achieve real, lasting peace in the world.

The civilised men and women, whatever their skin colour, brought the indians diease, corruption, murder and firewaters. We brought them our disharmonous way of living which has bankrupted europe and rest of the "civilized" world. We must first face our own social egocentricities by learning from Jesus/Mohammad/Buda/Krishna about the honest ways to live in harmony with each other and with Gaia. We need to learn the truth that compound interest destroys every society into which it is introduced because money becomes the object of work instead of facillitating it. Life is not work or money or material things, it is love. The redman knew this. We have ignored this fact. What we see all around us is the result of making money god. How much money would you be willing to pay for true love - any form of genuine love?

I rest my case.

Thank you Neil for inspiring these words. More truth and a total end to the usury banking system. A return to a total focus on the family and to living in harmony with each other and with this paradise planet of water.

Peace and love (through truth and justice)

Thank you also Visible for this forum to speak the truth.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

another one to add to the research library on "them", nicely put together

the Truth About Jewish Control

I put out a request for a copy of the Talmud, seeing as they are so proud of it and it is impossible to find? or is it not translated into English yet for fear of being misunderstood?

Anonymous said...

Uhhh Visible, you have had a profet of God walking on the waters of your sites for all these years...

Holy Son of God, Jesus Christ

It is the Christ in you which attracts all of us lost souls thirsty for the only water which can actually quench us.

Thank you Les Visble and thank you Neil.

Anonymous said...

neil ,,, respects

the you tube clip was a story about a mother of 5 shot in her car through the windsheild by a so-called border patrol agent...

SHOT DEAD Valeria Alvarado MOM BACK UP CAR border patrol gilbert chula vista shoot kill san diego

anyway the link @ forward was a reference to Melikowskys speech several years ago where he used the word freier "SUCKER" the doublethink/newspeak interpretation being that anyone in Talmudia maybe ought to make exodus out as they were being played for suckers...

most don't know, being blinded by the lies, but there is no way Khazar proselytes are ever going to be all 12 tribes...beings they're not actually even from the tribe of Judah

in the OT when the Kingdom splits after Solomon and "Israel" the northern 10 tribes are taken in the Assyrian Captivity and turn into the so-called LOST TRIBES [Europeans]..the Children of Israel have never been "Jews" or "Jewish"...{a pharisee - lying pen of the scribe - identity theft ploy] a minor point, but important for helping the little so-called "Jews" who hide behind the mask..{no Ashkenazim were screaming "CRUCIFY HIM"].
most are not at heart evil people, but are terrified/afraid and kept in ignorance by the so-called "leaders" self appointed ADL types...and TALMUDIC "rabbi"s

one can hope that Truth will appeal to those who yearn for Justice..


Anonymous said...

"The US government is out of control, waging war on mankind and destroying everything it touches and everywhere it invades. It is the responsibility of the American resistance movement to stop this war machine by killing its planners and beneficiaries, its warriors and minions and its enablers in the 'news media.' If the press were honest and fearless, as they used to pretend to be, none of the present house of horrors that is the US government could have been built. Today, however, the press does not even pretend to hold the government liars to account for their lies. Today the press-whores merely repeat what the government tells them. So, as much as any war criminal, the press-whores will pay for their crimes against humanity."

J.B. Campbell, "Civil War"

Anonymous said...

A gambler walks into a butcher shop, and asks the butcher, "Are you a gambling man?"

The butcher says, "Yeah...on occasion."

The gambler replies, "Okay - I'll give you 50 bucks if you can reach that hunk of meat on the top shelf".

The butcher turns around, shakes his head slowly, frowns, and says, "Sorry, the steaks are too high..."

est said...

the ones that don't know
we must teach

the ones that know
and forget
we must remind

the ones that know
and remember
we must embrace

not one can get there
without all the rest

and in that sense
we might have to drag

[kicking and screaming
no less] each of us

up ought-a that cave

insiam said...

Just a though which has played on my simple mind for some time. Nothing to do with the subject at hand - but i know Vis is ok with the odd interruption to normal proceedings.

Everything that is available for sale (western goods/stuff made in the west - in fact even stuff which originates from western companies but may be produced locally) has a 200% minimum tax applied.

I.e. if you wanted to buy a t shirt (lets say Nautica eg) and it retailed at $20 in the US or equivalent in the EU then in Thailand or China it would likely cost you $60 and possibly more. The government sticks on their 200% import tax and then the trader sticks another extra 100% mark up as he tells you with no sense of irony that 'this is very special import sir'.

So my question is why do we in the west give so many special privileges and tax free incentives to our competitors when it is virtually impossible to export our home made goods. I mean this includes everything from a piece of cheese to a pair of Ray Bans. (A $100 pair of raybans is min $300 in thialand)

It is as if we re deliberatley trying to destroy our own manufacturing bases. Can't be any other reason. Can there?

flying cossack said...

i think this khazar story is disinformation ... another ruse to detarget the target

in the 1930s, the eastern part of ukraine was holocausted by the jews (under the flag of soviet/communism/bolshevism) ... the eastern part of ukraine was populated by don cossacks ... mostly rural independent farmers ... they had no interest in city life, let alone paying taxes to any state ... since they couldnt be taxed and were opposed to being controlled, they were useless to the jew world order ... hence holocausted

the important information here is that supposed khazaria takes up part of eastern ukraine ... but until 1930s that land was inhabited by don cossacks ... so unless khazaria started in the 1930s, the khazar theory seems ridiculous

the jews ran rome, which ran roughly 300bc to 1000ad ... by 1000ad, the jews would be well spread out through europe ... with greater concentrations in northern lands subjected to less gang attacks, ie. england and russia

Anonymous said...

Neil , Mouser ,

You both brought Tears of Love to me today. Thank You.

This place has many Warriors of Truth.I am glad to have found this place. Thank You Visible.!

I don't comment much but I always come back to read all comments.

I resonate with too many of you to name names so Thank You All.
You all help me,to do my part, to change the world in which We live for the better.
You help give me power to keep on keepin' on helping others.
I kind of consider myself a loner in the background, but always here as reinForcements.

I believe many of us Will meet each other someday.Looking foward to this.

I am Walking Hawk , Seeker of Truth.

Anonymous said...

Thank you people,I'm one of the little people an average man who found that part that is in everyone,,,the Christ or Buddha or any one of the many sages that showed us the way,,,
But we really need our lord vis in tip top condition,,,he has become a lethal weapon with his writings,,,
Sometimes things happen with them,,
Hearts open,,thinking patterns change,,,there is a sense of awe in the air,,,,,
I think sometimes he forgets that,,
I also think he thinks that he should always say his things in a different way,,,
He needs to know,,that whatever he says from his heart in those beautiful words opens that christed part in us all
We need our lord vis up and raring to go
Mouser,glad to stand by you on the battlefield,
Walking hawk Cap'n spadge,,,hek every single one of you,,,,est What you said,,,,beautiful

Love and peace to all of you out their,,,,neil

Anonymous said...

We need our African brothers and sisters our indigenous brothers and sisters from everywhere around the world
To stand with us,as a unified force we are unstoppable,,,
Anti life has had its go,,,all it has proved is it can turn the world into hell,,,,,,
It is our responsibility to remove it,,,
Each one of us

Respects neil

Anonymous said...

Professor Aytor sez

In response to Insiam

In the tongue which spawned the latin and germanic languages (Sanskrit, if I recall correctly), there was a consanant that sounded like both a p and an f. So, became 'fader' in germanic and 'pater' in latin.

This subsequently and naturally begs the question : Did Michelle Pfeiffer use gluteal enhancing prosthetics as catwoman in the film "Batman"? Something of a rump brassiere? Padded, perhaps?

If such is the case, many a pleasant thought I've had of Michelle Pfeiffer have now been tainted. To pull those pants down only to be hit in the head with a prosthetic would be an unmitigated horror. Why don't you just fart in my face too, Michelle ...

Mr. Apocalypse has been unkind today.

On this note, I will bring today's lesson in linguistics to a close.

Thank you very much

Elvis has left the building

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @8:11,

So, it looks like the Israel branch of Zio Inc.(La Kosher Nostra?) will be closed for business by 2022, according to Kissinger & Co. Not to worry, they'll just open another franchise somewhere else. Patagonia looks promising. They've got a nice little setup going on down there.

It'll be a good PR move to stage a going-out-of-business sale anyway. Ever hear the term 'Jewish lightning'?


niijii said...

Thank you Visible and all.

Mr.A has got MYSATAN on the run so let's give him a hand and all stick a fork in them to make sure they're done.

Best to all.

Anonymous said...

hey, jude take a sad song and make it better and if all else can blame it on the rain, cause the rain don't mind! Judy

Anonymous said...

re: flying cossack's post - "The Jews ran Rome..."

That is the funniest statement I've read in years. Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

If the Jews/Khazars/Israel really ran the world, well, in much the same way that they change the names of Jewish movie actors, Jewish movie producers and Jewish movie directors to more "Western" sounding names, they would change the names of the people who are the CEO's of banks, corporations, etc. Or they would place more "Western" sounding names at the heads of those organizations.

However, if other organized factions really run the show, it would make perfect sense that they would place Jews as figureheads at the "front" of banks, corporations, etc. To be used as sacrificial fodder when the shit comes down. Which is exactly what is under way right now.

The USA is jumping on the "down with Israel" bandwagon at the moment (as is Henry Kissinger, and other formerly prominent Israeli lovers), in case you haven't noticed.

The Jews are much like Al Qaeda - created in a think tank, used as cover.

Think it through and you'll see it.

Heck, it's right in front of your face right now, and this will continue at an inflated pace, as the weeks and months ensue. (FYI, you'll see increasing amounts of posts being made at "truther" boards now, bashing Khazars, Jews and Israel, blaming them for running the world, etc. All part of the NWO plan. And that plan has nothing to do with Khazars. They were merely a convenient front. Reread my opening paragraph in case you wish to refute this, because whatever logic you use, it will not fly in the face of that opening paragraph...)

Anonymous said...


"waiting here for everyman"?

Anonymous said...

This is a bit off topic, but it was brought up recently and I’ve thought about it and wanted to share another perspective. It was about “liking one’s self”. Perhaps it is more about accepting one’s self. If you like yourself as you are, maybe you’ve ceased to grow. If you accept yourself as you are presently and strive to improve yourself, then you continue to grow. My observations have been that when a person accepts him/her self, they are usually more forgiving of other’s “faults” and accepts other persons for who they are. Perhaps this is the beginning of the recognition that we are all one. Also, for every fault you may have there are probably a few attributes that counterbalance that fault (hmmm, balance). There are faults I have and I think I have a handle on where they stem from (living under a negative set of circumstances), yet I have strengths that stem from the same. Thank you, Visible and love to all. Serena

preacher said...

"Push and shove...

Turkish Army Responds to Syrian Shelling That Killed Five

But who's pushing?

neal said...

neil, not great white brother, True White Brother.

Please accept no substitutes (grin).

They pretty much seem to be after the last ones here who carry the original, that has been a problem for a very long time.

I wish we could talk about it, but it is not safe, there is a War going on.

The true light on the hill really has to jump around, moving targets and such, a small price to pay to tweak the ones who believe they are stuck somewhere particular.

preacher said...

North Atlantic Council statement on developments on the Turkish-Syrian border:

"In the spirit of indivisibility of security and solidarity deriving from the Washington Treaty, the Alliance continues to stand by Turkey and demands the immediate cessation of such aggressive acts against an Ally, and urges the Syrian regime to put an end to flagrant violations of international law."

Anonymous said...

pierre said....

best one page I've seen on the dumbest or victimest nations, how they've done it throughout the millenia.

and yep, if the MSM proclaims Israel a Pariah state , there's a reason for that. same goes for anything they peddle.

it's all so interesting once you hold some integrity and peace love and joy in the heart, somewhere, so that you can sustain all the screams of millions and still hope.

est said...

i'm here
right next to you

why don't you
recognize me ?

you let me pass
nary a word

as if the past
never was

Anonymous said...

To mr Erdogan

Erdogan,,we have been here before,,,
Why put your own people at risk for the Zionist machine
What do you think they have planned for your people
What did they promise you.surely it's better to just come clean
Your the leader of a country a great man
I know your probably scared
I always thought you were one of us,there are many of us
We are not rare
But you have to dig your heels in and come true
The old world is falling down,,
Come on be strong your Syrian brothers and sisters need you to stand firm upon that ground
And say with all your might
what comes from your heart
Speak from the heavens above
Become the leader for your people
Not the spiller of their blood


Anonymous said...

Leaders round the world who are being blackmailed,and being given bits of paper with tin foil in as a means to keep them quiet,,,,,,,
The paper with tin foil,is worth nothing,,
Know the people will forgive you if you just say what's going on ,,,come clean
The savage banking cartels days are finished
It's dead,,,get well away from it,,,

Come rejoin humanity

Respects Neil

Anonymous said...

Hear you Neal,,,true white brother. Respects neil

flying cossack said...

@anon oct3 659pm and 826pm

i do find it ironic that -sarcasm- and -garbage dump-, the two favorite jewish strategies of debate, are posted back to back

if your garbage dump's thesis -that the jews are sacrificial fodder- were true, then why would every newspaper tvstation and movie in the world spend trillions of dollars to paint the jews as victims ... trillions of dollars on reverse psychology? ... garbage dump

flying cossack said...

826pm and 844pm were the referenced anon posts ... though im sure judy (and readers) know i wasnt referencing hers

Visible said...

That would be because they own all the newspapers, TV stations and movies and a whole lot more, not all of them, just a great many of them. Your response?

flying cossack said...

yes, they own it and control it ... so they arent sacrificial foddering themselves with reverse psychology

unless you agree with the garbage dump, that the people that control our information are not in control

Visible said...

Flying Cossack, Please forgive me. I was in a rush this morning and not paying attention to who I was responding to and took you totally out of context, cause I'm a fool sometimes that doesn't pay attention but God makes sure to remind me. (smack)

Visible said...

There is a new Petri Dish up-

Bless their Pointy Little Heads.

flying cossack said...

the point of my paragraph wasnt obvious ... your question let me clarify ... thanks

Visible said...

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