Tuesday, November 24, 2020

"From the Cabal of Concentrated Evil to The Shining Light of Creation in the Secret Chamber of Your Heart."

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I am not pleased when I have to write about political and social matters, BUT... they are a significant feature of manifest existence. The main reason I do not enjoy this is because there are a number of people out there, who are stone cold negativists AND some of them read these posts. Most of the ones we encounter here HATE both parties and all politics and are not all that different from BLM and Antifa, who want to tear down the whole world and build it nearer to their heart's desire. Many mass-murdering social reformers followed this route and many misguided souls imagine that they have a better answer for the problems of the world than vastly more informed people, already engaged in running the world, who can't seem to get their shit together.

The thing is that no matter how passionately or with what conviction you may think you know the solutions, YOU ARE WRONG. It is pointless to explain or argue with these people because they do not want to be reasonable. They are already UNREASONABLE. People want to make the world more fair. The world is NEVER going to be fairer because of APPEARANCES. People came here with baggage from earlier visits. THAT IS WHY they are suffering. Sometimes the worst of us seem to have all of our days filled with success and profit. You are NOT seeing the whole story. It does all even out over the long run, but unless you are one of the wise, you do not see this.

Ironically... as this is an apocalypse with an awakening, at the inception of a new age, you are going to see justice done, more than at other times. Hold your horses and wait and see. THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM, and people who operate according to appearances, which is MOST PEOPLE, invariably misinterpret what is actually going on because APPEARANCES ARE A LIE. Unless you seek counsel from The Shining Light of all Creation, seated in the secret chamber of the heart, you will not be getting good intel. You are here to find out that you do not know. You are here to recognize your limitations because life is going to impress you on that matter. You are here, passing through the experiences your karma has arranged for you, over the course of a CONSIDERABLE length of time, in order to FINALLY comprehend your absolute helplessness, and FINALLY, surrender to the all-knowing Shining Light of Creation in the secret chamber of your heart.

In present time, we are witnessing the repeated exposure of massive election fraud. We are also witnessing the force of a Cabal of Concentrated Evil, directed at one man. This cabal includes many powerful political interests and individuals, many wealthy oligarchs, nearly all of social media, all of the mainstream media, most of the entertainment world, many international players, AND... the governments of other nations as well. I can understand why so many of you might feel weighed down by this and led almost to the point of despair. “Oh no! What are we going to do???” Oh, ye of little faith. Stop whining and start paying attention!

I've already had people turn on me because of the mistaken belief that I have gone over to the dark side. That isn't even possible. I forgive them, BUT... they don't know me. I was pounded (I would say 'forged') in a mortar of physical and psychological violence of epic proportion from before I could even walk. The pestle never stopped grinding. I matriculated from there to gladiator school prisons and a long stretch in a maximum-security ward for the criminally insane. I went from there to one life catastrophe after another. It ONLY eased up in recent years and now it is often a sea of bliss. All of what it took to get me here was suffering well spent, AND I NEVER went over to the dark side. I NEVER lost my faith in The Divine, and I NEVER stopped loving the source of creation. EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL.

Today, The DOW went over 30,000. Money... BIG MONEY, is not stupid. It may be spiritually retarded, BUT... it is not stupid. The Biden camp wants to put an end to fracking and all sorts of domestic energy policies, including support for a ruinous New Green Deal. Why then would the stocks be going through the roof? Why would energy stocks, ESPECIALLY, be on an astounding upswing? This is because BIG MONEY KNOWS that President Trump is going to be reelected. It's all about The U.S. Supreme Court. The reelection of the president is one thing. The house cleaning that is going to follow is ANOTHER. BE SURE to read this link. The author is a bit of a sensationalist BUT... the underlying facts are TRUE.

I suggest you listen to the words of this Indian Christian minister.

Pay special attention to what he says about angels, the Book of Daniel and the Persian emperor Darius.

Everything you are presently witnessing is PRELUDE to a DENOUEMENT. WE ARE IN AN APOCALYPSE. If you don't know what the meaning of an apocalypse is, LOOK IT UP! Remind yourself of the force of Awakening that attends an apocalypse and observe The High and Mighty as they paint themselves into a corner, and convict themselves in The Court of Public Opinion before the eyes of The World. This is ALL being carefully orchestrated. We are in a time of MOMENTOUS CHANGE. A whole lot of people are NEVER going to be the same again, once this all goes down.

Yes... there is ALWAYS the possibility that it all goes sideways anyway. IF... that is the case that is all orchestrated as well, to a further conclusion. NO MATTER WHAT... “all things work for the good of those...” You don't EVER have anything to worry about unless you think you do. Positive thinkers have been trying to drum this into the human mind for ages, BUT... people do not want to let go of their problems. Their problems are WHO THEY ARE. They identify as their problems.

If your car is acting up, you take it to a mechanic. If you need food, you go to a supermarket. If your health is troubling you, you go to a doctor. If you want to learn something, you study it. There is somewhere to go for any situation that might occur in your life, EXCEPT; where do you go to fix yourself? There are industries that address that sort of thing; psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, (snicker) guidance counselors, AND SUNDRY. As the world becomes more and more mentally ill, treating this is a burgeoning industry. This is because... as Materialism intensifies, so does Insanity. I guess they must have some kind of a success rate. I've no use for ANY of them because I KNOW that every problem I may have comes in tandem with the solution. If you KNOW HOW to look within, you can find the answer.

You do know about that 'sleep on it' thing, right? Apparently, this works for all kinds of people who BELIEVE in it. So... what are they doing now? What are all of these media-bots, talking heads, clueless celebrities, AND SUNDRY up to? They are working overtime to kill your faith, to impress on you that it's all over and you'd better take your medicine, or we will hold you down and see that you do. They want everyone to back off and let them take us down the road to perdition. Ain't gonna happen. Have you heard? It's the Aquarian Age. At the moment, everything is getting sorted. People are being COMPELLED to act out so that they can be identified by the invisible arbiters of human fate. It's not that they don't already know all about each and every one of us. They do, BUT... we have to act out for the Purpose of Demonstration.

Yes... we all think we are operating under our own power. It's the same kind of mental disconnect that hides from us the fact that The Sun is the source of all life on Earth. It's also the source of all motive power. I KNOW it goes a bit deeper than that because behind the physical sun is The Dark Sun, and that... is the generating plant of power. There's only so much we can see because of the narrow bandwidth of the senses. It is truly unfortunate that there are so many who only believe what they can see.

Don't let your hearts be troubled over all the chaos, confusion, and mendacity that is presently loose in the world, from people being pushed off of subway tracks, to an ordinary flu being dressed up to look like a Halloween monster. That's just the ham-handed efforts of rank amateurs trying to take over the world. It's always going on somewhere, BUT... no one has ever done it, have they? As Lao Tzu says, “the Earth is a sacred vessel and at the mere touch of the profane, it recedes.”

I don't know why people drum up ghosts in their heads and feed them until they grow substantial and scary. It could be those ghosts get put in their heads by vested interests. We certainly see lies, piled on lies, piled on lies running loose everywhere. Enjoy the show. From what I can see, it has a happy ending. This doesn't mean that the bad guys are going to go away or stop being bad guys. They have their parts to play. Don't become one of them.

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

"BECAUSE... It Can Lead to the Most Important Thing You Will EVER Discover."

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You see these postings nearly every day now. Why? These are critically important times. We are ALL going to be judged according to our fitness for the spiritual possibilities that will SOON present themselves. Think of Planet Earth as a launching site. People are ALWAYS coming and going here. They are appearing out of nowhere and going... all sorts of places; determined by their behavior, qualified by INTENTION. As you intend, so you go... “as a man thinketh” and so forth. Our entire world, hard as it may be to believe, is a construction of our minds. Yes... there is a world OUT THERE and sometimes we share remarkable similarities in it, now and then, with someone, BUT... it is all taking place 'in here' (visible taps the side of his head). Even your eyes don't see OUT THERE. Your eyes see in here (again visible taps the side of his head.) We ALL live in a world of our own creation.

This world, this personal creation of ours, gets its general atmosphere from how we feel and what we feel, is processed in here... (yet again, visible taps the side of his head) by the Limbic System. Yes... it feels like it is taking place in your heart, or your gut, BUT... there is more to it than we think. Getting an awareness of HOW THINGS REALLY ARE is the most important thing you will ever accomplish, BECAUSE... it can lead to the most important thing you will EVER discover.

How you feel about life has a great deal to do with how life feels about and responds to you. WHY... is it so hard for people to get this into their heads? Especially since it is already there. If you are angry, you WILL find counterparts. If you are frightened, you will find counterparts AND attract predators. Even massive jungle cats are wary of us initially because they know that we are the REAL King of the Jungle, ( once) BUT... since we do not behave as such in a convincing manner... Yeah. Animals are extraordinarily sensitive to the way we feel. In any case, IT IS ALL A MIRROR (even this blog-grin).

As the world changes, new vistas are opening up that were not accessible before. Yes... some of us have been there. Even thousands of years ago, unique individuals were there. Now, however, certain long-buried features in our being are becoming available; telepathy... intuition, and other gifts are there for the DEVELOPING. I have personal experience of this. These are all qualities of The Divine Feminine, who is now in the ascendant for this coming age. That they are feminine qualities should be a key to how one DEVELOPS them.

Yes... this world is a launching pad. It is also Basic Training for a successful residence here, during your brief visit, and for getting that visa onward. Let me tell you that there are more places one can go from here than there are places here to go to. What I am telling you is true. Everything I have said here, so far, is true, BUT... there is something that happens in people's heads; not everyone's head, BUT... most people's heads. Their mind begins to drift, or they hear something and it goes right thru, or past them or they look right at it and do not see it, or they see it and do not recognize it, or how it might apply to them, or... they read it and nod their heads, and... and... something happens, or does not happen. I've seen it far more times than I can remember.

When I was younger, I was very passionate about God and the wonders of his kingdom, which includes where you are sitting right now, but... which may not look like it because it is under a Magical Enchantment that conceals it from mortal eyes. I am listening to Pavarotti's 50 Greatest Hits, and I KNOW that at this very moment, far, far more people are listening to vile, female demeaning, hate-driven, RAP. I hear that and I walk out the door and far away. They hear this and the same thing happens. We are ALL under some kind of enchantment. It depends on the state of our appetites and desires, which dictate our behavior and intentions, and which ALSO depends on the density and thickness of the Karmic veils that cover our eyes; our physical eyes, and our spiritual eyes.

The nature and quality of our desires and appetites, shape our emotional body, and CREATE the life situations that come upon us. This accounts for the wars we engage in; actual weaponized conflicts, engineered and orchestrated by BANKERS, personal wars with society, and each other, near and far and most importantly... our war with ourselves. This is the one that wears us down from day to day, until we are a burned-out shell. Oh... the other wars have their levels of attrition as well, and some of them account for our immediate departure to further points; “NOW BOARDING for wherever, with stops at this point and that point, the 7:00 AM, local outbound, WILL BE departing in 15 minutes.”

As I sit here, it comes into my mind... all of the things I could say about the matters under discussion, and I realize that I will NEVER be able to get to more than a small portion of what there is to say and no matter what I say, it will never be 'THE' Truth because that cannot be spoken or written. It is at right angles to everything else. It can be communed on and transmitted, from mind to mind, and from heart to heart. It happens far more rarely than the discussions about what to eat and where to go, what to copulate with and what to avoid; all the shallow and pretentious gossip that makes up the conversations of pedestrian life.

I tried to fit in with all of this and I failed miserably. I was MEANT to fail. I did not know that at the time. It must have been amusing to watch me if you were one of those illumined beings, who look at us from invisible locations. I must thank the immeasurable grace and mercy of God for making it impossible for me to fit in. There are progressions that go on in the lives of everyone. If you are in business, you might start out stocking shelves, and then you become assistant manager, and then manager, and then regional manager. That is... if you are ambitious and hard-working and Smart. Smart is important, not so much these days, but it used to be. In another life choice, say... if you started out as a poet, you could... if you were SPIRITUALLY driven, then become a mystic, and then a sage, and then a prophet. I think that is the progression.

If you were political... you might start out in a campaign office. Then you might run for local government. Then you might run for regional or state office. Then you might run for national office. There are more steps than I have mentioned in each of these examples and there are also exit lines of departure, hiatus-sabbatical, career change, death, or imprisonment (grin). I chose my route and I am happy with it. I am content with it and I think that is the key, which comes back again to LOVE, because YOU MUST love what you do, or you should not bother. REALLY.

Some of us came here because we had dreams that could not be filled the last time we were here. Conditions could not be arranged in time, or the time wasn't right. Some of us came here to pay for what we had done before. Some of us came to collect. Some of us came here because our appetites and desires had not been satiated. The wood we threw on the fire, proved to not be too much for the fire. Some of us came here to help, and ALL OF US, are shaped in the crucible of experience, over a very, very long reach of time. When you have eternity to play with, well...

Now we find ourselves INVOLVED, directly, peripherally, up close, or at a distance, with world transformation. We are in a period of time that does not come around very often. This is WHY so many of us are here. Of course, 99% of us forgot all about that once we got here, BECAUSE the distractions are so varied and so fascinating, SO COMPELLING and that, of course, depends on the enchantment.

Going on, right alongside of this spectacle, are emerging portals into more places than there is space here to describe. These portals are ONLY visible to those on the same harmonic wavelength, even when the portal leads to definitely disharmonious locations. Most people are not looking out for their portals and this is sad indeed.

The opportunity exists to make an incredible leap into states of being that are rarely on offer. The opportunity exists to leapfrog lifetimes and lifetimes. Nothing is off the table, AND... if you fail, you are sent to the wardrobe department on The Moon, to be suited up with a series of personas, one following the other, until this opportunity comes round again. “Oh, Holy Night” came on a moment ago, in Italian (grin). That was another opportunity.

It could be that this apocalypse is not like the usual apocalypse. I get the sense that this is a Grand Apocalypse, that only comes round once in every complete turning of the cosmic clock. That makes it significant indeed. I CANNOT tell you about all of the wonders that are available for the determined and intrepid in this remarkable period. I don't know them all, BUT... I know some of them, and I know that I am here, for the purpose of bringing this up again, and again, and again. We all have our duties and this one is mine. I'm glad for the chance to do so. But for fortune, I could be selling or making women's shoes, or running a restaurant, or... the list is endless. I've done a fair amount of OTHER THINGS in this and other lives; no more... no mas...

I seriously advise one and all, to pay more attention to the spiritual side of the street. There is NO TELLING what might occur. There is no telling what might present itself and... go unseen... because one was not FULL TIME looking for it.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

"The Joy of the Presence of God, Intensifies as Time Passes, Until there is No More Sense of Time Passing."

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One is either focused on the world, which brings some level of ATTACHMENT to areas of existence, OR... one is indifferent to it and that brings some level of DETACHMENT. Almost everyone is at some degree of proximity to one or the other, BUT... USUALLY... at some point between the two. There is another state of being... another perspective and it is the one I follow; that is employing either one, depending on my focus, based on the results of analysis and discrimination.

It's okay ( I guess/ maybe, maybe not ) to pose as the latter while moving through the former; to feign detachment, while consistently being attached, BUT... is it real? Well... it can't be real if you are posing.

Therein lies my problem, which ALWAYS devolves back to whether one is being honest with themselves or not; ♫ easy words to say, hard words to live by ♫ (to quote one of Visible's, as yet, unrecorded songs). It falls glibly off the tongue... to 'be in the world but not of it'. Oh, there are hundreds of time-worn homilies that cover the landscape of posturing detachment.

ALL OF IT... comes down to one inescapable and unavoidable truth. You may think you are proceeding on your own (you're not). You may think it is a matter of your own industry and determination, BUT... it is not. Even when you don't know any better (that's most of us). Even when you are inspired by all kinds of sincere passion and zeal, it's not you doing it. This is a very, VERY CRITICAL thing, because as long as you think you are the one doing it, you are on the hamster wheel, and you will stay there until you realize that you, and the wheel, and everything else, all the time, is ONLY the Lord God, expressing through and around you. The ancients have said, “this world is all God's Lila, God's play.” How I see it is that this whole world is God playing Hide and Seek. He explodes himself into billions and billions of fragments of conscious, living creatures, and then he spends a REALLY LONG TIME gathering it all back together.

The most profound spiritual book I have ever read (except for The Way of Life) is The Bhagavad Gita.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

It is TELLING that it all takes place on a battlefield. We need to keep in mind that this was written (so far as we know) in the Kali Yuga, which is a protracted period of conflict, discord, confusion, runaway appetites, and sundry. Whatever the book might have been in Satya, Treta or Dwapara Yuga, WE DON'T HAVE A COPY. They are readily accessible in the Akashic Records but few of us have access privileges.

The Gita makes clear the points I am TRYING to make, in MY OWN WAY, and best you read that. No matter how many times I say the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER, they do not REGISTER except at the level of awareness the reader occupies. This is NOT TO SAY that I am on some high and lonely peak of consciousness. It is what it is and I see proof of that in comments, and emails, and conversations ALL THE TIME. Some things that are ASTOUNDINGLY CLEAR to me, DO NOT translate across the wider reach of these blogs. That is just HOW IT IS.

You EITHER recognize that it is GOD expressing through you, in a HINDERED fashion (for the moment), OR... you think it is you doing all of this. This is the difference between being Illuminated and being in the dark. Why do people REFUSE to see this??? It is because they INSIST on being in charge, thinking themselves in charge of life, and INSISTING on the Imperial Force of their personal will. There is NO SUCH animal. The personal will is nothing more than one's resistance to the Will of God. Jesus, Visible, that is some stern and inflexible way to put it. It IS WHAT IT IS.

We are Fallen Angels. Some are seeking redemption (the few) and the rest are up to some form of personal mischief and for that... we have, The Purpose of Demonstration, in which EACH OF US finds out, sooner or later, that we are wrong. We ALL come up against it and life is a choreographed tragicomedy that endlessly plays itself out for The Purpose of Demonstration. The Greatest Commandment says it all if one is inclined to hear it. I have heard it and it is my marching order. There is nothing more to add to that.

Let us now turn to the election fraud. There are some interesting turns of event. I call this tidbit to your attention, and Lin Woods said he has IRREFUTABLE PROOF. He is NOT THE SORT to say this if it were not true. Meanwhile, THEY are fighting tooth and nail. The vote by this court fell out along party lines. Yesterday, in Wayne County (home of Detroit) the election officials who certify the vote were deadlocked at 2-2. Subsequently, this happened. One of the electors had their children threatened. It is happening ACROSS THE COUNTRY. They KNOW they have been caught and found out. It is going to get BRUTAL. Much is riding on the outcome, including LENGTHY prison sentences for the offenders who engaged in the fraud AND intimidation.

I do not have the time, nor the patience to go into detail about how this was all engineered but it has been discovered. There are MASSIVE amounts of evidence and it is all on the clock, which is ticking as I write these words. I just want to add a small but SIGNIFICANT detail here. Given the very serious penalties that await, should the administration win their case, how long do you think it is going to be before an avalanche of whistleblowers and witnesses begin to press and scrimmage among them, like deranged soccer fans, seeking to CUT A DEAL? I wager it is ALREADY taking place. When the severity of the punishment dawns upon the minds of the culpable, it will be EVERY MAN AND WOMEN FOR THEMSELVES.

Here is how so much of it comes to pass in an ordinary Congressman's day.

Meanwhile, COVID is being used as a cudgel, with fake test results and intentional community infections in places like South Dakota, where the governor has come out against lockdowns. They are blaming it on rallies that the president had MANY MONTHS ago and upon that big biker rally this summer. The infection dynamic DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. It doesn't just Rip Van Winkle at the convenience of the ones manipulating it. My friends, there is a war on. This is a very big deal. The whole COVID scam was created to get rid of the president.

Oh... oh... this is going to be an epic event in the history of our country. I hope you bothered to read those links.

Let us now return to our previous broadcast, already in progress; Everything... everything is some permutation of God playing with himself. I don't mean that in a prurient manner, but it applies. He is The Sun that shines upon us. He is The Moon that works its magic on our vegetables. He is every portal of force and light expressed in Nature. He is intimately connected with EVERY event in our lives, and if we were SO INCLINED, we could have a living, vibrant, and continuous... CONSCIOUS relationship with him. He doesn't like to intrude, so one does need to impress upon him their sincere desire to have such a relationship. Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you AUTHORITATIVELY and beyond all doubt that such a thing is real because I am living it this very moment.

However difficult it may prove to be in the beginning, once one has accepted the bit and the bridle (metaphorically speaking), it becomes extraordinary, supernatural, beyond the dimension of words and like music playing internally, much like the sounds the planets make when they rub up against one another, BECAUSE they would be rubbing up against each other within us. Some fear union with God because of the 'imagined' loss of their personal identity. That is not how it works. Each of us is a unique and eternal microcosmic expression of The Divine... that temporary identity that we imagine ourselves to be is not even real. We are not even the same person we were yesterday. For some, this seems fantastic because so many are caught in ruts of redundancy, with little variation, BUT... cells continuously die and new ones are born every moment, and even if some evolve at the speed of dinosaurs, they do change. Some of us, evolve much more rapidly, especially when we are consciously engaged in the matter.

I've said these things over and over and over in, slightly and sometimes dramatically, different ways. My tune is not going to change. I feel an incredible degree of sorrow for so many who are serving time in The Penitentiary of the Mind. It is sad to see how so many people have entangled themselves in Material Darkness. It does not have to be as it is. It's like watching someone stab themselves over and over in the foot and crying out in pain and outrage as if it were someone else doing it to them. It is not.

The JOY of the Presence of God is... unspeakably wonderful, and it intensifies as time passes until there is no more sense of time.

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Saturday, November 14, 2020

"He is the Lion's Roar. He Breathes In and Out in the Wind. He Shines in a Multiplicity of Stars."

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(There will be links aplenty at the end of this posting.
HOWEVER... this video is a MUST SEE.)

It is wonderful and heartening to see a woman like Sidney Powell come forward and speak as she is speaking. It takes a great deal of courage and integrity to do this and that is sadly lacking among so many of her peers. I use that term 'peers' euphemistically. Release the Kraken!!! (grin)

I do not know what God Almighty has in mind for this election and this presidency, BUT...this... from our intrepid doppelganger in the Hall of Mirrors, causes some interesting questions to arise. We have heard of this anagram before, BUT... we HAVE NOT heard the additional commentary that attends it in this article. (N)othing (C)an (S)top (W)hat (I)s (C)oming. This seems exceedingly ODD and what I do not absolutely KNOW to be true, but highly suspect, is that The President knew way ahead of time what was going to be happening in this election.

So... I factor that in. I factor Mr. Apocalypse in. I factor in the Divine Mother, who is now in the ascendant (Thank God for that). I factor in Lord Vivasvan, who is The Lord of the Sun BECAUSE, as we all SHOULD know, 'sunlight is the best disinfectant.' I factor in God Almighty, as The Supreme Personality of God, because... He is a factor in EVERYTHING, no matter what it may be; by his presence, without which it would not be in the first place, and by his 'seeming' absence, in cases where his not being there indicates the worthless nature of whatever it may pretend to be, but which is, in fact, only a momentary hallucination because... ONLY GOD IS REAL.

Granted... God is ONE and INCOMPREHENSIBLE... INDEFINABLE... but... can be EXPERIENCED! So... to mention, Mr. Apocalypse, the Divine Mother, Lord Vivasvan, and others is to be, IN EVERY CASE, talking about the same single being. Let us visualize that God the Effulgent and Luminous, beyond any possibility of sensory perception, IS... a singularity that expresses through MANY vehicles for different purposes. Think of God, beyond qualification, becoming every archetype, which are each a Quality of God. Imagine that his first emanation is LOVE and Love is the white light that hits the prism and becomes all the multifarious expressions of Love that we know and do not know. Actually, God is expressing in everything. He is the lion's roar. He breathes in and out in the wind. He shines in a multiplicity of stars. He resides in the mind, whether shimmering, or dull, or dark. He awaits the awakening in every life form and is the cause and result of it.

So... when I speak of these various personalities of God. It is for the purpose of play and delight. It is Lila and the performing of forms, in their timeless dance of coming and going on, and on, and on. The mind, in its self involved dream state, is arrogant and afraid, ruthlessly certain and very much in doubt, shifting and changing from one moment to the next, thinking that it is what it thinks it is until that changes and changes again. All of these colors and sounds in motion, parade like vanishing chimera, upon the backdrop of a shining white screen; like characters in a movie, like shadow puppets, and ONLY the backing screen is real. Nothing taking place on the screen is real, ONLY the screen is real and more real than the screen is that which is never to be seen.

One might well say that the whole of pedestrian life is pointless, EXCEPT that it is what God does to entertain himself, “bu bu bu but, what about all those starving children? What about the pornographers and warmongers? What about the feckless and indifferent rich who trod upon the rest of us?” EVERYTHING and everyone that you see, is in a state of flux, slowly turning into the life form that is the inescapable result of all the actions taken by that life form on the way to it.

Who are all these people who are screaming about injustice and payback? These are the people who were performing the injustices only a short time (cosmically speaking) ago. Who are these people in deprivation and want? They are the people who were stuffing themselves and got lost in a whirl of riotous living, with no concern whatsoever about anyone else. EVERYTHING balances out. Life is a balancing act, that never reaches total balance, or the stasis would be the end of it. Go too far in one direction and you will be irresistibly pulled in the other. Don't want to hear this? Don't like the implications? Too bad. This is HOW IT IS... PERIOD.

Oh... there is more to it, of course, like some huge and intricate clock, with countless gears of every size, turning into and against one another. The idea is to GET OFF THE WHEEL. That is what Liberation is. That is what is present in the mind of the Jivanmukti. This wheel is a wheel of fire. It is the wheel of desire and it turns and burns. One day, inexplicably, but sure to come, and surely the result of the aggregate of events and intentions that took place on the way there, comes The Epiphany, The Awakening, the Self Realizing. It may seem random but it is all the outcome of a jeweled precision beyond the ken of the mortal mind.

What is the mind's chief concern? SURVIVAL. It is this which makes it mortal. What you are. What you REALLY are, is an immortal spark of living eternity. You cannot be killed. You were never born. You cannot be harmed by ANYTHING. That is the Atman, which is the real you. The other you(s) can be harmed, can be killed, can experience, or endure WHATEVER. When the awareness is focused on these other you(s), that is where your attention has put you; tossed on a sea of unruly consciousness, bouncing from pillar to pole, seemingly a creature of happenstance, dodging icebergs and treacherous reefs, massive waves that rise and fall, and there you are... bobbing like a cork. Perhaps you wash up on an island, or a mainland, or.../ All these dramas occur. You run about in childhood. You go to school. You go to war. You practice a profession. You marry and have offspring. You age and you die, AND... you do it OVER, and OVER, and OVER, and OVER again. What is the point?

You can't take anything with you EXCEPT for the intangibles and wisdom (if any) from experiences, BUT... why? Why do you keep coming back again and again to this place of misery and suffering? You do it because you don't know any better. You do it because you are like a kid in a candy store and you want THIS and you want THAT. You want to be THIS and you want to do THAT and you get to be and do and have all of that, again and again, and again. Your desires rule the show. Of course, according to the LAWS of EXISTENCE, if you are going to be on top, you will have to be on the bottom. If you are going to be stinking rich, you will have to be filthy poor. If you want to bang all of the hot chicks, you are going to have to be the hot chicks and not so hot chicks. If you want to enslave others then you are going to be enslaved. Action and reaction. The law of cause and effect. IT IS... WHAT IT IS.

Some people will read this and want to know 'who the Hell does this guy think he is?' OR... no... no... my religion tells me otherwise; Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! “Nyah nyah nyah yah, I can't hear you.” Gee, now I really won't be able to sleep tonight.

You want this to be true, or that to be true? Keep telling yourself it is so and you will find out, BECAUSE Everything... EVERYTHING comes up against The Truth eventually, depending on how The Lord's of Karma want it explained to you. It varies. Now... if you have a master AND... more importantly, you are motivated to surrender to that master, you will have a lifeboat on those uncertain seas and that master, if it is a real master, a real-ized master, he has one of those special passports that gets you across the ocean of birth and death and on to the blessed shores.

There are levels and levels to all of this. Some work tirelessly to court this demigod or that one, in order to go to a specific Heavenly Planet. HOWEVER... eveThere is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kindry Heavenly Planet is on The Meter and eventually, the time on the meter runs out and you are back here again. You CAN go right back to work again to get to that Heavenly Planet again, or this Heavenly Planet; some do, OR... you can step away entirely. There are ALSO some Heavenly Planets that you never have to leave, like Brahma-Loka and Krishna-Loka, OR... so I've heard.

Given what has been said here today. Some of which is absolutely true, and some of which is relatively true and some which may be 'out for clearance', it does... or it should... cause one to give some thought to the idea that all is not as it seems. Some will pay no mind and some will ponder it briefly, until they hear the ice cream truck, or something calling them, like The Sirens on that island. I know what I have found and I know where what I have yet to find is located. I can state, sincerely, that this world holds no great appeal for me. That's fine, the world can get along just fine without me, given that there is one born every minute, or more than that actually.

Not everyone wants to walk this road, not hardly. Very few, indeed want to walk this road, although a great many people will walk it for a time, until it gets rough, which it most certainly will. However... well, let me close with the words of Madame Blavatsky again, as I have done several times here already;

“There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards, there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success MAY come.”

You know what? Let me add a couple/few more from Shankara, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Bible. They are well worth memorizing;

"These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation, and the company of the great-souled ones."

“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.”

"The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever."

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Sunday, November 8, 2020

"The Invisible Light-Filled Wind of God is Blowing Sure and Strong out from The Gates of Heaven to The Material Plane."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You know that line about how a Mighty Oak grows from a tiny Mustard Seed? That has bothered me for years. Does anyone know how you get an oak from a mustard seed? See... I have this particular mind and sometimes it drives me a tad batty cause it won't give up. Back in the day when I had girlfriends that weren't The Divine Mother (as is now PERMANENTLY the case), I heard from most of them that I was too much like a District Attorney or a detective. I had this penchant? Propensity? To not let decorum and a -state of mutually agreed peace, stand in the way of my getting to the truth, regardless of collateral damage. I'm not like that anymore AND my apologies to the young ladies that had to put up with it.

Okay... something is troubling me. There is an assortment of people, seemingly on our side, who Tom Fitton took over. I can't find the article now but MAN! He was about as defeatist as anything I've heard lately. He's also gotten into a lot of legal hot water in recent times. Maybe that's it. Now Laura Ingraham is publicly advising the president to recognize he lost? UNREAL.

All the negatives... that it's over... yet, Bush-Gore was much more questionable and the fix was in. Is that it? It is different for Trump who is up against the Deep State, whereas Bush WAS the Deep State and they needed him for the coming 9/11 attack and the following wars.

Heard anything about COVID lately? I didn't think so. That was CREATED to get rid of the president and IT DIDN'T WORK! Astounding! I will be putting a bunch of links at the end of the posting, especially from the redoubtable Mike King at The Real History Channel. I am the Dog Poet and Mike is the Cat Poet (grin). I only know of a few people as fearless as Mike and when it comes to being a historian he is nonpareil, as you can see by the number of books he has written. If you want to find out what really happened at certain points in time, he's got you covered.

Okay... I posted that jumble of WTH snippets and such and it is all about the SHEER FORCE of the ones trying to take the country down. IT SHOULD BE CLEAR to everyone here that this is NOT the fruit of human agency. Human agency contains the players (for the most part) BUT... and it's a big BUT... it should be OBVIOUS that the Infernal Kingdom is engineering it. Look at the lockstep of Big Tech, Social Media, The Media, Entertainment, every institution of (snicker) Higher Learning and all points on the way, The Political Establishment... and so much more; WOW!!! This is knockdown drag-out like we have never seen, AND the level of corruption and voter fraud is ASTOUNDING. They cannot possibly win. They were so sure of a Big Blue Wave that they were CONVINCED that no one would pay attention to the fraud. IT DID NOT turn out that way and they panicked and had to shut down all the battleground states, while they shipped in illegal votes from wherever and worked the software. Whoa... Double whoa!!!

Because they were UP AGAINST IT, they made colossal errors, and NOW??? Now comes the complete exposure. What will they do? Oh my... oh my. Were it not an absolute truth that God has command of EVERYTHING, it would look grim indeed.

Here is what is happening. MANUFACTURED APPEARANCES are overwhelmingly indicating that the Democrats won; by hook AND crook, yes, but it seems that they can/will take it, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT EVERY MEDIA PORTAL IS SAYING. So... what is happening is that all those, who should be keeping the faith and rallying around the president, are turning chicken shit for their own survival. Every MAJOR player who is also a long time Satanist, like Rupert Murdoch, have switched off ALL SUPPORT for the present administration. The compelling force from below has given the marching orders.

Simultaneously, the canaille in the streets are being formed up for endless demonstrations of violence and revolution. It is their hope that the relentless pressure of CHAOS will cause tremendous pressure to be exerted on the president to abdicate. They don't know him very well. It could also be said that I don't know him very well either.

My friends... this moment in time is CRUCIAL and you are going to see things that you did not expect and possibly signs and wonders as well. What is happening is the signal moment in the arrival of The Aquarian Age. We are going to see visible evidence of invisible force, operating... ubiquitously. Keep in mind that with the certainty of Infernal forces, working across the land, internally and externally, there is the certainty of Celestial forces at work as well. This is NOT like every other time over the last hundreds and couple of thousand years. It is NOT going to go the way that those entrenched Powers and Principalities imagine it will. They have had it their way for a LONG TIME and they are OVER CONFIDENT. In tandem with all of this outrageous hubris comes The Avatar; the INFLUENCE OF THE AVATAR, coming in advance of his arrival, and stirring the hearts of the righteous around the world, as well as the LEAKING OF HIS LIGHT into the human mind, that for so long has been dimmed and darkened.

I have counseled here REPEATEDLY; do not pay attention to appearances! Do not be deceived by appearances. Do not let your atavistic FEAR resonate with appearances. Let your Love flow and it will evict that fear from your hearts. You MUST... You MUST opt-in for Love and opt-out of FEAR, only one of these can PREDOMINATE at any time. The problem here is that FEAR has had its way for a long time and Love has been occasional and hit and miss. ALL IT TAKES is FOCUS on the Love. Whenever Fear announced its presence, you MUST turn your attention to the Love in your heart and RECOGNIZE... RECOGNIZE that the Love in your heart is DIRECTLY CONNECTED to the Love in the Heart of God and the Super Soul that rules... without challenge through Time and Eternity. The Heart of God, physically AND OTHERWISE, embodied in The Avatar is ALL POWERFUL. Your RECOGNITION of this establishes it AS FACT within you. Read that last sentence several times and chew it thoughtfully.

Big Changes are coming and the intention and guidance of God is ALWAYS focused upon The Righteous. The Chaos and Confusion are focused upon the unrighteous. It is up to each of us, individually, which way we go. I have mentioned it before that many who permit and submit to EVIL are not themselves evil, BUT... since they are neither in the light or darkness entirely, they are in the GRAY AREA and that puts them under the sway of The Darkness. This is a LARGE percentage of the people, much like the numbers you saw voluntarily wearing masks. It would seem hopeless, except for (DRUM ROLL) The Awakening. Right this moment, and accelerating as it comes, is... (DRUM ROLL) The Awakening. It grows stronger in every moment, and a moment does come in every self-engineered separated mind when Critical Mass Presence is reached. At that point, each of us either surrenders to The Awakening OR... we react with RESISTANCE. In some cases, the force of The Awakening will melt the resistance. Otherwise, the resistance gets stronger, such as when the traveler pulls his coat of darkness tighter and tighter against himself to shut out the power of The Sun. Good luck with that, especially since The Sun is ALSO present internally.

You can do all of this metaphysical math yourself. These are just guidelines for the equation. I am less concerned with whether you support the engine that ran the system for the last four years, under such extreme duress, than I am with your letting your confidence grow with the understanding that ♫ a change is gonna come ♫ A change is ALREADY here. You determine your personal fate by which state of mind you associate with. If you are negative and fearful, you are going down because you are taking yourself down. If you are positive and fearless, you will be lifted up by the invisible wind of God that is blowing sure and strong out from the Gates of Heaven to the material plane.

I cannot possibly express the degree of optimism and buoyant certainty that I feel. I have no direct evidence of anything. It is simply there and GROWING. I haven't felt anything this strong in some time. I suppose I will find out the WHY OF IT at some point. God is very, very present now. I don't know if there was some shift in the emphasis from ON HIGH, or whether The Avatar has gotten so much closer that his presence is now palpable, or what the cause may be, BUT... it most assuredly is!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

"Ah the Blessed Sphere; to Be a Resident in the Secret Kingdom of Answered Prayer."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You have heard me here, time and again, speaking about the poisonous impact of Identity Politics, Fluid Gender Nonsense, Diversity, and Social Justice Issues. I have said that those at the forefront of Revolution are the first to be exterminated, when the Brave New World version of Equality and Parity, Open Borders, and Forced Immigration occurs. I ask you to watch this video BEFORE we go on, and remind you that the author of these blogs and OTHERS (not nearly enough of us) have been warning you about these things for some time.

Europe is ALREADY back on its heels, from the result of MASSIVE SUMS OF MONEY being poured into these channels, with the purpose of DESTABILIZATION, followed by REVOLUTION being the objective. George Soros, who is the bagman for the Rothschild Empire, and other sources of Social Force with similar intentions are balls to the wall for the ruin of The West. This includes most Social Media-Big Tech, as well as those government agencies loyal to the Deep State; most importantly and critically, the Intelligence Community, which is an influential part of the Military-Industrial Complex. The Educational System is also a major player at the indoctrination end for bringing Marxist-Leninist rule to The Land of the Free.

NOTICE all the buzzwords and slogans in use by Social Justice Warriors, BLM, and Antifa. NOTICE their stated objectives and how they dovetail with the Progressive Left on the political end. NOTICE the cynical arrangement of a corrupt and enfeebled man as their presidential candidate. NOTICE the lunatic chosen as his running mate, and RECOGNIZE that he would not be permitted to long endure should he get elected.

Hopefully, you have seen the contrast between the two political agendas, presently striving for the reins of control in America. Hopefully, this better explains my position of late. I've noted a small number of weaseling and negative mindsets, arguing what they see as all of the shortcomings of the president. The obvious question is, “Then, what do you recommend as a solution?” There IS NONE. Either one or the other of these disparate campaigns will prove successful. There is NO third option.

I have a marvelous advantage that serves my life. It is the Intuition. Because I am capable of admitting that I don't know, to others and... most importantly to myself, I am in the fortunate position of being INFORMED by Celestial Intelligence, via angelic channels. I hear and I obey. This may seem oppressive and jejune to many, BUT... the outcome of my 'hearing and obeying' IS... (drum roll) a greater freedom of being and living, which is experienced by VERY FEW. Here's the deal. Everything is defined by INTENTION and the intention of the Kingdom of Heaven in The Celestial Realm is FREEDOM. To align with these timeless agencies is to enjoy Liberation. The objective of the Supernal Realm is Liberty on every level. The objective of the Infernal Realm is BONDAGE, on every level. This CANNOT be argued against. It is observably TRUE unless you are blind.

I am not a political creature, nor a social reformer. My perception of these ways and means is that they nearly always create the opposite of what their stated intentions are, and that is because their stated intentions are seldom, if ever, their real intentions. Mao was a social reformer. So was Pol Pot. So were Lenin and Stalin. Social Reformers are always a mask for Social Controllers.

I will give you a working illustration of what I am talking about. You have heard, of course, that famous quote by Lord Acton, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” You have also seen what happens to people when they become rich (though there are exceptions). Perhaps you have wondered... WHY? Why is it that regardless of who it is that becomes powerful, or rich, they mostly always turn into a failure as a human being? There is a simple answer to this. The VISIBLE WORLD is ALWAYS controlled by the INVISIBLE WORLD. Unless you are clairvoyant, both the Celestial Kingdom and the Infernal Kingdom are invisible. Well... they are invisible while you are in a physical body. Just because you cannot see the forces acting upon you and everyone else, DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE NOT THERE and everything you see out here is controlled by what you cannot see.

People who pursue wealth, power, fame, and position are USUALLY motivated by Self Interest. Self Interest is a concern of the Infernal Kingdom. Selflessness is a concern of the Supernal Kingdom. You can, hopefully, do the math here. Every time you are out for yourself, at the expense of others, or indifferent to the thought of others, you ATTRACT agents from the Infernal Realm. Every time you act selflessly and with the thought of others, you attract agents from the Supernal Realm. This is HARD and INFLEXIBLE TRUTH. You can reject it BECAUSE it doesn't fit in with your Self Interest, but that DOES NOT CHANGE IT. EVER. EVER.

Now... there is nothing wrong with wealth, so long as you are aware that you are ONLY a steward of it. The reason for this is because EVERYTHING belongs to God; be it material or spiritual. You ARE going to be rich at some point, and powerful, and famous; for The Purpose of Demonstration. You have only to look around to see how those who PRESENTLY have any one or all of these are behaving. Usually... and I KNOW this to be true; Fame, Fortune, Power, and et al are a CURSE. It is the exception when it is otherwise. Don't be fooled by the phony smiles on their faces. Be mindful that even if they are not aware of it at the moment, they WILL feel the hot breath at the nape of their neck. It is an ancient tale that has been lived and written of for MILLIONS and MILLIONS of years.

What I tell you, I have on the authority of the most high. I am told these things in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS. There's nothing special about me, except that I listen and who I listen to. ANYONE could do this. Most people simply choose otherwise, because they do not want to hear these things because these things INTERFERE with their Self Interest. Self Interest is NOT PERMITTED into the Kingdom of Heaven. You shall not pass. I did not always listen and I paid the price. I listen now. You can be DAMN SURE that I listen now. I listen with absolute attention. I do not want to screw up.

Many people think that by going in this direction, where you give up all personal ambitions and desires is an empty and solitary life. Nothing could be further from the truth. What many people do not realize is that the Kingdom of Heaven has ALWAYS your best interests at heart. Perhaps God will shower you with riches. Perhaps he will not, BUT... you may be sure that whatever the circumstance, it is what is best for you. Whether you are materially rich or not, You will STILL BE RICH, richer than kings and queens have EVER been and you will ENJOY yourself, where otherwise you would not.

I cannot even begin to discuss or describe the blessings that attend aligning yourself with Heaven. It is ridiculous to attempt it. It is, quite simply, beyond description and you do not have ONLY my word on the matter. Names that ring across the centuries have discovered this; The Secret Kingdom of Answered Prayer. The gates are open ALWAYS for those who have learned WHAT to pray for. Everyone else IS YOU. This is another secret that hides in plain sight, and you cannot understand this if Self Interest is your guiding force. One could learn a great deal from watching children. Of course, there are many aspects to childhood and children that ARE NOT DESIRABLE... BUT... Regenerated Innocence is Childhood regained, with the grace of Ageless Wisdom.

Maybe... if any of this rings with you, you may now see this election with new eyes and also remember that all of us are flawed. How do you think you would fare if you were in the same position as any of the men and women contending for the prize? Be grateful that you are not.

We have SO MUCH to be grateful for that we take for granted. It astounds me how blind so many people are to the many blessings they enjoy. Lack of Gratitude is a horrible state and does not end well. This is the moment. It is ALWAYS the moment, to reflect on how different your life could be than it is. Contentment is one of the most underrated states of being. When you know what is truly valuable you will have little use for anything else.

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