Tuesday, November 3, 2020

"Ah the Blessed Sphere; to Be a Resident in the Secret Kingdom of Answered Prayer."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You have heard me here, time and again, speaking about the poisonous impact of Identity Politics, Fluid Gender Nonsense, Diversity, and Social Justice Issues. I have said that those at the forefront of Revolution are the first to be exterminated, when the Brave New World version of Equality and Parity, Open Borders, and Forced Immigration occurs. I ask you to watch this video BEFORE we go on, and remind you that the author of these blogs and OTHERS (not nearly enough of us) have been warning you about these things for some time.

Europe is ALREADY back on its heels, from the result of MASSIVE SUMS OF MONEY being poured into these channels, with the purpose of DESTABILIZATION, followed by REVOLUTION being the objective. George Soros, who is the bagman for the Rothschild Empire, and other sources of Social Force with similar intentions are balls to the wall for the ruin of The West. This includes most Social Media-Big Tech, as well as those government agencies loyal to the Deep State; most importantly and critically, the Intelligence Community, which is an influential part of the Military-Industrial Complex. The Educational System is also a major player at the indoctrination end for bringing Marxist-Leninist rule to The Land of the Free.

NOTICE all the buzzwords and slogans in use by Social Justice Warriors, BLM, and Antifa. NOTICE their stated objectives and how they dovetail with the Progressive Left on the political end. NOTICE the cynical arrangement of a corrupt and enfeebled man as their presidential candidate. NOTICE the lunatic chosen as his running mate, and RECOGNIZE that he would not be permitted to long endure should he get elected.

Hopefully, you have seen the contrast between the two political agendas, presently striving for the reins of control in America. Hopefully, this better explains my position of late. I've noted a small number of weaseling and negative mindsets, arguing what they see as all of the shortcomings of the president. The obvious question is, “Then, what do you recommend as a solution?” There IS NONE. Either one or the other of these disparate campaigns will prove successful. There is NO third option.

I have a marvelous advantage that serves my life. It is the Intuition. Because I am capable of admitting that I don't know, to others and... most importantly to myself, I am in the fortunate position of being INFORMED by Celestial Intelligence, via angelic channels. I hear and I obey. This may seem oppressive and jejune to many, BUT... the outcome of my 'hearing and obeying' IS... (drum roll) a greater freedom of being and living, which is experienced by VERY FEW. Here's the deal. Everything is defined by INTENTION and the intention of the Kingdom of Heaven in The Celestial Realm is FREEDOM. To align with these timeless agencies is to enjoy Liberation. The objective of the Supernal Realm is Liberty on every level. The objective of the Infernal Realm is BONDAGE, on every level. This CANNOT be argued against. It is observably TRUE unless you are blind.

I am not a political creature, nor a social reformer. My perception of these ways and means is that they nearly always create the opposite of what their stated intentions are, and that is because their stated intentions are seldom, if ever, their real intentions. Mao was a social reformer. So was Pol Pot. So were Lenin and Stalin. Social Reformers are always a mask for Social Controllers.

I will give you a working illustration of what I am talking about. You have heard, of course, that famous quote by Lord Acton, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” You have also seen what happens to people when they become rich (though there are exceptions). Perhaps you have wondered... WHY? Why is it that regardless of who it is that becomes powerful, or rich, they mostly always turn into a failure as a human being? There is a simple answer to this. The VISIBLE WORLD is ALWAYS controlled by the INVISIBLE WORLD. Unless you are clairvoyant, both the Celestial Kingdom and the Infernal Kingdom are invisible. Well... they are invisible while you are in a physical body. Just because you cannot see the forces acting upon you and everyone else, DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE NOT THERE and everything you see out here is controlled by what you cannot see.

People who pursue wealth, power, fame, and position are USUALLY motivated by Self Interest. Self Interest is a concern of the Infernal Kingdom. Selflessness is a concern of the Supernal Kingdom. You can, hopefully, do the math here. Every time you are out for yourself, at the expense of others, or indifferent to the thought of others, you ATTRACT agents from the Infernal Realm. Every time you act selflessly and with the thought of others, you attract agents from the Supernal Realm. This is HARD and INFLEXIBLE TRUTH. You can reject it BECAUSE it doesn't fit in with your Self Interest, but that DOES NOT CHANGE IT. EVER. EVER.

Now... there is nothing wrong with wealth, so long as you are aware that you are ONLY a steward of it. The reason for this is because EVERYTHING belongs to God; be it material or spiritual. You ARE going to be rich at some point, and powerful, and famous; for The Purpose of Demonstration. You have only to look around to see how those who PRESENTLY have any one or all of these are behaving. Usually... and I KNOW this to be true; Fame, Fortune, Power, and et al are a CURSE. It is the exception when it is otherwise. Don't be fooled by the phony smiles on their faces. Be mindful that even if they are not aware of it at the moment, they WILL feel the hot breath at the nape of their neck. It is an ancient tale that has been lived and written of for MILLIONS and MILLIONS of years.

What I tell you, I have on the authority of the most high. I am told these things in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS. There's nothing special about me, except that I listen and who I listen to. ANYONE could do this. Most people simply choose otherwise, because they do not want to hear these things because these things INTERFERE with their Self Interest. Self Interest is NOT PERMITTED into the Kingdom of Heaven. You shall not pass. I did not always listen and I paid the price. I listen now. You can be DAMN SURE that I listen now. I listen with absolute attention. I do not want to screw up.

Many people think that by going in this direction, where you give up all personal ambitions and desires is an empty and solitary life. Nothing could be further from the truth. What many people do not realize is that the Kingdom of Heaven has ALWAYS your best interests at heart. Perhaps God will shower you with riches. Perhaps he will not, BUT... you may be sure that whatever the circumstance, it is what is best for you. Whether you are materially rich or not, You will STILL BE RICH, richer than kings and queens have EVER been and you will ENJOY yourself, where otherwise you would not.

I cannot even begin to discuss or describe the blessings that attend aligning yourself with Heaven. It is ridiculous to attempt it. It is, quite simply, beyond description and you do not have ONLY my word on the matter. Names that ring across the centuries have discovered this; The Secret Kingdom of Answered Prayer. The gates are open ALWAYS for those who have learned WHAT to pray for. Everyone else IS YOU. This is another secret that hides in plain sight, and you cannot understand this if Self Interest is your guiding force. One could learn a great deal from watching children. Of course, there are many aspects to childhood and children that ARE NOT DESIRABLE... BUT... Regenerated Innocence is Childhood regained, with the grace of Ageless Wisdom.

Maybe... if any of this rings with you, you may now see this election with new eyes and also remember that all of us are flawed. How do you think you would fare if you were in the same position as any of the men and women contending for the prize? Be grateful that you are not.

We have SO MUCH to be grateful for that we take for granted. It astounds me how blind so many people are to the many blessings they enjoy. Lack of Gratitude is a horrible state and does not end well. This is the moment. It is ALWAYS the moment, to reflect on how different your life could be than it is. Contentment is one of the most underrated states of being. When you know what is truly valuable you will have little use for anything else.

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The last Discourse from The First Church of the Presence of God. My apologies for the sound quality and clashing suspenders (grin). It won't happen again.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday I texted to one of my best friends : “The soul is healed by being with children” - F. Dostoevsky. I added my take: They remind us of our innocence. There was more to it but the reason I mention it at all is because when synchronicities show up in my daily communications and Les Visible blogs, well, it’s a flashing neon sign for me. It means: YOU ARE GOING THE RIGHT WAY. This has been happening for years with Visible blogs and me and it was recently mentioned in one of them. That’s one of the reasons why I follow you religiously; it’s the connection. It’s the human seeking affirmation and recognition from ABOVE.

My response to the entire post was an emphatic YES, YES, YES. I am not attached to the results of this election. If Trump wins - great. If the alternative happens, crap, I mean, well, I guess we need to learn some cold, hard lessons. From what I have observed in the past year I feel pretty damn certain that Trump will win in the long run (voting fraud delays perhaps). Why do I feel this way (intuition)? Because all of the people whom I resonate with say so and it’s not because they love the man, it’s because they stand for what he is doing. Anyone with an open mind and heart probably will agree. The alternative is fear based and will devolve us as human beings. The alternative is blind and misguided. Either way, we have a lot of work to do as spiritual beings living in this temporal world. God bless America, God bless President Trump, and God bless our friend, Les Visible.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You brought 'Richard Cory' to mind with this post. Post also resonates 110%, and what a trip it's been to get to that point. I look at my past, and I'm glad it's over; though I do admit I still take delight in being an obnoxious bastard if it makes people think.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Another faithful reminder to seek mindfulness in every moment!

"Everything is defined by INTENTION and the intention of the Kingdom of Heaven in The Celestial Realm is FREEDOM. To align with these timeless agencies is to enjoy Liberation. The objective of the Supernal Realm is Liberty on every level. The objective of the Infernal Realm is BONDAGE...."

The contrast between freedom of the Spirit and bondage has become sharp enough to be perceived by even the dullest of perception, provided that eyes are not dulled to death by mendacious media repetition.

Are we here to conform to the earthly mindjackers, buy the illusion of security for the body?
Or give our attention willingly to the Spirit in which we live and join in harmonious cooperation to transcend the deceivers' deadly game?

"Mao was a social reformer. So was Pol Pot. So were Lenin and Stalin. Social Reformers are always a mask for Social Controllers"

In short, the Judas minded, the fatal flaw of the human mind stuck in superficial selfishness which pretends to be group thinking in a noble virtue signal, so clearly presented in scripture, foreshadowing the Karens and other intellectual vacuums of this latest dark age on earth.

The same people stuck in conformity to literal, flat decoding of words, who unironically and compulsively use "literally" in their programmed emotional outbursts. Led astray by those who understand the hierarchy of hell and fall into the deadline mentality.

We are witness to the curtain call for gangs of the selfish

Stay calm, still the emotional body and speak only positive visions of the present we all share into the air!


Guy Reid-Brown said...

I know tonight is a crucial night in the temporal world and how important this victory is - but THANK you for your sane small voice, Mr. Visible.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Well, whatever happens, THIS resonates, every word, clause, sentence and paragraph

'God give me balance; God give me strength; God, thank you for allowing me to be alive'

Le Rocher said...

Hey Les,

Just read through yesterday's Origami - The first 4 paragraphs - Like looking in a mirror or mirrors in the Fun House. The references are beyond 'coincidental' (except for the LSD thing) had my Trips - just within different circumstance.

I found the most revealing of these last two post was the reference to the futility of construct. We have been warned of "THEIR" intentions, for a very long time, and still the Sheeple continue their need to follow and serve. Being in the 'SERVICE OF' - 'SERVING' this or that cause and/or beliefs.
One without personal agenda has no SERVICE to offer, THEM. One that experiences what YOU & I have is because OUR Souls, Hearts, & Mind are of a different making. Our Revelations came to us by design in their predetermined file allocations. Listening is the encryption key - isn't it? Each & Everyone will have an opportunity to receive their revelations in their own way when it is their time. Whether in this lifetime or some future relative timeline. It's not up to us - is it? There is a very wide range of difference between the "No Third Option" to the Spiritual realm and having a third option here on this planet. I realize this is difficult to comprehend however, If Humans were really in sync, we could absolutely cause a complete Planet-wide revelation - as simply as doing "NOTHING". the third option.

Tired of the travel restrictions at airports??? I wonder how fast the "Regulations" would change? if not one single individual went to any airport for a month.
Yeah, Why is it that Homeless people are immune to such a deadly disease? How can it be that individuals can keep being elected to an office designed to render 'Service' to the 'Constituents' THEY REPRESENT - while all the time campaigning as "OUR LEADERS" - Just makes a Guy wanna go Huuuuuuummmmmmmm... These POS, sorry ass excuses for Humans, are going to learn the hard way, - For Whom THEY Work.
Another Revelation in the Making.

Wanna Know whats coming - just find a library and educate yourself on the last time AMERICANS had a MAJOR dispute. and it wasn't about abolition.

It really doesn't matter what WE few think. THEY are going to do what THEY do....
and WE ALL will be left to suffer the consequences of actions made by those WE are going to have to KILL to make go away. It's as simple as that.

The Third option thing - truth is, there are only two ways to go - Right or Wrong.
And there is only ONE WAY to determine what is "RIGHT".

All WE can do is keep on keepin on......Trust in Your Faith, Trust in us that have seen the magic. It is not a demented, drug induced hallucination, it is an entrusted disclosure, of the awesome power available, beyond our comprehension. It just is....

Les, I have chosen to be My Fathers SON, He only expects me to be a Good, Decent Human, In His Image & His Likeness. And I bet GOD has a pretty good IMAGINATION. And HE has shown me HIS Likeness. Several times - The MAGIC will only show it's self in accordance within the rules of the engagement. Always at the very last, final, possible instant of the most unexpected kind.

Your "Service" has been Well Recognized. Your Continued Support is Very Appreciated.

It is always that Right Shall Prevail - We All know this - It's just all the suffering and confusion in the meantime that makes us Decide what way we choose -
as is the Intention of the process.

Remember - Our Teachers are the most Priceless 'Service'. That's why it's the least paid profession. Go Figure.......

Be Well, Be Safe.

Ray B. said...

Vis, I enjoyed the spiritual side of your post. Thanks!

Not popular, but needed: If you (general 'you') think Trump is not as bought, sold, compliant, and 'handled' as much as Biden/Harris is bought, sold, compliant, and 'handled', you are going to be unpleasantly surprised. The PTB think in terms of decades, if not centuries (or even millennia); they have been maneuvering both sides so their desired candidates occupy all relevant slots. To repeat: Both sides are controlled by the deep state. Each side furthers the PTB agenda. Duh...

It will be interesting to 'see' how all-God comes into the above, through any interested Higher Entities. Right now, humanity is fighting with both hands and both legs tied, as well as one eye covered. All our higher-powers are almost nulled-out.

Ever since we were subjected-to the Tower of Babel Moment, we have had limited-to-no higher abilities. Some form of telepathy/empathy was suppressed at that time. Humanity does need to evolve-back, break-through, or have-lifted-from-without those abilities before we have a global 'edge' over the dark-side. Imagine being able to just 'look' at someone and know their intent, for example.

I have voted - just to strengthen the meme of voting. However, I have no illusions as to the real outcome. The deep state will 'win'. Some Angels have lately taken an interest in Cleaning down to our level. Let us hope they hurry...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

RAy; I will repeat what I believe and am certain of. Those who SAY THEY KNOW do not know. And the more convoluted the commentary the more obfuscation can be counted on. Neither you nor I KNOW what's what with Biden or Trump except what we heard AND MORE IMPORTANTLY what we want to be true because it fits our model. I generally take what people tell me as THEIR VERSION. I have not found it to be otherwise YET.

brian boru said...

Thank you again for your words of wisdom. It's easy to succumb to despair with our myopic view of what appears to be happening in our short lives but you help to clarify the situation by guiding us to look beyond the material present. That Soviet agent set it out in black and white all those years ago yet it made no real difference. I suspect that even if it was possible to show this video in every university in the western world today it still would sway very few. Although your suspenders clash with my sartorial tastes they do raise a smile. Best regards.

Anonymous said...

Coup by fraud under way.


Guy Reid-Brown said...

Have been circulating this on FB-

"I tried  to post a link here but Facebook refused to allow it instantly.

So you know what is going on, then, manually type 'Henry makow communists plan to steal election'

Then make it go VIRAL"

Karen said...


'In short, the Judas minded, the fatal flaw of the human mind stuck in superficial selfishness which pretends to be group thinking in a noble virtue signal, so clearly presented in scripture, foreshadowing the Karens and other intellectual vacuums of this latest dark age on earth.'

I am afraid I cannot comprehend what you are trying to convey. Could you please elaborate and clarify your meaning, with scripture, so I can better comprehend your perspective.

Thanking you

Visible said...

Have faith, my friends, it will all work out and when it doesn't, there are reasons. Even then, that is another way of working out. These times are not like any others.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"The Dreams and Designs of Those Caught Out Will Unravel and Mr. Apocalypse is the Reverse Seamstress."

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh, Karen? No, couldn’t be, BUT, at the mention of Scripture, maybe it is! We shall see. It was just a matter of time, right?



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