Tuesday, November 24, 2020

"From the Cabal of Concentrated Evil to The Shining Light of Creation in the Secret Chamber of Your Heart."

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I am not pleased when I have to write about political and social matters, BUT... they are a significant feature of manifest existence. The main reason I do not enjoy this is because there are a number of people out there, who are stone cold negativists AND some of them read these posts. Most of the ones we encounter here HATE both parties and all politics and are not all that different from BLM and Antifa, who want to tear down the whole world and build it nearer to their heart's desire. Many mass-murdering social reformers followed this route and many misguided souls imagine that they have a better answer for the problems of the world than vastly more informed people, already engaged in running the world, who can't seem to get their shit together.

The thing is that no matter how passionately or with what conviction you may think you know the solutions, YOU ARE WRONG. It is pointless to explain or argue with these people because they do not want to be reasonable. They are already UNREASONABLE. People want to make the world more fair. The world is NEVER going to be fairer because of APPEARANCES. People came here with baggage from earlier visits. THAT IS WHY they are suffering. Sometimes the worst of us seem to have all of our days filled with success and profit. You are NOT seeing the whole story. It does all even out over the long run, but unless you are one of the wise, you do not see this.

Ironically... as this is an apocalypse with an awakening, at the inception of a new age, you are going to see justice done, more than at other times. Hold your horses and wait and see. THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM, and people who operate according to appearances, which is MOST PEOPLE, invariably misinterpret what is actually going on because APPEARANCES ARE A LIE. Unless you seek counsel from The Shining Light of all Creation, seated in the secret chamber of the heart, you will not be getting good intel. You are here to find out that you do not know. You are here to recognize your limitations because life is going to impress you on that matter. You are here, passing through the experiences your karma has arranged for you, over the course of a CONSIDERABLE length of time, in order to FINALLY comprehend your absolute helplessness, and FINALLY, surrender to the all-knowing Shining Light of Creation in the secret chamber of your heart.

In present time, we are witnessing the repeated exposure of massive election fraud. We are also witnessing the force of a Cabal of Concentrated Evil, directed at one man. This cabal includes many powerful political interests and individuals, many wealthy oligarchs, nearly all of social media, all of the mainstream media, most of the entertainment world, many international players, AND... the governments of other nations as well. I can understand why so many of you might feel weighed down by this and led almost to the point of despair. “Oh no! What are we going to do???” Oh, ye of little faith. Stop whining and start paying attention!

I've already had people turn on me because of the mistaken belief that I have gone over to the dark side. That isn't even possible. I forgive them, BUT... they don't know me. I was pounded (I would say 'forged') in a mortar of physical and psychological violence of epic proportion from before I could even walk. The pestle never stopped grinding. I matriculated from there to gladiator school prisons and a long stretch in a maximum-security ward for the criminally insane. I went from there to one life catastrophe after another. It ONLY eased up in recent years and now it is often a sea of bliss. All of what it took to get me here was suffering well spent, AND I NEVER went over to the dark side. I NEVER lost my faith in The Divine, and I NEVER stopped loving the source of creation. EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL.

Today, The DOW went over 30,000. Money... BIG MONEY, is not stupid. It may be spiritually retarded, BUT... it is not stupid. The Biden camp wants to put an end to fracking and all sorts of domestic energy policies, including support for a ruinous New Green Deal. Why then would the stocks be going through the roof? Why would energy stocks, ESPECIALLY, be on an astounding upswing? This is because BIG MONEY KNOWS that President Trump is going to be reelected. It's all about The U.S. Supreme Court. The reelection of the president is one thing. The house cleaning that is going to follow is ANOTHER. BE SURE to read this link. The author is a bit of a sensationalist BUT... the underlying facts are TRUE.

I suggest you listen to the words of this Indian Christian minister.

Pay special attention to what he says about angels, the Book of Daniel and the Persian emperor Darius.

Everything you are presently witnessing is PRELUDE to a DENOUEMENT. WE ARE IN AN APOCALYPSE. If you don't know what the meaning of an apocalypse is, LOOK IT UP! Remind yourself of the force of Awakening that attends an apocalypse and observe The High and Mighty as they paint themselves into a corner, and convict themselves in The Court of Public Opinion before the eyes of The World. This is ALL being carefully orchestrated. We are in a time of MOMENTOUS CHANGE. A whole lot of people are NEVER going to be the same again, once this all goes down.

Yes... there is ALWAYS the possibility that it all goes sideways anyway. IF... that is the case that is all orchestrated as well, to a further conclusion. NO MATTER WHAT... “all things work for the good of those...” You don't EVER have anything to worry about unless you think you do. Positive thinkers have been trying to drum this into the human mind for ages, BUT... people do not want to let go of their problems. Their problems are WHO THEY ARE. They identify as their problems.

If your car is acting up, you take it to a mechanic. If you need food, you go to a supermarket. If your health is troubling you, you go to a doctor. If you want to learn something, you study it. There is somewhere to go for any situation that might occur in your life, EXCEPT; where do you go to fix yourself? There are industries that address that sort of thing; psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, (snicker) guidance counselors, AND SUNDRY. As the world becomes more and more mentally ill, treating this is a burgeoning industry. This is because... as Materialism intensifies, so does Insanity. I guess they must have some kind of a success rate. I've no use for ANY of them because I KNOW that every problem I may have comes in tandem with the solution. If you KNOW HOW to look within, you can find the answer.

You do know about that 'sleep on it' thing, right? Apparently, this works for all kinds of people who BELIEVE in it. So... what are they doing now? What are all of these media-bots, talking heads, clueless celebrities, AND SUNDRY up to? They are working overtime to kill your faith, to impress on you that it's all over and you'd better take your medicine, or we will hold you down and see that you do. They want everyone to back off and let them take us down the road to perdition. Ain't gonna happen. Have you heard? It's the Aquarian Age. At the moment, everything is getting sorted. People are being COMPELLED to act out so that they can be identified by the invisible arbiters of human fate. It's not that they don't already know all about each and every one of us. They do, BUT... we have to act out for the Purpose of Demonstration.

Yes... we all think we are operating under our own power. It's the same kind of mental disconnect that hides from us the fact that The Sun is the source of all life on Earth. It's also the source of all motive power. I KNOW it goes a bit deeper than that because behind the physical sun is The Dark Sun, and that... is the generating plant of power. There's only so much we can see because of the narrow bandwidth of the senses. It is truly unfortunate that there are so many who only believe what they can see.

Don't let your hearts be troubled over all the chaos, confusion, and mendacity that is presently loose in the world, from people being pushed off of subway tracks, to an ordinary flu being dressed up to look like a Halloween monster. That's just the ham-handed efforts of rank amateurs trying to take over the world. It's always going on somewhere, BUT... no one has ever done it, have they? As Lao Tzu says, “the Earth is a sacred vessel and at the mere touch of the profane, it recedes.”

I don't know why people drum up ghosts in their heads and feed them until they grow substantial and scary. It could be those ghosts get put in their heads by vested interests. We certainly see lies, piled on lies, piled on lies running loose everywhere. Enjoy the show. From what I can see, it has a happy ending. This doesn't mean that the bad guys are going to go away or stop being bad guys. They have their parts to play. Don't become one of them.

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Visible said...

For those who need links, here is more than you will ever be patient enough to read= https://www.battleswarmblog.com/?p=46464

and here is slamdunk territory for the mentally abridged= https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/rand-paul-when-the-media-says-no-evidence-of-widespread-fraud-perhaps-they-mean-no-evidence-if-you-look-the-other-way/

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up. I await the eve of Yule with absolutely no sense of patience whatsoever.

robert said...

"Unless you seek counsel from The Shining Light of all Creation, seated in the secret chamber of the heart, you will not be getting good intel. You are here to find out that you do not know. You are here to recognize your limitations because life is going to impress you on that matter"

Brightly shining wordsmithing, forging gold art from earthen ingots

What is Life's purpose but to CREATE more consciousness, for the Enjoyer but also for all of the enjoyed fractals!Life is learning; think you know? feel too cynical and disconnected to learn?

No worries, there are other places to be, even though they may entail more tribulations than this birthing tunnel at peak contraction time!
What a privilege to be here now, having our hearts raised through the fire

"In present time, we are witnessing the repeated exposure of massive election fraud. We are also witnessing the force of a Cabal of Concentrated Evil, directed at one man"

Directed at one leader but directly at the rest of us, even those all too willing to be minions.

All of the world's corrupt shit is being flushed out into the the light of awareness.

We can hold our noses but not our righteous indignation.
"The Great Reset"
"The New World Order"
"Georgia Guidestone" speaking into being, informing the conned who the parasites want it to be like

Every con, every parasitical ploy, every soul-stealing agenda is nakedly dancing on the hot skillet, as Mr Apocalypse grills the miscreants to serve the Child

"They are working overtime to kill your faith, to impress on you that it's all over and you'd better take your medicine, or we will hold you down and see that you do. They want everyone to back off and let them take us down the road to perdition......I don't know why people drum up ghosts in their heads and feed them until they grow substantial and scary. It could be those ghosts get put in their heads by vested interests"

Do we own our own mind or leased it to parasites?
To own our mind is to recognize Whose Mind it truly is; become Its lover, not a ranting resister!

We are witnessing Tyranny’s big bluff, using cover of a fear-hyped medical emergency 5 months past peak by strict definition!

We see through our faith the coming of the Child to own His playground!

Ray B. said...

This was interesting: Donald Trump's likeliest Path to Staying in Office.

Yesterday, my ladyfriend and I saw the best 'bumpersticker' (actually painted on the back windshield): Decency Matters. Kind of sums it up...

On the garbage around the elections, I often harken-back to the dark side's Primary Concern: to distract us from Going Within. Moving from Inner Worlds to Outer Worlds and back is fine. In fact, it is the natural movement: “Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.” (Zen Kōan) However, being 'entranced' only into the Outer Worlds is what the dark side wants. If they can keep one 'distracted' right up unto death, they win.

So, be sure to balance your life in these bewildering/perplexing/troubling times...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Le Rocher said...

You're very wrong; using the NYSE as reference, to anything positive, towards future events. Simply another contrived 'Pump-n-Dump'. War is on the horizon from which THEY Profit greatly.

We're all being infected with terrestrial affects.

Les, Stick to listening to Elijah, Isiah & the Musical chorus - You too can be misdirected by the minutia interference... Focus on the FAITH...

Bill Nye said...

Les...when does it stop? As a former US Marine...when does it stop? I am strong and have faith. Something inside of me is in turmoil. The energy is crazy. Something big is happening and I don't understand it completely. It is ripping me apart.

sammy keene said...

Thank you so much for that foot in the but. I needed that. This is what unconditional LOVE looks like and I think we are about to see another aspect of it. When your dog has rabies you put it down. Unconditional Love means doing the hard things too when necessary. I have enjoyed your blogs for many years. Thank you. We are all ONE. I am another you and you guys are the best parts of me and I love you all unconditionally. Sammy from the backwoods of East Texas.

Anonymous said...

Then Ferd Coyote said

Their antagonism is an insult to intelligence, yet reflective of their own.
Where are they all now, bemoaning the power of the mainstream media? That hydra head has been taken out! Where is the rejoicing? The future of the MSM is ridicule and mockery if there is any future for them at all. More locusts and tares. We thought they were grasshoppers and wheat. Now they bear their fruit and have the gall to speak of choruses.

Another stunning thing is Americans have shown up en masse, 80%, to shout that we hate communism and will not have it. The valley of dead dry bones is coming to life and waking up, per Ezekiel. A whole other power has been born. We have comrades! What raises the hairs on my neck is I have had nothing to do with it. It's beyond my wildest dreams and prayers.

What swamp creature would destroy their natural habitat? President Trump has done more than these ivory basement pontificators have any place to criticize. Their scribes were camouflaged in our ranks all along, which should have been predictable. Like the MSM, they have also witnessed against and outed themselves for all time. Regardless of what the immediate future holds, it's the beginning of their end.

Glory be to God

Visible said...

Bill; quiet your breathing. What you are experiencing is the force of The Awakening. This is going to spread in a contagion of epiphany soon. Sit somewhere, in a regular fashion, and let your breathing become deep and rhythmic. You WILL BE okay. Yes... POWERFUL changes are taking place. Focus on the love in your heart and LET IT SOAR. If the winds that buffet you are strong, then you must sail on them. Two people are on a rollercoaster, one is scared witless, the other is charged with excitement. It is the SAME ROLLERCOASTER. It is all attitude and intention. Focus on the higher mind where your angels attend.

Visible said...

Hearing taking place NOW in Gettysburg. The evidence is ASTOUNDING!!!


Anonymous said...

The online gambling betting websites have not paid out yet. Trump is 30 to 1 to win. So the people who run the gambling sites know Trump will win


Guy Reid-Brown said...

'It ONLY eased up in recent years and now it is often a sea of bliss. All of what it took to get me here was suffering well spent, AND I NEVER went over to the dark side. I NEVER lost my faith in The Divine, and I NEVER stopped loving the source of creation. EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL'

Some of us are definitely grateful for the near daily treasures we are getting as a result of all that -

I followed a link from that Distributed News article to an organisation that stands up for Independent Voices censored by Big Tech, are you aware of it? And in a supreme yet predictable irony, when I tried to share it on Facebook, FB blocked it via the 'community standards' Catch-all.

Facebook will not even allow one to type the very letters that make up the name - 'StopBitburning.com'

A. Nonymous said...

A long time ago you said that there are firewalls that keep any one tribe/nation/cabal from taking over all of the earth and I agree.
I've learned to listen to what El Vee says over the years.
Cleaned up my nest after you stated that the cosmic broom is getting ready for sweeping.
Some items that were Goodwill bound sold on the www flea market or Craigslist.
It is all for the purpose of demonstration. When I was wrapped in a cocoon having a power nap in the ICU that statement played over and over along with guitar riffs, old songs, movies, quotes, books.
The Source showed me many visions there and never once was there any negativity about any of it. Ancestors said be not afraid as they spoke to me from the land of dreams.
The demonstration is to show that manboons are not a learning animal.
Human nature exists and that is why the global Soviet utopia will never work.
Laugh at clown world and the United States of Zimbabwe as it is for the Purpose of Demonstration.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe like in 'lady from shanghai' they'll feed on themselves like the scene where characters look over the side of the yacht to see a school of sharks crazed by blood in the water so that they eat each other to death.

que maria muldaur....gideons 300 guys with rams horns or pots and pans surrounding tens of thousands of midian soldiers in the valley.

forming a big circle gideons start blowing horns and hooting and hollering. the midians get startled in pitch black, wip out the the big ones and slash each other to death in darkness..

Midianite at the oasis, set yer kameltoe hairass on down... 1973

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Fantastic link to Sandhu Sandar, whom I had never come across.

Moses must have looked like that.

Where Christianity differs from other paths is that it does not presume 'all the answers are inside you'.

God decides, but you have to ask.

Visible said...

I knew Maria Muldar well. She and I used to hang out now and again, mostly drinking buddies at the Joyous Lake in Woodstock. I really liked her and we had a lot of fun. Then she went away and got famous. One day, I ran into her at Mower's Market and said, "Maria! Hi!" She turned around with these eyes like obsidian coal. I could see the coke shimmer, like moonlight on anthracite. I knew all about that. it was the rage those days and one time a big-time guy gave me a quarter pound. He gave me more over time. He liked me. I couldn't tell you why. I was pretty popular for a while (grin), mostly because I just gave it away. I had to hide a lot. People would come looking for me. Anyway, I digress.

She blew me off in this contemptuous manner and went quickly out the door as I sang, ♫midnight up in Uranus, take your camel to bed♫ whirling... and then if looks could kill. Gone. Whatever she came in there to buy did not leave with her.

Sometime later, I was at work at The Tinker Street Cafe as the chef and occasional bouncer. Well... work had ended and some famous band was playing (that happened a lot there) and I was sitting with a name folk singer at MY TABLE, which was by the phone and the terlet and Maria rolled in and sat down like she was royalty and started talking to the folk singer who was... well, I wouldn't call him a friend but we had a mutual respect, comrade in arms kind of thing. We liked each other but didn't see each other very often. He was away on tour or hibernating as lots of people with the money to do so, would do in Woodstock.

She asks the folk singer, "Why is he sitting here?" referring to me. Well, there were only 3 of us there. The folk singer looked at me with a smile on his face and I said, "I'm sitting here, Maria, because this is my table and if you want to remain here, you'll pretend to have manners. Okay?' You could actually see steam coming out of her ears. She turned away then and watched the music while I and the folk singer continued our conversation.

I've got a whole lot of stories like that. I've seen up close what fame does to people. I spent a lot of time with Richard Manuel a few years before he died; another victim of cocaeena. He was such a sweet and genuine guy but... too much money and no way to process the life he was living. I am flat out amazed that I am still alive and in such good shape. Like I say, Love God! It is the cure-all for every ill.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

How disillusioning about Maria Muldaur.

Such a nice song, too.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"Gratitude. Oh, What a Splendid and Wonderful Thing you Are, Upwelling in the Human Heart."



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