Sunday, November 8, 2020

"The Invisible Light-Filled Wind of God is Blowing Sure and Strong out from The Gates of Heaven to The Material Plane."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You know that line about how a Mighty Oak grows from a tiny Mustard Seed? That has bothered me for years. Does anyone know how you get an oak from a mustard seed? See... I have this particular mind and sometimes it drives me a tad batty cause it won't give up. Back in the day when I had girlfriends that weren't The Divine Mother (as is now PERMANENTLY the case), I heard from most of them that I was too much like a District Attorney or a detective. I had this penchant? Propensity? To not let decorum and a -state of mutually agreed peace, stand in the way of my getting to the truth, regardless of collateral damage. I'm not like that anymore AND my apologies to the young ladies that had to put up with it.

Okay... something is troubling me. There is an assortment of people, seemingly on our side, who Tom Fitton took over. I can't find the article now but MAN! He was about as defeatist as anything I've heard lately. He's also gotten into a lot of legal hot water in recent times. Maybe that's it. Now Laura Ingraham is publicly advising the president to recognize he lost? UNREAL.

All the negatives... that it's over... yet, Bush-Gore was much more questionable and the fix was in. Is that it? It is different for Trump who is up against the Deep State, whereas Bush WAS the Deep State and they needed him for the coming 9/11 attack and the following wars.

Heard anything about COVID lately? I didn't think so. That was CREATED to get rid of the president and IT DIDN'T WORK! Astounding! I will be putting a bunch of links at the end of the posting, especially from the redoubtable Mike King at The Real History Channel. I am the Dog Poet and Mike is the Cat Poet (grin). I only know of a few people as fearless as Mike and when it comes to being a historian he is nonpareil, as you can see by the number of books he has written. If you want to find out what really happened at certain points in time, he's got you covered.

Okay... I posted that jumble of WTH snippets and such and it is all about the SHEER FORCE of the ones trying to take the country down. IT SHOULD BE CLEAR to everyone here that this is NOT the fruit of human agency. Human agency contains the players (for the most part) BUT... and it's a big BUT... it should be OBVIOUS that the Infernal Kingdom is engineering it. Look at the lockstep of Big Tech, Social Media, The Media, Entertainment, every institution of (snicker) Higher Learning and all points on the way, The Political Establishment... and so much more; WOW!!! This is knockdown drag-out like we have never seen, AND the level of corruption and voter fraud is ASTOUNDING. They cannot possibly win. They were so sure of a Big Blue Wave that they were CONVINCED that no one would pay attention to the fraud. IT DID NOT turn out that way and they panicked and had to shut down all the battleground states, while they shipped in illegal votes from wherever and worked the software. Whoa... Double whoa!!!

Because they were UP AGAINST IT, they made colossal errors, and NOW??? Now comes the complete exposure. What will they do? Oh my... oh my. Were it not an absolute truth that God has command of EVERYTHING, it would look grim indeed.

Here is what is happening. MANUFACTURED APPEARANCES are overwhelmingly indicating that the Democrats won; by hook AND crook, yes, but it seems that they can/will take it, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT EVERY MEDIA PORTAL IS SAYING. So... what is happening is that all those, who should be keeping the faith and rallying around the president, are turning chicken shit for their own survival. Every MAJOR player who is also a long time Satanist, like Rupert Murdoch, have switched off ALL SUPPORT for the present administration. The compelling force from below has given the marching orders.

Simultaneously, the canaille in the streets are being formed up for endless demonstrations of violence and revolution. It is their hope that the relentless pressure of CHAOS will cause tremendous pressure to be exerted on the president to abdicate. They don't know him very well. It could also be said that I don't know him very well either.

My friends... this moment in time is CRUCIAL and you are going to see things that you did not expect and possibly signs and wonders as well. What is happening is the signal moment in the arrival of The Aquarian Age. We are going to see visible evidence of invisible force, operating... ubiquitously. Keep in mind that with the certainty of Infernal forces, working across the land, internally and externally, there is the certainty of Celestial forces at work as well. This is NOT like every other time over the last hundreds and couple of thousand years. It is NOT going to go the way that those entrenched Powers and Principalities imagine it will. They have had it their way for a LONG TIME and they are OVER CONFIDENT. In tandem with all of this outrageous hubris comes The Avatar; the INFLUENCE OF THE AVATAR, coming in advance of his arrival, and stirring the hearts of the righteous around the world, as well as the LEAKING OF HIS LIGHT into the human mind, that for so long has been dimmed and darkened.

I have counseled here REPEATEDLY; do not pay attention to appearances! Do not be deceived by appearances. Do not let your atavistic FEAR resonate with appearances. Let your Love flow and it will evict that fear from your hearts. You MUST... You MUST opt-in for Love and opt-out of FEAR, only one of these can PREDOMINATE at any time. The problem here is that FEAR has had its way for a long time and Love has been occasional and hit and miss. ALL IT TAKES is FOCUS on the Love. Whenever Fear announced its presence, you MUST turn your attention to the Love in your heart and RECOGNIZE... RECOGNIZE that the Love in your heart is DIRECTLY CONNECTED to the Love in the Heart of God and the Super Soul that rules... without challenge through Time and Eternity. The Heart of God, physically AND OTHERWISE, embodied in The Avatar is ALL POWERFUL. Your RECOGNITION of this establishes it AS FACT within you. Read that last sentence several times and chew it thoughtfully.

Big Changes are coming and the intention and guidance of God is ALWAYS focused upon The Righteous. The Chaos and Confusion are focused upon the unrighteous. It is up to each of us, individually, which way we go. I have mentioned it before that many who permit and submit to EVIL are not themselves evil, BUT... since they are neither in the light or darkness entirely, they are in the GRAY AREA and that puts them under the sway of The Darkness. This is a LARGE percentage of the people, much like the numbers you saw voluntarily wearing masks. It would seem hopeless, except for (DRUM ROLL) The Awakening. Right this moment, and accelerating as it comes, is... (DRUM ROLL) The Awakening. It grows stronger in every moment, and a moment does come in every self-engineered separated mind when Critical Mass Presence is reached. At that point, each of us either surrenders to The Awakening OR... we react with RESISTANCE. In some cases, the force of The Awakening will melt the resistance. Otherwise, the resistance gets stronger, such as when the traveler pulls his coat of darkness tighter and tighter against himself to shut out the power of The Sun. Good luck with that, especially since The Sun is ALSO present internally.

You can do all of this metaphysical math yourself. These are just guidelines for the equation. I am less concerned with whether you support the engine that ran the system for the last four years, under such extreme duress, than I am with your letting your confidence grow with the understanding that ♫ a change is gonna come ♫ A change is ALREADY here. You determine your personal fate by which state of mind you associate with. If you are negative and fearful, you are going down because you are taking yourself down. If you are positive and fearless, you will be lifted up by the invisible wind of God that is blowing sure and strong out from the Gates of Heaven to the material plane.

I cannot possibly express the degree of optimism and buoyant certainty that I feel. I have no direct evidence of anything. It is simply there and GROWING. I haven't felt anything this strong in some time. I suppose I will find out the WHY OF IT at some point. God is very, very present now. I don't know if there was some shift in the emphasis from ON HIGH, or whether The Avatar has gotten so much closer that his presence is now palpable, or what the cause may be, BUT... it most assuredly is!

End Transmission.......

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Ray B. said...

Vis: "I cannot possibly express the degree of optimism and buoyant certainty that I feel. I have no direct evidence of anything. It is simply there and GROWING. I haven't felt anything this strong in some time."

Today, I awoke in a similar state. Joyous. Going inside, I found out why:

Higher Self and many mid-level Others were 'going after' (Cleaning) unseen Bad-Guys - mostly nonhuman - with great rapidity. It seems like the last, long Cleaning series by very-high Others made mid-level Bad-Guys vulnerable. Their 'support' from on-high (although negative) was gone. The 'going after' reminded me of the scene near the end of the first "Independence Day" movie, where our jet fighters were shooting-down the alien fighters after the Big Ships were destroyed. Clean-up time...

This is important because of the 'influence' which these local Bad-Guys have had on (mostly asleep) humans. Telepathy is a Thing. (Negative use of) Empathy is a Thing. The unseen Bad-Guys being Cleaned now are several steps up from human consciousness, but way below Player level. (That actually makes them more dangerous, in one manner. They 'focus in' in a way that the Bigger Players do not.)

So, if the above is real, expect Changes in how (mostly asleep) humans start to behave. They may not Be more enlightened - that is a different matter - but will not Act in manners that benefit the dark side. Cool...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear Les.

As usual, it's so good to read your missives. May God continue to Bless you and yours.

Take heart people, there is no way the DS will be able to get away with this level of criminality. It might take a while, but it will Happen!

Les Visible and Mike King say it better than anyone out there, to the best of my knowledge, and I've been researching daily for 20 years.


robert said...

Dear Visible One,

A fresh draw from the well to refresh the weary temporal mind riding along on the spirit.

"Do not let your atavistic FEAR resonate with appearances. Let your Love flow and it will evict that fear from your hearts. You MUST... You MUST opt-in for Love and opt-out of FEAR..."

Reading in cyberspace, it has become sharply clear from where people are coming in their expression.
If stuck in personal fears, their words grate upon the flow of simple joy.
If they let go of the mask and letting the love flow through them unobstructed, it feels good to resonate with their words.
There is a coherency to the logical unfolding that soothes in contrast to the snarled illogic of fear.
Your truth-seeking shows!

"It would seem hopeless, except for (DRUM ROLL) The Awakening. Right this moment, and accelerating as it comes, is... (DRUM ROLL) The Awakening...If you are positive and fearless, you will be lifted up by the invisible wind of God that is blowing sure and strong out from the Gates of Heaven to the material plane"

Resist and burn or cooperate and fly. Sounds simple but for the habit of mind we wear which refuses to yield to inner mounting joy. Why resist joy? It is not logical at all, from which we may deduce that our mind has become our enemy, inflitrated by fear-based processing along our way.

As the darkness peaks, we light the fire to burn old thoughts for warmth and learn to be cool again.

Way of Mercy!

Visible said...

Check it out!!! This is the one thing they can't stop and how will they explain the crowds? He will talk about all of it to the people and the press will be helpless. Thank you LORD!!!

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I am now more of the opinion, although everything is open, that the real reason the  Voter Fraud was so obvious and 'inept' is  because it was SUPPOSED to be called out - Natural News articulated this viewpoint best -

The evidence for fraud is insurmountable, but then it is SUPPOSED to be insurmountable-

But the essential is that the position remains the same - Trump is God's Choice ANYWAY-

'Last, pray. We are not in a battle with mere mortals. This is at root a war against evil. The constant drumbeat of propaganda proclaiming Donald Trump as a racist, as homophobic and a liar is but one manifestation of this demonic plot. The very people leveling those charges are the ones who have allowed millions of black Americans to wallow in misery in crime ridden neighborhoods. They are the ones who celebrate aborting black babies as a fundamental human right. They are the ones who will gladly sell out to China and sacrifice American jobs in order to rake in millions of dollars.'

But HOW I WISH, Mr. Trump had chosen this man for VP - why DIDN'T he?- It would have made the difference-


Anonymous said...

i havent commented in many years but have read all your posts i always feel better reading your thoughts just wanted to thank you for what you do

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

If I was still in shape, I'd be 'bouncin' off the walls over this post. Gods above and below! I can't wait for turning of events, though I have no choice in the matter.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Answer to Every Question UNDER THE SUN is Hidden in Plain Sight, Under the Veil of Ignorance."



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