Monday, July 31, 2023

"They Have Been Doing it Through a Hydra-Headed Act of... Replicating Serpent Heads... with TV Screens for Faces."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Supplements are being made illegal in The Crown Colonies... while athletes drop dead by the container load. They don't want anything interfering with the genocidal timeline. Bad things are in The Pipeline.

The Pipeline is that continuum... running from the visible to the invisible... that brings events and conditions into view on the conveyor belt of time... for you linear thinkers that is.

I got links like Filipinos have extended families, but I'm only going to include a few more than I have previously forbidden myself to include at all.

The multi-pronged effort to subdue Humanity is a dark wonder to behold. The thoroughly criminal DOJ is trying to lock up Devon Archer before he can testify on Monday about The Biden Crime Family; madness and panic on The Edge of Desperation.

Then... there's that dead paddle-boarding... ex-president's chef who could swim... and who drowned in a pond. Then a former president showed up with a black eye and band-aids on various fingers.

It's going crazy here by baker's dozens to the nth power... exponential needs a new word to cover what exponential only suggests at now. I could say, going Nova but only I know what I mean when I say, going Nova. The language is no longer sufficient to describe the injuries visited upon us; who live in these remarkable times.

That said, we should have no fear for the malice of The Evildoers... except to be watchful. God will direct them down the road to self-destruction... if they can't find the way on their own, and if it needs to happen sooner... he will find them a quicker route. I'm not concerned, BUT... it has really gotten weird.

Yesterday... I got one of my occasional mass mailers from one James Perloff. He has just released an article (written by one Patrick O’Carroll) with hardly a single attendant fact.

It's anecdote... piled upon hearsay... in a group grope with speculation... and an entire animal cracker family of innuendos... and spitballs born from brain farts... launched into hyperspace... where no one with a mind capable of reason could exist for any longer than they can hold their breath.

How come the article didn't mention all the more likely candidates... like The Rolling Stones... AC DC... Ozzie Osborne and a whole bunch of other much more obviously Satanic candidates? Did he even listen to the songs? How does the Tavistock program profit from so many songs of obvious angelic inspiration that only made people feel better about themselves and each other?

The closest The Beatles could get to “Midnight Rambler” or “Highway to Hell” was “Maxwell's Silver Hammer.” The arguments presented in the article are the most desperate form of reaching that I have seen in some time. Certainly, the music of the 90s and the garbage of this next century are far more representative.

Of course, intelligence services... like kitchen vermin... go wherever there is sustenance for them. This does not mean they are in control of everything good and bad. God is in control of everything good and bad, but atheists who do not have a spiritual system of applied metaphysics... to explain how The World works inside their heads... inevitably turn to lunacy... by getting further and further away from the truth.

Communism... Fascism... Satanism, and assorted offenses against all that is good... decent... and divinely inspired... are the logical outcomes for those left with nothing more than what a mind devoid of higher inspiration winds up with. Without spiritual input from The Higher Self... life... inevitably devolves into a flaming dumpster. It is what happens when Materialism and The Carnal Mind get a room.

There are arguments in the article like; Any songwriter knows that the general creative process means songs never get completed in such a short interval, and that, at best, probably at least half of their efforts would remain semi-finished over 30 days.” I can give several... and more than several... notable exceptions otherwise, but... the amount of absurdities in this article, with hardly a single smoking gun of any kind, prohibits me from grabbing just one example.

I personally recorded 5 albums in five weeks, with at least 12 songs on each one... that I wrote just before I recorded almost every one of them, and I played or programmed all the instruments myself... and did all the recording and engineering too. At another time, I wrote and recorded an entire album with my band over a single weekend called “Not Politically Correct.” It went from The Mental Plane to complete material form in 48 hours.

Major artists... name artists... have also written and recorded their work in short periods of time. When inspiration takes you, time is irrelevant.

Some might argue that many of my pieces do not sound like Mincey Jones did the arrangements, but... with few exceptions, I am not unhappy with the results, nor have I gotten much criticism in this area either over all of the succeeding years, AND... furthermore, I am not a professional at any of the technical aspects that were necessary to get the music and vocals done. It should have taken me much longer, but... it didn't.

Sure... once Lennon met Yoko he got swirled into a crazy socialistic mindset of Working Man's Heroes and other strange things I never listened to more than once... or at all... if Yoko was on it, BUT... Let it Be... All You Need is Love... Here Comes The Sun... Golden Slumbers... Within You and Without You... Till There Was You... I Will... AND MANY... MANY MORE; these were Tavistock creations? Bullshit!!!

I am so tired of people with zero spiritual insight... into what is real and what is not real... that have to make shit up to fit into their paranoid imaginings. Were bad people around The Beatles now and again? Probably. Were they human beings who screwed up now and then? Likely. Were they robot-controlled flunkies... whose entire song catalog was written for them by Mind Control Demons? Bullshit!!!

Everyone famous is not a creation of The Deep State Satanic Empire. This is what happens to people when God is not factored into existence. The Crazy is getting more, and more, and more pronounced.

There's no point in my arguing (I don't argue) with these people. They are incapable of listening. They are Yeah but... junkies. I am amazed... continuously... and for many years now... at how completely people are able to deceive themselves, and each other Let me tell you what happens when you create a paranoid view of existence in your mind... you eventually wind up living there in some variation of a Kafkaesque nightmare.

Did the people at Tavistock do terrible things? Absolutely. Did they have the carte-blanche of the bankers who run the governments? Without question. Is everything you hear in the news and via opinion true? Not even half of it. Are certain groups of sexually twisted... Satanically motivated... Creepshow villains trying to control The World entire? Yes. Will they manage it? No.

How can anyone have so little romance, and/or poetry in their soul as to believe some of these things? CHECK... THIS... OUT!=

Oh... and there's a part one too.

The world of social media is awash in this kind of wild-eyed speculation about everything. Notice the last paragraph of Part 2.

Is it any wonder that a Flat Earth cult and all the rest of the Real-Raw-News Guantanamo private tribunal... hanging judges hallucinations... have an audience?

Now you see... as we predicted years ago... The Deep State UFO caper is coming into bloom... as they run out of things to distract The Awakening with. Soon there will be real aliens in rubber masks and fake humans with real faces.

They are going to generate your reality before your eyes, which they have been doing through a hydra-headed act of replicating serpent heads with TV screens for faces... for a while now. Humanity has turned into a mesmerized dove rocking to and fro before the snake that eats it.

I'm sorry to hit you with all these links. It's not something I do, BUT... this time it was necessary because they are in deep shit... those who think they are running things. They are in panic mode and likely to attempt ANYTHING now. Push and Shove are two humongous Sumo wrestlers surrounded by a flaming moat. It's Reality and Fabrication in a steel-cage match.

God alone is real. Materialism inevitably results in insanity, and The World goes bughouse... as you presently see taking place before your eyes. Fortunately, it is still at some distance for many, BUT... the pressure builds... and builds... and builds.

It's all very confusing... isn't it? It's getting more and more confusing by the day... isn't it? THAT... IS... THE... POINT!!! To paraphrase a rock lyric; what's confusing you is the way they control The Game. Just as with Alex Jones... Ben Shapiro... and all the rest of them, they include a certain amount of provable truth that they can point to when you question the rest of it.

The World is separating away from portions of itself... The people in The World are separating away from parts of themselves... from the crazy and the sane. Some are going one way. Some are going another. Some are seeing This... appear before them, and others are seeing... That... appear before them.

Like a dysfunctional prestidigitator... turning the sound and light-generating kaleidoscope machine... distractions are being manifested in a bewildering display to distract you from what is REALLY going on.

Love God. Love The Indwelling Self that is The Life in you. Hold to the center of your being. Let the mind reject each mirage as it appears... neti-neti... neti-neti; not this... not that... not this... not that.

They get you to believe in them by waving desirable attractions before your eyes... by herding you with reasonable fears, by whispering, Hell-o Sailor... by inviting you to, come downstairs and see me sometime. Sanctuary is the permanence of love in residence; “greater is that which is in you, than that which is in the world.”

End Transmission.......

I know I'm supposed to be equanimous. I'm supposed to love all people equally. I'm supposed to be above it all, but... here I am working on it; 'working it here, Boss.” Some things piss me off and I want to smack a person upside the head; metaphorically speaking, of course. It gets to me when people say shit that they don't know, and whose motives are even worse than that much of the time.

I ask the reader to please bear with me should I go off-the-rails now and again. I have little patience with those who deceive others, and though there be some who imagine it to be the contrary, I ONLY tell you what I know or... what I have been told by an unimpeachable authority.

Time will tell and we shall see.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

"I Do not Purport to Know The Mind of God... I Only Seek to Be His Willing and Dutiful Servant... and His Loving Friend."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Mr. Apocalypse is God's flashlight. He's wandering about in the darkness of The Human Mind... looking for indications of intelligent life. Seeing the degree of degrading that has occurred... over time... due to the state of advanced Materialism that we are presently afflicted with, he... is... compelled... to reveal the true nature of the conditions we struggle with... and against. He... is... compelled... to uncover and expose the various activities that go on in the darkness of The Human Mind.

So... now... his attention has been turned to The Killer Vaccines (among many other things). The Kennedys have always been an opportunistic bunch. They know what issues to align themselves with; whether it be Roy Cohen or COVID and The Killer Vaccines.

I'm not saying it's wrong to be smart enough to know what the issues are... that move through the minds of ordinary people. There are a lot more ordinary people than there are those people who think themselves extraordinary, and think themselves appointed to herd ordinary people about or... position themselves as their saviors..

I know that no matter what ordinary or extraordinary people think about anything... God uses both of them for his purposes... whether they know this or not... whether they are agreeable to it or not.

Someone came at me recently about saying God is Ineffable... unknowable... incomprehensible. I was talking about The Divine PRIOR TO God's personalizing him and herself for the benefit of Humanity.

A tyro should know the difference here, but sometimes those who consider themselves quite learned actually know less than a tyro. God has his hand in this as well... pumping people up for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

People who think they know make Heaven smile... and demons laugh. Both demons and angels work for God. It's a matter of mindset which of these you see.

Every legitimate spiritual master that I have ever encountered has made it clear that God is beyond the comprehension of the mortal mind. In order to know God you have to become God. This happens now and again, but far less often than the number of people who think it has happened to them.

The distance between The Mind of God and The Mind of Man is much... much greater than the distance between the consciousness of a rock and The Mind of Man. I do not purport to know The Mind of God... I only seek to be his willing and dutiful servant... and his loving friend.

That will do for me now... and for everlasting. I want only to tag along with God... not to catalog... analyze or... like our contemporary Dr. Frankenstein... Material Scientists; autopsy God... and rebuild him in their own image.

Mr. Apocalypse has now turned his flashlight toward The Killer Vaccines. He's arranging for name players to be stricken by them. We are on the periphery of the operation with Damar Hamlin... Justin Bieber... Jamie Fox... Bronny James... and many others. With the tandem emergence of Robert Kennedy Jr., we have an increasingly brighter flashlight centered on the activities of those we are not permitted to criticize.

COVID was the latest false flag. It was a follow-up to 9/11 and orchestrated by the same people. The intention was to sideline Donald Trump (who wasn't doing such a bad job of that on his own) and to also usher in The Killer Vaccines... already waiting in the wings. THEY KNOW about Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening. They are in panic mode to head them off at The Pass, but they don't even know where The Pass is.

Humanity is being awakened... willing or not... obligingly... or dragged screaming; it matters not to the architects of The Coming Age. These architects are the enduring archetypes... in new costumes of appearance... for the dramas and lessons of The Aquarian Age. They exist by Heavenly Fiat. They cannot be opposed. Every effort at opposition leads directly to The Purpose of Demonstration.

I am not concerned with nitpickers or Nimrods whose heads catch on fire when they hear what they would rather not hear... unless they get to be the ones to say it; which accounts for most of the contention we encounter. Everything coming to pass was discussed here years ago, and what is presently being discussed will also come to pass.

There is no special talent involved in being able to see this. Anyone paying attention can see these things... can observe The Trends and Patterns... can note the progressions. History is cyclic. Go argue with Spengler about it... if you can find him.

Arguments about whether the rays of The Sun are direct or wavy are pointless given that they are both... simultaneously... and that each ray has a specific effect. Tarot cards have shown this for centuries, and Ageless Wisdom... Hermetic Science... occult history... all confirm it. There's no point in talking to people who think The Sun is only a ball of fire in the sky. The Sun is also the cause of ALL weather here.

The truth is that... at best... those contending... have studied no more than material science. People seem to think they can hold forth on any subject under The Sun... while never having looked any deeper into the enduring lore and commentary... of the brilliant minds... who have channeled the teachings of The Hidden Wisdom for millennia... and which exists outside of the usual courses of mortal confusion; “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

It astonishes how forceful is the reckless disregard of those who presume to dispute the existence of a living... breathing God... who permeates the creation he made out of himself; who presume to know what he intends and when he intends it... all this and more... while not even believing in him.

I have no idea what God intends. I only repeat what I am told, and so far I have been told accurately. My retelling may not be entirely accurate, but human error is ALWAYS a factor until we are irrevocably changed.

I saw this in an article this morning. It is a true saying that I had not heard before. It rings! These very times are a testimony to the truth of it; “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times,” More cyclicity? There is nothing new or strange about what is happening in these times. This is all meant to be.

What is also meant to be... is what is going to follow... what we see before us at the moment. No matter how hard the enemies of humanity struggle to control the narrative... they will only further expose themselves by their efforts to do so.

Everything they do now will turn against them. They are up against something they have no real knowledge of... and cannot manipulate or control.

All along they have forced their way. They have conspired, and won through by deception... when force was not effective to their ends. They have armies of paid trolls who seek to disturb and distort the efforts of those who do not fear them. It will avail them... NOTHING! No one can stand against what is coming, and that... that is cyclic too.

Everyone has their own opinion about; he said she said... I heard this... I read that... the television told me... I learned it in school from people who don't know shit from Shinola... we'll see about all that, soon enough.

God takes no prisoners. You either come around to God's way of thinking or nothing but suffering awaits you. God's main intention for you is to give you what he has... to share with you what he possesses because he created you for that purpose... and to that end.

You want to do it your way? Go right ahead! You want to operate on whatever aggregate of information you think you possess? Go right ahead! There are two roads, although there seems to be many... many roads. One goes up and one goes down. There seems to be many ways to go up. There seem to be many ways to go down, but... that's just the appearance of it. That's the color commentary that goes along with the action.

Those on a spiral head for The Sun. Those in a circle head for The Moon, but nothing stays on a straight line... so... however gradually it may or may not appear to you, you are either going up or down. You do neither of these without help, such is the profit of good advice... and bad advice... and The Purpose of Demonstration.

All that is concealed will be revealed. The speed of change and transformation have just experienced another increase. It might take a moment for that to become glaringly apparent.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, July 21, 2023

"Honey is Pure Condensed Sunlight. Gold is Another Pure Material Expression, Just as Diamonds are Indicative of Starlight."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Everywhere you look... Mr. Apocalypse is ramping up the pressure and turning up the heat. He's working in tandem with The Active Counterpart to the absolute stillness of The Ineffable... known as the Divine Mother... Prakriti... Shakti... Lady Nature, and... no doubt... by many other names where roses smell as sweet.

God... the indefinable and incomprehensible... exists in a total stillness... called by some... The Ineffable... because It-That... Om-Tat-Sat... is beyond definition and description. In order for us to get some possibility of a grasp on the meaning of existence, The Ineffable divides into male and female... electromagnetic interactives... which produce everything we see and experience, and which some call (grin) The Manifest World.

Mr. Apocalypse is an archetype... also known by many other names. He is the spirit of Revelations... that mystical book of The Bible. He... stirs... The... Mix... which causes another force... that some of us call Lady Awakening... to arise in response to the phenomena being stirred up by Mr. Apocalypse. It's always, two-for-the-tango... tit and tat... action and response.

All this emerging... converging... and disappearing, is the product of two forces interacting. Religions are the result of a human effort to understand the cosmos... based on the teachings of the occasional Avatars and Wayshowers that appeared here, and who descend from The Sun.

Honey is liquid sunlight in its purest form. Gold is another material expression, just as diamonds are indicative of starlight. Everything material is a manifest representation of something you can't see.

Some people get all mental about it and want to catalog and explain it all. They get that Thomas Aquinas Darwin Flu. Sooner or later they lose their minds... by succumbing to some compulsive disorder... because you can't hold water in your hands... nor grains of sand. You can hold some water in the hollows of the hand. You can hold some sand, but you will NEVER hold all the water and the sand.

You will never catalog and identify all the possibilities of either of them and... they are fairly simple compared to the countless other creations that come out of the combinations of water... and sand... and everything else that can be combined by heat or pressure... or all sorts of known and arcane processes.

Religion is one of the ways that people try to understand God. God is real and present... regardless of Religion. Religion is actually more of a blind that gets between you and God... so that priests can eat and carry on with all kinds of nonsense rituals... which you actually have to be divinely empowered to get anything from anyway.

Not once has anyone pinned it all down yet. Not once has anyone said anything that a whole bunch of other yahoos didn't argue about; sometimes... simply as a preface to stating their own perspective; in the endless permutations of... “yeah, but...”

Anyone can say that God doesn't exist... or that any of the permutations that used to... or presently exist... are simply hollow vessels. You can say there is no Mr. Apocalypse. I could argue... if I did that sort of thing... that SOMETHING like Mr. Apocalypse does exist because we can see the effects. You can't see The Wind... but you can definitely see the effects. Use that... next time some fool tells you something you know to be true is not real.

Recently... a tornado... heh heh... a tornado blew away a Pfizer Vaccine Protocols storage center.

Everywhere... if you could see behind the curtains... certain driven and possessed numbskulls are now suffering from the effects of forces they... set... into... motion. “Yippee kay yay, Mother...” You can see that it happened. You can't see why it happened. Did the gyro of a HAARP effort break or... was it an act of God... as accomplished through the vehicle of Lady Nature... through the medium of a Jinn or Elemental?

Meanwhile... in similar fashion... things are going haywire for the people with all the money and intimidating force in The World. Why would that happen? I thought they were in charge. They thought they were in charge. You mean... they're not in charge? Well... gee... that's too bad, isn't it?

That thing about Pride going before a fall? The history of The World is filled with events that involved people who thought too much of their plans and intentions... who were so sure it was going to break their way... that the signs were all favorable; though not so much for the poor birds whose entrails were being used to indicate future conditions.

They were usually wrong too because the soothsayers knew enough to tell the king what he wanted to hear... or they had their own axes to grind... because they were likely to profit from certain policies OR... they were in the pay of the king's enemies or... why don't you etch-a-sketch your own variation?

Shakespeare waxed long about the intrigues and plots of ministers and kings... ambitious courtiers and ladies not in waiting... fools and characters of myth and fancy... all the possibilities of form that The Mind of God creates for his own amusement...

See... here's the real problem that faces all the pride-surfing clowns and bi-pedal pit vipers in real life. The general consensus among them is that God does not exist or... he is far away... or otherwise occupado.

This is not true... though a part of God is much apart from the silliness of appetites and desires run wild, a part of him is deeply engaged in everything or it wouldn't even be there, and this includes empty lots and abandoned buildings. He is... by degrees of separation... at a distance from the bullshit, BUT... his agents are everywhere they need to be, and... when they are not... the agents of his dark side are surely present. ALL... EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE... light and dark... serve The One, no... matter... what.

So... these clowns and vipers... these fools immersed in dreams of pathetic self-interest... are all players in dramas composed to...make... a... point; for The Purpose of Demonstration. AND... when Mr. Apocalypse shows up, and his presence instantly activates Lady Awakening... that means the situation is getting real indeed.

That means... where before... life just went on happening in the predictable courses usually taken... it is no longer the usual or the predictable. All... bets... are... off.

They opened the floodgates for all the things that Homeland Security was supposed to protect us from, AND... will you look at that? It is the Marrano version of Homeland Security that is behind it, and... who is behind that?

In the poetic justice version of what's coming. The ones responsible for all the heartache and horror of the times... get hosed by the very situations... they brought into being. They are... indeed... the unwitting authors of their own ignominy and demise. How very Shakespearean!

Oh... I've been trying to say something here, but... I'm not as skilled as I need to be. Hopefully, you can see between the words in the spaces I left for you there. It's that hollow of absence... where the source of all we are missing dwells. It is the place between the places demarcated by Time. It is what is... that is... concealed in what is not.

You can't find it outside of you. You might well run into people who can tell you where to look, but many often get sidetracked... sitting at their feet... instead of doing as they do... in the cases where they are actually doing it, and not deceiving others for their own venal purposes.

If you can find someone who will show you the way, it can be remarkably simple... if you make sure to follow in their footsteps, and not decide to cut your own path along the way. How many have been lost in the empty deserts... and swamps of bewilderment... who thought they... “You know what? I can take it from here.”

You can expect more tornadoes and a great deal more than that. There are stages along the way where what is happening... is happening out of sight. Then comes the stage where it becomes increasingly more visible. I hear you're fast. Want to see it again?

End Transmission.......

A reader sent me some of her music. I think it's different... and worth hearing. (grin) It reminds me of someone but I can't pin it down. Not being able to pin it down is a good thing.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

"Life is Self-Corrective... Following The Effects of The Storm... Generated by The Explosive Passions... of a Low Order."

God Poet Transmitting.......

We have been rather rapidly progressing into The Age of The Fanatics for some time. The Climate Change Scam has created quite a backdraft... for the arson taking place... someone dropped a match into the compressed bullshit of hijacked minds ... ignited by the pressure of shit... pressed against itself... until combustion is achieved.

Just Stop Oil... no doubt financed by The Usual Suspects... is determined to stop human progress by any means necessary; much in the same way The Khmer Rouge rid Cambodia of everyone who could read and write... by the same methods employed by The Hutu's in their real life... Grand Guignol musical of “Tut Tut Tutsi Goodbye.”

If the only cure for Stupid is death, and... considering reincarnation... that would only be a temporary solution... it stands to reason that at some point... they will either kill themselves or force others to do it. At the moment they are only mixing epoxy and concrete to glue themselves to airport runways, which is yet another kind of Stupid because they may soon no longer have hands to continue this effort with.

Materialism is again the cause of it... because Stupid people are seeking material solutions to problems that don't exist except in the minds of those seeking to profit from them. Materialism dumbs you down so that you believe what liars tell you. It also cancels out the metaphysical aspect... so you become easy prey for The Mindjackers who convince you to become the latest... cutting-edge canon fodder... for the psychopaths looking to make a buck.

Meanwhile, the electric cars that no one wants... pile up in storage lots. Someone must be paying them to still keep making them, and only the government has enough money to do that; your money... which keeps shrinking in value as they print more and more of it to cover the absence of a return on the investment.

In New York City they are now paying out almost two billion dollars to illiterates who failed the teacher's exam 30 years ago because... it was a racist test!!!

We have been mentioning for years that the crazy would just keep getting more pervasive and more intense. Surely... you can see this? Have you seen the present level of the intelligence of the teachers... bed-bugging it... in the Corinthian Pleather of Retardo Mentalblock's Eddie Bauer fantasies?

Yes... I did write that last paragraph and I should probably apologize for that exhalation of brain gas. I'm likely distracted or something.

The Satanists... the psychopaths... who are behind all the vile plots to end life as we know it... have spread themselves too thin. It's another way to say that their grasp exceeds their reach. They can't make global war AND subdue the population at the same time. You can only stir so many pots simultaneously.

Furthermore... The Evil workers are forever manipulated to the ends of their own destruction by The Good Shepherds of Humanity... who go by a variety of names... depending on the times and the cultures they are operating in... outside of the sight-line of the people they are doing it for.

Evil operates under a double whammy. On the one hand... they are guided to their demise. On the other hand... the course of their movements also... inevitably... leads them to their demise. So why does The Great Mind guide them at all... since they will get there anyway? Because The Great Mind accomplishes Good from everything it sets its hand to, and it has its hand in everything.... if only due to The Laws of Nature... if only due to The Order of The Universe. You can violate them, and... they WILL violate you in return.

Evil exists as a borderline for the testing... forging... and tempering of The Human Soul in the cauldrons of experience. Evil is a necessity on this particular plane of operation. Life would stagnate without it.

One must put one's hand in the fire to learn it is hot. One must go wrong to see the value in going right. There must be suffering and torment or there would be no inspired music... there would be no inspired art... there would be only mindless Teletubbies. There would be nothing to press against. There would be no dynamic tension.

Just because Evil is a necessity does... not... mean... you... have... to... engage... in... it. Life is self-corrective... following the effects of the storm... generated by explosive passions of a low order.

So... The Age of The Fanatics is upon us because Materialism is an emptiness devoid of the things that make life meaningful. This causes more and more anger in the hearts of those who can't understand why they are not getting any joy out of lifeless objects.

Why does using each other as human trampolines only inflame the desire that such activities are supposed to satiate? Then it leads to more and more perverse demonstrations... because it needs to get further and further out... to generate any enjoyment... and eventually people are bound in leather restraints, and beaten or... hanging by hooks from metallic structures or... killed in the act.

Life is now measured by the level of one's influence on social media... which means ever more dangerous selfies... bear baiting in all its forms... and every kind of dangerous activity in the hope that any of it will go viral. Then... that is so yesterday, and what... about... tomorrow?

Of course, it is all going to crash and burn. The best idea is not to be close to it when it happens... unless you consider looting... raping... and killing to have some entertainment value.

It does not have to be like this, and there have been times when civilization reached some pretty high standards of life. How come we have no records... evidence... or memory of them? Life is an experiment. A stage is set for specific events to take place. Once that has happened, the stage is broken down and moves on to the next location. Everything is about the evolution of The Soul.

What you see happening here is relevant to here. It is not relevant to locations below this one... where things are much worse or... locations above this one... where conditions are much better. Here... where you are... is a bus station... an airport... a shipping terminal. So... to get to any of these other places, you print your ticket out of the blood... sweat... and tears you expended.... while you were figuring out what mattered to you, and... what... lengths... you... would... go... to... to... obtain... it.

Here you encounter challenges and opportunities... the aggregate of which determines your next port of call. If you send yourself to a punishment zone, you are there until the meter stops running... then you are returned here into conditions appropriate to what you've gotten up to in the past.

If you are sent to higher lodgings... you are there until the meter stops running, and... at that time... whatever residual desire remains present in you... draws you back down here for another round... into conditions appropriate to what you got up to before.

It is all very precise. The residents in the common mind... lost in a wilderness of distractions... never takes the time to reflect... until they are beaten into submission... by the laws they violated... leaving them frozen... perplexed at the end... in a negative wonderment of... what happened? Then... it's back into the rotation.

We have entered the next phase. Each phase comes closer yet... to the edge of the spinning plate. I used to think of the shared delusions of humanity... as being akin to the progressions of substance abuse. I likened it to a flushing toilet.

The water spins around the top of the bowl and you see what is routine in the cycle... and a few examples of things you've never seen before. Then the water drops a notch and the few examples become the routine, and... again you start to see things you never saw before. Then it drops another notch and they become routine... and so on. Then... it's down the drain.

The World as we know it... through The Culture that represents the phase we are in... keeps descending to those places that the absence of God makes possible... until God... restores... the... balance.

It's understandable that you have no memory of this. It's been a while since the last time it happened, and... little remains as evidence of the last time humanity was going down The Drain. The records we have are of the few survivors, and the stages they proceeded through... to the moment we presently find ourselves in... but nothing of what existed prior to; only legends and myths.

This time it will be different. There are a lot more of us here this time. They came from everywhere in The Universe to be here for the epic resolve, and none of them can remember what it was that convinced them to be here. They are about to find out, and it will be radically divergent on... a case-by-case basis.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, July 13, 2023

"It's The Monkey in The Cage... Hitting The Cocaine Button Over... and Over... and Over... Until its Heart Stops."

God Poet Transmitting.......

As I watch The World... and its cultures... and traditions... fall apart, I am amazed at the power of The Destroyers and Deceivers. Surely this is not representative of the majority of souls? Yet... everywhere... you see the insidious hand of The Satanic Soros Klan and their banker kindred from the Hellish realms in The Lower Mind. Materialism is an infection, no different than jock itch or athlete's foot.

We see how COVID... which was not real, but a catch-all for common ailments... of seasonal distress... that have afflicted humanity for generations beyond count... suddenly changed the lives of everyone who was dependent on The System.

Long ago, I realized that the less I had to do with; the less I had to rely on The System... the better off I would be. For as many generations as mind parasites and immune disorders have threatened us, men have walked out on the company of others... because of the afflictions... that beset the well-being... of individuals who tarry overlong... in the higher concentrations of systematized souls.

You've got your classics like Whitman and Thoreau... the mountain men like Jim Bridger... the naturalists like John Muir... writers like Kerouac... people who wandered in The Great Beyond in search of The Great Within. Sometimes they found it. Sometimes they just got drunk and bitter.

Always... the deeper thinkers among us have tended to keep to themselves. They're not impressed by The Surface Life which captures and swallows the majority of their fellows.

Life is regressing to a kind of infantilism... a fascination of and playing with The Peepee. It's a sensory short-circuiting. It's the monkey in the cage... hitting the Cocaine button over... and over... and over... until its heart stops.

Thrill-seeking is akin to X-treme Sports. You know... or you should know... that sooner or later you're going to wipe out and get hurt or dead... at least once... and... if you're stupid... more than once.

The humdrum and boredom of systematized existence... is so mind-numbing that many are driven to extreme behavior... hoping to escape... hoping to forget... life has become meaningless... all the good pursuits have become befouled by impostors.

No one trusts anyone... anymore. Few public figures are worthy of any respect. There's no one to look up to, except people who can bounce balls around... or effectively (or even ineffectively) pretend to be someone else; make a fool out of themselves on stages... in front of slavering morons... that make you wish you had a few buckets of raw meat... because it looks like feeding time at the zoo.

I've been on a few big stages for a short time. I've seen the phenomena. It's usually louts, and people looking to forget who they are in some temporary fascination with someone else; seen through a smoky mirror. People get murkier and murkier... burned out before they hit 30, and no longer able to get it up except for porn... back to playing with their peepee... and... if only they could play with someone else's peepee!

The future leaders learn the lesson of selling out early on these days. They know that only deception is going to get them anywhere, in this world of The Moment. Rome is burning and they didn't even bother to learn to play the fiddle. It's more of a karaoke world now... an ever-diluted progression of simulators simulating simulators. The original went missing some time ago.

Influencers? What does that even mean? Here's a contemporary example in the making...

...if you can even stand to read the article. Imagine the mind and lifestyle it took to write that... to be that.

I watch what's going on... not closely... I don't want to get too close to any of it, and most of it rode in on The Short Bus to Perversity. Dwarf tossing never really caught on with me... nor The Jackass Crew... nor Trivial Pursuit... nor endless bumping and grinding... dreaming frottage from an apartment window hoping for drones... hoping to be on camera... hoping to be on any camera. The eye is a camera.

Endless longing... endless wanting... in a world of things where nothing loves you back... humping tombstones in memory of the dead... whistling past the graveyard to the better days ahead... something dark is following... I think its name is Dread.

Okay... that's enough simulated musing with an imaginary drunk Tom Waits at the piano... the piano of life's keyboard in black and white. I never much cared for The Blues because I never much had The Blues. (I did write one or two. I'll put one at the end of the post.)

It didn't matter how bad life got for me, and it got plenty bad... plenty of times... and sometimes for long periods of time, but... I always had a song in my heart.

I thank God for that as much as for anything I ever had passing through here. NOTHING beats a positive attitude; the optimism of KNOWING... deep down... that there is a God and that he/she/it is your author, and your friend... and one of these days... you.

That's why The Sun is my hero and the one I aspire to be like. Yeah... I'm a long way off from that, but I'm more than several paces up the road from The First Step. So it's not a thousand miles. So it's more like 90 million miles. So what? Am I going to run out of time? Not bloody likely.

Yeah... The World is turning to shit. Way I see it... The Kingdom of God is going to need a lot of fertilizer. We need the superhero, Mighty Nitrogen; ♫ here he comes to save the day! ♫

If you live in a world where this is bad... and that is good... you're a ping pong ball... you're a pinball... you walk away from this... and you walk toward that. It's what I do.

There's no point in my mind for arguing about anything. He likes this. She likes that. Neither of them like each other, but... they'll pretend otherwise to get what they want. Maybe they'll get lucky like Kevin Costner's ex-wife. I hope she manages to struggle by on what she considers chump change.

People crack me up. They have no idea what's waiting for them, BUT... it will be a lot like what they've been chasing in their dark... smoky mirrors of carnal love... and they'll find it in a place where thoughts are things.

Hell is a place devoid of love and filled with regret. It's either totally empty or way too crowded. It's all self-designer Hell. It's all on the meter. Are they going to run out of time? Not bloody likely.

Klaus Schwab and George Soros want to take over The World. So does Bill Gates and many others. They want a big slice of The Pie... so does everyone working for and against them... and there's only so much pie.

Of course... in reality... there are endless amounts of pie, BUT... not that particular pie. The size and dimensions of that particular pie are limited for The Purpose of Demonstration, and... the badder they want it... the smaller it gets... and... whaddya know... it doesn't taste like pie.

Like Reacher said when he finally got that slice of peach; “I've had better.”

The thing is... there actually is a pie in the sky. That's where all the pies we get down here come from... and you get the very sort of pie you dreamed into being. Part of us is in the sky, and part of us is down here, and part of us sails on a river of darkness.

Unfortunately... Materialism is The Land of The Poisoned Imagination. It's The Land of Ever-Diminishing Returns.

It's the place where your enjoyment is measured by the surplus you possess. If it's material... it WILL weigh you down and it will be less tasty with every... succeeding... bite. If it's immaterial... like Love... like Gratitude... like Compassion, it gets tastier... by degrees... according to every particle that passes through you... on its way to someone else.

The Truth hasn't changed a lick since this whole thing started. Ageless Wisdom is called that because it is what it is... it is what it was... whenever it was... the same now... and forever. Divine Luminous Wisdom is Ageless Wisdom when it gets lit up. It's kinda like turning on the light so you can see it with total clarity, and Purity is the lens through which it reveals itself... that's how 'the pure in heart' manage to see God.

It doesn't matter how bad it gets here... or how good it gets. None of that changes The Truth... or Ageless Wisdom. They go right on being what they always were and always will be. The endless changing conditions of material form do not affect them. Life becomes exactly how you made it here. You don't like it? Change it.

Some will weep bitter tears and some will shed tears of joy. You can see what's going to happen to anyone by simply observing what they get up to, 'cause... 'by their works ye shall know them.' It's not all wild... unpredictable... random... chaos... except temporarily... for those who engineered it into being... for The Purpose of Demonstration.

For as long as Communism exists somewhere, its creators and agents will be living there. For as long as Heaven exists, its creators and agents will be living there. If you build it... there you are.

End Transmission.......

♫ She has got no questions about what is right for her
And he has got no answers cause he lives inside a blur
both of them get something from the things they're going through
It may be a mystery to you... but then you're a mystery too

People's lives are strange and can't be understood
sometimes I try to help them out but it don't do no good
they got that private suffering... they feed it in the dark
they keep on circling the block; can't find a place to park

They got the blues inside them
but no music's coming out
they got that old-time angry blues
that makes em twist and shout
they got the blues that aren't blue
and blues that won't turn black
they say the white man's crazy
I ain't arguing with that

All the unreal lives on this reality TV
they talk about their fuzzy pets and what they like to eat
they pick their nose on camera while they're singing out of tune
Just tell them Reggie sent you... and they'll offer you the moon

They're going nuts in Florida about feeding tubes and God
They're sleeping in their lounge chairs like a junkie on the nod
They listen to the phony news that tells them what to think
Their hearts are in the closet and their minds are on the blink

They got the blues inside them
but no musics coming out
they got that old time angry blues
that makes em twist and shout
they got the blues that aren't blue
and blues that won't turn black
they say the white man's crazy
I ain't arguing with that

It's another kind of blue's HARRP that brought Haiti to her knees
And the ones who made it happen also run the charities
They're gonna make a fortune from the rock god's telethon
Bush... and his boy Clinton... they just keep on keeping on

I don't want to be a cynic, you know I want to believe
But monsters walk among us with a dagger up their sleeve
They murder and they torture folk across the middle east
Now they're gonna take Ukraine and feed it to the beast

They got the blues inside them
but no music's coming out
they got that old-time angry blues
that makes em twist and shout
they got the blues that aren't blue
and blues that won't turn black
they say the white man's crazy
I ain't arguing with that ♫

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Monday, July 10, 2023

"It is All About Self-Containment... and Self-Control. Control The World Within and... You Control The World Without."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Three things to open this posting with. One is a review of Sound of Freedom.

The other is something from one of my favorite actors, Denzel Washington.

This is the sort of thing that can be done by those with a high profile... rather than the garbage we usually see. In the next Petri Dish, I'll be talking about entertainers and sundry who serve The Darkness; how they are shaped and modeled on negative archetypes for Hive Mind Control.

And then there is this Goddess of Truth. This beautiful and righteous soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have enjoyed this woman's work for a long time. We probably don't agree on everything, but... we often agree on most things. She's a libertarian in the same way that I am.

Today... I would like to talk about something that is exemplified by “As above... So below,” and the joys that come to those who serve The Brotherhood of Light Workers. This is a matter of direct experience.

In Times of Material Darkness... when the culture has been transformed into a massive leach field... it seems that those who bend the knee to the Gods of Appetite and Desire... have all the success... all the fun... all the protections and opportunities that are denied to those on The Outside Looking In. This is an illusion. It is actually quite the reverse. Nothing they have is worth the trouble they go through to get it.

You know how there are these exclusive clubs that the elite belong to? You are familiar with VIP and backstage areas. You know... have heard about... exclusive parties and gatherings of people that... I personally would not attend even if they sent a limo or a private plane for me.

It just so happens that on another plane... several other planes... there are also exclusive clubs... VIP and backstage areas... exclusive parties and gatherings of particular souls whose forms and kinds of attractions make it possible for them to be drawn to these locations. I know there is a gathering that takes place every Easter... and True Christmas... and True Diwali... and similar real events that the temporal counterparts are a shadow of.

You are a definitive expression of, the... company... you... keep. No one gets an RSVP to this other kind of In-Crowd right away. It takes a degree of time that is different in every case, BUT it happens. You get marked. You get marks on your being that are visible to those who monitor the comings and goings of a particular order of souls. There are actual portals that lead to The Land of The Immortals and many other locations... going up... and going down.

Through Love and Discipline, your vibrations are transformed to harmonize with those groups of kindred spirits. You are consumed and then transformed into that which consumes you. This is the case above and below. As you become more like that which has your greater attention... you are naturally translated into the company it keeps and gradually able to see the luminous companions that vibrate at a rate higher than the bandwidth of the mortal eye.

What I am telling you here is true. I know it to be true and I am not alone (by any means) in that regard. Just like those in harness to The Carnal Realm, we are also in harness, though... the carnal harness leads to bondage and extended suffering. The other harness leads to increasing degrees of freedom commensurate with... one's... ability... to... handle... it. Liberty is NOT license. True liberty and freedom require Eternal Vigilance... and restraint.

This freedom has a climate that attends it, and unless you have your gyroscope properly programmed you will get blown right off the table. This is how those who have reached a stage of divine being have their perfect forms. They are shaped by that spirit which they are not in resistance to... or... conversely... shaped by the spirit they are in resistance to.

The God Force is very powerful and unless one can process it... without hindering its passage... one is sent spinning like a top. Poseurs do not get anywhere near these states, which require complete focus and self-control.

Many New Agers talk a lot of nonsense. They're all experts on some marketing scheme of phony metaphysics... and they get the mess of pottage they deserve. You don't have to worry about getting God's attention. God is already fully informed about what is going on with you. If you can manage some degree of humility and gratitude... agents of The Divine WILL BE IN TOUCH.

I'm telling you this because I KNOW that some of you are serious about it, and want it with all your heart. I want you to know it... is... real... and it won't cost you a dime. You don't have to osculate anyone's ring... sphincteral or otherwise... to gain admittance.

There's no secret mumbo jumbo you need for the inner circle. Only the lack of purity and virtue exclude you from the gatherings of luminous beings. There... the greatest among them is the servant of all. Those of a greater virtue and purity shine with a greater light, but ONLY to inspire all others to the same estate. Nobody... hoping for proximity... puts on airs before The Throne of God.

Basic... unchanging... inarguable reality and truth; all balance and harmony become more precise toward the center... all chaos... bad weather and darkness run to the periphery. So... whatever temporary madness there may be in The World, it natively... because it is mad... presses itself further and further away from the center and out toward the howling places at the edges. Survival chances there are grim. These... things... all... take... care... of... themselves.

It doesn't matter how much money you have... what your illusions of power may be... your degree of fame and influence, if... you... are... crazy.

However much you are moved away from the stillness of the motionless center... EVENTUALLY... you will be caught up in the centrifugal force and spun away into darkness. It is that spinning plate I talk about. It is like a record on the turntable... the closer you get to the spindle the less force of expulsion is acting on you. The further toward the edge you get... the greater the force of expulsion acting on you.

It is all about self-containment... and self-control. Control The World within and you control The World without. There is NOTHING MORE TO IT. I know it sounds simple. I know you think there has to be more to it than that. There is not. That's it. Everywhere you look you see people wrestling with this one thing. Seldom do you see those in total command. They don't make a point of showing off.

Show off and you are bumped to the periphery. Calling this kind of attention to yourself is similar to a wounded animal crying out on the forest floor at night. Never make a big deal out of yourself. That's God's business what he decides to do with you. Denzel gets that. Oh... I'm sure he has his flaws. We all do or we wouldn't be here; with certain exceptions... of course.

You can apply that principle to politics... religion... business... show business... sex work... and technology. The further out you get... the less stable the integrity of your structure. It's like architecture... and you have to compensate for load-bearing considerations and balance, OR... it will topple over. It will warp. It will fall down. It will do whatever you did not compensate against. Just because it doesn't collapse right away is no guarantor of continuance.

Don't blame me for the laws of nature and the inscrutable higher laws above. I'm simply pointing out what I have run into, and what I have observed. Certain things don't work. Sexual perversity destroys itself. Wokeness will eventually get you put to sleep. Junk science will ruin a culture. Evil CANNOT prosper and only arises when The Conditions are amenable.

Certain things happen in dark moist places. Certain conditions arise in unclean locations; inside and outside of you. As above... so below can also be translated into, As within... so without.

It is said that sunlight is the best disinfectant. That applies externally and internally. Put yourself in the proper relationship with The Sun and see what happens. Approach this LIVING... CONSCIOUS... CREATURE... with humility and Love... and see what happens.

Every day as The Sun rises... legions of angels fly... in concentric spirals outward... wherever the rays may reach and... wondrous music attends them.

The message of the power of Divine Light is radiated to every living conscious thing... whether they are aware of it or not. It is a message of hope... and the promise of immortality... for those who come into resonance with The Sun. The power that fuels The Sun is everlasting, only a fragment of that power is expended to maintain the entire manifest universe. It is truly beyond comprehension.

I have seen and heard these things, and artists like Dore and others have painted them. Reach the necessary level of purity and you will see this occur every morning, attended by that symphony all the great composers sought to write but were not able to.

I have only been slightly able to experience this vision... independent of the comestibles I used to ingest... to get there. It was a momentary thing and soon enough I fell back to Earth, but I see the glimmers even now upon the horizon. I hear snatches of the music and the laughter of The Sun as he asks me how I like it. A part of each of us is present in The Sun at this very moment. It is called, The Higher Self. The trick of all time is to convince it to descend and unite with the rest of our being here.

This is accomplished in The Operation of The Sun which Hermes Trismegistus speaks of in The Emerald Tablet. All you have to do is sit still and hold your focus as The Angel accomplishes The Great Work within you.

End Transmission.......

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Here you can find all the works of Hermes Trismegistus... heh heh... that are in print that is.

Hermes Trismegistus

You can also search for anything else your heart desires.. that's in print... pretty much. The really important stuff is always left out because, it... can't... be... put... into... words, but you got to start somewhere.

As the reader should know by now... I am a student of Phrenology and Physiognomy. If you try to buy the books contained on this compact disc, they will cost you hundreds of dollars apiece here at eBay.

Fortunately... I know how to find things. (grin) This probably will not interest most readers but... for those it does interest... you get pretty much the whole of what is available for a few bucks. I first went looking for the books themselves, only to find they were out of my price range.

Scroll down to the contents which list over 14,000 pages and all the books they come from.

This is all part of my following my boy scout motto of “Be Prepared.”

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

"It Is a Horror Show Glueboard... That Traps Stupid People... by Masquerading as What It Is Not... What It Is Not."

God Poet Transmitting.......

One of the basic features of Nature is camouflage. Sometimes it is there to attract prey, and... sometimes it is there for concealment from the predator. Other times... it is an aspect of the mating dance. All of this translates into the human theater because... the dramas that dance there in physical form are a part of Nature in camouflage too.

It's not just your body that is a prisoner of Nature. The Mind and The Emotions... the senses, and... your sense of self... as expressed through The Personality... are also a part of Nature. Nature has a number of ways to bind you. I heard there were 8 but... I'm not a numbers guy. I also heard there is only one way in which Lady Nature... a conscious entity... frees you or... provides what is called Moksha.

Terms... terms... terms; what did Lao Tzu say? “Terms may be used but none of them are absolute.”

Nature is a non-stop... endlessly whirling confusion of colors and sounds... tactile impressions... smells that go directly to the brain, which is where the smell test comes from, and which has to do with smell as a form of higher perception... having nothing to do with physical odors. Yes... many things that you can't see are still part of Nature.

It's safe to say that just about everything you can think of is a part of Nature, including the facility that does the thinking. You might well ask; “what else is there?” I would answer that... but it's not germane to today's posting... which has to do with Communism.

Communism is the form of government that exists in Hellish Circumstances. Communism is a form of camouflage that presents itself as something it is not... for purposes other than what it advertises. It is a system of lies and double-speak... Catch-22s... whose intentions are bondage and control. It is a system where the individual has no rights and no courts of appeal.

It is a system of No Exit... except for Death. It is a horror show glueboard... that attracts stupid people... by masquerading as what it is not... what it is not... what it is not.

It is what Diversity... Equity... and Inclusion are all about. It is the brainchild of a certain group of people who demonstrated... in a gruesome and protracted fashion... all you ever need to know about Communism. They did this in the former Soviet Socialist Republic. They did and are doing it in China. They did it in Cambodia. There is no positive example of it... except in small... controlled... and temporary examples here and there... now and again.

Communes are Communist experiments, and their success depends entirely on the nature and intentions of the people involved. Sometimes... it works okay for a while... until it falls apart, and... sometimes a mass extermination event takes place. Sometimes it is Walden and sometimes it is Jonestown.

Sometimes it is death by committee, and sometimes it is death by dictator. Sometimes it is Elysian but it never seems to last because it calls for a very high order of mindfulness... where the members are also in disguise from The World... for the purpose of their survival from human ignorance and... The Mob. They do survive but they are out of the public view.

Socialism is a mild form of Communism, a less painful and more treatable form of Cancer. Socialism does work in certain areas of collective human need, and not so well in other areas.

All of the former Crown Colonies are now quasi-Socialist states. This is because The Bankers... who have long ruled those areas... insist on it. It makes the business of shearing and butchering The Sheep less problematic for them. Those who promote Communism are masters (if you can call them that) of The Art of The Squeaky Wheel. They have the methodology of Whining down pat, and they teach it to their tools... who work The Game... in obliging cultures.

However... once Communism is in place... you don't get to whine or squeak. If you do... you will be silenced.

They have all sorts of little tricks that they employ. One of their favorites is Divide and Conquer... setting brother against brother... in the ideological sense.

The physical results that you see of Communism and Communism Lite are rooted in occult mechanisms having to do with the use of symbols and terms... for the control of the human mind. They institute common misunderstandings of what is good and what is bad... and it is entirely arbitrary, depending on where their whims and fancies take them.

They tell you something... over and over... you come to believe it because of programming and patterning. Advertising uses the same tactics. Edward Bernays had this down. Michael Aquino had his own system. It all emerges from Applied Satanism, which is reinforced by Godless Science that promotes the 'what you see is what you get' worldview.

Godless Science has no moral rudder. It is indifferent to anything that does not profit the direction of its intentions. Trouble comes when Science... in cahoots with The Profit Motive... excludes all sense of Brotherhood, which is one of those camouflaging buzzwords that Communism likes to throw around like... The Greater Good; Eh, Comrade?

Intellectuals like to make a big deal out of garden-variety psychopaths like Che Guevara, and all kinds of specialized goofballs... that are concerned with getting the workers of The World to unite... and teaching harmful uniformity, and dumbing down the creative spirit in the school systems. This war doesn't end... not in The Kali Yuga it doesn't, and the next yuga does not come until AFTER The Avatar arrives.

All along... there are the forces working to plunge humanity into The Darkness, and working to bring Humanity into The Light. Fortunately for us... Destiny is with The Light Workers at this point on the evolutionary curve. Why a curve, Visible? Why not a straight line? There are no straight lines. Eventually ALL straight lines curve. There are no perfect circles either. These are all mathematical abstractions. Oh yeah... by the way, I didn't finish the tenth grade.

Now... I'm making a lot of simplistic statements here. I'm just saying things and moving right along without including all the tortured arguments that the disbelieving and UNKNOWING and UNIFORMED mind demands, but... that's how it is here. If you don't like it... or feel the need to debate it further... go find someone who cares to do so. That won't be me.

My point here is that all this nonsense about sexual identity... and identity politics... and color and race dynamics... and every other load of unhappy horseshit that's bantered around these days by deluded morons... and... who will call Antifa, if you don't knuckle under to... their mouthbreathing math... that insists you can get ten pounds of shit into a five-pound bag; “Look at me! I'm living proof!” That is what they say.

Sorry... I wound out a bit there. As I was intending to say, prior to; all this nonsense is Communism coming at you in a different costume, and the same people who used it for the greatest acts of mass murder that this planet has seen in recently recorded history are, at... it... again.

What about something like this?

When Materialism reaches a certain point, those with control of the currency also control the governments. More and more power gets consolidated in fewer and fewer hands. What these particular individuals do not grasp is that the forces they are behind; that they are unleashing on The World... hate them more than everyone else... and they also mistake the intentions of The Lord of Darkness, which leads to their inevitable... ironic... downfall.

Those behind unleashing all the disorder that we presently see... acting out in moments of violence around The World... are pushing for a state of total disorder... so that they can take over and institute totalitarian government for a serf class ruled by an elite class, where everything is monitored in the common class, and everything is permitted for the chosen class. This is an ageless struggle, where The Darkness succeeds in certain locations and fails miserably in others.

Those who will not learn by gentler methods must experience increasingly harsher conditions. Those who will not hear must feel. I didn't make The Rules. I just try to live by them. There is ONE Supreme Controller... one absolute authority... one guiding and illuminating force that... personalizes itself for our understanding. Otherwise... you get what you see unfolding around you... when you prefer your own devices.

On the one hand, is the boundless mercy of the incomprehensible everlasting ineffable. On the other hand... there is the cruel mistress of material fate... the accumulating consequences of Self-Will riding roughshod over everyone else... for a short while.

There is an easier way.

End Transmission.......

FOR A GREATER UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT'S GOING ON BEHIND WHAT'S GOING ON. HERE IS A BRILLIANT ARTICLE... AN OUTSTANDING ARTICLE... BUT... at the end... he bends the knee. I don't know why, but he does a circus weasel act.

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