Thursday, July 13, 2023

"It's The Monkey in The Cage... Hitting The Cocaine Button Over... and Over... and Over... Until its Heart Stops."

God Poet Transmitting.......

As I watch The World... and its cultures... and traditions... fall apart, I am amazed at the power of The Destroyers and Deceivers. Surely this is not representative of the majority of souls? Yet... everywhere... you see the insidious hand of The Satanic Soros Klan and their banker kindred from the Hellish realms in The Lower Mind. Materialism is an infection, no different than jock itch or athlete's foot.

We see how COVID... which was not real, but a catch-all for common ailments... of seasonal distress... that have afflicted humanity for generations beyond count... suddenly changed the lives of everyone who was dependent on The System.

Long ago, I realized that the less I had to do with; the less I had to rely on The System... the better off I would be. For as many generations as mind parasites and immune disorders have threatened us, men have walked out on the company of others... because of the afflictions... that beset the well-being... of individuals who tarry overlong... in the higher concentrations of systematized souls.

You've got your classics like Whitman and Thoreau... the mountain men like Jim Bridger... the naturalists like John Muir... writers like Kerouac... people who wandered in The Great Beyond in search of The Great Within. Sometimes they found it. Sometimes they just got drunk and bitter.

Always... the deeper thinkers among us have tended to keep to themselves. They're not impressed by The Surface Life which captures and swallows the majority of their fellows.

Life is regressing to a kind of infantilism... a fascination of and playing with The Peepee. It's a sensory short-circuiting. It's the monkey in the cage... hitting the Cocaine button over... and over... and over... until its heart stops.

Thrill-seeking is akin to X-treme Sports. You know... or you should know... that sooner or later you're going to wipe out and get hurt or dead... at least once... and... if you're stupid... more than once.

The humdrum and boredom of systematized existence... is so mind-numbing that many are driven to extreme behavior... hoping to escape... hoping to forget... life has become meaningless... all the good pursuits have become befouled by impostors.

No one trusts anyone... anymore. Few public figures are worthy of any respect. There's no one to look up to, except people who can bounce balls around... or effectively (or even ineffectively) pretend to be someone else; make a fool out of themselves on stages... in front of slavering morons... that make you wish you had a few buckets of raw meat... because it looks like feeding time at the zoo.

I've been on a few big stages for a short time. I've seen the phenomena. It's usually louts, and people looking to forget who they are in some temporary fascination with someone else; seen through a smoky mirror. People get murkier and murkier... burned out before they hit 30, and no longer able to get it up except for porn... back to playing with their peepee... and... if only they could play with someone else's peepee!

The future leaders learn the lesson of selling out early on these days. They know that only deception is going to get them anywhere, in this world of The Moment. Rome is burning and they didn't even bother to learn to play the fiddle. It's more of a karaoke world now... an ever-diluted progression of simulators simulating simulators. The original went missing some time ago.

Influencers? What does that even mean? Here's a contemporary example in the making...

...if you can even stand to read the article. Imagine the mind and lifestyle it took to write that... to be that.

I watch what's going on... not closely... I don't want to get too close to any of it, and most of it rode in on The Short Bus to Perversity. Dwarf tossing never really caught on with me... nor The Jackass Crew... nor Trivial Pursuit... nor endless bumping and grinding... dreaming frottage from an apartment window hoping for drones... hoping to be on camera... hoping to be on any camera. The eye is a camera.

Endless longing... endless wanting... in a world of things where nothing loves you back... humping tombstones in memory of the dead... whistling past the graveyard to the better days ahead... something dark is following... I think its name is Dread.

Okay... that's enough simulated musing with an imaginary drunk Tom Waits at the piano... the piano of life's keyboard in black and white. I never much cared for The Blues because I never much had The Blues. (I did write one or two. I'll put one at the end of the post.)

It didn't matter how bad life got for me, and it got plenty bad... plenty of times... and sometimes for long periods of time, but... I always had a song in my heart.

I thank God for that as much as for anything I ever had passing through here. NOTHING beats a positive attitude; the optimism of KNOWING... deep down... that there is a God and that he/she/it is your author, and your friend... and one of these days... you.

That's why The Sun is my hero and the one I aspire to be like. Yeah... I'm a long way off from that, but I'm more than several paces up the road from The First Step. So it's not a thousand miles. So it's more like 90 million miles. So what? Am I going to run out of time? Not bloody likely.

Yeah... The World is turning to shit. Way I see it... The Kingdom of God is going to need a lot of fertilizer. We need the superhero, Mighty Nitrogen; ♫ here he comes to save the day! ♫

If you live in a world where this is bad... and that is good... you're a ping pong ball... you're a pinball... you walk away from this... and you walk toward that. It's what I do.

There's no point in my mind for arguing about anything. He likes this. She likes that. Neither of them like each other, but... they'll pretend otherwise to get what they want. Maybe they'll get lucky like Kevin Costner's ex-wife. I hope she manages to struggle by on what she considers chump change.

People crack me up. They have no idea what's waiting for them, BUT... it will be a lot like what they've been chasing in their dark... smoky mirrors of carnal love... and they'll find it in a place where thoughts are things.

Hell is a place devoid of love and filled with regret. It's either totally empty or way too crowded. It's all self-designer Hell. It's all on the meter. Are they going to run out of time? Not bloody likely.

Klaus Schwab and George Soros want to take over The World. So does Bill Gates and many others. They want a big slice of The Pie... so does everyone working for and against them... and there's only so much pie.

Of course... in reality... there are endless amounts of pie, BUT... not that particular pie. The size and dimensions of that particular pie are limited for The Purpose of Demonstration, and... the badder they want it... the smaller it gets... and... whaddya know... it doesn't taste like pie.

Like Reacher said when he finally got that slice of peach; “I've had better.”

The thing is... there actually is a pie in the sky. That's where all the pies we get down here come from... and you get the very sort of pie you dreamed into being. Part of us is in the sky, and part of us is down here, and part of us sails on a river of darkness.

Unfortunately... Materialism is The Land of The Poisoned Imagination. It's The Land of Ever-Diminishing Returns.

It's the place where your enjoyment is measured by the surplus you possess. If it's material... it WILL weigh you down and it will be less tasty with every... succeeding... bite. If it's immaterial... like Love... like Gratitude... like Compassion, it gets tastier... by degrees... according to every particle that passes through you... on its way to someone else.

The Truth hasn't changed a lick since this whole thing started. Ageless Wisdom is called that because it is what it is... it is what it was... whenever it was... the same now... and forever. Divine Luminous Wisdom is Ageless Wisdom when it gets lit up. It's kinda like turning on the light so you can see it with total clarity, and Purity is the lens through which it reveals itself... that's how 'the pure in heart' manage to see God.

It doesn't matter how bad it gets here... or how good it gets. None of that changes The Truth... or Ageless Wisdom. They go right on being what they always were and always will be. The endless changing conditions of material form do not affect them. Life becomes exactly how you made it here. You don't like it? Change it.

Some will weep bitter tears and some will shed tears of joy. You can see what's going to happen to anyone by simply observing what they get up to, 'cause... 'by their works ye shall know them.' It's not all wild... unpredictable... random... chaos... except temporarily... for those who engineered it into being... for The Purpose of Demonstration.

For as long as Communism exists somewhere, its creators and agents will be living there. For as long as Heaven exists, its creators and agents will be living there. If you build it... there you are.

End Transmission.......

♫ She has got no questions about what is right for her
And he has got no answers cause he lives inside a blur
both of them get something from the things they're going through
It may be a mystery to you... but then you're a mystery too

People's lives are strange and can't be understood
sometimes I try to help them out but it don't do no good
they got that private suffering... they feed it in the dark
they keep on circling the block; can't find a place to park

They got the blues inside them
but no music's coming out
they got that old-time angry blues
that makes em twist and shout
they got the blues that aren't blue
and blues that won't turn black
they say the white man's crazy
I ain't arguing with that

All the unreal lives on this reality TV
they talk about their fuzzy pets and what they like to eat
they pick their nose on camera while they're singing out of tune
Just tell them Reggie sent you... and they'll offer you the moon

They're going nuts in Florida about feeding tubes and God
They're sleeping in their lounge chairs like a junkie on the nod
They listen to the phony news that tells them what to think
Their hearts are in the closet and their minds are on the blink

They got the blues inside them
but no musics coming out
they got that old time angry blues
that makes em twist and shout
they got the blues that aren't blue
and blues that won't turn black
they say the white man's crazy
I ain't arguing with that

It's another kind of blue's HARRP that brought Haiti to her knees
And the ones who made it happen also run the charities
They're gonna make a fortune from the rock god's telethon
Bush... and his boy Clinton... they just keep on keeping on

I don't want to be a cynic, you know I want to believe
But monsters walk among us with a dagger up their sleeve
They murder and they torture folk across the middle east
Now they're gonna take Ukraine and feed it to the beast

They got the blues inside them
but no music's coming out
they got that old-time angry blues
that makes em twist and shout
they got the blues that aren't blue
and blues that won't turn black
they say the white man's crazy
I ain't arguing with that ♫

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another doozy NOSTRILS TO THE SKY post, as if you can do anything else. Well, I think you've got maybe 2 'meh' posts in your vast collection, but I'm glad I read them.


Anonymous said...

It’s not that they didn’t bother to learn to play the fiddle, they learned to play a Different Fiddle. The peepee fiddle; while singing karaoke. God help the Bukele’s of the world to light the fuze on the all the peepee fiddlers!

It’s weird, I don’t know, but i’m incredulous of the Alpha male, Seal Team 6 looking guy being a pedo weirdo. Not that that couldn’t happen but I often wonder if these stories pumped out from mass media are actually narrative - building anecdotes of utter bullshite, if you know what i’m saying. It’s mostly the Sandy Hoe Show
to me anymore. Of course, with the true stories in the mix between them, and other added ingredients, makes it a less runny mud pie. This is the agitprop production world we navigate. Olde reports are showing up more often, i’ve noticed. Externally, nothing is clear. Several grains of salt to flavor your daily mud pie works pretty well to maintain perspective. I guess i’m the anti - Snopes Snope.

Thanks for all the stimulating words, Mr. Visible, they keep me going.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"So... Whaddya Gonna Do? Yeah... Uh Huh... Whaddya Gonna Do? Well... Never Fear, My Friends... It Ebbs and It Flows."

Anonymous said...

pierre said..
don't want to sound too critical
don't wanna be no carp.
but though Angels don't no play day ting
they spell is as a HAARP.\
and I only just noticed with a dash. (I often quote/promote my sources).

Gandalf Carlin said...

LV! The desktop wallpaper after reading this was the statue in Brazil of Jesus with outstretched arms.
The stop all the wanting, nothing new under the sun, comes to mind and Jesus did overturn the tables of the money changers.
All of this revealing is so beautiful and you almost feel bad for the worldlings.
Tucker collecting rhino pelts is a joy but that's not my concern.
Some other rhinos are going to switch sides but we knew all along about their decepticon.
Moscow by winter won't be happening but the war pigs can milk the carnage for every dollar in the 51st state Ukraine, the war porn videos are just sad now as you can see the Uke troops are not properly trained and the commanders view them as cannon fodder.
Mr. Apocalypse is calling the tunes and Tom Waits should put out an album called Time Waits for No One. Heh! Carry on.



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