Wednesday, July 26, 2023

"I Do not Purport to Know The Mind of God... I Only Seek to Be His Willing and Dutiful Servant... and His Loving Friend."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Mr. Apocalypse is God's flashlight. He's wandering about in the darkness of The Human Mind... looking for indications of intelligent life. Seeing the degree of degrading that has occurred... over time... due to the state of advanced Materialism that we are presently afflicted with, he... is... compelled... to reveal the true nature of the conditions we struggle with... and against. He... is... compelled... to uncover and expose the various activities that go on in the darkness of The Human Mind.

So... now... his attention has been turned to The Killer Vaccines (among many other things). The Kennedys have always been an opportunistic bunch. They know what issues to align themselves with; whether it be Roy Cohen or COVID and The Killer Vaccines.

I'm not saying it's wrong to be smart enough to know what the issues are... that move through the minds of ordinary people. There are a lot more ordinary people than there are those people who think themselves extraordinary, and think themselves appointed to herd ordinary people about or... position themselves as their saviors..

I know that no matter what ordinary or extraordinary people think about anything... God uses both of them for his purposes... whether they know this or not... whether they are agreeable to it or not.

Someone came at me recently about saying God is Ineffable... unknowable... incomprehensible. I was talking about The Divine PRIOR TO God's personalizing him and herself for the benefit of Humanity.

A tyro should know the difference here, but sometimes those who consider themselves quite learned actually know less than a tyro. God has his hand in this as well... pumping people up for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

People who think they know make Heaven smile... and demons laugh. Both demons and angels work for God. It's a matter of mindset which of these you see.

Every legitimate spiritual master that I have ever encountered has made it clear that God is beyond the comprehension of the mortal mind. In order to know God you have to become God. This happens now and again, but far less often than the number of people who think it has happened to them.

The distance between The Mind of God and The Mind of Man is much... much greater than the distance between the consciousness of a rock and The Mind of Man. I do not purport to know The Mind of God... I only seek to be his willing and dutiful servant... and his loving friend.

That will do for me now... and for everlasting. I want only to tag along with God... not to catalog... analyze or... like our contemporary Dr. Frankenstein... Material Scientists; autopsy God... and rebuild him in their own image.

Mr. Apocalypse has now turned his flashlight toward The Killer Vaccines. He's arranging for name players to be stricken by them. We are on the periphery of the operation with Damar Hamlin... Justin Bieber... Jamie Fox... Bronny James... and many others. With the tandem emergence of Robert Kennedy Jr., we have an increasingly brighter flashlight centered on the activities of those we are not permitted to criticize.

COVID was the latest false flag. It was a follow-up to 9/11 and orchestrated by the same people. The intention was to sideline Donald Trump (who wasn't doing such a bad job of that on his own) and to also usher in The Killer Vaccines... already waiting in the wings. THEY KNOW about Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening. They are in panic mode to head them off at The Pass, but they don't even know where The Pass is.

Humanity is being awakened... willing or not... obligingly... or dragged screaming; it matters not to the architects of The Coming Age. These architects are the enduring archetypes... in new costumes of appearance... for the dramas and lessons of The Aquarian Age. They exist by Heavenly Fiat. They cannot be opposed. Every effort at opposition leads directly to The Purpose of Demonstration.

I am not concerned with nitpickers or Nimrods whose heads catch on fire when they hear what they would rather not hear... unless they get to be the ones to say it; which accounts for most of the contention we encounter. Everything coming to pass was discussed here years ago, and what is presently being discussed will also come to pass.

There is no special talent involved in being able to see this. Anyone paying attention can see these things... can observe The Trends and Patterns... can note the progressions. History is cyclic. Go argue with Spengler about it... if you can find him.

Arguments about whether the rays of The Sun are direct or wavy are pointless given that they are both... simultaneously... and that each ray has a specific effect. Tarot cards have shown this for centuries, and Ageless Wisdom... Hermetic Science... occult history... all confirm it. There's no point in talking to people who think The Sun is only a ball of fire in the sky. The Sun is also the cause of ALL weather here.

The truth is that... at best... those contending... have studied no more than material science. People seem to think they can hold forth on any subject under The Sun... while never having looked any deeper into the enduring lore and commentary... of the brilliant minds... who have channeled the teachings of The Hidden Wisdom for millennia... and which exists outside of the usual courses of mortal confusion; “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

It astonishes how forceful is the reckless disregard of those who presume to dispute the existence of a living... breathing God... who permeates the creation he made out of himself; who presume to know what he intends and when he intends it... all this and more... while not even believing in him.

I have no idea what God intends. I only repeat what I am told, and so far I have been told accurately. My retelling may not be entirely accurate, but human error is ALWAYS a factor until we are irrevocably changed.

I saw this in an article this morning. It is a true saying that I had not heard before. It rings! These very times are a testimony to the truth of it; “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times,” More cyclicity? There is nothing new or strange about what is happening in these times. This is all meant to be.

What is also meant to be... is what is going to follow... what we see before us at the moment. No matter how hard the enemies of humanity struggle to control the narrative... they will only further expose themselves by their efforts to do so.

Everything they do now will turn against them. They are up against something they have no real knowledge of... and cannot manipulate or control.

All along they have forced their way. They have conspired, and won through by deception... when force was not effective to their ends. They have armies of paid trolls who seek to disturb and distort the efforts of those who do not fear them. It will avail them... NOTHING! No one can stand against what is coming, and that... that is cyclic too.

Everyone has their own opinion about; he said she said... I heard this... I read that... the television told me... I learned it in school from people who don't know shit from Shinola... we'll see about all that, soon enough.

God takes no prisoners. You either come around to God's way of thinking or nothing but suffering awaits you. God's main intention for you is to give you what he has... to share with you what he possesses because he created you for that purpose... and to that end.

You want to do it your way? Go right ahead! You want to operate on whatever aggregate of information you think you possess? Go right ahead! There are two roads, although there seems to be many... many roads. One goes up and one goes down. There seems to be many ways to go up. There seem to be many ways to go down, but... that's just the appearance of it. That's the color commentary that goes along with the action.

Those on a spiral head for The Sun. Those in a circle head for The Moon, but nothing stays on a straight line... so... however gradually it may or may not appear to you, you are either going up or down. You do neither of these without help, such is the profit of good advice... and bad advice... and The Purpose of Demonstration.

All that is concealed will be revealed. The speed of change and transformation have just experienced another increase. It might take a moment for that to become glaringly apparent.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times,”

I happen to have that one in my "book of Quotes". ≋;> It's a goodie.

Re: THEY KNOW about Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening.

I've always felt this way, too. Why else would their agenda(s) be ramping up so quickly and pushed so hard. "They" are trying to beat the clock. Poor babies...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


katzenboots said...

Hello! Dropped in to check on how you are doing. Haven't been around for at least ten years. I see you are still writing away. Good on you. Stay blessed.

0 said...

This is interesting huh.

"“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times,”"

Makes one wonder how some few are still what they are in spite of the times. Almost like some few are dispersed like how radioactive material is dispersed all thru the mantle of the planet, not all condensed in one place for ease of extraction. Anchors of the All, perhaps.

I suppose it partly depends on if one takes control of self and takes aim at understanding. If ones always waiting for someone Else to tell oneself what matters, one never learns to ask questions, let alone learns to ask the questions that those initial questions lead to.

Its nice that you have this blog where like minded folks can come feel some way about being still in this iteration of form. I appreciate your efforts. They make bearing what I bear a little easier. Not that I wouldn't bear it anyways, but its the little things that show how the All Cares for that which is Known to itself. I catch myself thanking the all for a parking spot if I have to be out, or for a light turning green as I approach it. Small things, Matter.

Take care man!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Monkey Mind and The Dog of Desire on The Streets of Fire; The Jitterbugging Monkey Mind of The Sad Apocalypse."

Anonymous said...

pierre said..
I recall your '911 is a litmus test' t-shirt, probably an original saying of yours. now Covid is, and more local and personal to the 7 billion jabbed (not all mrna) and the shed upon . we shall see. if we want to.

Isle Of View said...

I think that’s sort of what happens when you set out to sell your soul to the devil. When you finally run into him, he informs you that your very intention to sell it removed all of its value and automatically transferred it to him in the first place… “But it was nice meeting you all the same and… see you around.”

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