Friday, July 21, 2023

"Honey is Pure Condensed Sunlight. Gold is Another Pure Material Expression, Just as Diamonds are Indicative of Starlight."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Everywhere you look... Mr. Apocalypse is ramping up the pressure and turning up the heat. He's working in tandem with The Active Counterpart to the absolute stillness of The Ineffable... known as the Divine Mother... Prakriti... Shakti... Lady Nature, and... no doubt... by many other names where roses smell as sweet.

God... the indefinable and incomprehensible... exists in a total stillness... called by some... The Ineffable... because It-That... Om-Tat-Sat... is beyond definition and description. In order for us to get some possibility of a grasp on the meaning of existence, The Ineffable divides into male and female... electromagnetic interactives... which produce everything we see and experience, and which some call (grin) The Manifest World.

Mr. Apocalypse is an archetype... also known by many other names. He is the spirit of Revelations... that mystical book of The Bible. He... stirs... The... Mix... which causes another force... that some of us call Lady Awakening... to arise in response to the phenomena being stirred up by Mr. Apocalypse. It's always, two-for-the-tango... tit and tat... action and response.

All this emerging... converging... and disappearing, is the product of two forces interacting. Religions are the result of a human effort to understand the cosmos... based on the teachings of the occasional Avatars and Wayshowers that appeared here, and who descend from The Sun.

Honey is liquid sunlight in its purest form. Gold is another material expression, just as diamonds are indicative of starlight. Everything material is a manifest representation of something you can't see.

Some people get all mental about it and want to catalog and explain it all. They get that Thomas Aquinas Darwin Flu. Sooner or later they lose their minds... by succumbing to some compulsive disorder... because you can't hold water in your hands... nor grains of sand. You can hold some water in the hollows of the hand. You can hold some sand, but you will NEVER hold all the water and the sand.

You will never catalog and identify all the possibilities of either of them and... they are fairly simple compared to the countless other creations that come out of the combinations of water... and sand... and everything else that can be combined by heat or pressure... or all sorts of known and arcane processes.

Religion is one of the ways that people try to understand God. God is real and present... regardless of Religion. Religion is actually more of a blind that gets between you and God... so that priests can eat and carry on with all kinds of nonsense rituals... which you actually have to be divinely empowered to get anything from anyway.

Not once has anyone pinned it all down yet. Not once has anyone said anything that a whole bunch of other yahoos didn't argue about; sometimes... simply as a preface to stating their own perspective; in the endless permutations of... “yeah, but...”

Anyone can say that God doesn't exist... or that any of the permutations that used to... or presently exist... are simply hollow vessels. You can say there is no Mr. Apocalypse. I could argue... if I did that sort of thing... that SOMETHING like Mr. Apocalypse does exist because we can see the effects. You can't see The Wind... but you can definitely see the effects. Use that... next time some fool tells you something you know to be true is not real.

Recently... a tornado... heh heh... a tornado blew away a Pfizer Vaccine Protocols storage center.

Everywhere... if you could see behind the curtains... certain driven and possessed numbskulls are now suffering from the effects of forces they... set... into... motion. “Yippee kay yay, Mother...” You can see that it happened. You can't see why it happened. Did the gyro of a HAARP effort break or... was it an act of God... as accomplished through the vehicle of Lady Nature... through the medium of a Jinn or Elemental?

Meanwhile... in similar fashion... things are going haywire for the people with all the money and intimidating force in The World. Why would that happen? I thought they were in charge. They thought they were in charge. You mean... they're not in charge? Well... gee... that's too bad, isn't it?

That thing about Pride going before a fall? The history of The World is filled with events that involved people who thought too much of their plans and intentions... who were so sure it was going to break their way... that the signs were all favorable; though not so much for the poor birds whose entrails were being used to indicate future conditions.

They were usually wrong too because the soothsayers knew enough to tell the king what he wanted to hear... or they had their own axes to grind... because they were likely to profit from certain policies OR... they were in the pay of the king's enemies or... why don't you etch-a-sketch your own variation?

Shakespeare waxed long about the intrigues and plots of ministers and kings... ambitious courtiers and ladies not in waiting... fools and characters of myth and fancy... all the possibilities of form that The Mind of God creates for his own amusement...

See... here's the real problem that faces all the pride-surfing clowns and bi-pedal pit vipers in real life. The general consensus among them is that God does not exist or... he is far away... or otherwise occupado.

This is not true... though a part of God is much apart from the silliness of appetites and desires run wild, a part of him is deeply engaged in everything or it wouldn't even be there, and this includes empty lots and abandoned buildings. He is... by degrees of separation... at a distance from the bullshit, BUT... his agents are everywhere they need to be, and... when they are not... the agents of his dark side are surely present. ALL... EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE... light and dark... serve The One, no... matter... what.

So... these clowns and vipers... these fools immersed in dreams of pathetic self-interest... are all players in dramas composed to...make... a... point; for The Purpose of Demonstration. AND... when Mr. Apocalypse shows up, and his presence instantly activates Lady Awakening... that means the situation is getting real indeed.

That means... where before... life just went on happening in the predictable courses usually taken... it is no longer the usual or the predictable. All... bets... are... off.

They opened the floodgates for all the things that Homeland Security was supposed to protect us from, AND... will you look at that? It is the Marrano version of Homeland Security that is behind it, and... who is behind that?

In the poetic justice version of what's coming. The ones responsible for all the heartache and horror of the times... get hosed by the very situations... they brought into being. They are... indeed... the unwitting authors of their own ignominy and demise. How very Shakespearean!

Oh... I've been trying to say something here, but... I'm not as skilled as I need to be. Hopefully, you can see between the words in the spaces I left for you there. It's that hollow of absence... where the source of all we are missing dwells. It is the place between the places demarcated by Time. It is what is... that is... concealed in what is not.

You can't find it outside of you. You might well run into people who can tell you where to look, but many often get sidetracked... sitting at their feet... instead of doing as they do... in the cases where they are actually doing it, and not deceiving others for their own venal purposes.

If you can find someone who will show you the way, it can be remarkably simple... if you make sure to follow in their footsteps, and not decide to cut your own path along the way. How many have been lost in the empty deserts... and swamps of bewilderment... who thought they... “You know what? I can take it from here.”

You can expect more tornadoes and a great deal more than that. There are stages along the way where what is happening... is happening out of sight. Then comes the stage where it becomes increasingly more visible. I hear you're fast. Want to see it again?

End Transmission.......

A reader sent me some of her music. I think it's different... and worth hearing. (grin) It reminds me of someone but I can't pin it down. Not being able to pin it down is a good thing.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky as I/we continue to hurry up and wait.

Gandalf Carlin said...

LV! Saw a comments section where person said only the incompetent believe in God.
There more downvotes and a man claiming to be competent said I thank God every day for this condition!
Well played.
Visited fine Pineland last week and while waiting for a bud a deer ran across the yard, the birds were singing a beautiful tune, I said Thank You God and the cloudy sky parted with a fantastic sunbreak!
From your post the other day, the only thing I say in every prayer is...I love you God.
A woman hadn't mastered her high and the Sack-N-Save and dropped a wad of cash to the floor, I said DOH! you dropped your money while the self-checkout clerk came over to help her and reminded her not to leave any behind.
The little things add up and you should never take advantage of someone.
Thank You LV!

Visible said...

You're only a few miles from me. I suppose you know that.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"From a Multiplicity of Products, Comes a Marketplace of Things... to Form a World Out of Glitter-Bugging Zombie Dust."



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