Wednesday, July 5, 2023

"It Is a Horror Show Glueboard... That Traps Stupid People... by Masquerading as What It Is Not... What It Is Not."

God Poet Transmitting.......

One of the basic features of Nature is camouflage. Sometimes it is there to attract prey, and... sometimes it is there for concealment from the predator. Other times... it is an aspect of the mating dance. All of this translates into the human theater because... the dramas that dance there in physical form are a part of Nature in camouflage too.

It's not just your body that is a prisoner of Nature. The Mind and The Emotions... the senses, and... your sense of self... as expressed through The Personality... are also a part of Nature. Nature has a number of ways to bind you. I heard there were 8 but... I'm not a numbers guy. I also heard there is only one way in which Lady Nature... a conscious entity... frees you or... provides what is called Moksha.

Terms... terms... terms; what did Lao Tzu say? “Terms may be used but none of them are absolute.”

Nature is a non-stop... endlessly whirling confusion of colors and sounds... tactile impressions... smells that go directly to the brain, which is where the smell test comes from, and which has to do with smell as a form of higher perception... having nothing to do with physical odors. Yes... many things that you can't see are still part of Nature.

It's safe to say that just about everything you can think of is a part of Nature, including the facility that does the thinking. You might well ask; “what else is there?” I would answer that... but it's not germane to today's posting... which has to do with Communism.

Communism is the form of government that exists in Hellish Circumstances. Communism is a form of camouflage that presents itself as something it is not... for purposes other than what it advertises. It is a system of lies and double-speak... Catch-22s... whose intentions are bondage and control. It is a system where the individual has no rights and no courts of appeal.

It is a system of No Exit... except for Death. It is a horror show glueboard... that attracts stupid people... by masquerading as what it is not... what it is not... what it is not.

It is what Diversity... Equity... and Inclusion are all about. It is the brainchild of a certain group of people who demonstrated... in a gruesome and protracted fashion... all you ever need to know about Communism. They did this in the former Soviet Socialist Republic. They did and are doing it in China. They did it in Cambodia. There is no positive example of it... except in small... controlled... and temporary examples here and there... now and again.

Communes are Communist experiments, and their success depends entirely on the nature and intentions of the people involved. Sometimes... it works okay for a while... until it falls apart, and... sometimes a mass extermination event takes place. Sometimes it is Walden and sometimes it is Jonestown.

Sometimes it is death by committee, and sometimes it is death by dictator. Sometimes it is Elysian but it never seems to last because it calls for a very high order of mindfulness... where the members are also in disguise from The World... for the purpose of their survival from human ignorance and... The Mob. They do survive but they are out of the public view.

Socialism is a mild form of Communism, a less painful and more treatable form of Cancer. Socialism does work in certain areas of collective human need, and not so well in other areas.

All of the former Crown Colonies are now quasi-Socialist states. This is because The Bankers... who have long ruled those areas... insist on it. It makes the business of shearing and butchering The Sheep less problematic for them. Those who promote Communism are masters (if you can call them that) of The Art of The Squeaky Wheel. They have the methodology of Whining down pat, and they teach it to their tools... who work The Game... in obliging cultures.

However... once Communism is in place... you don't get to whine or squeak. If you do... you will be silenced.

They have all sorts of little tricks that they employ. One of their favorites is Divide and Conquer... setting brother against brother... in the ideological sense.

The physical results that you see of Communism and Communism Lite are rooted in occult mechanisms having to do with the use of symbols and terms... for the control of the human mind. They institute common misunderstandings of what is good and what is bad... and it is entirely arbitrary, depending on where their whims and fancies take them.

They tell you something... over and over... you come to believe it because of programming and patterning. Advertising uses the same tactics. Edward Bernays had this down. Michael Aquino had his own system. It all emerges from Applied Satanism, which is reinforced by Godless Science that promotes the 'what you see is what you get' worldview.

Godless Science has no moral rudder. It is indifferent to anything that does not profit the direction of its intentions. Trouble comes when Science... in cahoots with The Profit Motive... excludes all sense of Brotherhood, which is one of those camouflaging buzzwords that Communism likes to throw around like... The Greater Good; Eh, Comrade?

Intellectuals like to make a big deal out of garden-variety psychopaths like Che Guevara, and all kinds of specialized goofballs... that are concerned with getting the workers of The World to unite... and teaching harmful uniformity, and dumbing down the creative spirit in the school systems. This war doesn't end... not in The Kali Yuga it doesn't, and the next yuga does not come until AFTER The Avatar arrives.

All along... there are the forces working to plunge humanity into The Darkness, and working to bring Humanity into The Light. Fortunately for us... Destiny is with The Light Workers at this point on the evolutionary curve. Why a curve, Visible? Why not a straight line? There are no straight lines. Eventually ALL straight lines curve. There are no perfect circles either. These are all mathematical abstractions. Oh yeah... by the way, I didn't finish the tenth grade.

Now... I'm making a lot of simplistic statements here. I'm just saying things and moving right along without including all the tortured arguments that the disbelieving and UNKNOWING and UNIFORMED mind demands, but... that's how it is here. If you don't like it... or feel the need to debate it further... go find someone who cares to do so. That won't be me.

My point here is that all this nonsense about sexual identity... and identity politics... and color and race dynamics... and every other load of unhappy horseshit that's bantered around these days by deluded morons... and... who will call Antifa, if you don't knuckle under to... their mouthbreathing math... that insists you can get ten pounds of shit into a five-pound bag; “Look at me! I'm living proof!” That is what they say.

Sorry... I wound out a bit there. As I was intending to say, prior to; all this nonsense is Communism coming at you in a different costume, and the same people who used it for the greatest acts of mass murder that this planet has seen in recently recorded history are, at... it... again.

What about something like this?

When Materialism reaches a certain point, those with control of the currency also control the governments. More and more power gets consolidated in fewer and fewer hands. What these particular individuals do not grasp is that the forces they are behind; that they are unleashing on The World... hate them more than everyone else... and they also mistake the intentions of The Lord of Darkness, which leads to their inevitable... ironic... downfall.

Those behind unleashing all the disorder that we presently see... acting out in moments of violence around The World... are pushing for a state of total disorder... so that they can take over and institute totalitarian government for a serf class ruled by an elite class, where everything is monitored in the common class, and everything is permitted for the chosen class. This is an ageless struggle, where The Darkness succeeds in certain locations and fails miserably in others.

Those who will not learn by gentler methods must experience increasingly harsher conditions. Those who will not hear must feel. I didn't make The Rules. I just try to live by them. There is ONE Supreme Controller... one absolute authority... one guiding and illuminating force that... personalizes itself for our understanding. Otherwise... you get what you see unfolding around you... when you prefer your own devices.

On the one hand, is the boundless mercy of the incomprehensible everlasting ineffable. On the other hand... there is the cruel mistress of material fate... the accumulating consequences of Self-Will riding roughshod over everyone else... for a short while.

There is an easier way.

End Transmission.......

FOR A GREATER UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT'S GOING ON BEHIND WHAT'S GOING ON. HERE IS A BRILLIANT ARTICLE... AN OUTSTANDING ARTICLE... BUT... at the end... he bends the knee. I don't know why, but he does a circus weasel act.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ayuh, communism looks great on paper, but it has never worked once in the long term, as you said. Hey! It had the Chinese eating each other during the Cultural Revolution. WHO'S ON THE MENU TODAY? I DUNNO. LET'S SEE IF FANG CHANG CAN SPARE ONE OF HIS DAUGHTERS?

I wonder if that still happens in the remoter regions. Maybe I should go through the Winston Sterzel/SerpentZA screwtube files and see if I can find anything. If you wanna know anything about China, he's the one to go to.

Nostrils to the sky!

Kazz said...

'And God looked upon all that He had made, and indeed, it was very good' (Genesis 1:31).

Much love to all

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Material World... Made From 3 Disparate Forces... that Forever Interact to Bring Form and Motion Into Being."

Bill Nye said...

Mr. Dog Poet, can you please discuss Old Souls and Reincarnation...the different levels / stages of reincarnation way too much disinfo on the magic butter dish.

Bill Nye

Visible said...

I have discussed these things at length many times in past postings; reincarnation far more than Old Souls. Old Souls has good and bad connotations. Some are here as service vehicles and some refuse to learn... heh heh, and some are here as penance. That about sums the genre up in my limited understanding.

I only possess the small amounts of knowledge that are permitted me to know, and I must rely on inspiration from my betters most of the time. Hopefully, I do not mislead anyone, and hopefully, the readers are aware of the constraints I operate under... for the time being.

Reincarnation and Karma come up regularly here. Old Souls not so much because I don't see much purpose in it. However... since you have asked, I will look for appropriate context to go into that in future times.

Garlin said...

LV! Partied till a puker in pineland on some potent IPA and passed out behind the shed by the horsepath!
Bwahaha! Needed a good unwinding and the packing bubble, rocking chair pillow were comfy.
So clear is the sky and quiet out there, a bit chilly in the early AM.
Sorry for rambling, I barely got through the 12th grade myself with night school for the last two credits, now that school diploma means next to nothing even if it is the biggest oldest school in the state.
The Humpty Dumpty quote comes to mind about the words what I mean when stated and he said that in a condescending manner.
Socialism/Communism acts like human nature doesn't exist. Not everyone is going to be happy with a UBI stipend and will do whatever it takes to get more.
The one size fits all never works either and God's Fifth Column is here for a reason.

Bill Nye said...

Mr. Dog Poet, Sir thank your for your precious time!

Andy said...

vis, we are rapidly approaching the 7 year anniversery of the confession of Don Fergeson and Children of God satanic pedifile cult on august 16th, 2016. i was there and assisted, in him coming to confession. we shall see something similar around that date. the needle drags along the the grove of the record of life. look at the world around you as the music plays. all the marinettes are dancing to the tune.

the first time we spoke, and we spoke via email directly, was around that time. prior to your fall and hurting of your arm and hip.

clif high had mentioned you to me back then in passing. so i came to see what you were about. i have met and know many people from all walks of life in this world. i met Elon Musk back stage at the eagles concert prior to him buying twitter. for a while, i stood as man on the passgate at over 2000 shows and nobody ever back stage without permission. so i am quite familiar on how the show goes.

i dont care if you post this comment or not. i dont care if you like me or not. i dont care if you are inspired or not. i dont care if you believe me or not. i came here only to see the cosmic egg. and i hadnt been on your site in many many years.

when the Covid lock downs happened, when nobody entered any kind of house of worship on the planet. i am the one who heard the female voice whisper on wind and i drove non stop to what the oldest tribe in north and south America continent considers the point of creation. aka the center of the universe, and i stood in it. its an old water well, filled with dry dirt in the middle of nowhere. the hopi were there. i stood in it as the living water. the living monad. that is what i did with my cosmic egg which was also given to me many years ago. if i hadnt? there would be no 5th world according to the Hopi Elders.

the cosmic egg is a name that can not be spoken in this world. it is an eteternal name. it is a one of a kind name. when i saw your friend on here with a cosmic egg. i didnt know what to think. the cosmic egg is known by many different names thoughout history. the Dao or the Tao or The Void if you prefer is a few of them. ive never seen another person with one in all my travels. and like you, i have been everywhere. from palm springs to lake solina poland. all over the world in my travels. ive stood in what is left of the city of thebes and in the center of stone hindge. and never needed money to travel. it was always provided.

i have had lunch with everyone from the ceo of chase bank, to paul mccartney to homeless junkies at the hollywood mission, to men who were on death row to normal every day good folks.

with respect, thank you for permitting me to speak directly to the 0 on your site. i will not return to any of sites again. it may seem like nothing is happening in the big show, however there is many working behind the scenes. even now the reaper draws its wages. i dont care if you post this or not, or believe any of it. the truth is the truth.

if you go to the hopi site and down load their news paper. The hopi travune. in the word find, you will find my name spelled as Aundy above the hopi word for accused.

On the other side then.

just andy.

Visible said...

Not meaning to be impolite or anything, just an honest question; was there a point to all that that?



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