Friday, June 30, 2023

"On Multiple Levels... Across Many Platforms... Around The World... Chaos and Confusion Have Come to Call."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Transportation Fairy... whose perception abilities rival those of a myopic deer hunter... is rolling out the 5-G juggernaut on a thoroughly unprepared airline industry on July 1st. He hasn't had a major crisis to screw up in months, and... he's champing at the bit. This should give him everything he dreams of and... more.

Biden's perception and comprehension abilities get worse by the day OR... or... is this a getting-ahead-of-the-legal-system thing for when his house of cards comes down around his ears? Since he can automatically let himself off the hook, I'm guessing it's more of a PR thing, and... a protective coating for all the other low-riders who were in on the fun and games.

The Pope is wandering in a spiritual wasteland... similar to that of Biden... only traversing a different order of landscape... but... with a similar outcome.

Everywhere you look... people are losing their minds, which is a by-product of losing their coordinates, OR... is it the other way around?

On multiple levels... across many platforms... around The World... chaos and confusion have come to call. The air is going bad... invisible rays are tormenting humanity like harpies and furies... poisonous pharmaceuticals are like a bed sheet thrown over a rotting corpse. You're protecting the wrong sense portal!

Beneath the coverslip of fear... the subconscious trembles and hugs its knees in the darkness. There are disturbing noises coming from the lower basement, and... the sound of heavy footsteps on the stairs.

An entire section of life... that section awash in material culture... is lurching like Igor through the burning Castle Franken-stein. The imported villagers are burning Paris while Macron; or is it Maricon... parties like it's 1969 with Dame Elton John.

Ass Burger griddle-girl... Greta Thun-berg is dancing with Zelensky and opening a can of organic whoop-ass on Russia; “Uberdumbfurher Zelensky good... Vladimir Putin baaaaad.” Her full name is Greta Rin-Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg, which is a great deal longer than Stupid Fucking Cretin, and... far less precise a definer. She's got heavy demons behind her, just ask Andrew Tate.

Trains are derailing... bridges are crumbling... rip-tides are ripping... The Gates of Hell are opening before those who... have been pounding on the door. The Killer Vaccines are striking everyone who does any serious cardio, and... a big booster is coming when they crank up The 5-G.

Meanwhile... the social order is breaking down. On one side are the people trying to hold it together. On the other side are those trying to tear it down, and... there is a huge compacting of The Clueless... in between... who can no longer spell their own names. It does sound like a recipe for disaster... doesn't it?

These things I have seen along the way... of a simple walk... this morning... through the virtual... reporting on the actual... by lying through their teeth. I left out a great deal more than I left in.

Pride falls off the calendar today, but REAR-ENTRY Admiral Rachel Levine is talking about extending it through the summer as a medical holiday... sponsored by all the firms that cut off the sexual parts of the bodies of those that Materialism has driven mad.

Hollywood is burning money on a time-share pyre... a kind of land-shark... Viking funeral... hosted by Disney and Bud Light.

It doesn't matter where you look... outside the karmically protected containment zones... they are all going mad... at an exponential rate. The Installed Election-Fraud President is wandering around like Uncle June Soprano, and... they are letting him do it.

Is there some kind of race on? Is there some kind of a competition to see if the bad guys can destroy The World before anyone else does anything about it? Will they only destroy themselves? It is a consummation devoutly to be wished. Within the unpredictable nightmare patterns of those tossing and turning... who cannot wake up... I see trends. I see indications that in the midst of everything being out-of-control... everything is under control.

It all just seems to be out-of-control because we can't see the endpoint. In the meantime... other crazy people... are walking up to the wildlife in the national parks. They think they are in a petting zoo. This is a metaphor for the cellphone-generated... mass insanity... that has taken over in Nimrod-Land.

Materialism is a kind of storm field. It looks like fun from the outside... like some club where a party is going on... or a glittering carnival... in the darkness... at the edge of town. Is it a sporting event? Is it a political rally? No! Wait! It's a floor wax AND a dessert topping!

It looks safe enough... until you step inside the weather zone. Then you discover you were looking at an optical illusion. Then it spins you in helpless circles... where there is no purchase to hold... besides the others spinning past you. It's safe to say there will be elements of transitory... meaningless romance... here and there; ♫ strangers in the night...♫

In this tempest... in the wild fury of the magnetic storm of Materialism... there are vicious slipstreams... rip tides... undertows that work on the appetite and desire zones of sleeping humanity. One of the most powerful is Greed. Greed will pull you under in no time, and take you to that place where you run out of time; case in point... Airbnb.

Materialism causes Sierra Madre Flu. The winds come up and blow the gold away.

A lot of people thought it would be a good idea to fatten their portfolios with rental properties. Then... for whatever the reason... the bottom drops out of the market. Now... in various locations... around the country... there are many...many Airbnb properties about to go under... cause they bet against their good sense with high mortgage risk... so... twice (and more than) as many of these properties are headed for fire sale country than there are regular houses for sale.

Migrants have flooded the country. They are now sticking them in college dormitories... looking to house them in people's homes. It's a different kind of Airbnb, and... Greed... like the kind that snuggles up to the tit of the social welfare hog... is going for that too. Maybe that's what's going to become of all the Airbnb properties? I see patterns. I see demographic-shaping... gerrymander games. I see dead people!

Sooner or later, the people trying to grab everything are going to grab on to something that pulls them down into what lies beneath... all that extra weight... well... you do the math.

I don't know where you are living. I don't know what you are chasing. I don't know what is chasing you. I do know that Materialism is a fire... and heat generates wind... just ask The Sun. I know that pressure presses against pressure in the invisible... and weather comes about.

I know that just as there are storms in Nature... there are other storms created by other pressures. War is one of the conditions brought about by certain pressures... acting on those with the money... and the will... to bring war about.

Disease is generated by unsanitary living conditions AND... unsanitary thinking and feeling conditions... so that a process is instituted that moves from the mind by stages to the body, and this happens in a personal sense... and this happens in a wider sense. When people lose their way... all sorts of unintended consequences ensue... these are predictable as well.

Does it matter if it is the crocodile that gets you or the angry bear? Is it better to drown than to burn? If the map in your lap says the road you are on leads to Kansas City; Kansas City here you come.

It is quiet at the storm's center. Conditions are dramatically different if you abide within or... you are compelled or driven to dwell without. It's said that where your heart is... there your treasure is also. It could well be said... too... that when you are at peace with yourself... there your sanctuary is... also.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

Meanwhile, I just read a beautiful little book written by Sy Montgomery: The Hummingbirds' Gift. I think about the hummers that visit the Concrete Jungle, hovering inches from my face and flitting from left to right and right to left.

"Hummingbirds do seem to play, and to enjoy it." - The Hummingbirds' Gift

Earlier this week I finished "Second Nature: the Inner Lives of Animals" (Jonathan Balcombe). It was poignant and more than once brought tears to my eyes.

"[Nonhuman beings] are not merely alive, but they have lives of their own that matter to them." - Second Nature: the inner lives of animals

I'm now embarking on a spin through "Wild about Weeds" by Jack Wallington. I DO so love plants that are considered rebellious outsiders. ≋;>

Aaah, the wonder and beauty of Nature. When things get rough (yes, sometimes I get melancholy...or angry...or both) I turn to Nature. She never fails to fill me with delight and make me smile.

Blessings to all.

Almismo said...

" the desert grows. misfortune of him who keeps within himself deserts. "

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oh, what am I gonna do with all this awesomely good news, whilst livin' in the Bay Area, eagerly a'waitin' to be nuked? Gods, would that be doin' the world a favour, or would that be doin' the world a favour?!

I chase the elusive Akashic Library Card, but I don't think anyone is chasin' me. I don't think I have anything that anyone wants. Nothing that's tangible, anyway.

NOSTRILS TO THE SKY! Dayam, you hit another one outta the field with this one.

Anonymous said...

"Some men just want to watch the world burn" -Alfred, butler to Bruce Wayne, referring to the Joker

G said...

...A floor wax AND a dessert topping...


Chevy Chase, SNL...

That was on my parents' SNL vinyl LP I used to listen to as a kid...


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Where Finesse is Not Present... Carnal Animal Nature Assures that There Will Be No Need to Explain... The Absence of It."



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