Wednesday, June 14, 2023

"The Jot and Tittle... Each Separate Hair on Your Head... is Measured and Known... and... Every Falling Leaf and Sparrow."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Trends and Patterns. I can't help myself. I've got that Sherlock gene and I don't let anything rest until I have gleaned what it is possible for me to know... according to my standards. Lately... I see Amy Schumer everywhere on the news for the most ridiculous and contrived reasons. This happens on a regular schedule with a number of aging used-to-be(s)... and wannabes.

Schumer has about the same currency as an ugly Kardashian. By my standards, there are no beautiful Kardashians because I measure a woman's beauty by the presence of The Qualities of The Divine in her. Schumer's account is way overdrawn. She has zero talent that I have ever seen and looks like Lady Nature got even with her for some previous... egregious... offense, BUT... she insists on The World paying homage to something she doesn't possess.

I swear... somehow life gets even with all of us.

I've looked into the Trump situation... the legal end of it... and there's no way they are even allowed to do what they are doing, and yet... they continue to do it. This is all down to Merrick Garland and the moneymen who are his puppeteers. Anyone who names their kid Merrick is creating an ambulatory bag of resentments with a hard-on for the future where he gets hoisted on his own petard.

I no longer have much sympathy for Trump. Right off, I didn't trust him. Then I thought he was the best fit for the country... and then? He got on The Killer Vaccine slay ride. His vanity seems to override his reason... or else he's the other side of a tandem that plays the people caught in between.

I could be wrong about many things. I'm not wrong about his support for The Killer Vaccines. I still continued to cut him slack... because there was a chance for him to do a turn-around when the truth came out about The Killer Vaccines. He didn't. He didn't do a turn-around.

I am seeing something... a collage of appearances... that have been passing before my eyes for some time, and now... they are speeding up. I've been watching A to B to C... jumping to H... then by passing I to J to K. Then it sweeps around like it wasn't there in the first place and tries to tell us we already knew that and it was our idea. It's sort of like giving people what they don't want before they imagine they asked for it... if you catch the intention of my math... which is everything but linear.

When Schumer pops up... instead of just being grateful that it's not Lena Dunham... I immediately catch a false flag... false flag... false flag... ticker going across my mind screen. I'm starting to see people and environments as tarot cards... an indicator of coming events... defined by which of them... specifically... appear together in the same space of time.

They become indicators... indices of something in the approach. It's similar to the peculiar phenomenon of false flags happening during war game scenarios. Like real soon now... as a matter of fact.

Whenever the faces of Trivial Deception begin to appear in the media, I know something Siegfried and Roy-like is going on off-camera. Also... Pride Month is not going well, and that's making a whole lot of already angry and disturbed characters even more angry and disturbed. The Truth is that 90% of us resent this stuff, only... a disturbing number are afraid to say anything.

That is where Trump proves useful in a rally-round-the-flag-goys kind of way. Did I say, goys? Must have been some kind of passing... Freudian plumbing problem. I might have to bleed the radiators again.

Yeah... some card shark is doing a Vegas routine with The Minor Arcana at the moment. That's the thing with watching Trends and Patterns, and... since history... the seasons... day and night... all repeat themselves... a continuous state of heartburn seems to be a common condition for many in this culture.

It would be maddening if I let it bother me. It's always there in my peripheral vision, and... never there when I turn to look at it. Something is creeping up on a whole bunch of people. The good news is that something is creeping up on what's creeping up. This is the weak spot in all covert acts of aggression. You need to watch your six... not to mention your nine and your three.

This is what many bipedal predators don't get. The intention to cause harm to others... immediately alerts a certain cosmic agency. I'm not kidding about this. I'm not being fanciful or engaging in wishful thinking. I happen to know this is true. It's one thing when it happens in ordinary times. Then... mostly it is a matter of keeping records for future paybacks. In an apocalypse, you have an increasing state of Instant Karma in operation.

The thing is... those who should catch on, do not catch on, because they think it is mere coincidence... just bad luck... could happen to anyone. No... it's surgically precise beyond the capacities of enemy action. It's the force of Nature, acting out a Law of Nature in real-time.

This is why little concerns me... except that I might not be paying the attention I should... but I'm working on that.

Remember when I said that there was going to be another kind of culling going on among those who imagine they are doing the culling? It was implied. I actually said something else. (grin) Well... think of it this way... there is a central core of intelligence. It exists in both The Supernal and The Infernal sectors. It radiates out like spokes from a wheel to specific centers of intelligence that then further radiate outward ad infini-something or other.

The Agents of The Supernal Realm can see everything taking place in The Infernal Realm. The Infernal Realm can see only what The Supernal Realm allows it to see. The Infernal Realm can infer a great deal, but... that's not the same as actually knowing. It is that inferring that came up with WOKE and all the other trappings of illusion that warp and hinder The Objective Mindset in both the personal and the collective sense... in a delusional culture... in a time of change.

In Times of Material Darkness, it is the way of things that more people are guided... possessed or generally deceived by the radiations of The Infernal Realm... because that has to do with The Carnal Plane... on which most life is operational... In Times of Material Darkness. That means NOTHING in terms of where the real power lies, though... it might seem to indicate other than what is actually so. That still means NOTHING unless you buy into it.

You pay to take a certain ride... then you go where that ride takes you... and everything makes sense within the confines of the vehicle you are in... until you get out of it. These are self-contained bubbles of controlled perception.

Now... factor in the continuum of Apocalypse and the atmosphere of Awakening. Those formerly in a state of controlled dreaming are suddenly being agitated into those awakened states that are possible for them, in... each... specific... case.

Keep in mind that those who are operating as agents of The Infernal Realm are actually working for The Supernal Realm (His Will to be done) without being aware of it. They can also be tagged and touched at... any... time... no matter how secure the location. In the certitude of the sense of what goes around coming around... those engaged in the culling processes of the moment are about to have a taste of that Instant Karma that the apocalypse brings in its tailwind.

It hasn't broken widely into the general perception because it hasn't been operational at a wider reach until... right... about... now. You are going to begin to witness curious occurrences as routine... quite soon. People with an aura of command and control... are going to be losing their command and their sense of control. It was only loaned out to them in any case.

It takes longer for what is streetside to percolate back up into the boardrooms, where the general consensus has been that percolation works down. That's not what the coffee maker tells me. A whole bunch of surprises are about to be rolling out of the pop-up outta nowhere cornucopia portal. For some, it will be like Bad Santa Time.

Many good surprises will be coming too. It's all a matter of the jot and tittle and each separate hair on your head... being measured and known... and every falling leaf and sparrow.

Just because God is careful with his appearances and usually operates in an indirect fashion, does not mean he cannot jump out of the cake any time he wants to. We'll see about that.


End Transmission.......

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M - said...

Back in 1980 a film was made about John Merrick called The Elephant Man. I saw the film and bought a copy (VHS), purchased a book about Mr. Merrick's life and generally immersed myself in that rather extraordinary individual. Many things we take for granted (like being able to lie flat in bed without choking to death) were out of his reach. To say that this affected me is an understatement.

Around that same time I rescued a litter of kittens born to an abandoned Mom. Found homes for Mom and all but two of the kittens. Brother and Sister. The girl was named "Scarlett" and the boy was name "Merrick" - in honor of John Merrick. Although he was not the first (or last) Ginger cat I had the pleasure of sharing a life with, Merrick was known far and wide among my group of friends and acquaintances and continued to live with me after my divorce. (My Ex got custody of Scarlett.) Merrick remained my best friend until the day he died.

Lately I have stumbled across a few individuals online who are so angry and fed-up with their lives that they cannot wait to leave this Planet. As far as I can tell, none of them have life-threatening diseases or disabilities but all of them are very angry. I get that. I get angry at all this EVIL, too.

There's only one time in my life in which I (seriously) thought about killing myself and that was the 2 years I spent with a Narcissistic psycho. Bad move on my part. My wonderful feline companion was the only thing that kept me going. I was his sole caretaker and wasn't about to abandon him. Long story short, once I realized what I was up against and who this individual was, I summoned the strength of my Will to get the hell outta dodge - with a new kitty, as Diego passed away during those 2 years.

Once you've "escaped" from the brink of being driven insane by an external force (in this case an ex-paramour) nothing can shake you. Ever. Again. Nothing. There's nothing EVIL can ever do to me again because I won't let it near me. Ever. Again. There's is too much Life around me and in me. I feel like I've been through the battle already and have come out a victorious Warrior. Joyful. Grateful. Happy.

I wish others could see that in themselves, too. We are all stronger than we think we are.

Strider Carlin said...

Uncanny. There was a Amy Schumer tampon commercial riffing off the enemedia Bolshevik agitprop news half hour.
It wasn't Netflix where they removed the rating system that was critical her, did you know that the is related to sucky Chucky Schumer of the glorious peoples republic of New York?
Emmanuel Trumpstein and the two digits IQ of the TDS is just more kayfabe kabuki or fresh fruit for rotting vegetables in a post Smith-Mundt gaslight psyop fading banana republic.
Still getting a kick out of these Trump and Bannon are going to save the republic with the last boy scout USMC generals in 2025, it will be Brazil times South Africa by then.
The big beautiful vaccine is a deal breaker, I'm sorry, and I don't care if he isn't a card carrying member of Long March Productions or CFR.
Garland is a Garfinkel in the wink winkle department, I'm sure you knew.
How do these Long Marchers never break ranks or turn against each other is my main question.
They hate YT and Western Civ to the point of intoxication.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

LOL. And I try to get even with life on a daily basis. Being a Schrödinger's Nose is a good start, me thinks. Bein' dead-alive. Being NOT THERE for the world to the best of my ability as circumstances allow.

Merrick. There's worse names. Pubert? Igleson? Schnoodles? You could be named after a household appliance or car part, or. . .well, what ever. My nosey-poo knew a Helen Back.

Will WW III go into overdrive next week? I dunno, but some are expecting it. That should be fun. If I could, I'd email Xi and Vlad my lat/long coordinates and request they nuke that first. After all, I do want outta here ASAP, so. . . Granted my neighbours might complain if, but unfortunately it can't happen. Then again, Frisco is close enough, though the journey to the Otherside might be a little longer than the instant vapourisation of Ground Zero. Oh well.

Careful what I wish for , huh?


Anonymous said...

I wouldn’t say A. Schumer is necessarily “ugly”, superficially, but is definitely not a head turner, by any stretch. She looks like someone you went to school with and years later, you can’t remember her name, for the blandness of her presence when you knew them way back when; “What’s her name?”


But it’s all love and light with the peeple who want to turn you into a pixel. There’s more than one Yuval Harari:

… and they get really mad when you question their motives:

Watching God pop out of a cake would be great fun. I’m doing my best to hang in there for that party favour.

0 said...

Watched the original red dawn last night for the first time in a long while. The part where the downed pilot starts talking about whats gone on in the Wider States was curious. The remake was much less .... articulate.

Makes me wonder if they didn't setup the draw for conservatives to texas and florida to get them all in one place for the coming fallout.

Guess we'll see what Shakes out.

Anonymous said...

"Just because God is careful with his appearances and usually operates in an indirect fashion, does not mean he cannot jump out of the cake any time he wants to. We'll see about that.


Beautiful ending, makes my heart swell!!! Much love to you my friend.
Justin V

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Sometimes, often, you words are as if channeling God through his angels. Sometimes, a much smaller sense comes through, as if someone is flexing his word smith abilities.

Your take on Trump is unfortunate and surprising. Have you listened to his PUBLIC words lately? He is literally taking on the world cabal. This is a nearly impossible task that got many previous leaders killed. This cannot be done head on like Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Harding, Kennedy, Hitler, Qaddafi, etc. tried to do. The White Hat plan, more than 30 years in the making, is nearing the end of "the calm before the storm".

The PLAN concerning the vaccine was subtle and brilliant. Had he not interfered with the acceleration of its dispersal we would have been looking at a 10 year societal shutdown. Much more death and destruction would have occurred from the effects of that. He had to make a decision as to the best for the most. Yes, this literally saved millions of lives.

The PLAN to take down the Deep State is very much alive and working, just look at what has already been accomplished. Turning around a century of corruption and destruction of society is not going to be corrected in 1-2 years, but what has been done already is amazing. Trump is a war time president, we are under military COG. This entire charade we are going through is for the benefit of the still sleeping people.

The ultimate proof that the cabal is already NOT in power is the fact that there are NO U.S. troops in Ukraine. They've been desperate to launch WW3, but it is not happening.

The $500 million expansion of GITMO is done, and it is abuzz with activity. Military tribunals will commence within 2 years. Big plans take time.

PS. I know close to 50 people that have been vaccinated, they are all fine after almost 2 years. No clots, no strokes, no problems. There are at least 3 kinds of shots, saline, flue, and mRNA. Not everyone got the killer shot as this would be too obvious. I personally have not had any shots since the 23 injections I was forced to take on my way to Vietnam 55 years ago. I thank God daily for being here and for sending us His Messengers, like you.

Thanks for all that you do, much love and respect, Bill

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up no=

"We Are in The Closing Times of The Last Gasping Shudder... of a Long Overdue Death Rattle... and Then The Credits Roll."

Visible said...

Bill... I wish that were true. I have seen no proof of what you say. I need hard copy of these things and not from somewhere like Real Raw Story. He still says nothing about the Killer Vaccines and people are being poisoned daily still. How do you reconcile that? I've seen some amount of the things you are saying on sites I avoid for proven good reasons that I have.

I can't remember ever focusing on wordsmithing for flair and flash. Perhaps when I was younger that would have been true. It certainly has not been in recent years. What I write just appears and I often don't see the whole of it until I am done. And I also don't get what that has to do with anything. How does wordsmithing impact on the veracity of what is said? It appears you are saying I sacrifice the truth for the purpose of vanity. I don't but people are free to believe what they like.

Anyway... that doesn't matter. I've no interest in how people parse my meanings from outside the chamber. Let me just say this; if you have proof of these things I would very much like to see it. I am well aware that not everyone got the killshots. That is necessary to their ends for the purpose of confusing the issue. Furthermore... the damages are cumulative... more shots... more likely unfortunate results.

I write what I know and believe to be true, NOT what I wish to be true. Until you can give me hard copy my position stands. I would be overjoyed if this were so, and I had been a strong supporter of Trump until I began to see all manner of problematic implications.

What I said stands until I am shown otherwise.

DD said...

Did you see new movie "Nefarious"?
In it the demon states right out - "the "woke" is my creation".
These days I can hardly watch any movie, let alone in one sitting.
This was an exception.

This is my first comment, but I am a reader of SM of many years.
I want to thank you for doing this.
It is life changing. No exaggeration.
The SM is some 70% of what got me through the "pandemic", not just "unscarred", but in much better shape, physically, mentally and spiritually, than going into it.
Thank you.

Visible said...

Thank you! I'll give that a look tonight. You know there are two other blogs and they follow in every day rotation. They're listed in the top menu.

Kenzer said...

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