Thursday, June 1, 2023

"It is The Job of The World... to Lure You in Again... Back Into The Flesh... to Aspire to What The Flesh is Not Heir to."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You can create illusions that cause people to believe what is not true. You cannot force what is not true to be true. The truth will ALWAYS eat through the false structures created to conceal it. Truth is corrosive. It burns the unreal in the same way that the light banishes the dark. It is an automatic thing.

For some time now, The World has been in the simulation of a horrific labor... as if repeatedly giving birth to litters of monsters, and... we have seen the seasonal fruit of this writhing torment, falling to the ground from the poisoned trees of nightmare.

Perhaps it has not been the opening of some long-shuttered birth canal from the lower reaches. Perhaps it has been the opening of a door long sealed, and behind which all the horrors of the human mind had been... for generations... somewhat contained, and... which have now been loosed entire... upon The World.

Since the turning of the century, madness has found its way into every area of life. The unclean and long prohibited have become the daily special. The cities... especially... have become flaming cauldrons of degeneracy. An evil plot was launched on humanity and it seemed that nothing would stem the tide of perversity that threatened to destroy all innocence... make childhood a myth... and force normality to hide its face by day, and transform by lycanthropic ritual at night.

The long-predicted ground-shaking catastrophes... somehow held in abeyance... came instead to the human subconscious... causing massive turmoil on a grand scale. Suddenly... rootless and possessed souls appeared on the sidewalks of every city and town. Profane behavior became commonplace. Routine violence became business as usual. The sensitive nature has been exchanged for a brutish and bestial means of human interplay as some larger portion of humanity regresses into Death by Materialism.

It really looked like the whole of society would collapse and chaos would reign like some regent from The Pit. What sense of God remained was transformed into an embrace of everything, without reserve. Good and Evil lost all meaning. We became prisoners of strange terms, like Diversity... Inclusion... Equity. They mean something different now than what they originally meant.

These are precursors of a global push toward forms of enforced Communism. Communism creates Hell on Earth. In every case where it has, and does exist, this has been the result. Communism CANNOT work on The Material Plane. Communism ONLY works on The Heavenly Plane. Even then... some lights are more powerful. Some lights are brighter.

Communism is a medium by which certain groups of people are able to enslave their fellows and leave them with no recourse for change. Communism is bureaucracy as God despotic... ruling over a zombie population. Communism enforces the stratification of class and all access between them is closed off. Life becomes fractured islands of suffering called gulags. They burn the boat as soon as you land.

I know who has been behind this. You know who has been behind this, BUT... we can't say who it is because you are not allowed to criticize the ones who rule over you, but we know. Yes... we know.

Now... something has happened. There has been a shift in the wind. The tide seems to be turning. Someone threw a switch in the invisible kingdom and The World appears to be changing.

Drag Queen celebrations have been banned on military installations. Transsexuals are being banned from women's sports. They're going after The Dark Lord; that international gangster... wanna-be anti-Christ, Little Georgie Sorrows.

America gay

Via ZeroHedge:

Target and Budweiser are hemorrhaging billions of dollars, AND... Pride month started today. Of course... Pride is needed. Otherwise, Shame would take its place. There is too much clockwork at work here for this to be some accident.

I don't know what it means, but I am watching it happen. I am seeing the Trends and Patterns turn on themselves. Some greater mind is at work here. Well... this has ALWAYS been the case, but the larger intentions have been concealed until now, and they still are, but... conditions are reversing.

I have been watching the free-fall degeneration of the culture. I have observed the annihilation of all inspired music and all inspired art in every form. A continuum of darkness was created and humanity was herded into this virtual torture chamber, where the pressure of an enforced conformity to the unreasonable has caused many to lose their minds.

I observed the making of 911. I observed the same people orchestrate the sex-with-demons revolution. I watched the same people invent a fictitious virus so that they could inflict a Killer Vaccine upon the masses. I watched the same people create a delusion called Climate Change that is nothing more than the natural order of things. I have watched these fiends out themselves without realizing the consequences.

Step by step... The Divine Plan appears, having concealed itself behind ranks of marching deformities. Give 'em a taste of it! We'll see how long that lasts. Meanwhile... the poisonous 5G throttles the imprisoned minds of youth. They struggle for liberty in license and cannot get free of the sucking quagmire that seeks to pull them down into the dissonant darkness of manipulated frequencies.

Is all this appearance of change simply a mirage? Do they toss imaginary bones to the partially awakened before putting them permanently back to sleep? It is the nature of The World to entrance and deceive you. It is meant to frustrate you until you long to be free of it, and... little by little, the spiritual will is added to your tank, and you are able to rise to a higher plane of understanding.

Though the work gets done down here. Your true residence is elsewhere. You cannot lose yourself permanently in these dreams of dancing dust. The World is a cemetery of failed ambitions and temporary fantasies that... like cut flowers... last for only a short time. Everything in form has a shelf life. It is a false... looping eternity of the undisciplined young... staggering into a purgatory of regretful age.

Sisyphus never gets over. It comes with the territory of wanting... and getting... and losing. You know this, but somehow a false hope dawns... again and again... rising like a holographic carrot on the unreachable horizon. Why do you continue to expect more than dreams in The Land of Never Ending Dreams?

ONLY when you turn your attention within does the way out appear. The way out... is the way in. There is no other escape from here, and you will return again, and again, and again... almost forever, as long as you are going the wrong way. It is the job of The World to lure you in again, and again, and again... back upon the treadmill of flesh aspiring to what the flesh is... not... heir... to.

A transformation awaits. It is not something you can accomplish. You can only prepare yourself for the experience, and even that... you cannot succeed at... without help. Look around you! What evidence do you have in all the temporary histories of life? These histories are nothing but repetitions of long-forgotten histories that are also repetitions of yet more forgotten histories?

Again and again... the savior comes to show The Way. It is why The Savior... The Avatar... is also called The Wayshower. He is the ageless hermit on the hill with the lamp extended from beneath his robe. He is the inspired and eternal youth... in martyrdom for the sake of those who do not understand.

He comes in every guise and shape as everyone... in blessed anonymity... as a mirror of light... reflecting into the darkness where your heart and mind contend with one another in the prison house of Time.

Every now and then... some few of us disappear on hidden roads and are soon forgotten. Every now and then... a portal winks open and someone passes through. Then the portal closes and disappears... to reappear somewhere else. All this while... invisible friends await the opportunity to make this happen for you, if... you... will... only... permit... it.

Something large and incomprehensible looms in The Event Horizon. What it is, we do not know. It is a vague shape. Is it friend or foe? The only danger that is before you... is the one you carry with you.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

" Communism CANNOT work on The Material Plane. Communism ONLY works on The Heavenly Plane. Even then... some lights are more powerful. Some lights are brighter."

Now that was a really cool point to make; another gem from the works of LV.

Pride month? Yes, let's celebrate the greatest sin of all. For a month. What a
bunch of morons.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The world is an inconvenient POS, and I've had it with people who live for it. Today's horrors as old as time itself. Rome, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Crusades, complete annihilation of most of the Turtle Island tribes, every last native of Tasmania killed, not to mention the rest of Australia, and the list goes on. Nothing new here. Yes, so you say in a later paragraph.

I swear, the biggest favour the human race can do for itself is stop breeding. The Cathars thought so. Don't feed the demiurge. Unfortunately the originals were almost completely wiped off the face of the Earth in the 13th century. Almost. I don't even know why anyone would want to be loosh livestock, unless they're a farmer and need the cheap labour. For the urban and suburban, sprog are four times the work, I have no idea about the expense, the stress level goes into the red, and I was not masochistic enough to do that, and used to run, not walk from committing to anyone who had any ankle biters. I have enough liabilities in my life, thank you.

Nostrils to the sky on the post.

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
You wouldn’t believe how much I enjoy reading your blog, you are my preacher, you are my guide. I think I’ve already pissed you off because I know you don’t like being praised and it is genuinely not my intent to do that but I find myself so synchronized in my musings to what I read from you that I cannot help myself, please pardon me. And finishing your latest post I felt that if this keeps going the way it has for the past few months, I (and probably many many others as well) would expect to experience a unity in my thought with yours and the many of your other synchronized readers, that the word that came to my mind to describe it is …. Singularity!.
Now mind you I am no fan of any artificial intelligence and I definitely do not believe in all this bullshit technology or that there can ever be an event such as the singularity these deluded mathematicians (that invented the word) believe, since it is consciousness and not intelligence that runs the show in my opinion, but what an irony it would be if indeed we find our lost singularity of mind (with the help of course of our heavenly father without which it is impossible for us) instead of the ones that mainstreamed the word for their own purposes!
Agent Smith in the house again now for the sequel to the Matrix, but instead of being an agent of the matrix, this time it’s god through you me and everybody else through singularity that does in all those assholes that think they run show and throw them back to hell were they belong for ever (whatever, since I like you think that time is cyclical with out any forever's.)
Thank you from my heart for the time you take to write your thoughts for us all, take care my friend.
A friend from greece

Visible said...

Thank you. I don't especially hate praise. I am indifferent to it. I know where the praise belongs so I simply acknowledge that internally.

I used Singularity in a spiritual sense a few months ago and a reader gave me static about it. I hadn't even known that it had other connections. I'm not that informed about what's going on in The World in certain areas, mostly due to a lack of interest cause I know how those movies end.

I think many people are going to be surprised about how this all turns out.

I am most grateful to you for having been given the opportunity to be useful.

0 said...

Have you heard from the man on the beach?

I was thinking about the book you wrote. I hope it manifests along those lines.

Take it as it comes huh.

albunn said...

Thank you!!......A

Citizen Elle said...

"It is the job of The World to lure you in again, and again, and again... in(to) the prison house of Time."

Who would have ever thunk that the Rocky Horror picture show's theme song lyrics, "Time Warp" would have gotten it all so right? I mean even that l'il line, "But it's the pelvic thrust"... isn't that how we ALL ultimately come to be here again, and again, and again?

"It is the nature of The World to entrance and deceive you. It is meant to frustrate you until you long to be free of it, and... little by little, the spiritual will is added to your tank, and you are able to rise to a higher plane of understanding."

Yes, "the whirled", here we sit in our live-action-seats while the epic cosmic theater prepares another special buffet-style "one for the ages" cinematography climax just ahead.

Long have I appreciated your sacred lyrical prose. I had stepped away for a few weeks recently, it being garden set-up season here and all, and was amazed to return today to find THIS GEM +++ the complete blog collection offering ~ the whole enchilada ~ nice!

Grazie, amico mio, a lungo potresti vivere!

Visible said...


I am told that I will, but... otherwise... no.

Sahajprem said...

Ty said...

So China is a heavenly kingdom. Xi is leading the destruction of the Jewish Dollar. Is he the second coming? They are the living truth that communism can be done right, by and large. As with everything, not without its hiccups. More englithened souls have stated that China is an industrial-socialist-republic, and only communist in name. Until recently I no longer see communism as the evil that the west has been programmed to make it out to be since the cold war. Of course, I would not trust Jewish or anglo-western communism. We've been spreading out version of communism all around the globe for centuries. Zero property rights, everything on earth is our back yard. Your resources and land is owned by the Zionist-Anglo state as they see it and ripe for the taking. Now they are turning their version of communism upon themselves.

Visible said...

You are so far off the road. I suspect you have little to no understanding of what goes on in China, or much of the historical record since Mao. Some of us do, so your Cliff Notes, no-context commentary is like something out of Twilight Zone meets The Teletubbies.

Small favors do not grant you wide latitude with the truth. Not here anyway.

Visible said...

No. None of that is going to happen here.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"It Gets Pretty Claustrophobic Behind Those Walls When You No Longer Know Who You Are... and The Panic Sets In."

Asil said...

What you write is true and this post was like a marvelous tapestry woven from your words. .. thank you so much Visible for wisdom presented so splendidly



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