Monday, May 29, 2023

"I Sit and I Wait and I Worship at The Altar of The Sun thru Which Portal The Love of God Shines on Everyone."

(Day One... false flag countdown)

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

In his stillness... the vision of The Lord God is realized in the ceaseless... whirling activity of The Divine Mother. I sit... and I wait... and I worship at The Altar of The Sun through which portal The Love of God shines on everyone. We author our lives... in the freedom of the Free Will that Heaven grants us... to go our own way... for The Purpose of Demonstration and Realization.

In our rebellion, we learn the common fate that comes from our separation from God. Death comes, again, and again, to liberate us from the entanglements that we wove into the tapestry of mortal life. Again and again, we are given another chance to get it right.

Some might argue that my language is too flowery. Perhaps the flowers should abandon their hue? Do they not celebrate The Glory of God? Do angels not out-picture God's beauty in the flowers? Some are angered by my mention of The Divine Mother. Does she get no recognition for the work she does? Who is less appreciated than she? Look what we have made out of the resources she has given. Is anything more humble than The Earth?

Can existence be complete without The Mother? Certainly, the twisted sister degenerates... who are no longer men... seek to replace her with themselves. What a hideous mockery they make of it. Does no one see The Spiritual Implications of this!?

Words are flowers or they are weeds. Words are the vitality of life itself. The Word was the first thing God created! It is the vehicle through which he said, “Let there be Light!” All things then came from... the varieties of vibration via the adaptations of The Word. If my words are flowery it is because I am seeking to make a garden, not an abandoned lot. Om is the basic resonance from which all creation is personalized into its specific... unique... vibration. In other places, it is called Amen... Amon... and various.

The Divine Mother inspires me. She is the spiritual force of Kundalini in my being. She exemplifies the exercise of The Will of God in The Material Theater. God couldn't do it without her. She is the other side of a dual... interacting... tango... one does not exist without the other, AND... the ineffable origin from which they emerge is neither and both... and beyond definition.

God... The Ineffable... causes existence to flower through The Divine Mother... the womb of form. She is the basic expression of divine force. Then... from The Trinity... all things come into being. You can certainly discover the truth of this again... and again... in all religions which follow the teachings of the one that authored it... AND... once they move from The Visible Realm... usually.... the priests sell the right to define God... to the highest bidder in the marketplace.

It's a sweet racket they think they can manipulate as they choose, cause they don't believe in it in the first place. Otherwise, they would know better; fear of God is The Beginning of Wisdom. So said The Prophet... and they have reason to fear.

John Kerry... catamite... butt-boy... front man for The Dark Nobility... says we shouldn't grow any more food because Global Warming is now more important than the survival of the people the Climate Change Scam seeks to milk for carbon currency... now that their worldwide greed has gotten so out of hand that their financial house of cards is collapsing.


Nuclear War is on the menu because the same... badly drawn caricatures of the once human... are getting creamed in Ukraine. Those fighting the war from the sidelines sent endless ranks of poorly equipped men into the meat grinder of Bakhmut, and now they are running short of bodies for their coming Summer offensive; well... they are pretty much offensive all year round.

So... they have to stoop to dirty tricks... false flags... chemical attacks... shit they get up to that they can blame on the Russians... you know... the same nasty crap they have been pulling in country after country... for decades now... at the behest of The Bankers... who instigate and then finance the conflicts, on... both... sides. They figure that they will be fine... after the dust settles. They'll climb out of their bunkers to wheel and deal all over again.

It ain't gonna go like that. They are going to outwit themselves this time and get yoke-robbed by demons in a cul-de-sac. All kinds of hi-tech missiles and planes are being routed into Ukraine through the bordering countries by ZATO... at the behest of The Bankers.

The boomerang of Karma will have much to say about the matter. All of this is being staged by Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening for The Purpose of Demonstration. A cosmic denouement is in play, to open the eyes of humanity to the consequences of the global depravity that has been brought about by the force of Materialism.

MEANWHILE... we have this.

As The Rakshasa make war on Heaven... genius... by divine fiat... is manifesting technologies that will shape The Coming Age. This is all happening beneath that other war that men... who... hate... women... are waging on the female principle... BECAUSE science has no morals of its own and has to rely on the conscience and honor of those rare scientists with character... who are presently in short supply.

There are a number of wars being waged at this time; the sex-freak war on normal... the every man for himself war... the war on human intelligence... the class and race wars... the COVID-Killer Vaccine War... the haves and have nots war... the war on motherhood and families... the war on children... the war on Nature... this is what you get on the cusp of the turning of the age.

Then there is The Case of The Freeze Dried Nun; Sherlock's on it. Does it not seem strange to haul a corpse out of a coffin and put it on display for people to sit next to... or walk by... and touch? Isn't (regardless of the woo-woo bullshit) it in some kind of a state of decomposition? Won't people steal pieces for religious souvenirs or to sell on eBay?

I bring this up because the religions are losing their control over the worshipers. They are trying to fit anything and everything into their rituals to attract the suckers. Materialism is responsible. When people can get most of anything they desire... immediately... or in a few short days; what do they need God for? They have to keep coming up with something new to keep pace with the marketplace.

Everything is breaking down. The infrastructure is collapsing. Law and order are as fickle as a Kardashian in heat. The people who thought they were in charge... are in a state of panic, and... all they can think of... when it comes to restoring order... is FORCE... and FEAR.

It worked for Timur/Tamerlane (for a while). It worked for The Khans (for a while). It worked for Pinochet (for a while). It worked for Pol Pot... Leopold II... and Ivan the Terrible (for a while). It worked for The Bankers (for a while) Oh! The list is long... and the end is near.

Democracy was fine until the lawyers got their hands on it. Always keep this in mind; God sends Avatars to lead the way when darkness clouds the human mind. He also sends Punishers when disorder requires it.

A wake-up call is coming. That is the good news and the bad news, depending on how you respond to it or... don't respond to it.

Materialism created a general atmosphere of crime. So the criminal mind flourished. The soil conditions were perfect... as were the heat and humidity. The culture became a dirty kitchen. The vermin came. Criminals took control of the governments... and only hired similar mindsets. Now things like this are happening all over The World.

Their intention is to pummel humanity into submission... to kill a large portion... to enslave the rest... to completely confuse The Hive Mind about right and wrong... good and evil... to permit everything... and to permit nothing... to rule by whimsy and appetite. They do not think they are, BUT... I can assure you they are... possessed, and their road is a hard way to go, as they ALWAYS discover on the way.

They will not succeed in their ambitions, they... will... fail, and... when they go under... when their ship goes down... many others who bought a ticket will also follow them down. It is a sad story and it is a timeless tale. It repeats again... and again... and again.

God ALWAYS triumphs. God ALWAYS wins, and all that is not God ALWAYS fails. Back the right horse and you will not go down. You will ride it up the planes.

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Anonymous said...

maybe the mass kill off of 70% of the human race is simply divine judgement upon the human race for their abuse and suppression of the Divine Feminine?

M - said...

You are not too flowery, Vis. If some readers think you too "gentle", then let me offer them this:

For every person speaking the truth in a poetic and flowery way, there is one of like mind who is...well...full of claws and fangs. ≋;>

I like to think we balance out each other.

A snarly blessing to all.

Order Out Of Chaos said...

The usual suspects want as many Whites KIA as possible in the 51st state Ukraine.
The fake green screen war is on slow burn to WWIII.
The fake and gay bathhouse FUSA is the designated loser.
So full of themselves in their hive fart bubbles, they really believe in the Magic Soil and dollar supremacy for all-time.
Love the memes of the Hollywood (owned by Arabs-Wink) writer's strike is hitting everyone including the FIB regarding the hamfisted Brahmin U-Haulwaffen false flag.
The satellite phones and "disruptive" event are Continuity of Government uber alles.
These things happen to societies that check out at the 24-7 chocolate fountain she-male strip club sportsball Saturnalia.

Anonymous said...

I saw those comments too and thought, “what’s wrong with flowers?” And then the worn out fundie cliche’, “‘God’s a “he”, not a “she”’. Good Lord. These peeple still belching up their Biblical cuds and continually fall back on the Adam & Eve fable remix, love to remind everyone, especially women, that “Eve” ruined it for them / us and that we’re in this mess solely because of HER. Fckn ridiculous. And there’s way too many of them breathing our precious air.

A certain video platform is rampant with them and their ilk, everything from the Eve 8 the apple canard, to “‘women shouldn’t be allowed to vote”’, as if that has any force or bearing on outcomes, other than weaponizing “Womb Men” thanks to the Usual Sus male rulership who hate women and they make damn good and sure that the WORST women with all those nasty attributes that drive the peeple with outward genetalia berserk are the ones put on their directorship posts, or name any male dominated field, rather than the BEST and MOST competent, male OR female. As with racial division, this is,
i believe, the strategy. It is the ultimate Divide & Conquer.

Hate to break it to the Women H8ters, “Man” means manual, to work, fortify, operate. WoMEN are men with wombs and they specialize in life, well, most of ‘em anyway. And MEN are men without wombs and they specialize in building up what the men with wombs bring into being. Unfortunately, too many men without wombs have lost the plot, due to poor education, while the confused men with wombs go nuts.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You outdid yourself with this one. NOSTRILS TO THE SKYYYYYY!

I see the current era as slum clearance, and I get the feeling I ain't transcending this sewer until I see it crash and burn in person. Or would that be in nostril, bein' a member of The Holey Order of the Septum? I dunno.

Anonymous said...

Agree with others who say you are not too flowery, Les. You have a wonderful command of the English language and, with your prose and humor, inspire us to think seriously about our various life situations, how we might improve them and work toward getting off the karmic wheel. Pay no attention to the illiterates who criticize you, as they will not last long here but will go back to their two-thumb action on their dumb phones.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Their Greatest Problem is Mr. Apocalypse... Who is Going to Pull Their Pants Down... in Front of The World."



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