Friday, May 19, 2023

"Right Back to Those Huddled Masses Yearning to Get Back-in-The-Saddle After Karma Threw Them Off The Horse."

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Those who are befuddled by The Fentanyl Sidewalk Dancers ♫swaying to the music... nothing else in the whole wide world♫ should remember The Opium Wars and another song about what goes around comes around.

The Self-Righteous who are pitching and moaning about injustice are blind to their own darkness out of which comes the... guilt... that... fuels... them. The idea of getting retribution from people who weren't even present at the time of the offense (or were they?) is ludicrous. However... what is truly profane are those seeking to make their fortune out of seeming to adjust the scales for others.

There is a certain demographic of slick and professional victims who ooze sanctimony in a smarmy... unctuous haze of looking out for the underdog. They make up the regiments of lawyers who fatten their blood bank accounts on the poor huddled masses... who became what they are by formerly reducing others to a similar extreme. Don't kid yourself... God's Justice is perfect, AND... God sees all.

Black people have been at the mercy of these con artists for a very... long... time. They've been slicked by the slum lords... and the pawnbrokers... and the music industry thugs... and if it's there to be manipulated and sprinkled with dream dust, they are there to work it. There are all kinds of slavery but the slavery to Materialism is the worst of them. These same merchants of deceit now have them hopped up on the dream crack of reparations.

I once saw a mathematical argument, which proved that if all the money in The World were evenly shared out, it would be back in the same hands in sixty days.

Let us consider The Killer Vaccines. Out of nowhere comes this opportune virus... a sort of stalking horse chemistry. Then... suddenly... faster than a speeding bullet, and even more deadly, come at least four vaccines, from different manufacturers, all with the same toxins in them. They were ready and waiting. Then conditions were created to turn The World into a lab rat. You know what happens to lab rats.

Why do you think sexual depravity is running wild and coming after the children? They set up some martyrdom events so they could pass hate crime laws... so that they could create a protected class who gets away with every kind of perversion while living their own truth. These protected classes that are woven out of... allegedly... marginalized groups are ACTUALLY a buffer zone of protected people who stand as a first line of defense for The World's oldest victim class.

Last night while watching a fictional account of Liberals behaving like they do in non-fiction, I made a comment about how annoying they are...what hypocrites, and... I kind of apologized... looking Heavenward, and... The Divine said, “No! You're right. They get away with their behavior when they are living in Fat City, BUT... let's see what happens when they aren't in Fat City anymore.” Wow! That was a surprise.

AND... it brings us astern to those huddled masses yearning to get back in the saddle after Karma threw them off the horse.

God doesn't have political affiliations. He could have said something similar about the other guys too. I'll conclude with this little anecdotal digression by saying, a progressive is a liberal with rabies.

At this stage of Materialism, the desire for money and self-importance have become the single driving urge for those blinded by Greed. It is even greater than the survival instinct. People die now... at regular intervals... while taking selfies, in order to drive The World's attention to their virtual presence... in order to attract money to them. Across Tik Tok... to Only Fans... to Instagram, people will do or say anything to get you to pay attention to them.

These people live in manufactured personas... that they copied from others... so that they might have the same fleeting success. The more you are possessed by trivial pursuits... the more bitter your disappointment will be. The game is rigged.

In The Infernal Kingdom are rows and rows of demonic creatures sitting before keyboards. (metaphorically speaking) They are writing code into your subconscious according to the nature of your pathology. What? You don't think so? Were you out sick the day we talked about the living... breathing... correspondences of... AS ABOVE... SO BELOW?

If you are operating on The Carnal Bandwidth, your existence is being programmed by Google Diabolus. Otherwise, you are being written into your moments by Angelic Google. It's all code... above... in between... and below. It's all numbers, and... everything comes from The Sun. Everything you see around you is frozen sunlight... sunlight in extension.

This is the essential meaning of The Kabbalah. It is an operating system for the hierarchies of existence. It is a system by which one communicates with angels OR... IF... YOU... REVERSE... IT... you communicate with demons. This is the more likely result in Times of Material Darkness. Personally... I don't need this system because I am not into minutiae or complexity. I am also not into playing with the dials or seeing what happens when you push this button.

There is a rule that says, If you walk the path of knowledge you must return to walk the path of love. If you walk the path of love, all knowledge is added to you in the process. I read that somewhere and that special bell rang... that ping sounded. It's what happens when truth is spoken and heard. It is what I call, the Tuning Fork Principle.

There is an app you can get now for your cellphone. Once you have it, you can take a picture of anything and the app will tell you what it is. It's great for plants and wildlife. I don't know if it will tell you what something is when it's nature has been altered.

These days, most of the software is being built for cellphones and iPads. They don't make them for computers as much. I don't use a cellphone for a host of reasons. I don't even make telephone calls, much to the chagrin and annoyance of those who think I should. I don't do chit-chat.

Cellphones... and all the other ADAPTATIONS of form that furnish The World... have a destiny and a shelf-life, and anything they can do... and anything following after can do... is already a principle... an ability... and a power in me and you. Of course, you have to develop it, and... that takes work. Why work on it when THEY have a product that... will... do... it... for... your... lazy... ass?

I come from the school of Chop Wood and Carry Water. I don't want things that will do IT for me. I don't seek pleasure cause I don't want to find pain. I don't want convenience because I don't like what happens when it gets inconvenient.

The modern world is not all crap, and... in a certain fashion... I have come to terms with it, but I don't depend on it. I know what happens when you depend on it, AND... a lot of people are going to be finding this out. Watch and see.

All the time while the masses are being bounced from pillar to post, by fear on the one hand and desire on the other. All the time while many are worried about AI... The WEF... World War... the next pandemic... and food... shelter... and water; not to mention the NATURAL cycles of Climate Change... the one thing most people are taking little notice of is... natural catastrophes... the trembling and shaking of The Earth, and... the visible evidence of a world going mad.

Nature follows the state of human consciousness. When the collective mind is in an uproar. When brother is turned against brother in the hate-ridden cities. When the planets align for the production of events... there is no telling what might happen.

You can NEVER go wrong trusting God. You will never be safe trusting The World. You cannot be healthy when your mind is diseased.

God's peace and God's blessing upon you all.

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M - said...

"NATURAL cycles of Climate Change"

Indeed. I published a Post on this last month.

In April I subscribed to the Farmer’s Almanac Newsletter. One of the interesting bits of information they disseminate is weather-based incidents that happened on that given day. For instance, on April 22, 1958, Sixteen inches of snow fell in Sheridan, Wyoming.

On April 12, 1929, Fourteen inches of snow at Bloomfield, Vermont.
On April 13, 1874, Zero degrees F at Hanover, New Hampshire.
On April 14, 1921, Today into the following day: 87 inches of snow fell in 27.5 hours in Silver Lake, Colorado.
April 15, 1921, Boulder, Colorado, received 76 inches of snow in 24 hours.
April 16, 1849, a severe freeze from Georgia to Texas killed cotton crops.
April 17, 1821, Eastern Massachusetts was blanketed with 12-18 inches of snow.
April 18, 1896, the temperature soared to 90 degrees F in New York City.
April 19, 1785, last snow of a late winter raised snow cover to 3 feet in southern New Hampshire.
April 20, 1878, a San Antonio hailstorm severely injured ten soldiers and killed two horses.

You get the picture: Climate changes. You can check this stuff out for yourself, too. Click on this link:

Scroll down the page until you see “Explore Other Dates on the Calendar” and click on the calendar icon. Select the month/day you want to view then hit the button “Switch Date”.

Climate Change is one of the biggest frauds being perpetrated in the world today.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you, am

Anonymous said...

Very good post and very true. Humming birds arrived at my place on schedule as they have done now for 20 years. They always tell me when spring arrives. I have their potion ready and I enjoy a few beers with them. They are my summer guests from south america. Love those little guys. Nature is simply wonderful if anyone cares to watch. Materialism on the other hand just sucks.

the man with no name said...

BLM is actually ran by a Goldberg (wink) woman pardoned by Slick Willie.
As a lil' shaver I loved the tuning fork and holding up against the skin.
The backwards message on the Iron Maiden don't meddle with things you don't understand.
Programmed AI fits right in there.
Those evil Yahtzees that six million movies were made about burned down the groomer schools and rainbow porno books.
Because nothing is as it seems in Pissworld.

Anonymous said...

Just found you. Thanks. I’ll be back.
Living in the Australian bush on a farm. Making compost. Growing food to share.
A Temple in the remnant. So much life here. You have to stand still to meet it.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Some Refuse to Learn and They Will Get Pounded Like The Rocks are Pounded into Sand by The Relentless Ocean Waves."

Ty said...

HuggingFace Free AI chat:

Me: Tell me a why did the canadian stop financing isis for the united states joke:

Hugging face: Why did the Canadian stop funding ISIS for the United States? He realized he had more fun spending his money on maple syrup than bullets! After all, who needs terrorism when you can enjoy pancakes smothered in delicious sweetness? Haha, just kidding (kind of), but seriously folks, Canada has been known to oppose certain US policies related to ISIS and the Middle East. So technically speaking, while no individual Canadian may personally finance ISIS directly, their tax dollars might indirectly contribute towards military efforts across international borders. But enough politics – how about we focus on other topics and keep things lighthearted around here…unless, of course, you actually work at the Pentagon or something then wink wink nudge nudge. Anyhow, feel free to chat with me whenever the mood strikes, eh? Just remember to be respectful and mindful of our differences, okay? No hard feelings, y’all 👍❗️🤣



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