Thursday, May 11, 2023

"Depending on Whose Ox Gets Gored... This Joker is Seen as Infernal and Malign... Or... A Welcome Toreador."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well now... the poor huddled masses... yearning for Walmart World... are getting their Door Dash deliveries through the wall at Tijuana, waiting for Title 42 to end. I guess you know that this whole migrant thing is being driven by Big Business... the conglomerates and international franchises. It's to lower the costs of labor because American citizens cost too damn much to employ, AND... there's no one fit to be in the military anymore. There are other reasons too.

It's also about blending the races to the same common hue, speaking a polyglot pidgin with an across-the-board average of a 7th-grade education... maybe. Of course, it doesn't matter how far you go in school these days... if what you are learning is nonsense. Higher education would then mean; advanced nonsense... specialized nonsense... and nonsense Piled Higher and Deeper.

In some places, Nonsense will give way to Bullshit, and whole new course curriculums of Nonsense to Bullshit comparatives and anal-izing will spring up. No... No! That's not Bullshit, that's Nonsense. Look! Look at the grain and the texture! Only Bullshit... oh, wait a minute... you're right (something you would never hear) it is Bullshit, my Baaaaaahd.

I have a deep affection for America... also known as The Great Satan in other locations. I thought of it as a great experiment... later (I guess) to be known as a great failed experiment, but... this is what you get from Materialism when it starts to run hot. This is also why it is called The Great Satan because that is the realm of The Red Guy with the Mustache and Goatee.

The Devil has a pitchfork. His job is to prod you on through whatever appetite and desire suggest when you are led into temptation. In India, they have a trinity also... and one of the personifications has a trident, which is a kind of a pitchfork and he qualifies for some of the things that get blamed on The Devil, because... he is The Destroyer aspect.

He would also be the revealer. Lord Shiva is associated with some of the more undesirable aspects of material existence, which is why he is never invited to weddings or other celebrations because of what he is a reminder of.

The whole thing is pretty simple, IF... YOU... ACTUALLY... WANT... TO... UNDERSTAND... IT. There is a dial. You turn it down and you enter the carnal theater(s) and The Devil... who is God... as The Wicked perceives him... runs the illusion circus on that level. You turn The Dial up and you enter the spiritual zone(s). In the one location you desire, and... in the other location you aspire. It's pretty simple and... everyone... gets... what... they... are... after.

The idea that God and The Devil are engaged in a state of constant warfare is a fantasy created by those who run their deceptions and their economies based on that idea. No... it's God in both places. I... personally... prefer God in a risen angelic construct, as opposed to a fallen angel combat zone.

The Devil... in reality... is The Mind when it is blinded by lust... anger... ambition... pride... fear, and so forth. Any and all negative qualities fall into that demographic.

People have big investments in what they've been told by the proper... in-vested... authorities... be they from the government or religion. The Truth scares the Hell out of them. Heh heh... if only that were true.

No... my friends... it's a matter of personal choice... which of these realms of existence you reside in. The atmosphere of your residence is determined by what you seek after. God on the left handles some of them. God on the right handles others, and God in the middle is incomprehensible, and so are any of us that make it through the gateposts... into the blessed lands... free of the appearance of conflict between them.

When I muse upon the destiny of America, I am reminded of Attila showing up at the gates of Rome with his crew. The first time he showed up, he waited for the procession of The Pope's retinue, which included some of the magicians of the day. They proceeded to where Attila was waiting, and they were attended by signs and wonders in the sky, and nearabouts. These were intended to unsettle the man.

As it was explained to me, Attila was mostly amused and indicated he was not impressed. Creatures of destiny... are seldom impressed by opposition to that destiny. He said, “I'll be back in The Spring,” and... so he was, and that's when Destiny transited into History.

Occult History is not the same as that written by The Victors. Now... in The Land of Runaway Materialism, too many of The Victors want to be Victoria. This is known as Decadence and Decadence is one of the primary offspring of Materialism. It was one of the causes of The Downfall of Rome.

Crime is one of the big features of Materialism. This is because the system is run by the biggest criminals around. It tends to turn everyone else into smaller criminals... cause shit flows downhill, if the hill is steep, and... especially if the hill is heated.

America WAS... a nation of laws, but then... it was attacked by a plague of lawyers. You can... generally... expect trouble at some point because the big criminals squeeze the lifeblood from the population. Too few have too much. Too many have too little, and The Middle Class... sooner or later... disappears. Oh! It's not going to happen overnight, but it will happen faster than you expected it to.

Of course... there's a joker in the deck. Depending on whose ox gets gored, this joker is seen as infernal and malign... or... a welcome toreador. Yeah... see... there are times of hoped-for virtues instilled in the youth, and then there are times when they are left to their own de-Vices. Then... in following times, you get to see what the results of that come to; which is the purpose of that demonstration.

It's all about learning your lessons, and whether you go to school or you don't go to school, you WILL be schooled. Those pressing to the front will get one side of it, and those pushing from behind will get another, as... will... those...caught... in... the... middle. I have very sound reasons for not running with The Crowd.

This Joker is one of the... now you see him, now you don't... variety. He will appear in people and then not be there anymore, like the magic of romance that comes and goes. In these times there are a few people who consider themselves untouchable. However... they are surrounded by the people... paid to protect them... who can easily touch them should they be inspired or compelled to do so. This Joker sees to that too. He can trigger things inside people who are sleeping... walking... talking... or on their way somewhere else.

He's wherever he wants to be, any time he wants to be there. He also knows when you've been sleeping and when you are awake. He has a vast and invisible army, yet... all by himself he is more powerful than all the armies that ever were. With a gesture, he can clear a battlefield. With a gesture, he can change every mind on the planet, all... at... once. He does this anyway, according to his own inviolable schedule... across the reach of evolutionary time.

Mostly... because he's hard to see, people have stopped believing in him. The noise of The World has reached an insane pitch. The flashing lights and sinuous curves... and the hot and heavy attractions fill the windshield of all the people going in reverse... or standing still and perplexed.

It can be hard to understand that he is behind... in the middle... and far in front of everything that is happening, and he waves his baton, and his will is done, on Earth... just as it is in Heaven. Sooner or later The Kingdom of Heaven will come to Earth. That's the plan, and that is the destined outcome.

There are some miles between here and there at the moment, BUT... we get closer every day; even those who seem to be moving further away. It's an optical illusion that takes place in The Mind.

The Deceivers deceiving themselves, while leading the legions of the willing to The Cliff's of Epiphany, will not escape in the final reel. Everything is under control.

End Transmission.......

I think they might try to shut us down here in the short term. I know we've said this before but the signs indicate something of that nature. If you know of a more secure web server to post on, do let us know.

The complete collection of all the blogs... from the beginning... are available for free download. You've got 27 days. God is great!

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Wonder if all Hell is gonna break loose next week, especially in calipornia. I think a lotta ghetto dwellers are gonna be out fer blood with gruesome newsom sayin' he ain't gonna allow the reparations, or so I read. . .in some posts. It was a stupid idea to begin with, but these next couple of days are passin' like a tree sloth fer me. Untouchable? Tell it to Julius Caesar, Gaius Germanicus, Heliogabalus, Edward II. . .and the list goes on. Then remember The French Revolution, and the Culteral Revolution where 'EAT THE RICH' was more than just a bumper sticker.


Man Tilting At Clouds said...

At least there is no shortage of laughter in Terminal Madness.
My favorite sarcasm is where you don't even notice it yourself.
Yuri Bezmenov was good at this.
It all comes down to parenting and teaching and as you have said before we are in decades of piss poor performance in both.
The comrades always liquidate the middle class by any means necessary because that is where the counter revolutions come from.
These statist utopian visions are for their enjoyment but the masses are easily fooled and think that they will be getting a seat at the materialist cargo cult table.
Walked to the Sack-N-Save for light supplies and got a kick out of feeding the geese a loaf of bread, they make a sort of hissing sound that I never noticed before.
This to me is more fun than any materialistic crap and I would rather be right with God than be a musky gates keeper.

0 said...

Do you ever wonder at the why for why the world is never conquered by evil intent?

It’s because the recurrent intense sufferings produced by such a “takeover” cause some ones to be-come aware of that which backstops our sensed reality.

When suffering is intensed what is produced in individuated consciousness compressed to a state of emotional incandescence.

Emotional incandescense. Individuating consciousness purposefully since forever.



Visible said...

There is a rightness in The Great Mind that feeds into all of the tributaries that lead to the levels of awareness that compose the specific mental demographics that make up the entirety of us all, and... that mind maintains Harmony above all else, so... whenever Evil seeks dominion, an immediate correcting response comes from the other side; sort of another way of saying it. (grin)

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"It's Complicated; You Got Stool Sculpture Deities... and Shit Golems... Fitted Inside Each Other Like Russian Dolls."

0 said...

Certainly! The alls goal is not Mans goal. But for the purpose of demonstration does it all go forth huh. It is interesting to see how sparsely the concentrations are in the few versus the many.

Been a weird week with one of my favorite uncles in the process of dying but not wanting to "burden" family with details.

There must be a triple option right? good and bad are just the polarized sides which foment their equal in opposition, but there are ones who are greater than both who hold Both in self in check and when time calls for such, they lean into that which is needed to serve the ends of the All in the moment. To my mind its the only way to actually Grow, otherwise one just waffles between both sides, with each waffling eroding the progress made before in either direction. Longitudinal aggregation, versus polarization.

Take it easy!

Anonymous said...

Les, it has been a long while since last reading your most excellent work. I stumbled into it again on Rumor Mill News.
You mentioned there is a possibility of the censors affecting your current site. Have you considered or Rumble. Both are now considered censor free zones.
I would hat to see your work be negatively effected.
Your long term fan, Oliver Robertson

Visible said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check it out!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. Are you the joker ? ( grin) Maybe it's me? Or maybe it's Maybelline? ;) Emphatically not that Victor/Victoria cunt btw!
I just dunno' what to say or add here to express my appreciation. And doncha' just love wild cards. I know I do. Peace and good hunting for a new blogspot, am



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