Wednesday, May 3, 2023

"The Federal Reserve Bill Fixed It So a Small Cabal of Gangster Bankers Can Hold The World in Submission."

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You know they like to disturb the surface of the water= the surface of life; so that you can't see the clear reflection. They pose as one thing, which they are not, to conceal what they are... behind a series of masks... that are all devoted to misrepresentation...misinterpretation... and misdirection.

We know that Rupert The Sly Weasel was behind calling Arizona early for the last presidential election. Arizona's vote was stolen so that the person in charge of the voting could be made governor of Arizona. We know that Rupert The Sly poses his news conglomerate as a conservative organ to give the appearance of opposition to CNN and The Bezos Post.

They are all in bed together, doing evil things... badly... with poor technique.

Rupert The Sly doesn't really have a political perspective. He is into wielding power; as are they all. He and his fellow Satanists like to keep the public guessing. He knows that... generally... the public's common appetites rule their good sense. They are easy to manipulate. Those who think they are informed are played off against each other by The Appearance of opposition games... played between make-believe foes at war with one another, which... they... are... not.

They are The Ruling Class. They are... for the most part... especially in these Times of Material Darkness... also ruled by The Ruling Class of the nether regions... for the purpose of celebrating the nether regions of the physical body, while they dwell in hot... confining... places... within. For them... this heavy-with-time carnal coupling is how they understand divinity. They look upon humanity as stolen cars that they drive with impunity. If they crash a particular car they just steal another.

Those in the upper reaches of negative spiritual possession are not usually treated as throwaway vehicles until they intend to throw them away. They do not want to spoil or reveal the illusion whereby they control those driven by appetite and desire. They got a good thing going in a bad way, BUT... for whatever the mysterious intentions of the ineffable may be, this... is... how... it... goes. Good and Evil emerge from the same source.

Better to accept the reality of this... even if you don't understand it... than to keep trying to find another answer when there is no other reality-based answer.

“he that overcometh and keepeth my works until the end, to him, will I give power over the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron; and I will give him the morning star.”

There are several levels from which to understand all inspired scripture. There is the surface meaning. There is the deeper meaning, and... there is revelation. The possibilities of understanding vary greatly.

Those who don't believe in God believe in Sex and are obsessed with it... as their behavior shows. Fundies are obsessed as well... but differently. Both of them cannot see the forest for the trees because both of them have their eyes closed; one has their eyes closed to the forest. The other has their eyes closed to the trees. This makes it possible for them to believe what is not, on... their... own... terms, for their own self-interest.

How The Material World works is very simple. The politicians, and everyone who wants to operate in The Temporal Realm, has to give fealty to The Gangster Bankers who give them money that they print out of thin air, and which they must then pay interest on. The Federal Reserve Bill made it possible for a small cabal of gangster bankers to hold The World in submission.

Every so often for reasons of Greed... Hegemony... Resources... and fuzzy bookkeeping, The Gangster Bankers need to start a war. They are then able to demand that everyone who owes them money or... ever hopes to owe them money... comes out in full support of whatever war they are engineering. They also need to pay the creatures of The Dark Invisible... who serve their interests... in blood and pain.

Unfortunately for The Gangster Bankers, they started too many wars on too many fronts. One of the wars they started is against the people in each nation for the purpose of greater submission... under the banner of greater freedom. So they have poisoned the minds of the young with sexual confusions, and are draining off all their vital energies by feeding their sexual fluids to The Dark Invisible, which is resident in the deep catacombs below The Surface Mind.

They now need to forge a new army to fight in their new war, but few of the young are capable of... or willing to fight in this war. They will be slaughtered on the battlefield. Usually... The Gangster Bankers control both sides of the conflict and can profit from both sides. This time they are no longer in this position. Their equipment is malfunctioning. The collective will of the fighting non-binary is not present. They are more interested in iPad porn in the foxholes.

Both Tucker and James O'Keefe went after Pfizer and both lost their positions. Pfizer is owned by The Gangster Bankers who also own all of the other Killer Vaccine manufacturers. They are committing observable and provable genocide on the populations. They are monsters. They are Black Rock... Vanguard... State Street... The WEF and assorted reverse kundalini catamites of Hell.

These Gangster Bankers put a sold-out incompetent in The White House and are running a shadow government through and around him. They have gutted law enforcement and the judicial system. The Criminal Element is running wild and free in the streets of the cities and towns. The purpose is intimidation.

In the schools, no one is learning anything besides sexual adventurism. The frustration of their situation is resulting in flash-mob riots in the classrooms and hallways. Teachers and aides are attacked routinely now.

A fiery rage is brewing in the hearts and minds of the mesmerized public that can find no joy or fulfillment in Materialism due to Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening. So... those at the lower end of the financial spectrum are going crazy in stores and on the streets everywhere. They do not know why they are filled with rage, but... they are.

There is no longer cohesion in the family unit. Parenting is now expressed in stages of appeasement, through distractions of appetite and pedestrian attractions. The infrastructure that has held society together is now crumbling. Mega churches are hosting drag events. Schools are running masturbation clinics and sexual grooming seminars. There is no higher focus and no vision. There is no inspiration so... there is no aspiration. Everything is moving sideways or down.

A certain vested interest clique... from a certain demographic... slippered sexual chaos into law through America's first gay president, and... since that time... the pressure for greater and greater sexual license without limits is increasing by the day. These servants of The Dark Side know full well what happens when all restraint is removed from the equation. They fully intended for it to go this way.

The race-baiting... divide and conquer... Babylon dancing chaos is directed toward the eventual implementation of martial law, and the creation of a worldwide penal colony, brought to you by the same people who brought The Gulags. They are hiding on the sidelines of the obvious fields of activity and pulling the strings of the actors up front.

It is intentionally ironic that the last place where torture and mass murder flourished on a wide scale... for decades... is now the combatant for the better angels of our nature.

Nothing of what I have told you so far is feel-good material. HOWEVER... there is one critical point that we try to make here every time we show up, and that is that EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. There is a Higher Mind engaged in the shaping of perspectives and the routing of actions directed to results that... at present... lie beyond our range of vision. Each of us is going to receive our due according to the ancient and enduring principle of... as ye sow, so shall ye reap. This is Cosmic Law.

One is advised to spend less time worrying about the future and more time paying attention to their thoughts... words... and deeds... in the present... BECAUSE that is what forms the future in every case. The Future is built out of the works of The Present, and The Past gives the record of how this unshakable principle has exercised itself previously. It is a simple matter. What is confusing you is the force of divisiveness and discord expressed through the mediums of undisciplined minds.

At this moment... The Almighty is present in every living thing. In every case... with few exceptions... he is present without the awareness of the one that is hosting him. He is seeing through the eyes of the multitude and hearing the same way. He is present in all hearts and minds. He is witness to their thoughts and feelings. He is The Eternal Witness... The Silent Observer.

Should you choose to work in accord with this presence... that will... eventually... bring your life into accord, and your true destiny will come into action through your effortless surrender to the source of all force. You make it hard and God makes it easier because... the... resistance... is... gone.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Debt based economies have a shelf life. Ours is expired. The banking system is falling a part, and people are being forced to do what they should have done aeons ago. Not buying nonessentials. Not living beyond their means is not technically possible, since they might as well have been swallowed up by a black hole of economics. There is their means, and the debt they are in which makes for very inconvenient bedfellows. I see one HELL of a lot of suicides in the future.

Oh well. High population density is quite inconvenient. And last weekend at the high end restaurant I work at was odd. Daytime traffic was about 15% less both days. It was an easier day than usual for me personally on Saturday, though they did have a party upstairs for the second shift, so that was harder for my coworkers. I also had to leave early for it, and traffic was amazingly light; which is unheard of for me leaving a couple hours early on Saturday, and it was also lighter on Sunday. Are more people staying home, or are they off planet? Maybe we don't have to wait until next year for the attrition of the masses? I dunno. Let's see what this coming weekend brings.

As for Russia bein' the polar opposite of what it was, Edgar Casey did say it was destined to be a world leader. I'm psychologically incompatible with the place, but I still adore what was Tartaria in the distant past. Their collective is also about a gazillion times smarter than the collective of de cuntry I live in.

Yes, we are stupid as a collective with various individuals rising above. After all, the collective fed the wrong side of history a glutinous diet forever. Materialists tend to do that, whilst the smarter feed it a starvation diet. I was in debt once when I was 19/20 for a student loan that I ended up paying $18.00 interest on because I paid it early. (Am now staring 61 in the face.) If I can't afford it, I don't buy it. I don't do buy on credit. Never had a card in my life. I never made an impressive amount of money, but I never buried myself in obligations I couldn't handle. I always kept my overhead low enough to deal with. Why can't everyone else do that?

Oh yeah. Materialism.


Anonymous said...

I am seeing some push back against the insanity that passes for life these days. I wonder just how much the sheep will tolerate before they stampede and trample the narrative being forced down their throats on a now minute to minute bombardment of lies and deceit. As the song goes’Somewhere in my wicked miserable youth, there must have been a moment of truth” because I was awakened at a very young age, knew the Catholic Church was full of sheet before I was a teenager, knew the Oswald thing was another bs story and everything that happened in between but the most amazing thing was I never considered for a second getting the clot shot.
God has been so good and fair to me. I am more than grateful for being awakened at an early age. Conversely it is a lonely place to be because everyone thinks you’re a nut job, they wonder where you got such crazy ideas. No matter. I have a feeling that there is a whole lot more going on that I don’t see…yet. I will be enlightened step by step as the angels see fit. Meanwhile I enjoy your posts and its comforting to know there are many of us out there even if it does not appear to be so.

Anonymous said...

Every time I read that God has everything under control I think my blood
pressure stabilizes as I breathe a sigh of relief. So that's a good thing (wink).

Great post! Thanks!


Sleek Striding said...

All for the Purpose of Demonstration.
Thank You God The Creator, I love you with all my heart.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"This Goes On Until Chicken Little Dies from a Heart Attack. All This Bullshit is About Keeping You in Line."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Thank you once again, Les.

Possibly in one of your previous incarnations, you shared a vivifying beverage or two with this gentleman-

'Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider' - Francis Bacon

Skid Marx said...

In A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy (1859), Marx wrote: “it is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but, on the contrary, their social existence that determines their consciousness.” Sowell writes: “If the mechanistic conception of materialism is applied, and human beings viewed as mere raw material to be shaped and moulded, then a totalitarian kind of thought control is implied, based on the inconsistent assumption that there are those who have so transcended bad environmental influences that they can undertake this superhuman task” (Marxism, p. 33). Marx, like the eighteenth-century materialists, “found crime to be [solely] a product of social conditions” (p. 38). On Stalin, Applebaum writes: “Stalin’s famous suspicion of genetics derived precisely from his conviction that propaganda and communist education could alter the human character, permanently” (Iron Curtain, p. 153).



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