Monday, May 8, 2023

"If You are in The Light. If You Walk in The Light, The Darkness CANNOT Intrude. Light Dispels The Darkness."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The hero and the inspired artist persona, and the celebrations of aspiring humanity... have all been shut down by negative occult forces. This is why life's soundtrack... the images that inspire us, and quicken the heart to a more noble perspective; all of the classic and timeless sounds and pictures of a culture in the ascendant... have been changed, literally, into shit. It is the reversal of the alchemical process, best exemplified by defiance of Nature via the pederastic reversed-kundalini-clowns.

It's very trendy now to act like you care about the latest celebrity downtrodden; take a homeless meth-freak to lunch in your head thing (or tell people you did)... the BIPOClaundrylist... The LGBTQRSWHATEVER. They tell us we should all be understanding while they are running wild in the streets with murder on their minds because of imagined and hyperbolic... inflamed injuries committed back when none of them were alive... when they were... likely another color and possibly even involved in causing those very injuries they are incensed about now.

Normal is endangered. Abnormal is protected because the people manipulating the scenery... and the perception of the scenery... are all possessed by infernal intelligences... and are... themselves...anything but Normal... Natural... and human. It's what transhumanism is all about.

Homosexuality comes out of an abnormal attachment to material things... whose root is in the fear of Higher Love; unselfish Love. Materialism creates Selfish Love through the hedonistic mindset. One is lured to the denser hotter matter out of which delusion is formed. It is the same with hetero carnal attractions that feed the endless cycles of natural change and replication. This also leads to a deeper attraction for the material... and an insecurity driven from an imagined fear of loss.

If one studies the phenomena of those who do not NATURALLY reproduce, one sees the compelling draw to mimic all of the ridiculous trappings of material life. It is the same with men who are driven to imitate women. They focus on all of the most absurd aspects. They are NOT women. Only one who is born a woman can be a woman. Materialism is the force that feminizes the masculine nature. It has all come out of that.

In much earlier times, it was about civilizing The Beast Nature. As life became more and more convenient and comfort-oriented, everything became feminized because Materialism is the carnalizing of the feminine. It is the origin of Bitches and Ho's. It is the demeaning of the high Sophia into The Slut persona. Under the guise of the freedom to do whatever they fucking want to, has come the intensity of bondage that triggers the rage against the confinements that their own susceptibilities... men and women... have led them to.

Here it is that the quality of one's love determines the quality of one's life. A higher love leads to a higher station of awareness and a greater sense of Unity with all life. Below the critical tick on The Dial, that which is mistaken for love... feeds the magnetism of Astro-persona-driven attractions... followed by the soon-coming reflexive desire to be free from it. This is when love turns to hate.

It is the loss of freedom to be that turns the former lovers upon one another. The very magic they found when first they met has turned into something else. The basic urge of life is to freedom. One comes to hate that which holds them back from their freedom, yet... yet... they are the ones who were drawn to the illusion of sweetness that has now become so very bitter.

It was so easy to get into it and so much harder to get out of, AND... it... follows... you.

Higher Love t-r-e-n-d-s toward Freedom. The lower attractions lead to binding states that feed and amplify... ANGER. It is Lust that creates Anger because of the bondage it forms, and which seeks to enslave The Spirit which is FOREVER FREE. It is The Soul that suffers because it is trapped between worlds.

There are those traditions that will tell you The Soul cannot suffer. That it is always clean and unsullied. (That is The Spirit.) If this were true... the... perception... is... still... otherwise. If something SEEMS to be one way, even if it is not; how does that sort out? Yeah... precisely. So... it isn't a matter of this or that. It is a matter of what it appears to be and the degree to which you buy into it. The Soul exists in two levels of being. It operates in two worlds. One leads to bondage and one to freedom.

Appearances... IN TRUTH... are not what they seem, BUT... if you are not in Truth then appearances rule. You are only held hostage by what The Devil Mind can convince you of; can convince you is true. You are free this very moment, BUT... then... why does it not feel like you are?

It is a long road, my friends. I know this viscerally because I have been traveling it. I have the benefit of my experiences which have proven to me what is... and what is not. Until one has walked the road through the various stations and phases of transition and transformation... one does not know, and no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise... Nature doesn't buy it either.

It is like using a cross to protect yourself from a vampire. Let us speak allegorically about what is... in fact... literally true. Unless you understand the meaning and power of the symbol you insist that you stand behind, it has no power and no meaning, and... the vampire knows this.

Many a deluded soul has gone to war against the forces of Evil, only to achieve an inglorious and ignominious defeat. Those who serve the dark side are not all weaklings; not hardly. I claim no power of my own, but I have friends who possess it. So long as I don't get too big for my britches I shall fear NOTHING. Pride and all manner of other self-deceptions go before a fall... inevitably.

The Infernal ALWAYS serves The Supernal. I do not... in this sense mean that one can command Evil. That is... exactly how is does not work. That is a fool's gambit, whose reach forever exceeds their grasp. Evil goes in fear of The Light. First... ABSOLUTELY... you must possess (or be possessed by) The Light.

This means you must convince The Light that you are sincere, AND that means egregious tests and trials. Few there are that can stand the processes required to host The Light that... in fact... is already present.

So... it is always easier to simply convince yourself that The Light has your back, rather than to establish the firm foundation first. Unless one is Christed, one does not get The Keys to Hell, or free and safe passages between the worlds. If you have The Light there is no concern for Evil. Evil WILL NOT come where you are. It has other things to do.

You must first... ABSOLUTELY... neutralize The Evil within you. You must have the door where evil dwells... sealed against intrusion. You must have mastered all the weaknesses that can bring you low; that can put you in the power of Evil. Evil is simply a distortion of The Real. Find The Real and you find The Light, and Evil has no business with you. There is no darkness in The Light.

Why then does Evil rule so much of The World and the hearts and minds of so many of the inhabitants? This is how they want it. They go where Evil is. They want what Evil has, BUT... Evil has nothing. I will leave you to ponder the meaning of that. Evil is a distortion of The Real.

If you are in The Light. If you walk in The Light, The Darkness CANNOT intrude. Light dispels The Darkness... ALWAYS... automatically, AND... even a little light is better than no light at all. You must feed The Light so that it will increase in luminosity and grow brighter and brighter. You must feed The Light those things which it delights The Light to consume. For this... you must have The Qualities which cause The Light to blaze.

You cannot force others to walk in The Light when they are in love with Material Darkness. They must come to their own true understandings. Stop contending in your own mind about WHY... why The World is the way it is. It's The World, you fool.

Sexual perversity runs wild in Times of Material Darkness and what follows is... invariably... For The Purpose of Demonstration! This happens in regular patterns of reoccurrence. It is the drama of The World. It is the two faces of Joy and Sorrow.. of gain and loss; of... what?

Times of transition are always navigated with difficulty. This is especially so when people are thumbhumping their cellphones or playing with themselves. Even if they convinced someone else to join them they are still playing with themselves. It is where all the unhappy people come from. You do not have to be one of them. Stop chasing the things that make people unhappy. You ALREADY have everything you need. You just have to locate it.

End Transmission.......

I am trying to use Blogbooker to make a PDF book out of each blog. When I try to download an XML file (as requested) it goes to 15.9 MB. Then it spins its wheels for a while. Then it says; blog-05-08-2023.xml Failed - Network error. This happens every time. They won't let me download it so that I can put it in Blogbooker. These things are beyond me. Does anyone out there know how this might be worked around or accomplished?

Some links are to be had at GAB=


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I have no idea about blogbooker, but my book is on blogspot, not that I can do anything with it anymore. I can't edit it. I dunno. It's a theoretical alternative, and I had to go to Yandex to find this link, IF you care. Google is a fluffin' sheep shagger as far as finding things you want, go.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

Stride On said...

Evil has nothing because it consumed itself.
The shit golem globalists want people who can't reproduce naturally.
There is no Mighty Aphrodite or last American poets who don't come back from Paris in Marxist materialism.
Maybe he saw a vision of this modern world just said F' it and even if they were Tavistock or the American equivalent, there won't be music of that quality again.
Saw a photo of some amazing European church where the artist made it look a vortex leading up to heaven.
Working on evil containment and it is full time, especially with such impulsiveness and just jump right in attitude.
There wouldn't even be any attempt without this page.
Thank You.

Ty said...

In your browser, click File, print, and then print to PDF. Thats another way; gotta do it one by one.

You can probably find an addon or extension for your browser for doing this quicker and automatically naming the file of the title of your blog.

Save/print to pdf multiple tabs

save to pdf (right click context menu)

Here is some info on how you can backup inside blogger,

Visible said...

I appreciate the help Ty, but I've been over that already. Before I come to the reader I have exhausted these avenues. We are talking about many thousands of posts that I am not going to individually download. The Blogger feature is closed down for some reason. So is the Blogger backup utility. I suspect enemy action.

I want to put the blogs in their own books chronologically because that makes sense given what lies ahead.

ty said...

There is my response from Chat-GPT

If you want to download all your individual blogs from blogger simultaneously, you can use the Google Takeout service. This service allows you to export and download your data from various Google products, including blogger. You can select which blogs you want to download and choose the format and delivery method. To use Google Takeout, follow these steps:

1. Go to and sign in with your Google account.
2. Select blogger from the list of products and click on "All blogger data included".
3. Uncheck the boxes for the blogs you don't want to download and click on "OK".
4. Click on "Next step" and choose the file type, frequency and destination for your download.
5. Click on "Create export" and wait for the process to complete.
6. You will receive an email notification when your download is ready. You can also check the status of your export on the same page.
7. Download your files and enjoy your blogs offline.

Ty said...

I created a linux script with the help of chat-gpt to automatically download all the blogs and save them as pdf files, based on year and chronologically; seems to be working for the most part

I can upload a copy and send a link to you when im done.

Ty said...

And by for-the-most-part I mean; it only skipped 2005, but its saving every month's worth of blogs from 2006 on as an individual pdf; not every single individual blog as a pdf. I will figure 2005 out later.

Visible said...

Thank you Ty. That first looks like something I will get right on after tomorrow's posting. I spend all kinds of time working around things only to have them prove to be... mysteriously... ineffective. This has been going on for several days.

I've heard of this AI thing but I haven't looked into it. The intelligence I rely on is not artificial. (grin)

I have no background in computer code.

I appreciate this. We'll see how it goes.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"They Move... Like Blind Drunks... Searching for Clarity... in a Construction Site... During The Dark of The Moon."



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