Saturday, September 28, 2013

Twisting in the Wind, a Momentary Hiatus.

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To say that it has been a rough couple of weeks would be a serious understatement. Later on for details. It seems that everything of any importance is going on behind the scenes. Out front is the ever changing spectacle of Pointless, followed by Meaningless and accompanied by Brutal and Indifferent, with Obsessed accounting for crowd control.

I looked at the news, what they have presented us with, as the news and the presence of what you see, counterpointed by what you don't see, makes for compelling reflection, for anyone who still has that capacity to so engage. It's behind the scenes where you see the blows being dealt and the tolls taken.

It is in times like these when you learn that it is better to have gone mad and beyond already, rather than to to be driven mad now. All the engines of enforced madness making are in high gear. They go in slow steps from A to D or E but when they bring you back to A, it is no longer A, as A was. It is now something else and only those already mad can see this. I haven't held off commenting because I couldn't. I can, or have been able to for a few days but... what can I possibly say?

What has happened, at least at my end, is too outrageous to comment on. I hear little. Commenting is messed with. Many things are messed with. Hopefully at least one sector, responsible for most of my recent difficulties, now knows I am not a reverse engineered, undesirable. This was the way I was told to go to out the people snooping on me. I hope they have now, looked back over what they can find about me and have realized that they were wrong about me.

What is now going on, is unlike anything we, or they, have previously encountered before. Various forces are working with a will and the whole effect of Mr. Apocalypse on the public mind and on events, both known and... behind the scenes, has been profound; point being, very few from any camp, knows what is going on and in certain camps, no one knows.

We have discovered that certain financial systems run the world. We know this is not the first time it has been brought up, addressed, stopped, started, redesigned. It comes and goes and it appears to become increasingly rapacious and avaricious as the population increases. The music is an indicator of more human life needing to be thrown to the archetypal alligators. The pressure on the family is so great that one will sacrifice their family to save the promise of their family. Following this, across the board, our normal and natural human attractions and areas of sexual interaction are being twisted into unrecognizable expressions that are diametrically opposite what we began with. Nearly all of this is being forcefully engineered and very little of it is by accident or choice.

These are the varieties of the states of the apocalypse. A signature feature of it all is that those supposed to be allied together are being turned upon each other. Watch how you go and watch what you believe based on transparent subterfuges. To be deceived is to be made an enemy of your own future.

They do what they can do because their time is short. For them there is no possible means or manner of escape and now they have come up against things they were not expecting to come up against and they are finding that forces they had depended upon for so long are no longer behaving with the consistency and dependability they were formerly known for.

At this point, far too much is known by those who oppose what these planet killers have been up to. Some of us have little power except in our strength by numbers and some of us are very powerful indeed. Our greatest asset is the disunity between the disparate groups of ravenous evil who cannot agree among themselves concerning their common agenda. Our greatest defense and hope lies within the words, "evil destroys itself".

Our cowardly, pompous and pontificating adversaries have been led down the garden path, by the many leashes of arrogance and ego, vanity, self importance and attendant harnesses. Could you see these entities as they are, you would see them hanging from hundreds of fish-hooks. These they have picked up on their long hike into the wildernesses of perdition. By the time evil gets to the point where there is a gun at every window and large armies of fountain pen killers and actual killers, anywhere you want to look, they are so messed up on the inside that they are incapable of reasonable, rational, or effective action in respect of anything they do. This is what it is like for a lead guitar player ripped on coke who thinks he is playing the best he ever has and everyone else is wondering what is wrong with the cat.

Only those caught up in the frenzy of fear, over losing what they think they own, or what they might well have stolen and then convinced themselves they owned, after the fact, should feel troubled at this point. You know all of this. I'm just reminding you because when confusion and the driving force of collective greed is so much greater than that of those pockets of individual integrity that nothing seems capable of killing... well, it can be confusing. I hope I'm back. We shall see.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

No Pain... No Gain... and NO CENTRAL BANKERS!

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It's always good to start out with something at least comically refreshing before we get into the dreadful directions awful people want to take us in. You can match this up with the fashion photos recently posted. I could answer this particular question for a lot less than 2 million dollars but a lot of people wouldn't like the answer. The answer is so obvious that any objective mind will catch it. If you're seduced by group think well, there you go.

As the cosmic worm turns, public focus is personalizing. Shrill disinfo creeps are getting showcased. My thought is that the 9/11 lie is coming to term. Slowly but surely the truth is becoming more powerful than the lies. This accounts for the manic intensity on the part of those grown fat on lies. The ground is moving under them. Terra is no longer firma for them. Day by day, the specter of their fate becomes more solidified. The ominous patter of tiny demon feet can be heard; the offspring of their unholy congress with the dark side of the moon. Hecate's brood is hungry and they generally feed on their parents, unless the proper safeguards have been put into place but... these modern magicians are no Dr. John Dee's, There is no Agrippa or Paracelsus among them. These watered down occult poseurs would be best served by reading what Agrippa wrote after putting magic aside completely;

"But of magic I wrote whilst I was very young three large books, which I called Of Occult Philosophy, in which what was then through the curiosity of my youth erroneous, I now being more advised, am willing to have retracted, by this recantation; I formerly spent much time and costs in these vanities. At last I grew so wise as to be able to dissuade others from this destruction. For whosoever do not in the truth, nor in the power of God, but in the deceits of devils, according to the operation of wicked spirits presume to divine and prophesy, and practicing through magical vanities, exorcisms, incantations and other demoniacal works and deceits of idolatry, boasting of delusions, and phantasms, presently ceasing, brag that they can do miracles, I say all these shall with Jannes, and Jambres, and Simon Magus, be destined to the torments of eternal fire.”

There are two things that every human being, who gives a damn about their own survival and the survival of those they love, must keep in mind, all wars are magical wars and all of the varieties of evil that presently caper and cavort among us, are the offspring of Central Bankers. Whether it be direct or indirect, they either set the policy or provide the funding for pretty much everything. By setting policy, they have such enormous resources that they can guarantee success in any endeavor, no matter how pernicious or absurd. By providing funding, they control the continuance of any endeavor and can make it succeed or fail accordingly.

Every empire and many countries, have a shadow government that stays out of the light. They are the sort of life forms who bear no love for light in any case. What is magic? Magic can be what is practiced by the media. It is what is practiced in the economic area. It is most usually performed to the intent of controlling the state and direction of the human mind. The best of magicians control their own minds and are then automatically in control of all minds. That is not to be understood in the literal sense. There is a deeper meaning there. Those of you who utilize torrents might find the complete collection of Manly Palmer Hall's lectures to be informative.

There's truth to be had in Crowley's quote (I’m no fan of his), “Magick is anything I say it is.” It's my theory... and it is only my theory, I haven't read it anywhere but- in my own experience, the whole of ceremonial magic takes place inside the mind of the magician. All those circles and pentagrams, all the scents and sounds take place 'inside' the mind of the practitioner. It is inside the mind that the magical circle is drawn and it is from the mind that the power of summoning, banishing or whatever you get up to gets down in. Anyone familiar with the Aphorisms of Patanjali should be aware of the supremacy of mind, in all matters related to the subject under discussion. Of course, wisdom and true understanding only come when the heart swallows the mind; that's my focus but... sadly, it is not a focus shared by those laying waste to everything around us.

Obviously, I can only talk around this subject and portions of my conversation may seem not only limited but less than comprehensive, to the point that they might even seem misleading. There's nothing I can do about that. As is ever the case when I am talking about things like this, it's what I'm not saying that is most important. The mind takes away from what it contemplates, those things it finds most personally desirable, or which fit into their already preconceived notions. Rarely does someone embrace what was not previously known and move to prove it out. Change is hard. We never seek it until our existence becomes unbearable without it. This is why pain remains our greatest motivator. It's possible to be pain free but only when one is committed to the process of eternal change. That statement is a bit of a blind as well, since the changeless is the objective, WHEN the awareness of it is present.

Let's revisit the concepts that 'all wars are magical wars', and Central Bankers are the nastiest and most dangerous of humanities enemies. I can expand that to include anyone who is engaged in money changing, usury and all the other legalized forms of theft that are business as usual here. The way to lead a nation to war is to first set the public against itself and put them at war with themselves. One definition of magic is, the performance of illusion on the human mind. This includes the art of misdirection. This kind of thing can be relatively harmless if you're at a David Copperfield show or similar. However, when it's objective is wide spread suffering and the enslavement and murders of countless individuals, for the sole purpose of personal gain, it becomes something else entirely. We know, with assurance now, that all wars are funded and very often started by Central Bankers, who fund both sides of the conflict, for the purpose of creating debt, with the intent to control the country and to have access to their resources. This is a proven truth. Ergo, get rid of the Central Bankers and you immediately remove the source of most present human misery.

There is no need for further hemming and hawing. There is no need for argumentative, philosophical dispute, or the insidious twaddle of economists in the employ of Central Bankers. Humanity must come together and force the end to Central Banking. If this is done, everything else can be managed. Consider nearly every evil present on the planet today. You can trace their existence back one way or the other to Central Bankers. The Central Bankers are linked in policy and process with the shadow government Satanists; those magicians from the dark side who take their power from the declining regent of a departing age. They shall all fail. Still, they are dangerous even in their failure because they can take you down with them. Don't let that happen.

Keep in mind the irresistible impetus of Mr. Apocalypse. He cannot be stopped. He is precise and perfect and a mathematical certainty. You simply need to endure to see it... well, that's not all really. You have to be on the right side of history. The right side of history is not the increasingly emergent and camouflaged Khmer Rouge, PC fascism that is seeking to destroy western culture and push it beyond recognition. The right side of history is not nation building, following nation destruction. The right side of history is not putting the process of lawmaking into the hands of corporate lobbyists, so that now, corporations are actually writing the laws, simply because they have more cash. For the typical swine seeking office, their mantra is, “show me the highest bidder”. That's how all that going along with the program comes about. The right side of history is to be in full recognition that whatever is bad for Israel is good for everyone else. Israel and the Central Bankers are indistinguishable and their backdoor, reverse kabala antics, are a primary source of all wars being magical wars.

None of this means you have to do anything, as much as it means you need to see what is in front of you. Safe and sane action always follows clear vision. If you can't see, then you don't know where you're going. If you can see, the question doesn't arise. Some years ago, a complete National Geographic team went off the side of a mountain, when they decided to keep moving on, after a blanketing fog had descended. When you can't see, don't move. When you can see, the question doesn't arise.

Recognize what is. Do not look for an acceptable alternative that provides you with a compromised situation, where you can hold on to what you consider to be more important than the truth. Nothing is more important than the truth. Lacking the truth is the fog which descends. You need to come into possession of that metaphorical miners head lamp. Just because the concept of the lamp is a metaphor does not mean that the real thing isn't around. I assure you it is and there are people who are in possession of it.

All this time passing... there's a reason for all this time passing ...and hope remaining and chaos diverted and avoided. You're being given a grace period to get your head together, as soon as that happens, your life will follow suit.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Michael Rivero in the Crosshairs of the IRS, in Toadstool Nation.

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In the run up and run by and runaway to all of these Central Banker wars, we have to be aware that there is another war talking place. It is a war that is equally important to the ones intent on making these other wars. It is a war in the defense of outrageous and insubstantial lies, as well as a war against those who disseminate the truth. In respect of the latter, let us consider Michael Rivero. Micheal Rivero was involved in Hollywood as some kind of production, special effects, computer graphic kind of a guy. I might have left out a part of his job description but let's just say, he worked in a technical way in Tinsel Town. Along came the Vince Foster scam, where Hillary Clinton (the administration) and some black ops killers had Vince put down because Vince was in possession of certain information and there must have been the perception that that information was not only of the explosive kind ...but it was also unsecured due to a perception that Vince Foster might not be a completely company man. Michael Rivero started running commentary on the killing of Vincent Foster, due to it not passing the smell test. One thing led to another and Michael was no longer gainfully employed in Tinsel Town. That led to the birth of What Really Happened, something like 20 years ago.

Michael Rivero of What Really Happened
Michael Rivero of What Really Happened

For 20 years, Michael has been bringing it every day. A few years ago he revamped the presentation and color scheme of his site and as time has marched on, What Really Happened has marched on and become one of the major sources for truth seekers and truth tellers. Michael has been responsible for bringing a great many writers and websites to the attention of a wider audience, I'm one of them.

It's safe to say that Michael is a thorn in the side of the monsters of the moment. In the shadows, of course, are the Central Bankers and various agents of Central Banker Nation (Israel) as well as high ranking Satanists and the representative of international corporations. These make up the bulk of the enemies of humanity. Michael is one of the knights of the roundtable, in our collective oppositions against these bloodthirsty beasts. When they want to bring you down, the first things they do is to look for questionable appetites and activities and then they work to get you into a compromising situation. If you are an easily compromised sort, meaning being low on integrity and big on self advancement they might approach you and offer you money and different kinds of upward mobility, like Alex Jones, Mike Adams and some of these newer popup, big web presences, that have come out of nowhere and are now bringing us the news; oftentimes it's science fiction and Sorcha Faal types of 'woo woo'. Sometimes you are a born, deep cover, poisonous viper, like Noam Chomsky and you get to wallow in the adulation of uninformed college students, with big ego chips on their shoulders. Sometimes you slither up through the media ranks and they help you get a maverick reputation like Greg Palast and that comes in handy when you are needed to shill for the government explanation about the Israeli orchestrated 9/11 attacks. Rachel Maddow, Tribe surrogate flunky, also falls into this category. Michael Rivero, fortunately and unfortunately, for him, does not fall into any of these categories. What do you do to a man that you can't seduce or subdue any other way? You send the IRS in after them.

Of course, since personal income tax collection is not the law and is probably against the law, this makes it all the easier for them ...because they can just strong-arm the situation AND they control the Zionist lackey, judiciary, across the sold out landscape of the criminal states of America. It should be a slam dunk AND... at any other time it might well be BUT... the empire is in free fall. Given that the Toads from Israel and the Trolls from elsewhere, are determined to engage in a military excursion, that is going to fail in a big way, it's possible that all of their other collective and individual assaults, on those carrying the torch of liberty, will have to be put on the back burner and the back burner is not on.

This may be of small comfort to Michael at this time and that is why he needs the help of everyone who supports what he does and who has the good sense to realize that goes Micheal Rivero, so may well go you after. If you've ever thought about donating to Michael for all of his good work, this is the time. If you're a lawyer out there, or anyone placed in a position where your help might be welcome, I implore you to offer your services. The more artillery he has at his back, the better he will fare. This we have seen in recent times where the government and Israeli push for yet another war, this time in Syria, has fallen on hard times, due to a rising public awareness that far too many of their elected representatives are contemptible shills.

This all hails back to that great exhortation; “gentlemen, if we do not hang together, we shall hang separately.” This is a very real consideration. Our enemy knows that their days are numbered, so they are pulling out all the stops, on the way to their destined and long overdue welcome into The Pit.

Whatever you can do for Michael, now is the time to do it. Send money if you can. Offer him your professional assistance. Send him your words of support. Engage in guerrilla efforts to bring this situation to the awareness of a wider public. Use your imagination. Michael has the benefit, of the proven evidence, of the IRS being used to suppress the opposition; whoever is perceived to be in opposition to the Satanic game plans of this unbelievably corrupt administration. It's a given now, in the public awareness, that the IRS is a weapon employed by the Zionist controlled forces of Police State America. This provides evidence and argument for selective prosecution. That's no small thing.

Michael feels that this assault on his livelihood and his life could well threaten the existence of What Really Happened. No doubt that is their intent. Let's face it, they're desperate. It's come all too clearly to their attention, that the vast propaganda network of the Crass Media, is losing its ability to shape and control the minds of the wider public. By the day, more and more people are seeing through the lies. This is having the added effect of drawing the public’s attention to the alternative media; the real alternative media, not the skells who have been already named in this posting, excluding Michael. The increasing emergence of alternative media, has served the purpose of actually 'informing' the public. This is in line with the long term intentions of Mr. Apocalypse, which is 'waking' the public up. This runs counter to the dark dreams (nightmares) and murderous plans of the Central Bankers and all those bought out, sold out whores, who serve them and serve themselves.

The black riders are coming after the light bearers because their star is falling, while our star is rising. You have to consider the physics of the dynamic. They're going down. They are observably going down in front of your eyes. Of course, we're used to the overpowering stench and apparent might of the servants of The Pit but... they are the servants of The Pit and to The Pit they will return, possibly sooner rather than later. We only see how the cards are stacked from a manipulated perspective but... that perspective is being overridden by the emergent awareness, coming out of 'the awakening', courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse. We vastly outnumber them and as critical mass approaches, their certain doom approaches as well.

Michael and I are about as different as two people can be, in terms of how we form our perspectives. Michael is a committed atheist and I am everything but. Michael is a pure pragmatist. I employ pragmatism ...but according to a different schematic. Despite the wide gulf between us, as to what we believe and how we come to our conclusions, we are both truth-seekers. I am clear that both of us are eager and willing to embrace the truth in whatever form it may arrive. I don't agree with Michael on everything and I know that the reverse is also true but we're on the same side, as far as our hopes for the future.

If there's anything you can do, to show Michael your support, to help in lifting his spirits, to demonstrate your solidarity, I hope and trust that you will take this opportunity to do so. We're all in this together, like it or not ...and unless we do hang together, we certainly will hang separately.

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We're pretty sure (grin) that we will get that radio show out this evening to James Jancik at Feet2the fire radio.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Nocturnal Bot Flies of The Apocalypse

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Please forgive me for having to talk about myself again but my life is connected to the wider life and things that are happening to me are happening to many of the readers AND... if something were to happen to me, I want you to know that it is basically because I refused to buy into all of the concerted efforts designed to drive me crazy.

Man!!! I thought I had already seen a rainbow collection of both strange and weird but it keeps getting stranger and it keeps getting weirder. There's a lady over here who has been corresponding with me for a year or so, or more. I can't really keep track of most people because there are so many people coming and going. So... I met this lady. She was responsible for my next location. She introduced me to the fellow who owns the residence there and she came to visit at the same time that I went there to see what was what.

As you all know, I have a new novel out. She is one of those, more than several, people who have purchased a digital copy of the book. She wrote me yesterday, making a comment about the main character, “William'. There is no 'William' in the book. She had asked me several questions, which I didn't answer right away because I was confused about this character, 'William'. So I told here there was no 'William' in the book. She started getting annoyed with me, immediately; understand that there had never been a wiggle between us before this moment and now...? She next started to say that it was because she was not a native speaker ...but she speaks excellent English. William and Wilhelm are the same thing. There are neither in the book. Then she said “this is typical”. She then went on to explain it was all because of the Sirians (from the Sirius star system) and that this had happened with her 'other mirror' too and that she wasn't going to write me anymore. I tried my diplomatic best to communicate with her but she was deaf to all reason and now will not respond. Given what has been happening recently and... since I tumbled to the presence of government and Satanic agencies focused on me, one crazy thing after another has been happening.

I am mentioning only one event of recent time. There have been several and ALL OF THEM have been to make me think I'm crazy and to make me doubt my senses. Since picking up on the fact THAT IT WAS EVEN HAPPENING, it's been 'off the hook'. I have to let the reader know. At this point, I no longer know how many of my prospective destinations are compromised, or how many people who have offered me situations from Japan to the UK, to Australia, are part of a network. If you are someone who has made an offer to me, DO NOT think that I mean you. What I mean is that I just don't know anymore. I just don't know. Add to this some of the very, very strange emails I am getting. Add to this the fact that I was told I would get a particular upgrade about ten days ago. Only a few days later it started happening spades. I won't say what it is, I don't want to mess with the magic. My point is? Very questionable things and very good things are happening at the same time.

One last thing, last night, actually early this morning, the dogs started going off. They kept going off. Something was going on outside. I could hear it. I heard someone at the door too. Just a little while ago I asked Susanne, “What was going on last night?” She said, more or less, “it was really strange, after I came back from the dog walk, at 2:00AM, there was a big black SUV with large antennas on it, parked outside the house”. Through the night she kept getting up and checking and she said there were headlights going back and forth outside and at one point, a car pulled into the driveway. I heard, later on, someone messing with the door. It was interesting. My take is that it was nothing more than psy-ops looking to rattle me; thing is, I don't rattle. I really don't. Whatever comes, comes ...and I know it's for the purpose of demonstration and I KNOW who's in charge ...over all. However, it is several colors of wack, no question about it.

My take is that there is an all out war on anyone and everyone, who is in opposition to the Satanic, Israeli (same thing) push toward Armageddon ...and the usual holocaust syndrome, from the holocaust victim industry, who have made a religion and a propaganda, business module, out of their own self engineered public relations stunt, in order to defense against any criticism, of their murderous offenses against all and sundry. This is the most psychopathic killing machine in history and they are coming up against cosmic judgment and it's coming down on them, as I write these words. Not only is someone going after the Rothschild network and... I don't buy that they are managing it ...but I get the feeling the House vote may not go Israel's way AND I KNOW the assault is not going to ...AND I anticipate one of the next false flags getting caught in the act. The fact is, the public HAS WOKEN UP. They may be only partially aware ...but the rest of it is on the menu. It is the a la carte special of the day and the day is marked on the cosmic calendar.

Readers and critics can believe as they are so motivated to... BUT... I know the movie has a director and the only question is what choice any of you make in terms of the part you will play. Will courage and faith win out over fear and doubt? That, my friends, is your call. It's your call. Crazy pop psych is everywhere to be seen; how ludicrous is this? The Zio- Culture, destruction engine is red-lining. Whatever shit they can sling at the righteous, they will. Their troops are busy, busy little dung beetles. They are the nocturnal bot flies of the Apocalypse and this gallery owner, is he a Tribe member? Duh and double duh. The revolution WILL BE televised. Are people losing their minds or... are they picking up on what's coming at them?

My friends, the fecal freaks are on our doorstep. Have no fear. I am not afraid. Were I to fear, I would grant these garbage breath, voodoo vipers, the force and cachet that grants them the right to supplant truth with what is untrue. I'm not going that route. You may proceed as you wish.

What everything that has happened to me and... in front of me ...has bought about, is to firm up my resolve. I do not doubt that in one lifetime or another, I've been racked and rocked by any number of torturous and tormenting vehicles and violations. I've had my head handed to me and walked off stage carrying it under my arm. You don't get to where I am, or anyone like me gets to, who has not been tested and tried by any aggregate of wanna be, hard-nosed combines, of soft bellied, cretinous cliques. You are heartedly invited to go and perform that well known act of implied self abuse on yourself ...and I'm indifferent as to whether you use a rotating dildo with MP3 capacity, or dual, full penetration thumbs, applied in an rocking Sybian Saddle (link provided for those of you who have yet to discover the value of a search engine) simulation and provide the sound effects and soundtrack yourself. It matters not to me what mechanics you apply, go and do according to your inclinations. However you morph or modulate your fear, do not seek or expect to find it here. If I go down, it will only be an illusion, of directional confusion. Telling you to, “go fuck yourself', is not intended to motivate or malign you.

Don't get sucked in! Don't let the ongoing lie of appearances, cause you to buy into what costs far more than you want to spend. You never realize the cost until you discover what it is you lost. Don't 'lose after almost winning because you didn't know the end from the beginning'.

In this world of tears. In this theater of the absurd. In this black night of insubstantial dreams, it is up to you how you paddle and steer. We each have our challenges and for some of us they can be trying indeed but... when I see a man, such a courteous and well spoken giant of a human being, like Brian Banks, I recognize how poorly I match up against some of the sweet human beings that are on this planet. I don't match up well against a man of this quality and caliber. I just watched him on NFL AM, via NFL Game Pass and I was weeping. I can't imagine how anyone would not weep hearing this man speak. When I look critically of people in these times, I have to remind myself not to miss some of the incredible souls, who have been through such incredible shit and come out of it shining with that inner light that I admire more than anything I encounter and possibly... ever will. I don’t know if you will be able to hear him speaking to Eric Davis, Steve Wyche and the others but it's not to be missed.

Susanne called me while I was in tears, to ask if I had ordered the ink for her Pixma printer and I was standing at the top of the stairs and I couldn't catch my breath and I was weeping and... it was several minutes before I could speak and explain why I was as I was and I had to tell her, “here was this beautiful man, who was accused of a terrible crime, who was sent to prison for five years, who was a gifted athlete, sent down for a rape which he had not committed and there he was criticizing no one and simply being angelic in every way and I... and I? All I could think was how critical I am of so many things and how angry I become (justifiably or righteously, notwithstanding) about things and... I just don't know what to say. I try. I try to be a better person. It might be that this is my role and that I am meant to carry a burning brand and speak truth to power but... I'm never sure, I just live each day and go to bed each night and ask for guidance and inspiration, assistance and transformation and maybe I'm better now than I was or, maybe I am no more than I was the day before, always waking up as the same person. It's hard for me to say.

This man was given a tryout with the Atlanta Falcons and he had just been cut as the rosters were reduced to the final allowed count and all he could say when he was asked if he resented it or how he felt was, “No, I was up against younger and more able, hungrier young men and that is just how it worked out. I'm grateful they gave me a chance. I'll keep trying.” yeah, me too I guess, me too.

Catch Robert Phoenix and I tomorrow on his radio show

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My reason for releasing my book digitally, before the print copy was ready was in the hope that I would hear from some of the readers because there are some sections of the book, like the sex scene with Delphina and Slim in the shower that might not need to be there, EVEN THOUGH it very much reflects contemporary behavior in those environs and that is the same reason so much perversion is personified because that is REALLY how these people are and it speaks to the punishments that came down upon them (and should come upon them) from Ash. Hopefully, in reading the book, you keep all of this in mind. I am portraying nothing more than how it really is, in fact it is worse so... there it is. Let me know.

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Doing the Dog Paddle in Deep Dung Jell-O

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As a close friend of mine told me today, he's stopped reading the news because it's always the same thing. He's decided just to drop out of it and spend his time surfing and looking in the horizon, so to speak. I can well understand. However, it's gotten pretty dark of late. Is that the darkness before dawn? Or, is it the prelude to a yet deeper darkness? Is that light at the end of the tunnel a train, or the way out? These are good questions and I don't know the answer to them but... seeing what is happening in Hungary and which is also being contemplated in various other countries; yes, this same thing is under consideration in other countries. You can't argue with success and... don't think all kinds of other localities aren't seeing this. They are. This tends to tell me that it might be the dawn coming. It also tells me that the agents of the darkness are looking to go into hyper-drive. The next false flag is on the drawing board, as the varieties of location are being scouted. They are being scouted by intelligence agencies, answering to the criminal state of Israel and in concert with them is the Zionist kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Yes, the Saudi royalty, although portrayed as Islamic, for the purpose of deception, are anything but. Prince Bandar is an exceptional example of how vile an individual can get. It was he who facilitated the transfer of the chemical weapons from Israel into the hands of whoever launched them in Syria.

At the same time, monstrous, last ditch efforts are going on all over the globe and the bankers are, metaphorically speaking, tearing out their hair. The reason for this, although one would think they very much have the appearance of sustaining power, is that as a result of all their dark side occult shenanigans, they are also recently informed that they are screwed. Yes, they have been informed by the one upon whom they have relied for for so long, that their note has come due. They are in deep dung Jell-o and Saturn is their only playmate.

See... as they made their long term plans and plots, they were counseled and advised that it would go on forever. They would rule here and in Hell after. It's a fine irony that such seemingly intelligent and decidedly clever creeps, would miss the inference concerning one of their master's titles, which is (drum roll) Father of Lies. Yes, that's his main title, the Father of Lies. What this means is that he strings you along so far as you are willing to go in certain directions and... if you're one of the few of us that have chosen an alternative course, he attempts to dissuade you and set snares. You have to watch out. Another of his nicknames is 'Old Scratch'. He's called Old Scratch because so many people have various particular itches and he scratches them for you. That's my take on it and you're welcome to your take.

I bring this up because an agent from Fundieland came around recently to question my interpretation of a Biblical phrase, “Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment, Be not deceived”. You see, it's one of the tenets of Fundie-speak to perpetuate the impression that the devil is on a kind of equal footing with God. The perception is that they are eternal enemies. This allows Fundie manipulators the opportunity to deceive the parishioners for the purpose of mass mind control and- of course- follow the money. The 'chosen people' scam is another of these lies, just like the lie that Jesus was Jewish. If you look at historical records there is no record of Jesus. Hey, don't get angry with me. That's how it is. Argue with the historians who collectively, for some reason, failed to produce or record the evidence of the founder icon of one of the world's biggest religions, passing through this plane. Zeitgeist goes into this.

I'm not saying such a personage did not come and go here, quite the contrary but I'm not going into that. I'm just saying that much of what you think you know about this subject is wrong. It's the truth of this, which vibrates below the surface of the mesmerized surface mind, that makes Christians so contentious and argumentative. They know there's something wrong going on, even if they don't know what it is. It is exemplified in all of the horrific things this particular religion has gotten up to, probably even before Constantine marched the whole schematic over to the dark side. Well, it's not the only religion with this kind of a history. In every case where there are problems in execution of the professed tenets of the religion, meaning making war instead of peace and damning and demeaning everyone who doesn't belong to their demographic, it is these things that account for it. This is the case with Sunni and Shiite. It's pathetic how cold, stale dogma can exercise such power over what might be a beautiful thing. It explains how and why The Sufis came about. It explains all sorts of things about new movements and separations from a corrupt body that became nothing more than one more engine of materialism.

The truth about that scriptural phrase is that the devil works for God. Anyone who wants to find the truth can find the truth but you can't find the truth if you want the truth to be something other than it is. The divine is either completely in control of everything, or not, your call. You can't teach a fundie what's real because fundies are like bad children. They need lined paper and they need heavy restrictions, mostly cause they don't trust themselves. Like bad and undisciplined children they are petulant and spoiled. They're also selfish and willful and they'll hurt you if you obstruct them. They are the foot soldiers in the vast army of ignorance which made the attack on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and others possible. They are the nodding yahoos that are the supporting chorus for assaults on Syria and Iran. They are the sleepwalking evangelicals, under the thumb of the Zionist psychopaths, who herd them in lockstep, toward all manner of ugly industries. Jesus was a Syrian. I've no quarrel with real Christians who actually follow in the footsteps of the one they seek to emulate. My problem is with the petite bureaucrat, clerk mind of the Cromwell consciousness. My problem is with officious, small minded fools, who make a mockery of what they purport to believe in and whom no argument can sway away from their contemptuous offenses against others. They're the ones who will come screeching around here, filled with their own self importance and presumed, vast comprehension of scripture. Well, I've read as much of it as any of you. The difference between us is in getting the point of the whole thing. This is why I am tolerant of all real religious courses, however they may not be being followed by those contending that they do. I know that all of these systems are imperfect efforts at understanding something that is beyond comprehension. So, instead, we get dogma and cant. We get redundancy and stupid rules that go against human nature and which results in all kinds of perverse behavior breaking through the weakest link in the chain. In the end it all comes down to sex. Sex is the big no no off limits thing except within the constraints of marriage. That shit doesn't work.

So it is that we get the same commentator dropping his stage name and then coming back as an anonymous and not even possessing the imagination to alter his syntax, so as to be unidentifiable. This isn't Dumb Ass Central here. Fairly bright minds are in operation here and irregardless of all the things I don't catch, someone else here does.

I don't make rules for other people. I make rules for myself and... if they are good rules, people follow them by example, without having them forced upon them by demagogues and self appointed interpreters of that which lies beyond the range of human understanding. The point is to know there is a metaphysical realm and to receive from it what is possible for you, more for some and less for others. Instead, we have fundie teletubbies and shmoos, who bang the drum for mass murder and are, unbelievably, at this point, unable to tell they are being lied to. When you are so bone dead stupid that you think that Michelin Tire Man, John Hagee is a sincere exponent of what he claims, you are stupid beyond the means by which to measure it. Millions of these duped fools are lusting for Armageddon in the hope that it will bring about the final days and all that prophecy stuff they have no clue about. They actually want this to happen. Many of them think that endless war in the Middle East is a good thing.

Anyway, what I really wanted to come in here and say today, before I got hijacked by whatever this was (grin), is that Hungary is a sign of big things on the horizon. Oh yes. So is what Russia just did in Cyprus and other things not yet brought to your attention but definitely taking place behind the curtain. It's all about Mr. Apocalypse and he is steady ramping it up for the purpose of demonstration.

It might have been true for centuries that a smart person would steer an unoffensive course in respect of temporal authority but... the winds of change have arrived and if you are against the wind, you will be swept up and carried out to sea or somewhere else you are unlikely to return from. It's not apparent to those trapped in the smoke of bad appetites and questionable desires. What has their attention is just that. If you want to see clearly, you have to be clear in your mind. You can't have all kinds of contradictions going back and forth. They are there precisely for the purpose of making you an occupied zone. One way or another, maybe we all have to be an occupied zone, one way or another. Given that, you should be able to choose the occupier.

Stay frosty,

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