Thursday, September 12, 2013

No Pain... No Gain... and NO CENTRAL BANKERS!

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's always good to start out with something at least comically refreshing before we get into the dreadful directions awful people want to take us in. You can match this up with the fashion photos recently posted. I could answer this particular question for a lot less than 2 million dollars but a lot of people wouldn't like the answer. The answer is so obvious that any objective mind will catch it. If you're seduced by group think well, there you go.

As the cosmic worm turns, public focus is personalizing. Shrill disinfo creeps are getting showcased. My thought is that the 9/11 lie is coming to term. Slowly but surely the truth is becoming more powerful than the lies. This accounts for the manic intensity on the part of those grown fat on lies. The ground is moving under them. Terra is no longer firma for them. Day by day, the specter of their fate becomes more solidified. The ominous patter of tiny demon feet can be heard; the offspring of their unholy congress with the dark side of the moon. Hecate's brood is hungry and they generally feed on their parents, unless the proper safeguards have been put into place but... these modern magicians are no Dr. John Dee's, There is no Agrippa or Paracelsus among them. These watered down occult poseurs would be best served by reading what Agrippa wrote after putting magic aside completely;

"But of magic I wrote whilst I was very young three large books, which I called Of Occult Philosophy, in which what was then through the curiosity of my youth erroneous, I now being more advised, am willing to have retracted, by this recantation; I formerly spent much time and costs in these vanities. At last I grew so wise as to be able to dissuade others from this destruction. For whosoever do not in the truth, nor in the power of God, but in the deceits of devils, according to the operation of wicked spirits presume to divine and prophesy, and practicing through magical vanities, exorcisms, incantations and other demoniacal works and deceits of idolatry, boasting of delusions, and phantasms, presently ceasing, brag that they can do miracles, I say all these shall with Jannes, and Jambres, and Simon Magus, be destined to the torments of eternal fire.”

There are two things that every human being, who gives a damn about their own survival and the survival of those they love, must keep in mind, all wars are magical wars and all of the varieties of evil that presently caper and cavort among us, are the offspring of Central Bankers. Whether it be direct or indirect, they either set the policy or provide the funding for pretty much everything. By setting policy, they have such enormous resources that they can guarantee success in any endeavor, no matter how pernicious or absurd. By providing funding, they control the continuance of any endeavor and can make it succeed or fail accordingly.

Every empire and many countries, have a shadow government that stays out of the light. They are the sort of life forms who bear no love for light in any case. What is magic? Magic can be what is practiced by the media. It is what is practiced in the economic area. It is most usually performed to the intent of controlling the state and direction of the human mind. The best of magicians control their own minds and are then automatically in control of all minds. That is not to be understood in the literal sense. There is a deeper meaning there. Those of you who utilize torrents might find the complete collection of Manly Palmer Hall's lectures to be informative.

There's truth to be had in Crowley's quote (I’m no fan of his), “Magick is anything I say it is.” It's my theory... and it is only my theory, I haven't read it anywhere but- in my own experience, the whole of ceremonial magic takes place inside the mind of the magician. All those circles and pentagrams, all the scents and sounds take place 'inside' the mind of the practitioner. It is inside the mind that the magical circle is drawn and it is from the mind that the power of summoning, banishing or whatever you get up to gets down in. Anyone familiar with the Aphorisms of Patanjali should be aware of the supremacy of mind, in all matters related to the subject under discussion. Of course, wisdom and true understanding only come when the heart swallows the mind; that's my focus but... sadly, it is not a focus shared by those laying waste to everything around us.

Obviously, I can only talk around this subject and portions of my conversation may seem not only limited but less than comprehensive, to the point that they might even seem misleading. There's nothing I can do about that. As is ever the case when I am talking about things like this, it's what I'm not saying that is most important. The mind takes away from what it contemplates, those things it finds most personally desirable, or which fit into their already preconceived notions. Rarely does someone embrace what was not previously known and move to prove it out. Change is hard. We never seek it until our existence becomes unbearable without it. This is why pain remains our greatest motivator. It's possible to be pain free but only when one is committed to the process of eternal change. That statement is a bit of a blind as well, since the changeless is the objective, WHEN the awareness of it is present.

Let's revisit the concepts that 'all wars are magical wars', and Central Bankers are the nastiest and most dangerous of humanities enemies. I can expand that to include anyone who is engaged in money changing, usury and all the other legalized forms of theft that are business as usual here. The way to lead a nation to war is to first set the public against itself and put them at war with themselves. One definition of magic is, the performance of illusion on the human mind. This includes the art of misdirection. This kind of thing can be relatively harmless if you're at a David Copperfield show or similar. However, when it's objective is wide spread suffering and the enslavement and murders of countless individuals, for the sole purpose of personal gain, it becomes something else entirely. We know, with assurance now, that all wars are funded and very often started by Central Bankers, who fund both sides of the conflict, for the purpose of creating debt, with the intent to control the country and to have access to their resources. This is a proven truth. Ergo, get rid of the Central Bankers and you immediately remove the source of most present human misery.

There is no need for further hemming and hawing. There is no need for argumentative, philosophical dispute, or the insidious twaddle of economists in the employ of Central Bankers. Humanity must come together and force the end to Central Banking. If this is done, everything else can be managed. Consider nearly every evil present on the planet today. You can trace their existence back one way or the other to Central Bankers. The Central Bankers are linked in policy and process with the shadow government Satanists; those magicians from the dark side who take their power from the declining regent of a departing age. They shall all fail. Still, they are dangerous even in their failure because they can take you down with them. Don't let that happen.

Keep in mind the irresistible impetus of Mr. Apocalypse. He cannot be stopped. He is precise and perfect and a mathematical certainty. You simply need to endure to see it... well, that's not all really. You have to be on the right side of history. The right side of history is not the increasingly emergent and camouflaged Khmer Rouge, PC fascism that is seeking to destroy western culture and push it beyond recognition. The right side of history is not nation building, following nation destruction. The right side of history is not putting the process of lawmaking into the hands of corporate lobbyists, so that now, corporations are actually writing the laws, simply because they have more cash. For the typical swine seeking office, their mantra is, “show me the highest bidder”. That's how all that going along with the program comes about. The right side of history is to be in full recognition that whatever is bad for Israel is good for everyone else. Israel and the Central Bankers are indistinguishable and their backdoor, reverse kabala antics, are a primary source of all wars being magical wars.

None of this means you have to do anything, as much as it means you need to see what is in front of you. Safe and sane action always follows clear vision. If you can't see, then you don't know where you're going. If you can see, the question doesn't arise. Some years ago, a complete National Geographic team went off the side of a mountain, when they decided to keep moving on, after a blanketing fog had descended. When you can't see, don't move. When you can see, the question doesn't arise.

Recognize what is. Do not look for an acceptable alternative that provides you with a compromised situation, where you can hold on to what you consider to be more important than the truth. Nothing is more important than the truth. Lacking the truth is the fog which descends. You need to come into possession of that metaphorical miners head lamp. Just because the concept of the lamp is a metaphor does not mean that the real thing isn't around. I assure you it is and there are people who are in possession of it.

All this time passing... there's a reason for all this time passing ...and hope remaining and chaos diverted and avoided. You're being given a grace period to get your head together, as soon as that happens, your life will follow suit.

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Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

When poetry is prose, this is what results. Gratitude arises spontaneously, reminders and new 'connect the dots' abound in today's smoke-less mirrors.

And when the mind clears and Heart empties of all programmed context and thus becomes a fitting vessel for the substance of Divine Love, ahhh what an exalted station to aspire to !!!

Be well, be Alert

Anonymous said...

LV, yes Aleister Crowley is overrated. More than that, he was a creep and torturer. Read his biography–at Cambridge or wherever he attended he tested a cat. He wanted to know if a cat really has nine lives. So he hung a live cat from the ceiling of his dorm room and tortured it until it died. He was a bisexual, drug addict, con man and priapic. This sounds like relief to a bored middle classer. Such personalities appeal to the discontent. It's the Jesse James effect. This is standard Tribe strategy: displace sound social principles with maleficent.

Crowley was a mercenary and sold information to various intelligence services, although he posed as British patriot. So all this cachet from Led Zeppelin album covers and the rest is part of the Tribe's warfare against civilization.

I recommend the bio "Secret Agent 666" (2008), by Richard B. Spence.


Anaughty Mouser said...

Oh Visible, dearest Les:

"All this time passing... there's a reason for all this time passing ...and hope remaining and chaos diverted and avoided. You're being given a grace period to get your head together, as soon as that happens, your life will follow suit."

Like Gabriel and Michael's trumpets playing harmony. Like the sweet nectar drop of quintessential truth on the tip of your tongue. Thank you.

JerseyCynic said...

Walk Through the Fire or Burn --- what an amazing song. lyrics, melody, tempo..... EVERYTHING. (don't laugh, but I think I want this played at my funeral) the opposites ARE one (I know this for a fact!)
" it both of them together or are both of them the same...."

whoa, whoa, whoa....Play it again!

Pennsylvanian said...

Hey Vis,

I just want to say that I usually click to your posts from I can always tell right away from the title of the link at WRH, ie, the title of your post, that it's you. Or if not by the title, by the first couple sentences. You are truly an original writer -- the style itself opens up the reader's mind for insights to occur. Thank you! Now to actually read the post...

dirtykid© said...

Good post Vis,

I was only slightly taken aback by the 'male requirement for estrogen' article, but more via the visualization of what might be implied on a worst case scenario where the by-product of menstruation might be marketed as some type of energy drink... Somebody please kill me before I am bombarded with that ad campaign, because it will suck the remaining will to live right out of me if we ever see that future. I will remain hopeful that this idea is more of a by-product of having re-watched the movie Se7en last night.

I know that storyline was designed to create it's own 'magic', and is so backwards of all the current breed of 'CSI cops will find you within 3 hours of having had an evil thought' propaganda that we have going on now, yet still watched it anyway... My bad...

I did come to terms with something this morning despite all of that bad juju I subjected myself to last night which I feel fits right into the 'as above, so below' credo. Some vague recognition of a 'template' which seemingly applied it's exact specification into my own personal troubles with what slave-masters tote as 'the job market' or equate as being a 'useful and productive member of society', which as we both know serves the purpose of central bankers... I had been looking at it all from the exact wrong angle, it had not been me who failed to change or even to recognize that change was going on all around me, but rather that I had failed to comply with the changes deliberately and willfully recognizing that the changes were both impure and manufactured for the service of darkness.

I simply could not on any conscious level effort myself to emulate this behaviour, and as such I stand out as though I were radiating a visible 30-foot wide aura or a large "kick me" tattoo on my forehead at the very least, and the whole thing falls back to free and creative thinking. It's the same template as is regurgitated throughout the entire system; from education, to politics and media, religion, law, moral majority, and all the way back to the pit from whence the money itself emerged... INDOCTRINATION and DEPENDENCY on the paradigm and system to feed us the correct answer...

It is this all encompassing force propagated and perpetuated by anybody and everybody so hopelessly consumed by the system and by extension those who think they are 'running the show'...

It's so obvious now, but I am not even certain words can properly describe it...

Ginnie said...

I will "answer this particular question"...for free! If you can't handle the truth then don't read it. And don't give Les any "sh*t" about it because he didn't post it and also there are many things that have been called "forbidden" for a very good reason. Even in a freewill universe as it is mentioned in the bible "all things are allowed, but not all things are CONVENIENT". You do it and then the consequences are yours alone! No judgement just universal truth...and you do it to yourself. But man are they making bank on diet cures for the consequences.

Read part 1 and part 2 "Reverse Kundalini"

If you decide you don't want this on your blog I perfectly understand the viciousness of the defenders of this!

Anonymous said...

Rarely does someone embrace what was not previously known and move to prove it out. [TRUE!!]

Change is hard.

We never seek it {out} until our existence becomes unbearable without it.

This is why pain remains our greatest motivator. . .
{when it could be Love}

It's possible to be pain free but only when one is committed to the process of eternal change....that's a long time, right...?

That statement is a bit of a blind as well, since the changeless is the objective, WHEN the awareness of it is present.

you can say that again.

I read a lot, but I enjoy reading your stuff cause you write different than most, and say things others should say but don't.

not to disparage others, but objectively speaking you do help those who can be helped to see the big picture more clearly, and that means a lot, too.

we're not all the same, but the vibrational frequency of the Love energy is ramped up the more HARMONY there is, and it's a walk through the fire or burn ....




Anonymous said...

Aloha, Les,

Maybe there are no coincidences: this morning I was having a brainstorm on this very topic, the intimate connection between bankers, wars & revolutions. I was reviewing 3 pivotal Revolutions: American, French, & Russian. Compare and contrast, indeed. In every case, follow the money. Puts a new twist on the old saying, "Freedom ain't free." Ha!

Interesting how monarchies got overthrown, and equally telling, which ones survived. Ah, the things they don't teach in school.

Now I'm gonna have to track down that movie, "The International". Mahalo for the tip. Wayne

missingarib said...

All of us are responsible to ourselves to hold fast to a life dignified by truth,love and justice .

Therein is the ground that the founder of christianity talked about:Hearken; Behold, there went out a sower to sow: And it came to pass, as he sowed, some fell by the way side, and the birds of the air came and devoured it up. And some fell on stony ground, where it had not much earth; and immediately it sprang up, because it had no depth of earth: But when the sun was up, it was scorched; and because it had no root, it withered away. And some fell among thorns, the thorns grew up, and choked it, and it yielded no fruit. And other fell on good ground, did yield fruit that sprang up and increased; and brought forth, some thirty, and some sixty, some an hundred. He said unto them, He that has ears to hear, let him hear.

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth...not going all the way, and not starting.”

live long

Anonymous said...

So who doesn't have a Rothschild et al central ponzi bank?

Syria, Iran, N.Korea, Cuba. And Russia, didn't Putin kick out and jail the oligarchs a few years ago?

As plain as the nose on your face - the "enemies" of the West are exactly those countries which do not accept zionist bank slavery.

War and peace are the same to me
I'll die in war and hang in peace.

To hell with Rothschild, Rockerfeller, Morgan, Schiff, Kuhn, Loeb, Goldstein, Warburg et al.

Why should I run on a hamster wheel for them.

Fuck the .01% and the horse they rode in on!

Anonymous said...

Thomas Edison summed it up very neatly in 1921: ”[Henry Ford] thinks it is stupid, and so do I, that for the loan of $30m of their own money the people of the United States should be compelled to pay $66m – that is what it amounts to, with interest … It is absurd to say that our country can issue $30m in bonds and not $30m in currency. Both are promises to pay; but one promise fattens the usurer, and the other helps the people.

neal said...

Oh, there you are. I was worried about resolve, do not take that personally. The war of these is hard to take, it is hard not to be the marrying that does not leave most hanging.

That is not so much mentation, some of these bones are still finding some way to starting up more. Not really the bones, just the eyes, where that is going, that is just this damned War.

It would be nice to have some damned advice, or an opinion, or even being in the same place and time. That is easy stuff, way above this paygrade.

It is not the lack or caring, or the hate, it is the lack of sense. I do not want to get angry, that is very dangerous.

It is hard to make a safe place without leaving some kind of out for those who need more room. Lots of judgement, and tears, in that place. Calling out, OK, tears, too. The rest, not easily lived with.

the gardener said...

Thank you for this Vis: "
All this time passing... there's a reason for all this time passing ...and hope remaining and chaos diverted and avoided. You're being given a grace period to get your head together, as soon as that happens, your life will follow suit."

Anonymous said...

If you keep posting links to books and files,my hard drive is going to fill up.I have seven ebooks on my desktop and now I am going to have two gigs of audio. Did you think that I was going to live another hundred years?(Grin) There is a little torrent called ReadPal that makes ebooks easy.Thanks for all of the links and I have read most of the books that you have recommended. I even had to purchase some of them. I use Kickass myself but I live in Ohio, I go through a proxy and use PeerBlock when it is running. I downloaded your music before the site was shut down, my favorites are Walk Through The Fire Or Burn and I Need More Light. My grandson and I make noise with guitars and I was wondering if the sheet music was available for these songs. If I remember correctly you had it posted with the music but I did not get it at the time. Have a good one.

Rob in WI said...

Henry Ford, along with the Lindbergs, Father Coughlin, and others, were aware of the jewish banking scheme. Ford commissioned "The International Jew", and articles in "Ford Times", to put his money where his mouth is.
These truthers were about to keep usa out of WW2, so, the Japan "back door to war" had to be implemented.
The jewish supremacists, supercharged by zionism, now overtly turned to politics, but more insidious were their social manipulation programs, already underway, fueled by the jewish central banking scam. The "politically correct" social agendas are all promoted and funded by the group Henry Ford was struggling against.
The knowledge that zionists were the instigators of WW1 inspired these heros of the 20's-40's to speak out.
Little tired of ranting now.
Be well, all, Rob

Marcus Edwwards said...

Central Bankers and those fucking Jews. "Jews" meaning, the Zionist Cabal responsible for most of humanities suffering. How much is enough for these Thugs and Replitoids born of Satan's ass? And why can't they simply leave us alone?

I'm so fucking sick of it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les - this post blew my mind!

I have never heard it said more beautifully and succinctly: "wisdom and true understanding only come when the heart swallows the mind."

I'm gonna quote you on that!


SJ Palmer

Anonymous said...

David Martin said:

Aware of this country’s war weariness, and wariness, Obama, like Roosevelt, promises that we will have to make no further real sacrifice. Obama says that there will be no American “boots on the ground,” while FDR, as late as October of 1940 during the election campaign in a speech in Boston declared, “I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.” - DC Dave, September 13, 2013

Great insight by David Martin. Obama promised on September 10, 2013 he would conduct a surgical strike on Syria to punish the Assad regime for gassing to death civilians. As big a lie as arabs used two planes to knock down three buildings in New York September 11, 2013.

The only way to garantee no boots on the ground is to resist the Rothschild/AIPAC coersion, and not to invade Syria (or Iran, N.Korea, Cuba etc) whatsoever.

What say ye the American people? What say ye the people of the world?

Anonymous said...

I say if the Obama regime succumbs to the pressure of the international bankers/zionism and fires even one tomahawk missile into Syria, I hope that Syria, Hezbollah and Iran pulverise the Amerikan ships and military stongholds all over the ME and the entire state of Israel. Further, if Israel or Amerika uses one single nuclear weapon in the ME war that Russia and China nuclear bomb the living sh*t out of whoever is responsible for the nuclear bomb launch.

Syria has not used chemical weapons against its own people. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Les. Excellent post.
You know whereof you speak.
Like this guy...

"With Usura" by Ezra Pound.

steve in h-town

B Erhart said...

B Erhart said...

mike m said...

Now "they" use the term "boot on the ground" as if to conjure in some minds just some boots invading a country instead of human lives.

Sick Fucks.

B Erhart said...



LanceThruster said...

9/11 is the litmus test.

So many of the things that reverberate to today are based on the unwillingness to demand full,
open and transparent investigations of the attack, the crime scene forensics, and the apparent response failures. Anyone not in lockstep with the coming
“payback” was a traitor, and anyone questioning the official
narrative was a nutter. That the people so readily dismissing the skeptics, did not heed to call themselves to demand what the commission itself determined;
that a proper investigation was needed to uncover the truth.

Remember, the alternate explanation to deride conspiracy, was the supposedly comforting
notion that incompetence, an unrelated type of criminality (the destruction of evidence), the desire to cover your butt, and a string of bad luck and/or remarkable coincidence, explained the seeming contradictions and that the right enemy had been targeted anyway, so no time to navel gaze as we needed to get
our bloodbath up and running.

My recollection is somewhat shorter as to what I saw and what we lost. I live in So Cal and commute to downtown LA, and have for over 20+ years. For *exactly* a
day and a half (the same amount of time the air stays smog free after a good rain), the normally selfish and inattentive motorists drove in manner virtually unseen before or since. Over that two day period, they actually showed noticeable
consideration and no longer drove oblivious to those around them, not caring who they cut off or didn’t let in or honked at for going too slow, or not getting
out of the way fast enough…they treated the other drivers as fellow Americans that were also possibly traumatized or numb and that the default position might
be that they would appreciate a random act of kindness from a stranger who might just cut another person a break for no other reason than they thought the
anonymous person could use one.

And then, as if it never happened in the first place, it was over. That was how long it took
to revert back to type, and embrace dysfunction as normalcy.

And that’s how we got to where we are today.

There are some things in life that we can’t turn back the clock on, but tragically that is true even on those things we could turn back the clock on. We’re just not that smart or that caring, and I don’t think it’s overly pessimistic to say that we never will be.

Anonymous said...

@ September 13, 2:39:00 Anonymous said...

I hope that Syria, Hezbollah and Iran pulverise the Amerikan ships and military stongholds all over the ME...if Amerika uses one single nuclear weapon in the ME war that Russia and China nuclear bomb the living sh*t out of whoever is responsible for the nuclear bomb launch.

Minus Israel from your vision - and now you have the plan and goals of Greater Israel Project a.k.a. New World Order, One World Order; add to it that Russia will likely be severely damaged in such event, which looks more and more likely, and you have zio-orge's ultimate wet-dream: all the "goyims" destroying each other again - as they did in WWI, WWII, and thereafter - with zio-beasts holding all that remains in its clutches; also - even if Israel would be destroyed - the zio-ogre will survive

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vis for pointing to my attention those lectures from Mr Manly Hall!
He knows so much!
I cannot believe i did not hear of him sooner because he has many tips on subjects i have been pondering about, so i am pleased you just dropped his name!

Anonymous said...

Got it!!!!

VIDEO: John Kerry admits WTC 7 was a controlled demolition!!!!!! Mr. Apocalypse scores big on this one!!!!


Ray B. said...

Anonymous, September 13, 2013 2:39:00 PM

"...if Israel or Amerika uses one single nuclear weapon in the ME war..."

According to J1m St0ne, there have already been 2-3 nukes, probably of the bunker-busting variety (but broke the surface anyway), used by the above cabal in Syria. Check out his analysis of one 'flash' criticality moment, as caught by a Syrian with a camera running. While I'm not an expert in this area, the evidence seems pretty conclusive. So, they're already being used; it's just that ownership of the media keeps the knowledge of their use from the general public...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Russia downed the two missiles said...

“the US forces fired these two rockets from a NATO base in Spain, and were instantly detected by the Russian radars and confronted by the Russian defense systems, so one of them exploded in the airspace and the second one diverted towards the sea.”

In this context, the source pointed out that “the statement issued by the Russian Defense Ministry, which stated the detection of two ballistic missiles fired towards the Middle East, intended to neglect two points: the first was the location from which the two rockets were fired, and the second was their downing. Why? Because the moment the full military operation was launched, Head of the Russian Intelligence Service contacted the US intelligence and informed it that “hitting Damascus means hitting Moscow, and we have removed the term “downed the two missiles” from the statement to preserve the bilateral relations and to avoid escalation. Therefore, you must immediately reconsider your policies, approaches and intentions on the Syrian crisis, as you must be certain that you cannot eliminate our presence in the Mediterranean.”

“This unannounced direct confrontation between Moscow and Washington increased the Obama Administration’s confusion and certainty that the Russian side was ready to move until the end with the Syrian cause, and that the US did not have a way out of its impasse except through a Russian initiative which would save America’s face…” he added.

From this point, the diplomatic source clarified that “in order to avoid further US confusion, and after Israel denied knowing anything about the rocket firing in its first statement, which is the truth, Washington demanded Tel Aviv to adopt the rocket firing to save its face in front of the International Community..."

The above makes total sense considering all that has happened (Kerry, Obama, Israel etc) after the two missiles were fired and neutralized.

Comment: "So the American president has to save face. A couple of years ago I remember on CNN, the reporters were laughing that the third world countries’ leaders have to find ways to save face. Remember Sadam Hussien. They (the reporters) never knew such a practice existed. The US has never have to do that. But now the US is so low that its president has do what the third world countries have to do. So welcome to the club." - Moldova

Visible said...

I saw all of those and was going to write about them tomorrow

Anonymous said...

A radical group from Russia claiming the right to freedom of speech has released a cartoon picture of Putin feeding (the zionist porch monkey) Obama bananas.

Anonymous said...

"Exposing the US as the tool of international zionism which it is." - John Azaziah

John Azaziah is one of the most insightful, knowledgeable and honest reporters of our times.

"The jig is up."

Anaughty Mouser said...

All the money in the world and the ability to create more as needed yet the zionists cannot get the economic slaves to kill each other. Taking over the world was supposed to work. The protocols laid out the plan over a hundred years ago.

But it is failing. Imagine being alpha zionist Rothschild, el capitano of the mob to enslave the world. Their plans are falling apart and all the money, threats and murder are not working to get the planned third world war going. They were even ready to sacrifice "Israel" to achieve their dreamed of new world order with them at the head.

They even shoe-horned in a borderline personality leader into their most powerful dog of war. A marionette free of conscience about lying or killing. Yet still no progress on the conquering of the world.

Finished. The rest will be a denouement. The zionists may try a few more false flags but ultimately the momentum has been lost. The move to a one world government is permanently derailed.

The next step is to abolish usury and central banks and get the world back on the path to progress - including cleaning up the ecological mess the zionist multinational corporations have left in their wake.

What kind of animal soils its own nest? The same one that just failed trying to take over the world.

Breath a sigh of gladness. The zionist beast is being defeated.

Anonymous said...

Russia downs US (Zio-ogre slave) missiles = all is going as planned; the two most powerful goyim nations, the two most likely to stop the Greater Israel Project-New World Order (Jew World Order) are being set up to destroy each other. The Zio-ogre wet dream about to become reality.
Maybe not? Who knows?
What is more certain is that if Rothschild central (City of London, New York) is neutralized, and main offenders (Zio-ogre global crime gang overlords) were to be corralled and imprisoned - then global war (of goyims) 3 would be off.

Visible said...

My dear friends- supernatural and temporal shit everywhere. Many of you know Susanne does not believe in God. Many of you know about Mexico and India and that they were government ops.

Two days ago some gov started fucking with internet connection. Four nights ago the dogs started going off After Susanne came back at 2:00AM and saw a black suv with bristling antennas outside the house all night the dogs were going off, Susanne got up to see and saw another suspicious car driving up and down the street. Late, I heard someone messing with the front door. They are just fucking with me, god told me so. I will talk about what god told me at next Origami; AMAZING SHIT! TRULY AMAZING SHT NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH IS WHAT GOD HAS TOLD ME.

I fixed the internet thing a few hours ago by pure intuition which no one but a serious pro could have done; amazing shit! I'll get into it in a couple days.

Unknown said...

This sez it all,9263,501130916,00.html


ChewyBees said...

For those interested there is a program called Calibre that will allow you to take PDF's, DOC, DOCX etc. and convert it into a usable format for android devices, namely Kindle if that is your choice of reader. It's free, and a pretty neat app for the PC.

I've beat this to death so I'll keep it brief. People are loopers. They involve themselves in organization and organizational practices, doing the same things over and over ad infinitum (and nauseam), and engage in yes-man relationships that only confirm the nonsense they have already come to accept. It's this way almost purely out of fear. Thinking outside of the box (coffin?) means facing the abyss and the monsters in the closet.

Perhaps why the divorce rate is so high is that is becomes intolerable for one partner to accept that the other is not following the exact specifications of that partner's looping system. In my case, my wife must be a saint, because you never know WTF I'm going to decide to believe as truth tomorrow, lol...

Great post, Les Visible.

Eudoxia said...

LOLOL God - Obama nominates Larry Summers as FED chief in this outstanding theater of the totally absurd, not that that in any way remotely describes it - this must be the stepping on his own dick part. However, last I heard was Summers knocked it back. Good job, and a wise move, he'd know more than anyone that the next FED Chairman will be swinging by the neck on the nearest lamp post right along side Obama. Leave it to good ole Sambo (sorry to sound racist but the guy is nothing more than a stuffed doll with intellect to match) never ceases to expose himself. Even Bush wasn't that stupid - really, maybe.............I know this is a very old cliche but talk about the inmates running the asylum. As Charlie Brown would say Good Grief! Charlie Brown for President! couldn't get any worse - could it?

Visible said...

Oh God, not another one. Got one at Origami too. Unreal but... I should have known after recent events.

One clue, could I have written what I had written? No. My email account now comes up with a box that says "warning this site is suspicious" and harmnful and then I get to hit a box that says. "I understand the risk". Then I have to hit, "I approve the security certificate". This is gmail and my account! I am the only one accessing it (or should be); am I dangerous to myself?(grin).

Despite Tyler's misinfo at Origami, kundalini doesn't do this kind of thing, and I do do the kind of thing that draws this. I'm surprised it took so long. Look at what happened to the guy at Global Research, or Information; whatever the name is.

Obviously it is still happening since I just got the thing about my email account. Now I find an account at another email account at AdultFriendFinders. I won't tell you what that says. The key here is that I am not disturbed or upset, only amused.

Anonymous said...

Visible, it sounds like you have malware of a virus on your computer. That security certificate thing is often a byproduct of malware or a virus. Do you have Windows 7, as your operating system? if you do, I can help you fix the problem.

Here's what you should do if you have Windows 7 as an operating system. (If you don't, I'm sure others who come here do, and this is how they can thwart any virus/malware problem they might have, without having to go see some ripoff outfit like Geek Squad, or pay money for some ridiculous anti-virus/anti-malware program.)

First, transfer everything you need (programs, documents, etc.) from your computer to an external drive of some sort. Flash drives will work if you don't have a lot of data; if you have a lot, purchase an external hard drive that will cover your storage needs, such as the 500GB model manufactured by Seagate.

Then, just reformat your computer to its original factory condition.

Here's how you do it:

1) Click Start
2) Click Control Panel
3) Click System and Security
4) Under "Action Center", click "Review your computer's status and resolve issues"
5) At the bottom-right of the next window, click "Recovery"
6) Click "Advanced recovery methods", the last link under "System Restore"
7) Click "Return your computer to factory condition"

Then follow the remaining instructions, and restore your computer to its original factory state (like it was, right out of the box).

Then hook up your external drive with all your programs and documents, and you'll be back in business.

If you own a computer of any kind, restoring your computer to its original factory state at least once a month, will allow your machine to work for many years. I have a 10-year-old laptop that works like the day I bought it, simply because I restore it to its original factory state every couple of weeks.

Hope this helps.

Visible said...

Thank you brother. I've already done that and it took them only a few hours to get back in and do the same things; Of course I formatted my computer after a long period of distress. It is MUCH MORE involved and obvious than that and it doesn't explain what happened to my last visitor, or the vehicles outside my house, or what happened to me inside my house while I was sleeping. I know we would all prefer another solution. It takes a lot to get me paranoid.

I don't mean to be ungrateful but credit the intelligence that wrote all the things I write and has done all the things I have done and remained sacrosanct except for Mexico and India (grin). That turned out to be them too. Some number of commenters have been here for some long time sett8ing up a cover. I now KNOW this. It has been proven to me according to my standards AND I am not easily impressed. It's them alright.

Could I have been crazy all this time and written all I have written over the last ten years; the songs? the books? the blog postings? Has anyone done the like? And I'm not self important. I know where it comes from. I defer to real talent. I don't have any but I do have some incredible friends. I'll say no more and I'll deal with it. My friends are more powerful in any case.

Visible said...

Oh yeah, that does work but... they're not after you. Also, no virus I ever heard of selectively removes all of the owner's personal works and removes the attachments for them from their email server AND other things. Believe me, I have to be damned sure before I go public and I have state of the art virus protection and NEVER click on anything prior to checking it and that is only what I get fro friends I don't click on anything else.

What surprises me is that the first 3 respondents at these and other blogs think I am crazy or misinformed. I'm not. Trust me. I'm not.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up-

Waking Up AND the Fandango Tango.

Visible said...

Oh Yeah, I am using Windows XP but I do have Windows 7 and I can still save everything. I didn't mean to sound rude or discount you but... I only posted about 10% of the things that have happened.

Visible said...

Many,,,nany of these posts I did not post, Only the god ones., Someone else posted them without my knowledge thinkin I wouldn't reqad all again but... the numbersd werew too huge They are real serious to go this deep and far.

Visible said...

Martin the words were 'later thihs dAY.

Visible said...

I'm going to try it now

Visible said...

the truth is Im shrouded that is why certain powerful beings are curious avout me in a negative fashion. Who I really am will surface soon. You won't miss it.

Visible said...

So Dave, youre in on it too? what havew they told you

Visible said...

they changed all treh comments.

Visible said...

I'm not that bad

Visible said...

his comment didn't appear Dave I';m veiled that what you run into to throw you off, Please think about this

Visible said...

I,m certainluy getting confused. They have some kind of device in my house also as they are provy to the inside

Visible said...

you are monstrous, How can thias have a good ending. You're in my head all the time. If it was tht lst thihng your right but inside my head god is constrantly in my head. anxd other high beings I xould NOT be decieved about that. Please go check. Upstarirs is berting on me T2wo opposing sides They are btrting how it tuirns out and with thiings that cannt be ffound on earth,

Imagine the stakes, I*magine my dismay that these pewople were speaking to one who bets against me, Imagine my dismay at herinf this

Visible said...

God will win

Visible said...

anfd Crowley was at the t5op in his early days but

cronronson cnaged that.

Visible said...

peacemaker, I will honor your rewuest
as saoon as i am physically able. I certainly can't do it now. but you hav e my word. I nearly almost totally do that.

Visible said...

I xonsider lovew the higher goal. It ios immeasurable. Are you unawe of my love for the devicx rfealm? Of xourse I would give th3em that witrhhout asking if I had only knopwn i would hvwe ptitioned my friends ad certainly without this happening. You need to check your aource. At least get a sexondf opinion. Thqt's smart and you're very smart. I assue very rich too with what you can do. "l

Visible said...

huh, youj're testin g me that's what Richards xcomment said
You're leaving clues and if you are the good guys you gort it wrong. Things tht didn't even hppen aree placed there, It's a blind, Surely you are able to assesxas that Yoou erased my commentr on love, spwcificaly divine love,

You havent heard me for years. I dont know what you are hearing. You are being plaed. I'm the good guy and neres a worejkaROUnd how about the qiuote,"ecven the devil is transformeds into an anfel of light at 'given what I have axtrally been doing

Visible said...

No Gos would not permit that nor would he even for a bet, I ws the only one he coould trust but I still think you're wrong.

too much proof a lifetime of truth and when my father beat m,e egular with whatecve he could grab. What he always beat into 'tell the truth. He certainly didn't

Anonymous said...


well, i don't mind a few typo's,
who ever is doing the typing
for the first time, in forty years,
[i spent two weeks at a re-hab, recently]

i had a roomate and you had to
go by the clock, all sorts of

things [activeties, intense disscusion etc...]

any ways i learned, heroin is cheap
on the streets and in the bars

[and if you keep talking about it,
i just might have to try some]

perhaps that would ease my pain
as long as i had some, because

coming down without it is just
about the worst thing, you ever want to feel

don't jump in, if you can't swim
that's what i learned

yes, i still drink

Anonymous said...


Life Is Good.
Sendin' Healin' Vibes to Ya Brother.

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

so they let you finish your book then hack you?
I hope you are just paranoia!

Visible said...

the last 15 comments were deleted before i could post them. Please resubmit. these people are much better at their evil than I am at good. I will not be back until I have a new computer, or this one work. I can type no double letters, backspace more than once.

Please bear with station dificulties.

Visible said...

I am not a paranoid. Quite the opposite. I am under severe duress. They have crippled everything i could do. I will try hard to get back., Bear with me.

Anonymous said...

as long as you and yours are
safe and sound [all's good]

us hungry readers can wait,
for more manna and ambrosia

they will never win in this
as information can never, nor

will it ever, be controlled
nor the truth be squelched

Eric said...

I realize that I have only just revealed myself on your blogs and that you have no reason to trust me. Just know that I have sent prayers and good wishes your way during this time.

Anonymous said...


Come over here. Go off-grid for a while. You have my number and details.


Anonymous said...

OK, would someone please get Viz back.

Suit up, Gerry cans, whatever.

Horizontal Vibes, NOW!

In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti.


Eudoxia said...

I hear ya there, it's been over two weeks I think I'm suffering from Visable withdrawals.......... So we shall just keep posting in the interim. Talk about Mr Apocalypse doing his tap dance. I just watched not sure why, a rather entertaining example of a politician putting both feet in mouth at once. While being questioned about how destructive Obamacare really is by one Senator Cruz, Senator Durbin (Mr Foot in Mouth x 2) starts proudly pontificating how all US congress having FIRST CLASS health care, that allows him and his family to fly first class all the way and the Federal government contributes 72% into their health care fund. Well aren't they fortunate. Do these idiots realise they are being streamed for all those who want to listen to their drivel with the added bonus of how they are feathering their own nests while throwing Americans under the proverbial bus? This is the first time in years I've had a really good amount of time to surf the internet at leisure and time is something I have a lot of at the moment. NEVER before in my internet meanderings for want of a better word have I seen such anti American sentiment as I am doing right now. Not only are other countries ganging up on the good ole USofA but the people are truly enraged by the actions of their own government. Seems to me like it's only a matter of time before history is made and Obama may very well be the first American president to hang for high treason. I read this next bit somewhere - The Pope and Obama are at Yankee Stadium. The Pope says to Obama "with one wave of my hand I can make all these people feel overwhelming joy, this joy want be momentary, it will eternal, when ever these people look back on this day they will remember it fondly and rejoice" Obama says "show me" so the Pope backhands him and sends him off stage. Needless to say the crowd rejoiced wildly and there was great happiness across the land.

Zebedee said...

Ah yes....the moneychangers again.

The omnipresent Mr Apocalypse and his walking stick will see to things, you'll see.

Thanks Les!


Anonymous said...

My best wishes to you Vis. Thinking of you.

marilyn said...

sending abundant LOVE to surround you and yours.



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