Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Nocturnal Bot Flies of The Apocalypse

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Please forgive me for having to talk about myself again but my life is connected to the wider life and things that are happening to me are happening to many of the readers AND... if something were to happen to me, I want you to know that it is basically because I refused to buy into all of the concerted efforts designed to drive me crazy.

Man!!! I thought I had already seen a rainbow collection of both strange and weird but it keeps getting stranger and it keeps getting weirder. There's a lady over here who has been corresponding with me for a year or so, or more. I can't really keep track of most people because there are so many people coming and going. So... I met this lady. She was responsible for my next location. She introduced me to the fellow who owns the residence there and she came to visit at the same time that I went there to see what was what.

As you all know, I have a new novel out. She is one of those, more than several, people who have purchased a digital copy of the book. She wrote me yesterday, making a comment about the main character, “William'. There is no 'William' in the book. She had asked me several questions, which I didn't answer right away because I was confused about this character, 'William'. So I told here there was no 'William' in the book. She started getting annoyed with me, immediately; understand that there had never been a wiggle between us before this moment and now...? She next started to say that it was because she was not a native speaker ...but she speaks excellent English. William and Wilhelm are the same thing. There are neither in the book. Then she said “this is typical”. She then went on to explain it was all because of the Sirians (from the Sirius star system) and that this had happened with her 'other mirror' too and that she wasn't going to write me anymore. I tried my diplomatic best to communicate with her but she was deaf to all reason and now will not respond. Given what has been happening recently and... since I tumbled to the presence of government and Satanic agencies focused on me, one crazy thing after another has been happening.

I am mentioning only one event of recent time. There have been several and ALL OF THEM have been to make me think I'm crazy and to make me doubt my senses. Since picking up on the fact THAT IT WAS EVEN HAPPENING, it's been 'off the hook'. I have to let the reader know. At this point, I no longer know how many of my prospective destinations are compromised, or how many people who have offered me situations from Japan to the UK, to Australia, are part of a network. If you are someone who has made an offer to me, DO NOT think that I mean you. What I mean is that I just don't know anymore. I just don't know. Add to this some of the very, very strange emails I am getting. Add to this the fact that I was told I would get a particular upgrade about ten days ago. Only a few days later it started happening spades. I won't say what it is, I don't want to mess with the magic. My point is? Very questionable things and very good things are happening at the same time.

One last thing, last night, actually early this morning, the dogs started going off. They kept going off. Something was going on outside. I could hear it. I heard someone at the door too. Just a little while ago I asked Susanne, “What was going on last night?” She said, more or less, “it was really strange, after I came back from the dog walk, at 2:00AM, there was a big black SUV with large antennas on it, parked outside the house”. Through the night she kept getting up and checking and she said there were headlights going back and forth outside and at one point, a car pulled into the driveway. I heard, later on, someone messing with the door. It was interesting. My take is that it was nothing more than psy-ops looking to rattle me; thing is, I don't rattle. I really don't. Whatever comes, comes ...and I know it's for the purpose of demonstration and I KNOW who's in charge ...over all. However, it is several colors of wack, no question about it.

My take is that there is an all out war on anyone and everyone, who is in opposition to the Satanic, Israeli (same thing) push toward Armageddon ...and the usual holocaust syndrome, from the holocaust victim industry, who have made a religion and a propaganda, business module, out of their own self engineered public relations stunt, in order to defense against any criticism, of their murderous offenses against all and sundry. This is the most psychopathic killing machine in history and they are coming up against cosmic judgment and it's coming down on them, as I write these words. Not only is someone going after the Rothschild network and... I don't buy that they are managing it ...but I get the feeling the House vote may not go Israel's way AND I KNOW the assault is not going to ...AND I anticipate one of the next false flags getting caught in the act. The fact is, the public HAS WOKEN UP. They may be only partially aware ...but the rest of it is on the menu. It is the a la carte special of the day and the day is marked on the cosmic calendar.

Readers and critics can believe as they are so motivated to... BUT... I know the movie has a director and the only question is what choice any of you make in terms of the part you will play. Will courage and faith win out over fear and doubt? That, my friends, is your call. It's your call. Crazy pop psych is everywhere to be seen; how ludicrous is this? The Zio- Culture, destruction engine is red-lining. Whatever shit they can sling at the righteous, they will. Their troops are busy, busy little dung beetles. They are the nocturnal bot flies of the Apocalypse and this gallery owner, is he a Tribe member? Duh and double duh. The revolution WILL BE televised. Are people losing their minds or... are they picking up on what's coming at them?

My friends, the fecal freaks are on our doorstep. Have no fear. I am not afraid. Were I to fear, I would grant these garbage breath, voodoo vipers, the force and cachet that grants them the right to supplant truth with what is untrue. I'm not going that route. You may proceed as you wish.

What everything that has happened to me and... in front of me ...has bought about, is to firm up my resolve. I do not doubt that in one lifetime or another, I've been racked and rocked by any number of torturous and tormenting vehicles and violations. I've had my head handed to me and walked off stage carrying it under my arm. You don't get to where I am, or anyone like me gets to, who has not been tested and tried by any aggregate of wanna be, hard-nosed combines, of soft bellied, cretinous cliques. You are heartedly invited to go and perform that well known act of implied self abuse on yourself ...and I'm indifferent as to whether you use a rotating dildo with MP3 capacity, or dual, full penetration thumbs, applied in an rocking Sybian Saddle (link provided for those of you who have yet to discover the value of a search engine) simulation and provide the sound effects and soundtrack yourself. It matters not to me what mechanics you apply, go and do according to your inclinations. However you morph or modulate your fear, do not seek or expect to find it here. If I go down, it will only be an illusion, of directional confusion. Telling you to, “go fuck yourself', is not intended to motivate or malign you.

Don't get sucked in! Don't let the ongoing lie of appearances, cause you to buy into what costs far more than you want to spend. You never realize the cost until you discover what it is you lost. Don't 'lose after almost winning because you didn't know the end from the beginning'.

In this world of tears. In this theater of the absurd. In this black night of insubstantial dreams, it is up to you how you paddle and steer. We each have our challenges and for some of us they can be trying indeed but... when I see a man, such a courteous and well spoken giant of a human being, like Brian Banks, I recognize how poorly I match up against some of the sweet human beings that are on this planet. I don't match up well against a man of this quality and caliber. I just watched him on NFL AM, via NFL Game Pass and I was weeping. I can't imagine how anyone would not weep hearing this man speak. When I look critically of people in these times, I have to remind myself not to miss some of the incredible souls, who have been through such incredible shit and come out of it shining with that inner light that I admire more than anything I encounter and possibly... ever will. I don’t know if you will be able to hear him speaking to Eric Davis, Steve Wyche and the others but it's not to be missed.

Susanne called me while I was in tears, to ask if I had ordered the ink for her Pixma printer and I was standing at the top of the stairs and I couldn't catch my breath and I was weeping and... it was several minutes before I could speak and explain why I was as I was and I had to tell her, “here was this beautiful man, who was accused of a terrible crime, who was sent to prison for five years, who was a gifted athlete, sent down for a rape which he had not committed and there he was criticizing no one and simply being angelic in every way and I... and I? All I could think was how critical I am of so many things and how angry I become (justifiably or righteously, notwithstanding) about things and... I just don't know what to say. I try. I try to be a better person. It might be that this is my role and that I am meant to carry a burning brand and speak truth to power but... I'm never sure, I just live each day and go to bed each night and ask for guidance and inspiration, assistance and transformation and maybe I'm better now than I was or, maybe I am no more than I was the day before, always waking up as the same person. It's hard for me to say.

This man was given a tryout with the Atlanta Falcons and he had just been cut as the rosters were reduced to the final allowed count and all he could say when he was asked if he resented it or how he felt was, “No, I was up against younger and more able, hungrier young men and that is just how it worked out. I'm grateful they gave me a chance. I'll keep trying.” yeah, me too I guess, me too.

Catch Robert Phoenix and I tomorrow on his radio show

End Transmission.......

My reason for releasing my book digitally, before the print copy was ready was in the hope that I would hear from some of the readers because there are some sections of the book, like the sex scene with Delphina and Slim in the shower that might not need to be there, EVEN THOUGH it very much reflects contemporary behavior in those environs and that is the same reason so much perversion is personified because that is REALLY how these people are and it speaks to the punishments that came down upon them (and should come upon them) from Ash. Hopefully, in reading the book, you keep all of this in mind. I am portraying nothing more than how it really is, in fact it is worse so... there it is. Let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Hi vis,

You live on a cul-de-sac, and they were driving back and forth past the house? In the middle of the night? Figures. You'd think by this time that these black op stooges(probabably the job was contracted by mossad to Xe--previously knowns as Blackwater)would be a bit more imaginative.

They'd have a better chance to rattle you by driving around your neighborhood in a tinkly-music ice ream truck dressed in clown costumes.

Transparent idiots.

I wonder what your neighbors think.


Visible said...

They don't think. On one side is the richest man in town, an inveterate horndog in his 80's. On the other side are fundie, American Christians. They wouldn't even wake up for this. Heck! They wouldn't even wake up in broad daylight.

Anonymous said...

"My take is that it was nothing more than psy-ops looking to rattle me; thing is, I don't rattle."

good words!

nothing to get excited about.

Old reader, muthrfruckr reader ;) said...

Les, listen. I dont think its psyops, though i do think its goons who have bad intent and hope to drive you into the loony bin. They have reasons for that. If it were truly govt, i imagine they would just shit or get off the pot. They dont usually like to play quite like that. My deepest sense is still that this is nongovernment, and they do intend to drive you batty for other reasons. Please read the email i will send in a minute or two, p,ease? Subject line will identify me as this reader here, and you can then read why i think this is not government goons of any type. Please? I am happy you and susanne and household are snug and safe. You really are. The letters you wrote about from that person? Its a person you have communicated with for a year? Is actually two or maybe three persons who do that one persons work. Should you call and speak to that person, you would know. I know who it is, i think. She has a creature who speaks several different mens voices when required, none of them very well, and a same one or a third one who howls like he is unable to speak, pretending he can only make inhuman noises to express himself. They are shams. Charletans. Theives. Liars. Mutherfuckers of the lowest possible negative denomination. You are only targeted when you appear to attracting readers, money, or your earnings might increase. They want your money. They want your readers money. They thought they wuz gonna git my munny. Aint never going to happen. Any government goons around are after them, not you. But persons in cars at your door......that is a thing someone has engineered to cause you to be afraid. Go read my comment about roller coasters. On the last origami, i think it was? Les, it isnt govt, its hateful persons who envy you. They will kill the thing they covet, rather than let it grow without their being attached. Do not let them rattle you. Its personal, in a way, but they are not government. They are actually far more lawless than govt, i mean seriously less, i think i kow where that mail came from. Get someone who tracks electronics to find out. I have a guess? I wish i had the skills to do it myself. Because there is a tiny group of hateful ones. And i thought they had b even done. Maybe they are tripping cause i never lost my love of visible blogs, and they hate that i did find out who and what they are. They are lower than the lowest scum. A toilet has more function than those shitbags

Anonymous said...

You're on the list! :D

Welcome to the club! I remember when I got mail from the state I lived in that showed copies of the warrants to tap my phone signed by the judge. I presumed there is some law that states they have to send you such documents when an investigation is over. Or... They were just fucking with me. :)

Whatever. I'm with you, Vis, I choose the courage and to drop the fear. We can all do this. Why not???!!! No point in settling for less.


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

On too many occasions to remember or count, i have seen digitally transmitted things altered between the sender and recipient. Perhaps this has happened to your readers of the digitally transmitted book.

This alteration business has been going on for years when certain themes are touched by those under scrutiny of 'beings' in service to consciously applied entropy, and there are ways you can come up with to double check if the book they received is the one you wrote.

Look forward to hearing the vocal cords resonate with Heart source when your interview with Robert is available. Maybe the 'beings', these Sartre nihilists, will try to mess with that too.

Be well, be Alert

Ginnie said...

This is what we are seeing. The paper is called "Terminated".

It is just what you say it is Les!

If they touch you, they touch all of us, I don't think they will like the spiritual repercussions to follow such an act. Your candle has lit many a fire in the hearts of more than you will ever know in this time. All our thoughts will uphold you. Love unlimited to you and Susanne.

Anonymous said...

my understanding is your invisible friends are approximately 70 feet tall...

and hold these sociopaths in derision...continually, forever.

On September 3, 2013, a few minutes after 9:15am -

Russia released an announcement through its news agency, claiming that its military had detected two launchings of missiles from TALMUDIA in the general direction of Syria, over the Mediterranean

just a thought...
when they are sitting out there...

go and see what they look like...

and ask them some simple questions about...their purpose on this spinning orb

perhaps if there is a herd of swine nearby you could cast out some demons, eh !

Anonymous said...

Just for clarification, I seem to have to the same version of your book that the lady has.
On the bottom of page -19- (which is page 27 of the PDF) it says:
"Mr. Trent, it’s William. I have a problem that’s come up…



Anonymous said...

John McCain the insane, following in his daddy's path - offering up more Americans' blood to Israhell - as it will be Americans, almost exclusively non-jewish, who will be potential first targets, that is bait, if Syria is attacked

John McCain’s father, a zio-orge agent and supporter, covered up the Israeli killing of 34 Americans
aboard aboard the USS Liberty, a U.S. Navy ship, during the Six-Day War of 1967.

More here

and here

No more blood for Israhell. No more wars for Greater Israhell project.

Anonymous said...

Who would try to drive Les around the bend?

Well, who has the most to lose by what he is saying?

They're sticking their fingers in the dyke. Won't matter much, though It's gonna burst wide soon enough.


Visible said...

Yes, Michael, I am now aware of that but it is made quite clear that the names and locations are not the actual names and locations, until he finally mentions an event where the candlemaker was set aflame.

if you are wondering why I haven't mentioned it, it is because I just found out moments ago. See, his name isn't William and that's where the confusion arises. However, that is only tangentially of significance. The real concern was the reaction and all sorts of weirdness's that had never appeared before and were totally out of character.

Stick into the mix the black SUV with the bristling antennas on it that was parked outside my house at 2:00AM this morning and the driving up and down the lane of the cul de sac I live in. This all gets discussed on the show with Robert Phoenix tomorrow and a host of other very strange things going on at the moment and this event gathering a much greater impact, from my end anyway.

I didn't find out about this until Susanne told me this afternoon. I didn't ask about it because of this event and didn't find out until I had already written this post. What I knew was that the dogs were going berserk through the early morning and that I heard someone messing with the door at some point.

I hope I can be forgiven for not being at the top of my game right now, given that surprises are popping up all over the place every single day. I only went into a small amount of it in my mention of events.

So, there really is no William except as an alias for a brief moment and I didn't catch that due to, probably, getting next to no sleep last night and my mind operating like a drunk with a flashlight at the moment (grin).

I even fell asleep finally just before I was supposed to go on Skype with Robert and we wound up doing the show two hours later. Thankfully he was gracious about it.

My apologies for not catching that mention of the name but, as I said, it was all the other strange stuff that concerned me. The name thing was only a catalyst. This is precisely the effect those looking to knock me off center are looking for but... my nature is to become more balanced following every event.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Old reader who skimmed right over old willie said...

Hm. Yes, there is a william, aka willie, on page 19,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Old reader at 6:07:

Any time a government wants to do something 'lawless' they outsource the job to a contractor. That's how it's done these days.


Old reader said...

Seems i skimmed right over old willie cause i was enjoying the story :) ,...... Old willie/william could have called himself father christmas for all i cared :)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Visible, as certainly you will

And as you know and have written about, the global crime tribe is in panic. Its centuries of lies and crimes are at last being revealed to all - with aid of Mr. Apocalypse.

Difference is, this time around there will be no more hiding of truth or hiding places to which the criminals can escape - not even to Mars.

This is why the crime tribe is going all out in order to shut down truth - using everything at its disposal - including another of its favorites - global war

mike m said...

Do you ever notice that when the ASSHOLES who comprise the government of the U.S. has to decide on anything that concerns the well being of their constituents they act like its a major inconvenience but when it comes to Israel they miraculously put aside all their differences and come to an agreement.

I know this is already well known but in light of recent fuck it, just let these cocksuckers hang themselves.

Visible said...

see how out of focus I am? I had forgotten even that I put the SUV experience in the post. Things is, my mind so focused on every moment I'm in that 15 minutes ago might as well be a year.

Old reader, stubborn old cuss said...

Mandocello, that has always how "it" has been done, in some things, since cain and abel, since josephus flavius, since the greek trojan, since moses.........aint nothing new. But it isnt always "them" who use those little tricks, is it. No use trying to steer a dead old reader horse to a trough i aint gonna drink from.

Anonymous said...

Old reader at 9:16

Les is no threat to anyone's internet cash flow.

He is, however, a perceived threat to a certain ideological construct.


Anonymous said...

For some comic relief here are some probably still unresolved arguments between a little girl and a pony, between a Weiner jew and an orthodox jew and my favourite, between a journalist and an eloquent Ibex :)



Old reader about to get ass kicked again reader said...

Paranoia about evil governments is nothing new. Nor is it useful. Ours and yours are not the only evil governments around, nor are they the only ones who get out of hand. Sensible focus as to the nature of the environment will sometimes lead to a conclusion that a person is engaging in behavior at someone else with the intent of either serving up mischief, and those are usually paid fer by other private, not government entities, or there is a competitor or a person with a gripe behind any number of bullshit little crappers that drop along ones footpath. Just saying, learn to discern between real government activity, which you will not likely be privy tp viewing, amd bullshitters with a different agenda, which will manifest in many clear and obvious, if seemingly disconnected ways.

Old damned reader said...

See, i dont care if i get my ass kicked. Because when its over, i am going to make the kicker kiss my ass til i am happy again. And i am old reader, never impressed, never happy, never cares. Never.

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic, however, watch for global crime tribe to false flag its world headquarters Israel. Probably it won't be too damaging, but hollywood-style media event will make it prime time propaganda - blamed on Syria, Iran, or now Russia of course.
There are many indicators of set up all over media right now.
Don't be deceived if it happens.

Anonymous said...

old ziobot:

it's getting old


Or said...

Mandycello. So who cares but you?

Kazz said...

Hi Vis,

I hear where you are coming from in regard to Brian Banks. I see people in power doing the most horrible things, which can lead one to despair, but then you see people rising to the occasion, exemplifying the glory of our divine creator.

I, like you, constantly feel lacking, because I constantly feel unworthy of the divine spark within. The thing is though Vis this is what is so magnificent about our divine creator. Even with all our shortcomings he/she still loved us enough to bring us into creation so we could experience the light, love, and compassion that is made available to us by the source.

Christ once said (sorry don't have the exact quote or reference) who will be the more grateful for God's forgiveness, the man/woman who has sinned much and been forgiven much, or the one who has only had to be forgiven a small amount.

I am glaringly aware of my shortcomings, and I look on at others who are a shining light to humanity, and feel that I just don't measure up, but this is why I love God so much, because I know in my heart he loves me just the same.

Your not so inadequate Vis or I wouldn't visit your site daily.

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

Les Visible with Robert Phoenix on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Old reader,

I do.

walking hawk

Peaches said...

Visible, I'm so looking forward to hearing you on RP's show tomorrow. Yay!

Love and thanks to you, always


Farmer said...

I imagine I understand exactly what you mean, and it quite humorous, all of it, watching it, as laughter erupts how despicable they are.

If you look hard enough in the clouds, you will see the angels, waiting on their steeds, for the tubba horn from Mr. A. as the signal, and then into ashes, that are burning with sulphate that is alive, they go.

Hard and nasty job the Janitor has.

I see meatballs pass Earth from time to time. They are asteroids. Large ones. You can see them when they pass. They are in orbit. Waiting.

"Three strikes", and the child molesting, baby killing puke fuck zio orgythons will be out.

Batter up!

Anonymous said...

You're targetted and you've just realised Les, I am too, first realised about two years ago but it's been going on for a while now for me, all manner of weirdness.

Stay strong mate, you're not alone in this, they must be doing it worldwide to those of us who know about them.

all the best, suraci

Anonymous said...

I know he's just Rothschilds puppet but still, I really loath what he's consenting to facilitate in his capacity as zio NWO marionette.

Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, actually said this yesterday Thursday September 5, 2013:

"Keep in mind, I'm somebody who opposed the war in Iraq, and I'm not interested in repeating mistakes about basing decisions on faulty intelligence," the US president said at a news conference in Stockholm.

I wonder if the Nobel Peace prize laureate had his Pinocchio nose twerking Miley Cyrus crotch when he told this whopper (grin).

Skepticfrog said...


There are countermeasures you can do against your night visitors but you have to be very creative and stealthy about it. Think outside the box...

Nothing illegal of course, just annoying. I would give pointers, clues and methods to use, but if they read your correspondence - and they probably are - they'd be tipped off.

They are vulnerable b/c they are overconfident and arrogant. I don't think they are particularly intelligent either; usually they (the Contractors) are ex-milititary, who in my personal experience aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer - especially the shoes-on-the-ground operatives.

Remember, you're in DE. What they are doing could be very illegal there. The polizei could be your friend...

Surveillance of various sorts (with recording capability) you can do yourself, the equipment is available and not very expensive; you can mail-order from the far East, use a proxy you trust, so they're not tipped off.

Assume that you're being tracked (mobile phone) and you're being listened to. Inside voice conversations can be recorded off the vibrations of the windowpane (using infrared lasers) but that can be foiled with well placed loudspeakers. The phone is trickier, as you have to remove the battery. (Hope you don't have an iPhone).

They're just messing with you, but you can mess with them too...

Anaughty Mouser said...

Obama's plan for nuclear WW3. Best documentary of 2013.

I can see no reason for the zionist hubris other than to ignite a thermonuclear world war.

Why I do not know. The story of the scorpion stinging the frog so that both perish comes to mind. The scorpion's only answer to the frog after injecting it with the lethal poison that will kill them both is: "It is my nature - I can't help it."

At this Syrian point in history, with Russia and China saying no clearly, is the zionist empire the scorpion which is going to kill us all because it is its "nature"?

Sometimes one has to cut off a gangrenous foot to save the patient. Is zionism dead, rotting flesh that will by its nature kill the whole world if not amputated?

That is the dire question with only days to answer.

I care very little for myself, but I have three daughters who I love very dearly and want to protect from thermonuclear war.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Dancing with the Stars, Mr. Apocalypse Eclipses Mr. False Flag.

Old reader, here we go again reader. i sumbuddys daddy? said...

Walking hawk, i appreciate your vote of friendship to your friend mendo. But? You are both in err, and gang banging on one who has done nothing to ask for such. Be the good friends you are, and dont misplace your loyalties in such a way as to think war against an old reader is somehow a cool thing to prove to each other how extremely cool and loyal you are. This is, after all, a page for readers of vis work. And discussion. But you are both in err if you must proceed. Since you need to back each other up in all possible circumstances, then be the gang as you need to be. Its good to learn comradery. The military teaches that too, i have heard.. I appreciate your loyalty to your brothers.

Anonymous said...

Old reader,

Not meant to Gang Bang Anyone, but if more people cared, this fuckin' world wouldn't be the way it is.

Get It ?

walking hawk

and i'm not gonna argue with ya.

Visible said...

I'm not going to argue either (grin).

Or said...

Walking gawk, how did you ever even come up with the idea that i dont care? See, thats whuts confusin' the beejeebies outta me.....,

Old reader said...

Lv if youse was to argue with me, it would be the best of times, and i would come away from it a better person every time :)

Old reader, not your mothers favorite kind of reader. said...

And, walkingjawk, i been "getting it" for years, in ways that would terrify a lesser soul. So knock off the war games. Out there is for war. Here? Is not. This is a different place, a good, a socratic, and a lighted place.

Visible said...

alright, I get it, so we are all colorful characters. let's play nice though.

howisthere42 said...

There is no need to cuss fellas.


Anonymous said...

Howah lads calm down like,
Hasn't vis got enough on his plate without having to clean up the mess and shattered ego debris after this latest blog comment brawl!? Eh?
Come on get the fuck outta here, closing time (grin)

Anonymous said...

old reader,
i believe the agravation
comes from you editoralizing
along with your 'moniker', itself,
not your actual expressed comment

we know, who you are
keep the 'handle' simple and
the comment within the text
and don't take it personal

Ray B. said...

Vis, the one (?) thing that I worry about with your 'harassment' is a provoked emotional response.

When I read about the SUV, door, etc., I immediately thought of how William Cooper was taken down. He had been threatened, harassed, and finally chased down his entry road by local law (probably under 'orders' from TPTW). Panicked, he ended up shooting first and wounding a deputy, thus giving the rest of the 'gang' an excuse to fill him full of holes. (Whether he was under a 'horizontalization' edict anyway, we'll never know, now.)

You're an aikido man; use their 'push energy' to your own advantage...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up now-

The Cosmic Brooming Process of the Approaching Avatar.

Or said...

I have a better idea. Life has been too long. No more. You aggrandize in odd poetry. Everyone cusses. O open my mouth, you all jump on me. You dont know me, and you wont. Too long on this earth. Hate, hate, hate, and i never knew why. Thanks for clarifying the reasons why i get the hate? I guess? Tomorrow, no more me. Bye. I dont think it will improve your lives to have me gone from this hell planet, but if you feel it does help, then use it to your advantage. Is "OR". A short enough impersonal moniker for your poetic souls?

Visible said...

You're either working us, overly sensitive or... I guess there are other options. Not much that I saw getting said should have provoked this kind of effect. I'm running into similar things every other day. Now why is that.

DaMatrix said...

I am going through it too. Several shades of wacko, these people are, is an understatement. I disseminate information similar to yours...we are just trying to help, but these people won't get it until all teeth have been kicked in by the psychos in their desire to blow up the world. Like they said during my service in the Army, "Never accept defeat! Never quit!". Peace, Love, and Light fellow traveler.

Eudoxia said...

Vis in a nutshell, the darkness doesn't understand the light so tries to destroy it as it's only defense. There is no way that this is news to you. The soulless ones' time is up and they can't control the media anymore, they lost that war quite a while ago. It does them no good, having someone like you continue to expose the scum for what they are. They don't like hearing these sorts of things as they can't relate to it. Further to that, what I am sure they absolutely hate, is someone or worse quite a few people knowing what the reality is and who have not taken well to the program :- Let's face it, some of us since childhood have rejected the programming. The PTW think they are far superior, they use transference and projection to deflect their darkness away from themselves and onto others. A good demo of this was when Luke from We are Change tried to interview Kissinger about some of his erm more notorious reports and Kissinger turned around and called Luke sick! LOL. Right! Of course they are going to try everything in their power to prevent this type of information from getting out - the type of information you write about. Why would they not - they are insane. Seems to me you have a lot of etheric back up and there are more arenas to work on/in other than this plane of existence.

Eudoxia said...

I'm not coming under attack on this plane at present but boy are things hotting up elsewhere. I've been having very ugly dreams of late, I mean you can't get much worse. We've all had big hairy things with nashing teeth and big claws chasing us - you know the ones where you can't run or can only do it very slowly and nearly always they almost get you but not quite? Well I had one in particular, very lucid and very nasty. This one was decidedly different to your average hairy thing chasing you. I was a passenger in a car with this thing that looked like a cross between my brother and my former partner, it was wearing a pale blue V neck jumper, but it had a leering, jeering malevolent sneer on it's face (neither of them I would consider sitting so close to today, and both of them at separate times in my life have tried to destroy me in one way or another, needles to say I have nothing do do with either of them anymore). Anyway I'm in Australia so we have right hand drive over here. The driving side was left hand drive and Mr Entity was in it. I was on the right hand side in the passenger seat. It was driving, BUT, through the roof of the car and down through the middle of the steering wheel was this huge saw - the ones the old timber fellers used to use with one bloke on each end and the saw had really BIG teeth. Anyway we were driving along this road and suddenly Mr Entity turns left then tells me to take over the car. I had to grab the steering wheel but could not control the car at all, could not steer it - it would not respond. So we've turned left and there are all these children on the road walking in the same direction we were driving. As hard as I tried I could not avoid running over some of these children. I was mortified, I must have killed or run over at least 10 - 12 kids. I was finally able to yank the steering wheel, saw and all, to the right and made a right hand turn and brought the car to a halt. Mr Entity got out of the car with my dog Ruby he had her on a leash (Ruby is a 5 month old German Shepherd very smart but still has the attention span of a puppy). He's looked me in the eye and let her go, she ran off, I knew at the time he was deliberately trying to hurt me and he wanted to hurt me through the dog. Anyway I ran after her and called her back. Then Ruby and I were walking down or up? another road and I was thinking we must get back to that street to make sure those kids are okay. Then another thought went through my head, what if I keep going and not go back they won't know it was me and I won't go the jail. Anyway I said to Ruby, this is just a dream we probably didn't run over anything and we found the street, we must have gone around the block so we turned right into the street and there was no sign of children, the street was empty, but I was barefoot and I could see blood stains and could feel the blood under my feet. Ruby wasn't sniffing as a dog would at the smell of blood she was just walking beside me as per the usual walk routine - according to her body language, nothing unusual here. I said to her, okay Rubs time to go. And that was it????????? I was glad to get out of there!

Eudoxia said...

I'm not sure why I felt the need to share that with you. I've had my share of attacks with so called friends turning on me clean out of the blue. To the extent that I have only a small amount of close friends now. It never ceases to amaze me that not only can't people (the ones still firmly plugged into the Matrix) not only hear was you are saying or listen, but they are completely unable to keep a civil tongue in their head and become totally hostile. They can't be all grown up like (probably a poor choice of decription LOL), it's like there are taboo subjects hard wired into them, and anything that steps outside of their black and white programming must be torn to shreds on the spot. I've given up having conversations with those people and avoid them now at all costs. Nothing to what is, by comparison happening to you though Les. Just hang in there, is all I can say. With just one added thing. I think for many now, the battle is going to take place in the higher planes. But what is going on up there manifests down here in one form or another. I'm currently in the middle of a house sale. Only building and pest left now for the contract go to unconditional. Once that happens and the house is sold, I'm out of debt - which means I don't have to go back to work for some time if at all and unless it's something I really enjoy doing. They just don't like that do they. They like us all to be entangled in their matrix so deep that there is no way out and those of us who are finding the escape route they want to block every step of the way. Only thing I can add now I guess is that so much of their own world is going to hell in a hand basket that they are too busy trying to salvage what they thought they had and are trying to hold onto it for grim death, that they are not putting quite enough attention into us little people as they once could :-
Saving one's own ass takes quite a bit of work and there is hardly blinking time for anything else outside of that and we are witnessing the final death throws of a dark culture so steeped in blood, that more blood on a grand scale is the only thing left for them, but even that's not going their way and hasn't been for quite some time :-

Eudoxia said...

Ray B. I don't think one should worry too much about provoking an emotional response in Vis from what I can garnish of his writings he's undoubtedly above that. Cooper wasn't. I think you may be comparing apples and oranges here. I can say this because I've been coming here for quite a few years now, reading Les' articles but have only started to blog myself. This is due to me now having plenty of time up my sleeve since being made redundant from my job which could not have come at a better time. However, I digress. Getting back to Bill Cooper, things have changed significantly to the early - mid 2000s. What Cooper did was brave but he did it at a time when the global excrement was in control. They aren't in control anymore. As Vis said in one of his articles - who's in control?? Poses an excellent question, obviously those who think they are, aren't. Cooper was broadcasting serious secrets that they did not want to be broadcast at the time and it wasn't exactly common knowledge at the time either. However, that was then. It's all too late now. I'm not saying that what Vis has to say is insignificant in any way, quite the contrary. But the genie is well and truly out of the bottle and no amount of blogging or radio shows is going to change the now default position that now, thanks to Syria, most of the world has and that is the USG & the SSG are rogue entities and the only threat to world peace. Interesting days these are.



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