Monday, September 2, 2013

Doing the Dog Paddle in Deep Dung Jell-O

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

As a close friend of mine told me today, he's stopped reading the news because it's always the same thing. He's decided just to drop out of it and spend his time surfing and looking in the horizon, so to speak. I can well understand. However, it's gotten pretty dark of late. Is that the darkness before dawn? Or, is it the prelude to a yet deeper darkness? Is that light at the end of the tunnel a train, or the way out? These are good questions and I don't know the answer to them but... seeing what is happening in Hungary and which is also being contemplated in various other countries; yes, this same thing is under consideration in other countries. You can't argue with success and... don't think all kinds of other localities aren't seeing this. They are. This tends to tell me that it might be the dawn coming. It also tells me that the agents of the darkness are looking to go into hyper-drive. The next false flag is on the drawing board, as the varieties of location are being scouted. They are being scouted by intelligence agencies, answering to the criminal state of Israel and in concert with them is the Zionist kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Yes, the Saudi royalty, although portrayed as Islamic, for the purpose of deception, are anything but. Prince Bandar is an exceptional example of how vile an individual can get. It was he who facilitated the transfer of the chemical weapons from Israel into the hands of whoever launched them in Syria.

At the same time, monstrous, last ditch efforts are going on all over the globe and the bankers are, metaphorically speaking, tearing out their hair. The reason for this, although one would think they very much have the appearance of sustaining power, is that as a result of all their dark side occult shenanigans, they are also recently informed that they are screwed. Yes, they have been informed by the one upon whom they have relied for for so long, that their note has come due. They are in deep dung Jell-o and Saturn is their only playmate.

See... as they made their long term plans and plots, they were counseled and advised that it would go on forever. They would rule here and in Hell after. It's a fine irony that such seemingly intelligent and decidedly clever creeps, would miss the inference concerning one of their master's titles, which is (drum roll) Father of Lies. Yes, that's his main title, the Father of Lies. What this means is that he strings you along so far as you are willing to go in certain directions and... if you're one of the few of us that have chosen an alternative course, he attempts to dissuade you and set snares. You have to watch out. Another of his nicknames is 'Old Scratch'. He's called Old Scratch because so many people have various particular itches and he scratches them for you. That's my take on it and you're welcome to your take.

I bring this up because an agent from Fundieland came around recently to question my interpretation of a Biblical phrase, “Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment, Be not deceived”. You see, it's one of the tenets of Fundie-speak to perpetuate the impression that the devil is on a kind of equal footing with God. The perception is that they are eternal enemies. This allows Fundie manipulators the opportunity to deceive the parishioners for the purpose of mass mind control and- of course- follow the money. The 'chosen people' scam is another of these lies, just like the lie that Jesus was Jewish. If you look at historical records there is no record of Jesus. Hey, don't get angry with me. That's how it is. Argue with the historians who collectively, for some reason, failed to produce or record the evidence of the founder icon of one of the world's biggest religions, passing through this plane. Zeitgeist goes into this.

I'm not saying such a personage did not come and go here, quite the contrary but I'm not going into that. I'm just saying that much of what you think you know about this subject is wrong. It's the truth of this, which vibrates below the surface of the mesmerized surface mind, that makes Christians so contentious and argumentative. They know there's something wrong going on, even if they don't know what it is. It is exemplified in all of the horrific things this particular religion has gotten up to, probably even before Constantine marched the whole schematic over to the dark side. Well, it's not the only religion with this kind of a history. In every case where there are problems in execution of the professed tenets of the religion, meaning making war instead of peace and damning and demeaning everyone who doesn't belong to their demographic, it is these things that account for it. This is the case with Sunni and Shiite. It's pathetic how cold, stale dogma can exercise such power over what might be a beautiful thing. It explains how and why The Sufis came about. It explains all sorts of things about new movements and separations from a corrupt body that became nothing more than one more engine of materialism.

The truth about that scriptural phrase is that the devil works for God. Anyone who wants to find the truth can find the truth but you can't find the truth if you want the truth to be something other than it is. The divine is either completely in control of everything, or not, your call. You can't teach a fundie what's real because fundies are like bad children. They need lined paper and they need heavy restrictions, mostly cause they don't trust themselves. Like bad and undisciplined children they are petulant and spoiled. They're also selfish and willful and they'll hurt you if you obstruct them. They are the foot soldiers in the vast army of ignorance which made the attack on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and others possible. They are the nodding yahoos that are the supporting chorus for assaults on Syria and Iran. They are the sleepwalking evangelicals, under the thumb of the Zionist psychopaths, who herd them in lockstep, toward all manner of ugly industries. Jesus was a Syrian. I've no quarrel with real Christians who actually follow in the footsteps of the one they seek to emulate. My problem is with the petite bureaucrat, clerk mind of the Cromwell consciousness. My problem is with officious, small minded fools, who make a mockery of what they purport to believe in and whom no argument can sway away from their contemptuous offenses against others. They're the ones who will come screeching around here, filled with their own self importance and presumed, vast comprehension of scripture. Well, I've read as much of it as any of you. The difference between us is in getting the point of the whole thing. This is why I am tolerant of all real religious courses, however they may not be being followed by those contending that they do. I know that all of these systems are imperfect efforts at understanding something that is beyond comprehension. So, instead, we get dogma and cant. We get redundancy and stupid rules that go against human nature and which results in all kinds of perverse behavior breaking through the weakest link in the chain. In the end it all comes down to sex. Sex is the big no no off limits thing except within the constraints of marriage. That shit doesn't work.

So it is that we get the same commentator dropping his stage name and then coming back as an anonymous and not even possessing the imagination to alter his syntax, so as to be unidentifiable. This isn't Dumb Ass Central here. Fairly bright minds are in operation here and irregardless of all the things I don't catch, someone else here does.

I don't make rules for other people. I make rules for myself and... if they are good rules, people follow them by example, without having them forced upon them by demagogues and self appointed interpreters of that which lies beyond the range of human understanding. The point is to know there is a metaphysical realm and to receive from it what is possible for you, more for some and less for others. Instead, we have fundie teletubbies and shmoos, who bang the drum for mass murder and are, unbelievably, at this point, unable to tell they are being lied to. When you are so bone dead stupid that you think that Michelin Tire Man, John Hagee is a sincere exponent of what he claims, you are stupid beyond the means by which to measure it. Millions of these duped fools are lusting for Armageddon in the hope that it will bring about the final days and all that prophecy stuff they have no clue about. They actually want this to happen. Many of them think that endless war in the Middle East is a good thing.

Anyway, what I really wanted to come in here and say today, before I got hijacked by whatever this was (grin), is that Hungary is a sign of big things on the horizon. Oh yes. So is what Russia just did in Cyprus and other things not yet brought to your attention but definitely taking place behind the curtain. It's all about Mr. Apocalypse and he is steady ramping it up for the purpose of demonstration.

It might have been true for centuries that a smart person would steer an unoffensive course in respect of temporal authority but... the winds of change have arrived and if you are against the wind, you will be swept up and carried out to sea or somewhere else you are unlikely to return from. It's not apparent to those trapped in the smoke of bad appetites and questionable desires. What has their attention is just that. If you want to see clearly, you have to be clear in your mind. You can't have all kinds of contradictions going back and forth. They are there precisely for the purpose of making you an occupied zone. One way or another, maybe we all have to be an occupied zone, one way or another. Given that, you should be able to choose the occupier.

Stay frosty,

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Visible said...

Here's a fantastic little book that I think will really move you.

Pete said...


Pete said...

gAh, okay LV, I had to fire off a test run as the comments section has not been allowing me to comment. It is not a problem on your end, it has so ocurred that I would type a message and then post and it would immediately come up on my computer that reads "there is a problem" so hopefully I will be able to get through now.. I dont watch the news anymore. It gives me the same feeling to watch the news as the feeling I got when I was first shown bestiality porno when I was about 14 just cant process it :-) You are my last link to the outside world ole top ! So danka schoen for your efforts mein Freund ! The point you made regarding contradictions was a good one. Its like in College when I took Philosophy from a left brained intellectual monster of a man. Put my brain in a fucking pretzel like shape and I finally realized that that was the point. Love of Wisdom my ass. Well, I hope this goes through. All efforts in Kali Yuga are geared towards forcing the mind into left brain paroxysms, killing out all influence from the right brain intuitive side. The mind is Satanic by its very nature as its modus operandi is analysis (destruction into a million parts) versus the intuitive sytnthetic nature of the soul. Stay cool bro !

Smyrna said...

Whoever or whatever Jesus is or was is not of much concern to me Vis, because that being is real; and had me shipped off to the Devil pronto, to put me through my paces.

Revelation ch.2 v.10

"Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer. Indeed the devil is about to throw some of you in prison, that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation ten days."

After the seriousness of the ten days testing and tribulation, it turned out the Devil's drill sergeant was quite a pleasant chap; shook my hand and wished me luck. The fact he had a Turkish name was a nice touch of the theatrical.

I give this as a witness statement to vouch for your assertations, Vis. It may read as drivel to some, but that isn't my problem.


Unknown said...

Little?! What would it take to be medium sized? 142 pages?

Dealing with the Hageeites (who claim to be Cristians) does get a bit tiring, but I do see hope there. I know a couple who at least question things in the secular world. This has led, inevitably, to questions about their specific interpretation of religion. So far, they have redouble-thinked their efforts and their belief system is intact, but I can see it getting harder to explain.

They always seem to miss Matthew 22:37-40. I've never figured a way to square that with killing Arabs for fun and profit. Of course, I have not exactly been the best follower of those commandments myself, but I try.

Remember, part of our reason for existence may be to help them through the collapse of their entire worldview. It helps to have a guide who's been that way already. So, buck up! The work hasn't even started good yet!

Anonymous said...

Nobody sees the obvious, nobody observes the ordinary. There are more miracles in a square yard of earth than in all the fables of the Church.
Robert Anton Wilson

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. I once saw a Ziggy cartoon where Ziggy was standing in front of a nurse with his nose wrapped in bandages. The caption stated, "I burned myself on the light at the end of the tunnel." :)

I've noticed that I ceased to get all worked up over the news and behaviors of those involved so-called elite and of the ostrich people. Now, I just feel like an observer. Some stuff I yawn at, other stuff I just shake my head at and yet other stuff I just put at a distance. I trust that I will be where I'm supposed to be wherever and whenever. It's sorta like the worse things appear, the calmer I feel. Sounds strange, but it is what it is. Love to all. Serena

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
You are on a aroll !!! Appearant-ly the stability in house situation allows finger dance on the keyboard to resemble a tango.
All for purposes of demon-stration, would not trust theservants of the tribe agenda as far as i could throw them. Not only the Sufis but also the Yezidis, known as devil worshippers (not in the usual sense), hold that he works for and in that sense with Him/Her .
While the yang side of theHeart needs to be put through the process of ' templanza', or as you put it get ' beat about by the hammer', the yin part goes the process of being ever-vulnerable yet non-fragile. Simoultaneously, for some mysterious purpose.
To thine own Heart be true whilst acknowledge the presence of Divinity.
Be well, be Alert

wiggins said...

Zeitgeist? Sheesh! .....are you taking the piss?

Eric said...

Thanks Les! I live for little books and I now have this one bookmarked.

Visible said...

Wiggins, if you would jhust pay a little more attention, y9ou would realize I'm not promoting Zeitgeist, it's been out for a long time and I never have promoted it. What I said was they mention it. I could give you other sources but they would not be so quickly available and given the propensity for many here not to do the research I don't mention things that aren't quickly at hand. Please remember that I choose my words carefully.

Anonymous said...

"Test the spirits"

I myself go by wave patterns, + 0r - and sometimes share.

Les, it's that blessed-gift of imagination that keeps everything moving right?
I know what the power of prayer can accomplish, I know demons hate the thought and name or "Lord Jesus" and that's not anyway my ego saying it. And having kissed death myself, at the time I thought about my loved ones and kindly felt the power of God let loose over me and I knew right then'n'there I would make it. My double pneumonia was gone.

Psychokinesis and fusion rods helped create Peru's
ancient structures. ZZzzz- HuH? Sure, many Sunday christians I've known in my teen years had felt my knowledge and reflection on the subject of telekinesis alone made me vulnerable to highly negative influences.

Turns out some of them weren't wrong.
(I guess one thing Edgar Cayce ever helped make clear was that past ancient sites in South America, UFO and NDE experiences blend together).
Les, I hope those very same very ancient and benevolent, loving and sincere 'tree of life' givers keep believing on more than one or two chances for manKind. And you're right, the self-described "chosen ones" don't get a free pass on exit strategies for life because they keep taking so much of it and throwing the negative results into God's face.

If the Illuminati starts WW3 then all control will be lost by the devil and it's followers, as they won't be given much time.

Keep pulling the rug out from under themselves, those blinded snake worshipers.


Visible said...

I have not the slightest doubt about Jesus Christ and his existence and message. I do tend to doubt the existence of Christians. I think the radio show this week answers a lot of things, having just listened to it; something I don't usually do. Probably God had me do that to say that.

David Widner said...

Hi V / All,

That little book is some fine reading so far. It has 'tied' some loose ends that have come up for some answers lately, in the ever present Now...

All the best to everyone. Keep on keeping on...BE & DO with abandon!

Love David Paul

Anonymous said...

So what was your book that sauder dissed?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Keep up the good work :)

the gardener said...

Just finished your new ebook and it was such a kickass inspiration all the way through! I was so caught up into it by dawn this morning I literally upset the apple cart with speakers falling to floor thus my need to hear Robert Phoenix's great radio show by calling in... lol

I was so enthused by the finishing of the great read you provided and in the relaying of it as Robert's show today was all about Syria and the liars and poseurs' needs for involvement as soon as the payola for 'representatives' to represent hahahahah that RP accused me (facetiously) of being a paid PR personality for you! lol

Robert Phoenix is an incredible radio show host to many knowers and goers-including Les Visible several times... he gives great time to great minds and good hearts. I do hope you get on with him asap about your newest book Vis...

I loved Ash, Natalie, Whitey, Max and the mysticals all giving the baddies what they deserved in graphic detailed effects.

I can't imagine a better superhero than Ash...

I can not comprehend why that man in Ecuador would give you anything but kudos if he had really read your book. It took me approximately 5/6 hours to read the 382 (?) pages and once I settled into it, only my nodding off near the last 100 pages caused me to stop.

Finished twenty minutes into Robert's Monday Mashup... sorry Robert for being so high charged as per on your show... lol BUT this book will inspire you! will fill in all the blanks for those who haven't kept up throughout the years on the buy out and sell out of all systems, industries, media etc that has allowed the systemic control over the entire world's societies in all ways.

So... there is my review on your new book Vis. For excitement, mystical treatments done well, characters you connect with and care about... I give it a ten.

love ya,

the gardener
(time for me to really get to work on this LABOR DAY)

Visible said...

Here's what he said and he said it in just a few hours after getting it;

"Well, it could be the plot of a Jet Li, or Steven Seagal action movie, where they go after bad guys. In the main, it reminds me of a formulaic, martial arts, action film plot. I see a resemblance, in part, to certain scenes in "Enter the Dragon," for example, with Bruce Lee, or even to "Kill Bill," with Uma Thurman. Or even Jodie Foster's "Panic Room." You have undoubtedly seen those films ?

The difference here is that the psychopathic, hit man is a "good guy", and hey, he's not even a guy, he's an it, a non-human projection, a thing, a programmed, unstoppable killing machine. Sort of an Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator, with feelings. You've seen the Terminator movies where the "good" Terminator goes after the bad Terminators who want to destroy humanity ? All he has to do is to kill the bad ones and he saves the world !!! It's so simple !!! And very violent !!!

In short, I think you have recycled a very familiar genre of extremely violent, psychopathic, Hollywood action flicks through your own Muse and come up with something that is a very slight new twist on a trite and very tired Tinsel Town formula.

That's my view from Ecuador.

kind regards,
Richard Sauder

I'll point out that unlike my precious novel there are no martial arts scenes in the whole book except for a training episode in an abandoned marsh with no protagonist. Anyway, all his references are off and given I know the book backwards and forwards is off target.

Visible said...

Thank you Gardener. I felt like I hit the mark too but... you never know. I think the comedy and the Latin are high points for me; keeping it light in lieu of all the heavy shit. yeah, Richards review made no sense to me. It wasn't even constructive.

Timothy1954 said...

You just insinuated that I wrote to you without using my name.

Well, you plainly insisted that only one person wrote to you about a given
subject, and since I was the first....

It is not my doing, if someone else writes to you concerning a given subject.

My name is in the the gmail address/account that i'm signed into, here at this blog.

My IP address -because I use dial-up- changes each time, but it is ALWAYS within the range of my ISP.

And if someone else has an IP in that range, either honestly or with an IP changer, that is not my doing.

Obviously you think your readers lack the intelligence to disregard ad hominem arguments.

I don't believe you lack reading comprehension, with regard to Paul's diatribe, or with regard to
my remarks. You misrepresent them on purpose.

the gardener said...

Can't and won't forget "Poncho" or the other good dogs in your book either Vis.

There were references to the "Matrix" early on in regards to 'Ash's appearance' after his kick ass entry into Natalie's life.

All good books with me soon get me into a 'casting' backbeat... as in casting of a movie of it. So having Ash 'looking like Keanu' was not how I saw him... I saw him as blond. *shrugs*

Loved his cabin and your attentions to the dwellings and details about their security forces.

Natalie's necklace is a subject I need to go re-read about when it is first mentioned. I have a neat old silver necklace-2 tiny humans, man and women making a heart with their naked bodies. I can see jewelry coming out of this book of yours Vis. :)
the gardener

Odin's Raven said...

Marking the 74th anniversary of the start of WW2, here's an interesting film from the German viewpoint, showing much that the popular histories omit.
Hitler's War
It doesn't mention the background activities of the Tribe at all stages, but is otherwise good, and we must remember that the same interests are still destructively active.

Visible said...


sketchy1 said...

Speaking of dumb ass central,there is no such word

as irregardless. The word is regard-less (grin)

Imagine there's no heaven
I's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no RELIGION too
Imagine all the people living life in peace

You may say
I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
I'll hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world

You may say
'I'm a dreamer, but I,m not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world can be as one Jlennon

Stop with the invisible man ,devil made me do it
None of them exist.Man does and creates the fear
and the invisible enemies for us to follow
Follow your heart, truly,toss your silly beliefs
in the trash and, imagine
real peace, love ,joy

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

The commentary by ' Richard Sauder ' makes no sense whatsoever, The sentence structure, the lack of connectedness in the' arguments made, plus the fact that he sis recovering from a severe beating according to his blog, make it highly unlikely that the 'Richard Sauder' from Ecuador is author of the piece.

Any effort to confirm the origin ?

Be well, be Alert

Visible said...

On the one hand I suggest you check the dictionary. By the way, I dislike that song almost as much as "Give Peace a Chance" but that's just me. I know, icons and icons but I actually pay attention to lyrics. I'm not saying I'm right, just what my druthers are. Saying a word that is provably a word is not a word and then running some weird John Lennon by me does not make me feel all warm and secure about your direction and intention.

On the other hand, he proved his identity to Rense and it was the same email as before. I can't know actually, but, unless something really weird is going on, I don't know what to say. So much strange shit is going on around me lately that anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

It's the Beatle's!!

Hallelujah is right

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you say so. It looks like John Lennon whored out his talent to the politically popular issue of the day.

How do I judge music? I ask myself : could I do that? If the answer is 'yes' the music just sucks.

Maybe it's just my archetypes tormenting me again, but I think John Lennon wasn't jack squat without Paul McCartney's anal perfectionist direction (as the tribe would call what was formerly known as a commitment to excellence).

I see it all the time. People know just what is right and they refuse to do it to that degree of excellence.

I'll leave the quality and longevity of the final product as the final witness.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

Well, there's 57 varieties of ketchup and Christians... and Hagee is not the flavor I prefer, he's kind of a GMO and artificial flavored type to put a rather over-nice and polite spin on it.
Everytime I see his 'support Israel' billboards I want to do a Doc Sarvis and Bonnie Abbzug to it.
As you say Les, lot's of others also are doubtful about the existence of Christians, I call myself one and am therefore called to emulate Christ but boy howdy, what a seemingly impossible job that is! Not that we should stop trying.
I know little, and my faith is weak, but this much I know, that if we love one another as Christ taught this old world would be a better place.
All of us who love are on the same side of the barricades Les, and all who strive to break free of attachment also are brothers and sisters.
It's not a train Les, it's light all right, God's good light...

"So we saunter toward the Holy Land; till one day the sun shall shine more brightly than ever he has done, shall perchance shine into our minds and hearts, and light up our whole lives with a great awakening light, so warm and serene and golden as on a bank-side in Autumn."
Henry David Thoreau, 'On Walking'

I remain, your friend, steve in h-town

Eudoxia said...

Les not sure if you know about the Papal Decree effective 1st September, 2013. Bernanke and Napolitano's resignations went into effect as at that date :

Given that the Holy See's jurisdiction according to the Pope de jour is the entire planet Earth or seas of the Earth hence Admiralty Maritime Law that is/was upheld in our courts. So given no more immunity says God on Earth to the elite and their minions for all crimes committed against humanity as at the 1st September, I was wondering if Commander n Shit for Brains was going to do it before the 1st. It appears not and common sense prevailed although did it? Is this why the politico minions backed down at the 11th hour??? This is highly unprecedented or is the alternative press really putting the brakes on?? So many variables. Also, another ODD thing about his proposed strike - given the lunatics are heavily occult by nature, invading on a waning moon is just not kosha - I was wondering if he was being set up, manipulated into the biggest mistake in history to take the whole show down???? Like you, I am somewhat skeptical of all things presented and are not sure if the apostolic letter is just another smoke screen, but BB and JN are now gone, and BO did not invade Syria on his own, so................

Rabbit said...

The stupidity of so many religious people, yes I agree. Allah created everything, that is the definition of the One God of all. Anything else, from minor deities to the simplest life is His creation. As such He created Satan. Satan is not God's enemy, he is ours. Whatever choices we make they will never get us outside His creation, as if we can be transferred from one owner to another.

Anonymous said...

read the book you recommended in one fell swoop this morning......took about an hour of time....right on! total resonance with each's all coming together now....yes. it's all very clear to me...this living thing...this we are. why.

thank you

liz in l.a.

Anonymous said...

"He's called Old Scratch because so many people have various particular itches and he scratches them for you."

Mericans, being in a perpetual hurry, barely have time to smear residual shit around their hairy assholes with their dwindling forests. This of course irritates said wild hairs driving them insane.

Hence rolling out the red carpet for Old Scratch and his big numero uno to ease the collective angst.

Keepin' it clean
Sir Janus

verification word: assmane, no shit

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis
Take a look at this article:
Are we not just seeing another performance in the Theatre of the Absurd in Syria?
Who's really doing what to who and what method are they using? Does it really matter?
It's reminiscent of Donald Rumsfeld's visit to Iraq in the 1980's to shake hands with Saddam Hussein and offer him the unlimited supplies of nerve and mustard gas that he then used on the Iranians and his own people.
The US government are the gold standard for hypocrisy. No wonder no one takes them seriously any more.

JerseyCynic said...

"Doing the Dog Paddle in Deep Dung Jell-O"
by Les Visible

....a BIG CRIMSON bow for a post that ties it all up so very very well

Ken Nordine - Crimson

Visible said...

Lucifer's Boss; You know, it is only passing annoying but... still annoying how often I get the same email from so many people, "whine whine, you didn't post my last comment so I'm sure you won't post this one too. Actually I went you one step further I read very little of it.

You were an articulate and welcome poster until you got pissed off about 'what you perceive' as my stance on the gay issue. then you lost your objectivity.

Ranting on about my not telling the truth and trying to have an impact on my head is pointless. Of course I don't tell the truth all the time. I don't know what the truth is all the time but... I do 'try' to tell the truth all the time. What possible reason could I have otherwise? Whwat's in it for me? I'm sure you'll come up with something but you'd be wrong.

Because 'you are being dishonest' about not addressing why you are actually pissed off at me, I don't feel obliged to post your comment. I know why you're pissed but... that is only from misreading my position unless... you actually support certain positions that are cosmic no goes.

You're welcome here as long as it's not the same tedious nyah nyah. Nobody want to hear that shit. Look, you're intelligent and quite often have a penetrating take on things. In that role you are an asset. If you want to 'objectively' parse my work so I can see your intent is to enlighten, I have no problem with that but I have come around to the view that certain comments don't further. I don't get many. I think it's been at least 2 weeks since I got one and it often goes a month.

Anyway, think about what I said. I know you like to come here and comment here and I want you to be able to do that. Surely we can come to a meeting of the minds.

Visible said...

Found at Butch Davidson's Facebook page; 'Have you ever looked at someone and just known that the wheel was turning but the hamster was dead?'

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Fifty Shades of Totally Jerking Off.

Alan Jong said...

Ah, Let's see, you won't post my comment, no point in reasoning with you, and neither did I intend to reason with you here. You have an agenda to be the end of truth, when you're far from the truth. This has nothing to do with Gay issues, that is your perception, and I don't care how you feel about Gay people. They may have hurt you at some point, and your projections in that direction, are nothing I take offense too, neither do I stand in defense of Gay people against your intolerant view which stands on its own, in that light. It's more of an issue for you. I made no mention of it, though you brought it up.

What I am impartial too, is the notion that you often make in a round about way. A case for the justification of evil. Through lousy statements like it's all under control, etc, and you paint the world, and those beings who are the most destructive, and abusive, as automatons, with no control or self-determination for the actions they take against the rest of mankind, and that is ridiculous, your language is circular. I see you as the King of Ruin, and you earned the 9-11 truth crown in my book make no mistake about it, because you're the king of 9-11 truth. You deserve it with all that hard work you to pour into reinventing the perpetual nightmare for the bemusement of all. I don't give them a pass with foolish religious caste, or doctrine, and you do, they will be accountable in every way, and so will you. I see you for what you are, the last refuge of establishment religion, of every charlatan character that ever was, and will be no more. You try and make the case for the devil, in so much as you try to make the case for God, and worse of all you use 9-11 as the spine to prop up the Gods, that must die. Because nobody who is truly honest with themselves actually believes in the shit you expose, on the religious front, and the same people you dearly desire to warn with your ever impending doom, are the first ones you throw under the bus, and diss as the great unwashed for not drinking from your troth of delusional backwardness. Your devil is no more any real than your God, and there is no power in any of it, except for those so foolish to accept those ghastly projects which long ago rightfully lost all authority to truth.

Visible said...

That's crap buddy and I don't paint evil any particular way by saying everything is under control. You are mired in dualism. it's right there in your words and the point of your being Gay, which you are now stepping away from, though you admitted to it at an earlier time, is very telling.

Gay people have hurt me in the past? Are you out of your mind? Well, I reached out and this is your response. It's also telling.

It's amazing how you 'project meaning' on to things I said, where I didn't say these things. You should be working for the Syrian propaganda ops. It's also classic psy-ops to accuse someone of the very thing you are engaged in. In this case, shading and attempting to shape the truth. It won't fly around here but then, you won't be flying any time soon either. I'd suggest changing your name to Lucifer's Bitch. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against gay people unless they are dangerous to themselves and to other people around them - which is typically the case. I was out at the swimming pool the other day (hotel pool) and there was a stereotypical gay man (early 40's, dyed blond hair), drinking beer and smoking (directly in the pool), surrounded by several single mothers, who were laughing uproariously at his every gay comment. Didn't bother me. So I'm lying there on a pool recliner, and the gay man says to me, "Mmmm - I wonder what's under those shorts. I'd love to take them off." And he proceeds to make sexual comments to his posse of Fag Hags about me, and I don't say anything, it doesn't bother me, I get this from men and women, frequently, and admittedly it's flattering. Finally one of the Fag Hags says, "He's into pussy, I can tell." At that point I look up and nod. They all laugh. Now here's where it gets ugly. There's a four-year-old kid in the pool, all of a sudden. His mom brings him down. The mom knows this posse, including the gay man. The gay guy gets drunker, and suddenly he starts being disgusting. He talks about how he hasn't sucked a cock today, but he sure as hell hopes to. And this four-year-old kid is splashing in the pool about 10 feet away. That is just plain wrong. Then, the gay guy gets even uglier, and starts describing some sex he had with a fellow ass bandit, in graphic detail. And the Fag Hags, are screaming with laughter - including the kid's mom. And then, I thought, if I had said to this group, "I haven't fucked any pussy today, but I sure as hell hope to", and then proceeded to describe in graphic detail my most recent sexual encounter with a female, would they have laughed? No. You can bet your ass they would have chastised me for being vulgar in front of a little kid (and rightly so). But gays can, and do, get away with murder. They can say anything, they can do anything, to anyone, in front of anyone, and if we don't blanketly accept it, it's our fault. We're involved in "hate crimes", if we don't let them do and say whatever they want. That is twisted, and whether you are gay or not, in my mind, anyone who supports that mindfuck, is part of the problem.

Visible said...

Wow!Where I am, you don't see any of that at all. You don't even see... well, you don't see much of anything but... I remember in NYC some of the things I saw and that was a long time ago. It's hard for me to compute the existence of these things though I know they're there. These are the end times but we always need to keep in mind, these are only the end times for those ending. They are beginning times for those moving on.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you don't see it, Visible. I know you left the States quite a while back, and I say "lucky you". It's incredible the shit that goes on here. Young women walk around in booty shorts, hiked up their asses, on these cork slut-heels, all day long (or in flip-flops), thumb-fucking their phone keyboards non-stop. If they see a guy they like, they ask for his number, and add it to their "friends with benefits" list. That's the norm, but it's way worse than that, quite often. They will openly make comments about the bulges (or lack thereof) in various men's pants. I have had preteen girls make comments of this kind to me, I shit you not. One day I was getting a pizza from this joint up the street, and three preteen girls (my best guess on the age there) walked by. One of them looks at my shorts, and says, "Nice bulge". My mouth opened up, and dropped to the pavement. Usually I am pretty calm and don't say shit, no matter what happens. But I heard myself saying, "Do your parents know that you walk around staring at, and commenting on, men's equipment? Do you think they'd like it, if they knew what you were doing?" They looked at each other, and then looked at me and started laughing uproariously. And then I thought, "Their parents probably do the same shit - their moms, anyway." Exactly! And that's why they laughed at me - like, "Come on, man, what's wrong with you?" The whole society here has been warped beyond recognition. Here's another nugget - so I'm on this bus a few months ago (I'm not proud, I'll take the bus, it's cheap) and the bus is at this stop near a liquor store. The bus is packed, I'm sitting up front on the right side, and the liquor store is visible right out the window to the right of me. A bunch of people are looking in that direction. So I look over, too, and this teenage girl (I'd guess she was 15), was standing to the left of the entrance to the liquor store. Two boys about the same age were standing there with her. She had on a miniskirt. One of the boys casually lifted her skirt from behind, and started having sex with her, right there. She encouraged it, was totally into it, much to the horror of everybody on the bus. It was about 3:00 in the afternoon. People were walking in and out of the liquor store while this happened. The bus took off, I looked around at the people on it, and they were wide-eyed in disbelief. But this is America. Their goal has been to drag us down to the point where we are actually humping like dogs on the street. Mission accomplished.

Skepticfrog said...

Lucifer's boss:

Being a homosexual is a condition which is in fact, a birth defect, like hare lips, hemophilia, siamese twins, and a myriad of various conditions other people have from birth. They accept their condition and try to make the best they can, without making much of an issue at it.
You, on the other hand, insist that it's right (natural) and at the same time demanding special privileges for yourselves. When we say, wait a minute, two people of the same sex cannot have an offspring, therefore it's not in accordance with nature's laws and intent, and it's really a defect or dysfunction in the brain somehow, your kind simply gets a hissy fit even though this simple tenet is blatantly evident and is all around you.

The second half of your post is a poorly constructed, vague rant without a clearly defined concise agenda. I didn't get with any clarity what your beef is; I got some very vague notion of your dissatisfaction (with Vis), but it's about clear as mud. Maybe it's me...
Perhaps, Vis gets it with clarity, I sure don't.

Visible said...

I believe what you're saying. I've seen similar, not quite so graphic but I have definitely seen similar.

Alan Jong said...

I don't care what any of you think about homosexuals, or Me.

I meant to write espouse in terms of theology, and bullshit religion your invented devils, and deities. Expose whatever you want if in fact that is what you're doing. You won't publish the first comment I left you. I am not trying to impress you or any kabbalist or whatever religion you feel is true.
I don't care about the grammar septic frog, as much as getting the point across. None of the opinions here matter, cause my mind is made up, and perhaps at one time I was susceptible to these interpretations of truth, I am not Now. And I thanked you Les, for painting so dark a picture about reality, that I finally saw the light.

Visible said...

" None of the opinions here matter, cause my mind is made up." Do you know how that sounds? Why don't you take your ball and go home? That's how it sounds. Look at the things you just said. It is embarrassing, really. it's embarrassing and puerile, childish, petulant. Ah... are you not getting valuated at the level you feel you deserve? Boo hoo.

You hate all these religions because they interfere with the consecration of cocksucking as a religious form. Until they're gone you're short on legitimacy. It's pretty clear what's going on here, are you are the only one who doesn't see it? As for your first comment, which contained nothing much different than anything else, put it up, it won't make any difference. The point of your argument and why you're like you are is obvious. God won't stamp an imprimatur on your behavior so God has to be wrong. Hey, it's what it is. You don't like it, nothing I can do about it.

Copernicus Kidd said...

hooray for Vis! I am on the Med and praying to Neptune ---- NO WAR!!!

Alan Jong said...

Your religions, Hindu, Buddha, Allah, Jesus, Judaism, all the works of men to control other men, and you throw the book at all your readers. And here you go, trying to make the claim this is about gay, or strait, and that is you missing the point. I was after the truth of 9-11 and I got the answer, and I don't deny God either, God will mop the Earth, and sweep out the filth of all the religions of the world. I have the proof that God acknowledges Me, and that doesn't make me any better than anyone else, there is no sense of self importance in that statement. God revealed the Eternal Will, and I acknowledged it right away too, then he placed a seal in the Sun which I have documented on Facebook, and if facebook is CIA operation, oh, well, they know their absolute fate now. Back in late 2010, I resold a doll I bought years ago on ebay to Japan, and they bid the price up to $911.99, and it felt like another dig, 9-11 truth is not a popular issue, and I've been vocal about it since 2006, people will make degrading comments about those seeking answers or posting comments in support of an investigation. After that sale, I blew up, it was before I began to read your blog or around the time I did, anyway, I cast a spell on that shipment. Fortunately Osama Bin Laden was innocent of 9-11, and God loves that Man, for whatever reason, because when that Earthquake hit Japan, it was his Birthday on the west coast, the timeline had not crossed over it was still 3-10-2011. Changes are on the horizon, and I am warning you the truth, and God belong to no religion, and you are trying to make it so. I have evidence and undeniable proof of the things I share, and state. There is only one God, and there is no justification for any evil, just because one book or religions make claims otherwise. You better check yourself, for it is God almighty who has told me to warn you, because your standing on the toes of the sacred, and you're after your own destruction. No justification for war, or evil, anywhere in the cosmos, God has eternal patience, yet for this world it is running dry. There would be no poverty only abundance in this world if everyone was rightfully acknowledged of their equity in the Earth. The Eternal will below is as above, death is the result of not acknowledging it.

Visible said...

You are so full of shit. Everyone here knows that I believe and have stated over and over that God is not to be found in religion. All I've said is that I respect all legitimate religions and Judaism is not one of them, it's another name for Satanism.

I think you're a tad unstable, that mention an EBay bid sounds like serious paranoid schizophrenia and the rest of that stuff is hallucinations. It's not my place to judge that you're mentally messed up, given the things that have happened to me. However, the things that have happened to me aren't speculative cartoonish events like these.

You are progressively making yourself look more and more like a dumb ass cause everyone here knows that I don't say the things you attribute to me and belong to no religion. this kind of Fox News talking head shit will not fly. You can't make claims that my words and actions clearly contradict. Who are you talking to? Do you think you will convince anyone of anything when you fly in the face of the most obvious truths stated and demonstrated here over and over again? Go away; you sound like someone who used to take Lithium and then stopped.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Harridans and Soulless Whores in the Flotsam and Jetsam Tanks.

Alan Jong said...

You been warned, That is all I need to do. I'll let the hand of God take over in the dealings with you. You can't offend me with evidence I have, Neither can the things I said be reversed except by accomplishing the Eternal that is up to the governments and people of the world not Me.

Visible said...

You are such a self righteous, self important poufta. I'm sure God is ten kind of anxious to have you on his team. Do you have any idea how cringemaking you are? Do you have any idea? If you were to catch a clue you would die of terminal embarrassment. I sincerely feel sorry for you. Heh heh, Lucifer's Boss, I just bet he looks like an eight years old that needs to take a pee when you come around.

Anonymous said...

Sorry excuse me but I have to go shower the gay off, brb



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