Friday, August 30, 2013

Crank up that New and Improved, Old False Flag

(Visible's new novel is due to be released any day now. Stay tuned)

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

What time is it? No it's not Howdy Doody time, or maybe, actually, it is. That would mean it's two different times at the same time. Yes, it's False Flag time. It's false flag time because of this. It's false flag time because the need for ♫my endless war♫ to the tune of Endless Love. It's false flag time because Israel wants what they want, no matter what the cost is, as long as it costs them nothing. Eventually this will happen and for the good of the human race it can't come too soon. Mr. Apocalypse is definitely on the set. The bloodthirsty fools who are not inclined to change their ways, may or may not be aware of Mr. Apocalypse. Some of them are and some of them are just tools. Meanwhile, very strange things are going on. Consider the case of Ed Miliband, whom David Cameron just referred to as a 'fucking cunt' and a 'copper bottom shit'. Possibly, someone out there, possibly someone from the U.K. would be so kind as to tell me what constitutes a 'copper bottomed shit'. Why not some other metal? Do copper and shit have some sort of history, a working relationship? I am neither a shit, nor a copper tech, however, someone out there is either or both.

Our problem, as a population is easily identified and- it goes without saying- their policy is in the hands of Israel, the world's biggest crime syndicate and- like I said- it's that time again; false flag time and some of the same personnel from the last false flag, will be on hand in various location options. What makes this particular location option attractive, is that that location is under the control of a very highly placed psychopath, named Rahm Emmanuel. We'll just have to file his last name under the heading, 'cosmic irony', given that a more suitable name might be, Rahm AntiChrist or Rahm Murderman, presently serving as mayor of America's most violence prone city. I'm guessing there is a direct connection between Satanic blood sacrifices and the surging violence of that city. We're past the point where there is anything so nasty that we cannot believe men like this are capable of it.

Things are truly out of control on the American mainland. The bad guys are the good guys and the good guys are the bad guys. The extent of social corruption and vile Satanic industry at the hands of the Gay Talmudian movement is off the charts. It has officially exposed it's deeper intentions in as graphic and dramatic a fashion as possible. If this is what we are seeing (note the responses of those in the audience at that play), what do you think they might be up to behind closed doors?

Here is the basic reality that is brought about when Mr. Apocalypse does his Baron Samedi thing up out of the sleeping chamber where he has been held in state (much like the main character in my new novel) for thousands of years, until the time arrived for his entrance upon the stage of existence, for the purpose of demonstration. The basic reality is that an irresistible and- by degrees -gradual awakening of the public takes place. At the same time, those in the grip of evil become increasingly more evil by the day. They have no choice. Their dark master, who is indirectly employed by the one who directs Mr. Apocalypse, motivates them to these behaviors, for the purpose of evidence gathering to be presented in a higher court and-quite possibly- in temporal courts as well. Mr. Apocalypse does not only reveal that which was formerly hidden. He identifies it as well and he also renders it increasingly powerless and tuns it into an enemy of itself. Mr. Apocalypse is a tool, an ingenious, multitasking cosmic instrument and your role, in all of this, comes down to whether you trust Mr. Apocalypse, or you live in fear of 'the powers that appear to be'. Their power is directly harvested from your fear. If you have no fear, they have no power. If you have no fear, they have no power. If you have no fear, they have no power. Got it? Good. Don't got it? Bad.

As Mr. Visible, a willing agent of Mr. Apocalypse, writes this posting, he is watching “Enemy of the State” (note when they mention the birthdate of John Voight's character. He was born on 9/11 and the film was done before the event) That film, along with “The International” are two of the most powerful and trenchant statements to come out in a long time. Let's face it, there are some very bad things happening. Some of these things may only be the result of ignorant greed. However, with the recent discoveries of so much oil in Venezuela, Brazil and Australia, rivaling and surpassing what was the volume of the previous reserves, even that which looks like ignorant greed, now looks like just another act of global genocide. Make no mistake, multinational corporations are stone cold evil and they haven't gotten less evil since the days when United Fruit and Coca Cola were operating hit squads in Central and South America. This is only one of the films that have come out about murderous firms like Nestles. You would be most surprised at how many other concerns and firms Nestles owns. Someone needs to post these so that none of us buy from any of them. Consonant with this are all sorts of crisis tech that's in production. I am no fan of that particular website. The guy running it is that kind of major self promoting sort and gives off some suspicious vibes as far as I am concerned. I bring it up once and hopefully won't have to again. Keep in mind that the intelligence services have been launching all kinds of web sites to monitor and control what comes to the public attention. I feel the same way about the Raw Story site.

The Synagogue of Satan is not pleased with the incremental revealing of their horrific agendas. Keep in mind that these are early days for them. The whole of the cosmos is against them. They shall not, they will not prevail. Their days and hours are numbered. They feel the heat of the breath of fire upon the napes of their necks. Their future place of residence is calling. Some things are fixed and some things are not. This is fixed.

In between times, they and their little goblins are hard at work. The darkness continues and the dawn is breaking. Nothing can stop this process, anymore than they can stop the sun in it's course, or alter the orbit path of the planets. This is what we must all keep in mind. This is a sure fire palliative for our fear; knowing who and what has our backs. It is a sure fire amplifier for our fear; not knowing what has our backs.

The powers that think they are, are hamstrung. Their Israeli masters are outraged. They are not used to being stymied . They are not used to being unable to get their proxies to kill on command. This is why, that old false flag is on the front burner. It's like an armed time bomb. It is set to go off in various locations at any time. They're choosing the manner and means at the moment. They want maximum effectiveness and they are very worried about how it will play. It's a sure bet that a good number of people will know it is a put up job and it's a sure bet that Mr. Apocalypse is on the job and that “all things work for good for those who etc” On that note, I'll leave you with your thoughts on the matter. One day, between one post and another, the whole world will have changed.

Watch out for Labor Day and also the fifteenth coming up. It goes without saying that 9/11 is between them.

One might want to keep this in mind  and definitely note the name 'Baal' Shem Tov.

Baal? One of them actually got named Baal? apparently Baal is not a negative for these... these... these... words fail me. 

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Link to Nestle boycott list:

And copper-bottomed means trustworthy.

As for Baron Samedi, I'd love to have him over for tea. We'd even take him to our favourite restaurant. The non-cinema version sounds like a lot of fun, provided you can handle the least expected. Imagine the guerilla theatre and conversations. (MUAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Visible said...

I've made additions to the posting. Most especially note the use of the name Baal at the end of the posting.

Visible said...

Thank you for that link. I hope I'm not pushing the wrong button here. This is for all readers. What is this resistance to doing hotlinking? Don't you want to learn it? I, myself, am always keenly engaged when the prospect of learning something arrives. I duly note that a learning things precludes the need for lessons to be demonstrated on you, sometimes.

Anyway, I assure you, the people who go to the site you put up will more than double if you hotlink it and the point is... to get people to go there in the first place... so... I'm mystified.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I hotlink on my blog. I have no idea on how to do it in the comments section. I don't see any posting options, and wonder if that's 'cause I'm on a Mac. In fact, I put the Nestle boycott list on my blog (along with the coke companies.)

Well, I could do a test and see if I copy/past the hotlink from my blog to here. I'll do that with the Coke owned company list and see what happens:

No, you did not push any wrong buttons. You are simply stating a fact and trying to get out of the minor annoyance of having to copy/paste my links. No offence or slight taken. If the Coke linked work I shall try to be aware of that possibility in the future and use it. But hey! My nickname has been 'Space Cadet', so that may be sporadic, but ya never know.

Antony said...

Emailed my conservative MP and asked him if he was representing me or Israel and the bankers, before last nights vote.
The good man voted against the government, wasn't expecting that.
Brought a tear to my eye.
I think I will be kind to him from now on.

Old reader, dinosaur reader said...

Hotlinking. I shall give it a go. My apologies for what i know are my own unhotted links from past.

Visible said...

Search engines usually have whatever answers you require. for practically everything under the sun.

Visible said...

heh heh, dinosaur reader.

Old reader said...

Egads. The mac commenter didnt get a successful link. I am on an apple ipad. Not figuring it out here, either, am i missing a trick? One that works with safari/ipad/mac/any fruit computers?

Anonymous said...

I don't think false flags will help them any longer. Even sleepy people see through them now.

Vis, your link at seems to be missing

from a remote area of Oregon

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Duh. Look it up. What a concept. YES I'M OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE SEEN THE PALEOLITHIC AGE! And I don't care if you remind me, since vanity about age or anything else is NOT on my agenda. Test:


I do not allow comments on my blog since quite frankly I don't want to be bothered, so I'll use your blog if you don't mind.

garbanzo said...


A small hint:

Skulls of Crystal
Will make you whistle
How 'bout when?
September 10


dirtykid© said...

Buttons: linking is as simple as typing <a>http://yourelinkgoeshere</a> <a></a>

The brackets and their contents are processed by the comments system, and not 'displayed' but rather are converted into a link and the 'function' requires both "tags" to signify a beginning (no slash) and an end (with '/' slash)

Demonstrating how to type such within a comment that processes the brackets, however, is somewhat more complicated.

Jody Paulson said...

I'm going to repeat a comment I made from an earlier post:

Using HTML tags in comments

It wasn't that long ago when you needed to know HTML before you could make a web page. They're still useful in comments for doing things like making words bold, italic or hyperlinked.

I always think of them like bookends. When you type in your comment, <b>word</b> makes your word bold, <i>word</i> makes your word italic, and <a href="">word</a> sends whoever clicks on that word to my blog. Don't forget the forward slash on the right "bookend!"

the gardener said...

just ask Janet to not be so coy

but don't worry... cleansing by fire happening now anyways

as for dates Robert says New Moon (double Virgo earth x2 trining PLUTO *as in plutonium power* coming up Thursday September 5 is a good time for a moon dance (as in 'to the moon Alice')

thanks for almost spelling it out Vis... got it!

so we've got 'vehicles parked or driven/homes vacant and occupied, big rigs, RVs etc all bursting into flames-some repeatedly... due to the hydrogen sulfide clouds released by all the actions in the oceans, ice floes etc.

as to Mike's 'thieving employees' hopefully not yours but co-workers... sigh... I did a focused intent last year... very powerful one... 'show who and what you really are'. Added to it 'if they are criminal-let them pay for their crimes'... but I've experienced so much looting, thieving, lying and cheating going on with the masspeople it is rather sickening to watch and experience. Frighteningly sickening.

KNOWING who has my back (and front) is the ONLY thing that causes me to stay here on this realm. It is that bad... the witnessing, the experiencing.

So the New Moon in double Virgo (sun and moon) on Sept 5- in opposition with Neptune in Pisces-trining that old badass Pluto in Capricorn... and Uranus in Aries always eager to 'pop you in the head' or 'burn baby burn'...

but of course the balancing is in play also and I am expecting a few hurrahs for our team as well...asap

It was fun seeing the comments left behind for Rummy's emergence out of the black hole he's been kept in for such a long time-his professional opinion on involving with Syria... hahahah deviant asshole hahahaha

Potato Bug Man out from his hole

Anonymous said...

I suspect the next false flag won't give them the response they're looking for, courtesy of our old friend Mr. Apocalypse.

Yes, people will probably be killed, horribly, but my gut tells me everyone is going to see right through it and the finger will point right back to the evil ones and not to those they would have us blame.

Actually, I feel that so many people are finally going to see it for what really is, and the response will be monumental.

Be careful out there...


Anonymous said...

LV, regarding Chicago violence under Mayor Emmanuel. What we're seeing is the instincts of black males, which tends towards rape, robbery, murder, shakedown and other forms of parasitism. A corrupt Jew media keeps this from the general knowledge. The Jew media censors and occludes the massive black on white crime in this country since the first "desegregation" went into effect.

The Jew power also "cooks the books" on crime. That is, the FBI's crime stats are skewed. For example, an "hispanic" (i.e. mixed indio-white) is classified as white. So an "hispanic" who kills, robs or rapes is "white" in the stats. That's the effect of the Jew–culture distortion, lies, genocide.

In the meantime the Jew media will continue to feed the white sheep fluff articles on black progress and achievement.

So black Chicago is the belwether of where other black cities are going. All along Emmanuel and the Jew power will militate against private firearms. The black is the tool against whites. The black is the weapon against white civilization that the Jew hates--viscerally, eternally. Do you see?

Like the Old Man said, a negro will be a negro until a white man stops him.

I didn't make this up.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Much thank you, dirtykid! That is easier.

Now to continue reading on the end of the world as we know it from the alternative media. I've never had so much fun in all my life.

Anonymous said...

first try..

Anonymous said...

two things :

dave in baltimore,
if you are being serious here,
i feel very sorry for you

and i would add, it is poverty,
enginered, by 'the white man'
that has helped create this mess.


as to hotlinking, i have tried
[i'm usually on a mac] to no avail

a certain young woman, [that i shall not name] that used to
comment on these blogs, tried to help me, also to no resolution

although she taught me many other things...

i have a feeling she still reads here, if only out of curiousity

Old reader, not dead reader said...

I cant tell if we are actually going to have a syria event......or if its staged to hide the more funner bank event that i am certain will occur before the end of november. And both are equally most likely to occur at/around the magical holiday that sometimes falls around 9/11. But then too, there is that thing they have done before (and who are they), whereby the news gets all ooga booga and people go,crazy, and then....nothing. Lv, you best expressed it earlier this week, on a personal level. Wtf are we looking at or for or even if, for the next 45 days??? Damned if i can figger it out.

Visible said...

You can rest assured she still reads here est, they all do. She turns out to be part of that whole intelligence operation thing too.

My apologies to Mac users, I didn't consider that but... fuck! you can't all be Mac users and I am sure, if any of you choose to use a search engine, even if you don't know what one is at the moment, you will find instructions. What is it with people and search engines? I find them invaluable.

I even get people writing me and asking me to search for information for them. Unbelievable!

Visible said...

The book is ready!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Dave!

For those who can't wait until we get a proper internet download and quality paperback shipping engine in place, simply send 10 Euro to via Paypal or whatever means you have and I will email you a digital copy. I think you're going to like this, I mean, I hope you like it; years in teh making.

Visible said...

If we needed any more proof that Richard Sauder is an agent of the dark side, I was just informed that Jeff Rense removed me completely from his site because he says, "It appears I attacked Richard Sauder. There was no communication from Jeff and no effort to ask me about any of it. There's some ill winds blowing right now. What do you think? Tomorrow's Petri Dish will be devoted to this

Visible said...

I don't know for sure yet but it looks like my whole relocation to Ecuador scenario was also orchestrated. We shall see.

Sauder is obviously 'connected' if he can put pressure on Jeff and I was not given any benefit of the doubt. Sauder also visited my contact in Ecuador only a few weeks ago, traveling many miles to do it.

I risked my reputation defending Jeff and this is what I get. We live in interesting times. Well, there goes a lot of my traffic and my donations of course are near non-existent. Factor in the reality that the appearance of all of these agents in my life was to drive me mad and make me doubt my senses well... good thing I got my invisible friends.

Micky said...

Vis copper bottomed as a previous comment said means trustworthy here is the background so much of the UK culture is maritime based it's freaky even our laws,now that Wee Willy Hague and Dave boy Cameron didn't get their tag team match with Barack Nobel Obama against Bashful Bashar Assad,Mad Vlad Putin and some dude from Iran I too think a big false flag is coming, false flag another bloody maritime phrase FFS

Anonymous said...

Vis, It's getting down to the nitty gritty he he. It's time to separate the men from the boys.

from a remote part of Oregon

Visible said...

They're definitely coming after me and boy! the lame excuses I am getting from involved parties. As I told one of them, I have an IQ in the high 140's and my nose for truth is near unmatchable. Misdirection served to cancel those assets out for a time... no more.

Visible said...

All this said, they are really trying to suppress my new book. I have no problem understanding why. get your copy while you can. And no! This is not a promotional stunt. Go to Jeff's site and you will see.

Visible said...

just remember to use a crowbar (grin).

Old reader, seasoned on the side said...

Take the "j" off "jeff" and you have "eff". I never much cared for his style anyway, he is commercial and industrialized, to me anyway. Stay who you are on any given day lv, you are fine. Anyone says otherwise is a con artist or destabilizing opponent. Nothing more. Any agentes perusing your site are not at issue with you. Maybe more agree with you than they say. They do though follow the cons and the harmful ones wherever they do go. I dont know if that is a compliment to you or not, that the cons and the harmful ones come to your site? Lol. I am interested in tracking the back story of this so-called sauder dude. Funny "he" should be involved in messing up equador. Mighty funny. The gardner likes your plot, so it isnt from there. Sauder..... Sauder.....its made up for sure. By someone who is in the habit of regularly making up deadend webbies in order to attract following, then procure funds from all for personal gain, while effing with the subjects, in order to create chaos and confusion and fear and isolation of members, in order to better manipulate the seperation of such members from their funds. Even to abusing claim of spiritual, medical, and such claims. But i could be wrong.

Old reader, soon to hit-listed old reader! said...

I wonder, if sauder chose that name, to attract "antisemite" attentions. The sauder character, is not real. So. How is eff related to your own good, and i stress, your original, works? Cause eff has not a history of originality......could be a case of his meddling, keep you paranoid and keep you down? But i could be wrong.

Micky said...

Misdirection is one of their greatest tools most people spend their lives chasing shit they were misdirected towards whether it's Ecuador or a coffee maker there are clever devious cunts out there setting us up for a fall trying to demoralise us don't let then grind you down, remember" your worst is better than their best" line from a Human League song not mine wish it was though it gives me some comfort.john perkins is a good source to find out their methods take care

Old reader, crafty little reader said...

I am very sure that the persons/entities attempting to mess with you are not of the agentes variety. But such agentes are very likely following some of the persons who are working to eff you over, at least i hope so. You have not done nor been anything other than the writer and thinker that you are. No harm and no wrong has been done by you. But every time you start to come up for air, or write a thing that could earn a few euro, these ugly little worms pop up, almost as if if cued. To bite your ankles and trip you up, to aggravate you in numerous disconnected ways. They want money. Yours. Or your readers. They are cons. They are thugs. They are worms. Just step on them and keep walking forward lv. You know the drill.

Old reader, old school said...


My own iq is 184. My grandaddy was 201. My adult progeny range from 179 thru 219+ saith the fools who administer these tests. Means nothing. You have gone much farther in understanding and analysis than all of us in my family, together. Iq is good, but how you use it is better. You have the gift.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

At least Michael Rivero has more integrity. Anyway, things seem to go from RINF to Whatreallyhappened, to rense, so. . .

Personally I key in your name every day until you post, and if someone stops reading you just because you're no longer on rense, that's like a WTF????????? Whatreallyhappened is a better site, anyway. At least they update more than twice a day, and their two pages. . .main page and shared page have a HELL of a lot more information.

They're allegedly doing roadwork on the Bay Bridge: (Alternate technique hotlink test)

This is why I refuse to take a job where I have to cross a bridge, or use BART, not to mention I don't do big cities. I also prefer the alternate name for this state of CALIPORNIA, which a Danish writer who hath long ago dissed me called it. I don't think she could handle my aversion to crotch droppings, or my philosophy of the best use for them being burrito filling or fajita topping. If you lived where I do, I'm sure many would agree.

This Bay Area resident rather looks forward to being under water. At least it'll be quieter than this damn sardine can of a location is now. But what else is a misanthropic isolationist to think? ;^)

Old reader, nosy reader said...

About eff rinse.......

Sorry for the cold link.......i am still searching for a way to do it on the pad.

Mo Raf said...

Good stuff Mr. V. The Baal Shem Tov is only one in a long line of Baal's who have served as interim leadership of the Zoharites ever since JF. JF was the Baal who received allegiance from Moses Amschel Bauer and who instructed the same to change his name to Red Shield. Not one of the Baals have never reached higher than the 8th sephiroth, including JF, in spite of intense and lifelong devotional practise, whereas SZ managed to elevate to number 10 for a short while. SZ lost control and slipped back to the 9th world because he was too 'rigid' and was not a natural fit for the crown. Watch the film "Pi" where the secret understanding to which we had to succumb and for which I was shot by both sides is explored, the gematria is used as a symbol for the Qabbala and in which the Holy Number of G'd represents the Lurian adjustment to reach the 10th sephiroth (this film was a necessary truce - a bit like Xmas in the trenches during WWII). The film shows how in spite of the knowledge of how to get there via the full knowledge, they cannot attain its position for it is not meant for them.

Ironically the invisibles who are keepers of the 'Voinich' Qabbalah scrolls from the actual underground water well in Babylon, which is the only true and working form of this dastardly science, cannot attain more than the gains to be had from the 8th sephiroth. (Needless to say they were responsible for the leak to Jacob of Luria, and usually such extra information would be expected to die with him). Of the invisibles only a small number have ever seen and walked the Eternal Day at the 8th sephiroth.

Mr. A is no doubt grateful for your services as a tonic for the troops. A "cheque" is in the post but you won't be able to cash it for a few weeks! Unlike many cheques this one shouldn't get lost in the post Mr. V. (Ha ha)

Danroamin said...

I might be wrong but....

When you think of where we are going and im sure we are all going there, even the snakes and fakes, (though they may not enjoy their dinner with the cosmic equaliser, especially when they realise they are the first course)
and its eternal permanence, with the big man somewhere at the top of it all, you realise that hes seen a billion of these two bob empire shows come and go, hes got the tee-shirt, hat, a box full of 6d glasses, I mean, fuck me, he wrote the script but anyway, when you think of that, what power do these little black shrimps, hiding behind their technology and media really have? at their worst they may dupe or hold in fear any one individual for a maximum of 80 years only, at which point individuals head upstairs to find out what a sucker they have been and maybe have another go at it. What power do they really have then? only what we give and of course what the top dog allows them to have, to see how far they will really go, only its not power he is giving them, but rope

and its not for rescue purposes

Ask Saddam

Old reader hiding in plain sight said...

Paypal lets lv use the money sooner :)

Its my personal choice for delivery and reception. Mailing a post dated cheque wont make ones finances any less visible should some agency wish to scrutinize. I was flummoxed when i was once told how much an agent knew of the creations i made by hand, back before i even started a business for real. I was just selling on occasion, thru commission. If they want to know what you are, they will find it no matter what. So i dont care now, as long as i am reasonably legal, and totally ethical and can stand by my efforts, i dont care anymore. And usually, they dont either. They just peek when piqued. Then they move on. I dont know how to stop or prevent the thing though. Maybe the next generation can get a better grip on those matters? And drink or eat it, dont smoke or snort it. That is apparently a very important distinction.......

Anonymous said...

IQ's measure how malleable you are, and how much you think like a white, middle-class college professor. Really they measure how easily you can be brainwashed - the higher the IQ, the more easily brainwashed the individual is. "Wow, he has an IQ of 193! I see a Stanford MBA in that boy's future", etc. Jeff Rense's daddy was CIA all the way - former "public relations director" for Summa Corporation (owned by one Howard Hughes, who famously built submarines and other weapons of mass destruction for the CIA). Rense's daddy was also the "public relations director" of Douglas Aircraft, now McDonnell-Douglas Corp., one of the biggest defense contractors in the world. Rense used to broadcast on GNC which is owned by Disney. I don't need to post anything else about him here, if you can't see he's part of the problem (controlled opposition), then you will never see the solution. I posted this info at Visible's blogs a couple years back (about three). Visible rushed to Jeffy's defense. Now you aren't so quick to rush to his defense, are ya, Senor Visible? Hey, you know what, if you got traffic from his site, so what if he's CIA. But politics makes strange bedfellows, does it not. I don't think you have much to worry about, Visible. What you write about does not upset the NWO applecart very much. Which, I'm sure, is why you are allowed to carry on. If you were putting bullet holes in their plans, your sites would be gone, you'd be "cleansed" from the search engines (who the fuck do you think controls Google, heh, it ain't Ward Cleaver) - and maybe worse. Happens all the time. Being in the search engine business, and having a familial history that revolves around intelligence agencies and secret societies, I happen to know these things. More than one actual, honest-to-god activist has had their sites disappear, every reference to them removed from all the major search engines, and, in some cases, they have disappeared, too. If you were really a threat, you would definitely be "less visible" - or not visible at all, if you catch my drift. So don't worry. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. You can bank on that. And y'all have a splendiferous day.

Visible said...

Shut the fuck up you moron. I'm guessing your test results weren't what you might have hoped. By the way, be a little more careful in your bullshit, you gave away who you work for in spades and I was glad to defend Jeff and I don't blame him either. That is such a stupid thing to say about intelligence levels. I suppose what you are saying is that people like yourself with borderline IQ's are much more circumspective and analytical. You really have a low opinion of the traffic here. And what's with that shit about search engines? I take it we are supposed to take your word about something because... because? Uh huh.

Old reader, amistupidorwhat reader! said...

Wow. Anonymous @ 11:28 pm....... What are you, the collective google on legs? You really just have all that stuff in your head just awaiting a random moment in cyberspace to deposit it all at once? Just in case? Dang dude. Just dang the money! That is indeed a very telling post you made!

Anonymous said...

"Having a high IQ is important to people with small dicks and few accomplishments." - Anonymous

Back in the day I was enamored with IQ test scores. I had a decent one, could have joined MENSA. Thought about it a lot. Then I found out about Intertel, which is like a souped-up version of MENSA. Top 1% of all IQ scores. (Yes, I qualified for it, too; as I mentioned in my earlier post, that's nothing to be proud of - heh. The higher the score, the more you think like a white, middle-class college professor.)

How do the IQ testers measure things like, being able to write entire symphonies in your head? "Uh, Bob, we don't have that on the test - must be a form of insanity if you can do something like that, uh-huh."

Think about it - an IQ test. Who devises it? Minions for the educational system. What does the educational system do? It mindfucks people. You can argue with me on that, sure, I like seeing people's feet hanging from their mouths...

I don't take your rantings and ravings personally, Visible. We're all involved in a hard struggle. True enough. aren't important enough to truly attack, Visible. You are being handled by some low-level online agents. If you were a real threat, you'd never see them coming. They can monitor your sites without you ever knowing about it. They can do shit you can't pronounce. I would think you would be encouraged, after reading my opinion that you have nothing to worry about, as you aren't doing much to upset the NWO's plans. But, instead, based on the vitriol of your last post, I guess you want to be in their crosshairs, and will be disappointed if you aren't? All-righty then, to each their own. Y'all have a nice day. (I love it when you go ballistic over absolutely nothing, Visible; it makes me grateful for so many things. So thanks for that. See, you really are one of the good do make people happy, even if you don't intend to do that. And that is definitely a gift, kind sir.)

Old reader no needer of a cedar box just yet..... said...

From a well written post of false flags, to comments of false intelligences, and even falser intelligentsia, to outright declarations by one who claims ties to, well, every fuking thing in the universe........

Lv......anonymous at 11:28 pm is one of your distractors......the worms pop up when they need to see whats going on around them. Just squish and move forward. But they are rather gross.

Visible said...

Damn, they are out on force. Keep proving my point. Keep on keeping on. I never make claims about my intelligence around here. I only said that to show that I'm not easily fucked over or deceived. Only my big heart caused me to be deceived so long. Have at it with a will. Really- go for it. Won't do any good but... go for it, you are revealing yourselves.

Old reader said...

Anonymous at 11:28, 12:16 .......

Sheetis crikes. You guys really dont try do you? "Here kitty kitty, slap slap" is not the mark of quality attacks. Just .....attacks. Silly wabbit. Trix are for kids. Vis is for adults.

Old reader, not bottom feeder said...

My guess, lv, is if you are or were being handled, it would feel a lot sexier than the experiences you have been having. Those sure cant be handlers. Not even sexy enough for a common pimps touch. Funny how that anonymous poster has such a need for grandoise illusions of his own perceived almighty oligarthic powers that he continues to rage like a

Visible said...

Just so you know, I don't know who any of you are. I trust my protectors and I know for a fact, nothing touches me unless it is permitted and I know it isn't.

Visible said...

Just so you know, I don't know who any of you are. I trust my protectors and I know for a fact, nothing touches me unless it is permitted and I know it isn't.

Visible said...

Just so you know, I don't know who any of you are. I trust my protectors and I know for a fact, nothing touches me unless it is permitted and I know it isn't.

Old reader who has no tv and so reads books instead. said...

Lv, i ordered digi download thru the paypal, i made a note to have it sent to my personal email address in the pp comment, if that is ok?

Danroamin said...

I might be wrong but...

Speaking as 'traffic' I think anonymous may not be copper-bottomed

Its pretty fucking obvious who Visible thinks Google is run by, you cant place a comment on here without seeing his thoughts on that

your comment strikes me as quite sloppy, using IQs as your in, you then clunkily change gear to Jeff Rense/CIA shit without using your clutch my friend, a few of your cogs must be less some teeth now

Why be anonymous and not use your name? none of us are going to know who the fuck you are, use a false name for fucks sake or are you trying to play it both ways, wouldn't be a surprise, be so obvious as to be obvious, we know how it works, most do by now

Les can stick up for himself without doubt but the drivel you posted invites response and this is mine, of course just my opinion but I don't think Les writes with the intention upset the NWO applecart, that's already taken care of, its a given, they are running out of apples and the wheels are coming off
he writes to give us his spin on how it is, hes not revealing any secrets, we know the score or we wouldnt have got this far would we

I come here because I enjoy his take on events I alreadyknow are taking place anyway through my own seekings

Perhaps this is something we share anonymous, clearly, your not a first timer

Like I said though

I might be wrong...

Danroamin said...

Since the CIA/Rense obsessed search engine/IQ expert ‘anonymous ‘ has veered so seamlessly off topic I thought I may do the same
With something that recently happened (though potentially it may turn out to be false flag related)
It happened to a man who had always had an interest in objects
Objects of the Unidentified Flying variety
The man did not hold any fixed views on the objects, other than the opinion that they were a mixture of both the unworldly and the oh so worldly
But this is by-the –by
The man had longed to see one himself
but thought it unlikely, his was not a lot where proof would be given readily, that would be too easy, he sensed he would have to take the leap from his own conclusions, , concrete proof is not given to all, there are some things that can’t be learned for you
But again, this is by-the-by
The man liked to smoke on occasion, in the garden, watching the stars, from watching the stars he began watching satellites.
It began with seeing 1-2 a night and developed to sometimes seeing as many as 14 but I don’t want to bore you with numbers
One night, smoking, in the garden but not out specifically to watch the satellites, just lying on the sun lounger actually
He spotted a satellite, it began to wobble, the other satellites he had seen (and by now he considered himself something of an expert) didn’t wobble, they also didn’t suddenly turn 180 degrees in a perfect, near instant arc and disappear, from whence they came
Now, be that Neptune or Nevada, the man knew he had seen something unusual, in fact something he had always wanted to see
And he finally had
Now though, having seen it, he realised something, something terrible in fact
He still had to go to fucking work in the morning
In that instant he realised why he had seen what he had seen (for the purpose of demonstration) and what the big man was telling him
The sky did not hold the answers for him, at least not the important ones
His wife and children where his universe, to be perfected by his efforts as a portion of the whole,
Holographically speaking
He had his answers,
asleep upstairs in their beds
and he still had to go to fucking work in the morning

Anonymous said...

Hey vis,
I admire your calmness over all this shit-slanging by the control freaks. They can just affleck off as far as im concerned, especially that humourless kretinberg slug.
I dont know bout this sauder fella, that was between you two, but from what youv'e said the book seems to have freaked him out!?!
I really can't get me head around how he can influence the poodle rinse to ditch you?!
Ah well, like I said affleck'em, affleck em all. You dont need them. I reckon its quality over quantity in the long run, and anyways you want to find out who your true friends are anyway.
Im trying to keep a lid on my own anger here, with all the backstabbing lying hypocrites out to affleck me over too. Its not pleasant when its family and so called christians who ive gone out of my way to help previously. Seems like people have very short affleckin memories.
Anyways its more peaceful cut off in this social wilderness. Let mr A strut his stuff smoking his chaff cigars. Im pretty sure we'l find out in the end who was who in the ending credits.
Big hello to gene, ive missed all your interesting facebook posts! Hope your'e doing ok.
Vis your blogs are one of the few places I bother coming round to recently, its all yes and amen as it were. You have that special gift, which is probably why your'e getting the heat (and the shit). There is not many, if at all, whose posts go beyond just words. You are the real deal or should I say this is what we've really been dealt.
Thanks for pressing on regardless.

Rob in WI said...

From 90's films, "hold the line", and "hold fast". Hold fast, friend, I'll hold. Just tell them to fuck off; don't engage with them on their level, IMHO. They seem to be pretty amateurish.
Glad you put the attack up, so we can better understand what you go through.
Be well Visible, y all, Rob

insiam said...

riessoukanyone that still has questions re. one Mr Snowden should now have any doubts put to bed.

however, as one question is answered another becomes more relevant. i.e. what is Russias role in the Snowden affair ....?

players to the left players to the right!

insiam said...

anyone that still has questions re. one Mr Snowden should now have any doubts put to bed.

however, as one question is answered another becomes more relevant. i.e. what is Russias role in the Snowden affair ....?

players to the left players to the right!

Anonymous said...

Okay, it's my turn to try linking from a tablet, with the hope one might find it interesting, if not relevant to today's conversation. I'm not a troll, or otherwise one of "them," but a reader who can relate to one who loves to push those buttons.

Magic's Secrets Revealed: Assassinations, Geoengineering, Secrecy, Cover-Ups

insiam said...

having built (of course with otheres:) many ships myself i feel obliged to add my two pennys (copper of course) to the field re. copper bottomed.

being copper bottomed is far from trustworthy as mrs buttons announced. being of maritime origin is however correct.

possible and likely inferences are:

1) a copper bottomed boat is useless. as was soon discovered many moons ago when copper was used on the bottom of ships hulls. considering the galvanic scale of metals was - well not a consideration back then. however it was soon duely noted as due to galvnic reaction copper bottoms caused rapid corrosion of the steel parts (sides) of the hull. (think of how a simple battery works)

2) again - relating to the glavanic scale of metals: copper is way down the glavanic scale. starting with gold which is the most Noble of metals. Copper is comparitvely quite Ignoble. So auld Camerface could have been reffering to Milliband as bieng ignoble. He obviously considers himself to be noble. pfffffft

so it is far from meaning trustworthy. more like useless and ignoble. also, being used in the context it was then it would hardly make sense if it meant trustworthy.

thus proving the point. not to belive everthing read on the net :)

Mr. Goldstein said...



Anonymous said...

This past week I've been having nothing but grand-mal seizures, ( I spent the other night in the emergency ward ). I just can't be sure why I've been getting these intense feelings of deja-vu like never before? Problem is when I "jump-in" to try and grasp a vision I sometimes end up hitting the floor.

When this intense unconsciousness set-in, I end up describing, according the people around me, an evil entity has resurfaced onto this world again. Naaw.. I have had this negative foreboding feeling all week. I think the world needs to take a step back and to really reconsider what has been predicted by so many before.

Les, thanks. It's caring people like yourself is why I think there just might be enough people that want what is right and will take matters seriously. "For it is like a deja vu, but in between each stillness of every thought is the inner-twine of a greater mind." What a very old man said to me in a vision I had. -Ellipser

bigloner said...

Gentlemen please, no fighting in the war room. And I might add, no dirt allowed in the landfill either. ( I know it's true because my city's sanitation department forbids putting dirt in the garbage ).

Anyway tangents aside ( Hmmm... Tan Gents? Isn't that some kind of magazine about nude beaches for gays???? ).

OK, whatever aside....I don't know nothing 'bout birthin' no babies, nor astrology either...BUT...let's look at some upcomming dates here:

9/11/13 is a twelve year anniversary, yes? And kind of Biblical too, like twelve as a sort of completion / fulfillment. You know, 12 tribes / 12 apostles / age of 12.

40 is another kind of completion / judgement, like 40 years in the desert, 40 days & 40 nites...

Well, it's been 40 years since the ZioNazis got fitted with an auxillary anus in the 1973 Yom Kippur war. Merka had to expidite a shitload of M60s & F4C Phantoms to replace all that was trashed invading Syria. They came out Butch tho, stealing the Golan Heights.

My guess is their perverted version of payback will be on Wed 9/11, followed by a Friday the 13th shanker's holiday, culminating in Monday 9/16 marshall law.

Uh, Howdy Marshall, much obliged...

Old reader said...



We. Shall. Overcome. Hyperlinkitis.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we're all after the truth here, right? That's all we're after. Agreed? Okay. I'll toss you some. Search engines (especially Google) are controlled by the NSA. You're always telling people to Google shit, Visible, go Google that information. It is abundant. How does a search engine work. I'm in the business, I'll tell you. A search engine ranks web pages, according to the keyword phrase in question. This is done using algorithmic formulas (or, formulae, for those of you who are anal retentive). A search engine robot scours the Internet, looking for pages at websites. It follows links, it indexes whatever it's programmed to index. It indexes all the words on a web page, all the information contained in the META tags for that web page, all the information contained in the images' Alt. Image tags, and various other nuances of a web page. All of that information is then corrrelated and displayed by the search engine in question, after the application of said mathematical algorithms, which determine how high the web page in question will rank, according to the keyword phrase in question. That is a brief summary of how search engines work.

Whenever the Elite don't like what is written (doesn't matter where it is or what it is), they sequester it or get rid of it. Usually they do both. Visualize book-burning here. They scrub it from the libraries of the world, or the bookstores - or, these days, from the Internet. A search engine "bot" (short for robot, in the case of Google, its bot is named Googlebot) can be programmed to do anything at all. It can be programmed to completely block any pages from the entire Google index of websites with what amounts to the flip of a switch - or an entire website, for that matter. And if anything truly empowering, revealing and/or enlightening - so long as it's not being disseminated by a gatekeeper site, owned and operated by the Alphabet Soup boys' handlers - is coming from any website, that website will typically just be shut down. Often, at first, it will simply be excluded from the search engines. Then it will be shut down.

The same type of thing has happened with various literary works over thousands of years, prior to the advent of the Internet. So...the same thing happens on the Net right now, as well, nothing has changed - it's just much easier to do, when compared to searching for copies of books. Basically, they flip a switch and the site is gone. If you think that "they" would allow the truth to be accessible, by the masses, on the Internet, I have some oil wells to sell you in the middle of my backyard. Anybody with a website that disseminates actual gold-plated, secret truth, and has a large following, is approved by the powers-that-pee (or is that "be"?). That truth is mixed up with tons of lies to lead the follower down a blind alley.

In which case you might note that your blog is HOSTED by Google. (Meaning, by the NSA.) So do the math. Or not. I realize it isn't your forte, but then, it isn't really anybody's forte - not in a deeply significant way. Which makes it a lot easier for those in charge to keep a lid on numerous scams. "If you can't express what you know in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind." Lord Kelvin said that, or something close to it. And anyone who has reached a certain mathematical vantage point, knows it's true. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Dear lv, thanks for the great post. Please check this great rant, it made my day just after reading yours!

Skepticfrog said...

Rense never felt "RIGHT" to me, it's not even bookmarked; the only time I get there if I happen to follow a link.
I can't give any specific reason why it doesn't feel right; it just doesn't.
But I trust my instincts, I'm obviously picking up something subliminal, whatever it may be.

Skepticfrog said...

Posing #42 and 45 are interesting.

Profess to be the same person, but there are significant stylistic differences.

Anyway, I read them twice. A cool psy-op. Subtle, tailored to the target. The accept that LV is no dummy, so it's more subliminal.

I kind of like it, b/c it exposes tactics used, plus that I can still see the little triggers (he/she/they?) employ.

Keep it coming boyz, I like the education.

Visible said...

Search engines are all NSA? So what? If they're watching anything anyway why shouldn't I be able to find things out? There are limits to the steps I will take to be off the grid and I don't care what intelligence discovers or seeks to know about me. I know who I work for and I know who they work for and I know who is stronger. Everything they do only serves to propel them on the course of their pending destruction.

I don't just talk a certain game, I am in it completely for the purpose relevant to my duties. I honestly don't think about how powerful temporal forces are. All power comes from one place. All power is on loan. It can be switched on or off according to the whim of the one who owns it. That's how it is. I believe that. I live by it. Nothing can be done to me that is not permitted by the one who employs me..As for Jeff, I consider him a friend. I'm not concerned with whether he has or has not made accommodations with certain entities. What I know is what I see that he publishes. I know how hard he works and I know about the shit that gets slung at him.

When I have a friend, they are my friend. I am loyal in that way. Maybe that is a flaw. If someone were working for an intelligence agency and they happened to be my friend before I discovered that, they might well still be my friend. Perhaps I am a fool. Perhaps that is also why god employs me.

On a related note, I just heard that I am going back up on Rense. That's totally unexpected, surprising. I know there is a strong effort to condemn and dismiss my new book. That's no surprise, given what gets said in it. For some years I was unable to finish it. I know why now.

Skepticfrog said...

Anon @ 9:28

The message in a nutshell:
"All resistance is futile; we control everything".

Psych-wise it's a morale diminisher, destroyer; demoralizing the enemy/opponent is the specific aim of psy-ops most of the time.
Once you know and see the aims, triggers, springs and mechanics, it's ineffective (and laughable).

Old reader said...

Then if you and rense are good, i shall apologise for my snippettiness about him, and put on my big girl panties and not judge him. :)

Visible said...

Old Reader, you're something else. Don't ask me how it worked out this way. I have no idea.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Impossible, the Improbably, the Real and the Unreal.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Anon @ 9:28

Like 108, for example?

Rob in WI said...

re. algorithm
In a debate, Junior bush challenged al gore about his claim about inventing the internet. Gore replied, "not only did I do that, I also invented the principle by which all computer programs are possible".
Bush, "liar".
Gore, "then why is it named after me; the algorithm?".
Be well, Rob

Brian Crossland said...

Anon @09:28
quote "Have a nice day"
hehe, you too.

Anonymous said...

I gotta agree with anonymous about the bullshit of IQ tests and IQs.

The predictable internet liars come out of the woodwork proclaiming IQ's of 219 and such. Little news flash here: IQ stands for "Intelligence Quotient". That means it's measured against a pool. Ok, so what pool? Is that number rock solid and unchanging or does it depend on the pool? If the guy with the 220 IQ dies, does that bump you up into his place? You better be checking your IQ every day.

You'd think a person with a 219 IQ would know this as well as that; with quotients tolerances are multiplied in the projection as well. So 219 is a totally unscientific number for an IQ, because it can't be calculated so exactly, according to the rules of math.

This IQ trumpeting is a psyop. That trumpet sounds the most unintelligent posts that follow. We're supposed to bow on one knee and declare our unworthiness in the presence of the savant.

A person with a genuinely high IQ would know that any question answered truthfully only generates 10 new questions. As the circle of light grows, so does the perimeter of darkness. 30 fold, 60fold, 100 fold as Yahweh in human form said. The best we can be, no matter our innate intelligence, is idiot-savants. Enoch got it in 365years. Nobody else has ever been so dedicated.

Preceeding yourself with some rubber IQ number is pretty stupid. A person with any IQ worth mentioning doesn't have to be told what it is, either.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

Thanks, great work


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Duped, the Despicable and the Depraved.

the gardener said...

Talking about Intelligence Quotients... though almost 45 years ago, I still remember some of the problems the two Men in Black presented to me in a tiny cupboard type room of my elementary school with the grinning Mormon principal looking in every now and then. :O

One was a map of a rectangle with the problem being: "Mary lost her necklace in the field-how can she search the field to find it?"

I was so bored and bothered with all the tests these strangers had me taken out of fourth grade class for that I just went apeshit with my pencil and did a whirlwind of that field. "Done"

They wouldn't tell me what it was all about-they wouldn't tell me 'my IQ numbers' all they said was that I 'was reading at the 14th grade level and they wanted to know what was up with that'.

My parental units were on par with Vis'-military, rough, transient so I didn't know any of these people just knew that they were taking me out of class where I mainly read and graded papers for the teacher, worked in the library whenever called out of class to do so.

Pretty bizarre behaviors I thought and finally I told them "I don't want to do this anymore unless you tell me what this is all about".

Family got orders from headquarters to move across this country ... again... and the fourth grade teacher (I was in fifth grade by now) made motions to my mother to 'have me stay in CA so I could go to a private school...staying with her family... so that my intellect could be utilized"... mother said 'NO!'...

I pretty much missed fourth and fifth grade due to weird teachers and admin bothering me to work for them for free. On call. So sixth grade in the 'lowest cost for student state in the country' saw me getting crap grades for the first time in my life. Great teachers pulled me up very quickly... My love to Mrs. Lacey who was the first good teacher I'd had in a few years. Professional good teacher.

It would be back in CA a few years later that I would discover (working in the office for the drunken 'counselor') the 'secret files' stored in like a bank vault in the office that there were three foot piles of everyone's stacked all over the office I was working on.

I came across one of my brother's 'secret files' and was amazed that every year-though military kept us moving-there was my brother's school pics with assessments from his teachers. I was horrified what was written. Shocked and horrified.

I then looked for my own in the huge "S" pile. Raised such a fuss with my questions of 'what is THIS all about' that I got shuffled out of that room asap'.

As far as I remember-there weren't any students routinely pulled out of their classes to work in the office or library like I was used to doing. Not my choice.

No one else with the Men in Black taking tests constantly.

I did realize with the 'secret files stored in the vault' that our files start in the first grade and follow you wherever you go, maybe why they always ask about 'your high school with address etc' on applications though maybe forty years down the road.

Still do not know or care what 'my IQ is/was'. I do know the right answer to that 'field' question now and maybe bump up my points?

Hasn't done me any 'good' in this life time... that special agent attention. In fact, I've always felt targeted for FAILURE due to those school files. To the degree that I was ever watchful with my own child to make sure he wasn't used by any school in any system like I was.

As a teenager I was way beyond 'anti-authoritarianism' would not play their games, blew off all the tests, but they have meds for that malady today.

the gardener

(Just got the book download this am and can not wait to get into it-thanks Vis...)

Visible said...

The thing with the IQ commentary is that those taking exception to it are the same people taking it out of context and ignoring what the point was. This is isolating and cherrypicking and it also bespeaks poor analytical skills and bias logic. There was a reason it got mentioned, that should be the point of the argument. I've taken many IQ tests, mostly because I find them to be fun and I always come out within ten points of the same mean area, usually less though. Ten would be the furthest extreme.

Of course I was tested in school via the Iowa State tests which were nationally administered back in the time I went to school and for which I scores 95-99 percent. that didn't measure or provide an IQ score, it just placed one in a relative percentile. Then I got tested in the military and at mental institutions. I've had a sustained increase since those days but not by any wide margin.

I don't personally find any of this significant because there are quite a few high IQ dipshits going around. I measure my own value and the value of others by much different tests. Anyway, my IQ is not all that high. I'll point out one other thing. Ones IQ score is only as good as the level of inspiration one receives and it's value is certainly colored by the direction from whence that inspiration proceeds

neal said...

I think the IQ testing is a gateway.
Those MIB types really seem to be interested in testing for luck in guessing cards, patter recognition, communication beyond human hearing range, agility in transportation.

That is kind of cool until the order comes to kill with a stare, or transporting black Nordics to places that are not on the public map, or translating demon speak to english, or chinese.

I got a letter a few years ago, after my son got tested. It from from the NSA, signed by Cheny and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They wanted to fly my son to Langley to "experience the latest in military technology".

Those types have no sense of humor. Tell them to shove it, and you will not even get hired at a carwash.

I guess if they want some really badly, the spite level spikes. It is not so bad, looks like living like animals, but the Ravens will bring snacks. Living on faith has certain perks that make no sense to temporal minds.



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