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Hell's Unfinished Symphony in Illegal Minor.

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May your noses always be cold and wet and your noble heart free of all regret. May you walk like the Sun and reflect like the Moon. May the spirit within you carry a tune.

You got to love that Mr. Apocalypse, he kicks ass and takes names. Because he is working beneath the radar of the controlled media; these days, the comments that follow an article are more telling than the article itself. What this should tell you is that there is a large groundswell taking place across the planet. It's intent is to rid us of 'the influence' of a profane and perverted agenda (shades of Ahmadinejad).

While the human race blithefully engages in pouce frottage, with their cellphones and ipads, chowing down on burgers, sausages (you want flies with that?) and whatever's convenient, whatever you can snatch or grab, from the big white box, unless you are walking down the street and eating as you go; that's elegant and radiates gratitude for the gift of sustenance (not). As I was saying, while the human race is in last place, there are some peculiar things going on. Obviously it has to have something to do with air transport because there is no contact between some of these bodies of water and each other. Then again, I don't know, do I? No, I do not.

I see the breaking down of the moral climate and the visible corruption of government agencies, along with the slow, tumbling decline of various religious institutions; now they grope for meaning and their hands find their privates, or someone elses. It makes sense. If you consider religion from the Eastern point of view, it comes down to a worship of the esoteric meaning of one's privates and that's how you get lingams and yoni touchstones (this is a screamingly funny article and we even get an extended alphabet term; LBGTQ. Do you feel me! Yikes!). You might say that the molesting, religious entities are returning to their roots (grin); why the Aussies call it 'rooting'. I'm NOT kidding.

During this period of absolutely necessary transition, we can freely observe the reasons for the necessary transition. They won't stop until the whole world is The Island of Dr. Moreau. There's no way to approach these people and say, “Uh Buddy? You're going the wrong way, that way lies madness.” The reason that won't work is because they have ALREADY gone mad and not in the recommended fashion. This is the same reason you can't tell global energy executives; media and entertainment moguls, captains of industry, religious figureheads or any of the polyglot conductors and orchestras playing “Hell's Unfinished Symphony in Illegal Minor”. This is why things have to play out. Of course, there are many ways for it to play out. It can be egregious, or less than. Whatever the case may be, it will be selective. People are free to quarrel with me on this but I know what I hear from my sources and I trust my sources more than I trust anything else on this Earth, living or dead.

There is a very real war going on that involves ideals, or the lack of them along with words and pictures. There are those who want to Photoshop existence (as at the Boston Marathon bombing), the same way they want to create genetic monsters, the same way they have already Photoshopped history. Even the most respected institutions among the clueless are a part of the effort to misinform. Of course, these institutions have zero respect among those of us who respect ourselves. You can't respect yourself if you are all hyped up on believing what can't be true, cause you want it to be, or if you are manipulating social and scientific data, in order to legitimize something as natural; as perfectly exampled by the lady critiquing whatshername at the yoni touchstone link. You can't respect yourself, if you are canon fodder, for Israeli mercenary actions against those accused of terrorism or connection to terrorist acts when Israel has committed the majority of said terrorist acts. The news is out there. The news is coming out there about every one of their scams; Thank You, Mr. Apocalypse! In time the truth will out that Jesus was not Jewish. He was a Syrian. In time it will come clear that the Bible has been intentionally morphed, to serve the interest of those who hate everything it is supposed to stand for, so far as the New Testament goes.

The power that they have, to engage in their centuries old practice of evil, comes from a specific modality. I'll tell you a little tale. Though it is dramatized to an extent and though certain ancillary facts may be slightly different, the overall truth of the situation is, what it is. A long time ago, in more enlightened times; but not that enlightened, a certain wandering tribe of canny misfits, stole certain valuable occult informations from oh... let's say The Chaldeans, for the sake of argument (that is, if you wish to argue). This system operated for the purpose of communicating with the highest order, resident in The Devic Realm. The group of misfits I am talking about didn't have any interest in going that route but...they had a big interest in communicating with the infernal realms. Some of their high priests already knew about the coming age of darkness and those conditions suited them just fine. They were, 'down with that'. So it was, that they took this system and reversed it, in order to get all touchy feely with Old Scratch (you got an itch?). See, this system works both ways. I guess you would call this 'reverse engineering'. I'm going to hand out a few free tips (as if I haven't already) along the lines of maybe you'd like to consider the implications of Jacob's ladder. Just like the coat of many colors, it means something other than what it seems to mean. Many of the tales in that strange book mean something other than what they say. As has been stated in various wisdom teachings, there is one presentation for the gen pop and one for the initiates. Those who are initiates (and some do come around here) know that a large part of the transmissions are internal.

Anyway, this group of scoundrels has made hay in all the places where the sun don't shine because their methodology comes out of that same location. It accounts for their fecal obsessions, among other things. Most of what puzzles us, has readily available explanations and these can be discovered if... if one is honest with themselves to begin with and... free of the varieties of mundane and transitory fascinations that enslave the majority of the population. Once having achieved these minimum requirements you are good to go because 'the interpreter' steps into the vacancy created by the absence of all those thoughts warring in your mind. That war doesn’t have to be going on. A large part of that war is initiated by those operating the reversed Kabala. It makes it possible for them to work their very profitable industries, at the expense of the rest of the population. I've no problem indicting a whole race if the case be so. As it so happens it is not. One can say there is a higher percentage of miscreants in that demographic than is generally represented, across the board, in other groups ...but that is neither here nor there for the purpose of this posting.

People who come here are free to believe as they wish and to act with autonomy as far as I am concerned, ♫if you love someone, set them free♫ This works in tandem with the maxim (I assume there is one) that you cannot lose what is actually yours. All of our grasping and attachments are pointless but we are manipulated into this endless tug of war, so as to be rendered ineffectual for acting on our own behalf. Just as you need powerful and connected friends on this plane to make things possible for you to accomplish, you need associations in any and every theater of operation to accomplish the same. I'm amazed at the people who go racing off into unknown locations without possessing either a guide or a guidebook. How can you possibly define what you see and encounter? Of course, I originally did the same thing (grin). How would you know if it was friendly or inimical? Camouflage is a big part of this plane of existence. One can correctly assume that it is a big part of other theaters of operation.

As I have already said, in different ways, what is, is concealed within what is not. The propensity of anything to harm you, is directly relative to your fear of it. This is why those who think they are in power, utilize manufactured threats and ratchet up the fear. This negatively impacts on the human mind and emotions. It is as if they have implanted a control module in the human consciousness. This accounts for the epidemic of denial that proliferates ubiquitously but... then there is Mr. Apocalypse and Mr. Apocalypse is pulling the wraps off of the dirty doings and the creatures of darkness know they are under the pressure of a timeline that grows closer every day.

I'm wondering if those prostitutes that troll the perimeters of the cemetery, where the priest was advantaging himself of a little plug and play, pay for play, oral gratification, might not be zombie prostitutes, prostitutes of the undead. It's kind of fitting that it's taking place in a graveyard. The whole of the Earth is a graveyard and it's touch and go how many will have to go, when the worst of what a few are doing and the many are permitting, comes down upon them, as it will, as it will, for the purpose of demonstration. As true as it is that no one knows the hour, no one knows the locations either. One can readily presume that densely packed urban environments are definitely going to be Defcon 1. This is why they are surreptitiously herding people into these locations. They do this by eliminating the job opportunities and by making war on small farmers and small businesses.

The extent to which the corrupted and compromised will go has no real limits as best shown in the works of the redoubtable Dave McGowan. I don't know what's what, big picture wise. I don't know if I'm frozen in place, or the economics will turn right so that I can relocate. I am completely dependent on those mysterious workings. I've had to accept that. It's not always easy to be utterly reliant. It takes practice and a certain amount of eerie and spooky moments along the way. This pretty much comes with the territory to weed out the pretenders, day trippers, weekend warriors and fair weather dilettantes; how it is at the moment... over to you.

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I forgot to mention in yesterday's posting that this weekend's radio show is now up for streaming and download.


Visible said...

I note that the radio broadcast link is below the graphic on the main page, so I'll relink it here.

bee wrangler said...

Lot of weeding out going on these days....I am learning to adjust. Seems now I need to get further away from the metro area, even though I am 25 miles out now....I can tell more would be better. hmmmm think it then you do it, that is how I got out of the city and bought this place I live at now. Guess I need to quit the thinking again and start the doing if I am gonna make it....jen

the gardener said...

ahhh some motivation for the Boston Marathon behaviors by Boston law enforcement-

“His service to Boston has been exemplary, and the Boston Police Department’s response to the Boston Marathon bombings was exceptional, ” Senator Kelly Ayotte, a New Hampshire Republican and member of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, said in a statement to the Globe."

um yeah.

as far as the 'fish die offs' etc.. http://jumpingjackflashhypothesis.blogspot.com

has as much daily compiled evidence to his hypothesis of the hydrogen sulfide and methane gas clouds swarming this planet right now to really take it/us all out by fire ... whenever it all reaches flashpoint levels which for many places, people and things it already has ... on a daily level.

the gardener

Maybe those 'USA! USA!' chanters after the martial law in Boston were all actors too? Doing PR to get 'Davis' name on the world stage?

Visible said...

The main problem to consider is not to move to somewhere less amenable than the place you left.

Anonymous said...

Les, I don't like Dave McGowan. He seeds his expositories with references to "fascism" and "Nazis" who, he emphasizes, are behind the bad stuff going on. Yes, he's engaging and reveals much, but 5 percent poison neutralizes everything good.

I don't trust him and I wonder who he is. And tell-tale is his minimal exposition of Jews running the war, medical, cultural and academic industries in the assault on decent people.


Smyrna said...

What is not to 'trust' about Dave McGowan? He's an entertaining read and a great bullshit detector. You fill in your own blanks. Take it or leave it.

Have you given consideration to a yurt, Vis?

sundancer said...

I never spent much time on reading comments. thanks for turning me on to this. very telling sometimes

Visible said...

I have very much considered a yurt but it's too pricey a solution at the moment. I've found a rent free situation but I have to do a lot of work and put in certain essentials; woodstove, kitchen appliances.I get get all this stuff on Ebay but it does add up. Once I'm done though, it should be great. I looked into a yurt right off and even have a discount coming but it still comes to over five grand and then you have to get the interior things and have somewhere to put it, to wire it etc. thanks for thinking of me though. it will come right. the cosmos delivers

Visible said...

When you're a tribe member this is what you get paid to be a real housewife.

You also get to appear on disgusting websites.

Visible said...

They just never quit, his face says it all.

galen said...

Ain't it time we took back the rainbow. I mean it's a universal symbol of beauty and harmony, not assigned to any specific group. I mean, I live in the tropics where I see frequent rainbows and when I see them I don't think: Up with sodomy! Actually, I think of God and what a beautiful world was given us. The rainbow is kind of a reminder that even in the midst of all our evils, beauty is with us. TAKE BACK THE RAINBOW! Own it, and let it bless you.

Anonymous said...

Go Putin! - almost there. Hopefully he will release the mountains more of documentation -some already released- about the massive crimes against humanity committed by the zio-monsters, e.g.: enough to start a Bolshevik hunter organization, outlawing all denials of Jewish mass murder, etc., etc.

In 1901 Po'alei Zion, a zionist-marxist organization, was set up in Russia, lead by Khaim Zhitlovsky (or Shitloaf ski?) and Nakhman Syrkin; 25,000 members - all of them Jewish fought against Tsarist Russia - with goal of removing the Tsar. Po'alei Zion existed as the socialist Zionist party up to 1928 in the soviet union; members infiltrated the Communist Party and other so-called revolutionary organisations; most members of Po'alei Zion were extremists-terrorists and murdered any and all who resisted the ascendance of Jewish power in Russia.

The French so called Revolution was dress rehearsal for the so called Revolution in Russia.

Some common factors to both, leading to pattern of activity common in both events; leading to a particular genetically-inbred peoples, predisposed the most extremist violence: France Louis supported the American revolution and this support lead to drastic financial situation in France - not so much the supposed extravagances of the King and his woman Marie; the support by Louis for American Revolution greatly annoyed some persons - i.e. Rothschilds; both Louis and wife were demonized by the usual suspects, in the usual ways as they were targeted for total destruction as revenge for their support of America - i.e. "..you favor revolution Louis, you'll get one yourself...". Similar to Russian Tsar family which supported the US civil war by keeping other foreign intervention attempts out; this lead to destruction of the slave industry - 80% controlled, owned by Jewish - including Rothschild factions; the Tsarist family would suffer the fate of Louis and wife - as well as reputation perpetually - by those whose religion is that of revenge... much, much more

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading these posts because they require thinking. In my second book, I am writing about non- violent ways to bring this group of elite-abortionists to it's knees before it can inflict too much more damage on my family, community and life.

We need to go the Gandhi-route and simply dis-engage...break them by financially doing nothing...after they do their "bail-in" theft of our property and cash!

I am going to my Congress-Critter meeting tonight..and I am going to ask him if he would sponsor a bill in The House...calling for amnesty for all traitors below Cabinet Level...if they are willing to admit to being black-mailed by the NSA (others)..and admit to what they were black-mailed to do..and over what? Then, we will not hang them..they can take their pension and illicit wealth...and they have 30 days to get out of the country ...after they testify truthfully.

The we take the testimony and try to engage our legal system as it is designed..go after the corrupt leadership...if that fails...all bets are off...so to speak...ha!

Thanks for the writing...


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves - The Life of an Insane Family

Rob in WI said...

The yoni article is a real rib tickler. I've met quite a number of ardent feminists, and didn't get the sense that any of them were inhabited by the Divine Feminine. Must be that reverse engineering in action.

I agree with you about the rainbow. Once bought a used car with a little rainbow decal on the rear window. At the time, I didn't realize the symbol had been hijacked. Wondered why some people started acting strange around me, until one kindly filled me in on the "new" meaning. Same with the word gay. I was slow to learn that gay no longer meant gay.
Be well, all, Rob

Anonymous said...

Aloha Les,
It is interesting to think how the reality of what I am discovering is present here on occasion. I can't imagine what it has been like for you, but when I consider my own discoveries, I have developed a considerable respect for your perspective and effort. I have no doubt your rewards will be great and well earned. For what it's worth, my blessings are with you.

Visible said...

Great comments!

Yeah, that article by that woman is hilarious in what it reveals about her consciousness. She reeks of concentrated political correctness as if she had rolled in the roadside carcass of a dead animal. You can sense the violence there beneath the surface.

Anonymous said...

Dave McGowan's bag isn't pinning the whole evil game on any one group. His bag is exposing the bullshit, connecting the dots, and letting the reader decide. What's great about McGowan, is, he hits you over the head with facts and photos until your whole belief system undergoes a serious meltdown.

Speaking of faux Truthers and the like (a topic of a very recent Visible post), here's what I've noticed recently about some of these major Internet Truther Sites. Many of the sites have domain names, which carry specific buzzwords in the URL (web address). Like "activist"..."truth"..."zen"..."sheeple"...it goes on and on. And they are popping up all over the place lately, like maggots morphing into flies. They all have the same look and feel. Basically, a WordPress-looking site, with some pretty header text up top (artwork), a catchy little "patriotic" name, and they all claim to be disseminators of truth.

But they are all disseminators of bullshit. Here's how you can tell.

Go and look at the titles of some of the articles on the Big Name Truther news-aggregator sites. Most of the titles and topics of the articles, revolve around the fact that we are all fucked, the bad guys are winning, it's too late, we'd better duck and cover, etc. Not one shred of practical (I mean REALLY practical) advice is given about how to take the Bad Guys down. Basically, it's all gloom and doom. "Leave the country while you still can; be a pussy and buy some canned goods", etc.

But the other truly telling point is the way many of these Big Name Truther news-aggregator sites pin everything on Obama.

You'll see titles like, "Obama Drones Coming to Your Neighborhood"; "Obama Gives Bankers a Get Out of Jail Free Card"; "Obama Ramps Up TSA Groping"; "Obama Fracking Continues at Rapid Pace", etc.

Obama doesn't blow his nose without being told to do so. Obama is doing his masters' bidding. That's what presidents do - they carry out the plans of those who put them into office. These plans were in place long before Obama came along. And the fact that these "truther" sites willingly place the blame at Obama's feet - instead of doing their alleged jobs, and actually doing some research into who is behind Obama, and what their mechanisms and plans are, suggests the execution here, of a nefarious "journalistic" agenda. These Internet Truther Gurus are, just like Obama, taking their orders from various douchebags behind the scenes. Otherwise they wouldn't link to such obviously disinformational material.

They're just doing their jobs - like Obama is. Which makes them part of the same team for which Obama is playing.

Anonymous said...

Probably out of my depth but here goes:

I found the posts on the french and russian revolutions very interesting. One must ask how can a minority have such a profound effect on an overwhelming majority?

And: If the the french and russian gentry would have been good stewards to the peasantry would there ever have been any revolutions?

Religion is what unifies people. Religion creates a sophisticated division of labor and hierarchy necessary for civilization. Atheists and agnostics lack unity therefore they can achieve no political power. They lack vision. Thus, they are feckless. The man in the pulpit is the one who communicates to the masses what it is that the ultimate authority expects from them.

The promoters of the french and russian revolutions only needed to forge and alliance with, or perhaps corrupt, the hierarchy of the church. That along with the cavaliere attitude displayed by most of the high-born was all that was needed to turn the peasantry against the gentry.

Don't blame 'the jews' en toto. If the 'Lord of the Manor' wouldn't have been such a son of a bitch to bigin with there would have not been anything for the subversives to exploit.

The power to motivate the masses lies within the clergy.

One more thing: It isn't right for any of us to think we are any better than anyone else. And it might be that none of us can really help what we are. Some say we make our own luck. But maybe the way it really is is that our luck makes us!

Respectfully Submitted,


Visible said...

Yeah, you're out of your depth, (kidding!). Always thoughtful you are.


that new proliferation of so many sites is an expression of dilution, which is a tactic of the enemy. once again we refer back to the name, "Legion". Then there is that growing number of people who are suddenly being moved to say something

Anonymous said...

In comments section of the hotlink article Visible provided, a person genetically predisposed to avoiding truth states that Putin is lying, otherwise he would provide names. So here are just a few names - this is to help those who don't know that -it isn't right for any of us to think we are any better than anyone else-
And speaking of blaming all members of one ethnic group for various problems - does this rule apply to Germans - past, present, unborn?
the names: maybe someone could post them on the comments forum for the Putin article?

during a time of the Soviet Union when west claims there were no Jewish persons in high soviet govt positions; from official govt lists of officials and
secretaries at different People's Commissariats in the years 1930-39.

commissars of Jewish ethnicity, 1937, 17 out of 22 were Jewish, Isidor Lyubimov,(real name Kozelevsky), Moisei Kalmanovich, Arkadi Rosengoltz, Israel Veitzer,
Yankel Gamarnik and Maxim Litvinov (real name Wallakh-Finkelstein).

Of 133 in the Council of People's Commissariats, 115 were Jews. The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet in 1937 17 of 27 members; the People's Commissariat for Foreign Trade Affairs: Arkadi Rosengoltz (head), deputies: Moisei Frumkin and Israel Veitzer; executive positions: B.Belensky, S. Bron, S. Messing, B. Plavnik, M. Bronsky, S. Dvoilatsky, L. Friedrichsohn, M. Gurevich, Y. Yanson, M. Kattel, F. Kilevets, A. Kisin, B. Krayevsky, F. Rabinovich, N. Romm, Y. Sokolin, M. Sorokin, A. Tamarin, S. Zhukovsky, Y. Flior, I. Katznelson.
the top leaders of soviet union: Lazar Kaganovich, Yan Gamarnik (Political chief of Red Army), I. Kabakov (real name; Rosenfeld), Mikhail Kaganovich, Vilhelm Knorin, Joseph Pyatnitsky real name; Aronsson), Mikhail Rukhimovich, M. Khatayevich, Moisei Kalmanovich, D. Beika, Tsifrinovich, F. Gradinsky, Grigori Kaminsky, Grigori Kanner, T. Deribas, S. Schwartz, E. Veger, Leon Mekhlis, A. Steingart, Genrich Yagoda, Yona
Yakir, Moisei Einstein, Yan Yakovlev (real name; Epstein), Grigori Sokolnikov (real name Diamond), Vyacheslav Polonsky (Gusin), G. Veinberg, Itzik Feffer,
Samuil Agurzky, Khaim Fomin ...
some of the
most important people within the Cheka (political police), those who did
Kaganovich's and Stalin's dirty work for them. The political police had 59
top leaders. Only two were non-Jewish. The leading Chekists in the 1930s
were the following notorious Jews: Meier Trilisser, Yakov Agranov
(Sorenson), Mark Gay, Stanislav Redens, Roman Pilyar, Abram Slutsky
(murdered enemies of Communism abroad), Yakov Aleksnis, Israel Leplevsky,
Leonid Zakovsky, Zinovi Ushakov-Ushmirsky, Isaac Shapiro,
Boris Berman (chief of the NKVD trial section), Lazar Kogan (was a
particularly cruel interrogator), Yakov Rapoport, Joshua Sorokin, David
Schuster, Mikhail Spiegelglas (vice-chief of NKVD foreign section),
Moisei Gorb (led the NKVD special section), Yakov Broverman, Leonid
Reikhman, Leon Elberg, Leon Scheinin, Boris Stein, Yakov Surits (who
had previously been Soviet Russia's ambassador to Norway, Germany and
France), Vera Inber, Alexander Langfang (uneducated executioner who
became infamous as the "hatchet"), Vilhelm Knorin, Joseph Pyatnitsky
(Aronson), Mikhail Frinovsky, Yakov Smushkevich (who was named
chief of the Air Force in 1940), Mendel Berman, Boris Rodos (totally
uneducated), Leon Schwartzman, Yevgeni Hirschfeld, Sergei Efron,
Zakhar Volovich (infamous executioner), Israel Pinzur, Leon Vlodzhiminsky,
Naftali Frenkel, L. Zalin, L. Meier, Z. Katznelsohn, F. Kurmin,
Leonid Vul, A. Forkaister, L. Belsky (Levan), S. Gindin, V. Zaidman, J.
Volfzon, G. Abrampolsky, I. Weizman, S. Rosenberg, A. Minkin, F. Katz,
A. Shapiro, L. Spiegelman, M. Pater, A. Dorfman, B. Ginzburg, V. Baumgart,
J. Vodarsky, K. Goldstein, Lipsky, Ritkovsky, Berenson, Zelikman,
Sofia Gertner, Yakov Mekler and many others.
There were some disappointed defectors even among the higher functionaries

Anonymous said...

Here are names of those who saved the peasantry from the "son-of-a-bitch, lord of the manor" - their solution to end repression of the peasantry was much preferable to the Tsarist methods - that is total elimination - to 143 million - If on lord o' manor and the Priestly spheres would have done such a great job.
This is to lay blame upon all Jewish people, it is to reveal those responsible for mass murder, crimes against humanity

Names of those in charge of the Cheka; of 59 top leaders only 2 were not Jewish; Meier Trilisser, Yakov Agranov (real name Sorenson), Mark Gay, Stanislav Redens, Roman Pilyar, Abram Slutsky
Yakov Aleksnis, Israel Leplevsky,
Leonid Zakovsky, Zinovi Ushakov-Ushmirsky, Isaac Shapiro,
Boris Berman, Lazar Kogan, Yakov Rapoport, Joshua Sorokin, David
Schuster, Mikhail Spiegelglas,
Moisei Gorb, Yakov Broverman, Leonid Reikhman, Leon Elberg, Leon Scheinin, Boris Stein, Yakov Surits, Vera Inber, Alexander Langfang, Vilhelm Knorin, Joseph Pyatnitsky (real name; Aronson), Mikhail Frinovsky, Yakov Smushkevich, Mendel Berman, Boris Rodos, Leon Schwartzman, Yevgeni Hirschfeld, Sergei Efron, Zakhar Volovich, Israel Pinzur, Leon Vlodzhiminsky, Naftali Frenkel (Turkish Jew, co-creator of GULAG system), L. Zalin, L. Meier, Z. Katznelsohn, F. Kurmin, Leonid Vul, A. Forkaister, L. Belsky (real name; Levan), S. Gindin, V. Zaidman, J.Volfzon, G. Abrampolsky, I. Weizman, S. Rosenberg, A. Minkin, F. Katz, A. Shapiro, L. Spiegelman, M. Pater, A. Dorfman, B. Ginzburg, V. Baumgart, J. Vodarsky, K. Goldstein, Lipsky, Ritkovsky, Berenson, Zelikman, Sofia Gertner, Yakov Mekler...

Ray B. said...

Vis: "In time the truth will out that Jesus was not Jewish. He was a Syrian."

Funny that you should mention that. A few months back, I read the latest book from Ralph Ellis, "Jesus, King of Edessa." According to Ellis, the royal family that Jesus was descended from ruled a mini-kingdom situated in what is now northern Syria. In those days, though, it was a border kingdom between the mighty Parthian (Persian) Empire to the south & east and the Roman Empire - through vassal states - expanding from the west. Not the easiest place to be, between an irresistible force and an immovable object...


Vis: "In time it will come clear that the Bible has been intentionally morphed, to serve the interest of those who hate everything it is supposed to stand for, so far as the New Testament goes."

Ellis' thesis is that Jesus came from a royal family, not a poor one. To get to this point, Ellis first established that Saul/Paul and Josephus were the same person. That opened up a synthesis of the two historical 'databases'. With those and other sources, Ellis found that Jesus' great-grandmother (offspring of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar) was given as a 'peace offering' by a Roman emperor to a Parthian king. She became 'lead queen' of Parthia before being kicked out of that Empire and settling in the area mentioned above. By a couple of generations later, Jesus was in the untenable position of mediating between the two 'gorilla' empires. Ultimately, he ended up a leader - if not The leader - in the Jewish revolt against Rome. This required a 'time shift' of about thirty years in Jesus' life, but Ellis documents it fairly well. I am still 'digesting' the above and haven't reached an inner conclusion yet. If true, the New Testament (while retaining some facts) has been 'morphed' almost beyond historical recognition.


Vis: "This is why those who think they are in power, utilize manufactured threats and ratchet up the fear. This negatively impacts on the human mind and emotions. It is as if they have implanted a control module in the human consciousness."

Actually, it 'is' the equivalent of a control module. It is the 'regulation' of where a person's consciousness is in the Chakra system. Heart chakra and above are the "We Are" mode, whereas Power chakra and below are the "I Am" (i.e., individual) mode. It is easy to throw out 'stimuli' to raise or lower where a person 'resides' in their Chakra system, for those unaware where the 'hit' resonates...


Ray B. said...


Vis: "Just as you need powerful and connected friends on this plane to make things possible for you to accomplish, you need associations in any and every theater of operation to accomplish the same."

Well, to quote a Vorlon in 'Babylon 5', "And so it begins..."

Long-term readers may remember that 36-level "Buddha on steroids" beings were holding up the long-overdue 'Turning' while waiting for the most-favorable circumstances. Well, that 'time' came this last Monday morning around 1am PST. The ‘braces’ have been pulled, and the Turning has been allowed to happen. (They have now departed, their 'work' done.) The first minor 'pulse' or 'flicker' of this arrived a little before 4am Tuesday PST. It came from the inside-out, all over the planet. (I noticed a change in a certain-someone's behavior immediately, as a heart-opening.) To date, it has manifested kind of like the 'knowing' of the "Star Trek" 'Guinan' character in that only certain levels of consciousness can tell something has changed. In our case, that is 25-level or 'Saint'-level consciousness. The parts of us that are at or above that level 'know' that something has changed. More (much more) is to come... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

The horrors of Tsarist Russia:
executions from 1826 - 1906; 3,419 Or 11 per year over 80 years (however 950 occurred during 6 months of 1905 when the first bolshevik so-called revolutionaries, i.e. criminal thugs were attacking Russia from within), so 3 executions per year until 1905. Horrible especially when compared to the communists enlightened times.
The horrors of V.I. Lenin's (real name Ulyanoff)persecution and incarceration in Tsarist Russia:
Having been brother to a man who was part of plot assassinate Tsarist persons, Lenin was expelled from university - for organizing anti-Tsarist protests among students. He was not sent to a GULAG for 10-25 or more years nor shot, as would be the case in soviet times. Instead, he was sentenced to his family's estate for the summer and allowed to practice law in the local community - while continuing to agitate against the Tsarist government. After this horrible exile experience, V.I. was allowed to sit for tests at University of St. Petersburg - no wonder he wanted "revolution" and overthrow of the horrible Tsar. Lenin continued to agitate for "revolution" and overthrow of the Tsar was again detained and handed an even more horrendous sentence by the Tsarist govt: banishment to another village, with pay, a house, fine dining, freedom to move about for hunting, book writing. He was allowed 3 days each St. Petersburg and Moscow where he met with his fellow "revolutionaries" to make further plans for overthrowing the Tsar. Lenin was still not cured of his anti-Tsarist tendencies, even after the horrible punishments he endured and was arrested once more and held for 3 weeks in jail. After which, he left Russia temporarily when he was able to continue to plan for the revolution . The peasantry no doubt, aghast at Lenin's persecution, were very happy when he he and his bolshevik revolutionaries liberated them from the Tsarist tyranny and happily went to their early graves -battered, tortured, starved, beaten, as they were to show their appreciation.

David Fiske said...

I went to Amarnath in 1969. An unforgettable three day hike that still breathes within me. Hugs,

neal said...

Kind of like that place where the warriors cannot talk about the stuff going on, every most saved thing creates all kinds of words, and programs. It is easy to judge with words, and thoughts. Not easy when those mentations kill, and heal, now that would be some PTSD, really just battle fatigue, it is a hell of a thing to shadow box the fog of this damned War.

Probably the part when the last parts of the original SOS get to be some damned medal, or a book, or even higher education.

Of course, there this that whole do not burn this down, just some kind of damned deal. Hopefully, certain ones are too tired to dream that up. There is a plan B, but that is where too many never lived, that is the option. Pretty much looks like that already is in play, if history, and original intentions, are to be believed, maybe it is not what you think, it is what you should be doing, even if that is childish.

Jackson Holly said...

... about the necessity for
economic work-a-rounds and
adventures in lo-fi-nance: I'm
down with that.

... about the breaking down of
the moral clime: It has something
to do with too large a carbon
yoni-print, I believe.

... and thanx to Mr. Apocalypse
all is indeed being revealed, despite
the stack-and-pack red-light districts
and bean-town's 'shopped' realities.

... if you get a minute, check out my
jam here: I may have been on the same
channel as you were when you made this transmission ...

danse macabre


Anonymous said...

Off-topic...but some good images posted today - http://boards.4chan.org/pol/res/18867163

ChewyBees said...

Chewy was here

Anonymous said...


For sure the enforcers of the political correctness which required that the name of Jesus be stomped on would be apoplectic were they to see someone at Florida Atlantic University stomping on the Star of David, confirming that the instigators of the examples of political correctness presented above will be the descendants of those Communists who in 1918 in the early Soviet Union decreed by law that anti Semitism be punished by death.

By the very fact of the person being a Gentile in the early Soviet Union meant that he or she was anti Semitic.

Consequently, according to Solzhenitsyn, 66,000,000 innocent ordinary Russians were murdered at the hands of the Communists, whose leadership was overwhelmingly Jewish at that time, especially in the early decades.

Personally i fear that the plan is that some 200,000,000 Americans will likewise be murdered by the Jews, if they are allowed to get away with, by these small increments, what you may, and may not say, and do.

But the signal for that to happen will be when Jewish power is globally unchallenged, if that is allowed to happen." - Micheal Mazour

Anonymous said...

Thanks to those who responded to my post.

A few points:

Whenever someone talks about wholesale death they are necessarily pandering.

There would be wars, crime and treachery in the world with or without jews.

How does one such as myself, a nobody from nowhere, tell where the propaganda ends and the truth begins. As far as the numbers and names that were recited to me go how do I know how accurate they are?

Jews (and whatever a 'jew' is I have no idea) would have nothing except for the iniquities of the gentile. They lead us around by the noses because of our own greed, envy and resentment.

We are being assaulted by a divide and conquer philosophy. If we can't tolerate our differences and have our minds open to the ideas of others then we fall prey to this tactic. If we can't show respect for each other then we have already lost.

The problems of the world are much more complicated than just saying it's the jews!

"We have met the enemy and he is us." Pogo

Respectfully Submitted, McCob

Visible said...

Uh oh,,, there are things contained in that commentary that are setting off all kinds of warning bells as you make apologies for the one and blame the victim on the other. I'm afraid I don't agree and no one around here ever says 'the jews'. We're quite specific here. Interestingly, thew new posting I am putting up this minute expostulates on that.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Big Windup and the Eventual Follow Thru

Anonymous said...

Diane Beaudoin said...

In the picture of "gays injured in Russia", it looks to me as if the girl is hiding her face because she is smiling. You can see the turned-up edge of the corner of her mouth and her cheek muscle.

It kind of reminded me of one of the first interviews of the Newtown murders - one of the fathers was talking and laughing in the background just before the interview. When he came up to the reporter, he had to take a moment to wipe the grin off his face and had a terrible time keeping from smiling.

Anonymous said...

McCob; your -claim of blaming all jews- for all evils is a notion solely from your own mind, which you are attempting to project onto other commenters. I reject your notion, for myself and for most, if not all others, on Visible's forum here.

Likewise, many of your other comments and your reverse, faulty logic; -the typical -we're all to blame-argument; ergo it follows, by such logic that indeed - all jews are to blame (?!), as long as everyone else is also to blame -which then infers exactly what you claim to be working against; do you really believe that you are responsible for the crimes against humanity committed by a minority of very sick human beings? Or do you believe you are responsible for searching for truth -vice propaganda - and spreading that truth - in the interests of stopping further crimes?

On propaganda versus truth - if you can't decide which is which, do the research yourself and don't rely on the usual, standard - yes Kosher versions of so-called truth e.g. history, popular notions.

All together, it seems to me, to be a very subtle, complete with feigned civility, attempt to obfuscate, equivocate, redirect, attention away from very important questions facing all of mankind.


Anonymous said...

the August 13, 2013 11:15:00 PM

This is to lay blame upon all Jewish people...

should have read

This is not to lay blame upon all Jewish people ...

I blame this mistake on Freudian psychobabble conditioning

Anonymous said...

I concur with your stance on McGowan´s nazi references. In ProgrammedToKill he relates them to Theosophy, which has an explicitly sour odor from my point of view, as zeitgeist and circumstance made many a bourgeois tables levitate in Blavatsky´s times. It was a matter of taste and harrowingly très chic to dabble in metaphysics. And in H.P´s defense of McGowan´s verdict about her, harboring satanic leanings, Rudolf Steiner, theosophist and himself the epitome of anthroposophy, was definitely no nazi and/or disciple of old scratch.

Ray B. said...

Martin, August 14, 2013 6:56:00 PM

"...as zeitgeist and circumstance made many a bourgeois tables levitate in Blavatsky´s times."

Some years back, Liz and I had four early-teen girls (one her granddaughter) up to our home for a vacation. Once, they were doing something in the back bedroom. Then, three of them came zooming out of the bedroom, highly agitated.

Upon questioning, the story came out. The biggest of the girls (I would estimate 120 pounds) had lain on the folded-up futon bed (foam with cloth covering). The other three girls had attempted to accomplish the equivalent of the table-levitating of Victorian times by putting only their hands under the bed and willing the bed to levitate. Well, it had! It totally freaked them out...

Liz and I heard the details, and our main contribution was to provide calm and encouraging input. In the end, they were 'okay' with the amazing experience.

(Unfortunately, the granddaughter has since 'descended' into mainstream consciousness and has to be 'reminded' from time to time that this event even occurred. It just does not 'fit in' with her day-to-day experience, and so is in the process of being deeply buried. Sigh...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

corvus..you have not refuted any of my points at all and clearly you do not understand my argument.

I have only expressed an opinion and a little philosophy and I still stand by my words.

I don't know the truth. I can only look for the truth and hopefully do my best. And as to how much of the problems of the human condition are my fault? Well yes, some of them are. I have done many shameful and disgraceful things. I have invited evil into my life but unlike so many I have been very lucky so I survived my own stupidity. I have hurt people! I hope the gods forgive me and I hope those I have offended forgive me. But, in any case, I am entitled to my opinion.

None of us is better than anybody else. There is enough blame to go around and a little bit of it touches us all.

be well


Anonymous said...

So, I have not refuted any of your points, nor will I.
It is a waste of time engaging in circle arguments, cliches, and platitudes.
You've been here before, with the same opinions and your philosophy
which are very clearly nothing but attempted agitations and which you've thrown into the comments any time anyone dares to offer legitimate criticism of a particular crowd of people.
Why do you become agitated when people offer legitimate, valid criticisms of any Jewish person, persons, and their activities. Why do you accuse anyone who does so of blaming all Jewish? Are Jewish really above it all - McCob?
The answer is - no, they're not and time has come for them to accept their individual and collective responsibility for all crimes - just like all other - your all of us.
You accuse others of things they are not doing - such as condemning all jews or for making claim to know all truth - when few if any of Visible's commenter do this.
You are surrounded by answers and approaches to truth, yet pretend to miss these or more likely, you always avoid such as it means the end of your games which llok more and more like typical trolling.
Respects McCob and to all souls

Anonymous said...

What you are all doing is mental masturbation endlessly chewing the chewed the material is endlessly mutable. people like you all will still be debating the material the material activities thru countless births and will never come to a conclusion because on the material there is no conclusion. so just read and follow the teachings of Bhagavad-gita As It Is and by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and all material problems will be solved

Anonymous said...

Anon/RJ O'Guillory

The Ghandi route does NOT work in Zio-controlled societies. Just look at history - including the current one.
The Ghandi types get simply liquidated.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you read ALL McCob's comments (on all forums) with a critical eye. He seems to have popped-up recently. You may (also) discern a pattern.
To me, it's subtle and sophisticated.
However, I grew up in the lands of massive, unrelenting agitprop. We, with our mother's milk, developed sensitive antennas to sense manipulation and subtly delivered intent. It was an intellectual survival trait for sanity and integrity, as political and historical truth was an extremely rare commodity (and illegal too).

We learned the art of "reading between the lines" in our early teenage years already.
It's unfortunate, that most Americans of all ages lack this skill; it would be eminently useful in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

I have been reading your stuff for almost 4 yrs now. I am not an agent provacateur. What I am is a back porch philosopher and a juror in the court of public opinion. I enjoy spirited debate but I hate impoliteness and ad hominem attacks. I don't expect everyone to agree with me.

I don't like judy-ism. Jewish nepotism and ethnocentrism is a big part of the criminal cabal that has corrupted our society.
My main point is that:

good people; people who are kind, generous and righteous, can be co-opted into doing bad things.

I am trying to figure out why this is so.

I come in here for my own reasons. Basically I am trying to sort out my own thoughts. I have done some stupid, fucked up shit in my life but I am not a thief, killer nor predatory pervert. And I am most definitely not a traitor. I respect my neighbors property and I show deference to the farer sex.

Jews are less than 1% of the world's population! They need to either co-opt, coerce or dupe large numbers of persons in order to advance their agenda. So, they must be getting a lot of help from gentiles.

And I don't believe all jews are inherently evil people. I am sure that many are just human beings trying to get along as best as they can with what they have to work with. Sometimes a man has to go along with things that are very unpleasant just in order to survive.

An enlightened man is someone who knows they are not enlightened. I am not wise nor particularly smart. But I do know the difference between what is my opinion and what I can prove.

I am only stating my opinion and I mean nothing personal. The people who say I obfuscate and that I am subtle are giving me more credit for brains than I deserve.

Les Visible: I hope you are having a good day. It is a beautiful world after all.


Visible said...

"And I don't believe all jews are inherently evil people. I am sure that many are just human beings trying to get along as best as they can with what they have to work with."

This is what I believe and what I attest to as well. I catch shitfire for it on occasion but it's simply what my experience has proven to me.

Anonymous said...

Les, I think you are a fair minded person. You are an excellent debater and not dismissive or condescending to your readers. Neither are you an egotist, nor bigot, who thinks they have all the answers.

Some of your readers should take your lead.

I admire and respect you and what you do.

Onward and upward, my friend!


Anonymous said...

O Lord, my God, is there no help for the Widow's Son?

Skepticfrog said...

It is useful to listen to this former Israeli minister as she describes how the words "holocaust" and "antisemitism" are used as a deliberate, purposeful psychological tool (against the goyim), to stifle comment and opinion.

Since evidently the holocaust is a supremely important tool of mind control, it must be protected by laws throughout Europe to keep its effectiveness undiminished.

As they say, it's straight from the horse's mouth...

Visible said...

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