Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lighting up the Bughouse in the Age of Looney Tunes.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Whew! I suspect we are entering the Age of Looney Tunes. Of course, in the Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World outside of us, there is ample proof of this. For some period of time, I have been hearing from various readers that they have been seeing all kinds of examples of unstable behavior in their own small demographic. Now I am seeing it, apropos of nothing, cause I haven't done anything, except to stop doing certain things that I used to do. It's almost as if someone threw a switch somewhere and it has had the result of Lighting up the Bughouse in some people's heads. People who, obviously, weren't all that sane to begin with are now, more or less, certifiable. What causes this?

I'm glad you asked. This condition is brought about by a few things in general and- of course- there are some individual exceptions, which we have neither the time nor the interest in cataloging but... as to the general, when one is repressing something about themselves, or in terms of things externalized and mislabeled, ...sooner or later, the truth of the matter will break through at the point of the weakest link in the chain. It is inevitable. Saying 'I don't know' and... being truly certain of that, will protect you, even if things get a little unpredictable or tense on occasion. So long as you don't insist on being right; don't insist on having all the answers, don't live in the high and mighty land of 'my way or the highway', are not drowning in self righteousness... later to be given CPR by someone who doesn't realize that the first definitive evidence of a phony psychic is when they start talking about soul mates... uh, I expect you'll be okay, more or less (grin).

Welcome to the Bughouse. Oddly, it seems the saner I am getting, the crazier other people are behaving. I'm not a big fan of sanity because I see it as a distinct limitation but that's not a really big deal if you've already gone insane beforehand. The times when sanity is the greatest liability, is when you weren't granted an opportunity to step across the threshold of madness first. That's when you wind up what's called 'normal' and there's no vaccine for that that I know of.

All kinds of things happen to people, as a part of the aging process, when they are cemented into fixed perspectives that are so fixed they cannot change them, no matter what. Many physical maladies are expressions of particular mindsets. Arteriosclerosis is one. Strokes and heart attacks we all know about and anyone capable of two plus two equals four should be savvy as to the cause of these things.

Let's say that you have an opinion on a particular lifestyle being practiced by a certain amount of people in this day and age. These people have a big investment in this lifestyle. It is how they identify themselves and give value to themselves. This is why they will use every academic, medical and scientific system to legitimize that lifestyle. It isn't about whether it's true or not. It's about whether they can 'make it true. It's about whether they can make you believe it is true When people apply makeup with a garden trowel, all the while screaming, “this is the real me”! need to be able to do any one of three things; nod your head and say “yes dear, of course”, nod your head and say, “Yes dear, of course”, or turn around and walk out the door. Anything else is going to be problematic.

One of the biggest problems in the world, at this time, is that people cannot tell the difference in value between their skin and their possessions. Along with that, it can be safely assumed that 90% of the people on the planet, at this time, are far more interested in maintaining a false front, than they are in discovering who they really are. You want to test this? Head off down the street with a clipboard and ask a few hundred people, wherever you might find them, which would they rather have; a cold beer, a frosty mixed cocktail, or a hit of pure LSD. Next, you can head over to any particular university campus and ask the first few hundred guys you meet which they would prefer, were it possible; true love, a blow-job from the fantasy chick of their imagination or, a conversation with an enlightened being. Go anywhere and ask any amount of people (don't forget your clipboard) which they would rather be; rich, powerful or wise.

What kind of reading matter do 'most people' read? What television shows do 'most people' watch? What foods do 'most people' eat? What generic, pedestrian goals do most people pursue? Are you 'most people'?

It is as clear as clear can be that most people are not civilized. Most people are no more than a step or two away from being a dangerous beast. All you have to do is push the right buttons. Most people are not very smart. It's not like some number of us don't know this. It's not like we haven't been told by people who were pretty smart. Stupidity, as dumb and clueless as it may be, is actually a science.

Let's give the subject some thought. What could possibly be more stupid than war? It is a known fact that most wars are engineered by bankers for profit. Not wanting to accept this is called 'denial'. Anyone who WANTS TO KNOW, knows that Israel did 9/11. Most people do not want to know. Why? There are two main reasons; they are really fucking stupid or they are chickenshit cowards. They are also self centered,egocentric misanthropes, who don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. You might have, very quickly, been able to see that the first two reasons have merit ...but the third may take a little longer. I'll leave it with you as to whether that dawns or not.

I enjoy posting the informational link to Israel being responsible for 9/11, as often as it occurs to me to do so. I enjoy doing it because it annoys those mentioned in the previous paragraph. A fellow who seriously objects to his own misconception of my position on the gay lifestyle, rather than coming at me directly on the matter, decided to chide me about jacking people up about Israel doing 9/11. It's his fantasy that this harms people. He even referred to the event as, 'one of the (snicker) most horrendous events in history'. The fact is that this is only a blind for his deeper resentment over the belief that I look at him as an unnatural life form. I don't think about it, if truth be known. I figure that everyone gets to be gay, a member of every religion, every color, both sexes and probably multiples of these and so much more. I state and explain and repeat myself over and over and the truly stupid among us that accidentally find their way here, are not content with understanding or trying to understand what my motivations are, no... they would rather snatch on to whatever portions of it have the potential to make them feel diminished, in respect of whatever illusions they use to define themselves by way of it. As in so many cases, spoken by me as a ventriloquist; it really is, “all about me”.

I object to political perversity. I object to brainwashing and I especially object to people making excuses for lacking conviction, along with even the minimum amounts of loyalty and integrity. Here's something you might want to keep in mind (I've got a whole lot of these). Next time someone leaves out of a room, to go home, go to the bathroom, go to the kitchen, outside for a breath of fresh air and someone or several someones, immediately starts talking about them, keep in mind that the same thing will happen when you leave the room. These same people will start talking about you.

I hammer on certain things because I see them as hugely important and as things that affect the tone and quality of our existence. 9/11 and the fact that Israel did it, is one of these things. Teaching kids in elementary school that homosexuality is not only normal but desirable is another. Letting corporations run roughshod over every tenet America was supposedly founded on is another. Allowing the poor and middle classes to be crushed under the feet of bankers is another. By now it should be clear what I object to and 'why' I object. There is nothing I object to that is an expression of the greatest good for the greatest number of people. There is nothing I support that is not for the greatest good for the greatest number of people. That's my own personal litmus test.

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Unknown said...

I don't think you've ever properly defined 'litmus test'. Maybe they thought you said Lipton and they don't believe in quality controlled tea.

So, you see, this could all be your fault.

Anonymous said...

One of my favourites was on a Rice Krispies pack, which gave instructions on how to make chocolate krispie cupcakes - "Children: If you want to make these yourselves, please ask an adult to help you"

With love and un abrazo


Anonymous said...

Just got back from the tobacco shop. I went over there to get some American Spirits, which I am unfamiliar with, having never smoked them before. I usually don't go there because the owner gouges his customers at a rate that's about 20% higher per pack than they would pay anywhere else, but it was close to where I was doing some shopping, and I didn't care about the extra cost at that moment. I wanted to buy the light brand of American Spirits.

I asked the Middle Eastern man behind the counter (the owner) if he carried them (American Spirits). He said, "Yes." I asked him which color pack signified the light brand (they come in different color packs, signifying the type - regular, light, ultra-light, menthol, etc.). He looked at me with a look of abject disgust on his face, and he said to me, in a snarling voice, "You smoke these cigarettes, why the hell are you asking ME?" I didn't get upset, I just asked him again if he knew which color pack was the light brand. He said, "No, I don't know - why don't YOU know, you smoke them!"

Then I realized I was dealing with a bugged-out humanoid life form. So I said, "I know this is a really difficult situation for you, okay. It's a little different from what you are used to dealing with, that much is clear. I have never smoked them before, but I heard they were good. And I want to try them, sir. And I don't know which color pack represents the light brand. You own a freakin' tobacco shop, sir. You carry American Spirit cigarettes. I know this is a bit hard for you to grasp, because you think 2+2 equals 473, that's evident by your questions, and by your facial expressions, but it's logical to assume that you would know the answer to my question, sir, since you own a FREAKIN' TOBACCO SHOP."

He looked at me, blinked, his snarl disappeared, and then he meekly said, "Oh..."

Anyway, that's par for the freakin' course these days, as others are noting.

Ha ha. Fuck 'em all.

Visible said...

Yeah, rude is the polite.

missingarib said...

Vis,your observations are bang on -however observing how unpredictable,and easily influenced the mob is makes them mostly dangerous -a la "if he had a brain he would be dangerous".

The masters of war ,whether in banking, industry,the military,the police or politics have bits in their mouth and the tribe leads them into greater and greater adventures-and we watch in horror.

The truth is not lost as long as you and many others understand.

The sound of Mr apocalypses' walking stick tapping and swishing through the air reminds us that together we can over come the vile ghosts that pull the strings.

live long

Anonymous said...

Actually, 911 WAS one of the most horrendous events in history, in that, in real time, it hypnotized and shut down the critical thinking capacity of millions of people. These millions are no longer able to see, hear, or accept truth, and probably never will be again. Even worse, these brain dead zombies are sitting atop the most horrendously evil collection of weapons in human history, and they drool over getting to "elect" the politicians who are most likely to use them against the evil brown and yellow hordes.

David V

mike m said...

@Thursday, August 01, 2013 7:12:00 PM
Try American Spirit mellow taste, comes in a yellow box. Been smoking them for years. And if you sign up at their website they send you coupons, birthday and Christmas cards.

And if you smoked Marlboros before you will notice a BIG difference.

Anonymous said...

Viz, I tend to think that intellect and talent are the cheapest commodities in the human experience.

I also think that all people are prone to mental/emotional problems as well as stupidity. Even the smartest and strongest among us.

The Gods are at war and we are the pawns. I have noticed the dieties don't seem to suffer fools well at all.

Good Read,


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike, thanks for the tip. I will try the American Spirit yellow. Thanks again for the tip, and take care.

Anonymous said...

les curious what you think of jon rappaport?

insiam said...

The artice on 'stupid' was a real 'crazy frog' moment for me :)

let me explain lest i appear stupid: Quite a few years back i frequented a gym in the UK. There was this totally fecking annoying TV add which played every 5 mins or so on all of the music channels. It was selling a ring tone that sounded like some 'crazy frog' squawking.

I remember thinking who the feck would pay good money to have that on there cell phone. (it wasnt cheap $10 per month or more). Then i realized they must be selling a lot as it cant be cheap to advertize as they did.

To cut a story it was easy for a while to identify stupid people by simply hearing their phone ring. They also made the crazy frog ring tone in to a record which became a big hit in the Uk pop charts.

Brad G said...

American spirit pre-rolled cigs are still required by law to have that nasty 'carpet glue' additive on their papers, to keep dumb-asses from setting themselves on fire if they fall asleep while smoking. Roll your's cheaper (get about 50-60 cigs from a pouch, so you get about 3 packs for the price of two and the papers don't have that additive either. I smoke the organic, (Red) or the dark blue light tobacco since they started adding that crap to the papers, and get by with about 8 a day.

Rob in WI said...

David V y McCob,
Great points.
Visible y all,
Regarding stupidity, it has (duh), been encouraged. Our dialect has been hijacked by "you know", "ain't that the truth", etc., to accept the stupid premise which the repeating mindbot presents.
If one fails to respond, "no, I don't know", then the mindbot is satisfied that it's job is done on that point, and moves on.
Every time one accepts this tactic, s/he feeds the ego of the mindbot, whether the BS is accepted, or not. Done ranting.
Be well all, Rob

Anonymous said...

Thank you brother for remembering that 9-11 still needs to be investigated. I think we need to ask our representatives, especially the ones who want to violate the Constitution to protect us from terrorists, how the fucking hell did building 7 fall at fucking free fall speed? Sorry for the f words, I swear when I feel strongly about something. How did Muslims do a controlled demolition of building 7? I think it was Jewish lightening, the whole 9-11. Senators like John McCaine and Senators Graham licking their chops, or following orders after 9=11. Speaking of gay people, you really don't need to explain gay people to my three year old. I am o. k. with gay people.

Adam Evenson said...

Why didn't you just try a pack of each cigarettes and make up your own mind? It's not as though smoking 60 or so extra cancer sticks will make a big difference in the kind of cancer one develops from it. Live dangerously! Ooops, if you nicotate, you already live that way.--Hh, well.

Anonymous said...

You always hit the jugular Les.looking forward to the next one.

Joe Dead Horse said...

If you go to tobacco shops, you should ask if they have Prince Albert in a can.

And if the answer is yes, well, you KNOW what to say next...


Too many try to get their personal cutie-pie points from phony-baloniness, with the inevitable result that things get totally screwed up.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Visible said...

I don't know anything about Jon Rappaport except for the etymology of his last name. I usually don't know who it is that people are talking about when they mention them. I don't really read anybody and haven't in some time. I haven't read a book in a long time except for occasional extractions from metaphysical texts.


It's true, they do put shit in the papers of the commercial American Spirit and that, along with the additives in to the tobacco are the only real carcinogens. There wasn't any lung cancer from smoking until they started putting all of this stuff in, 11-13 chemicals in the paper alone just to control the rate of burn.

When you smoke natural hand rolled cigarettes you can seriously tell the difference from the commercial coffin nails.

I'll point out an exchange that I saw on a popular talk show in the 70's. there was a natural health guy on , a Tibetan monk and a couple of other people. the natural foods guy got on the monk about smoking and the monk turned to him, smiling and said, "Ah, you afraid to die". Point being; almost no one escapes that; some do though. Especially if you have Lady Kundalini working on your behalf.

Anonymous said...

10 million Americans had their houses stolen by the banks, and not even one of those fucking cowards picked up a gun and shot the bankers.

Compare that to Germany, where a couple of bankers and two cops showed up at a man's house to evict him, and the guy shot both cops and both bankers.

Americans are so fucking stupid and weak and cowardly, it's hard to feel any pity for them.

Visible said...

Hey! put up a link for those bankers and cops shot. We need to link to those things!!! Actually the police in Germany are pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Les, there has been a lot of involvement in Africa these days. Most know about Zimbabwe and its financial collapse. This article appeared in the news publication, All Africa this morning.

Zimbabwe: Israeli Agents Rig Results

Harare — IN a dramatic move which consolidates reports Wednesday's general elections results were largely rigged, shadowy Israeli security company Nikuv International Projects Ltd (NIP)'s founder and CEO, Emmanuel Antebi, was reportedly in the country on Tuesday to meet President Robert Mugabe and other senior Zanu PF officials a day before the elections to finalise the deal to engineer the results, it has emerged.
NIP, which was in 1996 taken to court in Zambia over vote rigging allegations as reported by the Zimbabwe Independent recently, deals with voter registration, creating and printing of the voters' roll, demarcation of constituencies, voter registration cards, nomination of candidates and election results.

Visible said...

Yeah... saw that yesterday. Typical. If evil shit is happening on any kind of larger scale, they're involved.

Boulderdash said...

"There is nothing I object to that is an expression of the greatest good for the greatest number of people. There is nothing I support that is not for the greatest good for the greatest number of people. That's my own personal litmus test."

This is excellent. If this standard was required of all efforts in the political realm, we would be living in a much different, indeed a much better, world.

Thank you again for your clarity.

the gardener said...

hahahahah the foreign smoke shop owner with attitude. You handled that one very well.

I, too, have a rude foreign smoke shop owner and got annoyed with his treating me rude so I started being rough and short with him too... he started being nice then... 'over there honey'... probably really thinking how much he'd like to 'cut off honey's head' lol

Funny how much 'backroom' these shops always seem to have. Probably fronts since it is weird to me how many exotic type foreigners own these little gold mines. At least have a few generations living 'back there'.

And yes I use tubes and a rolling machine which makes pretty good cigs for about $20 for two cartons. They don't put those new chemicals in the tubes either.

the gardener

Ray B. said...

Vis: "I'm not a big fan of sanity because I see it as a distinct limitation but that's not a really big deal if you've already gone insane beforehand. The times when sanity is the greatest liability, is when you weren't granted an opportunity to step across the threshold of madness first."

Vis, that is one of the most profound comments I've seen you write. Personally, I went 'insane' thirty-some years back. I tell Liz this periodically, with the usual reaction (grin). Although, I prefer the word 'unsane'. Once you get 'beyond', thinking the unthinkable and experiencing the un-experience-able (to coin a word), a great freedom opens up. Then, you can put the cloak of sanity on again, but a very different person looks out.

Vis: "That's when you wind up what's called 'normal' and there's no vaccine for that that I know of."

I had a profound view of that once. A former relationship and I were talking to her mother at an airport prior to seeing her off. We ended up getting towards the metaphysical edge of things, and the strangest thing happened. The mother 'froze', her eyes went slightly upwards, she remained that way long enough for my relationship and I to exchange questioning glances, and then reanimated. The mother started immediately into an alternate (safe) line of conversation that had nothing to do with anything earlier. Night and day. It was startling. We had overloaded Her reality, and someone inside pushed the 'reset button'. Literally...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

I never took up smoking -- tobacco, that is. My poison of choice is/was alcohol, Not because I really like it, but because it's cheap and legal. Also, it does dull the pain of existence for a while. I've had to quit, death being the alternative.

I agree, we're all going to die of something, sooner or later. My 90-year old mother is mentally gone. Her body "lives" on, but is causing her more pain and misery than it's worth. She has to be attended 24/7, fed and wiped. She doesn't even know who I am, any more.

Man, I don't want to go through that. I'd rather die fighting for something, while I still can, or else take a jump from an airplane, sans parachute. Cowabunga, dude!

David V

Eric Dubay said...

Great blog as always, stupid is as stupid does :) Hey Visible, have you looked into this at all!? Alex Jones is Bill Hicks! Proof Hicks Faked His Death

Visible said...

thanks for all the great comments and welcome Mr Long Time No See Boulderdash!

Geoff said...

Nice post Les.

Have you ever read "A Course in Miracles"? Fits in well with your point of view.

As to the stupid people, or sheeple.... give us a break. We're only Human. There's nothing wrong with wanting a peaceful life.

It'll all come out in the wash... :-)

Visible said...

Another way of saying that is, "Sure you eat fast foods 3 or 4 times a week and you drink yourself to sleep each night, unless you are on a cocktail of pharmaceuticals and you don't work out and because you said nothing, your country is turned into a police state and, even though you will suffer greatly from all of these things.It will eventually end at some point. You will surely die and pass on to some other plane so don't worry about anything that goes on down here, don't make the necessary changes in your self to live a fuller life, don't migrate to a softer and safer zone in order to live a more stress free life because no matter where you go or what you do, you'll die, so what's the point. Eat drink and be merry".

As far as the Course of Miracles is concerned.

Not trying to be contentious just responding to how the comment hit me and what it reminded me of.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Creating our next life now, at every moment, is no small wonder.

What do you want to be when you die? If you wish to see a progress report,(karma), just look in the mirror.

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading."
- Lao Tzu

Anonymous said...

Smoke the Jamaican green and red pack with filterless papers. If rude is the new polite then be the rudest motherfucker alive.

Ray B. said...

I sat in with an "A Course in Miracles" study group in the early 80s for about six months, when I was trying out all kinds of spiritual venues. The members were sincere spiritual seekers, trying to get beyond normalcy. The biggest thing that I noticed about the Course was that - while many of its postulates were true at a deep level - the attempt to change was being made at an intellectual level, rather than bringing in the 'big guns' of deep emotional healings (including past life reintegrations), deep meditation, or even Vis' psychedelics. As such, the actual 'movement' of growth in this group was slow to nonexistent in six months. A bit of intellectual enlightenment, to be sure, but nothing that profoundly shook their 'world'.

When I check it out with my Higher Self in the present, I get slightly good to neutral, on the good-guy to bad-guy scale...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

xtiml said...

vell I just had to say sumpin on the tobacco comments.I got yall beat,yes i use a machine,a little blue bugler machineand use "premier ciggarette tubes as well 2.oo a box of 200.1lb of golden leaf regular tobacco(pipe tobacco it says @16.99enough for 4 cartons of cigarrette tubes french inhaled on windy day,and prefer them to any factory ciggarrette so there ya go, hand rolled are allways not so good at least for me as they are raspy and never have the ole feel of a ciggarrette'nicotine is harder to quit than heroin ciggarettes are designed with you in mind from the size of the pack to the lenght and feel of ole smokey in yur paw,got no answer from whole tobbacco suppliers they say they provide whole uncut leaf but no answer after three four emails so only goes to show you,they say aliens dont like thre taste of humans who smake and that smoking inhibits the whole body ingestion of the chemtrails they delight us with,soem people seem to think other peopes smoking is going to jump down their throats and give them lung cancer unaware that if it is harmful it is the smoker they should be be putting their concerns on by outklawing tobacco and prison terms for habitual offenders,I laughed the other day when i sqw a apparently self righteous person trip on a crack in the sidewalk and almost take a nasty fall but i was standing there smoking and pushed them as they fell breaking their trajectory and saving them ,just like I allways say,well there ya go and only goes to show you can carry you through almost any conversation these days mit most people,ta da .))

niijii said...

Thanks again Vis, I like the American Spirit pouches to put my organic homegrown virigia gold, bright,burley mix in. I wrap with OCB gumless and laugh at all the mega tax paying fools. Fuck em, just do it. Experience co-creation, it rocks. Love gives my baccy an unbeatable edge...
Best to us.

Visible said...

OCB makes the best papers.

greg said...

Looks like you've been outed:

"Less visible is Israel’s hand in shaping and profiting from the domestic agenda against terrorism.."




Zionism, 9/11 and The War on Terror Hoax

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