Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hypocrites, Disinfo Agents, Halfwits and the Big One.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's a beautiful day outside today; sun shining, birds singing. It's a perfect day to talk about cold blooded evil. Speaking of Irony and Hypocrisy (which we were not), let's bring to the fore this interesting bit about Jeff Bezos buying The Washington Post Co. What's most interesting is not Bezos buying the paper and looking, long term to put himself on a par with Rupert 'the red-nosed' (Satanist) Murdoch. What's most interesting, is what one of the members of The Graham Family had to say about the sale and about Bezos, "Jeff Bezos' proven technology and business genius, his long-term approach and his personal decency, make him a uniquely good new owner for the Post." Awh... isn't that special. It is especially special in light of this and this lovely specimen of pure evil. What the heck, just google,'Amazon abuses workers' and here's the page(s) you will get.

When you look under the tarps and various concealments, used to hide evil from those who might notice certain long time connections between those who practice it, you see that it just gets denser, darker and... hotter, as well it should. When studying evil, it is important to keep in mind that evil likes to put on a respectable face. This makes it easier for it to engage in the disinfo and brainwashing that are hallmarks of its forte. We've long known that Alex Jones is a tool of Central Bankers Enterprise so... it should come as no surprise that his biggest apologist and cheerleader, Mike Adams is also an apologist and cheerleader, for issues dear to the heart of the poisonous vermin, assaulting the masses in this day and age. It should also come as no surprise that the two of these scoundrels are flush, seriously flush with greenbacks. Sincerity and penury often go hand in hand. Hypocrisy and high rolling do too.

The connections spark on the wires like a toxic matrix. Using the Six Degrees of Separation formula, you won't need anything near six to be able to link Jones and Adams with things like this. After all, if you're getting money from Rothschild sources and your lawyer is a Rothschild lawyer, how many duck characteristics do you need before you can hear the sound of more than one duck quacking? People are waking up about what's going on here. If you want to wade through it, here's all kinds of information about how to spot the nogoodnicks and no nogoodnick list would be complete without Greg Palast. Yeah, Greg is not one of the good guys. There are some who would say that about the authors of both of those last two links. I don't know about the first one but I am pretty secure in my respect and admiration for the second (grin).

Speaking of people who are cool and doing the hard and difficult work, there's Dave McGowan. His Programmed to Kill is an impressive work. His most recent extravaganza on the totally phoney Boston Marathon bombing is serious entertainment. He nails the perpetrators in photos and attendant commentary to such a degree... to such a degree that no more need be said. This needs to go viral but those who could bring it to wider attention like Alex Jones, Mike Adams, The Intel Hub, David Icke, are busy with their own forms of commerce. Maybe they are talking about it and promoting it? You'll need to direct me to that.

Of course, it all gets crazier and crazier and when you mention crazy, you know that shameless self promoter and megalomaniac, Don Imus has to be somewhere in the neighborhood. Why does someone say something like this? Do they have a point? Yes, the point is controversy. That's the point. Nothing lights up the phone wires like saying Jesus was gay,

Even though this was in yesterday's posting, it really needs to come back again. This is what the Tribe owned music business is generating for your edification and entertainment, along with Kanye West and of course the irrepressible Bloodhound Gang. There doesn't seem to be much question that that group is taking their playing orders from one Alphabet agency or another. The suave, fashion statement, being made by the celestially inspired Soulja, tells you all you need to know about the heights the culture is reaching in these late hours. Let's face it, all of these people are being given major face time and large cash influxes because the Tribe wants to promote the concept that stupid is the new intelligent. It's dumbing down in action and... if you don't like it you are an Anti-PC criminal, you're a hater (what a dumbass term). Playa hata, oh yeah, I see the gates of glory opening just up ahead, Hallelujah!!! Speaking of which, uh huh, it's right there in your face. It's right there.

As I mentioned in a comment recently and which the majority of you might have missed, since the majority of you don't go to the comments section, you got to look a little deeper into everything and anything because, you never know what you will find.

If enough people believe in an Anti-Christ, you will get an anti-Christ. If you're all hung up about the Marduk (Quack! Quack!) you got pages and pages you can read about it. Why not? If enough people want the Dajjal, they will get a Dajjal. If enough people want a Mahdi, they will get a Mahdi or some reasonable facsimile thereof. If enough people want a second coming, they will get one but they might not recognize it, since they didn't see the first coming to begin with.

Everything is mind born; thought born. Everything comes out of consciousness. Mathematicians have already proven what Invictus junkies are arguing about. The main problem with the human mind, besides the fact that it will be seriously limited for so long as it remains human, is what happens to it when the ego gets it's hands on it, as it routinely does. The unevolved ego (most egos) likes to fabricate a personal world view. This it does, regardless of the fact that it doesn't know squat and that most of what it comes up with, is comparable to what it produces when it goes into a squat. It fabricates this world view around the specificness of it's appetites and ambitions and out of this it gets a personalized reality.

There are very few people walking around, whose realities are free of the manipulations of appetite and ambition. Those who are, know that anyone they meet can hurt them and will hurt them, the moment they get between them and their appetites and ambitions. Therefore they have to develop a a sort of 'yes dear' reflex, a 'whatever you say' surface deflection system, to keep the hungry hordes at bay. Anyone who's ever performed on a larger stage, knows that sometimes the crowd looks like something you feel like you should throw raw meat at, instead of music; I'm not kidding.

So, what do you do, when you know it's all a joke and that everything you see, everywhere you've been, or will be on this plane, is passing from your view, even while you look at it, is temporary and terminal and doomed? Everyone you meet is a walking corpse, a short term flower that blooms and fades and then goes to dust. As the Preacher in Ecclesiastes puts it, “Vanity, all is vanity”. This is a hard cold fact. All of these things just mentioned are hard cold facts. You can't argue against them, as they are demonstrably proven, so... what the fuck are you doing? And... why are you doing it? You can do your own Jaywalk about this and get any number of variants on “Whut? Whut”? Speak into the mic.

Is there any question that people are lying to themselves 24/7? Is there any question of an odious and pandering atmosphere to that link posted, concerning Natural News and its host? Cui Bono in all its forms. Who does it benefit and who benefits me as a result? Does he say to himself, “I do all kinds of good work but in order to live my upscale lifestyle I have to cut deals with the moneychangers”? That kind of thing makes me sick. I would rather starve. I would rather pass my days here in relative obscurity and perpetually living on the edge, knowing that I will always be cared for by mysterious means, than to tell myself that it's okay to embrace a certain amount of deceit. You just have to conceal it well. You have to keep it out of sight but... you can't, can you? You can't

You can eat those canapés and tell yourself it's caviar instead of shit. You can acquire a taste for it. You can spend your hours in rooms with people like yourself, all of you sold out and bought off and willing to do whatever you have to do, to keep the gravy train coming by your house. Your masters have promised you that they'll run damage control for you and hey! Most people are so incredibly stupid and most people would do what you are doing anyway so; what's the big deal? What's the big deal? This is how it works. You want The Big One!

You got to have The Big One! Course you do, course you do.

I guess it all depends on whether you can live with yourself; whether you can sleep at night. I guess it comes down to whether you can resolve these conflicts that cannot be resolved. No one writes about that World War Two event like that, unless someone put a bug in their ear. There's no rational reason to use it in the context of an argument about baby killers, unless one of those heavyweights from baby killer nation told you to make the comparison.

I'd like to see an uptick in my fortunes; who wouldn't? But... at what price? Karma will find you one way or another, good karma, bad karma. Karma is definite and absolute and only the miraculous, or powerful grace, can see it bypassed. It could be that virtue is its own reward but surely there is a payoff for everything and one is better served, thinking in terms of service and not in terms of what you can get out of it anyway, by playing at the appearance of it. If you've invested iron pyrite, you will get iron pyrite. If you've invested tungsten bars, you'll get tungsten bars. All of this purpose of demonstration is going to take an unfortunate turn through Wall Street and the government offices of the world shortly. The cosmos has all kinds of time and comes out of the school of giving everyone enough rope and enough time. Tick tock, tick tock.

End Transmission.......

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DSKlausler said...

Wow; crazy world; crazy me.

Ego gets me frequently, but not as much as it once did.

Thanks for the link to The Wes
Penre Papers

Ten Years Gone.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"So, what do you do, when you know it's all a joke and that everything you see, everywhere you've been, or will be on this plane, is passing from your view, even while you look at it, is temporary and terminal and doomed?"

I personally have withdrawn, seeing 'a social life' as a major liability, a pain in the butt and a distraction that's keeping me from doing what i want to be doing.

Anonymous said...

Les, the Wash Post has been a principal destroyer of good will and reconciliation for decades. The late owner,the half-Jewess Katherine Meyer Graham, was all for desegregation and the Post still omits black on white crime reports. The Post pushes race mixing. Her daddy was some big money changer and like Bezos he took his flush cash and bought a device for social engineering. The goal of the Tribe is to eliminate competition. The Tribe fears intelligent, industrious white people who prefer the company of their own kind.

The Washington Post-Newsweek Co. has been owned by Kaplan Co., the hustlers of academic testing. Apparently Kaplan is going under also as "college" becomes a waste of money. I can't imagine any parent who is half-awake going tens of thousands of dollars into debt to put her kid through an indoc center run by the Tribe. If Kaplan falters another Jew steps in. Thus we see that the Jew is always adjusting his skein to keep the goyim trapped.

This is good news. The Tribe is trying to rescue the old control device, the daily paper. It won't work. The Net will continue to displace print except for boutique publications. You are right, LV. The Tribe is losing control and turning nervous.


Anonymous said...

The evidence for mind-controlled, multiple personalities goes even further back than the Charles Guiteau incident, in the annals of psychiatric/hypnotic/psychological lore. And we all know what psychiatry is - organized mindfucking, brought to us by the usual suspects. Same with hypnotism, as Visible pointed out via his timely link in the above piece.

Hypnotists were often found hovering around the immediate periphery of people who had split personalities, or full-blown multiple personalities, as far back as 300 years ago. And that's just according to the few old books on the subject that are still available to the masses, which point this out. Today, we see psychiatrists in the periphery of virtually all "school shooters", and the like. (Hell of a coincidence there.)

Usually you will see a church of some sort, in the background of many of these earlier cases of split personalities or full-blown multiples (and in many of today's modern ones as well). Rumor has it - okay, it's more than just a rumor - that various religions have been involved in this sort of thing for centuries (mind control - no way!).

If there are organizations that are indeed hording secret knowledge (which there are), who's to say how far back this particular social engineering program goes? Maybe it goes back to the time of the Pharoahs - and beyond.

Most "truth researchers" (i.e., paid disinfo hacks, such as the ones Visible pointed out in the above piece) pin it all on the Nazis, as they claim it was allegedly imported to the USA after World War II, via "Operation Paperclip" (and to other countries as well).

But it becomes overtly obvious, when you delve more deeply into the subject matter, that this is simply cover. Or what you would call a "limited hangout". You let the tip of the truth protrude for the masses to see, like the tip of an iceberg, while the larger portions remain hidden. Lots of shit has been pinned on the Nazis. and we all know who funded them.

We know mind-control happens in church, even if it's not the hardcore, shock-treatments-and-sexual-assault kind, which results in the fragmentation of the core personality of a human being. Show me a fundie in any mainstream religion, and I'll show you someone who is mind-controlled.

So the foundation exists, within the various churches (and synagogues - wink), to do it on a subtle scale - and, according to personal accounts of people who have allegedly gone through the whole nine yards of the procedure, on a much more overtly sinister scale as well.

the gardener said...

Great post and great comments-really energized! With the New Moon with both lights in Leo today, the 6th of August... there are all kinds of energies, unusual formations going on right now.

carlboudreau.blogspot.com lays it out and explains these 'not unusual aspects EXCEPT for their lengthy appearances'... just like the nursing observations of 'does the person fall down and break a hip or does the hip break and cause the person to fall down'?

Do the energied aspects cause the populace to fall down or does the falling down cause the aspects? lol

So those who are able-today just light a candle for protection, strength, needs and desires along with your new moon abundance check and see what comes your way.

the gardener

Good travels to you Vis! It is getting faster and faster and thusly weirder and weirder out there.

Anonymous said...

Charles Guiteau was tried and convicted in the media long before he ever went to trial for shooting President James A. Garfield. The assassination attempt occurred on July 2, 1881. He was formally indicted on October 14, 1881. His trial began on November 14 of that same year, and he was found guilty, on January 25, 1882, by a jury of his peers. He was swinging from the end of a rope on June 30, 1882.

Guiteau didn't actually kill Garfield, although his doctors allegedly played quite a role in the president's death. It's pretty easy to discern, however, that this story, too, was merely more mainstream media cover. Garfield survived the shooting, and spent many weeks in the hospital. He officially died on September 19, 1881, of what was termed, "a ruptured splenic artery aneurism, while sporting a touch of bronchial pneumonia, a massive infection, and blood poisoning".

A rumor of the day, based on the fact that Guiteau had allegedly shouted, "I am a Stalwart of the Stalwarts! I did it and I want to be arrested! Arthur is President now!", centered around the notion that Vice-President Chester A. Arthur had put Guiteau up to the shooting. But that couldn't be true. Lyndon Johnson had nothing to do with JFK's assassination. And I am the Sultan of Borneo. And cheese is really a two-way radio device. Etc.

The doctors could not locate the bullet the night Garfield was shot. They still couldn't locate it weeks later. In fact, they never found it - until after he was dead. Must have been one of those dancing .44 slugs. According to none other than that bastion of truth, Wikipedia, "Doctors continued to probe Garfield's wound with dirty, unsterilized fingers and instruments, attempting to find the location of the bullet." Here's yet another gem of alleged truth on the matter, courtesy of Wikipedia: "One bullet grazed Garfield's arm; the second bullet was thought later to have possibly lodged near his liver but could not be found; and upon autopsy was located behind the pancreas."

Sounds like President Garfield was enrolled in an early version of Obamacare.

It is quite likely that neither Charles Guiteau, nor the inept team of doctors attending Garfield, had anything to do with his death. Both of the MSM cover stories regarding Guiteau and the "crack medical team", smell to high heaven. It doesn't take much of an imagination to visualize a planned assassination, done entirely behind closed doors, by shadowy figures with hidden agendas.

By all accounts of the day (MSM accounts, of course), Guiteau was universally considered to be "crazy". He was widely quoted as saying that God had told him to kill President Garfield. (There's that religious connection again.) He acted like a lunatic at his trial, cursing and insulting the judge. Wayne McVeagh was the prosecuting attorney for the United States during the trial (wonder if his family changed the spelling of its last name, prior to Tim McVeigh getting his turn in the "lone nut" limelight?).

Guiteau's court-appointed lawyers were allegedly trying to cop an insanity plea for their client - but Guiteau ranted and raved during the entire trial about how he was most definitely NOT insane during the time of the shooting. And he did this while his attorneys were allegedly doing their damnedest to sell the jury on a not-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity defense. (You'd think Guiteau would have rehearsed a bit, and discussed the direction of the case with his attorneys, prior to trial, so that this sort of thing wouldn't happen. Nope.)

You can read Wikipedia's cover story regarding Charles Guiteau and the death of President James A. Garfield, right here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_A._Garfield

dirtykid© said...

Nice post Vis,

I am amazed that just a few short weeks ago I was bored to tears and debated ending it all (AKA: turning on the T.V., not direct suicide, but rather the slow painless braindeath of becoming a drone)... And then BAM! A trainwreck of terrorists and disinfo agents and other tools come back from a holiday no doubt filled with filling the rectums of young Malaysian schoolboys with their tools.

I suppose I should be careful what I wish for, because it often happens all at the same time...


Ginnie said...

Hypnosis was originally called "temple sleep".

Erica said...

Hi Vis,Just to let you know,the Boston bombing stuff by Dave McGowan was posted on the David Icke forums.
Unfortunately the thread about crisis actors being involved in this incident was relegated to the 'rant room',which can only be viewed by signed-in forum members.
The reason for this was never explained.
Questioning moderator's decisions isn't welcomed there!

Old reader said...

They will "uptick" vis......your finances. Just hold on for 23 more months. Promise.

Visible said...

There are some very twisted individuals at the Icke forums and those are reader postings, not something Icke himself brought up to comment on.

Sharkley said...

And lv, i started out some time back to utilize ones own against themselves. Not for profit, not for love or sex, not for anything really...except that i could. And i wanted to. Because what one did at my favorite writer was unacceptable, and i know that one had done such and similar to many prior. I usually just walk on by, but this one. This one. Kept pursuing the companionship of my twisted mind. So ...... I took a deep breath and dove down deep and stayed low. and , Many moons later, the time of the exposure was good. And timing couldnt have been better even if i had not case-scenario'd such previously. I admit to the callous feeling of pleasure at watching that one grovel, then whine, then threaten then strike, then fall. To make sure my own meaning stuck well, i ascertained that less-than-wholly sentient being met with those most feared by them. One who claimed light, abused light, threatened with light.......is enjoying scrutiny under the barest of bulbs. Got transcripts for your private perusal if u ever need a giggle, but otherwise go in good health and peace vis........i enjoyed taking that One down after what they tried to do to one of the few decent bad/good souls walking this planet. Yes, you are one of the good/bad few. And you likely remember who the One is or was.. They are over and done now. Wont bother you any more. .

Anonymous said...

Some people tell me there is no devil. I think surely there is. This plan unfolding before us is more clever, subtle and convoluted than whatever any human could think up.

But, there is good, too. And the good isn't going away no matter what the dark side does. Darkness can not kill light but light can surely vanquish the dark.


kenny said...

Amazon has opened up 2 new huge 'fullfillment' centers in my area that are about 15 miles apart. Rumors are that for some local workers it is speeding up their demise. Check prices at Amazon and often local stores will meet them. F' Bezos.

This is far from the first time that Mike Adams has invoked the 6 mil holocau$t. It must be in his contract that about every 6 weeks he has to mention gas chambers and ovens. Leave a comment questioning why he, with his great clear mind from all the organics and superfoods, does this and it will disappear. F' Adams.

Best of luck and guidance to you in finding a new home that's right.

Anonymous said...

You might have noticed some interesting patterns at the Big Name Truther websites. Each individual who hosts the site is a fairly well-known individual - David Icke, Jeff Rense, Michael Rivero, Alex Jones, Henry Makow, Ken Adachi, et al.

Each Big Name Truther will whole-heartedly embrace certain widely held conspiracy concepts. And yet, each one will also completely ignore, marginalize, deride, or flat-out ridicule, other widely held conspiracy concepts.

Not a one of these Big Name Truthers will openly welcome any and all viewpoints and/or give the different viewpoints equal footing, let alone equal time (with the possible exception of Icke, whose solution to the entire problem, is to "send love and light and positive energy to the bad guys - and whatever you do, don't fight, it's what they want!"; which is about as effective as holding protest signs or sticking a thumb up one's ass).

This is extremely curious to me, since each Big Name Truther undoubtedly arrived at their own pet conspiracy notions, by utilizing the extremely wise and proven technique of first considering any and all viewpoints, prior to making up one's mind.

They each, to a certain degree, claim to precisely know the score, know it with absolute certainty - and yet they all disagree on the merits of the various topics of discussion, not to mention the finer points.

This smacks of the different denominations within the Christian Church, does it not?

You have your Baptists, and your Lutherans, and your Anglicans, and your Presbyterians, and your Catholics, and your Pentecostals; not to mention your Mormons, your Latter-Day Saints, your Unitarians, and a whole shitload of other factions.

And yet at the top of the whole thing, there has to exist a ruling hand. Somebody is utilizing an historical playbook here, and employing proven techniques, in order to shape not only the topics of discussion, but public thought as well.

Somebody is creating all of these splintered spheres of thought (none of which is correct), and dividing all the people who are seeking the truth thereby.

Divide and conquer. Works every time. Well, it does until you wake up and see the larger picture...

"Gatekeeper, Gatekeeper, make up some crap. Cover my eyes. Draw me a map..."

Ray B. said...

Vis: "Why does someone say something like [Jesus was gay]?"

I have a different 'take' on this. (I am not referencing your take on Don Imus.) I see this, through the handlers, as one more effort to discredit the 'Jesus was married, Mary Magdalene was his wife, they had offspring' possibility. As such, it is very 'clever'...


Vis: "Everything is mind born; thought born. Everything comes out of consciousness."

This is the big elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. It is too scary, both to the existence of the ego and the contemplation of the possibility of what we might really be. So, the subject must be quickly changed...

I believe that when/if a true his/herstory is finally written, the 'two-slit experiment' will be seen as the day scientists were confronted with the fact that Consciousness is what is at center stage. They have reeled back and then tried to produce work-arounds to that simple experiment for a century, now - to no avail. ('Entanglement' and the accompanying transfer of information at 'instantaneous' speed - really meaning that the effect is outside of SpaceTime - will be documented as the second large crack in the dam.)


Vis: If enough people believe in [X], you will get [X]." (pardon my generalization)

That is why I periodically hammer on one theme: The 'brilliance' of the bad-guys in limiting the awareness of (most) humans. When you have no awareness of an ability or possibility, it remains 'dormant'. We (collectively) are the victims of a multi-thousand year dumbing-down effort. (It does make you wonder what is the 'Purpose of Demonstration' in such a long-term 'rape' of humanity...) We need a 'breakout', and I believe it is on the way.

The second way this is damaging is in the 'collective consciousness' effect. Rupert Sheldrake (and many mystics) addresses this. Once [X] has been 'cemented in' as the way it is - all the way from 'gravity is the law' to no relevant ESP - it is very hard for an individual to effect the 'field', except locally. Only a more-overwhelming 'outside' force can collapse the entire 'bubble'. In a certain way of speaking, the people have become their own worst enemy. Quantity does, indeed, have its own quality...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Old reader said...

Anonymous .....the gatekeeper commenter......thank you, you are so damn dead-on right!

Copernicus Kidd said...

Great post Vis. Reading your work keeps me alive some days. I was saddened to see Max Keiser stooped to interview Greg Pail Assed recently. I will give Max the benefit of the doubt that somehow he hasn't had the time to read all of your great exposes.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ray, X = God = problem solved!

Anonymous said...

David Icke is making mega-dollars. He goes all over the world, giving lectures. He sells tons of books. If the Power Structure wanted him silenced, he'd wind up assassinated like William Cooper (or many others). That's your first clue.

I don't know David Icke personally, although I corresponded with him by email years ago. But he seems like a nice enough, and sincere enough, individual.

But David Icke was:

A) A professional soccer player in England. B) A sportscaster for the BBC. C) A politician, working for the Green Party.

And now he's...D) A world-famous conspiracy author and lecturer.

Dave McGowan, in the book Visible linked to in the above post, explains in phenomenal detail how it's quite evident that mind-controlled individuals exist, who either actively engage in "mob hits" to wipe out competing drug dealers, or ply their trade to wipe out other people for a multitude of reasons, which are then accounted for as being the work of "serial killers" (some are patsies, some are the actual shooters).

So it is not a stretch to imagine that other mind-controlled individuals work as professional athletes, sportscasters and journalists, and even as world-famous conspiracy authors and lecturers.

When you examine him more closely, David Icke surely fits that profile.

What are the odds that one person would be so proficient at so many high-profile endeavors? A billion to one? Higher? And why has he received so many opportunities, in fields that are dominated exclusively by the gate keepers he rails against?

I would wager a large sum that Ikce is another mind-controlled slave, and he is doing the bidding of his masters. Without his knowledge. Otherwise, why would he be allowed to trot around the globe, spilling the masters' alleged secrets. He lives on the Isle of Wight, and has openly talked about Satanist murders and drug-trafficking on the island. Yet he has never been found bobbing in the channel...

In the end, what matters is the solution he offers. His solution is to not fight at all, to love the enemies away. As history has proven (real history), this is ineffectual, at best, and suicidal, at worst. Which just might be why he is allowed to keep making big money, talking about Reptilians from other galaxies, and the Illuminati.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Dave McGowan's work. You were right about him nailing the obvious false flag at the marathon race - your comment from Visible Origami August 5th. I hadn't looked at anything from that psy-op until now - because it was clear - from the first second - exactly what it was and who is behind it - and all the others. The phoniness is totally obvious in so many of the photos McGowan included in his essays - the blood looks unreal, the supposed victims don't look convincing - guy with his leg supposedly blown off - is sitting up in a wheelchair - with no blood spewing!?! no look of shock on his face - no way, no how, anyone with that much damage is not in shock, near death ... endless phoniness. The event was entertaining - in a Hollywood B-movie kind of way - that is big fail. McGowan's work is the real entertainment, like a well made documentary.
On bad entertainment - the Bloodhound Gang - looks like US sponsored Pussy Riot version 2 didn't go down too smoothly with Russia this time around.

Thanks for your works - they keep getting better!

respects to all souls


Anonymous said...

You had me nodding this whole article, you are so much closer to those truths than any of the well known agents ever can and will be, and it somehow hurts to see the stupidity of the truther sheeple following Icke, Jones, Zen Gardner et al. Consciousness dogs, all around. Thank you for being so sincere and profound (and politically incorrect, grin).
God bless you all, Chaukee

Gerard said...

Thank you for this post. You make me think. I appreciate your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Evening Vis,

you were talkin alot about acid in your last smoking hot mirror.

Funny because i have only just started using that sorta stuff. Funny that you'd talk about it now.

It's pretty scary and subversive. Acid to the average guy is like Israil to world peace. Except acid's threat is only temporary and in the long run its good.

I so wish i had someone experienced like yourself down under to take the acid with.

Kind Regards,

Tugg said...

I just had a run in with Dave Hodges, another so-call truther.
Called him out for mentioning Nazis in almost every one of his articles. A Zionist trait if there ever was one.Obviously,he didn't like that.

Anonymous said...

The final frontier for the western masses will be the apparentness of the existence of the soul within the life/death paradigm, which thereafter will have become obsolete as well as every "ism" that humanity had ever concocted.

Anonymous said...

saucer pod time...

lotsa energy available to
blast the
parasites zio-ogre demons to the pit with no bottom
where all members of the stupid idiot cult go
for their infernal reward


baalbak, the kings highway
petra . ."THE" pyramids


from the mid-east comedy tour...


hope your sides don't hurt, too much

say hey to Mr. A


Anonymous said...

So I've got this Showtime movie playing on the TV, in the background, serving as white noise while I'm working on my computer, and I hear this actor (Liev Schreiber) say, about his son in the film, "He's known since he was 12."

The character in this movie played by Liev Schreiber then proceeded to say that his son had recently come out of the closet, and told everyone that he was gay, at the age of 15.

Then it hit me between the eyes - a child can't decide anything, really, about who they are or what they are, certainly not legally, until at least the age of 18.

They can't make any major decisions about their lives, really; they can't move out and live on their own, they can't drive a car, they can't get a job, they can't join the military, they can't choose to see whatever type of doctor they might want to see, they certainly can't choose what sorts of courses they want to study in school - and yet, if we are to believe the shit that they pass along to us in movies, books and on television, they can indeed decide, at the ripe old age of 12, that they are gay.

It isn't possible that they might be experiencing some sort of sexual confusion here, no, they were just BORN THAT WAY and everyone, most especially their parents, should not only buck up and deal with it, but they should nurture it, encourage it, and totally understand it.

Anonymous said...

"It's a beautiful day outside today; sun shining, birds singing. It's a perfect day to talk about cold blooded evil."

Your words just caused me a great big lol. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:51:

Well stated.


Anonymous said...

Something that I've started to do recently is to pray for those mentioned in the this writing. I'm sure most started out researching/reporting the hard truths in hopes of doing something good but have since lost their way. It's not out of the realm of possibility that they can find their way back on a more righteous path and see the error of their ways.

I listened to some MLK jr. speeches yesterday and was truly moved (again). He talks about how everyone will be asked "Did you do enough?"


Anonymous said...

Nice 2 c u give Dave McGowan a plug.
His work is so entertaining.

mike m said...

Dave McGowan fucking nailed it:

"Satanic cults have been documented as far back in Europe and America as far back as the 1600's, that there was something dark and evil lurking in the shadows. The perpetrators cast as victims and the real victims mocked and ridiculed."


Anonymous said...

Hey vis and all,
Check out the devious folk at the American psychiatric association and their so called scientific research into homosexual behaviour!?
Apparently they got to their conclusions through just 2 dismissive case studies! ?...

Anyways, " arma goin'ta heaven lieutenant dan! "
The epiphany; open G tuning for slide guitar!
Keep on rockin vis, the best writer by far that ive come across....
Nicky-licks beats

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis,

Enjoying your links. Thank You.

Somewhere (maybe in comments - not sure) I came across a few links of Satan portrayed in movies and thought to share with you one as well.

Not sure if you enjoy Russian classics by Dostoevskiy, Tolstoy or Bulgakov... But. One of the classics has been filmed by "Russia" TV channel and it IS very close to the book including Satan's ball.

Satan to Bezdomniy (last name translated as Homeless - grin): "Pardon me, but in order to govern his/her own life, one needs to have a precise plan for a certain length of time, say - a thousand years... Allow me to ask - how can man govern his own life when he cannot even vouch for his own tomorrow?"



Tyler Vincent said...

My appetites, desires, and ambitions to seek divinity are growing by the day. Good post vis.

Anonymous said...

Synchronicity...got into the wine last night and ranted this exact article, more or less, to hubby, and what you said about "the tribe wants to promote the concept that stupid"...well, that's pure egocentric evil, the destruction of minds and souls. Added a new puppy to my pack and that's rewarding. Thanks Les, Karen Toffan

Tyler Vincent said...

"It's a beautiful day outside today; sun shining, birds singing. It's a perfect day to talk about cold blooded evil."

"Everything is mind born; thought born. Everything comes out of consciousness."

"So, what do you do, when you know it's all a joke and that everything you see, everywhere you've been, or will be on this plane, is passing from your view, even while you look at it, is temporary and terminal and doomed? Everyone you meet is a walking corpse, a short term flower that blooms and fades and then goes to dust."

If we create situations with our minds, why focus on evil and shit, corpses and withering flowers?... everybody has a spirit which is eternal, they are not just corpses. I know a few things one could do... Focus on the spirit rather than the flesh. Expect only good things for all of creation in the future, for no matter who or what, seeming enemies included (no matter whether one publicly admits it or not, for ego's sake of survival) and to forgive everybody who has ever done you any harm, and to project as much positivity and light into the world as possible where there is none. To open ones self to others, and to invoke the divine in all situations and all things.

I see people in positions of influence spending much of their five minutes of fame predicting the worst for large swaths of people in the future, manipulating them into fear of loss, and want of gain at the expense of their fellows, encouraging them to uproot themselves, leave their families and countries and go off in some foreign land and survive where they have no real foundation... or using fear and emotional and intellectual blackmail to control people by insulting their intelligence and trying to upend them in some way. I can see the fun in all that, but it's all ego and it may have worked in the past but it is not going to work for much longer. How is the alternative & mainstream media any different than what we see in religious texts in that respect?

Rather, I have an idea of what to do... and that is expect good to arise no matter where you are, for everybody, no matter what the situation, and expect nothing will go the way we can possibly conceive... because the divine is inconceivable. To have faith in divinity... and it will always turn out that way, if your mind is truly there, rather than rationalizing what is detrimental for us, we will be a lot better off expecting good, than expecting fire and brimstone, earthquakes and tsunamis, mass die offs, and division and chaos, along with all the other fear mongering crap peddled in the alternative and lamestream media.

Much love and gratitude to all


Anonymous said...

To anonymous @ 6:54 pm

A person might not be able to determine exactly what they are at the age of 12 but a lot of people start to masturbate at that age and they certainly are able to decide what kind of images that go through mind whilst they jack off. They know what turns them on.

When I was 4 I used to get excited when my big sister had friends over for sleepovers and I could look at teen age girls in their underwear. I was a peaker. Children have sexuality and sexual feelings.

Of course adults have to keep their hands off of the kids. If you feel like touching a kid go get help! See a counselor or something like that! Why anyone would want to touch any of those cooty infested snot lockers in the first place is beyond me.

Speaking of adults: A lot of adults are incapable of having a healthy sexual life. Gender preference not withstanding.

There is nothing more honest than a hard on.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

It's a little late in the game for this post, but if you want to include this link somewhere in your next column:


This is How the Zionists Became Evil and Satanical!

You've covered bits and pieces of this here and there, but hey! You know that once, twice, a hundred times is never enough. A dividing amoeba has a longer attention span that the human race, these days.

Tyler Vincent said...

God, the way things work sometimes... no sooner after I wrote the previous comment did a very good hint from the universe arise that I should be as far away from certain people as possible. The presence of certain individuals under certain circumstances makes me ill to the stomach. As much as I've been trying of late, sometimes I find that forgiveness is not always such an easy task.

Excellent post as usual Visible, thank God somebody has the integrity to make a living investigating difficult subjects that most of us don't have the gall to stomach.

Anonymous said...

To: The Button Pusher in the bay area...

re: your Tuesday post and many others...

I get you.
Cats, yes.
Humans, not so much.
Trapped here,
Waiting to be set free.

Anonymous said...

Being broke is not a litmus test for integrity. More likely, it means you don't have much to offer, or have failed to get up off your butt to make something happen. Trashing Icke because he ignored you doesn't make him one of the bad guys, so stop your sniveling.

Java Man

Sim said...

Java "Man" (huh):

Visible has not "trashed" Icke, so whatever your gripe is, it's an imagined one.

Meantime, there's no shortage of people who might attest to what Visible "has to offer"; in fact, he doesn't just offer, he delivers.

Kindly take your tiny mind elsewhere. If that is too difficult for you to understand, just fuck off instead.

katz said...

Tyler Vincent said "I see people in positions of influence spending much of their five minutes of fame predicting the worst for large swaths of people in the future, manipulating them into fear of loss, and want of gain at the expense of their fellows, encouraging them to uproot themselves, leave their families and countries and go off in some foreign land and survive where they have no real foundation... or using fear and emotional and intellectual blackmail to control people by insulting their intelligence and trying to upend them in some way. I can see the fun in all that, but it's all ego and it may have worked in the past but it is not going to work for much longer. How is the alternative & mainstream media any different than what we see in religious texts in that respect?"

Well said! KUDOs

BTW, David Icke is awesome. I'm glad he is making a living, and not dead in a back alley. I pray for his safety and good health. Mike Adams has been working hard to expose GMO foods. He is pivotal in the war against Monsanto and Syngenta. You do not seem to care about Mon Santo, bc you don't have their products forced upon you.

Lately, you have been insulting people that you do not know, and forgetting that all, including you, are subject to error and ignorance. All have certain value, and not others. Anyone who goes along w any choir is subject to error. That includes you, Les Visible. Reread Mr. Vincent's true statement, if you can be introspective.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the repost of You Got To Have the Big One! - a classic, one of Patrick W's first audio versions of Visible's written work

On zio-beast baby killers:

Lavrenti Beria (jewish) did not like children and order the NKVD to round up as many as possible; in 1940 1 million were herded into soviet death camps (jewish creation) where most of the first million died from starvation and or worked to death. Beginning 1943 to unknown end date, 2 million children were rounded up and sent to soviet death camps by order of the human demon Beria.
Beria is also responsible for mass murdering 20 million or more people during World War 2 - and blamed this on the Germans. Together with fellow tribe member, Lazar (the Khazar) Kagnovich, Beria was in charge of rounding up all soviet POWs from Germany and putting them into the soviet death camps (jewish creation and managed). Between 1949-1952 - this duo of monsters mass murdered 5 million more people - because - because they could and did and got away with it then and now.
When Beria (jewish) wasn't busy organizing mass murder of millions, he was involved in kidnapping, rapping, torture, and murder of women, young girls, and boys. In 1993 Russians dug up the garden of his former residence and found skeletons of his victims.
So it is true - jews really are the best at everything; turns out that many of them in the soviet union were the greatest mass murderers and psychopaths the world has ever known.
Why is this monster unknown to the world? Of course this doesn't mean that any, all jewish people approve of this, but why is there silence by them about this monster and the others?

On truth seeking: Truth is to the soul what food is to the body. As in starvation of the body, a person will do nearly anything to get food; such as searching for it in the trash. There may be little food in the trash, but starvation requires one to search.
Same goes for persons/souls starved of truth - which is most human beings in this zio-beast matrix. Such people will seek truth anywhere, everywhere - Alex Jones, Icke, whereever - even if truth is hidden among trash - cognitive dissonance - entertainment - it is essential to get it, even if diving into the trash to do so.
It doesn't matter where truth is found. Only thing that matters is knowing what to look for - truth - and getting it.
Thanks for your works Visible!

Anonymous said...

fGivers and takers...
Vis has always freely given what he freely receives.
The majority a are gatekeepers and hirelings.
Vis resonates like a robert johnson guitar...

Nicky-licks beats

Visible said...

Katz; I keep thinking, you have to be a terrible lawyer, you would never get away with this kind of disingenuous and uninformed behavior in court.

I try to be understanding with you because of the bipolar thing but as an attorney, deal with the evidence and specifically what is being referred and do not mix apples and oranges, which would not be allowed in your theater of practice. You would get called out for it.

Mike Adam's work in other areas is not in question. It is his pandering to questionable revisionist scams and his slavish buttboy defenses of Alex Jones that is in question. Stay on topic. Now... if you want to defend these things, have at it, otherwise, try to remain quiet because you make yourself look stupid when you do things like this.

Finally, I am doubting you are a lawyer because the things you miss, people who aren't even in the business would pick up on.

Also, there was NO criticism of David Icke. The point was that not he, or any number of other high profile individuals has made any mention of David McGowan's work on the Boston bombing and I wondered about that. At no time was anyone called a jerk, an asshole, a fool, or even wrong. I just found it strange and noted it; wondering if there were some kind of under the radar blackout going on..

You might well be unaware of this but the general readership here is of a pretty high level of intelligence and they will notice you grandstanding and tossing around unfounded accusations that have nothing to do with the actual comments being made by me.
Hopefully you will notice that your argument is similar to someone saying, "Hey wait a minute, George Bush is nice to his dog and I'm really offended that you brought up something totally unrelated to that and criticizing him as a result". Or, one might say, "Sure Ted Bundy killed a whole lot of young women but you need to keep in mind that there are a whole lot more women that he didn't kill and we shouldn't lose sight of that".

In replying to this, would you please stay on topic because anything else will be very unlawyer like and part of the ever growing body of evidence that you are not in fact a lawyer but rather someone too easily and predictably affected by the phases of the moon.

Anonymous said...

But... but...

Katz is a bonnified lawyer, dontcha know?

Visible said...

Heh heh, I just saw that comment on Icke ignoring me. When did that happen? Boy! People really come up with some funny shit. I haven't been ignored by David at all. In fact I've heard from his site 3 or 4 times in the last few days

What most people who come here know is that this kind of thing is that mirror thing. It means that you, with the anonymous handle; no name given because that would give away the game, have been ignored by me, or feel ignored. In the last two weeks I have had a near dozen events that have to do with that mirror thing.

Some people see in you a projection of themselves. It has been some of the most revealing moments of my life these last days and that mirror thing has been coming up over and over, mostly in a very good way, except when it's been under discussion concerning past events.

But really, people, if you want to knock on me, good grief! at least do it right! knock where there is cause. Honestly, otherwise you really come off looking stupid and I would rather you didn't. It doesn't matter if you hate or resent me and some number do and I know why too but I don't like to see anyone look stupid. At least most of you know enough to hide your identity.

I've been doing this for years. If I felt a certain way about D. Icke I would say so. I'm not intimidated by him or anyone else. I've mentioned a few times some things he does that make me wonder, like promoting that woman with the recovered memory (actually there are two of them) who is ferried around the country by her CIA handler and talking about things George Bush and all kinds of high level politicians supposedly did to her. I found those stories a little hard to believe for good reason but I believe I mentioned that I didn't actually know too so... I simply commented on how wild those tales sounded to me

David does very high profile work bringing all kinds of things to people's attention. I'll admit it makes me a little squirmy all the promotional stuff at the website but everyone has their style; that just isn't mine. It doesn't make it wrong.

As for not making a lot of money; let me say here publicly, that's going to change in a big way for me and I've been aware of it for a long time. I think my point (overlooked or intentionally missed, as usual) is that there are things I won't do for money.

Some people have no hesitation about doing things for money and I do. I don't consider myself a failure at all. I consider myself a success but then, I measure success differently than most people do.

You might want to cut back on that coffee too. It's really bad for the adrenals. AND ONE LAST TIME!!! There are some very legitimate criticism that can be leveled at me. It's not necessary to fabricate things and I notice that that has been a course that most of my detractors seem to want to go on. I can't help the fact that the truth doesn't amount to much or that the criticisms don't add up to the firepower you're looking for but making shit up out of whole cloth and putting words in my mouth, or trying to rearrange what I said, is not ever going to work, so.. you are wasting your time.

I'm just back from a great trip, one of the best I've taken and it looks very promising ( and like a lot of work too- grin). I'll know more in a few days.

See you tomorrow.

Visible said...

I'm starting to think I'd like to see some proof of that.

Anonymous said...

Ive gotta agree with you vis, ive observed that mr bush is a canny dog walker, no doubt.
Ive even heard mr cameron is a very proficient first aider and can wrap a tidy bandage.
However mr icke is definitely a shite goalkeeper.

Anonymous said...

Sim @ 4:39, speaking to java man

Vis does indeed deliver. I can attest to that.


Anonymous said...

David Icke is a shill.
Its the hambergers the glow boys.
The bad boys the skul and bone crew.The wanker bankers and the elite blue blood line.
No its not its the fuckin LIZARDS.
But its definatley not the JEWWWWWS.

katz said...

Les Visible, you are rambling, again....I suppose that you missed the point, again.
I don't care to argue w you, it is an observation, and it is obvious your thin skinned to distraction, should anyone dare to be honest w you.
But, I don't care about your insults, either, I expect them. That is your form of "debate", I suppose.

But, for your own good, you should look at what I bring up. Bashing others, while living in a glass house cannot be productive.


Robert Bonomo said...

I’ve recently published a new novel, Your Love Incomplete, and I’m offering it as a free download. I decided to offer for free because I feel charging for it would seriously limit its readership.

Here is the link:


The story follows a Silicon Valley internet marketer mildly obsessed with conspiracy theories and the shift that occurs within him after he encounters an esoterically oriented friend of his father.

So often in our media the person interested in the non-oficial version of history is portrayed as unbalanced, but in Your Love Incomplete conspiritorial thinking is the catalayst for the main characters journey to spiritual awakening.

There is a strong anarchist flavor to the book, it goes under the hood of the online marketing world and there is plenty of esotericism as the story carries the main character from the SF Bay Area, to New York City, Spain and the Russian Far East.

This is the tale of someone who woke up to the Matrix, but not until he lost everything and wound up in a very strange land. I think this story will resonate with many of the who follow Smoking Mirrors and The Red Lion, which I discovered here, was a big inspiration. I offer it as my contribution to that transformation we are all seeking.

I hope you enjoy it and all the best.

Smyrna said...

I first came across Vis' work via a link from Icke's Headlines. 3 and a bit years ago.

Thanks for the link to McGowan Vis, I have been reading all his stuff for the last four days. Brilliant. That man is a conspiracy theorists conspiracy theorist. Laurel Canyon is weird or what?!

Visible said...

Katz; I'm done wasting my time on you. You appear either to be a very bad lawyer or no lawyer at all. Why don't you prove it by the way? Secondly, Vague abrasive commentary (like you just provided), void of examples, concerning your claims against me, is proof positive that you are full of shit.

Do you do this in a courtroom; make wild generalizations without evidence? I clarified with you where you are wrong. I and everyone else would appreciate you addressing my clarifications. You are just prattling on without refuting what I said, in terms of your accusations, which I have since clarified according to what I said as per what you said.

Now, if you can't come back and show; factually and convincingly how your original accusations against me happen to be true... well, what does that say?

and if you do not do so, we must all assume you don't know what you're talking about and your points really are no more than sniping without foundation. Since that is already obvious, maybe you should just keep doing that Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Shawn Hannity thing, since you can't back up what you say.

Yadda yadda doesn't cut it. Are you really that dim and self involved that you are unaware of having failed to make a case? It's pathetic and puerile in tandem.

I tolerate you cause you are clearly bi-polar and will swim along inoffensively for awhile until, like Godsend, you eventually go nova and then disappear for long stretches of time. For your own sake, stop being so embarrassing, or make your case. I'm perfectly willing to be convinced by a convincing argument, I just haven't gotten one yet.

Anonymous said...

Like smyrna I have just discovered Dave McGowan thanks to Smoking Mirrors. I have immersed myself in his website. The guy is great and I highly recomment him to anyone exploring the exploits of the shadow government.

The Laurel Canyon stuff was an eye opener.


Anonymous said...

I prefer it to beer and ketamine, but to each his own (grin)

Java Man

Visible said...

beer and Ketamine are not a combination and I've had somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 beers in the last 6 months but... so what.

Rob in WI said...

Re. Dave McGowan,
The moondoggie crap really made me question his credentials. He just regurgitated rumors that have been hanging around for decades. I prefer Visibles "there is no moon" premise, as it is a better fabrication.
McGowan's Boston psyop posts are interesting, though, as well as the Laurel Canyon expose'.
I believe the "truth" can only be sorted out via one's connection with the Divine, regarding accepting sources.
Tired, be well all, Rob

Visible said...

Never saw the Moondoggie stuff but... things concerning the moon being real, the moon landing and most all of that kind of thing holds no interest for me. I don't know why that is, it just is.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

On the Toxic Fewmet Trail of Offal Winfrey.

I take it that the deafening silence indicates there is no lawyer in the house.

Anonymous said...


Visible said...

Sustained! heh heh.

Visible said...

Katz; I didn't post your comment because I felt it would be very embarrassing to you. However, if you insist on putting it in go ahead and resubmit it. I just wanted to give you a chance for reflection. You need to keep in mind that no one I know of agrees with you here and you're being a lawyer is now seriously in doubt. I'll make this my last response to you. I don't want to encourage you in your nonsense

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Mr. Apocalypse is lifting up Offal Winfrey's Donna Karan Skirt.

JerseyCynic said...

Trying to catch up, Visible. Still teaching this entire post to a few folk. Outstanding as usual. the soulja video still has me stunned.

does anyone know who runs business insider?

for your amusement:

JerseyCynic said...

oh dear me...

a juicy review of 'HotHouse' by Maureen (leave me alone I'm reading) Corrigan (of georgetown university...) -
Farrar Straus & Giroux



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