Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Care and Feeding of the Practical Psychopath.

Every generation has its challenges, its wars and its peculiar identity. Every generation replaces the one in front of it and gets replaced by the one behind it. The enemy of each generation is always the same. It changes its clothes and terrain. It moves in and out of political ideologies and religious dogmas but it’s the same enemy.

Defining the enemy isn’t an easy thing. You’re dealing with continuous shape-shifting. You think you are confronting it in front of you when it is actually leaning over your shoulder and advising you. You find that it agrees with you and is on your side only to discover that it has used its seeming alliance to discredit what you believe in; to misrepresent what you believe in.

One day it’s the communists, next day it’s the Nazis, today it’s the Zionists. Tomorrow it will morph into something else. It’s always about disinformation and confusion. It’s always about treachery and deceit. While it is filling your head with Al Qaeda and terrorism it is muscling up against Russia about Kosovo and running Columbian insurgencies against Venezuela. It’s always moving on to the next conflict where it’s selling weapons to both sides.

It’s controlling the information into the mass mind. It knows that you know about it. It also knows that all it has to do is to control the larger portion of humanity that does not possess objective reasoning in order to make you ineffective.

It controls the flow of money. It opens the tap and closes the tap. It prints money out of thin air. It goes back to ‘the big dogs in the yard’. No matter what time in history you find yourself in, the big dogs are there along with the pigs and the reptiles. It’s an unfortunate truth that animal characteristics express themselves through human agency when the human agency is open to that expression. This comes about when greed and the will to power predominate over the inspiring angels of our higher nature. You see a lot of it when materialism is in the ascendant as it is today.

You can say we’re at war because of external threats; political differences, the machinations of bankers, hegemony and the demands of empire or any of the usual appearances which history has shown so many times. But... there’s only one war going on and that is the war between our higher and lower natures. The corporations and the bankers and the politicians and every enemy of the greater good for the greater number all work to turn you against yourself; to make humanities lower nature predominate.

This is what dumbing down is all about. This is why the usual entertainments are all cheap entertainments and why what passes for music today is full of ‘pimps’ and ‘bitches’ and ‘ho’s’. This is what tabloids are about and what Rupert Murdoch is about. This is how you get worked and controlled; by playing to your lower nature and by making you appear to be less than you are... by demeaning humanity in it’s own eyes. The trashiest aspects among us are being held up as icons of success. The worst liars have the most airtime. There is nothing accidental about any of this.

The sub prime mess and housing crisis... the millions living on edge; this has all been intentionally manufactured. The first thing we must all realize is that we are considered as nothing more than pawns and canon fodder to the big dogs in the yard. The next thing that must be realized is that we are dealing with psychopaths and it would behoove us all to know just what that means. It is also important to remember that though psychopaths are not human as we understand that term, they are practical. More on that later;

You become a slave when you cease to be your own master. None of what is going on is new. It’s older than ‘bread and circuses’. It’s about distraction and Jack in the Box non-existent enemies that the state creates. It points at the enemy with one hand and draws you into its protective embrace with the other. It blows up trains and buildings and makes laws to protect you from these events which results in increasingly restrictive legislations against your freedom of action, speech and thought. It is right out of Orwell but it was going on long before that.

I tend to believe what Oswald Spengler taught. I believe in cycles. Sometimes it looks dark indeed and sometimes it seems to be “getting better all the time”. The fact is that is just moves from one to the other. The fact is that no one has ever taken over the planet and that no particular evil has ever prevailed. It is true that millions upon millions have been murdered and tormented in unpleasant ways but the vehicles that caused these things did not last. Somehow humanity moved on. This present evil will not prevail either. Do not believe that.

Do not believe the doomsday prophets. Do not believe that the big dogs in the yard will prevail. Despair is just another weapon of the enemy and it always comes back to the way you are made to feel about yourself. You are made to feel powerless. You are placed into debt so that you have to struggle to stay afloat and not be given the luxury of dissent or you will not even have the job that keeps you bobbing in the waves. You are being blackmailed with the threat of greater misfortune if you do not continue to turn the hamster’s wheel.

We hear that Don Imus actually went down because he threatened to reveal things about the 9/11 false flag op. Now we hear that Dennis Kucinich has backed off of his impeachment effort. We notice that with the absence of Cynthia McKinney there might not be another honest member left in congress. Something very heavy is going on behind the curtains. No one is speaking truth to power. What can this be that is pressing down on all of our legislators that no one seems to have the balls to talk about?

There can be no doubt that the psychopaths are running an efficient game upon the human race. There can be no doubt that they intend us harm upon harm. There can be no doubt that we have no elected officials with the will to oppose them. There can be no doubt that the present American administration is a criminal enterprise. There can be no doubt that America is under the control of a foreign power.

Psychopaths are practical, remember that. Realize that we do not have the guns to storm the castle. Besides the reality of this fact there are other ways to succeed. I have said it before and I am going to say it again. We the people must stop the wheel. We must cease to work and to consume except for basic needs. If we do not feed the beast with our time and money the beast will have to adjust. Somehow, some way, what I am saying here has to be repeated all across the internet. Somehow, some way, some courageous souls must organize and it must catch fire across the country and the globe. A week must be set aside in which some large part of the planet does nothing, in protest of what is happening. It must happen again and again until it succeeds. Psychopaths are practical.

Large spontaneous gatherings of people need to occur. People need to gather in large crowds as a statement that things, as they are and have been, must end. These could be like the old ‘be ins’ of the 60’s. There is no need for anything more than the presence of the crowd. There is no need to chant or act out. Silent witness is a good ticket.

Those who sponsor the liars and support the horrors visited upon people in foreign lands should have their products boycotted across the board. Somehow, some way, enough of us have to catch hold of this idea and make it happen. I guarantee it will work. There is no greater power that we have than this; that we stop contributing to anyone and anything that does not have our best interests in mind. We the people. “We the people.”

You have a choice, seize the moment and bring these big dogs to heel. We are far more powerful than they. Your choice is whether you now cry, “Hold! Enough!!!” or whether you have something far worse thrust upon you further down the road. There is no avoiding this issue. Either you act soon or you will be compelled to act later after even greater and more protracted suffering. We can expect nothing more from our leaders. They have failed us. We can expect nothing from public and religious leaders and famous entertainers, nor can we tell the difference between them. We must now expect something from ourselves. We the people.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

In the Land of Personal Darkness.

One of the things that happen when you start writing on line- or anywhere- and if you happen to get read by some number of people is... you run into a lot of opinions about what you say and what you mean. Sometimes you didn’t actually say what provoked the opinion and sometimes you didn’t mean what got extracted out of it. It’s the nature of the beast. When you deal in words you have to accept that those words will impact differently on different people. We have the world as evidence that understanding is not a universal constant.

I consider myself singularly fortunate in the responses I get. One respondent said that I must have to filter a lot of trolls along the way. Actually, it is rare that I don’t post a particular comment. For some reason this site has not drawn the same acrimony I see rampant elsewhere. These are not easy times and they look to get less so. Right now it seems as if anything could happen. It is a very uncertain world.

All across the internet at the sites I visit I notice dire predictions. I see articles that tell us that we are locked into a terrible state. I’m told that every candidate in every election is a front for the same ruling elite whose intention is world wide enslavement. I’m led to believe that no one is who they seem to be and that we are screwed across the board. I don’t believe this for one minute.

I don’t believe this ruling elite has it all locked down. They may wish it were so but it is not. I believe there is darkness and devilry afoot in nearly every government on the globe but I do not believe it is triumphant. What I do believe is that evil tends to cancel itself out. These conditions have been with us as long as history has recorded it and before that too. There are always going to be those who want to prosper at the expense of their fellows.

We cannot blame all our problems on these predators among us who take advantage. You have only to look around you to see your fellows who have enslaved themselves to materialism and the pursuit of personal comfort at the cost of their ideals; though some may never have possessed much in the way of ideals. You can see it in the way they indulge their offspring as if somehow they were giving them a better life, only to equip them with ill health and a bad attitude.

If evil is the pursuit of self interest to the detriment of those around you then it can be said that there are degrees of this evil. It moves from the simple offenses of the brutish natures in our midst to the high intelligenced, calculating evil of those who do it for the sheer joy of it. Besides the rise of fascism and tyranny, ‘political correctness’ also stands as their equal in the damage done to the well being of the social order.

Some evils are more pervasive and among those are the common ignorance of the masses and the willful dumbing down that is epidemic in the mix. Zionism also is a terrible plague in that it infiltrates through every area of life via disinformation and suppression of speech and thought. This allows for the Palestinian genocide that continues from day to day as if it were an acceptable destiny. All that the Palestinians have ever done wrong was to be ejected from their homes and their lands, to be separated from their families and to object to their condition. Consonant with their terrible state is the constant false flag operations by their oppressors that make them combatants whether they want it so or not. It is despicable.

In the seven years that the present American administration has been in power and in which it was not legally elected once, we have seen more trouble come upon the planet than there has been in a long time. Corporations act at will with utter disregard for the well being of the population. The worst of us are in power and the best of us are reviled and shunned. It requires only a lack of principles and a slavish nature to do the will of the overlords in exchange for position to guarantee a position in the complex of oppression.

There are many of us who work to point out the inequities of the time and to offer what solutions we are capable of divining. Yet, often enough we are opposed and criticized by others of our kind for the cheapest sort of reasons; we’re not comprehensive enough, we’re not recognizing the real evil which they recognize, it’s not the Zionists it’s the Vatican, it’s not the politicians it’s the bankers and my personal favorite, we shouldn’t be saying it because we said it before you did... and they really need for us to know that they said it first so they are just brighter and quicker and more informed... although they’re accomplished nothing so far; any more than any one else has.

In my own case, I’ve been saying what I have been saying for longer than there was an internet, not just since I came online to voice my perspective. My tune hasn’t changed and it was the same before this internet came about as it is now. It’s more refined and maybe clearer but it’s the same.

We’re not going to get very far if all we’re concerned about is how much more right we are than those saying the same thing in a different way. I’m amazed at how many smug people there are that know the truth better than others do who think simple possession of their small portion of knowledge is enough to justify their scorn of those they consider less well informed than they when they haven’t accomplished a damn thing.

Changing the world has to begin with a righteous self-inquiry and it has to lead to collective effort. I noted during the Vietnam War just how many of the voices of opposition were more interested in their own political and social advancement more than they were the end of the war itself. I see the same thing today. We’re surrounded by people who may well be telling the truth but whose motivation is a bigger market share and more click throughs which puts them right on their way into the mass media and all the compromises which will surely follow along with their wider exposure.

It is the enemy within as much as the enemy without that is the problem. We won’t have much success with the latter unless we confront the former first and we won’t achieve real success if all we have to offer is to say that “we had the answer before we heard you speak the answer, so your answer is redundant. The truth needs to be said over and over again. It needs to be lived before it is spoken and it needs less conflict with its fellows to be effective.

Most importantly, we’re not totally screwed. We’re not in concentration camps, though some of our fellows are. We are not in global financial ruin. We are not fighting angry mobs and invading armies from our patios and cellar windows. We’re not there yet and there’s no guarantee we will be there. Let’s not create more evil in our imaginations than we already have present. What we have is sufficient and sometimes is misidentified as evil, given that we don’t always understand what’s going on or where it’s going.

The urgent condition we need to address is the disinformation that is stripping us of our freedom of movement, our freedom of thought and speech and causing distrust of each other. We need to realize that there is no Al Qaeda except as a bogeyman construct to prey on our fears and that nearly all of the terror activities are being designed and committed by those empowered to protect us against them. We need to work together because their biggest weapon is their ability to divide us against each other. Not one of us has said anything first and not one of us has said it better than it was said a long time ago. We are just the voices of the present repeating what was spoken long, long ago.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heartless in Gaza; Break-dancing Among the Dead.

The first thing to look at and the last thing to look at in the apartheid, ‘genocide-active’ Gaza situation is the Israeli mindset toward Palestinians.

First off, here is an example of how the rank and file IDF sees the Palestinian -just the way that a dog will roll in a roadside carcass and call it perfume, the Israeli soldiers bathe in the blood of a defenseless people and revel in the experience. They are joined in this by the police and the settlers -the police and soldiers stand by while the settlers beat and murder the Palestinians. Many of the radical and graphic depictions are removed very quickly from Youtube by Zionist organizations that use small armies of the willing to complain about the videos. Pressure also comes from above through various channels. I picked this last video because it might stay up. Often a video is gone by the time I’ve linked it or sent it to someone.

In the same way, all of the news items that showed the Israeli soldiers were captured on Lebanese soil have also been removed from the internet.

Israel claims that they have to ruthlessly suppress the people of Gaza because of some small amount of large firecrackers disguised as missiles that keep landing in Siderot in abandoned lots and wasteland. Hardly ever is an Israeli settler hit by anything; even rarer that there is a fatality. Given Israel’s proven track record of manufacturing events that they can use to justify aggressive action, it is extremely likely that they are firing these missiles or arranging for it. No other country in the world has so many proven instances of engagement in such activity. “By deception ye shall wage war.”

The idea that starving and abusing the 1.5 million residents of an area because it is being alleged that some small number is attacking illegal settlements is absurdity piled on to absurdity. How is tormenting an entire population supposed to influence a small handful of guerrilla operatives? Especially, how is it to be effective if it is actually being carried out by Israel?

Here are the facts; Israelis drove the Palestinians off of their lands. They poisoned their wells and murdered entire families to drive them away. The facts of the matter and all matters I will mention are very easily accessed. It is beyond absurd to demand that Palestinians recognize Israel’s right to exist when Israel does not recognize Palestine’s right to exist.

So much of this seems to tie into the holocaust industry. A massive effort has been afoot for decades to set into stone a specific amount of Jewish deaths and to remove from public attention the much greater amount of deaths suffered by others. This has led to over 250 McMuseums of holocaustia paraphernalia scattered around the globe. You ought to be able to get a t-shirt and a cup of coffee there too with a ceremonial mug.

This major industry is an enormous cash cow that provides for the blackmailing of nations and legitimizing all manner of terror attacks and the genocide of the Palestinians. It is beyond odd that these former victims of particular outrage can now engage in the same outrages against another set of people.

It is a crime in many nations to dispute the official story concerning this holocaust. It’s apparently against the law even for a lawyer to defend an individual accused of this. It is even more absurd that the numbers keep changing and are never the same numbers depending on who does the counting. A certain mass grave site has been proven forensically not to have existed. So it is that you are told the ground beneath your feet is not the ground beneath your feet and if you say that it is you can go to jail.

The fact is that those who brought you the state of Israel as a source of terrorism and war and a vehicle of oppression against the Palestinians and the whole world... NEED for certain things to be believed. This is the primary reason that no one can challenge officially stated facts that are proven not to be facts but are in flux and often shaped for the benefit of whoever is twisting whoever’s arm over whatever needs to be believed so that more money and power can flow to the source of such great outrage against humanity that continues from day to day.

So it is that even asking a question as to whether it might not be okay to ask certain questions is punishable by being called anti-Semitic, loss of income and reputation and imprisonment. How can this be? HOW CAN THIS BE???

I have no opinion about this holocaust, either to dispute or defend it. My attention is on presently active holocausts, not old holocausts and certainly not cash cow holocausts that are nothing more than a business. I can imagine that Israel is very nervous about the numbers in The Congo, now reading at 5.4 million dead. What are they going to do when the number goes past 6 million? Now that is going to be interesting to see. That is going to be very interesting.

Here’s what it comes down to. You can’t question numbers and events about something- and ONLY THAT SOMETHING, because if you do it takes away the force presently being employed to destroy the Palestinian people and to engineer wars by proxy countries against anyone you don’t like or whose lands you desire; Iraq, Iran, Lebanon. Etc. It takes away the flow of free and endless guilt money to finance all the false flags and gratuitous wars. It de-legitimizes the excuse for bombing the U.S.S. Liberty and trying to blame it on Egypt. It de-legitimizes the attack on the King David Hotel. It de-legitimizes the rights of neo-con heavyweights to orchestrate 9/11 as a launching pad for all of the darkness of the last seven years and darkness planned to come.

You can’t question the basis for all of this aggression and paranoia because the aggression and paranoia would no longer have a world wide imprimatur to act however it damn well wants to act. That is why you can’t question something because it robs the juggernaut of fuel oil. I neither affirm nor deny anything because I personally don’t know. But what I do know is there is a disparity between the truth and what is presented in its place. I also know that this event is being used to justify much terrible and unnecessary violence against the peoples of the world.

I suggest you read some of these links and if one or two videos aren’t enough I suggest you look in the menu at the pages I gave in the beginning. You’ll also note how many have been removed.

There is something very, very bad festering in the state of Israel and it is plaguing the whole world in one way or another. Possibly the summing up of our entire civilization is tied in with whether the world finds the courage to force Israel behind its original borders and to compel her to remain there. The governments of the world have to root this influence out of their official activities and unless they do then sooner or later the whole of the world’s population will become Palestinian. If you can’t see this then you don’t want to see it. However, pretending that something is not so does not make it so.

The murder has to stop. The blackmailing and the honey-traps and the arm-twisting have to stop. The apartheid and the genocide have to stop. This year will give us much evidence of just how dangerous it is to let one nation force the hand of the world and continue to break dance in the blood and carnage.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ron Paul, John Edwards and the Powers that Be.

It’s impressive, I’ll say that. Ron Paul has really hit a nerve and the powers that be don’t like him one bit. For me that’s all the information I need. Sure, there are those that are going to tell me that the powers that be set it up that way and that Ron Paul is just another side of the powers that be. They’re going to tell me the game is locked on all sides but I don’t believe it.

Funny things happen in history and bad guys go down. It happens. Sometimes it happens much later down the road than we would like, but it happens.

I’ve seen two candidates in this present spectacle that I could live with winning the White House. Those candidates are Ron Paul and John Edwards. The reason I bring this up is because the powers that be want a John McCain and Joe Lieberman ticket. John McCain is a neo-con tool and Lieberman is an Israeli Zionista. That’s a good combination for the powers that be. If they’re really lucky they’ll get Giuliani as Attorney General too.

The assault on Ron Paul is coming on many levels. He’s been smeared as an associate of white power groups. That was blown out of the water but it keeps on getting said because that’s how Swiftboating is done. You keep repeating the same things over and over as if they hadn’t been disproved. People are that stupid that if you say something over and over they figure it has to be true because why else could you say it over and over on mass media?

Next they took radical statements made by someone purporting to support Ron Paul; possibly Lew Rockwell and they made it out as if Ron Paul had made these statements, this they did on CNN. Then they make out like the statements were being made over two decades because they happened between 1989 and 1991. Ron Paul disavowed all of these statements as being any indication of his position but there goes another Swiftboat down the river of darkness.

Then they compare Ron Paul to a terrorist on MSNBC. Then they list the votes from Michigan and don’t mention the over 50,000 votes that Ron Paul got but they don’t mind mentioning far lower numbers for other candidates. Mostly they don’t mention Ron Paul except dismissively.

Then we get the FACT that Ron Paul votes weren’t even counted in New Hampshire.

Ron Paul’s position on issues is readily available, I won’t debate them here. He’s a sound man with a sound plan and as radical as some of the ideas are they are all good ideas. They won’t get implemented because nothing ever gets done as it should. They will be debated and they will lead to positive compromises and that’s always to the good.

On the other hand, with people like John McCain and Joe Lieberman in office you might as well just start accepting the fact that you are all Palestinians now. You will be sure to see more phony terror attacks and more phony terror alerts because you are headed into the metaphorical darkness of Egypt only it won’t be a metaphor.

On the one hand you have bombastic ignorance and on the other you have certain evil. These are interchangeable as cause and result. You will be up shits creek and into an American Gaza to the smarmy, sonorous tones of the unctuous Lieberman and his talking parrot McCain.

They’ve got Bloomberg in the on deck circle. They’re quite serious about this people.

Let’s put aside John Edwards membership in an elite organization. You’re not likely to get a presidential candidate who hasn’t got some connection to something. We’re looking for the best possibilities. John Edwards is a populist out of the Jimmy Carter mold. He’s a human being as much as anyone running. It’s obvious he is passionate about his platform and it’s a good one. It’s a good one as far as the majority is concerned.

Isn’t it time for a collation of good? We’ve got various coalitions of evil. We’ve got all kinds of talking snake heads attached to the same body. We need a collation of good. It would be a fine thing to see John Edwards and Ron Paul running together in a power sharing combine. You say that’s impossible? You say they have nothing in common? They’ve got plenty in common and one thing they have in common is enough to make it worth our time. They love America and they’d like to get it on track.

I think it’s time that these men- and any others that want to see real change- come together and recognize their common interests as well as the dangers; great and terrible dangers that face America and the world if the Zionist stooges gain yet more power. They’re already running the show. Wolfowitz, Pearle, Feith, Chertoff, your new attorney general and a host of others are all dual nationals whose interest is Israel’s gain and who view America and its people as canon fodder and financial cows. They’re operating behind the scenes and they want to come out into the open. They’re far enough along that they’ll dare anything now.

These men along with Michael Ledeen, William Kristol and a number of others, lied America into an unnecessary war, are culpably involved in the 9/11 attack and connected at various levels to most of the terrorist activity of the last seven years.

Ron Paul in power is going to throw a spanner into the works. I don’t know about Ron Paul’s chances on his own but aligned with someone like John Edwards it might make for a strong case. Fiscal responsibility is critically needed. Ron Paul’s platform addresses this. Our foreign policy is a shambles; John Edwards could do much to change that. Why would this coalition be a crazy idea when McCain Lieberman isn’t? You hear ridiculous talk that McCain and Lieberman are moderates. They’re neo-cons and they’ve got murder on their minds.

As with most of what I write the idea is to generate thought and hope that along with so many others who want a better world that it will help to form the government we need.

Right now voter fraud is epidemic. While we slept, vicious flesh-eating swine have insinuated themselves into every area of our lives. They’re assaulted the constitution. They’ve assaulted their own country. They’ve made laws designed to criminalize the ordinary citizen. Tazer-trolls are patrolling the malls and streets of your towns and cities. The press is an organ of the neo-cons. We have to bring them down. We need an outcry so pervasive and vast that these neo-cons must flee to the country where their loyalty abides. They intend to make it worse. How much can you take? We’ll see won’t we?

“Occasionally the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants.” Your country is in the hands of a hostile, foreign, occupying force. You need Ron Paul to change this condition. Ron Paul needs the help of others with followings of their own to accomplish it. It’s time for everyone of good faith to put aside their small differences and unite behind the much larger common goals that they all share.

People from the different campaigns need to talk to each other. There is room in a new administration for all of these people in their areas of expertise. Make it happen.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Thoughts are too Dangerous to Speak

Let me see if I have got this right, somebody fired a lot of rockets into empty lots in Siderot and Olmert (he whose face looks like a grinning skull) ordered some murders. Oh they blame these things on Hizbollah and they blame them on Hamas but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it’s the IDF that likes to launch rockets into empty lots.

It’s difficult to understand how .05 percent of the population can have such a locked down control on the banking industry, the American government, many European governments, most of the international media, the entertainment industry and god knows what else, all while making anyone who points it out a pariah dog bitch regardless of the fact that it is demonstrably fact.

It’s difficult to understand how a fat slug of a presently comatose mass murderer could storm the Temple Mount creating an Intifada and then make it the fault of a wretched, huddled mass of displaced peoples who can hardly feed themselves. It’s hard to imagine how these same wretched people now have their food, water and power shut off to starve them into submission with the intention of driving them off somewhere far away.

It’s hard to imagine how the lawyer (Stolz) defending the man (Zundel) hijacked from one country to another merely for questioning an event and finally imprisoned, can also be imprisoned for defending the man. It’s even harder to imagine when the Red Cross figures of this event are at odds with the declared numbers and when detailed forensic investigation of Treblinka has irrefutably shown that there were NO mass graves there.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone would ever be imprisoned for questioning something... unless... UNLESS... someone doesn’t want any questions asked because of what the results might be. After all... what could investigators find that would contradict official published stories? Is there something to find? Why would impressive legal machinery be set into place to silence those who ask questions? After all... the death count listed outside Auschwitz continues to be lowered by the same people imprisoning the people questioning the event.

It’s hard to imagine a people who daily practice the same tactics practiced against them against a people that they displaced off of the land upon which they were living before they displaced them. It’s hard to imagine that a company from a certain country was controlling security at all of the 9/11 airports, the London tube and the Madrid train station and that members of their security forces were caught video-taping the 9/11 attacks and dancing around and one wonders... one wonders indeed how they knew about this in advance.

It’s hard to imagine that dual nationals from America and this country are responsible for all of the wars following. It’s hard to imagine and difficult to understand how this country could launch a horrible attack on Lebanon or that there would be such questions remaining about assassinations the world over that benefit no one but this country and the countries they control.

It’s not surprising to now find that Entebbe was orchestrated by the Israelis.

As I go back in time and watch the progression of events as they move to the moment in which I write these words I have to say that there is an overwhelming weight of evidence that indicates that the drive toward the creation of Israel and the activities of Israel since have resulted in the lion’s share of death and suffering on this planet since. There is no other way to see it. Even if we don’t leave out Chairman Mao they get the Oscar.

It could be that there is some shadowy alien pod race that is making all of this happen just to blame it on the same victims that always get blamed- and who’ve made out like gangbusters since -but I find that difficult to imagine. No matter how you play it out they are working for them because they are in many of the positions of authority.

I find it odd that most of the so-called anti-Semitic offenses of recent years have all been revealed to have been perpetrated by Zionists jitterbugging through blood puddles with Herzl-rock on the headphones. Please see the actual police reports in France, the US and elsewhere for the slimy details.

I am starting to believe that the nation of Israel and those who created it for the purpose it serves today are guilty of worse crimes than even the most imaginative of us have suggested. I am starting to think that whenever this ‘chosen people’ thing got said it was The Devil himself saying it. I am starting to think things that I can never say but I will be goddamned if I don’t connect some dots and have at it with a will while I am still standing.

I have come to the point where I just can’t take it any longer. I just can’t take the ongoing impunity of emptying automatic weapons into nine year old girls. I can’t take the false flag outrages that are blamed on the people being eliminated. I can’t take these odious, blood-sucking swine going on and on and on while the world masturbates in front of its TV set. I just can’t take it.

I suspect that this is the source of the fog I was talking about. I suspect that this is the source of most of the evil that plagues humanity at this time. I realize that the smear machine will come after me. I realize that I’ll be labeled and branded and god knows what else but I don’t care. If I have to live in fear of these forces then I will have to count my life not worth having been lived.

I’m lucky that I’m not important enough to have a reputation wide enough to where anything said about me would make any difference. But I assure you that I would have long ago compromised such a reputation if I had had it. It’s as plain as plain can be. This doesn’t make Iran and Russia and China the good guys; not hardly. Every nation in this world is run by compromising me firsters. Lucky for some that they have laws and constitutions as yet uncompromised.

Israel and her lap dog America and her lapdog England and who knows who is sitting in whose lap; but we can be sure there is a circle jerk of canines with their noses up each others asses who only turn away long enough to gorge themselves on human flesh and blood and misery.

These are the people that did 9/11. These are the people who are running the killing fields of the moment. These are the ones who have revised history to their own purposes, who silence dissent, who fire university professors, who control the medium of the massage, who rape the children and who place the children in the hotel rooms for the politicians to fuck and who videotape it and then murder the children afterwards and who then control the politicians. These are the shits who control the banks and the arms industries and who are marching you as these words are written toward the grayscale destiny of your final hours. Connect the dots.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

♫79 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, wait, no... 86?♫

I imagine that Bush has a clock on his desk and all of the numbers are five. A statement on the clock reads, “No Drinking before 5.” Maybe that clock is in his head and not on his desk. There’s a lot more room for the clock inside his head.

Many of us have known about Bush’s continuing drinking problem. How could he not drink? His megalomania demands it. His denial demands it. His lack of poise and self-inquiry demand it. The cosmic director demands it because, in the words of a German philosopher, “Those whom the God’s would destroy, they first drive mad.”

I’m awestruck at these early years of the new century; one huge pileup after another on the big freeway of life. Some one or several are either drunk or mad, perhaps both. It can be hard to distinguish insanity from drunkenness. They’re certainly connected and the latter often leads to the former if it doesn’t first wind up institutionalized or interred.

There have been the odd bits over the years; the Capital Blues article, the strange case of the choking pretzels, the regular appearance of marks on the president’s face, the inexplicable comments and befuddled state. Something is going on behind closed doors.

It all seems a lot like Nero fiddling while Rome burns. Life has become stranger than fiction. Some unusual flu is having its way with world leaders and the population too. I’m watching it but I can’t get a handle on what it is. It seems like at any moment something might happen that will change forever the way we think about our lives. Every day I wonder, “Is this the day?”

It’s possible that a lack of opposition has made the madmen at the top increasingly more reckless and indifferent of exposure. It’s also possible that enough people are beginning to wake up so that you can actually see things as they are. Sometimes when a lot of people see the same things it makes them stand out in sharp relief.

I don’t want to spend any great deal of time talking about the condition of Bushligula. Much has been written about this strange creature in our midst. Much has been written and nothing has been done. This is the strange part, nothing has been done.

The Americans elected a new congress in 2006 and it has had no impact whatsoever. They were elected on the promise that they would change things. They have changed nothing. They have operated as a rubber stamp. I can tell- merely using my reason- that the president and his associates are guilty of high treason and mass murder. Nothing is being done.

Ordinarily opposition parties work in opposition; at least some of the time. Let’s use our reason on this. Never before in the history of the United States has a president warranted impeachment more than this president. Nothing is being done. Ergo... there is a reason. There can only be so many reasons why an oppositional congress in possession of observable facts would not seek to impeach this president. It can only be from some kind of pressure. This pressure can only be in the nature of a threat. Ergo... blackmail and attendant leverages.

There is nothing to indicate that world conditions are improving. The financial crisis has only just begun. This year will see it severely affecting the lives of nearly everyone in one way or another. In the midst of this and other urgent concerns there is this miasma of lethargy. Everything seems to be moving through some kind of thick substance. Day follows day. The criminal operations at work are unbridled and unhindered. Voter fraud is a given and nothing is being done. Recounts are in the works but it appears that these recounts will stay in the hands of those who make the original counts. Diebold employees were up to something not yet revealed on the day of the vote; failures in the operating mechanisms have been widely reported.

Onward we go... and nothing is done. There hasn’t come a point yet where anything has been done about the 9/11 cover-up, the war in Iraq, the genocide in Palestine, the horror in The Sudan, the serious unrest in Pakistan, the known fact that the last two presidential elections were stolen, the drumbeats about Iran. On it goes. Lies are uncovered daily and ignored daily and on it goes. How is this possible?

How is it possible with the massive amount of evidence concerning criminal activity throughout the American system that nothing happens? How is it possible that most of it does not find its way into the news? Why are there no prosecutors at work? Why are there no legislators demanding action? Citizens march in Cincinnati and other places but nothing happens. What is this suffocating mist of apathy that seeps along the avenues and through the marketplaces and schools that has turned an entire nation into zombies? Is every body drunk? Is everybody afraid? Is everybody stupid? Who knows?

The animals at the zoos are behaving very strangely. The people are standing around like the cast of Close Encounters. There’s a heavy disconnect and dreadful creeping uneasiness as if something was going to happen. It is as if everyone knows and does not know and all waiting for something to happen. You can see it flicker in your peripheral vision. It seems to emerge and then recede. You know its there but it won’t come into form.

Religions are becoming increasingly more hysterical. The evangelical leaders are living in gold plated opulence. Radios and televisions relentlessly pound the most banal trivia into the common mind. Headphones and cellphones are an unending focus of fascination. Legs jitter and fingers probe endlessly at the keyboards of the new rosary. And the president is drunk and the president is mad. He is to be replaced with more of the same.

Talk of hope and change sound empty. The same people with the same solutions that never go into effect can hardly be cause for hope or change. Something is going to happen. There can be no other explanation for this lassitude on the one hand and epidemic crime at every level on the other.

Dick Cheney is nowhere to be seen. The president is drunk. The congress is line dancing. The animals are acting strange. The votes have been compromised... and the beat goes on. Meanwhile, nobody is going to interfere with a Bill O’Reilly camera shot.

Dimona is leaking. Waterboarding is an Olympic event. Madonna needs ten thousand dollars of Kabala water a month. Britany is having a meltdown. Does the MS in MSNBC stand for Microsoft?

I’ll tell you what happens when people become indolent and apathetic and when politics becomes crime and religion goes insane. I’ll tell you what happens when no one knows what’s happening and the president is drunk... something happens, that’s what happens.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is There Really No Way Out?

There are some things that we know today. We may not know the details but we know they happened. We know that Diebold fixed the New Hampshire primary so that Giuliani and Huckabee would finish ahead of Ron Paul. According to disparities between hand counts and computer counts along with exit polls and given the proof of missing votes in Sutton, NH as well as other places it’s a given that shit happened again.

There are real questions concerning the difference in voting results between Obama and Clinton as well. Given what happened in Ohio twice and given what happened in Florida and other places, we know that voter fraud is a reality and that it is shaping the world in which we live by determining who is elected. The motive for this is money and power. You need money and power to shape the vote so that you can have still more money and power.

We now know that there was an event staged in The Strait of Hormuz a couple of days ago. We see evidence of faked video and we find that no one can even determine who the boats belonged to and where the threatening audio came from. The Navy says the voice could have come from anywhere; from the sea, on shore... maybe even out of the sky. Well, I’ll let you read about it here.

We know that Bush has launched his Major Embarrassment Tour of the Middle East in which he will do his pigeon on a window ledge performance and the special ‘bobbing plastic flamingo on drinking glass’ routine for Israel.

It takes a special kind of man to be a george w. bush. Imagine being the front man for policies that have totally screwed up the country you were entrusted to protect as well as throwing the entire world into political and financial chaos. Imagine strutting around like a peacock after having achieved nothing but disorder. Imagine meeting with intelligent people in many countries who know beyond a shadow of doubt that you are a posturing fool and a no-talent circus clown. Imagine pulling this off while looking like a drunk who has pissed himself and managed to crash an uptown dinner party.

I could not do this. You could not do this. It takes a very ‘special’ kind of person. I think of Bush as the forklift in Alien2 and Dick Cheney as the operator of the forklift. Moving along to the inside of Dick Cheney’s head you find someone like Bennie Netanyahu masturbating to a kiddy snuff film. Believe me, the truth of the matter is no more absurd than this imagery and is quite possibly worse.

One thing is certain, the neo-cons and their banking buddies along with assorted corporate weasels and world leaders trussed up like the black gangster in Pulp Fiction, with a gag-reflex, red ping pong ball in his mouth are ramping it up. They are making for the final stage of what we have watched in process these past years. You may be sure that the one thing not under consideration is how much collateral damage this is going to result in.

We are faced with something new this time around. I might liken it to Watergate and the Kennedy assassination but this is so much bigger than those. The present state of criminal enterprise engaged in by the present US administration is beyond anything that has come before. Please note that this administration was not legally elected once. We know this.

Many a dark secret lies hidden at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and near points East, West, South and North. Sibel Edmonds gives us a small look in. There is ever so much more than this. High treason has certainly been committed as well as mass murder and probably every other crime there is. We really do sail on uncharted waters at this time. We’ve never been anywhere like this before and there is no telling what lies ahead.

I’m not a fly on the wall so I have to use things like inductive and deductive reasoning. I have to use intuition and whatever talents I may possess at my present level of personal evolution. As you know, this is an opinion blog. I don’t like to play Madame Cleo. I speculate and a few thousand people will read it and whatever is going on is going to continue going on, regardless of what is written here or who reads it.

Last time Mr. All Hat and no Cattle went to the Middle East bad things followed. We know now that Iran has no nuclear weapons program. But... we knew Saddam had no WMD’s, at least some of us did- and said so before the troops ever went into Iraq. Let’s not allow reality to rear its ugly head because reality and facts and ‘what is’ are no match for the shape shifters at the helm.

Russia is about to install some highly efficient and flexible missiles in Iran. These missiles will radically change the options available to those who have Iran in the gun-sights. Once these missiles go in, everything changes. In all likelihood this is why bush is off to Israel to get a good rogering. The time is now if they want to humble Iran. They could do it after too but it would come at a far greater cost.

This is not to suggest that assault on Iran is imminent. This is just to say, given what we have seen in the past that... it looks like that. They’re up to something. The clock is ticking on this administration. Some have told me that it doesn’t matter who is in charge. Some have told me that there’s nothing anyone can do. Some have told me that everyone, everywhere is a part of the conspiracy and it is possible that I am the only person on Earth who isn’t and that will change as soon as I get into any position to influence anything. According to some of these people even the unborn are working for the Zionazi’s.

Meanwhile Planet X is coming and most of us are going to be toast. I’ve been hearing about that too. I don’t know anything about it. I’ve heard so many things that sound preposterous and I have seen things that I know to be true and which are also preposterous so all I can do is go on doing what I do and trusting that things are not as rigidly controlled and colossally screwed and unfixable as I am told.

What can one say to those who tell us that everyone is working for the dark side? What hope is there in that? As frightening and unpredictable as this world may be there are a lot of beautiful things and real heroes in it. There are millions of good people who struggle each day to improve the lives of others. I know this. You’re not going to doom and gloom me into despair. That said... I would ask you to look at the connections between bush slithering on his belly to his masters... to the event in The Strait of Hormuz... to the Russian missiles... to the administration’s ticking clock and what things it has been up to in it’s time...

The time for voices of outrage is now. Citizens of New Hampshire must scream bloody murder. You have got to rise up in an angry and unstoppable mob and demand an end to Diebold and its proven criminal enterprise. You are so much stronger collectively than your oppressors. You cannot count on voices in the main stream. How many Keith Olbermann’s are there? This is the people’s job this time. This is a rank and file thing.

It may be that nothing in the works can be stopped. How does that change anything? If every time it looked like we were helpless and could do nothing and we did nothing we would not be here now. We didn’t come all this long way to die on our knees before scoundrels and thieves. I just don’t believe that the bad guys win. I can’t believe that and I don’t think you believe it either.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome to the Grand Guignol

The only question to be asked is, “Are the American people as stupid as they have shown themselves to be in recent times?” What have we here? Five little motorboats appear- or so we’ve been told- to have threatened 3 United States Navy warships. I’m waiting to hear about another related but under-reported event which involved a handful of Iranian schoolboys throwing rocks at a Navy submarine. This event seems to have resulted in the submarine coming within minutes of launching a Tomahawk missile at the boys. The ship’s commander, who remains anonymous as does everyone reporting on everything concerning all of these incidents, said that the crew of the submarine felt gravely threatened by the boys and that several of them had to receive onboard counseling.

I’ve seen a lot of transparent bullshit these last few years but now it’s gotten to the point of their saying anything, no matter how comical, ridiculous or absurd. I guess the Edmond’s thing is rattling a lot of cages.

I’m going to state unequivocally that no Iranian motorboats threatened any U.S. Navy ships. It’s possible that the main shit stirrers in the Middle East (Israel), with the cooperation of the U.S. Navy, staged a kindergarten stunt in preparation for a coming false flag operation.

Israel is hopping mad about the NIE report which stated that Iran stopped their nuclear weapon program in 2003. They are seething, foaming at the mouth and, with no other outlet available at present, have increased their genocidal assault on the Palestinians in Gaza to let off steam. They want blood and they are determined to get it. Israel is like a petulant child that has never been denied anything from the senile Sugar Daddy whose ass she owns.

It’s no accident that President Dipshit is crawling on his belly to Israel to plot out how it’s all going to go down. Last time Dipshit headed that way bad things happened and we can expect more of the same this time.

I was told by someone that The U.S. would never bomb Iran, not with the recent geo-political shift. I wouldn’t bank on that or anything. We’re dealing with driven psychopaths here. Keep in mind that they planned to go after Iraq before Bush even entered the Oval Office. Keep in mind that Iran has been the target all along and that Afghanistan and Iraq were mere precursors. Do you really think the sort of reptiles presently running American policy are going to settle for coming so close to their goal and just fade away? One way or another... pilgrim.

I realize it is hard to imagine the kind of thinking that would go after Iran with Russia as their ally but, once again, we are dealing with madmen. The neo-cons in power in Israel and its military arm, The United States, are clinically insane. They bear no resemblance to normal human beings and they don’t consider you to even be one.

You have to understand that this is their last shot. This year is all they got; for awhile. They have to readjust their tactics after ‘the new boss’, comes in. You have to remember too that an enormous amount of work has gone into all of the legal changes such as the suspension of Posse Comitatus and the other legal tactics designed for crowd control at home. This isn’t all an accident. Don’t you ever wonder to yourself why so much of this has happened with no clear justification? There has to be a reason.

This administration with the assistance (and possibly at the behest of) Israel with 'a tip of the hat' to London launched an attack against their own country. Let the reality of that sink in. Did you think there was nothing more to it than just to snatch a portion of the world’s oil? Keep in mind that things like this are happening all the time and that we are on the verge of tremendous breakthroughs in technology that will reshape the world in coming years. There’s more to it than oil.

How big of a moron do you have to be to believe that Iran, which just had a major PR boost from the NIE report, would harass Navy warships with small motor craft? When dealing with psychopathic lying sacks of shit always look for the point of the action.

Have you heard anything from Iran? Shouldn’t someone have asked Iran what was going on? Why isn’t there any word from Iran? A person of a certain amount of intelligence would see this as a news blackout. It’s a frame job and Israel is behind it as they have been behind so many dark things in recent times. It is very interesting to find that Sibel Edmonds says that Turkey has been deep into the same dung heap of activity as Israel. When you add to this the fact that Ashkenazi’s originate out of Turkey it suddenly makes certain things clear. I suggest that everyone read what Sibel Edmond’s has to say - read this Counterpunch article

A major crime organization is operating throughout the world and using a manufactured threat of terrorism to steal your freedom and security. Meanwhile they are trafficking in every illegal and immoral activity that there is. This is a fact. You don’t want to recognize this, that’s your problem.

The real problem is that it’s not over. The real problem is that they are not done. I wonder how many of you actually read the PNAC paper.

This just in as I said... bullshit. Trust in Michael Rivero to get the details ASAP.

As I have been saying for some time, this year is going to be one of the most interesting periods of time you have ever seen. Many things could still go either way. I don’t believe in a fixed fate. There are a lot of things that are in our hands. One of the most important duties that the citizens of any Democratic country have it to speak up when wrong is being done in their name.

Judgment when it comes comes within our conscience. We are our own judge and jury for what we did and did not do. It’s built into the dynamics of life itself. Sins of omission are not necessarily less egregious than sins of commission.

I am heartened to see some of the things that are happening right now. I really do think some portion of the world is waking up. For some, their sleep is too deep to be affected by anything less than death itself. That may not even be enough. For some, their motivations are so wrong that no amount of reasoning is going to influence them.

It’s time for the right people to stand before the court. It’s time for the right people to find themselves behind bars. I have no hope that they will come to any epiphany over it. These people extinguished the small light of their humanity long ago. The purgation necessary to bring them to realization would mean the end of everything that they are. That wouldn’t be a bad thing. Keep your eyes open.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

The New and Improved Same Old Same Old.

I’m driving into the future. I can see the Iowa Caucus in my rearview mirror. Soon it’s fallen below the horizon line except for some stray bunting and balloons that waft up on the thermals of resident emotion and soon they are gone too.

I’m driving into the future. It should look different than the landscape I’m passing and which I assume to be the present as I arrive in it but nothing looks different; not the present- in continuous fade in the rear view, not the scenery on either side and nothing about the road ahead signifies anything new either. Now this may just be a result of driving through Iowa where everything always looks the same no matter what direction you are going in but... I don’t think so.

I’m driving toward New Hampshire. It’s up ahead and even though it is distance that separates me from it, it is also time and so that put's New Hampshire in the future; not for the people in NH who may be sharing this present moment with me but only for me who has not arrived in NH yet.

Some things are following me out of Iowa They seem to be fueled by some unknown power source. These things are the self-propelled buzzwords that hummed like bees all around Iowa and being no ordinary kinds of bees also managed to slip into media inlets of radio and television where they buzzed on the screens and through the speakers. I heard ‘hope’ and ‘change’. I heard ‘faith’ and several other things. When seen on the screens of blue-lit televisions shining out of the windows of American living rooms they looked like Lucky Charm candies dancing in air.

I’ve heard other buzzwords over the years, ‘compassionate conservatism’ and ‘no nation building’ and pretty much anything that could buzz because the buzz was the thing. It was the sizzle not the steak. That’s why Obama looks good at the moment because of all the sizzle. People figure there’s got to be some steak nearby.

Over at Hillary’s they seem to be making hamburger. Joe Biden’s people made hash and so did a few others. Hucklebee’s people made a lot of that traditional American dish of Pie-in-the-Sky and they served it up on endless plates to the relentless imaginations of one large crowd of people who believes that life begins after death and that sex should be painful to begin with, not just in the birth process which is the only reason for it to exist and which must be circumscribed by the razor-wire fences of marriage under Big God holding pie.

It looks like things are warming up for another great American tradition called “Same Old Same Old.” This is a dish best served lukewarm and topped with a secret sauce that never tastes the same but always gives you the runs.

The best way to sell Same Old Same Old is to make it ‘New and Improved’. It’s true that if it’s ‘new’ it can’t be the Same Old Same Old and if it’s ‘improved’ it can’t be either. Never fear though, it’s neither new nor improved. They only say that to get you excited about the Same Old Same Old.

The way it works is that there are always new people coming into the process for the first time so that it hasn’t had a chance to look like the Same Old Same Old yet. On the other end are those who have lost their grip on reality and they can’t tell the difference between what used to be and what is. They’re lucky they can find their way back home from Walmart to begin with. They do vote however. They vote the same way they wet themselves, automatically according to some idea about life whose origins and meaning now lie shrouded in the mysteries of the past. In between these two groups lies the group in the middle. They’ve seen the Same Old Same Old Before but if they have to really think about what that means they might not get the chance to make it to the latter group where they don’t have to worry about remembering whether they’ve seen the Same Old Same Old before because they won’t remember.

There is a fourth group that is a source of ongoing annoyance to all of the other groups and these are the people who don’t like the Same Old Same Old and have the tin foil hat idea that they’re going to change it into something else. The good news is that the other groups collectively outnumber these freaks and pretty much feel that they can kiss their Same Old Same Old asses and shut the hell up.

All of these groups can hear the buzzwords with the possible exception of the old Same Old Same Olds who don’t really need to hear anything anyway because they stopped listening with any degree of attention a long time ago.

There’s a curious phenomenon that’s been going around lately and that is the only thing I’ve seen that isn’t the Same Old Same Old as usual. This phenomenon involves speculation on the part of the fourth group; those who don’t like the Same Old Same Old, that any candidate who speaks out against the global elite and corporate world rule is actually in the employ of these people.

Recently I’ve seen all sorts of articles that attack the few candidates who may not be a part of the Rockefeller CFR/Bilderberger Globo-Octopus world enslavement crime ring as actually being secret members of this ring and it seems to me that no matter what anyone says anymore; no matter what their life history may state, no matter what their record of activity shows, no matter what they have and have not done they are still shills for the crime ring.

It seems to me that if you grabbed someone off of the street in Port Au Prince and ran them as a presidential candidate (providing you could) that it wouldn’t be more than a week or so before certain counter-culture blogs and alternative news sites began to say that they were Neo-Nazi party members and life members of every suspect organization on the planet.

There seems to be more energy being put into this sort of thing right now than all of the other candidates who are identifiably members of one or more of these suspect organizations under whatever name they hide their allegiance to the Same Old Same Old.

If a guy is pro-life he is suddenly anti-woman. If some one is for a Palestinian State he’s actually a front man for the Zionists. If some candidate wants capital gains taxed and the estate taxes put back into order he is sure to be the secret lover of Bill Gates unborn daughter and a Coca Cola heir with ties to the Parker Ranch in Hawaii.

It appears that you can’t win for losing and it sure sounds a lot like the Same Old Same Old to me. I don’t know what to do if it turns out that everybody on the planet, whether they are running for president or running for the toilet, happens to be a representative of some dark cabal of blood-sucking aliens. According to a lot of occasionally truthful blogs and self-proclaimed truth sites this appears to be the case. I’m beginning to feel like I live in David Icke's stash bag. I am beginning to feel like I really don’t know whether to shit or go blind and fearful that both have already happened.

I’m still driving. I’m somewhere near Duluth about now. The buzzwords are still there outside my window... ‘Hope’, ‘Change’, ‘Faith’. What’s that mean? “I hope I can change into a girl named Faith?” That would definitely not be the Same Old Same Old for my mother when she hears about it; which she probably won’t because she’s in that old Same Old Same Old group.

So let me see... I guess it all means that no matter who gets elected we’re mostly screwed, especially if it is someone who actually brings hope and the promise of change and has the faith in himself and what he has accomplished to pull it off, instead of the usual candidates who keep mouthing the words and whom I know to be lying or just incompetent. Yep... it is the Same Old Same Old and it’s new and improved too. I don’t think I’m going to New Hampshire at all. I’m going to make a swing north to Toronto and I’m just going to keep on going until I don’t see or hear any more buzzwords or candidates or anything but trees and snow. I’m going to keep on going until there are no more roads and then I’m going to start walking till I can’t walk no more... until the emptiness around me reaches for ever into the same old same old- but new to me- and I’m going to just disappear into the white reaches of nothing and count myself better off than you.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Turn... Turn that Wheel Little Hamster.

Here’s a short news article to read before we get into today’s thoughts.

I’ve seen a lot of this sort of thing burbling under the waxy patina of the carnival music played by world media. Sure, world media admits that there are a few things wrong here and there but they don’t tell you what’s really happening because the hamsters on the treadmill need to keep the production going. If production stops there’s no more hot air for the balloons and whatever you pump it into to make it swell; think Wonder Bread.

This is why I keep coming back to the idea of a universal sit-down strike. Bring the empire to its knees and you can get up off of yours. Don’t strike and remain on yours until you can no longer even stay up on your knees. It is as simple as that.

Some of us pointed out over a year ago that the housing crash was coming and that it was going to be bad. Some of us understood that a lot of the problem was in the way the loans were packaged and sold off to other industries and nations as something that they were not. Some of us said that the housing crash was going to impact on many other areas of life because the hip bone is connected to the leg bone. Some of us knew this the way that we know that higher oil prices affects transportation and that affects everything transported. It affects the manufacture of plastics; they’ve had to cut back on production of new Paris Hiltons. It affects candle making. This doesn’t matter unless the lights go out but... you see what I’m saying?

Everything is affected by everything. Attitude affects everything. Attitude affects the perception of resources so that resources that aren’t scarce suddenly appear to be. Attitude can create a climate of fear and uncertainty. Attitude can be manipulated. Attitude can be shaped. If something that is not scarce can be made to appear scarce then the profit margin can be jacked up through the roof.

This situation can be found in everything that concerns us as we live our lives. The simple math of the manipulators and the manipulated can be extrapolated out into everything that touches you; everything you feel. Enemies can be created where there were none so that the industries that profit from conflict can make money. Laws can be formed that create tens of thousands of new criminals so that the prison system and all of the industries that are connected to it can make money. Whole landscapes can be altered to bring about desired results; Katrina comes to mind.

Everything is everything and just like in the animal kingdom you have predators and prey. Things have to be the way they are so that a certain percentage of us can live the high life and accumulate more than we can ever spend or need. You can explain in lots of ways. There are dozens of philosophers who have defined life in dozens of ways. There are artists that paint life in so many different ways. There are economists who explain the operation of commerce in many ways but it all comes down to whether a smaller and yet smaller and yet smaller group will have most of what there is and whether a larger and still larger group will have less.

The reason that explanations for life situations are presented in a fashion much more complex than they need to be is so that a certain few can steal more in more intricate ways. This is where lawyers come from. This is why they developed such a complex system of language and specialized terms so that the lawyers on both sides could make a lot of money and their clients could make a lot of money and the resources for all of these payments can be traced to you. Turn that wheel hamster.

They give you credit on money they loan you that they printed off of their home presses. They can print this money whenever they feel like it. They can make the money abundant or they can make it scarce. If you were to take the time to study how the Great Depression came about you would see that this is what happened. None of these things are accidents. Yes... sometimes crops fail and sometimes hurricanes hit but we aren’t talking about these things.

They extend this credit to you to own your ass. That’s as simple as I can put it. This is what crushing Third World debt is all about. Once again... it comes down to you on your knees. Karl Marx understood this well. So... what these manipulators did was to take his concepts and put them into practice their way to do what they always do. This happened with Nietzsche’s philosophy and it happens with everything taken by the manipulators who make a few changes here and a few changes there and presto! ...a bright shiny new set of shackles.

All of the king’s and queen’s, all of the religions, all of the systems of government both physical and seemingly metaphysical are systems that are worked by a few to the detriment of the many. You’re canon fodder people. Napoleon took this one to excess. So did all of the other empire dreamers and money schemers.

You’re slaves even in your apparent freedom. But those who serve the empire, those who run the empire, they are slaves too. They are slaves to their obsessions and if they do get a conscience it’s not going to look good to the other members of the club. Wonder why no one ever blows the whistle on the whole scam? Everybody has something and someone they care about. You can figure that out. I’m not going to take the time to go into it. Also... as imperfect as the systems are and as much as they are vehicles for the predatory few... you have to have a system. Therein lays the crux of the matter.

So... what are we to do? What are we to do given that a vast majority of those enslaved would become slavers in a New York minute if they had the chance (bet on it). We try to make a better system. The best system, whatever that may be, is the one that benefits the most people collectively. It doesn’t have to be world wide as long as you live in that nation. You will note that some times are better than other times. These times last until the predatory few take too much in their gluttonous fever for acquisition. The wheel turns little hamster.

What do we do? We strive for a better system. We strive for a better system by practicing it in our lives and by collectively demanding that our leaders implement such an attitude in their governing. But what do you do when they rig the vote? What do you do when Stalin’s maxim is in place? You rise up or you sit down. Sooner or later it becomes intolerable and you have to rise up or sit down. It’s harder the longer you wait but that’s human nature. The pain and want have to get so great that life isn’t worth living any more and that is why revolution is often such a grim and bloody thing.

This next year is going to be ten times as dramatic as the previous seven. You’re going to hear things you don’t want to hear and see things you don’t want to see. You are going to feel things you don’t want to feel. However, the wheel is in spin and somewhere a connection must be made between the brain of the hamster and the feet of the hamster. Sooner or later the chicken is going to dance on the griddle... or will the frog just boil in the water?

“May you live in interesting times.” So goes the old Chinese adage. These are those interesting times. This is the year of living dangerously. Well, I don’t know, do I? No, I don’t know. What I do know is how the system works and I do know how to look at the system and calculate where it seems to want to go at the time. There are always options and opportunities. There is always strength and courage from long ignored wells. So, what are you going to do little hamster? What are you going to do?

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