Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is There Really No Way Out?

There are some things that we know today. We may not know the details but we know they happened. We know that Diebold fixed the New Hampshire primary so that Giuliani and Huckabee would finish ahead of Ron Paul. According to disparities between hand counts and computer counts along with exit polls and given the proof of missing votes in Sutton, NH as well as other places it’s a given that shit happened again.

There are real questions concerning the difference in voting results between Obama and Clinton as well. Given what happened in Ohio twice and given what happened in Florida and other places, we know that voter fraud is a reality and that it is shaping the world in which we live by determining who is elected. The motive for this is money and power. You need money and power to shape the vote so that you can have still more money and power.

We now know that there was an event staged in The Strait of Hormuz a couple of days ago. We see evidence of faked video and we find that no one can even determine who the boats belonged to and where the threatening audio came from. The Navy says the voice could have come from anywhere; from the sea, on shore... maybe even out of the sky. Well, I’ll let you read about it here.

We know that Bush has launched his Major Embarrassment Tour of the Middle East in which he will do his pigeon on a window ledge performance and the special ‘bobbing plastic flamingo on drinking glass’ routine for Israel.

It takes a special kind of man to be a george w. bush. Imagine being the front man for policies that have totally screwed up the country you were entrusted to protect as well as throwing the entire world into political and financial chaos. Imagine strutting around like a peacock after having achieved nothing but disorder. Imagine meeting with intelligent people in many countries who know beyond a shadow of doubt that you are a posturing fool and a no-talent circus clown. Imagine pulling this off while looking like a drunk who has pissed himself and managed to crash an uptown dinner party.

I could not do this. You could not do this. It takes a very ‘special’ kind of person. I think of Bush as the forklift in Alien2 and Dick Cheney as the operator of the forklift. Moving along to the inside of Dick Cheney’s head you find someone like Bennie Netanyahu masturbating to a kiddy snuff film. Believe me, the truth of the matter is no more absurd than this imagery and is quite possibly worse.

One thing is certain, the neo-cons and their banking buddies along with assorted corporate weasels and world leaders trussed up like the black gangster in Pulp Fiction, with a gag-reflex, red ping pong ball in his mouth are ramping it up. They are making for the final stage of what we have watched in process these past years. You may be sure that the one thing not under consideration is how much collateral damage this is going to result in.

We are faced with something new this time around. I might liken it to Watergate and the Kennedy assassination but this is so much bigger than those. The present state of criminal enterprise engaged in by the present US administration is beyond anything that has come before. Please note that this administration was not legally elected once. We know this.

Many a dark secret lies hidden at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and near points East, West, South and North. Sibel Edmonds gives us a small look in. There is ever so much more than this. High treason has certainly been committed as well as mass murder and probably every other crime there is. We really do sail on uncharted waters at this time. We’ve never been anywhere like this before and there is no telling what lies ahead.

I’m not a fly on the wall so I have to use things like inductive and deductive reasoning. I have to use intuition and whatever talents I may possess at my present level of personal evolution. As you know, this is an opinion blog. I don’t like to play Madame Cleo. I speculate and a few thousand people will read it and whatever is going on is going to continue going on, regardless of what is written here or who reads it.

Last time Mr. All Hat and no Cattle went to the Middle East bad things followed. We know now that Iran has no nuclear weapons program. But... we knew Saddam had no WMD’s, at least some of us did- and said so before the troops ever went into Iraq. Let’s not allow reality to rear its ugly head because reality and facts and ‘what is’ are no match for the shape shifters at the helm.

Russia is about to install some highly efficient and flexible missiles in Iran. These missiles will radically change the options available to those who have Iran in the gun-sights. Once these missiles go in, everything changes. In all likelihood this is why bush is off to Israel to get a good rogering. The time is now if they want to humble Iran. They could do it after too but it would come at a far greater cost.

This is not to suggest that assault on Iran is imminent. This is just to say, given what we have seen in the past that... it looks like that. They’re up to something. The clock is ticking on this administration. Some have told me that it doesn’t matter who is in charge. Some have told me that there’s nothing anyone can do. Some have told me that everyone, everywhere is a part of the conspiracy and it is possible that I am the only person on Earth who isn’t and that will change as soon as I get into any position to influence anything. According to some of these people even the unborn are working for the Zionazi’s.

Meanwhile Planet X is coming and most of us are going to be toast. I’ve been hearing about that too. I don’t know anything about it. I’ve heard so many things that sound preposterous and I have seen things that I know to be true and which are also preposterous so all I can do is go on doing what I do and trusting that things are not as rigidly controlled and colossally screwed and unfixable as I am told.

What can one say to those who tell us that everyone is working for the dark side? What hope is there in that? As frightening and unpredictable as this world may be there are a lot of beautiful things and real heroes in it. There are millions of good people who struggle each day to improve the lives of others. I know this. You’re not going to doom and gloom me into despair. That said... I would ask you to look at the connections between bush slithering on his belly to his masters... to the event in The Strait of Hormuz... to the Russian missiles... to the administration’s ticking clock and what things it has been up to in it’s time...

The time for voices of outrage is now. Citizens of New Hampshire must scream bloody murder. You have got to rise up in an angry and unstoppable mob and demand an end to Diebold and its proven criminal enterprise. You are so much stronger collectively than your oppressors. You cannot count on voices in the main stream. How many Keith Olbermann’s are there? This is the people’s job this time. This is a rank and file thing.

It may be that nothing in the works can be stopped. How does that change anything? If every time it looked like we were helpless and could do nothing and we did nothing we would not be here now. We didn’t come all this long way to die on our knees before scoundrels and thieves. I just don’t believe that the bad guys win. I can’t believe that and I don’t think you believe it either.

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Anonymous said...

Great fucking song Visible.

"My pickup truck is pregnant and my wife got towed away." You crack me up. A lot of people should hear that one.

Fantastic posting as usual.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. If we go down it's because we did it under our own power. Well said

Anonymous said...

You absolutely nailed it Les.

"This is the people’s job this time. This is a rank and file thing...We didn’t come all this long way to die on our knees before scoundrels and thieves."

I agree with you will my whole heart, we have not come this far just to fail. All of you brave people in New Hampshire, the proof is there so demand answers. Iowa was rigged as well but there is less reliable evidence (by design).
I hope I speak for anyone who belives in the truth in saying that I stand behind anyone who stands up to tyranny and demands truth. At one time I remember America being referred to as "The City On The Hill."

We have to take back our rights and freedom because the psychopaths in power will not give it back. It is time for us all to realize our human potential and to be able to help shape the future. I would rather stand together, than have us all fall alone.

Ronnie D. Traywick Jr.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, brother! The bad guys aren't really winning, they just happen to have the upper hand at the moment. Hang in there, the Calvary is coming!

Anonymous said...

I had the lightbulb moment this morning: The reason there is no way out is that EVERYONE involved is being blackmailed. Even the blackmailers are being blackmailed. Everyone involved is programmed to play a certain role, and then kept in line by way of terror.

Even this attack on Iran is part of a blackmailing operation. Israel has the White House by the balls.

Anonymous said...

There is only ONE way out. His name is Jesus the Christ.

"There is NO other name by which we must be saved." Not Buddha, not Krishna, not Confucius, not Mohammed, not ANY other name - or all names put together (Ecumenism).

The God-Man from Calvary is coming to save our butts! (again) The bad guys will (finally) get what they deserve.

End of the Old Story.

Start of the New Story.

"Behold, I make all things new" :)

Visible said...

You're not going to go bi-polar again are you?

Anonymous said...

I never went bi-polar! Now, if you mean the polar route, that's a different direction altogether! ;)

If anyone out there is still looking for THE solution to all of humanity's problems, including the solution to your own 'meaningless existence', you need look no further than THE solution to The Puzzle, linked on my Blog. :)

"NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me" (Jesus the Christ)

Anonymous said...

and godsend, you know 'The God-Man from Calvary is coming to save our butts!' because...
Oh! That's right, because someone wrote it in a book! Phfft!

Anonymous said...

godsend, what if we get Superman, Wonder Woman, The Fantastic Four, The Transformers, Spiderman, etc; you know all the people from books that have saved the earth before and give them the job? They can help your God-Man from Calvary.
Now that's a plan!

Anonymous said...

Yes! That's an excellent plan Tony.
R. Murdoch

Anonymous said...

OK, Tony, you round up all those comic book 'heroes' and get them to save humanity - and the rest of us will put our faith in God's Word, promises and plan. God will not need any help from anyone to carry out His plan. Then let's SEE! who's still standing at the End. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

So there is something to be done...First One must realise that it will take tenacity and time to right this course. so to that end, we need concrete goals which are easy to communicate and can be taken up and pursued by each new warrior patriot when the one in front of you falls in the battle. Here are those goals.

1. Repeal the Supreme Court's Santa Clara decision, which grants corporations the same standing in the courts as persons.

2. Repeal all laws which grant the Federal Reserve System Powers to act with regards to our money and monetary policies, declaring the interest due on national debt null and void.

3. Repeal the authorsization of the IRS and replace it with a simple tax on "income" not wages.

These 3 things will be difficult and there man, many more targetsof the same nature, but we should be cautioned against diluting our focus. These 3 goals will do more to restore the economic of what is wrong wiht our system and give us the breathing room as people to work on the rest of the issues. If we succeed in toppling these pilars the rest will fall. Thus, these are our common goals, these are the things which must be done, by me if possible by my sons, or subsequent generations. This is the path we must tread if we are to restore the Republic.

Anonymous said...

Les, you bring up a lot of good points but to me at least, the noose has tightened, and the powers that be know it. When media can control individual thought to the point that 90,000 vote for John McCain in New Hampshire, especially after his outrageous comments, then you know that the idea of brainwashing has been an incredible success.
I look around and see the apathy. I remember they impeached a president for thinking with his pecker and lying about it. Perhaps that was my first clue. While Clinton committed an act of poor judgment, the very fact that no one has gotten up to confront these maniacs speaks volumes.
When Gore was robbed of an election, he got support only from McKinney in the corridors of power in Washington. Everyone else bent over. When Kerry lost the election and said nothing, it was clear. When 9/11 was blamed upon men who could not fly a single engine Piper Cub successfully and no one asked questions, it was clear. That this war can continue...that these monsters can conduct themselves in such cavalier manner, it is clear.
I agree with you Les, but I see little a citizen can do. There is safety in numbers, but unfortunately, getting large numbers like we saw in the 60's would mean millions of people putting down their beers, logging off of the porn, giving up the coke.
Bush and Cheney strut, because they know there is nothing anyone can do, that their legacy will be cleansed and that their fortunes have only multiplied in seven years. They've sold their souls, and they don't care if you like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Hey bud! Want some real good reading material to open your heart, soul, mind? Lawrence Gardner's "BLOODLINE of the HOLY GRAIL. It is excellent reading and will explain, in no uncertain reference, factual evidence and very educated works on what happened way back then. Check this out...a real thinker!
Re-Educate yourself. If this does not open your eye's some, nothing will and it would be useless to talk to you or any one like you. m STuffed by too much alternative brain material. hehehe

Anonymous said...

"Imagine strutting around like a peacock after having achieved nothing but disorder."

Unfortunately his masters wanted precisely that, so on their terms his reign has been a magnificent achievement.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed the Paul people aren't going to file for a recount or whatever they have to do to get one. Hell, with $25-30m that should be no problem. Maybe it's the winter weather but it is certainly disillusioning - is there any point to send the Paul campaign more money if they aren't going to be very aggressive about fighting all this fraud? These are vermin you can't play nicey nice with. I even wonder sometimes how many "Paulunteers" are Bush/Govt. plants/operatives, or worse, RNCC goons, or Fox goons. I'll probably donate again if he'll chuck the Repuke party and run indy. He could get on all the state ballots if he would do so. I mean, he certainly has the money to do so... Of course Mr. Bloomberg waits in the wings just in case of such an eventuality!!

Cyber Durden said...

"If there is hope... it lies in the proles."- Nineteen Eighty-Four

Anonymous said...

To an earlier anonymous . . .

In total agreement with your points 1, 2, and 3, and also in agreement with giving those goals highest priority (actually second priority, right after stopping the Iraq war), here is my own to-do list which I am proud to say got posted on WhatReallyHappened some time back . . .

-- Repealing all presidential "executive orders" and replacing any that are actually needed with actual legislation passed by Congress.

-- Releasing all present and former federal government staff from nondisclosure rules whether statutory, administrative, or contractual. This includes abolishing all so-called "security classifications".

-- Establishing that scientific discoveries (by NASA, for example) are the property of the people.

-- Returning to the Constitutional principle that "direct" (non-apportioned) taxes are prohibited [this necessarily implies abolishing the IRS].

-- Recreating federal monetary and tax policies from the ground up, with the power to create money being a power owned by the people and exercised only through the government, never through privately owned companies [such as the so-called "Federal" Reserve].

-- Abolishing all extra-Constitutional secret organizations which are nominally part of the government but are operating wholly outside of any kind of public knowledge or political control -- CIA, parts of FBI, NSA, etc.

-- Establishing that corporations are not "persons" with civil rights under the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment [of course this is your "Santa Clara" point No. 1].

-- Establishing that all federal and state laws which require the forfeiture of property to the government by people accused of crimes are unconstitutional.

-- Prohibiting all government interference with people providing and using natural methods of healing.

-- Prohibiting the "ownership" of DNA and life forms.

-- Freeing all political prisoners, starting with all the ones in Guantanamo and also Mumia Abu Jamal and Leonard Peltier.

-- Repealing all of the so-called "Patriot Act" and all of its sequels and re-establish the right of habeas corpus.

Anonymous said...

They Thought They Were Free
by  Milton  Mayer
But Then It Was Too Late

"What no one seemed to notice," said a colleague of mine, a philologist, "was the ever widening gap, after 1933, between the government and the people. Just think how very wide this gap was to begin with, here in Germany. And it became always wider. You know it doesn't make people close to their government to be told that this is a people's government, a true democracy, or to be enrolled in civilian defense, or even to vote.  All this has little, really nothing to do with knowing one is governing.

What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if he people could understand it, it could not be released because of national security.  And their sense of identification with Hitler, their trust in him, made it easier to widen this gap and reassured those who would otherwise have worried about it.

sockmonkey said...

leave the cage
you cant have a master
without a slave

LanceThruster said...

It is sad to see how many Dems are pooh-pooing the notion of e-vote fraud. Who benefits with an HRC win? Not the Democratic base, that's for sure. Look at how Rove and FOX are pumping up the Hilbot.

Hell, even the "Iron my shirts!" crew might be Rethuglican operatives.

annemarie said...

Hallo Les :)

There's something you wrote in this essay which caused me to pause and wonder about something more. Before I continue, I'm not in disagreement with what you wrote. And I'm not trying to distract, dilute, or divert from it.

Anyhow...this is what made me pause:
"The present state of criminal enterprise engaged in by the present US administration is beyond anything that has come before."

That's where I went "hmm...true. But not completely true." I know that you're writing an essay, not a book ;) But my point/question is this, is this really beyond anything that has come before, in America? I mean, the conquest, establishment, and "founding" of America is what springs to mind; including the wholesale slaughter of tens/hundreds of millions of Native people, followed by a few hundred years of enslavement of tens/hundreds of millions of Africans, etc. etc.

It just seems to me that those times were far, far worse. But they were high falutin' times for plenty of white folks. Of course, most especially for the rich, wealthy, and "privileged" ones.

Are these days then, in a sense, better? Depends...

In one sense, I see these times as the times of "equality". Lousy word choice I know, but I can't locate a better one just now. What I mean is that maybe these are the times of "equal opportunity" destruction or "equal opportunity" pain. It often seems this way to me. Maybe these times are the times referred to as the 'end of days'? Maybe this time has come and gone before? Maybe even several times? Maybe they will come again, too?

Always was, always is, and always will be? Heaven only knows.

Also since I'm not American, I have no vote in this election of which we've been speaking. I'm Canadian, btw. In any case, I feel that politics is so rigged and corrupted everywhere, that I don't even care to vote anymore. btw, I'm not advocating that anyone "follow" me in this, or in anything else. Just my opinion/input here.

What I do know about though is people power, especially natural or divine individual power. And when some grumble about "having no power" I just shrug. We all have power, just that most don't really want it because power comes with responsibility and so they abdicate it, give it to someone else and then complain that someone else has power over them! Sometimes I tell others to learn how to say No! And they have excuses aplenty for why they don't. So I shrug again. They're making choices aplenty, every day. They just don't want to own up to those choices. They just want someone besides themselves to blame when they don't get what they were hoping for or expecting. ! When things are going "their way", they're pushy about taking credit, assuming responsibility. Shrug.


Damn you Visible. teehee You've got me thinking. Travelling far and wide again. And just when I thought I'd settled in for a "nap".



I truly respect the fact that you regard Jesus as your personal saviour. Besides, why wouldn't I? I'd be an obnoxious, arrogant git if I didn't.

And I understand that you truly believe/think/feel that the only way to salvation is through Jesus. I have no problem with that either. But I gotta tell you that the way you tell it, that the way you come across is testing the limits of my tolerance, and ergo my respect for you.

What I'm saying is that I have a "problem" with the fact that you keep insisting that all others have to believe exactly as you do, or else we're bad/stupid/lost/wrong and ergo doomed. What I'd really like to know is how come you can't (seem to) see the arrogance and ignorance in that? Or is it that you just don't care? Or what is it? What gives?

In my mind and heart, you are disrespecting God by doing this. I happen to believe in God too. --Others do too, some don't and some aren't sure. And all of what others believe or choose to believe, is really not my personal business. Isn't that actually God's business. Whatever God actually is I don't actually know, and therefore can't actually describe, at least not short of writing a long book, something which I'm not inclined to do in any case. In my experience of God, I prefer to use a shorthand description. I defer to the awe and mystery. The mystery of God. And that's good enough for me. Somehow, someway I also *know* that this is good enough for God. So why isn't this good enough for you godsend?!

To me, God is the source of all life, everywhere. And God is inclusive. Period. But the way you present or explain it, God isn't inclusive, isn't all-knowing, all-loving, or all-encompassing. And to me that dishonours or disrespects God...and by extension the awesome, immeasureable scope of God's Creations...all of us, and all of Life. This makes you (seem to me as) one who speaks with forked-tongue.

Should I even bother to say these things to you? Does it even matter? Are you only seeking or desperate for attention, even if it's only negative attention? Me, I've never had an appetite for negative attention. But that's just me.

Are you someone who's truly following (for example, and in your case specifically) the many good/loving/inspirational and wholistic teachings of Jesus? Or someone who's just on a bully pulpit, looking to get his own feeble ego stroked?

I swear to God, in front of God (whom I believe is always present) that you come across as an arrogant, obnoxious putz when you deign to tell the rest of us that you have an "inside scoop" on the absolute truth, and that the rest of us (people whom you don't even know) why we're just lost, confused, wicked, or wrong, wrong, wrong.

This is exactly how you sound: Hear, hear, listen up everyone, my name is godsend and I've found the truth and it's an exclusive and you all better heed me or else! And you know what the most telling, and obnoxious, and ludicrous thing about that is godsend? God doesn't even do that! But liars, deceivers, manipulators and charlatans do...all of the time.

See, I too believe that the "bad guys" will in time get what they deserve, as will the "good guys". In time, we'll all reap what we have sown.

If you truly desire to engage people and win them over to what you regard as the only and correct path to God, then might you not reconsider your approach?

In spite of how things appear far and wide here on earth --due to greedy, gluttonous, fearful, insatiable creatures having corrupted so much and so many-- life is not a competition.

Anyway, I felt moved to write these things I wrote just now because I was moved to write them. That's it...

Make care ever'body, annemarie :)

Visible said...

You're starting to annoy me again Godsend. I'm very familiar with all of that stuff whether it be the banal work of Dan Brown or "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" please try not to go balistic again. Thank you.

Visible said...

You're correct Ann Marie. I guess I was trying to say since the two examples I gave. The period you mention was certainly worse. that didn't even occur to me.

Chi0ne1 said...

Yes, I believe that we are in uncharted waters, but I also believe the globalists are also.
The globalists have been "stealing" the "elections" for decades, it is their game and the sheeple keep lapping it up and asking for more. Believing that politics can change is like watching a movie many times and expecting it to be different each time. For anything to actually take place in NH all the sheeple would have to get together as one and do something. Right now the sheeple that know something is wrong are only fighting each other.
I also believe that nukes in Iran is a red herring, supposedly the globalists have weapons that make nukes look like tinker toys(Tesla technology). Supposedly Russia already has a shield set up in Iran and probably other parts of the ME. Israel also has comperable tech. to that of Russia/China, with the USA coming in 4th or so. The sheeple are only cannon fodder.
These people are globalists, this or that country is only an illusion. The leadership of the countries, religion, MSM, Corporations, science/education, many "peace movements" are globalists. The sheeple consist of the rank and file of the so called countries. For the sheeple to get anywhere they have to think like a globalist, think outside the box and ? everything. The chance of the sheeple getting together at this time seems to be around ZERO.

Anonymous said...

God has sent the ignorant and God has sent the wise. For without the ignorant, who is wise? What is light without darkness? What is truth without lies?

Yet God is beyond duality. Therefore inexpressible by any human word. How can the infinite be explained with limited words with limited meanings?

The Christ came in Jesus to bring faith in the Infinite Spirit. Yet the hypocrites have confused the Form and the Name with the Formless and the Nameless.

God does not have any limits, therefore God can only be known through Infinite Consciousness. Only through Christ. There were and are many sons like Jesus, but Christ is the only Begotten. The same Christ that manifested in Rama, Krishna, Moses, Abraham, Zoroaster, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Muhammad and every other great saint, prophet and avatara.

The way of Truth is Peace. The ignorant look for differences, while the wise see only unity.

Anonymous said...

Good post Les. Again you've put it into words and brought some coherence to the fog.

Iron man, you're right too. But that doesn't make anything inevitable. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. And if things weren't so shaky for Them that They might go down forever, then we wouldn't even be talking like this, or at all. Goddess-or-whatever bless the internet.

When enough of US see the truths of the world that you both, and I, and most who read here can see, then the world will change, overnight. The 100th monkey is coming.

To Godsend and the anon who think that characters from various books and comics will save us, I'd like to quote from book that has seen me through many a crisis ...

--- DON'T PANIC! ---

love from sim

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Visible.. I've been reading them for a few months now.

I don't think Godsend's comments really warrant this kind of retaliation. (It sounds like maybe there's some history here?).

This is a sensitive subject, and certainly off-topic in this forum, though in fairness, you have mentioned your occult background in recent posts and on your web site.

It's fine to vigorously dispute the ideas, but why attack the messenger?

In fact, in his defense, allow me to elaborate, starting at John 3:16:

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. 19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. 21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

If you can manage the King James' english without riduculing it, you should see the profound paradox.

That you and no doubt your likeminded readers have a strong interest in exposing the hidden evil of this world, "doing truth" as it were, yet you adamantly resist God, and instead prefer fictional rebuttals of his word. Please explain.

Visible said...

Managing these blogs is not always an easy thing Electro. For instance, I have no idea who you are and if you are not in fact connected to Godsend in some way. All sorts of odd things happen here. I won't go into them.

"That you and no doubt your likeminded readers have a strong interest in exposing the hidden evil of this world, "doing truth" as it were, yet you adamantly resist God, and instead prefer fictional rebuttals of his word. Please explain."

This is provocative to say the least. Where you get the idea that I adamantly resist God is a mystery to me. And what a 'fictional rebuttal' is, I have no idea.

What it tells me is that you haven't read anything over at Visible Origami where such things are discussed. Probably a better familiarity with that site would make understanding a lot easier for you.

This is a secular site here. I've had a lot of interaction with Godsend and though I and a number of other readers sought to bend over backwards in accommodating him it finally got to that "You're all going to Hell." sort of thing. It got tedious.

Most of the people who come here are highly intelligent. Most of them are spiritually inclined too. Most of them have a creed they live by and are for the most part free thinkers too. They question things. Most of us see fundamentalist Christianity as no different than fundamentalist Islam.

Historically the fundamentalist side of the established church has been responsible for the murder of hundreds of millions of people... torture... censure... imprisonment... burnings at the stake... witch burnings- often these witches were no more than people who had crossed someone or whose property they coveted.

NO DEFENSE can be offered for this behavior... absolutely none.

My comment areas at my various sites are not graffiti boards for people to post slogans over and over again. Spirited debate is fine. But my way or the highway commentary. And, I'm right and you are wrong tends to bother those of us that still possess objective reasoning skills.

I never banned Godsend. I wouldn't do that. I like Godsend and I respect his right to see things as he does at the moment. I don't always agree with him and...

also I am not necessarily an exponent of 'the occult' which actually means 'hidden' anyway. I'm an exponent of God the Ineffable. For me God is a direct personal experience, beyond books and beyond the trappings of religions that are no more than businesses. I take exception to the hypocritical Christianity of a george bush and various neo-cons who use this as an excuse to kill everyone in their way. There can be no excuse for this... none. Period.

It is very, very rare when I don't print someone's comment. Sometimes the comment gets lost. It does happen. Sometimes it is anonymous ad hominem. Sometimes it is Zionists posing as anti-semites. Sometimes it is relentless repetition of the same thing over and over again which Godsend got into at one point. Then I might demur to publish it.

I don't discuss God at this site. This site is related to world events. Another blog is losely connected to culture, another to poetry and Visible Origami which investigates the metaphysical.

I only know as much as I know and then there is all that I don't know. I like to think that I improve at what I do as time goes by but there's no way for me to know.

Chiron said it very well here. Anne Marie represents another perspective as does Ben, Tony and Joy and a host of people who come by here and the other sites. I try not to answer too often here because what I had to say is in whatever I said in the piece posted. Also it gets to be difficult to stay on track with all of the comments and there are only so many hours in the day.

What I try to do is answer emails when I get them. Some of those get lost too. No doubt some have thought I ignored them when it was not the case at all.

Suffice to say that anyone who wants an explanation from me can get one sooner or later.

Hope this clears things up.

Anonymous said...

In reading all of the responses regarding Les' post and Godsend's comments, I guess there are a couple of thoughts that jump out to me:

Springsteen has a song with the lines, "Trust none of what you hear...and less of what you see...this is what will be." To a great degree, this tends to explain my feelings on government these days. We were all brought up to think we were the good guys. Now, none of us is too sure. Point is, however...we're not talking about some ignorant force that is calling the shots. Instead, it is a quite cold, calculating mindset. As such, I have to question the idea that things we are actually shown and actually see ARE emblematic of some great conspiracy. It would make sense that these folks have the ability to maintain the idea of covert ops. We are only shown what we are supposed to be shown. Our feelings are simple conjecture. How can we know what the reality is for sure?

As a Catholic, I'll only say this about the current state of affairs: if one reads Revelations, it is almost eerie as to how things seem to fall into place. I put no faith in human beings who want to prognosticate on dates of the end times and such. After all, a thousand years to us is a blink of the eye to the Almighty. I'll travel my own path, and you can travel yours. My map just seems to have aniticpated all the twists and turns up ahead.

Anonymous said...

'Please explain', being Australian and a Qld'er, is certainly relevant to me.
I think I can answer for most of the regulars here; we most definitely don't 'adamantly resist God'.
Personally I believe the cosmos has a designer and creator (God if you will). And that all that is would not hold if 'the Creator' is not currently involved in its existence and continuity.
It’s just that expecting ‘God’ to spirit us away or fix our ills is a fairy tale from a book!
We, as a human race, have been given fantastic facilities to solve our own ills. The answers are within. We have brilliant minds, we have a wonderful environment and we have the communications to fix our own world. It’s just that a minority are intent on screwing with all of these wonderful tools we have at our disposal, that God has given us, to confuse us.
I am sure a new era is at hand and it isn’t in the form of ‘the New World Order’. This is just a thoughtmare of a handful of people who if ‘we the people’ weren’t in our induced slumber would all be in jail or officially executed.
No, we don’t resist God. All we must do is realise the power He has given us and use it as He would want us.

vlad said...

Tony, if there is a God as you allude to, can you please explain the Jews to me!?

Anonymous said...

Vlad, we are all one race - the human race. The perceived differences between us is as is - genetics, nutrition, social environment, physical environment. Means a difference in our world view but hey, scratch us do we not all bleed? Do we not all squat to go to the toilet?
In the end don't we all care about our safety, our loved ones and how our neighbor treats us? We all have the same fears and desires.

Anonymous said...

Hello Vlad, me again
In the last few years I have learnt a new term - the human condition
Mother Theresa, Pol Pot - opposite ends of the human condition.
Given the circumstances any of us could be one or the other and anything in between, as most of us are; somewhere in between.
I believe in throwing stones but I am also painfully aware that I am not without sin (a terrible word to explain 'that which is not good for the being', by the way).

Anonymous said...

Well you always seem to "lose" my comments -- which are certainly no more "tedious" than all this Godsend bullshit! If I want to hear commentary about Christinsanity I can listen to Huckabee promising hellfire for Iran at the Fox Repug debate in SC.

Visible said...

I really do print every comment unless there's a good reason. I don't know which one you're talking about since you're anonymous. Anonymity has no rights so be grateful that I grant them. I'm not going to censor what people want to say here unless, as I said, it sounds like a disinfo agent fishing to cause me trouble. You don't have to read the comments and they do change from day to day. You sound pretty angry but it's not my fault. Did we have some kind of civil ceremony where I promised to be your bitch?

I don't think so.

Hope things improve for you.

Anonymous said...

11 Jan 08

In addition for not filing for a NH recount, now Ron Paul disavows the
911 truth movement. Paul is finished.

I remember at the Iowa Straw Poll last summer, I participated in
the Vote in Sunshine exit polling. You may recall there was
some Diebold count funny business. But Paul didn't ask for
recount. At the time Paulites were blaming his "help" for
keeping him from "rocking the boat." OK, a political stance, but I understand: the IA straw poll doesn't count for much. Still gave me pause though.

There were some mutterings about votefraud shenanigans here in the IA caucus, but nothing too credible. No Paul protest expected.

Then the business came out about the racist comments in his own
newsletter. His explanation was possible, but indicated he
didn't have a really good grip on things. Hmmm.

Next he doesn't immediately seek a NH primary recount. Lets Kucinich
do it. Double Hmm.

Now this

There were many comments on youtube hammering Paul for this. My

"It's a shame that Ron Paul feels he has to distance himself
from 9/11 truth to run for President... the evidence is so
obvious and overwhelming that Ron could easily point out that
government secrecy and the many contradictions and inexplicable
coincidences about 9/11 fuel the conspiracy theories, meaning
that a more open and honest government would be the way to quiet
truthers IF the evidence actually refutes them. To make a sound
conclusion about anything one needs to examine the evidence."

Maybe not a dark force, but certainly just another pol.

Paul is finished. From me, no vote and no money.

Instead. I'll write in for Cynthia McKinney and the Greens in

Anonymous said...

Visible - thanks for your detailed reply to my earlier comment. We agree on most everything, which I suppose is not too surprising, since I frequently read your essays here.

First, no relation to Godsend; in fact this was the first time I'd visited your blog. You are correct, I've not been to your Visible Origami site, though you might now expect a post from me at some point, over there.

Provocative, yes. This seems like the place for such opinions. Though I entirely agree with you that this discussion is off-topic here, and expect to limit it to this thread.

'Occult' means 'hidden', of course, but I think it also necessarily means seeking knowledge and/or power from spiritual forces that are opposed to God, i.e., demonic. I suspect we disagree on this point. Greater knowledge and power is available from God directly, though this is not widely known.

Regarding "fictional rebuttals", I'm referring to the recommendation by Anonymous to read "BLOODLINE of the HOLY GRAIL", which sounds like a 'me too' imitation of The Da Vinci Code, among others. Time was, this would be considered blasphemy, and it remains so.

Which I suppose is a good segway to the next point... We are in complete agreement that there is no excuse for the church and its so-called members for the many historical atrocities. And this continues today, exemplified by the likes of George "W.olf in sheep's clothing" Bush, and Pat Robertson with his call to assassinate Hugo Chevez. I would extend this point to those who judge others, e.g., those who assert "You're all going to Hell."

The bible I read says (in Matt. 5:44): But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you,.. [BTW, if you have 15 minutes, the executive summary of Christianity is in the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew Ch. 5-7].

Sure, the bad guys want to look like good guys, because they are more effective that way. They co-opt Christianity, then observers think Christianity is bad. It's a WIN-WIN for the bad guys if they can get away with it.

Tony, thank you for your considered remarks. When I was an engineering undergrad at Berkeley, I wanted to minor in philosophy. After about 3 courses, I became disillusioned, because it consisted only of modern philosophers bickering back and forth about their own theories, with no absolute truth.

I spent some years after that as an agnostic, thinking that all religions were equally valid, reading Jung, William James, the Bhagavad Gita, the Book of the Dead, etc.

I no longer hold that view.

It's been said, "When you have a great hammer, everything looks like a nail". This is an apt expression for those who are scientifically- or intellectually-inclined. They often think they can explain everything with their own reasoning, in vacuo. Sure, you have a supposition, but is it truth, is it real?

If you reason that there is no gravity, you will find out differently when you jump out the window, but then it will be too late. Like gravity, there are spiritual laws and principles, regardless of whether you are aware of them, or whether you accept them. But it's best you find out before you die, because then it won't just be academic. ["I could have had eternal life! D'oh!"].

Fortunately, there is a handbook available.

annemarie said...

electro wrote:

Fortunately, there is a handbook available.

7:15 AM


There are plenty of handbooks available. There isn't only just one. And absent any handbooks including before any books were writte, the truth of life has always available. Always has been, always will be too.

Do you honestly believe that God would send his message/s via only ONE book?

The same God who's created such a diverse, colourful world, with immeasureable abundance in immeasureable variety?

For me all life is evidence of God's handiwork. And God surely loves variety as s/he clearly expresses himself in it.

So why would the words (wishes, laws, etc.) of God come in one and only one book?

And though many have tried (and some fools still try) to pigeon-hole or "brand" me and my beliefs into one narrow, limited and limiting, exclusive category, they failed. I resist and they fail. And I thank God every day for that ;)

btw, Do you mean that you regard the Da Vinci Code (and the like) as blasphemous? I honestly find that notion absurd. Seriously, it makes me wonder what people are so afraid of? Doesn't their faith hold up? Isn't it based upon a solid and sound foundation? Seriously!

I mean, honestly, what would be the problem if the Jesus story was actually different from what the church/es preach: say that Jesus had lived, survived, married Mary Magdalene and fathered child/ren with her? On even a very superficial level, the story has a happy ending. Honest to God, what's the problem here? What are people so afraid of? Blasphemy? Please!

What I regard as blasphemous is an utter disregard for and an utter disrespect towards the Spirit (a.k.a. the soul). Things like torture, abuse --including mental or emotional abuse which are pernicious yet often invisible and difficult to prove-- sexual abuse or rape, murder, and war spring to mind. And btw, doesn't even the Bible mention something about how the worst thing of all, the most unforgiveable thing to do is to disrespect the spirit? Well, I'm in solid agreement with that.

But the main problem with the DVC as I see it is that, if that story were true, then it could shatter the foundation of the Church(es) of Christianity. It would expose many charlatans and power-mongers. Wouldn't it. But honestly, how could it even touch a person's belief/faith in God if that faith is true, along with their love, admiration and respect for Jesus? Imo, it couldn't...unless certain peoples faith/belief is shallow or superficial. Or conditional. See what I mean?

btw, Dan Brown begged, borrowed, or stole from others to write his novels. His stories aren't original. They've been told many times before. And by far better writers too. What else is new!

make care ever'one,

Anonymous said...

It's lovely to see so many people leaving comments which can only mean you are gaining a larger readership which is great as your writing/reporting is simply sublime.

I found PRESS T.V. through one of your posts and I am utterly greatful for that. A no nonsense news site is sooo... refreshing.

I'm with you all the way Les.

I have your blog permanently tabbed in my browser :)

Visible said...

that's one of the reasons I love you Anne Marie. I toyed with my own responses to that but I just figured someone else would say it and that is what makes this a great site. It might have had something to do with me in the beginning but these days I am matched by the readers which was the point all along.

Yes... there's no one book. All of that dogmatic arrogance doesn't hold a candle to the light of love in one single believers heart. Every one who believes in God with evidence of the fact knows that it is written in their heart. I will defer to Kahlil Gibran in that respect.

nobody said...

Late as usual, but speaking of many books, may I, as a closet spiritual atheist ha ha, stick my tuppence-worth in? Buddhism Plain and Simple by Steve Hagen. I grooved on its elegance, if that makes any sense.

annemarie said...

I will defer to Kahlil Gibran in that respect.

1:47 AM

Kahlil Gibran was the very one I was thinking of when I was thinking of other books, and specifically his masterpiece, The Prophet. wow.....

Waves of love back at ya' Senor V :)


Anonymous said...

Since about age 6-7 I have had a partnership with God (I know the point in my life when this happened)
He had awakened me to the fact that my world operated on laws (laws implies a lawmaker)
He removed the opportunity for 'sin' (that which is not good for my being) from my life forever

God knows all those who are searching for Him and has the ability to bring all honest people in contact with the truth
This is why most of us are here (Les' blogs). I firmly believe that what Les writes, illuminates

ps. as I always say - the mind is a wonderful thing
Ben will understand this; I also believe genetics helps
pps. keep at it godsend, you too electro

Anonymous said...

Do you really want a way out?

God will not change your situations until you start to change them.
Deciding to change is NOT enough, but it’s the first step.
You MUST get off your asses and start doing something about it as there is no Calvary, no Father, no Son and no God-man bullshit is going to save you.

Look at the so called Christians in Africa!!! What has "Behold, I make all things new" done to them but misery and suffering for centuries by the hands of the so called Christians (British Empire, Europian Empire and now American Empire)…

Look at the so called Christians in South America!!! What has "Behold, I make all things new" deliver to them but slavery, drugs and prostitution.

Man, look for your enemies and destroy them… Your enemy is Zionism, The Money Maters, Capitalism, the Masons etc…and in some cases, yes, the church… your enemy is anyone who thinks believes or acts as if he is “the chosen one” or “better” then anyone else because of his religion, race or colour…

South America’s saviour is people like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela who dared to stand up to the US government and its blood sucking corporatism and say to the IMF my people are hungry.

Look at Iran which, 30 years ago was under the ruling of one of the worst dictators appointed by the CIA, transformed itself into one of the strongest and most independent countries in the region, if not in the whole world, by the Islamist Revolutionist, the late leader Imam Khomeini who had all the courage to stand up for his people against the US, Britain and all of the European colonizing governments. Iran which at that time was totally under American hegemony can now tell Bush, his cronies and Israel to go to hell…

Look at Hezbollah in Lebanon and how a few young loyal patriots in July last year beat the shit out of the Israelis, the strongest army in the Middle East and the fourth in the world, and how they defeated the Israeli army over 33 days of the heaviest fighting ever by land air and sea, a war which was fully backed by the American and British arms, weapons and intelligence.

Look at them now liberating their country from their betraying government by their solidarity and endless demonstrations… One of their demonstrations is a camp which has been set up in the midst of Beirut opposite the Ministerial Building for 13 months now, putting up with summer heat and winter cold, determined never to back down.

Find out who is sucking your economy dry, and where your tax money is going?

I could give you tens of examples about what’s happening around the world now, but the bottom line is, these peoples got off their asses and began their struggles.

The struggle against ones self first, rid your selves of your drunkenness, drug ness steeling, adultery, homosexuality, greed, racism. Then wake each other up, stand up, group up, and begin your struggle…

Then and only then God’s help and support will come…
This is the only way out.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for taking the time to respond.

There are handbooks for lots of things. I suppose it depends on what you're looking for. I was referring to the one whereby eternal life is obtained.

Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." (John 14:6). To my knowledge, Mohammed, Buddha, et. al. have made no similar claim. Unlike these others, the Bible is not one book but many, written by many authors over centuries.

It's fine to be eclectic and gain insight from a variety of sources, I just disagree with the premise that they are equally valid. The Da Vinci Code, which seems to be popular in this group, is of course fiction, arguably plagiarized fiction as you point out. So why would you hold this as an equally valid source of truth?

Websters defines blasphemy (1A) as "the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God." The DVC story line that Jesus married, had kids, etc. is antithetical to the New Testament account of his crucifixion and resurection, so I think it fits that definition fairly well. Speaking personally, I'm not 'afraid' of books like this, but rather, dismayed that so many intelligent people seem to both prefer and accept such fiction as fact.

I do need to clarify one of your references. The relevant verse is from Mark 3:29: "but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is subject to eternal condemnation”. So it's not man's spirit/soul, but God's that's being referred to.

The widespread evil you describe, being perpetrated in the world against man's spirit/soul, is done by those that are opposed to (or at least ignorant of) God. This is another reason that knowing what word is and isn't from God is not just academic.

Visible said...

Electro... now you've done it and I don't think you can put the genie back into the box. No one here that I know reveres The Da Vinci Code. It's cheap and poorly written sensationalist literature, fit only for supermarket racks.

You are welcome to hold your opinions but it does not strengthen them to make the rest of us appear to be other than what they are.

I KNOW for a FACT that the Bible is NOT the only way. Christ said, "In my Father's house are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you."

You can argue here or anywhere until the end of the world but you won't convince a single person here. I could effectively show a great many details if I wanted to but it just makes me tired.

I do wish you well but none of this is going to come to anything and not for the reasons you think. We've had this around here plenty of times.

Anonymous said...

Gedoutahere! Electro you're godsends cousin, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

I've had a day or so to cool off about Ron Paul and his milquetoast approach to votefraud, 911 (and the Palestinian apartheid for that matter). I guess Mike Rivero is right, although I'm not real happy about Paul missing his opportunities to speak truth to power and to educate the masses about hard facts not theories:

"This is the FOX equivalent of the "Have you stopped beating your wife" question. If Ron Paul says he thinks the US Government he loses his supporters who still believe the official story. If Ron Paul acceded to the FOX demand he tell his supporters to abandon their challenge of the official story, he loses THOSE supporters (or at least that is what FOX hopes.

Folks, I don't give a rat's ass whether Ron Paul agrees with me or not on 9-11. This election is not about 9-11. This election is about the war and about the Constitution.

And I do not need Ron Paul or for that matter anyone else in the government to tell me I am correct in my conclusions about 9-11. I don't vote for people whose approval I need. I vote for the people who need my approval, and I approve of Ron Paul's platform on the basis of the important issues of the day, which is ending the war, and ending the war, and ending the war.

This stunt is typical of FOX News and I hope you are all smart enough not to have fallen for it."

Visible said...

Sorry friends;

I hit the reject button by accident and lost several comments. If you wouldn't mind resubmitting them I will post them tomorrow. I made a mistake and didn't pay attention to what I was doing.

annemarie said...

Fantastic post about your personal experience!


Hehheh, I too know... evidence aplenty mon frere, evidence abounds...tis here, there, everywhere for the looking. High ho, hi-ho

I find it ironic that close-minded people typically think that they're open-minded. While open-minded types often question themselves and hope that they're not being rigid, inflexible, or narrow-minded. Funny how that goes, eh.


electro said...


Thanks for taking the time to respond.

There are handbooks for lots of things. I suppose it depends on what you're looking for. I was referring to the one whereby eternal life is obtained.

You think you can find (the path to) eternal life in a book/set of books? Fair enough. BUT that your book/set of books is the one and only path/method/way? Oh my!

Life and likely eternal life is "obtained" via living. ---Reading is only one aspect of life's abundance and experience. And reading may or may not be effective. Depends on other things, doesn't it. --- Tis that simple really. Why complicate matters? Why complicate life? Seriously, half the problem with most of the world's problems is that some people love to complicate just about everything!

As for this:

"It's fine to be eclectic and gain insight from a variety of sources, I just disagree with the premise that they are equally valid. The Da Vinci Code, which seems to be popular in this group, is of course fiction, arguably plagiarized fiction as you point out. So why would you hold this as an equally valid source of truth?"

I did not say that the DVC and the Bible were equally valid. But what if I had? What exactly is a valid source of truth? A thing is valid for you (or anyone) when you decide it is. It's that simple. [sigh]

Still, it seems that you didn't get my overall point regarding the DVC story. Let me try again.

Putting aside the fact that Dan Brown begs, borrows, or steals his ideas from others... who says that the underlying thrust of DVC -- that Jesus survived and fathered child/ren with Mary M -- who actually decides that this is a fictional story?

If you choose to believe that it's fiction then it's fiction. And that's your choice. Personally, I don't know if it's fact or fiction. But my central point was that I don't really care if it's fact or fiction. It simply doesn't matter to me. And neither does it change how I feel about the teachings of Jesus. I don't even know if Jesus is fact or fiction. And that doesn't matter to me either. But I love and (try to) live by many teachings which are attributed to him.

Mohammed, Buddha, heck even Ariel, the little mermaid...I don't truly care if they're fact or fiction. If I can learn something worthwhile from any or all of them, that's good enough for me!

Which brings me to an observation regarding dogmatic believers, they take THEMSELVES wayyy too seriously. While feebly arguing that they don't. But, you can easily tell that they are Married to their beliefs, their rigid, fixed, inflexible and narrow interpretations of many things in life, including life itself. Many have killed others for expressing different thoughts or beliefs. Many are doing it at this very moment, and many others would too if given the opportunity! Talk about blasphemy! They are among the most humourless people I encounter. And I've found too that most of them are terrified, petrified of God. I'm not. Funny (peculiar) how that goes too, huh.

They have this mantra of sorts that it's some kind of sacrilege or blasphemy to hold different or opposing viewpoints. I just feel that somewhere God is laughing about this. Lovingly too I imagine. The way a parent laughs at a two-year-old who is seriously insisting that they do not need to go to bed.

I also feel that God becomes dismayed when said two-year-olds become adults without having actually grown up, especially on the inside where it really matters.

And God must get really steamed when said two-year-old adults then attempt to impose their will and wreak havoc on the world around them. Maybe that's why so many are afraid of God? Maybe their conscience is trying to tell them something worthwhile that they keep resisting? Maybe?

As for this:

"I do need to clarify one of your references. The relevant verse is from Mark 3:29: "but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is subject to eternal condemnation”. So it's not man's spirit/soul, but God's that's being referred to."

Thanks sincerely for the reference. My copy of the bible states pretty much what you wrote. But I really don't need or want your clarification on the meaning of this. Specifically: You say it's not man's spirit, but God's. Well to you I say, Puhleese! We are God's children, hence we have the Holy Spirit (of God) within each of us.

Electro, in spite of your taking a "polite" stance in your response, you're beginning to sound like a parrot to me.

Bon appetit ever'one!

Que sera sera. One love,

p.s. If anyone cares to read another take on Jesus' life, look for a short story by D.H. Lawrence called The Man who Died. I found it fascinating. It's likely out of print though I'm not certain.

Caveat lector: Some'd call it blasphemous too.

Anonymous said...

About the essay for a minute, there appears to be contention, wanting. Which is contradictory with the everything is okay, everything is as it should be philosphy. I would like it very much if you would elaborate.

Anonymous said...


Ever see an action flick where the hero wasn't victorious? Ever see an action flick where the hero didn't go through major shit before being victorious? Life is contradiction.

Think Lord of the Rings.

It's quite reasonable to be completely optimistic in the middle of abject misery and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

There's always a way out. They, foolishly, didn't read the fine print on their contract.

Anonymous said...

When we were children we are told of a mystical, magical god that loves all and is just. We are told that governments exist to provide us with justice.
We are told that the cure for despair is hope but having existed in this world for for over half a century I have come to learn a greater truth about god and government that is far from the mystical and magical lessons we are taught in childhood.
Unfortunately many of us would rather continue to drink from the pap than take up a knife and fork and fill ourselves with reality.
I hope and pray all will go well for those in despair.



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