Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Turn... Turn that Wheel Little Hamster.

Here’s a short news article to read before we get into today’s thoughts.

I’ve seen a lot of this sort of thing burbling under the waxy patina of the carnival music played by world media. Sure, world media admits that there are a few things wrong here and there but they don’t tell you what’s really happening because the hamsters on the treadmill need to keep the production going. If production stops there’s no more hot air for the balloons and whatever you pump it into to make it swell; think Wonder Bread.

This is why I keep coming back to the idea of a universal sit-down strike. Bring the empire to its knees and you can get up off of yours. Don’t strike and remain on yours until you can no longer even stay up on your knees. It is as simple as that.

Some of us pointed out over a year ago that the housing crash was coming and that it was going to be bad. Some of us understood that a lot of the problem was in the way the loans were packaged and sold off to other industries and nations as something that they were not. Some of us said that the housing crash was going to impact on many other areas of life because the hip bone is connected to the leg bone. Some of us knew this the way that we know that higher oil prices affects transportation and that affects everything transported. It affects the manufacture of plastics; they’ve had to cut back on production of new Paris Hiltons. It affects candle making. This doesn’t matter unless the lights go out but... you see what I’m saying?

Everything is affected by everything. Attitude affects everything. Attitude affects the perception of resources so that resources that aren’t scarce suddenly appear to be. Attitude can create a climate of fear and uncertainty. Attitude can be manipulated. Attitude can be shaped. If something that is not scarce can be made to appear scarce then the profit margin can be jacked up through the roof.

This situation can be found in everything that concerns us as we live our lives. The simple math of the manipulators and the manipulated can be extrapolated out into everything that touches you; everything you feel. Enemies can be created where there were none so that the industries that profit from conflict can make money. Laws can be formed that create tens of thousands of new criminals so that the prison system and all of the industries that are connected to it can make money. Whole landscapes can be altered to bring about desired results; Katrina comes to mind.

Everything is everything and just like in the animal kingdom you have predators and prey. Things have to be the way they are so that a certain percentage of us can live the high life and accumulate more than we can ever spend or need. You can explain in lots of ways. There are dozens of philosophers who have defined life in dozens of ways. There are artists that paint life in so many different ways. There are economists who explain the operation of commerce in many ways but it all comes down to whether a smaller and yet smaller and yet smaller group will have most of what there is and whether a larger and still larger group will have less.

The reason that explanations for life situations are presented in a fashion much more complex than they need to be is so that a certain few can steal more in more intricate ways. This is where lawyers come from. This is why they developed such a complex system of language and specialized terms so that the lawyers on both sides could make a lot of money and their clients could make a lot of money and the resources for all of these payments can be traced to you. Turn that wheel hamster.

They give you credit on money they loan you that they printed off of their home presses. They can print this money whenever they feel like it. They can make the money abundant or they can make it scarce. If you were to take the time to study how the Great Depression came about you would see that this is what happened. None of these things are accidents. Yes... sometimes crops fail and sometimes hurricanes hit but we aren’t talking about these things.

They extend this credit to you to own your ass. That’s as simple as I can put it. This is what crushing Third World debt is all about. Once again... it comes down to you on your knees. Karl Marx understood this well. So... what these manipulators did was to take his concepts and put them into practice their way to do what they always do. This happened with Nietzsche’s philosophy and it happens with everything taken by the manipulators who make a few changes here and a few changes there and presto! ...a bright shiny new set of shackles.

All of the king’s and queen’s, all of the religions, all of the systems of government both physical and seemingly metaphysical are systems that are worked by a few to the detriment of the many. You’re canon fodder people. Napoleon took this one to excess. So did all of the other empire dreamers and money schemers.

You’re slaves even in your apparent freedom. But those who serve the empire, those who run the empire, they are slaves too. They are slaves to their obsessions and if they do get a conscience it’s not going to look good to the other members of the club. Wonder why no one ever blows the whistle on the whole scam? Everybody has something and someone they care about. You can figure that out. I’m not going to take the time to go into it. Also... as imperfect as the systems are and as much as they are vehicles for the predatory few... you have to have a system. Therein lays the crux of the matter.

So... what are we to do? What are we to do given that a vast majority of those enslaved would become slavers in a New York minute if they had the chance (bet on it). We try to make a better system. The best system, whatever that may be, is the one that benefits the most people collectively. It doesn’t have to be world wide as long as you live in that nation. You will note that some times are better than other times. These times last until the predatory few take too much in their gluttonous fever for acquisition. The wheel turns little hamster.

What do we do? We strive for a better system. We strive for a better system by practicing it in our lives and by collectively demanding that our leaders implement such an attitude in their governing. But what do you do when they rig the vote? What do you do when Stalin’s maxim is in place? You rise up or you sit down. Sooner or later it becomes intolerable and you have to rise up or sit down. It’s harder the longer you wait but that’s human nature. The pain and want have to get so great that life isn’t worth living any more and that is why revolution is often such a grim and bloody thing.

This next year is going to be ten times as dramatic as the previous seven. You’re going to hear things you don’t want to hear and see things you don’t want to see. You are going to feel things you don’t want to feel. However, the wheel is in spin and somewhere a connection must be made between the brain of the hamster and the feet of the hamster. Sooner or later the chicken is going to dance on the griddle... or will the frog just boil in the water?

“May you live in interesting times.” So goes the old Chinese adage. These are those interesting times. This is the year of living dangerously. Well, I don’t know, do I? No, I don’t know. What I do know is how the system works and I do know how to look at the system and calculate where it seems to want to go at the time. There are always options and opportunities. There is always strength and courage from long ignored wells. So, what are you going to do little hamster? What are you going to do?

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Visible said...

Everyone concerned about vote counting on Friday should read this article

It's up to you hamsters.

Anonymous said...

I think that the problem is that people do not know that they are the striking majority; they do not have a social concience mainly about this striking majority can achive against the minimal minority. We should implement and spread pacific and social disobbedience.

Anonymous said...

Another shining jewel of an article, les, and I'm happy to write that I got off THAT particular treadmill of happy ignorance a few years ago. But what's always puzzled me about our rulers' grab-all greed is that it can only go so far before it becomes a glut, and for gluttons, there's only one way to go eventually. What do these cocks of the dung heap think will happen to all their material wealth when they die? They can't take it with them, unless they're an Egyptian pharaoh, and even then, it will only be there until some archeologist digs it up. If it's power, how powerful are they on the other side of the grave, regardless of their religious or philosophical inclinations on this side? What is the actual gain of their greed, in the end?

As for Katrina, HAARP springs to mind, although it has probably sprung into yours too, more especially as the residents who suffered are being denied the right to return to their homes, at the point of a Blackwater gun.

The linked article on the vote counting sounds ominous. As a none-US cit, I shall cheer on the Ron Paul supporters who will turn up in their hundreds of thousands to surround the polling booths, as an Iowan poster suggested in a previous thread.

Hooray for the Internet!


Anonymous said...

Man what a super read and coupled with the best song you've ever put up here.

Anonymous said...

"Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand, for one. Americans must open their eyes. If not, they'll deserve their fate.

Anonymous said...

The (American) frogs are beginning to get hot and some are getting uncomfortable (people who lost their homes to foreclosure, their jobs or their children in Iraq, etc.)

The water will get hotter and more dead frogs will begin to float on the surface - for all to SEE!

Ron Paul is a thermometer in the water - and more and more frogs are looking at the rising temperature and thinking: Perhaps it's time to jump out - and kill the bastards who are turning up the heat. Maybe put them in the pot, instead, and then turn up the heat?! ;)

Anonymous said...

The (American) frogs are beginning to get hot and some are getting uncomfortable (people who lost their homes to foreclosure, their jobs or their children in Iraq, etc.)

The water will get hotter and more dead frogs will begin to float on the surface - for all to SEE!

Ron Paul is a thermometer in the water - and more and more frogs are looking at the rising temperature and thinking: Perhaps it's time to jump out - and kill the bastards who are turning up the heat. Maybe put them in the pot, instead, and then turn up the heat?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Four years ago, on several supposedly "progressive" messageboards, I stated unequivocally that a nationwide general strike was the only thing that would get the attention of the PTB and slow them down. Not surprisingly, I was ridiculed by many and ignored by most.

Now I see the same idea put forth by Visible. It is the ONLY way that the populace can get back even a semblance of control over a car that is careening headlong towards the steep cliffs. Will a strike happen? No, because many Americans are of the "it can't happen here" persuasion. Most feel that its simply beneath them to protest. That's better left for "other" people considered to be rabble-rousers and social inferiors. Now that things are starting to get desperate it will be interesting to see what happens. However, I don't see any strikes on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

best blog on the fuckin internet cuz/
not a lot of people can touch the truth and make it bleed/ you manage.

power up!

Bristol Cliffs

Anonymous said...

If one is truly interested in changing the current atmosphere, start close to home. One way to do that is with a Free Market. Not like the oxymoron of an economic system our government hides behind but like a community yard sale, where all things are free. Cant say ive engaged in one myself yet, but currently organizing one. Well, because revolution begins with organization of the community, and what better way to organize together those who fear eachother then to show them a friendlier "system" of living. Look into this concept here

By the way les, beautiful song bro.

Revolution starts at home,

Anonymous said...

Another graet article... Thank you for bringing me the news, that the mass media won't give me! :D

Anonymous said...

I was here earlier. I don't comment. I read what you have to say and I go. I've seen a couple of references to your music and I wanted to say something because I work with music on the recording end.

Good news is that you have brilliant material, I've never seen better. You've got an exceptional voice for the genre. It's distinctive and disciplined.

Bad news is that the mixing is sub par. In this song there is way too much echo on the harmonies, if they are harmonies. I suspect that they are computer generated.

I can't say everything I want to say here because it would just sound like a lot of shit. You have real talent. You have genuine talent. I have been by your music site and been astonished at the lyrics and the voice. I would rank you among the very best I have ever heard. That said, the production end needs work. I suspect you know this and you just do the best you can.

I'd like to get you into a studio one of these days. Unfortunately I don't work for a label anymore but I do have a great Pro Tools setup at my house in London. I'll email you but I wanted to say something public. I probably wouldn't have said anything but it was the music thing.

Don't stop writing your blogs. I'm fascinated at what you do. I like Visible Origami the best and the new poetry blog made me fall out of my chair. I think you know a lot of cool people read your work so, you keep on choodlin and maybe one day your audience will be big enough to embrace your talent.

annemarie said...

Zing, badda-bing as usual Senor V :)

I just had this thought...that there won't be any really big or effective backlash/protest or rejection of the status quo UNTIl...the upper middle classes get slammed by this tsunami of shit. See, the way I see it is that those in the upper middle money bracket, there's plenty of those folks in the U.S. for example (just a couple of zeros below the wealthy, and a few below the mega-rich) and they don't even see a pinch coming their way...not yet.

Just recently, I met a couple of whom I'm speaking. They live in California, and were shopping around in Mexico for a condo/retirement home, and/or maybe a boat to go with it. They seem to be decent and ordinary people, in spite of (their obvious limitations ;)
the fact that they live and likely have always lived in a privileged, sheltered materialistic bubble. They know plenty about stocks, bonds, investment portfolios (including theirs), for example. But they seem nearly oblivious to deeper and wider worldwide realities, including the poignant socio-economic and political writing on the wall.

It's strange though, this line of thinking hadn't really occurred to me until just now. But still somehow, I feel that the shit has got to hit those people before any mass backlash/uprising/protest truly commences.

I mean these people often live in gated communities, etc. And in large part are segregated from the lower middle class, as well as the working class, working poor, and of course from the poorest of poor. I guess what I'm trying to say is yes, I realize that even "The Great Depression" in America was planned and rigged. But there were a whole lotta people who profited from that planned disaster, and it wasn't only the bankers and the mega-rich. See what I mean?

Also while reflecting upon the civil rights movements and anti-war movement/protests of the 60s in North America, I mean what was the real tipping point? The tipping point seemed to arise when significant numbers of middle and upper middle class types embraced and joined the struggle. Yes? Or am I wrong or mistaken about this? Missing something?

I dunno' but I feel that those upper middle class types are too insulated. Not from anything that Nature can deliver, but from much that's man-made. And it's not that they're all heartless capitalist pigs, it's just that (perhaps) most of them really believe in that Horatio Alger propaganda shit. You know that stuff about how all poor folks are poor cause they're lazy and so on. And that they themselves have so much because they aren't lazy and thus deserve all their material comforts, opportunities, and good fortune.

Anyhow, hope this is clear. Anyone else happen to see it like this too?

Take care y'all. Make care...



The gluttons must know that they can't take it with them. They just don't give a fuck, they want everything now, as much as they can possibly take. Isn't that the essential nature of a glutton. Man they've got a hole in them so big, they keep trying to fill it, but with all the wrong things. Pity. And I could almost pity them too, but that would be arrogant of me and besides neither am I Gunga Din, I just aint' that kinda' good.

Anonymous said...

I'm no hamster either and I feel ready to join the fight after many years of reading, researching and cross referencing.

Now I can see the truth and it's totally and utterly shocking.

The are hordes of people who are literally blinded by daily media spin.

The current system we live in really is corrupt and must be changed.

My only quandary now is how best to fight back.

"We should implement and spread pacific and social disobedience."

This seems like a good place to start.

Any other tips/advice?

Many thanks for a truly inspiring article. If anything you let people know that they're not alone.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

sry about the shitty link address, should suffice, brings you right to what i was speaking of.

Anonymous said...

Les, the old states that one's perception is his reality. With regards to your latest brilliant posting, if one lives in an area of the country where the populace feels empowered and has the mindset to get involved to evoke change, then admonishing people to get off of their knees (or asses) is a legitimate piece of advice.
Yet, in looking over the landscape which is American society today, the key word to describe the times would certainly be apathy. To most Americans, there is no reason to get involve until it directly affects me. And even then, most Americans won't know.
To a great degree, George Orwell had it right in "1984". The media tells the populace what to think, what to feel, and when to do both. It has kept the average American in some sort of "comfortably numb" state. How else can one explain the lack of public outcry over what the current maniacs in charge continually get away with?
It occurred to me a long time ago that the wheel you write about is lifelong. When you think outside of the wheel, you are characterized as having mental issues and when you try to get off of the wheel, you are at a point in your life when your viewpoint is looked upon as out of touch.
You state that 2008 will be the year of living dangerously. While nothing which happens will surprise me any longer in this country, I would be surprised if anyone stood up, noticed the issues you write of, and did anything more than yawn and click on the porn link.
We have let the monsters steal the country from us. Sadly, once the genie is out of the there any getting him back inside?

Anonymous said...

One thing that everybody can do which will have no downside of any consequence but tons of upside is to simply throw out your TV. I mean remove it completely not just turn it off.
Then don't watch anybody else's TV either. Avoid it completely for one month. After a month rent one or pull yours out of the garage and watch it for one solid night. You will have a revelation. You will start to see it for what it is. That it is total garbage and it has been affecting how you think and view things; your reality, in other words.

Then go tell your friends and family to do the same experiment.

Why do you think "they" keep up this constant barrage of garbage and lies? Because "they" have to - to stay in control. That is incentive enough. NO?

Anonymous said...

What to do?

Here is what Ghandi said in 1940 to the British in the Times...

" I want you to fight Nazism without arms, or, if I am to retain the military terminology, with non-violent arms. I would like you to lay down the arms you have as being useless for saving you or humanity. You will invite Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini to take what they want of the countries you call your possessions. Let them take possession of your beautiful island, with your many beautiful buildings. You will give all these but neither your souls nor your minds. If these gentlemen choose to occupy your homes, you will vacate them. If they do not give you free passage out, you will allow yourselves man, woman and child to be slaughtered, but you will refuse to owe allegiance to them."

Be the change you want to see in the world?

Anonymous said...

I notice many people talking about the "how" of how we stop this plague upon our planet; I myself have struggled with this question for years. From all I see the only way we can end this shit is to end their control of the money and in turn of our asses.

Many times, here and elsewhere, I see the call for a univeral strike, to stop buying all this shit we don't need and to only use things that are survival based. While this is a great idea there is no single mind that could get people to do this. One person would think someone else is cheating and the intended end would be go to shit.

I believe that I represent what America is supposed to be (I am the product of an interracial marriage) and due to this I think I have come to this realization.

2008 presents us with one last opportunity to take back our country from these assholes and for our futures. If Dr. Paul can abolish even one of the illegal organizations that steals our money (The Federal Reserve and the IRS) then we have a shot of controlling our own way.

However I do not believe this will happen as Congress all live in the pocket of some mega-Corporation.

So then I propose this question to not only Les but everyone who I see regularly well as those who don't? If we can't take it back in 2008, a whole lot of laws are going to be changed and a whole lot of scary shit is going to start. So what do we do then?

annemarie said...

So then I propose this question to not only Les but everyone who I see regularly well as those who don't? If we can't take it back in 2008, a whole lot of laws are going to be changed and a whole lot of scary shit is going to start. So what do we do then?

9:03 PM


Try jah love? ;)

nobody said...

Hats off Les,

In amongst the macro may I make a micro-suggestion? Get down to one of those bullshit mega-hardware stores and check out the wind-up torches. One minute winding equals thirty minutes of light. There's no batteries and they never run out. Well, that's the theory anyway. So far, so good, for me. And there are various ones that feature radios, phone rechargers and headlamps.

I hold no shares in, or otherwise have any interest in whoever it is that makes these things. I just think they're brilliant. I bought some for my friends at xmas and they comprise the only money I've spent in the last two years that wasn't food, travel or internet. Adbusters ain't got nothing on me!

Visible said...

Hey there Nobody.

I have several of these hand crank flashlights and last night when I was walking the dogs I thought that I must make sure to get some more. They are actually very durable and do all that is stated about them. It's funny ou would mention them just after I was thinking about them.

I had a friend on Maui who used to run his blender and several other things from a bicycle. I'm very into that sort of thing and have been thinking about looking for something that would let me ride a bike or turn a crank and power assist my utility needs.

Visible said...

New essay here

I haven't found a way to hotlink yet so you'll just have to cut and paste.

Anonymous said...

The more I read these comments from you brave people it gives me a real sense of hope. Not hope in the process of our government, but the hope that if all else fails those of use who are aware may establish our own place of sanctuary.

Thank you all for expressing your views as discourse is the true path to enlightenment.

Ronnie D. Traywick Jr.

annemarie said...

Hey Les and ever'body,

Here's a great article I just found. It's called 'Resistance'. A short, insightful read, and one which relates to the topic at hand.

Trust y'all will enjoy it.


nobody said...

Ta Les,

And as I walked home last night after hitting 'send' I was wondering about buying a generator and hooking it up to a bicycle or hand crank. Exactly what amperage would be required to enable a four year old to watch Tottoro on DVD? If I watched it with him would the amperage double? Ha ha ha ha.


PS Anyone out there in the sticks and thinking of solar, don't dawdle.



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