Monday, January 14, 2008

♫79 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, wait, no... 86?♫

I imagine that Bush has a clock on his desk and all of the numbers are five. A statement on the clock reads, “No Drinking before 5.” Maybe that clock is in his head and not on his desk. There’s a lot more room for the clock inside his head.

Many of us have known about Bush’s continuing drinking problem. How could he not drink? His megalomania demands it. His denial demands it. His lack of poise and self-inquiry demand it. The cosmic director demands it because, in the words of a German philosopher, “Those whom the God’s would destroy, they first drive mad.”

I’m awestruck at these early years of the new century; one huge pileup after another on the big freeway of life. Some one or several are either drunk or mad, perhaps both. It can be hard to distinguish insanity from drunkenness. They’re certainly connected and the latter often leads to the former if it doesn’t first wind up institutionalized or interred.

There have been the odd bits over the years; the Capital Blues article, the strange case of the choking pretzels, the regular appearance of marks on the president’s face, the inexplicable comments and befuddled state. Something is going on behind closed doors.

It all seems a lot like Nero fiddling while Rome burns. Life has become stranger than fiction. Some unusual flu is having its way with world leaders and the population too. I’m watching it but I can’t get a handle on what it is. It seems like at any moment something might happen that will change forever the way we think about our lives. Every day I wonder, “Is this the day?”

It’s possible that a lack of opposition has made the madmen at the top increasingly more reckless and indifferent of exposure. It’s also possible that enough people are beginning to wake up so that you can actually see things as they are. Sometimes when a lot of people see the same things it makes them stand out in sharp relief.

I don’t want to spend any great deal of time talking about the condition of Bushligula. Much has been written about this strange creature in our midst. Much has been written and nothing has been done. This is the strange part, nothing has been done.

The Americans elected a new congress in 2006 and it has had no impact whatsoever. They were elected on the promise that they would change things. They have changed nothing. They have operated as a rubber stamp. I can tell- merely using my reason- that the president and his associates are guilty of high treason and mass murder. Nothing is being done.

Ordinarily opposition parties work in opposition; at least some of the time. Let’s use our reason on this. Never before in the history of the United States has a president warranted impeachment more than this president. Nothing is being done. Ergo... there is a reason. There can only be so many reasons why an oppositional congress in possession of observable facts would not seek to impeach this president. It can only be from some kind of pressure. This pressure can only be in the nature of a threat. Ergo... blackmail and attendant leverages.

There is nothing to indicate that world conditions are improving. The financial crisis has only just begun. This year will see it severely affecting the lives of nearly everyone in one way or another. In the midst of this and other urgent concerns there is this miasma of lethargy. Everything seems to be moving through some kind of thick substance. Day follows day. The criminal operations at work are unbridled and unhindered. Voter fraud is a given and nothing is being done. Recounts are in the works but it appears that these recounts will stay in the hands of those who make the original counts. Diebold employees were up to something not yet revealed on the day of the vote; failures in the operating mechanisms have been widely reported.

Onward we go... and nothing is done. There hasn’t come a point yet where anything has been done about the 9/11 cover-up, the war in Iraq, the genocide in Palestine, the horror in The Sudan, the serious unrest in Pakistan, the known fact that the last two presidential elections were stolen, the drumbeats about Iran. On it goes. Lies are uncovered daily and ignored daily and on it goes. How is this possible?

How is it possible with the massive amount of evidence concerning criminal activity throughout the American system that nothing happens? How is it possible that most of it does not find its way into the news? Why are there no prosecutors at work? Why are there no legislators demanding action? Citizens march in Cincinnati and other places but nothing happens. What is this suffocating mist of apathy that seeps along the avenues and through the marketplaces and schools that has turned an entire nation into zombies? Is every body drunk? Is everybody afraid? Is everybody stupid? Who knows?

The animals at the zoos are behaving very strangely. The people are standing around like the cast of Close Encounters. There’s a heavy disconnect and dreadful creeping uneasiness as if something was going to happen. It is as if everyone knows and does not know and all waiting for something to happen. You can see it flicker in your peripheral vision. It seems to emerge and then recede. You know its there but it won’t come into form.

Religions are becoming increasingly more hysterical. The evangelical leaders are living in gold plated opulence. Radios and televisions relentlessly pound the most banal trivia into the common mind. Headphones and cellphones are an unending focus of fascination. Legs jitter and fingers probe endlessly at the keyboards of the new rosary. And the president is drunk and the president is mad. He is to be replaced with more of the same.

Talk of hope and change sound empty. The same people with the same solutions that never go into effect can hardly be cause for hope or change. Something is going to happen. There can be no other explanation for this lassitude on the one hand and epidemic crime at every level on the other.

Dick Cheney is nowhere to be seen. The president is drunk. The congress is line dancing. The animals are acting strange. The votes have been compromised... and the beat goes on. Meanwhile, nobody is going to interfere with a Bill O’Reilly camera shot.

Dimona is leaking. Waterboarding is an Olympic event. Madonna needs ten thousand dollars of Kabala water a month. Britany is having a meltdown. Does the MS in MSNBC stand for Microsoft?

I’ll tell you what happens when people become indolent and apathetic and when politics becomes crime and religion goes insane. I’ll tell you what happens when no one knows what’s happening and the president is drunk... something happens, that’s what happens.

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kikz said...

...a breath held for 7 yrs, waiting for the other shoe to drop......

...captain willard, awaiting his moment of destiny w/col. kurtz...

i don't know how else to describe it.....

are we willard, or are we kurtz?

Anonymous said...

All very puzzling, frightening and bewildering.
America Inc.? One big business corporation.

Anonymous said...

As usual Les you're spot on and your words sum up my feelings exactly. There is something on the periphery, so close we can catch its scent. It's driven me to stock up on books on how to survive in the wilderness.

It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Just like removing a stuck adhesive bandage on a hairy spot of skin. Rip that sucker off quick as you can. They'll try to stop you, make sure it's as slow and excruciatingly painful as it can. Just put your hand on theirs and jerk it hard. They'll be mildly surprised you went so far. They'll smile with satisfaction, you're now as an obedient dog to them, willing to take any punishment. But you're not a dog - you're a cancer cell. You are now an instrument of fate, a true child of nature.

They'll take away our beloved internet. It will be more difficult to find "the others". You'll have to take more chances of exposing yourself just to find them. Playing russian-roulette with the thought-police. But do we really have any choice? We took the red pill, there's no going back.

Anonymous said...

It appears that level of madness is increasing in direct proportion to the general apathy of the American populous.
I believe that a total collapse of the American way of life followed by a revolution is the only hope for the future of mankind.. If things continue the way they are going we are all doomed.

Dr E

Anonymous said...

BIS (Banking For International Settlements) is the core of the problem (money/finance) and technology is the root, thus you have complex numbers (logarithems)...This is way over the heads of the masses, kinda like a 90 year old flying a jet with no skills.


Anonymous said...

kikz05, we are definitely chugging on the riverboat, we are coming into that camp in a mist, you know, the painted faces, heads on sticks sort of thing....

Anonymous said...

You can see it flicker in your peripheral vision.

So, you've been seeing things, too?

I've been seeing flashes and streaks of light. They used to only appear at the edges of vision, but now they sometimes streak by right in front of me.

Last night, I had just turned out the lights on my way to bed when a broad streak of light shot past me about five feet away.

What do they look like? They look like those spirographs of dying electrons.

Anonymous said...

I think relatively few of us americans are aware of anything. Their mind control experiment could unravel at any time though, and the price of gold is a great barometer.

This whole trip has been quite emotional, yet ultimately profoundly empowering. It's just like glenda said to the wicked witch; "your powers are no good here".

Here's an english transcript of the japanese opposition leader grilling the PM on friday about the 9-11 scam-

I found it at 9-11 blogger

sockmonkey said...

sky spiders spinnig
psychopaths winning
good sheeple grinning
looks like the end is beginning

Eugene said...

Dear Les,

As usual, love it.
As usual, its too painful to grasp.

As you note. Everyone seems to know...and yet silence.

Considering this silent enigma of profound dimension, let us consider the maxims...

"Silence is the key to the mysteries" and "silence is consent"

The initiate may be hood winked to a something not quite grasped..but he at some point gave a nod of affirmation...they're banking on it.

See the bobble heads bobbing?

At Gehennas table, and the spread of the world is this table, there is one accompanying phrase "the morsel" said in drumlike precision. It entails one thing, we are eating our children as we worship our Gods.

Nothing else has been happening for awhile now, and I mean awhile.
I pray for a generation who wakes up and burns the entire fabricated world to the ground. What else but this will do?

Anonymous said...

It´s over 1 year since I last read your blog.Seen this post on whatreallyhappened.

Funny enough you have summed up my feelings pretty well.I think many folks feel like this.Nothing has been done.The loonies are running the asylum indeed.

Anonymous said...

The only possible solution is a Disorganized Resistance!! Read how to do it hers

Anonymous said...

I was very happy to have read this version of the current state of events. You brought up a great point that I think needs to be addressed: it does appear that something is going to happen. You mentioned how not must people but the animals are starting to go crazy, so whatever is on the way can only appear to be something we have never seen.

I just hope we are ready for this.....I can't say I am very hopeful though

Ronnie D. Traywick Jr.

Anonymous said...

And through a fractal on a breaking wall,
I see you my friend, and touch your face again.
Miracles will happen as we trip.

The last few days have had a strange feeling. Not like a silence before the storm. No, more of an awakening. Hope.

Anonymous said...

Kikz05, yes, beautiful analogy, Willard scrutinizing the dossiers, the sweat, the long waiting punctuated by crazy violence: "sound the horn, man" but who is our Dennis Hopper, who is going to explain all this with fingers and lit-up eyes?

Anonymous said...

Totally appropriate song for occasion. I laughed hard and long even though the reality of alcohol abuse is a sad one.


Anonymous said...

I DO believe George Bush possesses a clock like mine. The clock has only the number "5" in all the positions around the face. Then in the center of the clock it says "Happy Hour Begins at Five".
The perfect Bush Clock!!

Kniall said...

It's a virus alright. And it attacks conscience. I hear the only antidote is awareness and absorption of Truth.

Thanx Les

Anonymous said...

In some regards, Al Gore's agony after the stolen election of 2000 was the point of departure for me. Here was a man who was robbed of what was rightfully his, and no one spoke for him. No democrat, no republican....there was no honest man who wished to question what had transpired. I remember making the comment that in third world countries, a revolution would have ensued.
In the years since, what has followed has been simply amazing...not so much that transgressions against our people by our own government could take place, but that it could take place and be sanitized by so many in media that the average slob didn't blink.
And what we have now--the apathy--is a direct result of that early "dipping of the toe into the water."
Les, I thank you for writing what I have felt for a long time. It's nice to know you are not alone, but you will excuse me for saying that the arrogance displayed by those in power--the incredible cavalier approach of nonchalance in the face of opinion polls--makes me wonder if as you pondered in your last article, is it too late?
It's apparent these people know they hold the reins. They control the money, the military and the media.
Again, it all reminds me of They Live. Why do so few of us see? Why do fewer of us act?

Anonymous said...

I have two young boys and this is the thing that scares me most. To take them through what is coming. Also it bugs me that most people choose not to see what is happening even after I show them proof.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Grabbing hands, grab all they can
Everything counts, in large amounts!
Gold: $910/oz; Silver $16.50/oz.

Grabbing hands, grab all they can
Everything counts in large amounts
(Depeche Mode)

You take it from there!

Anonymous said...

Quote: You can see it flicker in your peripheral vision.

So, you've been seeing things, too?

I've been seeing flashes and streaks of light. They used to only appear at the edges of vision, but now they sometimes streak by right in front of me.

Last night, I had just turned out the lights on my way to bed when a broad streak of light shot past me about five feet away.

What do they look like? They look like those spirographs of dying electrons. (finish quote)

Anonymous, I got chills reading your comment. I regularly see those flashes of light, at least twice a day, and they always catch my attention.

I never can determine what it is that I see falling. But dying electrons... Indeed.

nobody said...

Thanks Les,

May I make a single clarifying side point? I expect it'll make people uncomfortable. But I don't care. The crimes of these fuckers ought not be left vague. Some known knowns -

- We know, from Carl Cameron on Fox, that every phone call in the US effectively goes through Israeli hands. All government phone taps likewise. Amdocs. Comverse Infosys.

- We know that mossad is an old hand in running 'honey-traps' - women, and men, using sex to ensnare someone. Mordechai Vanunu was captured in precisely this fashion.

- We know that the Israeli government ran a 'ringworm' programme that, in spite of the self-serving lies, used radiation doses 10,000 times greater than the known safety levels, to kill Sephardim school kids in their thousands.

- We know that pretty much every congressman and woman goes to Israel on Junket tours and gets put up in whatever hotel rooms are provided to them. Without proof, I feel perfectly certain that mossad, or shin bet, films and records everything that goes on in each of those rooms.

Now let's go through the looking glass.

- We know that both Beria, Stalin's head of 'security', and Chen Boda, Mao's head of 'security', were procurers of underage girls for both of these men - organised paedophilia using the machinery of state for the top levels.

- We know that large organised paedophilia rings were run out of Boys Town in the US. When I say organised I mean bottom to top - cops dragging kids out of orphanages and kids being flown to Washington for 'soirees'.

- We know that the Children of God started out as a bunch of religious hippies living communally, and after coming under the leadership of a fellow named Berg, turned into maybe the greatest organised paedophile ring in history. Watch 'Children of God - Lost and Found'. It was on Fox last week. Steel yourself and be appalled.

Now the obvious question -

What could force congressmen to go along with every act of spectacular murderous depravity committed by the Israelis, and with their own constituents as cannon fodder? Gay sex, outside of marriage sex, weird waterworks sex, anything? Cop a plea to any of these and life can still go on. Me, I reckon only paedophilia, and/or murder, would fit the bill. And, if you're prepared to entertain Israeli state-sanctioned paedohilia 'honey-traps' as a concept, it's only the smallest of steps to assume that the poor, unknowing, underage er... witness would be whacked and thrown into the grainy wide-angle movie as the piece-de-resistance. Don't think they wouldn't do it.

I know there are sites out there completely hung-up and nutty on this subject. I ain't one of those guys. It's yet to get a mention on my blog for instance. But I think it pays to wonder at the precise mechanism behind all this and likewise, the precise nature of the fuckers that are taking us all to hell.

Academic said...

It's strange when I read my thoughts in someone elses words...where are the protests, the million man marches, the screams of appalled voices? All noticable in their absence. Although i hear the silent clamour of change too...the 100th monkey/paradigm shift is growing in strength, people everywhere are arriving at the same conclusion..."something" has to change and so it will. This portend of justice and truth fills me with equal measures of excitement and dread, we are living in the crack between civilisations and some will simply fall through...
Best wishes and thanks for the echo, tis heart felt

Visible said...

I'm hearing that people can't comment here. I'll look into it.

Anonymous said...

I liked it. I like the way you remain calm but also connected to the dangers and the unpredictability you're describing, because it shows that you feel them -- you're not just mouthing words that sound relevant.

I linked to it from my blog with a brief excerpt quoted and attributed, hope you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nobody for stating what should be obvious but is only ever hinted at.



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