Monday, January 28, 2008

In the Land of Personal Darkness.

One of the things that happen when you start writing on line- or anywhere- and if you happen to get read by some number of people is... you run into a lot of opinions about what you say and what you mean. Sometimes you didn’t actually say what provoked the opinion and sometimes you didn’t mean what got extracted out of it. It’s the nature of the beast. When you deal in words you have to accept that those words will impact differently on different people. We have the world as evidence that understanding is not a universal constant.

I consider myself singularly fortunate in the responses I get. One respondent said that I must have to filter a lot of trolls along the way. Actually, it is rare that I don’t post a particular comment. For some reason this site has not drawn the same acrimony I see rampant elsewhere. These are not easy times and they look to get less so. Right now it seems as if anything could happen. It is a very uncertain world.

All across the internet at the sites I visit I notice dire predictions. I see articles that tell us that we are locked into a terrible state. I’m told that every candidate in every election is a front for the same ruling elite whose intention is world wide enslavement. I’m led to believe that no one is who they seem to be and that we are screwed across the board. I don’t believe this for one minute.

I don’t believe this ruling elite has it all locked down. They may wish it were so but it is not. I believe there is darkness and devilry afoot in nearly every government on the globe but I do not believe it is triumphant. What I do believe is that evil tends to cancel itself out. These conditions have been with us as long as history has recorded it and before that too. There are always going to be those who want to prosper at the expense of their fellows.

We cannot blame all our problems on these predators among us who take advantage. You have only to look around you to see your fellows who have enslaved themselves to materialism and the pursuit of personal comfort at the cost of their ideals; though some may never have possessed much in the way of ideals. You can see it in the way they indulge their offspring as if somehow they were giving them a better life, only to equip them with ill health and a bad attitude.

If evil is the pursuit of self interest to the detriment of those around you then it can be said that there are degrees of this evil. It moves from the simple offenses of the brutish natures in our midst to the high intelligenced, calculating evil of those who do it for the sheer joy of it. Besides the rise of fascism and tyranny, ‘political correctness’ also stands as their equal in the damage done to the well being of the social order.

Some evils are more pervasive and among those are the common ignorance of the masses and the willful dumbing down that is epidemic in the mix. Zionism also is a terrible plague in that it infiltrates through every area of life via disinformation and suppression of speech and thought. This allows for the Palestinian genocide that continues from day to day as if it were an acceptable destiny. All that the Palestinians have ever done wrong was to be ejected from their homes and their lands, to be separated from their families and to object to their condition. Consonant with their terrible state is the constant false flag operations by their oppressors that make them combatants whether they want it so or not. It is despicable.

In the seven years that the present American administration has been in power and in which it was not legally elected once, we have seen more trouble come upon the planet than there has been in a long time. Corporations act at will with utter disregard for the well being of the population. The worst of us are in power and the best of us are reviled and shunned. It requires only a lack of principles and a slavish nature to do the will of the overlords in exchange for position to guarantee a position in the complex of oppression.

There are many of us who work to point out the inequities of the time and to offer what solutions we are capable of divining. Yet, often enough we are opposed and criticized by others of our kind for the cheapest sort of reasons; we’re not comprehensive enough, we’re not recognizing the real evil which they recognize, it’s not the Zionists it’s the Vatican, it’s not the politicians it’s the bankers and my personal favorite, we shouldn’t be saying it because we said it before you did... and they really need for us to know that they said it first so they are just brighter and quicker and more informed... although they’re accomplished nothing so far; any more than any one else has.

In my own case, I’ve been saying what I have been saying for longer than there was an internet, not just since I came online to voice my perspective. My tune hasn’t changed and it was the same before this internet came about as it is now. It’s more refined and maybe clearer but it’s the same.

We’re not going to get very far if all we’re concerned about is how much more right we are than those saying the same thing in a different way. I’m amazed at how many smug people there are that know the truth better than others do who think simple possession of their small portion of knowledge is enough to justify their scorn of those they consider less well informed than they when they haven’t accomplished a damn thing.

Changing the world has to begin with a righteous self-inquiry and it has to lead to collective effort. I noted during the Vietnam War just how many of the voices of opposition were more interested in their own political and social advancement more than they were the end of the war itself. I see the same thing today. We’re surrounded by people who may well be telling the truth but whose motivation is a bigger market share and more click throughs which puts them right on their way into the mass media and all the compromises which will surely follow along with their wider exposure.

It is the enemy within as much as the enemy without that is the problem. We won’t have much success with the latter unless we confront the former first and we won’t achieve real success if all we have to offer is to say that “we had the answer before we heard you speak the answer, so your answer is redundant. The truth needs to be said over and over again. It needs to be lived before it is spoken and it needs less conflict with its fellows to be effective.

Most importantly, we’re not totally screwed. We’re not in concentration camps, though some of our fellows are. We are not in global financial ruin. We are not fighting angry mobs and invading armies from our patios and cellar windows. We’re not there yet and there’s no guarantee we will be there. Let’s not create more evil in our imaginations than we already have present. What we have is sufficient and sometimes is misidentified as evil, given that we don’t always understand what’s going on or where it’s going.

The urgent condition we need to address is the disinformation that is stripping us of our freedom of movement, our freedom of thought and speech and causing distrust of each other. We need to realize that there is no Al Qaeda except as a bogeyman construct to prey on our fears and that nearly all of the terror activities are being designed and committed by those empowered to protect us against them. We need to work together because their biggest weapon is their ability to divide us against each other. Not one of us has said anything first and not one of us has said it better than it was said a long time ago. We are just the voices of the present repeating what was spoken long, long ago.

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Anonymous said...

Don't lose focus. Glenn Greenwald is laser sharp, today reporting on the FISA filibuster debate. This is the nuts and bolts of police state construction, happening today.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, bien dit, spot on. Good advice.
I saw the title/link on WRH ten minutes ago & just knew "That's Les, he has a new essay up!" So it was.

Anonymous said...

Dear BlogRolling,

I resent your insinuation that I have an opinion in the first place. Who are
you to decide whether I think or not on any given day?

I also find dismay with your contemptuous description of words in general;
"impact differently" indeed! And, if I want extract I will not squeeze words,
but rather open a bottle of Adam's Best™ instead.

You are correct however when you state that "anything could happen".
However for time travel to the past to be possible, everything has to be
happening all at once, ALL THE TIME - but that's another subject.

Is it politically correct to state "political correctness"?

Then you go on to trash the Internets. Don't you know Al Gore invented
the Internets? He said so on live television! Why have you given no credit
to him?

Evil Shmevil... There is no evil that a TASER can't take care of. Why they're
so effective the police all across the country are now using them on a daily
basis. Evil innocent people are being electrocuted to death (sans the
cumbersome chair). Now THAT'S progress!

Just one final note about your writings....
Without them I would be a much less sane and rational person.
Without them I would still be trying to wipe the mud off my glasses.

Your words (writings) have even more value than I think you are aware of.

Anonymous said...

need air ?

ever see " Stagecoach "? calvary is a comin' .. and its frikin tree

Anonymous said...

Another finger-on-the-pulse aarticle, Les, and one which hits quite close to home for me. At no point in time have we ever seen the incredible power of the media than in the past 7 years. Through its "let's read it and quickly turn the page approach", American society has seemingly paid little attention to what the monsters in charge have foisted upon the masses. No American administration has ever shown such a complete and cavalier lack of regard for the Constitution. No American leadership has ever seen fit to sacrifice its citizenry--whether soldier or otherwise--as this one has. That it continues to get away with it is mind numbing. That a leading candidate can proudly exclaim "more of the same" and lead polls is utter insanity.
Welcome to America.
As someone who works with teenagers, I am most alarmed by the apathy that this generation of kids has. While a comparison between now and the 60's would be a false analogy--the civil rights struggle is no longer as overtly with is and Iraq differs from Nam only in that we have not had the draft reinstated yet--the general climate among our youngsters of both eras is quite noteworthy, and very troubling. It surprises me that so many kids not only don't care about what has taken place, but they also have no sense of history. It troubles me that the country I'm leaving my kids is one that I've allowed to devolve into one which seemingly has designs on running the world. It troubles me that freedoms I've enjoyed will likely not be there for them, at least, not given this course. It distresses me that we've allowed lies to obfuscate truths, that we've allowed individuals to be "swiftboated", that we've allowed truth-tellers to be deominized and protesters to be called "anit-American" or "aiding terrorists" without loud outcry.
I blame the media for the apathy of kids today, but I also blame the inaction of adults. And Les, given my vantage point, apathy is the great evil, as well. It's a great enabler for the liars, for evil-doers and for megalomaniacs.
I often wonder these days if George Orwell knew what he was doing in penning "1984". We have gone there, and beyond.
Lastly, you talk about this site as one that does not suffer the same ills as others. Of course not...individuals here have to think.
You state that the noose hasn't tightened around our collective necks yet, and that evil tends to cancel itself out. I wish I could share your optimism. Having watched the past 7 years in amazement and having seen little in the way of mass resistance, I have to wodner about the noose. Politically, militarily and economically, one could say the deck is stacked against those with a sense of history, and those with a sense of the reality of things.
This is not a pretty time.

Anonymous said...

Great post, but I already said this.

Cranston, you are a Genius of the first order, a new order. A worldly one.

I am a doom believer and appreciated the reality check, even though I think its a bit rosier than I imagine.

Everyday our inalienable rights become alienable and we're closer to my dark vision.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

You've brought many great minds together les. You "speak" in rythms that resonate deeply within many of us longing to affect the paradigm around us in a greater magnitude. I havent found another place on the web with this type of interactive communication between so many diversely like-minded people. We all have the power, the tools, and the will to make this place (earth) more suitable for ourselves and our children. So , feeling that positive change starts within ones mind, and then outward into ones community. What are some ideas that would be effective and efficient in introducing new ways of living, and news that doeasnt reach the average joe in our neighborhoods? I have ideas such as this concept ive posted before of "Free free trade" which you can lookup at But one idea isnt gonna do the trick.. So suggestions ? anybody?

Peace, Love, and Unity

Anonymous said...

I'm not into mutual admiration societies but give consideration where it is due. I like this blog because of the thoughtful penetration of the issues that goes on here, mainly from the insightful owner of the blog. Todays post is particularly poignant and I couldn't figure out why at first but it appears that blogrolling has identified, without saying so, the actual difficulty that humanity is grappling with.

It is much like that of someone who receives a complicated electronic device that he must assemble before using. Without instructions and some concepts relating to its function he will flounder and the inevitable trial and error will demonstrate the great misunderstanding.

All things in the universe operate under law whether it be perceptible or not. Science demonstrates these laws from time to time though it more often only penetrates the subsets rather than the over lying principles. Of course it is that way. For now.

Humanity is under natural law. Do we know what these laws are? Probably not. If we did know and observe these laws our interactions with each other would be at least as harmonious as the rest of the interactions between the rest of, if I may say it, creation.

Now, you can brush my suggestion aside, and I know many will. And then again, many will be gone from this plane of existence in a short while. I'm losing you I know...but stay with me here.

Ask yourself why we exist. Look at the rest of systems that are traveling along in time with us. What is their apparent purpose?
Could it be that everything that is not humanity exists to support humanity? I don't mean at all that everything else exists to be at the whim of the little men who know nothing but own everything material. Thats just the way things are now. It has to be that way. For now.

Why is it that way now? Could it be that the generality of people have not the desire to learn and embrace the principles for the existence of a harmonius, just and consequently peaceful humanity?

Is it possible that the present chaotic activity happening now is a prerequisite for the coming of age of this relatively new and evolving creature?

Don't write this possibility off too easily by comparing it with your acquired knowledge. You may have come by your knowledge inside a system that is supporting the chaos and ignorance and may very well be as misinformed as the nice little, clean little, sweet little man (from an old old joke that everyone should have heard by now) standing behind the curtain operating the levers as the shit hits the fan.

Okay, so there are some principles and you don't know what they are. One problem you face is finding them in the first place, verifying that they are indeed the laws for the successful and harmonius function of humanity here on earth and then of course, you must gather your courage to embrace and act upon what you most certainly know to be true.

Everyone gets to decide for themselves if these principles are THE PRINCIPLES! We all have a choice in the matter of accepting or denying.

You will have to be a person, as far as I can tell anyway, who really wants to know what the truth is about us (humans). If you don't, if you are half hearted and beaten down or conversely too full of your own self, sadly, you may not have a chance. If there is a spark of love for the spiritual attributes of courage, justice, love, charity, honesty, felicity, peace, personal responsibility for the investigation of the truth, equality of men and women, the necessary agreement of science and religion, a spiritual solution to the problem of poverty and all else that can bring us goodness and light here on earth you will want to see what I see. Please go here:

There will be one thing there for each sincere one who visits that will attract you and cause you to dig, to improve your scientific method, to refine your epistemology and to strive to understand as you never have before. If you are put off at all, to save yourself from grief, do what is necessary to ascertain if you are separated as by a veil from the truth by that sense of being put off. One tiny blind spot may obscure the whole truth.

The Thought that brings us into existence is complete with that which is helpful to our persons when we look with a spotless unprejudiced eye. It even provides us with that which can remove the spot that obscures the reality. You are totally worth it, so give yourself a chance. Take a long and careful look.

The truth itself stands up before the most withering of scrutiny. Be careful not to assume anything about your methods or your acquired knowledge. Improve them as you go, dear ones. Awaken again to that glorious light that compassed you briefly in your past. You will know it when you see it again.

annemarie said...

Is it possible that the present chaotic activity happening now is a prerequisite for the coming of age of this relatively new and evolving creature?

Yes :)

Anonymous said...

Well spoken, I too have known since I was 18 (in 1975)about most governments devilish doings and attempts to divide the people and I have been trying to reunite people ever since. The governments of the world are not the big problem as much as individual greed. We as a people may complain about mass media, but who goes without cable TV? Few do. I have lived in creative situations without some modern conveniences (my recording studio in Anaheim CA, in a business complex without cable TV, a bath and shower!). I have always lived without looking for the government to enable me. I just want the opportunity to do business. So far , I am still in the game!

Anonymous said...

Nice, Les.
This' why you are getting the responses you are.
ps I just looked up the word 'banal'

Anonymous said...

You know, it's odd. I read "just remember's" posting and I see things at a different level. I don't see the evolution of a new creature but rather, that which has been discussed in Revelations. I don't wish to preach to any reader. Every individual has to find their own path. But whether disease, strange weather, political graft,hatred, the erosion of morals (and certainly in keeping with Les' sobering comments of pedophilia recently) persecution of believers or war, it all seems to be right there.
I don't believe in trying to prognosticate the future, but perhaps if nothing else, the Bush regime has led me to having my antenna raised.

Anonymous said...

you've got to know that I love that article. That's what makes you shine for me even though I prefer the Visible Origami but that song. That song is tops brother and boy does it play hell with what you just said. I feel like putting construction barriers up all around you with a sign that says, "Artist at Work." Sometimes you just blow my mind.

Anonymous said...

Ya didn't respond to mine...
Anyway, well put, and insightful as always.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff les

If 'They' were in absolute control, there'd be less of the suppression and coercion we see growing daily. I think, (hope?), that 'Their' actions in the world are in fact, reactions

A friend of mine, a psychologist and astrologer, said it best for me- "you need a bright light to cast a dark shadow, and the brighter the light, the darker the shadow". The shade is deep and growing and we must take heart from each other. Which is what you are doing les, thank you

just remember and annemarie said -

"Is it possible that the present chaotic activity happening now is a prerequisite for the coming of age of this relatively new and evolving creature?"

- and I just wanted to say it too


Anonymous said...

What an interesting blog! It's refreshing to hear someone voice the idea of not playing the victim and just taking care of business.
Yes things are getting grim, so our antennae are growing and we are getting smarter. After all, this has been going on forever, the veil is much thinner these days.
Precisely why the neocons cant win in the long run, they are all about power over instead of a much more sustainable choice of power from within.(see pre-Babylonian societies.)
Thank you for posting.I'll be looking forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

Indeed....this battle has ranged for millenia (truth and love versus lies and hate), we are approaching the culmination and final reckoning. The only way that the 'evildoers' can win is if good men do nothing...or more eloquently 'When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle' (Burke, 1770). Burke also said 'People crushed by law, have no hopes but from power. If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to laws; and those who have much to hope and nothing to lose, will always be dangerous'.
Whilst i know with a strange certainty that time will change (literally time...the way we measure it, relate to it and move through it...time is money R.I.P!), this certainty is coupled with an equally strange notion of hope...'Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies' (Shawshank Redemption, 1994)

Visible said...

There is a new piece here.

Be well my friends.

kikz said...

as mirrors reflect the origami's folds.....

as above, so below...

as within, so without...

for the great work to commence...

blind force must be regulated by intellect,

the base must be purified and refined by fire,

only then can lead be transmuted into gold

and the alchemy accomplished.

as always, wonderful article les :)

Anonymous said...

When I was subjected Unvoluntarily to military mind control, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, harassment, coercion, threats of varying degrees, chemically induced hallucinations, forced vaccinations, near death experiences, voluntary drug usage, excessive alcohol usage,mind altering conversations with high level black ops agents as a young man, ( some 20 years have since passed) I used to think that civilians have it so comfortable. Now I have resided overseas voluntarily for about 18 years beleive I can vouch for the insanity affecting America,did I forget to mention the Mossad broke intomy apartment and threatened my girlfriend while I was visiting the states once? We (you do have serious problems) but then again, residing in Germany and having struggled with extreme forms of rascism, hatred and vivid fascism, ( nazism is very much abundant in spirit and practice, albeit less in your face as under Hitler)I tend to think that you in America have a fighting chance,becauseyou see it so clearly, so there. The danger is though that it´s more sublte, more non-local, more abstract in laws, not really out of the box and onto your throat yet. My subjective views and opinions are objective in their portrayal, yes the opposite is usually the truth today, so listen to your media cooks and chefs, they´ll spice it well, so no aftertaste lingers.

Anonymous said...

As I sat there and watched the republican primary results for Florida roll in tonight--along with the hoopla associated with McCain's win--it struck me. We've become a nation of idiots. How else can one explain it? We regard candidates in the election much as we regard our favorite football team. We could care less about any issues that surround the players.

What idiot supports John McCain? What complete imbecile ignores what he promised this past Sunday if he is elected---much more war. Here is a guy who has anger issues, a guy who routinely rattles the sabre where Russia is concerned and a guy who said he wouldn't have needed evidence of WMD's to go into Iraq....and people are wildly cheering this maniac? What complete lunatic gets all hot and bothered for a guy like this...A war-mongerer with an anger problem.

We are a nation of idiots.

My great fear in all of this is that we have a segment of people who won't vote for a black man, just as we have a segment who won't vote for a woman. Horror of horrors, and God forbid if this piece of trash wins the presidential nod.

Anonymous said...

Foreign (i.e., Israeli) Thought Police Target U.S. Candidates (viz.,
Ron Paul)

After carefully not so much as mentioning his name for the past month, and banning him from their "debate" in N.H., Faux Noise gloated last night that Paul had "flamed out" in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...



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