Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Care and Feeding of the Practical Psychopath.

Every generation has its challenges, its wars and its peculiar identity. Every generation replaces the one in front of it and gets replaced by the one behind it. The enemy of each generation is always the same. It changes its clothes and terrain. It moves in and out of political ideologies and religious dogmas but it’s the same enemy.

Defining the enemy isn’t an easy thing. You’re dealing with continuous shape-shifting. You think you are confronting it in front of you when it is actually leaning over your shoulder and advising you. You find that it agrees with you and is on your side only to discover that it has used its seeming alliance to discredit what you believe in; to misrepresent what you believe in.

One day it’s the communists, next day it’s the Nazis, today it’s the Zionists. Tomorrow it will morph into something else. It’s always about disinformation and confusion. It’s always about treachery and deceit. While it is filling your head with Al Qaeda and terrorism it is muscling up against Russia about Kosovo and running Columbian insurgencies against Venezuela. It’s always moving on to the next conflict where it’s selling weapons to both sides.

It’s controlling the information into the mass mind. It knows that you know about it. It also knows that all it has to do is to control the larger portion of humanity that does not possess objective reasoning in order to make you ineffective.

It controls the flow of money. It opens the tap and closes the tap. It prints money out of thin air. It goes back to ‘the big dogs in the yard’. No matter what time in history you find yourself in, the big dogs are there along with the pigs and the reptiles. It’s an unfortunate truth that animal characteristics express themselves through human agency when the human agency is open to that expression. This comes about when greed and the will to power predominate over the inspiring angels of our higher nature. You see a lot of it when materialism is in the ascendant as it is today.

You can say we’re at war because of external threats; political differences, the machinations of bankers, hegemony and the demands of empire or any of the usual appearances which history has shown so many times. But... there’s only one war going on and that is the war between our higher and lower natures. The corporations and the bankers and the politicians and every enemy of the greater good for the greater number all work to turn you against yourself; to make humanities lower nature predominate.

This is what dumbing down is all about. This is why the usual entertainments are all cheap entertainments and why what passes for music today is full of ‘pimps’ and ‘bitches’ and ‘ho’s’. This is what tabloids are about and what Rupert Murdoch is about. This is how you get worked and controlled; by playing to your lower nature and by making you appear to be less than you are... by demeaning humanity in it’s own eyes. The trashiest aspects among us are being held up as icons of success. The worst liars have the most airtime. There is nothing accidental about any of this.

The sub prime mess and housing crisis... the millions living on edge; this has all been intentionally manufactured. The first thing we must all realize is that we are considered as nothing more than pawns and canon fodder to the big dogs in the yard. The next thing that must be realized is that we are dealing with psychopaths and it would behoove us all to know just what that means. It is also important to remember that though psychopaths are not human as we understand that term, they are practical. More on that later;

You become a slave when you cease to be your own master. None of what is going on is new. It’s older than ‘bread and circuses’. It’s about distraction and Jack in the Box non-existent enemies that the state creates. It points at the enemy with one hand and draws you into its protective embrace with the other. It blows up trains and buildings and makes laws to protect you from these events which results in increasingly restrictive legislations against your freedom of action, speech and thought. It is right out of Orwell but it was going on long before that.

I tend to believe what Oswald Spengler taught. I believe in cycles. Sometimes it looks dark indeed and sometimes it seems to be “getting better all the time”. The fact is that is just moves from one to the other. The fact is that no one has ever taken over the planet and that no particular evil has ever prevailed. It is true that millions upon millions have been murdered and tormented in unpleasant ways but the vehicles that caused these things did not last. Somehow humanity moved on. This present evil will not prevail either. Do not believe that.

Do not believe the doomsday prophets. Do not believe that the big dogs in the yard will prevail. Despair is just another weapon of the enemy and it always comes back to the way you are made to feel about yourself. You are made to feel powerless. You are placed into debt so that you have to struggle to stay afloat and not be given the luxury of dissent or you will not even have the job that keeps you bobbing in the waves. You are being blackmailed with the threat of greater misfortune if you do not continue to turn the hamster’s wheel.

We hear that Don Imus actually went down because he threatened to reveal things about the 9/11 false flag op. Now we hear that Dennis Kucinich has backed off of his impeachment effort. We notice that with the absence of Cynthia McKinney there might not be another honest member left in congress. Something very heavy is going on behind the curtains. No one is speaking truth to power. What can this be that is pressing down on all of our legislators that no one seems to have the balls to talk about?

There can be no doubt that the psychopaths are running an efficient game upon the human race. There can be no doubt that they intend us harm upon harm. There can be no doubt that we have no elected officials with the will to oppose them. There can be no doubt that the present American administration is a criminal enterprise. There can be no doubt that America is under the control of a foreign power.

Psychopaths are practical, remember that. Realize that we do not have the guns to storm the castle. Besides the reality of this fact there are other ways to succeed. I have said it before and I am going to say it again. We the people must stop the wheel. We must cease to work and to consume except for basic needs. If we do not feed the beast with our time and money the beast will have to adjust. Somehow, some way, what I am saying here has to be repeated all across the internet. Somehow, some way, some courageous souls must organize and it must catch fire across the country and the globe. A week must be set aside in which some large part of the planet does nothing, in protest of what is happening. It must happen again and again until it succeeds. Psychopaths are practical.

Large spontaneous gatherings of people need to occur. People need to gather in large crowds as a statement that things, as they are and have been, must end. These could be like the old ‘be ins’ of the 60’s. There is no need for anything more than the presence of the crowd. There is no need to chant or act out. Silent witness is a good ticket.

Those who sponsor the liars and support the horrors visited upon people in foreign lands should have their products boycotted across the board. Somehow, some way, enough of us have to catch hold of this idea and make it happen. I guarantee it will work. There is no greater power that we have than this; that we stop contributing to anyone and anything that does not have our best interests in mind. We the people. “We the people.”

You have a choice, seize the moment and bring these big dogs to heel. We are far more powerful than they. Your choice is whether you now cry, “Hold! Enough!!!” or whether you have something far worse thrust upon you further down the road. There is no avoiding this issue. Either you act soon or you will be compelled to act later after even greater and more protracted suffering. We can expect nothing more from our leaders. They have failed us. We can expect nothing from public and religious leaders and famous entertainers, nor can we tell the difference between them. We must now expect something from ourselves. We the people.

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Unknown said...

Inspired, powerful and true. The usual.

Anonymous said...

It always seems that when I find a cogent, articulate writer on the web- shows you how long I've been here- sooner or later they get swallowed up. I mean the really good ones, Carolontheweb, Chuck Pearson, Gerard Holmgren and even Les Visible.

But you came back, thank God for small favors. Someone who has actually heard of Spengler, who gets the bigger picture and doesn't mind actually describing in detail the mess we've gotten ourselves into, yet again.

Last night I read something that reminded me of you on another obscure little corner of the net, where the few remaining souls who can still think actually share ideas.

"Both political parties are controlled by the Culture-distorting group, forcing all the accepted kind of inner-political activity in America into its service. The technique of political control is through a vast bureaucracy, created since 1933, which is dominated and disproportionately staffed with members of the group. This administrative control is extended also over the armed forces.

In the financial world — which completely owns and controls the industrial — the power of this group is heavily disproportionate to its population-percentage. Its hold in this realm goes back to the War of Secession, when a few of the precursors of the invasion of 1890-1950 engaged in the arms traffic between the Confederate and Federal armies.

The result of all this is a powerful spiritual influence on the American people. This people reads the books which aliens write or edit for it. It sees the plays and cinemas it is allowed to. It thinks the thoughts that are put into its head. It is thrown into wars against American interests, which it can only lose. The issue of war and peace, life and death, is decided for America by the Cultural alien. America has been given a Semitic countenance. Americans who hold power hold it in deference to the alien. To oppose him dare no public men. Americans were told that they must be concerned with the partitioning of Arabia, and no national channel existed through which an American could deny fundamentally the world-picture which supported such a policy."

Francis Parker Yockey 1949

Anonymous said...

Perfect Les !! Power to the people, right on !! Peace, Dan from Olympia

Anonymous said...

As usual you strike the harmonious dischord...which resonates with truth.
"If you will not fight for the right" Churchill once growled, "when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

I can remember clearly the protests and riots here in the UK, fighting against the "Poll Tax" (later renamed the "Community Charge" and thereby successfully introduced). I have never paid either and nearly went to jail for the former. Thepeople then were prepared to sacrifice their freedoms for a greater cause, alas in the space of little over a decade such resistance has all but disappeared...I hope though...I hope.

My pet thoughts are somehow recreating a largely barter economy (trading goods for goods, services for goods and goods for services), with home pressed silver coins (silver by weight has a reliable, fairly stable value) replacing paper money for purchases not easily covered by barter...along with the 13 month, moon based calendar (Time and Money, the twin pillars of capitalist materialsim). Then a social revolution would quietly and inexorably begin...the consequences of which are inescapable for the vampires which feed of us.

Anonymous said...

Les, as usual you provide a clear and concise explanation and examination for things many of us have felt but never been able to put our fingers on.
While I can only agree that each generation has its own demons it must not only contend with but also beat back, each generation also has its defining moment in which it either acted or capitulated. In contrast, my father's generation--often called America's Greatest Generation by people like Tom Brokaw--asked no questions during the World War II era. It simply did what needed to be done. I am sure that there were many questions behind the shock of Pearl Harbor and yet, many men left their livelihoods here to battle a clear, perceived enemy--fascism. Most of my dad's little town never came back. They received their names on a plaque over at the church in the middle of town for their efforts. Many professional athletes, actors, musicians and yes, politicians, put everything aside along with the common man to fight the good fight.
I can't imagine that happening today. After all, you either "have" or "have not" in this society, and those who have do not fight wars.
In a strange sense, Vietnam was a defining moment for the 60's generation. Isn't it strange that it's taken many of us 40 years to see the "greatness" of those who protested an illegal war, those who "protested" for civil rights and those who refused to honor the draft.
And sad as it is for me to say, I can't see that happening today, either. Given the two types of active Americans listed above, we need the latter more than the former.
Les, as a musician you no doubt have heard George Harrison's "Beware of Darkness" from the aptly --and ironically, given your commentary of today--titled, "All Things Must Pass". The song states many of the things that you do and above all leaves you with the idea that the human spirit and mind are quite impressionable. In essence, if you believe that you live in deep, dark despair, you essentially do.

To this end, I have come to believe that all of what I hear from politicians--and more of what I see--is an illusion. These are not my friends. I have come to believe that the bureaucracy is so vast that only a total revolution will change the landscape of the common man. And since the revolution would be like the kids down the street playing a game of football against the Patriots, I have told myself that my own personal goodness--my own personal ability to do some good in the world, in my case with students, with family and with friends--is the only thing that should color my perception.

There are some things that we just cannot change. There are untold conspiracies that my mind cannot comprehend in terms of evil, complicity, betrayal and power, and as such, I've decided that the best I can do is to simply call out what I see in hopes others will open their eyes.

THIS generation has not had its defining moment yet, but the clock is ticking. It has allowed a diabolical administration to brazenly push a personal agenda under the guise of American interests largely without protest. It has allowed questions to be placed upon its electoral process, upon the idea of representation, upon the legitimacy of the document that was constructed to define the nation, The Constitution. Where are our leaders?

I still remember the vision of Al Gore after the outrageous 2000 election was stolen from him, without much rancor from "allies" other than McKinnon. His not running in 2008 speaks volumes to me. There is a man who knows what is going on here.

Thanks Les.

Anonymous said...

The proof's in the pudding Les.
Greed is the motive. Too much of anything is the indicator.
The excuses is the variable. So it's best not to accept any excuses.
I think as you say 'follow the money/power' is a good beginning.
How to rout it (greed) out is another thing?
Our religions in our western society have made us susceptible to the powers that be. We are brainwashed to not take the abusers to task and do what must be done for the ‘common good’. ‘But look at all the employment they produce’ – greed, from the ‘common’ man!
‘If’ it can be perfected (ha!) socialism is the way. Greed slips in there too.
So it’s greed – stomp it! Which we will not do so, back to the beginning.
How to rout greed out of our nature?
What we need is a strong benevolent dictator.
Who’s up for the job??
Excellent essay Les.
ps. My personal belief (although I like to think of myself as a pacifist) is stomp it, legally - of course.

Anonymous said...

you may view my profile at and my blog postings by clicking "my occasional articles" to the right of the profile. I believe that you will find me to be a person who had put away intimidation to speak truth to power - if that is the phrase you choose. Read, and let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Les, lets hope that the quality of your thought and expression swells the quoir to whom you preach, to unimaginable levels. One way of starving the beast I have been lead to (rather than stumbled upon) is this Canadian chaps website. It should work for anyone labouring under a 'Representative Government' system and in relatively small numbers WOULD starve the beast..LEGALLY.

Check it out for yourself mates, see if it fits what you want to accomplish, not only for you personally, but your fellow man
Cheers mate,

Anonymous said...

You say it better than I ever could Les, but here's how I say it to myself

Boycott, Dissent, Communicate

And it really doesn't matter what you boycott, or how trivial your dissent, or how inarticulate your communication

"A pot left under a slow drip soon fills to overflowing" - Buddha

I look forward to the day when on your blog we read "Here we go ..."

Visible said...

This isn't a bulletin board for people to promote their sites without commentary on the articles. I say that as an advisory for future efforts. I'll let it go through this time and hope that my reasoning is understood without the need for explanation.

Visible said...

Hi Geoff and thank you, my previous comment was not directed toward your entry. I didn't see it until I had put up my own so it left me in an ironic state that I am clarifying by the only available means.

Anonymous said...

BE SURE TO PAY YOUR TAXES. We are all hostages to psychopathic serial killer terrorists who have stolen our elections and are posing as our government. It takes a lot of money to hold a nation hostage. Just look at Iraq.

BE SURE TO PAY YOUR TAXES, so they can afford invade other independent nations, blow the arms off of babies, shoot their parents in the head, rape their 10-year-old sisters, and steal their national resources.

BE SURE TO PAY YOUR TAXES so they can continue to pay for their occupation of America. They need your money. It costs a lot to protect themselves from you. Good brainwashing programs are not cheap.

BE SURE TO PAY YOUR TAXES because “good roads” are more important than freedom and we all have to “do our part” to “spread democracy”, and to obey whatever other sound bites are planted in your brain.

Anonymous said...

Money makes the world go 'round and the big dog central banking psychopaths make sure it spins their way by encouraging your ignorance of your rights. Do you have a right to earn a living? If you know the answer to this you should also know that you therefore have no legal obligation to file a tax return, the instrument through which American citizens unknowingly support their own enslavement. The solution to the problem is in the mind of the guy we all see in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

It's Cynthia _McKinney_ and btw
the Zionut lobby already took
care of her. Bopping a Capitol cop
who manhandles you ain't kosher;
killing a million Iraqis tho is ok.

Anonymous said...

The problems we face are of greed and gluttony,
America's backbone industry is now the industrial war complex(IWC) .It is not by accident that America sold off all its old back bone industries.
those that work for the IWC earn very good livings these people don't care how many IRAQI die they grow fat on gluttony and greed of war.
Which means most of America will starve before these pigs even notice. Somewhere there is a hidden hand so pervasive ,so powerful that they have the congress scrambling to expand the IWC . While tent cities grow all across America they allow more and more illegals into America beause their credit is good unlike Americans they can get brand credit cards .Americans will find that those that can no longer pay their debts will be funneled into tent cities until they over flow and then the FEMA camps will open their doors to them . FEMA will certainly fire up the big gas fired furnaces to do away with the old and the sick amongst the caravan dwellers.
When America is on it's knees then will the North American Union take hold and America will be swallowed whole into the EU.
The day of the locusts is upon America may god have mercy on you

Anonymous said...

Thank you again les, for you speak the words my scattered thoughts deny me the privelage of typing.

J/w, any sites out there that maybe organize local demonstrations? Looked around myself with no luck. I assumed it wouldnt be that easy, but it would still be useful until it was shut down....

peace, love, and unity.

Visible said...

HI Folks;

Here's a comment that I just got and an example of the sort of thing I get now and then that I don't publish but I'll put it up as an example.

"Kosherbacon has left a new comment on your post "The Care and Feeding of the Practical Psychopath.":

Not one damn time do you have the guts to mention the enemy: JEWS.
Jews did 911 and all world wars. You can philosophize all you want but it gets down to one tribe and one RACE: Talmudic JEWS. They have got you cowed into being PC I see. Get your guts up and cut to the chase.
Jews hate freedom of speech so let's see which hog ate the cabbage on this little comment.
Oy Vey!
You want email? here tis:

Publish this comment.

Reject this comment.

Moderate comments for this blog."

Obviously this person doesn't read this blog because I've addressed all of these things at length but not in a way that is intending to provoke gratuitously. This kind of thing is often sent in by Zionists seeking to compromise the truth and discredit it. It also seeks to lump the Jewish people in with the Nazis in their midst. I don't think this way and it isn't out of fear.

If I think something I say it and even casual investigation here will show that. Anyway, I thought you'd like to see it and have an example of what I won't put up. Thankfully I seldom get this sort of thing but it does happen.

Anonymous said...

I'm struck by anon's comment:
"Our religions in our western society have made us susceptible to the powers that be. We are brainwashed to not take the abusers to task and do what must be done for the ‘common good’."

This is a somewhat contradictory note and one that again targets organized religion as being a culprit in the decline of the west. I don't buy it.

One hand says that the west was largely built upon the seperation of church and state. In some ways, that is a facade but where political power is concerned, one must wonder just how much religion influences politics here. I'd say that religious leaders are given lip service. I'd say evangelicals are used for their votes. I'd say that Bush won two elections thanks to voters who actually believed that he was a, cough, "born again Christian". And that was the extent of it. In the end, it was greed and lust for power that drove this group of maniacs.

The other hand asks, what would you have believers do, anyway? Should Pat Robertson be my mouthpiece? He's more insane than what we have in Washington. How about the Pope? I'm a devout Catholic, but other than Benedict being the supposed middle man between me and the Almighty, he doesn't speak for me. You see, for many of us, religion is ultra personal. Pity that there are those who would misappropriate blame on organized religion. To me at least, that's simply another diversionary tactic of those in control, and odd as it is to say, just another piece of foreshadowing of what the future might hold for believers, if Revelations is any indication.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you have to deal with shit like that , but thanx for posting it.... I find humor in that type of senseless thinking. Im chuckling as i type.."" lmao thats funny stuff...

Peace Love and Unity(the holy trinity?)

Anonymous said...

Haven't we agreed before Les it's not the race, religion or colour of our eyes that is the problem it's weather we are psychopaths or sociopaths? Statistics say 6% of us are.
Just as certain jobs attract certain types of people warmongers are a certain type of person. Not blacks or whites or brindles nor Callithumpians or men from Mars.
If USA is anything like our country mental health comes a miserable last as far as the nations health goes. There’s the rub.

Visible said...

A few things; Iron Man, you must know that people have their reasons and ample evidence of crimes done. This is not to say that one cannot find within the structure of the church a fine course and a perfect result. You're an intelligent and compassionate man. We can agree to disgree now and again. I always look to why people feel as they do and it helps me to understand if I put myself in their place.

Lonely Wanderer; that's part of the cost of seeking the truth. It leads you into places that offend temporal power.

I am somewhat skilled at the fighting arts. But when I was in prison, all that I knew would not have saved me from a gruesome fate had not some black men befriended me and warded evil from my door. There was nothing in it for them but they did it.

There were times when I had nothing and my life had fallen apart and on a couple of occasions it was a Jew that saved my ass and asked nothing in return. On the other hand I have been severely betrayed by a black friend and by a Jew.

It never occured to me to think that it was because he was black or a Jew. It's human nature that some of us are flawed and it respects no color or creed.

In any case, the darkeness we must master is our own. Once done, no darkness in another can threaten us. I know that labels and difficulty in my career have come and may come from things that I say but this does not make one so nor the other insurmountable.

Everyone must choose for themselves whether they will compromise or not. And everyone will learn the cost and the value of either course.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for your poignant, timely essay. It is high time we all realize that if we want our government to change, the change begins with the governing of ourselves. The bell is tolling....

Anonymous said...

World history in a Nutshell
"The triumph of the heartless over the mindless."


Anonymous said...

The world has always consisted of crooks, suckers, and lazy cowards. We have lost the arts of discourse, reading and writing, because of television. The crook media has kept us stuck as puppies.

Skully said...

Hey thanks to you I have decided to start my own blog here and I am so grateful Jeff Rense for posting your blog at his page that is where i read it at . I too can not agree more the time is now to stand up and stop the madness that has enslaved Earth...SkullyPlace

Pasha said...

I suspect you and I would be no different from those cold blooded types had we been the ones that been born with an almighty silverspoon, as we know power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Alas we suffer from a condition called humanity, an oxymoron if there ever one was one.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post. I agree with all of it.

Traditional ethics based on the Greeks says that each human being govern his own self. Within the human being there are rational, irrational animal, angelic and demonic qualities. When individuals are dominated by their rational intellect and the large numbers, the society outside is governed in the same way by its leaders. And when individuals become demonic...the leaders of society become the same. One reflects the other. So if we want to overcome the demonic leaders we are empowered as individuals to be ruled by our own intellects and to refuse the animal and demonic to gain dominance. This is a powerful situation to be in...we can change things for the better when we start with ourselves and build communities based on our powerful understanding of how it works.

Anonymous said...

I don't have time to plow through all the comments, so i'll address the main article:

Right on, dude. The big picture- In the end of this present world (reality) there will be one test, and this test is administered to individuals, not to groups. We each, alone, must pass or fail this test, without help from anyone else.

The test is: Will you remain human, with the characteristics of the :higher nature" as the author puts it, such as compassion, empathy, helpfulness, generosity, mercy, kindness, gentleness, etc.?

Will you be able to maintain these qualities when everyone and everything around you conspires as a group, to kill, imprison, scapegoat, defame, torture, maim, lie, destroy, burn, loot, and desecrate?

On a practical level, will you hide the current demonized minority? Will you shelter and feed the homeless and the hungry? Will you speak out in defense of the highest human ideals when to do so will marginalize and isolate you?

That is the test before you. Times will become more difficult. Threats will appear from every side. Currently, some people are focused on the Zionists as the incarnation of evil. But there are groups opposed to them; the Jesuits, the Nazis, and many others, who are anxious to take the mantle of evil and wear it to further the destruction of human behavior. And these monsters of the far right are actually, and in reality, the same vicious reptiles that control the left. When I say "the same" I don't mean "like", or "similar to." I mean, literally, the exact same, as in there is no other.

We face a test in which, if all homo sapiens can be forced to abandon their humanity, the universe will turn towards darkness. Ultimately, all matter and energy will be destroyed. If only one homo sapiens retains her humanity, evil will be forever vanquished, and the universe will be able to move forward in its vibrational evolution. It's up to us. We are being watched closely by untold intelligences and civilizations, to see what the fate of the universe shall be. It is up to us to prove that love, (a catch-all word for the noble behaviors listed above) can survive and conquer the base animal nature within us.

Anonymous said...

god i hate to pee on this parade because you're basically right. you're seeing through the illusion. BUT :-) if you check back through history, you'll find that with every idealistic endeavor ever undertaken, ultimately one form of nonsense was replaced by another. the first example that pops into my head is the russian revolution.

this is the next layer of the illusion that you need to start seeing through. this realm wont work any other way. when you slay a dragon another replaces it. idealism IS the catalyst for change, but it can't change the good/evil duality. in the equation that produces this realm, that duality is a constant. otherwise, the universe has no choice but to grab it's ball and go home.

you're going to think i'm a shill for the 'big dog', but it's not true. consider this ... what happens if we stop trying to slay the dragons? what happens if we just accept, approve, and bless the evil? you're assuming that psychopathy always has to be bad. it doesn't. what if you were to just lose the righteous indignation, smile as if you know something that no one else knows, and go out into the world and ride the currents and waves to your own personal benefit without, of course, stepping on too many necks is the process? the losers are going to lose anyway. idealists end up as losers.

Anonymous said...

An anonymous said:
>...which means most Americans
>will starve before these pigs
>even notice....."

Join the world!

"Haitian Mud Pies"

Anonymous said...

The media is standing on a fine line between losing the rest of it's paying *viewers trying not to come off as a branch of a corrupted government (*the people who actually have money to buy the various crap they advertise for 20 minutes on the hour), and keeping it's jobs by not pissing-off the zionist bosses, must be very difficult for them. If I step over the line straying what is written by BlogRolling, I'm sorry.

Here's the deal.
At this present time in human history, the babble Faust journalist ,also known as "Intellectual prostitutes" to more than a few of us, it's surviving on a total lack of consciousness by feeding offa' fear. It is these "sub-human" pimps and pushers that are working ever harder for the news shows, political brothels, fixed elections and the blatantly obvious Fleecer Empire that all has to be told to stop.

Face to face.

With today's more reliable information sources (we owe our thanks to for the inspiration and making us the more knowledgeable getting the straight facts) helping us to seriously reflect on dishonest and point blank, "EVIL," governments, the long pause for hope is long past. It's high time we all decided today just what to do with them. The murky waters empire feeds off of terrorism and revolutions, as many best sellers will prove that it was indeed conservative minds who created al-qaeda. What we are dealing with is a process, which consists in fabricating an enemy to justify conquest. Former DEA's would probably agree, next to the "war on drugs", the "war on terror" is the biggest fraudulant objective that is nothing short of convienant in it's timing and is just what big government ordered from it's PNAC menu.

It is those bought-and-paid-for public officials and immoral government policies and it's enforcers who send the smiling MSM idiots into cued impish grins and fits of laughter. They will no doubt become psychiatric material when they start waking up pissing themselves from too many faux pau flash backs. Way too many Iraqi people alone have died for America to ever claim "victory" and any kind of "honor", for that matter. It's not suppose to be about that anyway. It's not about revenge, it's simply about doing what is right.

As enough American's get tired of losing their jobs and homes and family members to "rich men behind the scenes", we must then try and get together and stand at the front doors of the CNN's, the FOX's, CBS's, NBC'S, ABC's, TIMES, the SUN's and demand justice. Not to be called "payback", this is what keeps these useless "tools" above the law and lets them keep pointing downward at us. It's about starring down the empire with an enlightened public who has put the life back in living. Tired of being played the fool?

Truth is the Trogan.

Anonymous said...

I am not a racist, an anti- semite or an anti-anything. However I feel that I must point out that when any sect, race, religion, creed or other group conspires through nepotism, favoritism, exclusionism, and an array of other isms to control human thought such as the jews have done with the world's media we must consider that the group has as its purpose no less than the enslavement of the rest of us. Is the average citizen clamoring for war without first having been subjected to a dazzling array of salesmanship and cheerleading? When the technology exists to control the mind of man can we blithely assume that it will not be used against us? The Psycho/sociopaths are not confined to any particular ethnic group, but their inspirationalists are.

Anonymous said...

I stopped playing the games years ago. NO TV. NO newspapers. NO products which were not directly necessary for survival and then I only buy from small local stores, never supermarkets. My business is oriented around small local suppliers and I do not play the advertising game.

It annoys hell out of me I still have to buy fuel to deliver my products but I am thinking about how to undercut that too. Also the phone company is another hard to avoid involvement but I do make their life hard when I can. LOTS of strident complaints. DO NOT carry any debt, or you are a slave.

DO Support the black market rather than the corporate one. BUT select your black marketeers with care.

I won't pay taxes, I refuse to fill in bureaucratic documents on principle and when they hassle me I make even worse ultimatums. EG: They send me shit about child support etc, fill in docs and send them in etc, even though I pay many times more than they say I must by private agreement. I tell them if I ever hear from them again I will cease all support of ex and kids and disappear. They backed down....

I am only one Rabbit and as such the system is closing in on me, but I refuse to buckle under. They know I will fight to the death and they know to enforce even the most minor rules will see me stand to the death so are not sure what to do with me. I have lost my family, out of her fear. I wish I was not so alone.

Until others are prepared to stand alone if needs be, I will remain alone.

BUT I will not surrender. I refuse to participate in the bullshit.

"Australia the Lackey Country."

kikz said...

"You become a slave when you cease to be your own master. "

snips from something i wrote a while back, answering questions of a devout xtian, who had no real understanding of the nature of freewill or its import..... reminded me of your latest..... thought i'd share :)

The E Ticket

the sovereign free will of the self over the self, otherwise known as Liberty, this is humanity's greatest gift from the creator.

but, with the gift of Liberty comes Obligation.

our obligation to the gift, is to claim it, exercise it and master it.

of course, external influences always, in some degree affect the freewill. if the reason had no exercise it could not grow, wisdom/acquired knowledge would be negated, there would be "no path". many institutionalized tyrannies, ancient and modern, exert their influence over the body and mind of man to prevent humanity's self-realization/cognizance of this innate existence/possession of this greatest gift, the sovereign free will.
examples inclusive, but not limited to; organized religion, -archys, armed forces, cults/gurus, state sponsored/controlled education, mainstream media..

general cognizance and cognizance of one's individual "sovereign free will" exists, but is latent at birth. the faculties of reason must be developed and exercised, (my will exists, it is mine alone... I am that I am.) if these higher faculties fail to develop through parental negligence/ignorance and/or are actively thwarted, the gift lies dormant/unclaimed and a state of ignorance (of the gift and/or the existence of it)
is maintained.

people with well exercised reason are not easily controlled. conversely ignorant people are easily distracted and controlled. if one can control another's mind, external controls needed are usually minimal or wholly unnecessary.
in essence, a lesson, an exercise of reason for both; those who would abuse their power over others, and those who would be abused.

we are dual beings, composed of matter and spirit; situationally capable of a higher/spiritual and a lower/animal nature, dependent on development of the rational faculties, our degree of mastery/control over them, and sheer circumstances of life. the avoidance of pain is preferable, but pain...mental/physical is sometimes necessary, but not requisite for a lesson to be taught/learned. what is pleasure, but the absence of pain? to bend to the lower animal nature may initially be the easier thing to do; but consequences of the action, and recovery from them is always harder, than having made the wise/right choice initially.

a higher path; the wise use of reason, yields a shorter path, utilizing reason allows, that the lesson is learned quickly w/o the same ground being trod over repeatedly. a lower path, the unwise use/misuse of reason yields a longer path, sometimes this entails having to cover the same ground(lesson) repeatedly until it is learned/mastered. both paths hold temptation, travail, rough & easy ground, hard/easy lessons, pain/pleasure, this is the nature of existence encased in matter, but both lead ultimately to the same end.

the question is then, would you rather take the short or the long way home? in this instance, my personal preference, is the short. learn/master the lesson, continue to the next level/lesson, Evolve. if we don't learn the lessons we are here to learn, our souls are to learn, we don't spiritually evolve. but first, one must come out of Plato's cave, and realize that shadows on the wall, are just that... shadows.

the gift and its journey - are the reward.
we're always meant to return, its not a question of either/or, just a question of when.

sockmonkey said...

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the worlds greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: "From bondage to spiritual faith; From faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From depenence back into bondage"
Alexander Fraser Tyler 1776

Anonymous said...

Well written piece! Your objectivity and clarvoyance is magnificent!

The most promising thing about your blog is the excellent responses from other viewers.

The responses to your piece proves that there is Hope!

It is certain that this message only appeals to inidviduals with certain mind set, so felling isloted is not the answer. Shining the light of truth on these issues will make the difference.

Anonymous said...

we can loose what we have, but not what we are.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this data out there. The more we agree upon an ideal scene, the more it will happen in the physical world. All of these actions being taken by TPB are meant to distract us, paralyze us with fear. These people are psychopaths indeed, to the point where their computation is that when everyone else is dead, they will finally be 'safe'. The good news is that they are poorly served by their minions and they ultimately can't complete a cycle of action. I'm not saying that folks who get caught in the middle won't get hurt, but they do not prevail. Ever.
I really like the "couch potato revolution", where there's essentially a general strike. For a populace in apathy, it's about the most causative thing they could do. It's even weirder if there are no overt gatherings. There is nothing for the great force-based monster to strike at.
My heritage is from eastern europe, and they had the art of civil disobedience down. Orders at the factory for 50,000 shoes would create 50,000 left shoes. Even if you were forced at gunpoint to work, you would do just enough to not get shot, but still subvert the machine. Lots of westerners take credit for the downfall of the soviet union, but trust me, if we hadn't been whittling away at it, wouldn't have happened.
Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I get irritated by small minded prejudices let loose on the web. I won't respond to them or feed them something to encourage the beast. There was a time I got into it with them, knock-down drag-out fights over the civil rights movement, in the classroom aisles when the teacher took a break, but no more, adulthood, life in general, is too precious to waste in anger. Especially after years and years of traveling the world over by sailboat landing into different cultures, assimilating, seeing from their eyes, very quickly it happens that you do not see skin color at all, you see actions and conditions of the people. You see they don't know any more about what's going "out there" than you do. You see they have better lives overall without dividing a "them" against a "they". This is especially true in the third world among people thought of as backward, illiterates, dirty, scroungers. My late father taught me the greatest lesson of all "Everybody has a story." Give me a couple of days with a powerful world leader on my home grounds and let him/her wear the rags and consume the scraps we are forced to endure. Let him hear our music and paint with us. Let him walk the mountains with me and talk to the boar and elk. Let him grasp Nature's perfect system, let him discover his interference with the program will kill his offspring. Then show him the doomsday seed vault. If he still insists on continuing the process of dividing all life into ugly jack-in-the-boxes and acts as a set of yakking dental jaws for a nefarious agenda, put him on leper-like island to act it out with other like-minded psycopaths that have no place in our world. Of course, for security reasons, that could never happen, we know this, therefore we know boycotting and sit-ins mean nada to the well-guarded beast flashing his saber as thoughtlessly as waving his reproductive apparatus in a G8. And knowing that mindset to be a certainty beyond argument, its healing for you to distance yourself and remain vigilant that it cannot, it will not, affect our own souls. We still own our souls. We don't have to consume what they cannot live without. We don't have to be in their lies. Whatever they may be, they are NOT me or you or us or our people, not the wildlife, not the vegetation, not the seasons changing, definitely not the Life Force, but a cellular deviation that must be isolated from the rest of us. You do know, I truly hope you do, the Jewish people in general, in Israel and in the US, are just as much in the dark as Americans are. Comb through ISI's activities and China's overstuffed mattress someday when you feel like a good joke. Its everywhere now, its beyond the brain's capacity to take it in or react positivly, we must't fall in with them if we are to birth an Einstein, a Bach, a Rene Descartes, a Lao Tze, a William Carlos Williams, a Judith Jamison, a John Coltrane ever again.

Imnaha said...

The writers who address this "Matrix Issue" (for that's what this really is), with the greatest clarity are those I call "astral pioneers". Explorers / writers like Paul Twitchell, Robert Monroe and William Buhlman.

Twitchell writes: " Man is a God clothed in rags: he is a master of the universe going about begging a crust of bread..."(from In My Soul I am Free); Monroe writes: "...Get through being angry at how the system works, the seeming inequities, the unfair advantages,the brutalities, the callousness, the deceit. It's a predator world by design-and it's a superb teaching machine."
(Ultimate Journey)and William Buhlman writes: "...our beliefs are the anchors that hold us to the illusions of this world.."and "Never under estimate the powerful impact of beliefs within your life. They color your perception, manipulate your thoughts and hinder your spiritual progress in subtle and overt ways. Examine everything, believe nothing, and do your best to cleanse the lens of your mind. As for me, the word "belief" actually means "block" and I reject them all.."

So a lot of people here are addicted to the "Earth Life System", addicted to the "drama" of this predator planet. The pioneers have stepped outside and have returned with the key to the prison door.

Just pick up the key , Lee

Anonymous said...

Lochness, love is reading the comments, it is respecting the thoughts and feelings among us, and you might miss this comment too, in your hurrying, which I suspect is more a flow chart of procrastinations, but love is all. Love is the entire point of living. Self-actualization is love. Out there under the starry skies, all alone at the helm far, far from sight of land, everything else becomes cartoonishly small and insignificant on the black seas navigating your way to an undefinable destination, appreciation of what you are doing at that very moment is all there is. You CAN be in tune with the elements anytime, anywhere, but for most people, the loss of a loved one is the only time they might really catch a brief glimpse of what we're doing here on this planet. But if they don't see it completely, if the glimpse into eternal, fundamental truth is not allowed expression, the insight is lost through a lifetime habit of responding to outside interference, interference such as the ruse of rushing to master prioritized obligations which really, are the stumbling blocks you've laid in your path in order not to weep in humility. The powerful Lochness monster does not weep.
Survival is love. Respect for all life is love, sharing, feeding and honoring survival is the highest love, but you are too distracted to read this. [insert smiley icon here]

Anonymous said...

Response to E1even1:

How could one walk out into the world with a mindset of only partaking in activities that benefit one's self and expect the best. To only think of self in any action would inevitably lead to degrading the earthly life of another, whether you attempt to avoid stepping on necks or not. And through degrading the social environment around you, would you not sooner or later be causing harm to your self? And if this is true, isn't this basically karma?

I think I understand where you are coming from, but I dont believe the "dragons" are there to stand as mere symbols for us to accept and cherish. I believe their cause is to provide humans with a means to experience a multitude of things. Compassion, unity, struggle, and the peace that follows the slaying or taming of the beast. So yes, i agree with you on the underlying duality of all that is, but i do not believe that underlying principle to be final. Many of us as beings on this earth just haven't been able to imagine a realm outside of duality, but to conclude that duality is what controls all actions on this realm is to assume that this realm is concrete.

Like this realm, my thoughts are fluid and ever-changing, so if i had misinterpreted your words please reply, and understand that what I believe now and have written to you is not concrete.

Btw , I dont think its idealistic to demand justice unto all, and i believe I speak for many "idealists" when I state that.


Anonymous said...

Very good. It contains about 95% or more of the truth. Not patronizing a business is about the most powerful force a person can use. We are seeing this, either by choice of shopping preference or by financial downturn. I would disagree with the statement about Religious leaders. But, I would use the description "Faith" leaders. Not all Christian religion is bad or wrong. There are several Christian leaders who are also in touch with God and are teaching and preaching about good and evil. Destruction will always ultimately come from within ouselves. Jehovah God says to want your neighbor to better off than yourself. What more is needed?

Anonymous said...

How this inane, rambleing babble got a link at Rense is the real question.

Anonymous said...

Response to alonelywanderer:

thanks for the reply :-). without the good/evil duality we all wear the same white robe and halo. your good means absolutely nothing without a relative reference of evil to compare. that's why i bless it(evil) and consider it holy. if dog held an inspection after 6 days of creating and called it good, then i can do no less.

there is no peace following the slaying of a dragon here. ever. just post orgasmic depression and a new, more powerful dragon. and as for the virtue of struggle, i'll leave that to you folks.

Anonymous said...

Isn't anonymous 11:10PM quite the worry Les?
And I really think these people are in the majority.
It makes me wonder how they do see the world and what convinces them of that view??

Anonymous said...

Hi les, if you're still reading these comments.

Just having look back at this article and comments this morning before starting my daily stroll through the net and came across ...

"Truth in Motion! said -
The most promising thing about your blog is the excellent responses from other viewers. ..."

... and I wanted to endorse that. The commentators, all over the place, are becoming more aware, cogent, articulate - and pissed.

right, I'm off for some more tea. Good Morning!

Anonymous said...

Spot on Les. Until people are willing to see their own evils they cannot attempt to question others. If only everyone had your insight.

Ronnie D. Traywick Jr.

Anonymous said...

Waking up in Prison

Authentic spiritual practice and discipline is founded and grounded in responsibility, not belief or metaphysics, which are always downstream from What is always already the case: seamless unity between consciousness and matter, self and God, part and whole. Our emotional disassociation from Reality into the assumption of separation from Truth, or Love, creates the appearance of duality and the stressful search for unity and meaning which is compromised, if not destroyed, by our exclusive identification with the mortal self. Truly, there is no discrete entity living inside my head or heart, there is only Reality fractalizing into versions of itself that I call "me". While it is useful to name things like "house" or "me", it is only a convention of speech and not a way of knowing. Failure to make this distinction results in a confusion that prevents me from being intimate with That which lives itself as me and everything else. Thus, to "repent"
means to turn back from our foray into identification with one side of the equation and to "sin no more", sin being the refusal to face and embrace Reality, that which I actually am. That's right. I am the living Presence of Reality and so are you. Waking up to this already existing Fact is crushing and humbling and illuminating because it outshines my assumption of separateness, (egoity) and relieves me of the burden of being a somebody. Yes, I am an individuated being, but it's not all of who or what I am any more than a whirlpool in the river can find an identity apart from the river.

I am the River and the Whirlpool, both divine, both intimate with each other, lovers simultaneously "separate" and one. We are only apparently "separate" which is the way Reality incarnates, making endless distinctions and variations, as playful themes and modifications of its own intense Dynamic. To assume that the organic distinctions of Being are evidence of our separation is what creates egoity and suffering and the search for God.
However, it is not God who is lost and must be found. It is we who are lost and must step back from the blasphemous and arrogant assumption of separation from Truth (Reality). All techniques and remedies and solutions to our self created problem, spiritual, religious, psychological, political or otherwise, are doomed to not only fail, but to guarantee our endless enslavement. It hurts to be an ego and going to the doctor or priest only hurts more because he, like us, assumes our problem to be real. Instead of telling us to take our hands off our throats and our fingers out of our eyes, he gives us a prescription and sets up another appointment. This is like waking up in prison and asking the warden for a better pillow as a solution to our feelings of despair and longing. Break out of the prison!
The door isn't even locked! We think it's locked. It isn't.

All the grievous maladies and injustices in the world stem from this spiritual error and nothing will change on planet earth unless we wake up from our identification with egoity and be Who and What we already are.

annemarie said...

Bob Cinque said...

Waking up in Prison


Superb! And most fitting in here.

Ta mucho,

jomama said...

There is no need to chant or act out. Silent witness is a good ticket.

Bingo and very important.



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